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Last Minute Date (Jackson)

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Plot: there’s a date party happening. You wanna go. And Jackson needs a date. How about that…

Length: 2,549 words

Genre: fratboy!Got7

*I am still on hiatus/considered inactive but I had a little free time and I wanted to get my Jackson feels out… as well, this is inspired by a true story 👀

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Time of the Month - Eisuke Ichinomiya

For @glassbeadt - I really hope you enjoy it!

#5 - I’m on my period and it sucks

“Aimi’s still in bed”.

Eisuke ran a hand through his bangs, leaning his head back as he made himself take a seat on the spacious sofa.

Baba flashed a suggestive grin from across the room as he placed his hat on top of his head, but Eisuke chose to ignore him, his thoughts dominated by worry over his fiancé.

What if something has happened? He mused, but Ota, the only other person in the room aside from Baba, was quick to interrupt his thoughts.

“Is she actually okay?” he asked, looking concerned.

Eisuke hesitated a moment, and then sighed.

“She’s probably just tired from work,” he decided in an instant, nodding his head as if this would make it suddenly true. “She works a lot,” he had to add, and he pretended not to notice Ota’s doubtful expression as he stood up restlessly, resolving to go ahead and make himself a crappy morning coffee.

I shouldn’t wake her up, he reminded himself when he wondered what the hell he was doing as the coffee machine growled at him in distaste. She needs to sleep, clearly.

“I hope Aimi’s okay,” Baba called, sounding far away.

Eisuke glanced up at them through his hazy eyes, noticing that they were making their way towards the door.

“We’re gonna go see what’s happening around the hotel,” Ota explained, but Eisuke had very little interest in the matter.

“Okay,” he mumbled just before the door shut, and the room descended into an unsettling silence, the walls seeming to whisper with uncertainty.

Eisuke forced himself to take sips of his drink, his eyes practically attached to the spiralling staircase that led to her.

What if she needs me? He thought suddenly, and then he heard it – the softest strain of a groan coming from the room in which Aimi was currently asleep!

If you ever wanted to see Eisuke Ichinomiya run, now was the time to watch, because Eisuke damn near sprinted into the bedroom as soon as the sound had processed in his brain, not even giving himself the time to catch his breath before shouting her name and pulling the covers back slightly to get a good look at her.

“Aimi!” he said again, staring down at the beautiful woman lying in bed, still beautiful despite the look of pure pain twisted onto her face, the layers of hair covering the pillow in odd patterns and the fact that she was currently curled up like a new-born baby.

Eisuke hesitated a moment, his breathing still a little less than calm whilst Aimi let out another whimper, her face contorting even more.

“…What’s wrong?”. He sounded so concerned, but it was lost on poor Aimi, who could have sworn that she was currently feeling a sneak preview of death as she curled up more on the soft sheets.

Eisuke felt his panic spreading like a disease.

“Aimi, what is it?”.

“I’m on my period and it sucks!”. Her sudden shout surprised him, but he actually sighed with the relief that she definitely was not dying. He could have collapsed with joy!

An incoming weapon knocked him out of his thoughts, and he caught it expertly just in time, surprised that Aimi had just thrown a cushion at him in a sudden outburst.

She stared at him in exaggerated horror.

“Why the hell are you so pleased about that, exactly?!”.

“Because, Aimi,” he tried to reason, placing the offending cushion back down beside her head. He sighed. “I thought you were dying”.

“It feels like I’m dying!”.

“You’re not dying, Aimi”.

“If I say I’m dying, Eisuke,” she mocked, her anger momentarily causing her pain to subside. “Then I’m dying, alright?”.

Eisuke could only stare at her in a sort of embarrassed shock as she curled back up and turned away from him, clutching her stomach in agony that Eisuke would have done anything to soothe her of.

He didn’t mean to make her angry… he’s never really known quite what to do with her when it comes around to this dreadful time of the month.

Eisuke cleared his throat and shifted awkwardly on his feet.

“…Can I help in any way?” he inquired.

Aimi’s voice was muffled by the cushion.

“It’d be great if you could use all that money you have to find a magical cure to period pain,” she suggested. “Since, you know, painkillers hate me today”.

He didn’t laugh, out of fear that she would bite his head off – he had no idea whether she was joking or not right now, and didn’t want to upset her. That was never his intention.

“…I’m sorry I can’t be of any use, Aimi”. In the silence that followed, Eisuke’s phone chose then to ring.

He removed it from his pocket and glanced down at the screen – he needed to take this.

Guilt clouded his expression as he looked back over at the woman he loved so much, and he hated the fact that he couldn’t help her right now.

“I have to take this,” he told her gently.

“Whatever,” came the muffled reply.

“I’ll be back in a minute,” he tried reassuringly, but Aimi only clutched her stomach again, throwing the covers back over her in an act of defiance and saying nothing.


The sight of yet another crappy, not-made-by-Aimi coffee greeted Eisuke grumpily as he sat down to drink it in the penthouse lounge, completely alone.

With a heart-breaking sigh, he glanced out at the gorgeous view to find the threat of a sunset, and – as he had been doing all day – he thought again of Aimi.

She’s done nothing but lie in bed all day today, only giving one word answers and refusing to eat or drink, as if the pain has twisted her thoughts so much that she’s lost all rationality.

Eisuke’s eyes didn’t move from the setting sun.

“I can’t leave her like that,” he whispered to no one, setting the disgusting coffee down on the table with a light thud. “I promised her that I would make her happy, and so I will – always”.

A slow, deliberate grin formed across his already gorgeous features, and he strengthened his resolve with sudden eagerness, ideas formulating in his mind as to what he could do to make his fiancé smile before the day was out.


Aimi thought that maybe the pain in her tummy had been the culprit in waking her up so suddenly, but when she turned over accusingly, she realised that Eisuke – with those lovely brown eyes – was leaning over her, smoothing out her messy locks of hair and whispering her name in such a gentle voice that she could scarcely believe it.

“…Am I finally in the hallucination stage of pain?” she asked, only half-jokingly.

Her eyes were tired and there was no glow to her skin as she blinked up at him, but Eisuke only saw a goddess as he laughed somewhat gently, offering an explanation.

“I got you ice cream”. The words made Aimi’s eyes double in size, and Eisuke grinned happily at the sight of the lovely, familiar smile on her face. Then he went about removing his jacket, and then his shoes, and then his tie, watching her the entire time.

“Um…”. She attempted speech bravely whilst Eisuke climbed into bed beside her, finding the remote amongst the covers and switching the T.V on.

Aimi stared in shock as the box flickered to life, and Eisuke made quick work of finding a silly girly program that Aimi sometimes liked to watch.

What in the hell is he doing?! She thought, still not convinced that she was awake. She almost pinched herself to test the theory.

“Um, you don’t have to watch this, Eisuke-“.

“I want to watch it with you,” he replied, his voice so gentle. Aimi looked away in embarrassment, trying to collect her thoughts, whilst Eisuke reached to his side and felt around for the bowl of ice-cream that he had been so kind to prepare for the sleeping beauty.

“Here”. Aimi turned back around, almost out of her mind with surprise when she saw Eisuke, holding out a spoon close to her lips, a circle of chocolate ice-cream piled high in its centre, an expectant look on his face.

Aimi did not even attempt to not look completely and utterly confused as her fiancé stared back at her as though nothing was in the realms of extraordinary.

“…What are you doing?!”.

“I’m looking after you,” he replied, curt and completely no-nonsense. It should have sounded quite caring, but Aimi would laugh later at the all-business expression on his handsome face as he stared at her. “Hurry up, will you”.

Spurred on by Eisuke’s clear impatience, Aimi forced herself to forget pride and dignity and everything else she was to be throwing down the drain right now… and opened her mouth to except a bite of ice cream.

She didn’t look away in time, and caught the proud smile on his face, which added about ten more shades of deep red to her blush.

“How is it?” he asked, sounding oh so smug. She had to admit, the ice-cream was a nice touch.

“It’s…”. She nodded vaguely. “Surprising”. He let out a laugh, and Aimi didn’t dare look at him as she stole the bowl out of his hands, and the spoon, too, for that matter. “I can definitely feed myself, Eisuke”. It was supposed to sound strong, but her blush betrayed her still.

Eisuke rolled his eyes in a way that Aimi didn’t get to see.

She’s so stubborn.

He’s so strange.

Eisuke reached out for her, bringing her in close to his chest suddenly. She didn’t protest, but her eyes were wide when she finally came to rest against him, in her most favourite place in all the world.

He buried his face in her hair momentarily, as if the scent was keeping him alive, and asked a surprising question.

“Why is she wearing so much make-up?”. He was referring to the program he had put on for the two of them to watch. Aimi felt like laughing, but before she had the chance to answer his question… her trail of thoughts was cut off completely by the feel of Eisuke’s cold hands, coming up to caress her tummy.

She almost gasped at the cold sensation, those healing hands seeming to suck away the cramps and the aches as Eisuke rubbed soft circles into the bubbles of pain in her stomach.

This feels better than any hot water bottle ever could, she found herself thinking, her thoughts trailing off in a weird direction.

Instinctively, she leant into him some more, raising the spoon to her mouth for another bite of cold, cold ice cream, and then there were Eisuke’s hands and his presence and she almost forgot what time of month it was in that moment.

“…Are you feeling any better, now?”.

Aimi nodded, sure of it.

Thank God, Eisuke thought to himself, leaning his head down to press a kiss to her cheek, light as ever.

They lay there in silence for a few moments longer, and Eisuke seemed to be genuinely enjoying the program, from the seriousness evident in his expression, but Aimi’s thoughts were elsewhere.

He must have had so much to do today, she kept thinking, a frown causing her smile to fade. How much has he put off to be with me right now?

Sneaking a glance over at her man, she felt herself smile.

He’s being so sweet, too! Even though I was so mean to him earlier…

Turning in his arms very suddenly, Aimi sat up slightly to kiss him, their lips meeting in a long, passionate kiss that definitely did more than surprise Eisuke.

Once she pulled back slightly, he only blinked at her in shock, his eyes alight with wonder and less of that usual smugness. Aimi bit her lip and looked down at the white sheets underneath them, suddenly embarrassed.

“Thank you-“.

“I only did what I should have-“. But Aimi was dissatisfied with his nonchalance for now.

Leaning in to kiss him again, and for longer this time, when she pulled away she raised an eyebrow, daring him to argue, smiling despite herself.

“…Thank you,” she tried again, and this time, against his better judgement, Eisuke only ruffled her already messy hair and whispered “you’re welcome” against her lips.

But you’re safe now.



When we were 15, you laughed at me in Math

You were a natural, sat in the back with everyone coming to you for answers like a massive nerd. But you were smarter than that. 1$ an answer. You must’ve made $100 by the end of the week. You just got A, after A, constantly. I used to just sit and wish I could talk to you. I used to ask you questions I knew the answer to, just so I could talk to you, and still paid. You always knew, you always laughed at me, when you could tell I knew the answer, when I tried to start a conversation about something completely different. When we ended up seated next to each other in English, you made me laugh, hysterically, all the time. 
“The fuck does the ‘M’ on the register stand for exactly?”
“I mean ‘N’ is ‘absent’ so it could be literally anything”
“M….Ma-” I elbowed you, and you giggled, so adorably, I blushed. We both got detention that night but neither of us minded.

When we were 16, you looked after me

You came to see me, when I caught the flu, and sat with me. You skipped school completely, and we watched Netflix all day. You sat through 2 series of Dexter, made me soup, and made me giggle. I was all clogged up and full of the sniffles,  but you weren’t bothered. You just left me under a batman blanket on the couch and became my servant for the day. 

“Are you alright Ash?” 

“-yeah” you laughed at me, and plonked yourself on the floor next to the couch,
“You sound funny,”
“Shut up,” I just made you laugh more, you were snorting completely uncontrollably. You sat there for a while with me before you went to get soup for me, it smelled fucking amazing. It tasted just as good. You looked straight at me, and kissed me, whilst I had a mouthful of soup, causing me to make a strange slurping sound, and try not to spit it all over you in laughter. 

When we were 17, I got my revenge, when your voice broke really late

“STOP LAUGH-ING AT ME!” I was unattractively snorting at you, every time you made a strange noise,
“I’m sorry- I can’t help it! You sound really funny!” 
“Ashyyyy!” you pouted at me, and I chuckled, but then-
“st-op” made me laugh again. That was when you dropped your pen, for no reason. 
“Are you okay?” 
“My hand’s numb… I don’t know why, I was fi-ne a second ag-o” I wanted to laugh, but I was worried about you, so I didn’t this time. I watched your finger start to twitch a little bit, as if it had a mind of it’s own. You didn’t seem too bothered, so I let it go. 

When we were 18, I gave you my virginity

You looked at me with incredible amounts of lust in your eyes, which made me smile. You sat on the bed, opposite me, on my lap with your legs wrapped around me, and grinned, fiddling with my hair. I smiled back, going red. 
“Are you ready Ashley? Because we don’t have to, if you don’t want to yet.”
“I’m ready, Andy,” you smirked at me, and growled a little bit, as you pounced towards me, pushing onto my back. You looked down at me with a sarcastic gnarl on spread across your face, before you unbuttoned my shirt, and pulled your off over your head. You felt my chest, holding me down, sat on top of me. Your hands were cold, but I smiled anyways.
“I love you, Andy,”
“I love you more,” I shut my eyes as you kissed me, hard, and deep, pleasurably. You rolled over, landing next to me, with your legs wrapped round me, 
“Wanna have some fun now?” I just grinned at you, and… we did. We certainly did have fun. I know I did. But once you were half dressed again, you stumbled over, across the floor, 
“Are you okay?”
“I’m just a little dizzy… I need some sleep.” I moved over, and you curled up with me, to fall asleep. 

6 months later, you were getting terrible headaches, and you called me from the hospital

I could hear you heart monitor over the phone, beeping steadily in the background. You sounded as if you’d been crying, but you didn’t sound upset now. You sounded sleepy. 
“Hey, are you okay?”
“I- I’m okay, but I have to tell you something so get your ass down here.”
“On my way” 

When I got there, and found you, in bed, waiting for me, I smiled, and you smiled back a little bit. You were pale, and half asleep with the morphine.
“hey honey, how’s your head?” 
“It was awful, but I’m okay now.. Morphine is my friend.” 
“You wanted… to tell me something?” 
“Yeah Ash, I didn’t wanna scare you on the phone,” the beeping sped up a little bit as your eyes welled up, and I flung my arm around you, 
“Hey, Andy, don’t cry, what is it?”
“I- I don’t how to tell you but I- Remember when I dropped the pen in math, that time? And when my finger twitched. I had more seizures, after that but I didn’t tell you because… because I didn’t wanna freak you out, it could’ve been anything… But then my head… and I collapsed and ended up here, and I just- I’m sick Ashley.” I looked at the floor, and you sniffled, as I spoke gently, quietly
“…. How sick, Andy?” you sobbed once, and your head fell into your hands.
“I- meninges tumor- I’m sorry Ashley- I can’t-” I sniffled, rubbing your shoulder, 
“And it’s malignant?” you nodded at me, 
“.. It’s primary but- but its spreading fast and I- I’m gonna keep forgetting you, and what we did, and how to walk, and how to talk…  and I’m so sorry- My hands already hurt, and I don’t know- they don’t know- no one knows how long-” that’s when you burst into tears, and I told you not to talk about it anymore. 

When we were 19, you were losing your legs, and you couldn’t write anymore, your treatment was driving you mad but you kept going and I was so proud of you. 

I tried to hard to be patient with you. I didn’t finish your sentences. I didn’t yell at you for forgetting things. I told you over and over. I didn’t get mad because you were moving slowly, I didn’t let anyone stare at you, or hurt you because of your stumbling, or your NGT, or your G-Tube. I didn’t get mad when you cancelled plans. I just tried to be there for you, as much as I could. You were so brave, and so strong, and I still loved being around you, even though I knew I was losing you, and you were determined you would just hurt me. I would have rather have been with no one else. You were still so perfect to me. 
“Are you okay, on your own, in the shower?” You examined yourself, looked yourself up and down, and shook your head at me. I smiled at you, and followed you into the bathroom. I pulled your shirt over your head, and you pulled your jeans off, followed by your underwear. You giggled a little bit, and looked down, at the scar on your stomach from the G-tube, the mark on your arm from the IV, and then back at me. 
“Don’t look at yourself that way, donut. I love you, no matter what. I promise.” 
“I- I love- you more-” I wanted to cry, at hearing you say those words again. 
“You remember that?”
“-yeah.” I watched you climb in, and gave you a hand in doing so, you turned the water on, and I took it from you, 

When you were about to turn 20, they asked you where you wanted to be, and you stayed at home with me. 

You were so sleepy, and you couldn’t walk anymore. You barely spoke, but you uttered some half sentences sometimes. You were on the couch, exactly like I was when you looked after me. I brought you soup too, but I had to help you drink it. You looked at me, through a pale face, through your oxygen, with tired eyes. But you still smiled, and it broke my heart. As you got nearer and nearer, you started passing out as much as you slept. I managed to wake you up, until the last few days. 
“Andy? It’s just me. It’s Ashley. Do you want anything?”

When you drifted off, I knew. I knew how much pain you were in, how much it hurt. How much you suffered. But you kept going, and I miss you so much, but I’m so thankful for what we had. For what we still have. I love you so much Andrew Dennis and I’ll never find someone the same. I will never love someone as much as I love you. Goodnight baby boy, you’re safe now


By: zeebeey

For: its-pixiesthings

Based on confession: My biggest Loki fantasy: I’m a spy sent by the Avengers to infiltrate Loki’s base. I am caught and Loki sees to the interrogation… personally 

You blink, head pounding as the light hits your face. You cringe in the intense light, attempting to bring your hands down to shield your eyes. You’re unable to, your hands are shackled tightly to the wall above you.

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Oops! (part 2)

As the weeks went on Bucky made amends with the team and agreed to be a part of The Avengers. The two of you grew quite close, he shared his fears and apprehensions with you while you tried your best to help him through it all. You thought it was brave of him to turn down cryo and instead face up to all that had happened, all that he had done whilst under the control of Hydra. You wanted to be there for him as much as he would let you. In the meantime, sleep was evading you as you thought of all these things. Bucky meant a lot to you and you weren’t sure if he could ever feel the same with all that he’d been through. Shaking off the feelings of unrequited love you decided to take a throw blanket and pillow and head for the couch, maybe a little television would settle your worry. You were half way through with an episode of Parks and Rec when you heard a grumble and feet shuffling up the hall. You peaked over your shoulder to see Bucky in a tank top and sweat pants, his hair disheveled as he walked to the fridge.

           “Fancy meeting you here,” You gave a small smile as you turned the tv down a couple notches.

           “I hope the TV didn’t wake you.”  You finished as you sat up.

           “It wasn’t the TV, just a bad dream.” He sighed as he popped a few ice cubes into his glass of water.

           You motioned for him to join you on the sofa and he did, sitting on the opposite side as you curled up in the throw blanket.

“What’re we watching?” he inquired as he sipped the cold water.

“Parks and Rec, it’s a sitcom. I couldn’t sleep so I was hoping it’d keep my mind off things.” You answered. He set his drink down and propped his feet up on the coffee table, folding his arms over his stomach. You went through three episodes before Bucky noticed you were folded up like a pretzel on the opposite end of the two seater sofa.

“Are you uncomfortable? If you want you can stretch out.” He offered, arms outstretched inviting you into his embrace. You obliged, nestling into his side as his right arm draped warmly around you. Another episode passed and soon you were yawning, sleep threatening to overcome your senses.

“Buck…? Can I say something?” you began in a small, sleepy voice.

“What’s the matter doll? You want me to move?” he looked down upon your sleepy eyes.

“No, you know you’re a good guy right? What they made you isn’t who you are.” You yawned, threading your fingers in his you brought his hand to rest at your heart.

“Thank you, I don’t know what I did to get a girl like you.” He smiled down at you, gently squeezing your hand in his. You snuggled into him even more, slipping contently into slumber. Your kind words meant the world to Bucky as he finally settled into a peaceful sleep, not a Hydra memory in sight.




Steve woke up for his morning jog, slipping on his under armor t-shirt and sweats before going to check on Bucky as per his morning routine. When he got to his room he found nothing but ruffled sheets. Confused, he walks up the hall and to the living room to find you and Bucky curled up on the couch together, still holding hands as you snore softly.

Nothin’ my ass. Steve thinks with a smirk as he slips his running shoes on, quietly shutting the door behind him.

A few moments later you begin to stir, nuzzling into Bucky’s chest.

“Good morning.” Bucky smiles lazily as he brushes your hair out of your face.

“Mornin’,” You smile back, sitting up a little.

“Did you sleep ok?” you asked, stretching your legs.

“I did, thanks to you.” He said pulling you into his embrace, kissing your temple. You winced, feeling a kink in your neck.

“Next time we’ll have to cuddle on a bed.” You joked as you rubbed your neck.

“Come here doll.” Bucky coaxed you onto his lap, rubbing the affected area. The pad of his thumb rubbed the ache away while the feel of his breath on your neck sent shivers down your spine. Experimentally he drug his cold metal fingers up your back before beginning to rub your other shoulder, planting gentle little kisses down the back of your neck and shoulder blades. This drove you up the wall, causing you to giggle out a moan.

“Bucky! That tickles!” you arched your back with a sigh, leaning into his chest. He put his arms around you, now blowing raspberries onto your skin and laughing with you. It was sinfully playful the way he zeroed in on your sweetest spots. Eventually he stopped so you both could catch your breath, holding you close and rocking you in his arms. You didn’t see it but Bucky was almost in tears, he hadn’t felt so happy in so long. He held you close to his heart, hoping to keep you there forever.

“We. Need. Food.” He said as he kissed up your neck, you turned to meet his lips with yours.

“Let’s make waffles, Steve won’t expect us to already have breakfast cooking.” You beamed.  

Springing up off the couch you grabbed Bucky by the hand, pulling him up and over to the kitchen. While you assembled the ingredients Bucky plugged in the waffle maker and started frying up sausage links. By the time Steve was back from his run the two of you had created quite the spread. Steve was surprised to see the two of you had cooked, even more so to see Bucky so damn happy. You sat down to your meal, discussing everyone’s plans for the day before you headed off to run some errands of your own.

“If you guys leave there’s a spare key taped to the bottom of my mail box, lock up for me please.” You said as you headed for the door

“Sure thing.” Steve replied.

You stopped to lean over the sofa where Bucky was sitting.

“See ya later Buck.” You said before giving him a quick kiss on the cheek.

“Later cap!” you called before making your exit.

Steve looked at Bucky, grinning.

“Wipe that shit eating grin off your face right now punk!” he barked, throwing a stray pillow at him.

“What?! I’m just glad to see you happy, plus (y/n) is a great girl.” Steve added.

“I know she’s great, she’s too great. We’ll see if I don’t blow it.” Bucky huffed.

“You won’t, I won’t let you. C’mon, give yourself some credit. You reconciled with the team, proved yourself fit for society. You deserve a piece of happiness; we’re going to dinner at the tower tonight, you should invite her. It’ll be good for the both of you.” Steve concluded.

Bucky nodded, Steve was right. If he didn’t overthink things everything would be ok. He decided to shoot you a text asking about dinner. You agreed to accompany him and immediately called your best friend.

“Michelle! Remember how I told you Steve and his friend were staying with me?” you began as you navigated the aisles of the store you were in.

“Yeah! Please tell me you finally got a piece of that American pie!” she giggled on the other end.

“No! Steve’s like a brother to me! Bucky though…” you trailed with a heavy sigh.

“Wait. ‘The Winter Soldier’ Bucky?” she replied skeptically.

You rolled your eyes, you hated anyone to mention that name.

“It’s just Bucky ok? He’s really great, funny, sweet…hot as hell! Anyway, he asked me to dinner tonight and we’ve been getting really close. I think it might get serious.” You confessed.  

“You be careful, the blogs are lighting up saying stuff about him.” She chided.

“All lies, he’s been nothing but a gentleman since the moment I met him.” You countered.

“I’m just saying! Anyway, is The Captain available? Do you think we could double date???” she laughed.


After you finished your running for the day you headed home; mentally preparing for the dinner. You thought about what you’d wear, how things would go. Upon pulling into the car park you gathered your things and headed for the door. Struggling with the bags and door lock you were greeted with Bucky grabbing everything for you and inviting you in.

“You shoulda told me you needed help sweetheart.” He rolled his eyes playfully.

“I could’ve got it, I did things for myself before my condo was invaded by supersoldiers.” You chuckled. He set the bags down before scooping you up into his arms, smattering your face and neck in kisses. You laughed, wrapping your legs around his waist as your arms wrapped around his neck, fingers gently tangling in his hair.

“I’m pretty sure you’re enjoying yourself.” Bucky smirked.

“Pretty sure I’d like to enjoy you.” You clapped back with a devilish grin. In an instant his lips rushed to yours with ardent passion. Slipping his metal arm under your bottom his natural arm cradled your cheek before slipping to the back of your neck. Your legs squeezed tighter around him, the subtle throb of arousal pooling at your center. A sharp breathy moan escaped your lips as his teeth grazed over your neck before sucking a hickie into your skin.

mmmBucky” you breathe as your hand trails down his t-shirt to the button of his jeans. He’s got you pinned between the front door and himself so you lean back a little and begin prying at the golden button. His free hand has already unclasped your bra with the quickness freeing you of the confining material. His hand kneads and cups your breast, pinching the sensitive peaked bud.

“I love the way my name sounds when you say it like that.” he breathes hot and sticky as he nibbles your earlobe.

The sound of a key prodding the door swiftly kills the mood. He sets you down and you immediately take several steps away from the door, hair ragged with freshly bruised hickies on your neck and collarbone.

“H-heya Steve!” you croak, hand flying to cover your neck as the v-neck tshirt you were wearing wouldn’t help. It was then you remembered your bra was undone. Looking down you attempted to fix the molded cups as best and discreetly as you could.

Meanwhile Bucky had his back turned in an attempt to hide the clear tent that had risen in his jeans.

“Jesus, in the kitchen Buck?” he chastised, shaking his head as he walked between the two of you. You guessed you couldn’t get anything past Captain America.

“You have to stop doing this to me!” You spoke, enervated.

“I gotcha all worked up huh? Wasn’t my fault Steve walked in.” Bucky smiled smugly.  

“Looks like you’re a little worked up yourself.” You smirked, gently caressing his length through his jeans before breezing past him. This dinner was going to be fun.

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