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ay i colored those Dennis’s from the other day lmao

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Would you like my cell number in case you're in trouble or if you want to hang out? I doubt if you're interested in someone like me.

I’m not sure in what kind of trouble you’re referring to but sure? 
It’s not a matter of if I’m interested in you or not really since I barely know you

I haven’t done lineless in a while and I need more practice with cell shading, so I made this!

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ive just gotten back into fallen london after months of not playing it and its still amazing. thank you so much for putting something so amazing into the world.

Welcome back, delicious friend! And thank you for the exceptionally kind words

The fact that Peridot’s “fancy” comment is still being used to justify the “Pearl worked for White Diamond” theory is ridiculous.

While many of the comments made by characters in the show can be used as lore hints, a lot of them are not. And Peridot’s comment doesn’t work in context.

Peridot is basing that on Pearl’s ribbon. But we know that her ribbon and her outfit was a choice she made for herself. Its not something she wore when she still served Homeworld. She didn’t choose that outfit because her “owner” wanted her to look fancy, she did it because she wanted to look fancy. Pearl is a perfectionist.

We can’t be sure what Pearl wore during the rebelllion. The Answer is Garnet’s story sure, but Steven’s imagination. And he imagines Pearl wearing the same ballerina outift that she did at the start of the show. But we know for a fact that she didn’t. She cycles through her outfits when she regenerates in Steven the sword fighter and the tutu outfit? Was simply the latest one before she got poofed by holo-Pearl. Prior to that she had an 80s outfit on. Steven imagining the ballerina outift is simply because that’s what Pearl has always worn as long as he’s known her.

We know Pearl struggles with being a Pearl. But we now also know that when forced to play the role of a Pearl, she struggles with that. Because she is her own person.

So by claiming that that comment is “proof” of Pearl belonging to a Diamond, you are essentially removing her personhood. Because you’re saying that her outift wasn’t her choice, but the choice of a mindless drone fulfilling whatever desire she thinks her “owner” would want.

She definitely belonged to a Diamond and served someone in their court. I tend to lean towards Pink Diamond, since Pearl still displays her symbol on occasion. We now know that certain Gems, like Sapphire, would have their own Pearl. But serving a Diamond directly like, Blue and Yellow Pearl? I doubt it.

I’m not completely against the idea, but the fandom’s obsession with this theory has soured it for me. And the constant use of a stray comment from Peridot to justify it got old fast.

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Sparky!! Why dont you use your nsfw blog to show us all your cute panties hmm~ (✿ ♥‿♥)

I dunno. I feel weird about that kind of stuff because, no offense, a bunch of my followers are underage. I’ve gotten a lot of asks for me to do it but I’m still not sure its something I feel like doing. Even though my butt is SLAMMIN’.


Hey hey hey, @lanceweek​ Day 1 is here !  Inner Space/Outer Space.

Well i bet now you know how weak I am ? I couldn’t miss an occasion to draw Blue with her paladin 💙 

Brendon Urie lives on a different plane of existence, he doesnt understand a memes lifespan. he still gets overly excited at Dat Boi, he dabs way too much, he’s living it up, he loves the fucking minions for christ sake, he’s too blissfully uncaring to stop when a meme is overdone and dead. what a guy. I don’t think i’ll ever be on his level.