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Anytime Hunk pets Keith on the head he starts purring.

It’s not a purr, not really. Hunk’s family had cats back on Earth and he knows what a purr sounds and feels like. But it’s ridiculous really, how weak Keith is to Hunk’s fingers combing through his hair; the sounds he makes are all the proof Hunk needs.

Maybe it has to do with being a galra, or part galra, he muses. Maybe, but he doesn’t dare to point it out or experiment with it; yet. Their allies from the Blade of Marmora are friendly enough, but also, he feels like their walls need a little more tearing down before he can ask those kinds of questions. He’s been working on making that happen, something that has the side-effect of making Hunk’s food in the Castle of Lions even better than it was.

Keith makes another small, breathy sound, almost tapering off into a whine, and Hunk resumes moving his hand. His boyfriend might feel embarrassed, especially if anyone but Hunk is around, but Hunk himself loves it. The sounds that let him know that Keith is happy.

So he continues running his hand through the dark hair, basking in the little sounds he knows he can never get enough of.

i remember i saw some long post headcanon thing going around and i kind of thought it was a neat one off idea but idk - i had Some Issues with it and improvements?

#major character death ttg i guess? #suicide ment #jen don’t look

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Here we go again! (but it’s still fun)

Rules: Answer the questions and tag 10 people :)

Thanks @super-septic-pewdie-plier :P

Name/Nickname: Alyssa/Lyssa/Lyss

Where you’re from: Ontario, Canada

Favourite colour: Black (YES BLACK IS A COLOUR SHUT UP)

Do you like spicy food: uhh, kinda. i like wasabi and curry but not like hot sauce.

Biggest fear(s): meeting new people (not too bad), small spaces/crowds (Uh No.), Elevators (HELL NO)

Top 3 hobbies: making youtube videos, sketching, writing poems

How many siblings you have: 2 younger brothers who are almost 6 in taller than me!

iPhone or Android: iPhone 6

Somewhere you’d love to visit: Ireland, Scotland, England.. basically anywhere where i’m a descendant from.

If you could meet one person, who would it be: Jacksepticeye…duh! But also Ethan..

Artist/band you’d love to see in concert: I’m not a huge fan of concerts (back to the crowds thing) but i’d say either Get Scared or Paramore

Concert(s) you’ve been to: Newsboys, To Tell, Static Prevails (my cousin’s band.. check them out, they’re AWESOME!)

Favourite YouTubers: Jacksepticeye, Crankgameplays, Markiplier, Dan and Phil, All Things Music, idranktheseawater

Favourite thing about yourself: I guess the fact that i’m really good at listening and absorbing what’s being said. But that’s not always a benefit.

Something you’re looking forward to: GETTING MY POP VINYL JSE BY ROBIN IN THE FREAKIN MAIL!!!!

I tag: @sean-loves-green @thean0nym0usmusician @nattsepticeye @atrashylifeforme @yesantiplier @markseptic @sippyboi @booperdooperladdies @alexusjacks1 @theyoutubersart … don’t feel like you have to do it. I’m sure you’ve all done one by now!! 

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just wondering if you've ever thought about how long the couples have been together for. because i was looking back at the christmas one and guk said it was their first christmas together so i was just wondering!!

omg yes i have some thoughts abt it heheheh :b !!!!! uh in my mind choke slam couple are still kinda newish like maybe 7 months ~ 10 months of dating n u can kinda tell sometimes like when they were talking abt meeting guk’s brother for the first time and whenever guk messes up or is trying to comfort her he kind of always mentions that he’s trying his best bc having someone he cares abt so much is still new for him n he talks abt trying to be mature & tries to show y/n how seriously he takes the relationship !!!! yeah !! omg it still surprises me that u guys wanna know the stuff i think abt!!

Living with white roommates pt 1

I normally do wash n go on my hair about every 3 days, let it air dry for 30 mins then diffuse it until it’s fully dry, with the except of my edges right above my ear because that part doesn’t curl properly. So I flat twist that part and let it dry overnight.

I’m sitting on the couch and my roommate turns to me, eyes wide, and asks, ‘how did you make that part of your hair do that?! It looks so perfect!’ I tell her I have to twist that part of my hair because it doesn’t curl nicely like the rest of my head… still looking in amazement she then says, 'So do you use some kind of machine to do that? What would happen if I used it on my hair??’

And I just kinda stare at her for a bit because I have no words, my words have failed me

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I personally wouldnt mind if the new gem is a gemsona. Like, yeah CN is playing it like a new gem but i think itll be kinda cute for ronaldo to excitedly share a drawing and talk about it, cause its something alot of people with gemsonas want to do and could really relate to.

I can agree with that. I just feel like playing it up like an actual Gem is a mistake in this era of the show, where fans are constantly looking for more and more answers. I think that the episode itself could still turn out to be very good.

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I think even though Aquarius' are fixed they're not as stern as they get the rep of. They seem a lot more Saturn ruled once you first meet them which gives off the illusion that they're very cool and composed. But once you break through that you can see how much of a contradiction they are because of their Uranus and all of the messy parts but I think they're the most willing to bend than the fixed signs and most come off most mutable in my opinion

I agree. Aquarius and Scorpio are definitely the fixed signs people question about because like… They don’t seem fixed (but they still are btw, that’s astrological fact)

The reason why they don’t seem fixed is because they are ruled by planets that are very dynamic. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus which rules sudden changes. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and Mars, both very dynamic planets. Mars is a very energetic, dynamic planet while Pluto shows transformation, which is a change that can kinda contradict (but still work) with the fixed nature of Scorpio and Aquarius.

Taurus and Leo are less likely to be questioned because they are ruled by planets that like to stay the same. Leo ruled by the Sun, the ego (the identity is very painful to change, so therefore, there is a fixation) and Taurus is ruled by Venus, which rules comfort… And you can’t move around if you wanna stay in your comfort zone.

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What do you think about the whole Haise/Mutsuki thing? Also I never realised this but I'd imagine that Uta could replicate the voices of others.

WILD. mutsukis a whole other story (echoing the behaviors of his abuser like kaneki did with yamori), but a few are thinking uta can replicate whole bodies and left “haise” behind like a husk, kinda like donatos transportation finger trick. bc lmty if thats really still uta hes dead as fuck.


Alysa: … Alysa Chesler.
Dorian: Do we know each other? Are you even from this planet?
Alysa: That would be an insteresting story but… yes. Advanced chemistry, w-we’ve been in class together for the last two years…
Dorian: Oh my plumbob! S-sorry! I-I’m the worst I didn’t mean to…
Alysa: It’s not your fault. I don’t like to be the centre of attention, so I kinda always stayed in my little corner…. don’t worry. 

This lovely girl was made for me by @nillabeansims-deactivated201702. I would like to thank her so bad for this cutie but… she’s gone and I’m still not really over it.

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Hi! I just checked your AO3 and saw that you have a few Clint/Natasha. They're one of my otps! So I was wondering if you can share your headcanon of Clint/Natasha and Tony/Steve while double dating??? (My phone froze so I'm not sure if you got my earlier ask. If you did pls ignore this and I'm sorry)

Hey! Yes, Clint/Natasha is one of my loves, and I just adore their dynamic. 

I feel like they might try double dates at the start, when Steve and Tony first get together, but then they realise what a huge mistake that was because those stupid boys are still in their honeymoon phase and so the entire meal is just full of sickly-sweet pet names and far too much PDA for Clint and Nat to be able to stomach.

They got over their own honeymoon phase two years ago. They can kinda see why people avoided them for those first few months, when they look across the table and see how sickeningly in-love and pathetic they must have looked.

Clint actually speaks up and says something along those lines (Natasha is definitely sure the exact words ‘sickening and pathetic’ were used)- and that’s what starts it all.

The PDA war.

Tony scoffs, and says that the two spies couldn’t be this affectionate if they tried. 
He really should have known not to challenge two of the most competitive people in the world.

Natasha shoots one raised eyebrow their way, before winding her hand around Clint’s neck and pulling him in for a positively filthy kiss, her fingers sliding up the man’s shirt teasingly and pulling a soft whine of surprise from Clint’s lips.

When they finally break, Tony just scoffs, looking to Steve and having a non-verbal argument with eye-contact and hand-gestures only, before Steve finally seems to concede and roll his eyes. 
“That the best you got? I’m disappointed, Romanov. Let me teach you how it’s done,” he says, before lifting himself off his chair and swinging a leg around, until he’s straddling Steve’s lap and kissing the life out of him.

“Oh, it is on, Stark,” Clint mutters, grabbing Natasha’s chair and spinning it around, their lips crashing together fiercely. 

This continues, with each couple trying to one-up the other, until eventually a waiter spots them (Tony’s hands are down Steve’s pants while Steve is sucking a hickey into Tony’s neck, and Clint is currently holding Natasha up against the wall while they heavily make-out) and starts yelling.

Long story and seven threats to call the cops later, they get thrown out. Tony and Natasha try to ask the waiter who was behaving worst- but they just get a door slammed in their face.

“Worth it,” Tony declares, winking at Steve, who just blushes even harder.

“We totally won that, anyway,” Clint says, holding a hand up, which Natasha high-fives without looking.

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In Prince of Broadway Japan do you prefer the dressing gown Kaley wore or the version on Broadway? I can see where the POB Japan is a bit too bowish and glittery. But I kinda like it :). You?

Yeah, well, a bit too bowish for my taste. But I kinda like it as well. It suits Kaley Ann Voorhees’ very young and sweet look. And I like that it has that “Christine look” while still being suitable for another character. But in this aspect I like the West End LND dressing gown a lot more. Cleaner lines, with super ruffles, and that very recognizable Christine look there too:

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Hi it's Rory again! I've seen a lot of "It's okay to take it slow" when figuring out gender and whatnot but.. is it okay to kinda click with something quickly? I'm still researching about everything and seeing what I can find, but I feel really bad that I've "figured it out" when I'm supposed to take things slowly and it hasn't even been that long.. So yeah, I am trying to take things slowly but I feel like I'm going hella fast and I feel bad. Is that okay? ~ Rory

Yeah, of course that’s ok! Even if it ends up not being the right identity, it means you’re at least getting closer ya know?

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I hate having bpd but at the same I kinda enjoy having it bc it's a label and I know it sounds super fucked up but without it, I think I'd still be wandering around looking for a way to identify myself, like my bff told me she was also diagnosed with bpd and immediately i hated her for a moment bc bpd is "my" thing

Honestly?? Relatable

I became a charlie heaton fan b/c i thought he was ridiculously talented in Stranger Things and he seemed kinda unique and interesting, and I just saw As You Are and–wow. My mind is blown. It’s heartbreakingly brilliant acting. Like, I still don’t even know what to say about it, other than to just really recommend it.

@valisartbin wished for Sarkyva ref and I guess the wish came true~ 

Again, I’m not 100% sure about this design, but I kinda like it and knowing me I’ll get stuck with it, so.. *shrugs herself out the room*

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omg I've also had people tell me that my dog looks like a wolf even though she's a short fat black&tan mutt with floppy ears and a curly tail. It's ridculous and kinda sad what people think wolves look like. to be fair though we don't have wild wolves where I live so most people don't see anyone ever unless they go to the zoo

Yeah, it’s something that still surprises me even though I’m exposed to it quite often. I guess it’s a hard thing to judge people on when such a large number genuinely haven’t been around them or seen them in places, other than in the media, where they’re often misrepresented.

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hey kelsey!! <3 im sure you're talked about this before, but - what's your wlw origin story, how/when'd you realize you kinda like girls?

okay but like, i don’t think i’ve ever talked about this before??? (also: wlw origin story is THE BEST phrasing, lydia.)

so… looking back on my life i can like see SO MANY signs tbh?? like i remember being way more interested in girls than boys all through elementary school and such but i didn’t completely connect it to liking girls. but also i just kinda arbitrarily picked boys to have a “crush” on because i thought i was supposed to and i didn’t understand?? but looking back i can see a couple of crushes on girls throughout school that i didn’t label as crushes.

(I’m also pretty certain i’m somewhere on the ace spectrum so that complicates things in my head sometimes.)

but anyways, i didn’t really connect the dots because i wasn’t really completely aware that liking girls was something that was an option for me? so i was kind of peripherally aware of liking girls for a long time but i didn’t really Acknowledge it until like my junior year of college or so.  It’s just kind of been in the background my whole life, tbh, but no one outside of this website knows. start second guessing myself like.. am I really into girls or am i just making that up? 

so… that is my very unexciting origin story from your local wlw with no experience with anyone of any gender and who is occasionally confused and bad at being a Person

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