but still i love this song

i. I’m trying to let you go, but every day it feels like an old record on repeat; a beautiful start with the same ending 
ii. I’m trying to do things I wouldn’t usually do, like write songs instead of poems and paint instead of drawing but every curve of my pencil still ends up spelling your name 
iii. I’m trying to sleep earlier and read more often but no matter how hard I try I still lie awake at 4 am missing you and wishing you were missing me too
iv. I’m trying to open my eyes to new perspectives, see the world differently and find peace in everything but no matter what I do I can’t help but see the colour of your eyes and the shape of your smile in every fucking piece of nature 
v. I’m trying to open up more, come to terms with what happened and realise it’s permanent but I can’t help but get a jolt in my stomach every time my phone vibrates hoping it’ll be you, coming back 
vi. And I’m trying. God I am fucking trying. But this pain seems endless and the thought of you is starting to make me feel sick. I miss you more each day and I don’t know how much more of can take of this but god 
vii. I’m trying
—  dissociatingx, try a little harder


🎶 You belong to my heart
Now and forever
And our love had its start
Not long ago

We were gathering stars while a million guitars played our love song
When I said, “I love you”, every beat of my heart said it, too

‘Twas a moment like this
Do you remember?
And your eyes threw a kiss
When they met mine

Now, we own all the stars, and a million guitars are still playing
Darling, you are the song, and you’ll always belong to my heart 🎶

I forgot how gorgeous this song is from The Three Caballeros

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1. Favorite food

Curry basmati rice and meatballs.

2. Favorite genre of music

This is hard… My favorite bands are so different in genre that I don’t know. I like any genre as long as the song is good.

3. Favorite book

Little Women, the classic from Louise May Alcott. It can be outdated these times, but still have beautiful messages.

4. Favorite thing about yourself

I’m very proud of my hair.

5. Favorite bird

Budgies and peacocks.

6. How old were you when you fell in love

The first time I thought I felt something similar to love I was 13. But the real moment came when I was 21, when I finally realized I was in love with who now is my future husband. And still in love :)

7. Thing you are working to improve about yourself

More self-discipline (Lady Lioness is helping me with it), also fighting my hyper empathy disorder (it’s hard and makes me avoid any conflict, creating intrusive thoughts able to incapacitate me for days) and my misophonia.

8. Dresses or skirts?

Dresses please! Skirts make my butt look so fat.

9. What super power do you want most?

Sleeping anywhere as if I was in a coma and wake up fresh like a rose.

10. AND favorite villain!

Ughhhh a hard one! Uhm, I guess Sephiroth will always have a place in my heart… Hades from Hercules, lol, I love him. Dark Link…mmm Ashton! of course, how to forget him… And someone I can’t tell because it’s a spoiler.

Is it me or there were only 10 questions? Anyway, here are mine:

1. Your favorite fairytale?
2. Favorite dog breed?
3. A car or a motorcycle?
4. Favorite fruit?
5. Do you believe in aliens?
6. Your favorite X-Men?
7. Beach or swimming pool?
8. Traditional or digital?
9. Romance or adventure?
10. Least favorite candy?
11. Best sword?

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the-olivia-blr  asked:

Hi! I love your work and I remember a while ago you were considering painting some songs from Rent and I just want to say I'd love to see your paintings for One Song Glory and La Vie Boheme. If you decide to paint those I'm sure they'd look amazing! ❤️

Omg hey! I totally wanna do more from the show still! I did “One Song Glory,” and want to do a lot more. I just haven’t had the chance because of getting a 80 order rush followed by being unable to work for a few days and then commencement/etc. I do plan on doing more soon!

anyway, I still can’t believe there’s never going to be a lesbian season of skam where I can watch two girls being soft and in love while can’t take my eyes off you plays in the background :(

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Relationship Status: Single.

Lipstick or Chapstick: Both ~ but I love red lipsticks more.

Last Movie I Watched: I think it was Hercules? I love that movie so much. I love disney.

Last Song You Listened To: I was made for loving you, by Tori Kelly and Ed Sheeran.

Top Three Shows:

  1. InuYasha (I am still amazed by how much I love this)
  2. Glee
  3. Heartstring

Top Three Characters:

  1. Roberto Button
  2. Katakura Kojuro
  3. Xerxes Break

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But if you feel like I feel
Please let me know that it’s real
You’re just too good to be true
Can’t take my eyes off of you

It’s still the 25th where I am so… one last happy birthday pic for Vitya!

  • what she says: "g*psy"* by fleetwood mac is a really good song
  • what she means: "g*psy" by fleetwood mac is perhaps one of the most beautiful songs ever written. we, as a planet, do not deserve it. before stevie nicks even sings a note, it is already the most goddamn gorgeous song. the first fifteen seconds alone. everyone will always cite works like "silver springs" and "the chain" for insight to stevie's relationship with lindsey and while those are valid, her clear nostalgia and near-longing for a simpler but meaningful time with him makes the love they genuinely had very evident. they shared a single mattress in a shitty apartment, in a room she would decorate with small trinkets to cheer it up, and this is the place the now-famous musician thinks of. that place, and that time. what must she feel every time she sings it? what must lindsey feel? the "lightning strikes, maybe once, maybe twice" line to describe love alone, jfc. this isn't even touching on the loss of her friend robin anderson, the other inspiration behind the song, who passed away and was "dancing away from you now" as stevie was writing it. it's heartbreaking, it's evocative, and furthermore--

❝ ─That’s when I see him. Peter Kavinsky, walking down the hallway.

Like magic. Beautiful, dark-haired Peter.

He deserves background music, he looks so good.. ❞


Ross Butler as Peter Kavinsky