but still it was like 2 mb


Bad Guys 2 (trailer 2)

ok i feel like some people don’t know this but if you use the tumblr app 90% of the time (like me tbh) instead of the desktop version it can take up a couple gigabytes when you load too many images at once. so you just have to delete the app over and over again if you wanna save space. it’s pretty damn helpful

Home Part Two

Pairing: Theon Greyjoy x Reader

Request:  i beg you to do something about theon x reader, mb home part 2 or something. it was really great, but my heart still broken after readin so please pretty please do part 2. mb something like theon and reader discuss their feelings, and off course it’s not perfect, but it’s getting better. or mb like she think about what ramsay do to him “robb surely like to see theon dead, but what ramsay did to him is 100 times worse than death.”

Wordcount: 2,105

A/N: Takes place between 7x05 and 7x06

Part One

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bemyvally-tine  asked:

How do I make gifvs to put up on tumblr like you do? I have it uploaded in mp4 but can't figure out how to make it Gifv/webm, do you know?

Oh yeah. I can totally blow that fish out of the water for ya. 

Now you didn’t really tell me what program you use, so I’m going to do it via CS6 Photoshop. 

(I heard Gimp is a very similar program to PS and it’s free. Other than that I can’t tell you much about any other programs because I don’t know!)

So here goes. (It’s a bit lengthy, but simple. I think. >.>)

Basically you have to import it, not open it or else you’ll just be opening a video file. (It happens to me sometimes when I’m not paying attention. >.>)

You pick your video file you want. (Hurr.)

Then this window pops up. If you look at the bar below the picture, you see 2 black little half arrow heads and the grey tab in between them. The black arrows  are basically to cut what you want to make for a gif. So whatever’s in between the left and right black half arrowheads then that’s what you’re going to work with. The Grey one is basically to scrub through the video to look at it so you can find what it is you’re looking for for giffin’. (Also a good file saving trick is to limit every 2 frames, keeps most of the motion while saving the file size, the human eye doesn’t necessarily miss every single frame you’re using, give it a try and see.)

When you hit okay on the previous window, then you have your frames in the bottom, there’s this little icon on the top right of where the picture panels are.

Right at the top riiiiight. Do you see it?

THAT THING. WHATEVER IT IS. So. Once you click on that, you can select “convert to video timeline” like in the above larger picture.

Then it becomes a video timeline, basically like viewing a movie. But we’re not done yet.

All these layers need to be grouped in a smart object. How do we make a sharp object?

I basically clicked at the bottom-most tab and scrolled to the top and hit shift + click at the very top layer, and it selects all of them. (It’s useful for anything really. I’m kinda really dumbing it down but that’s the best way I learn so. XD)

Then you right click or control + click (PC or Mac I dunno) on the grouped layers, whatever it is you use, you select convert to smart object.

Now it’s nice and grouped. This enables you to use adjustment layers on it now. Curves, brightness, color tints, anything, experiment with it.

All the little adjustment tools are above the layers so click on some and give it a try!

Once you are done with making it pretty, you go to file > save for Web.

Then this window pops up. These are the settings I usually use so, if you’re iffy about experimenting you can use these settings. You can modify the file size here, the colors, they’re all ways of making the file smaller and more manageable. Why? Needs to be under 2 MB for tumblr to allow it to work so. Keep it under 2 MB! 

Oh also don’t forget to switch the looping options on Forever, or else the gif is only going to play for 1 cycle and then you just have a still picture and that’s not a gif at all!

And so you get something like this! I hope this has been helpful for you! This is basically my gif workflow. XD

tbh… I know everyone’s kinda hyped abt the lion swap and shit but lmao….. it’s??? a dumb idea lmfao….

like…. noah fence but imo…….. lance is not….. red…. red??? loves keith y would she give him up?? that’s dumb u spent a fuckign season talking abt how keith needed to earn her trust and shit n then u go n say “ah yes keith is black paladin now” despite writing him to say that he doesn’t feel comfortable leading the paladins??? and saying he doesn’t want to????? but Ok have fun ig. also??? Lance…. like…. ok 2 options u got with this big okld fucking mess (I mean there’s more but 2 obv answers that make sense. 3 mb) u make lance black paladin and allura pink paladin (y do u need to move like 3 people lmao….. just move one and let the others keep their’s jfc) or u make allura (or coran, allura is the only who can fly the castleship im p sure) black paladin and keith can keep his impulsive ass hands away from leading voltron, (arguably) the most fucking powerful fighter thing in the universe.

Like I love Hunk as the black paladin but it’s not very likely seeming as yk he’s still just a fucking joke to the writer’s. Pidge wouldn’t make sense cause she’s a chold???? A Baby???? No??? Keith is (as I already stated) impulsive and has already Refused!!!!! He doesn’t want to do it!!!!!!! Don’t make him????? Lance is the obv choice bc arguably he’s the mc? so it jsut makes sense yk? with allura!! she makes sense cause she’s altean/the princess and I love her. idk? I just want more focus on her ok. With Coran he’s technically like.,,,, a secondary main character? We see him in (almost?) every episode but again he’s more for comic relief and exposition n stuff yk so it’d be kinda weird for him to be kinda the focus/spotlight suddenly.

but yeah either way I think the most viable options should be give allura black or blue and lance black or just make him stay? Keith stays where he is ok he’s sad please don’t make him black.

these r just my opinions? like,,, I’ll probably see what actually happens but yk….

GIF Graphic Tutorial #3

This is a highly requested tutorial for how to put an image in front of a gifset. (IMAGE HERE) You can either do this with a picture that will cover the entirety of the middle (bottom to top) or just a logo that settles in the middle as I’m doing here. If you have any questions please message me preferably off anon and I will be more than happy to assist you! 

You will need:

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Joshifer+ Clapping Laughs on Jimmy Fallon

@elskudani replied to your post: Yahoo live will stream a the killers concert but…

Use a proxy/tunnel? #fuckthesystemlol

I think I just managed to cheat the system without using sketchy stuff like hola??? my antivirus (avira) offers a free vnp connection, among other things, that I just installed and I connected as if i were in washington dc and now yahoo live works?????? even if i deactivated the feature because it gives me only 500 mb of data but yahoo didn’t notice and it’s still streaming??? now I just need to wait till 2:30 am for the killers to start lololol

anonymous asked:

ikr?? their Natural Connection still gives me goosebumps tf! did they shoot it in order do you think/know? like from the first clip/episode to last? mb the first one wasn't even the first one we saw...

i know that they most likely shoot the episodes in order yeah (because of the outside scenes representing the current climate in reality - the reason why they shoot it 2 weeks before the episode release most of the time)! but i don’t know about the order of the clips, that may wary :)


Swan Queen AU: (Wo)Men In Black

“One second she was here, and the next she was gone,” Regina stated softly. She looked up at the agent in front of her. “I know what I saw. You tell me what I’m supposed to believe.”

Agent E gave her a sympathetic smile. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t deny the feelings in the pit of her stomach. Feelings she hadn’t felt in a long time.

But she was always told never to mix work with play. She sighed and took out her sunglasses, sliding them on. She then took out her neuralizer and started to set the time up on it.

“What’s that?” Regina asked, her eyebrows furrowed at the device in the agent’s hands.

E hesitated for a moment before speaking. “It’s… a neuralizer. It’ll make you forgot everything that happened to your mother.”

Regina tilted her head and looked at E with a slightly nervous face as she started playing with her hair. “Will I forget you?”

E nodded, raising the neuralizer up to eye height with the brunette witness. She paused for a long moment, and then lowered it.

Regina looked at her, confused. “I… I remember everything…”

“I know,” E said, taking a deep breath. She smiled at the brunette. “We recently lost a member of our agency and are looking for someone to replace him.” She paused. “How would you like to become the new Agent R?”

Brown eyes widened. “I…”

E started to walk towards her black car. “C’mon. Let’s put it on.”

Regina followed but her eyebrows were still furrowed in confusion. “Put what on?” Agent E smiled at her knowingly.

“The last suit you’ll ever wear.”

Dark Fate Yuma Dark Translations [Master Post]

Mukami Prologue     Dark Prologue     Dark 01     Dark 02     Dark 03     Dark 04     Dark 05     Dark 06     Dark 07     Dark 08     Dark 09     Dark 10     Dark Epilogue     Heaven 01

Yahoo sinners~! (٭°̧̧̧꒳°̧̧̧٭) Yuma’s Dark arc just finished up with Heaven 01. As I said before, I’ll be doing a Heaven scenario at the end of each arc, so expect to see Heaven 02 when we reach the end of Maniac.

I make these posts so that there’s not a sea of links later on ( (*´・д・)ノ like all the chapters together would be uhh 42 links, 43 including main prologue)

ヽ(・ω・ゞ)  I also use these posts to give updates on translations. What’s going on now?

Yuma’s Maniac Prologue is done (I actually did it before Heaven 01 oops). So that’ll be posted shortly. (~‾▿‾)~ After that, I’m going to put a hold on the Maniac situations. Just a real quick hold. Why?

Azusa’s More Blood route is pretty much done except for the Heaven scenarios and I’m in charge of Heaven 01/02. I’d like to get those finished.

Also, Shu’s More Blood Sequel is very difficult in the cleaning process (redrawing buildings, entire bodies, faces, just ehjfkdfdk). I have cleaned most of the pages, except like 6 of them I’m still working on. I’d also like to complete this chapter.

(*^∀゚)ъ . So once those two things are knocked out of the way, I’ll continue Yuma’s Dark Fate. It won’t take long. Maybe 1-2 days on Azusa’s heavens and 2-5 on Shu’s MB Sequel.

☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ  That’s all for the updates now sinners~! *Akui back flips out once more*

grandei  asked:

can u teach me how to make a gif? i'm recently learning

A lot of people have been asking me this, and I never got the time to get around to it. But now I do! So, here we go!
Before I start please know that this is the way I make gifs. I just wanted to make that clear since there are a lot of other ways to do it!

Let’s do this!
Alright, let’s begin with capping the scene you want to gif. (if you already know how to do this, you can skip this part). I have KMPlayer on my computer to make screencaps. I don’t know how to cap with other media players. Open KMPlayer and insert your dvd/video you want to gif. Then click Ctrl+g to see your settings. Mine look like this: (the settings are in dutch, but just make sure you get the numbers right).

Now, choose the scene you want to gif, and click start/stop on the settings window to start/stop capping. (Btw, the larger the video file, the longer it will take to screencap). This is how it should look:

When that’s done you can open the caps by opening photoshop; click ‘File’, ‘Scripts’, followed by ‘Load Files into Stack’

Now, click browse, select the caps and click on the OK button. The frames will start loading, this might take a while (depending on how many caps you selected).
When that’s done click this little button to convert to frame animation.

Follow these 2 second steps closely: click the button on the right top of your timeline and choose ‘Make frames from layers.’

After that click that button again and choose ‘reverse frames’. If you don’t do this then your gif will be saved reversed, and we wouldn’t want that!!!! (well, unless that’s what you’re aiming for haha).
Now we have all our frames neat and tidy. It should look like this:

Now you can start cropping (changing the size of the gif). 
I’m going to change mine to 245 width and 150 height. You can change the size by clicking ‘image’ on the top sidebar, followed by ‘image size’. Enter the size you want your gif to be and it’ll be converted!

So far, my gif looks like this:

Up next you can choose a coloring you have saved, or created yourself, and put it over your gif to make the colors bright and stand out! When you’re done coloring click the button on the right top of the animation timeline and choose ‘Flatten Frames Into Layers’

When that’s done you have to change the frame delay time of your gif to whatever you fancy. Some people like fast gifs, others like slow motion gifs. Select all the frames and click on the arrows next to time, underneath the frames. There you can enter any frame delay time you want!
When that’s done you can sharpen the gif. To sharpen all layers at once choose the button on the right bottom and convert back to timeline animation (the same button we used before in this tutorial to concert to frame animation).

Then, select all the frames in the right sidebar:

Go to the upper sidebar and go to ‘Filter’ and ‘Convert to smart filters’.

After that you go to ‘filter’,’sharpen’ or ‘smart sharpen’ (that depends on your likings).
Now your gif is almost ready to be uploaded onto Tumblr! The only thing we still need to do is save it.
Go to ‘File’ and choose ‘Save for web and devices’

Here’s what my saving settings look like:
Make sure the gif is below 2 MB when you save it or else tumblr won’t be able to upload it. If your gif it above the 2 MB limit you can try to lower it by deleting some of the frames until it reaches 2 MB.

Hope this tutorial has been helpful and have fun giffing!!
If any of you have a question or problem while giffing you can always leave a message in my askbox and I’d be happy to help!

I’m not trying to troll or be funny, I’m being deadass right now…does MB even see themselves as a group anymore?
I know they can do their own shit and still be together okay, we’ve been saying that for like 2 years…but they real life don’t do anything together anymore. All I’ve noticed about them lately is their personal issues…that they really need to work out. We get those aggy ass “in the studio” tweets but 2secs later you got a pic of Roc somewhere “trapping” like…sir…😐 or Ray & Prince doing whatever they do like where are the results? Are they really doing anything? Shit, I could be wrong and they might be working, idk. But it feels like they all kinda went, “fuck it”. 😕