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“Car sex looks so much easier in the movies.” - Jason Todd x Reader (silly Smut NSFW)

Summary : The title is pretty self-explanatory. Smut with feeling yo.

THIS IS NSFW ! It’s SMUT. Meaning there will be a graphic depiction of SEX. Please don’t read if those sort of things makes you uncomfortable and blahblahblah. I have plenty of stories that are SFW without any of those “dirty stuffs”, so you can read those instead if you wanna :-). You can find said stories here : My masterlist blog : https://ella-ravenwood-archives.tumblr.com


Being Jason Todd’s girlfriend wasn’t exactly an easy “task”. 

Firstly, there was the fact that he was a night vigilante and that it was a never-ending time of worries for you when he was out. You could never fall asleep when he was fighting in the streets of Gotham…And oh mornings were difficult when you had to go to work and he came home late, or didn’t come home at all…

Secondly, he had an infinite amount of issues, and though you were always his cure, the person that’d made him feel better…it wasn’t always easy to deal with his past traumas. Especially since more often than not, he would refuse to talk to you about his feelings and such… You spend countless hours trying to reassure him, to help him go through a panic attack or anything. The Red Hood wasn’t as invincible as he’d like to lead on. But only you saw his “weaker” side, only with you was he able to let go. And he would be forever thankful for that. 

Thirdly, Bruce Wayne. Oh man, Bruce Wayne was a huge problem really. When it started to really get serious between you and Jason, his adopted father decided to take you as a messenger. Like, whenever him and your boyfriend would get into a big fight or something (which happened more than you wished), Bruce would tell you to tell Jason things and vice versa and, frankly, sometimes, it was just extremely annoying and stressful. 

Fourthly, you didn’t always have time for each others, both being rather busy. Or actually, being busy when the other one was free; he was mostly working nights and such, and you were working days. 

Oh and there were countless other reasons as to why it wasn’t always easy to be Jason Todd’s girlfriend, small and big things, but those were the main ones that you could think about. The ones that were always at the back of your mind. 

The main reasons that reminded you constantly why you were so in love with Jason Todd. Because it could only be true love, for you to deal with such a troubled man who sometimes had the emotional capacity of an oyster. 

And oh, the way he acted around you was proof enough that the feeling was mutual. That he loved you so much it hurt. That he would die gladly for you, relive all his traumatisms for you…your presence, and people noticed it often, soothed him greatly and blahblahblah all that cheesy shit you really weren’t into ! Uh. It’s like sometimes, you couldn’t help yourself, like your loved rendered you stupid. 

You adored that feeling, but also, some of your thoughts almost made you vomit because it was too damn cute and…A hand that you recognized instantly laying on your shoulder distracted you from your thoughts. You turned around and here he was.

Jason Peter Todd.  

-Hum excuse me, I’m looking for my girlfriend, (Y/N), have you seen her anywhere ?

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Hi I have a request where they meet the MC's parents and see how they insult her I'm sorry if it's a bother I'm so scared to ask for an request you don't have to do it again sorry if it's a bother

Please don’t ever be scared to send in a request. I love to write for you guys and I love to hear what you guys think. And don’t worry about ever bothering me with a request. I’ll write whatever people send into me unless it really is something I am uncomfortable with, but that rarely happens. I hope you enjoy this, and I really hope this doesn’t happen to you. Feel free to message me if you need to talk, or just want someone to listen to you vent.

RFA + Minor Trio reacting to a female MC’s parents insulting her



  • Yoosung was already very nervous about meeting your parents; what if he said the wrong thing, what if they didn’t like him, what if he farts by accident and it’s really loud and smelly?
  • All these possibilities were floating around in his brain as he awkwardly shook your dads hand and sat down in the booth.
  • After about three minutes of awkward silence, things began to go well as Yoosung started talking about work as a vet, and bonded with your dad who also happened to play LOLOL.
  • But then you knocked over your drink. There was hardly anything left but it made a small mess getting the napkins wet.
  • Yoosung straight away went to help you but stopped cold when your mother began to shout at you.
  • “You stupid girl! Can you do anything without making a mess? God, sometimes I wonder if I raised a human or monkey.”
  • “You’re lucky your soda didn’t get on my pants. They are worth more than your entire life,” your father spat.
  • Your parents made a huge mistake criticizing you though.
  • Yandere mode: a c t i v a t e d
  • “It was an accident,” Yoosung snarled as his face scrunched up in anger. He stood up straight, glaring down at your parents, who were still clearly agitated, but a little uncomfortable now under Yoosung’s gaze. “How could you treat your own daughter so terribly. We’re in public and everyone can hear how ill-mannered you guys are. I hate to know what you guys are like at home.”
  • He grabbed your arm and purse, and pulled you from the booth, keeping you in front of him and away from your parents as they rose and tried to get you guys to sit back down.
  • “No. You will not come near her, ever again. Not unless you guys learn how to respect her.
  • “I won’t let you touch her again, so heed my warning, don’t come looking for her, he warns.
  • May have also made a comment about your dads guild being shit.
  • In the cab back home, Yoosung frowns as he watches you stare aimlessly out the window with your head pressed against the glass. He could see a glimpse of your reflection and the couple tears that slipped down it. He thought he maybe was a little extreme telling your parents they couldn’t see you again, but as he sees it, you are much better without them anyways.
  • He grins a little when he sees you smile as he wraps his arms around your waist and gently pulls you to him. He rests your back against his chest and keeps you close and steady as the car bumps up and down. He kisses just below your ear and whispers, “I’m always going to protect you. I may look small but I’m fierce.”


  • Oh, hell no.
  • He went through this with his parents so he knows how it feels.
  • Your parents made comments about you holding him back, teased you for your appearance, made fun of your job, called you stupid, pointed out any insecurity you may have.
  • Zen was livid.
  • The second he sees the tear slip down your face he is up and arms, shouting at your parents for being so disrespectful towards you and for dare making such a rude comment about you.
  • If they weren’t at a pub filled with people, Zen may have made a bigger scene then he did, but he didn’t want to embarrass or draw attention to you.
  • He could see you breaking down, so he didn’t want to make things worse.
  • “There is a special place in hell for parents who take pleasure out of making their children feel bad about themselves,” he spits at them, slamming his drink on the table. He tosses some money at a confused bartender and pulls you from the pub, ignoring the shouts from your parents as they demand you to come back.
  • Outside the pub, unable to hold in any of your tears you let out a wretched sob and collapse against Zen’s chest.
  • He coo’s to you gently, wrapping his arms around you and rubbing your back. He nestles his face on the top of your head, and he rocks you back and forth.
  • “I-I’m so sorry, Zen, that was so humiliating, I didn’t think they would do that, and-”
  • What are you apologizing for? This isn’t your fault. And I swear, MC, I will make sure they never insult you again.”
  • You let out a small laugh into his chest. “You can’t do that. They’re my parents.”
  • “I don’t care. That doesn’t give them the right to treat you so poorly.
  • “You know everything they said in there is untrue, right? You don’t hold me back, you’re not pathetic, you’re not stupid. I hope you didn’t believe them for a second.”
  • He took you home after that and asked Jumin for a favor; he needed your parents to get the message that their behavior towards you would not be tolerated. And after Zen explained to Jumin what happened, Jumin was more than willing to help. The two of them drafted a letter with a threat of legal actions if they ever tried to insult you again. It was made very clear it would be marked as harassment.
  • Zen refused to tell you what made your parents stop being cruel to you all of a sudden. He didn’t want you to be upset knowing he decided to take a sort of legal action. But he couldn’t bare to see you so upset like you were at the bar. He was willing to do anything, including talking to the person he hated the most and using money to get rid of a problem.


  • At first, when Jaehee saw how nervous you were after inviting your parents for lunch at the cafe, she thought it had to do with her.
  • Why would you be so nervous about asking your parents over for dinner if it wasn’t that you were somewhat concerned with them meeting her?
  • But then when your parents sat down at the small table by the window and were nibbling at their treats did Jaehee realize just why you were so nervous.
  • Your parents were mean.
  • Every second it seemed they hurled an insult at you, which you just took with a grain of salt.
  • You’d smile and awkwardly laugh, then look at Jaehee and mouth to her it’s fine. You could see Jaehee was getting a little worked up, and Jaehee could see just how you too were becoming unsettled.
  • Jaehee completely lost it after the homophobic remarks.
  • “We brought you so many young and handsome men, and yet you always went for women. I don’t know where I went wrong sometimes.”
  • Your father’s ignorance struck a chord in both of you. You let out an exasperated sigh as you excused yourself, Jaehee quickly following after you.
  • “Why do you stand for this?” she asks, confusion written clearly on her face.
  • You just shrug and try to pass off like it didn’t upset you, but Jaehee could see that it did just that. “They’ve always been like this. You get used to it. Let’s just get this done and then we won’t have to see them until our wedding.”
  • “Will they even come?”
  • Your breath hitched slightly, and you gasped a little when Jaehee left you in the backroom to go back out to your parents. You thought she was going to sit down and just do as you suggested, but you suddenly heard Jaehee snapping at your parents. You came back out from the backroom and watched as Jaehee confronted your parents on their behaviors.
  • “Do you not see how much you upset your daughter? She may take this abuse from you, but I won’t. I am going to ask you politely to please leave our cafe and I suggest that you guys do not come back. You are not welcome here. Not if you’re going to treat my fiance like this.”
  • And with a huff, your parents left.
  • Jaehee sighed as she walked back towards you, gently taking your hand in hers.
  • “I hope I did not upset you just then, but you shouldn’t let them talk to you like that. You don’t deserve it.”
  • “I don’t know, sometimes I think that they might-”
  • “MC,” Jaehee warned, her hand resting on your shoulder tenderly. “You don’t deserve it.”


  • Jumin had booked reservations at the most elegant of restaurants in Korea for meeting your parents.
  • He wanted to make a good impression, and he wanted to them to know how happy he was to be married to their daughter. He wanted your parents to know how happy he was about bringing them into his family.
  • The dinner was going really well until your mother made a crude comment that was enough to make Jumin cough on his wine; “I can only wonder just how good my daughter is in your bed for you to stay married to her. I can not think of a single achievement that would make you want to be with her.”
  • Jumin was very quick to your defense.
  • Though he was incredibly shocked and surprised that any parent would say such an inappropriate thing about their child, he needed to make it very clear to your mother he would not allow her to make such comments, and he would make it very clear just why he married you.
  • “You clearly do not know your daughter very well then. She has achieved very much in her life. And to think you think I would stoop so low as to only marry some for a ‘good bed’, you are dead wrong. I married your daughter for their kind heart, their compassion, their desire to help others, and her beauty. I will not allow you to sit there and insult her. Certainly not after I’ve paid a lot of money to fly you guys here and to have a nice dinner with you. So I suggest you apologize this moment or this dinner will be done, and you can have your bags packed and be ready to leave by the hour. It is your choice.
  • “Oh, and as for our sexual activities since you are so curious; Kitten knows how to please her master well.
  • Both your parents huffed before begrudgingly apologizing. Jumin was about to say something about it not being sincere enough, but you had stopped him, and gave him a small smile.
  • That night you thanked him by the window, the dull light from the moon shining down on you guys,  wrapping your arms around his neck and pulling him down for a kiss.
  • “No need to thank me, darling. I am your husband and I will defend you whenever someone does you wrong.”


  • Anger is an understatement.
  • The bubbly 707, Defender of Justice, was gone in a heartbeat the second the first insult came tumbling out of your fathers mouth.
  • Before he could react, your mother was spatting another one, startling you as she snapped.
  • Seven was a little… flabbergasted.
  • What surprised him the most was though you would get startled, you wouldn’t react. You’d just smile and nod your head, keeping your gaze down. Seven let out an exasperated laugh, leaning across the table at the 90’s dinner towards your father.
  • “I’m sorry, but who the hell do you think you are talking to?”
  • Your father rose an eyebrow, taking a bite of his food. “My daughter. I have the right to tell her just how I feel, and if I feel she is being a pig, I’ll say so.”
  • In a heartbeat, Seven grabbed your father’s wrist, twisting it until it made a snapping noise and your father let out a howl. 
  • You were in shock, 
  • Your mother let out a scream.
  • “I don’t think so,” Seven said, a grave tone to his voice. “I’ll tell you this now. If you think you can get away with how you talk to your daughter.” He twisted the wrist a little more, a few more cracking sounds made.You are dead wrong.
  • He released your father’s wrist and laughed as the man writhed in pain. Your father and your mother quickly rush out of the dinner, leaving you and Seven.
  • Seven turned to you, giggling softly as he wrapped his arms around you.
  • “S-Seven, don’t you think that was a bit too much?”
  • “No. I think I should have done a lot more, but we are in public.”
  • “But Seven, they’re my parents-”
  • “Therefore they should treat you with respect. Now come on, let’s enjoy our dinner. We can go home after and have a movie marathon with Saeran! How about that?”
  • You smiled softly, resting your head on Seven’s shoulder, and allowed him to feed you. He was right, you did deserve respect. And you were sure as hell glad you had such a wonderful boyfriend to remind you.


  • V had met your parents before, without you, and they always seemed like wonderful people. So he didn’t understand why you were so upset that he invited them over for dinner.
  • He figured out why as he sat at the table and listened to them spit insult after insult at you.
  • He watched as you tried not to fall apart in front of them, keeping your head high and your gaze on your food.
  • V is not someone to usually show his anger, but it was getting pretty hard to hold it back at this point.
  • You had reached for the salt, yet your hand accidently knocked it over and bits of white got onto the blue cover on the table. It was a small mess, but your parents made a huge deal out of it.
  • “See what I mean? Jihyun, you are better off without her. She’ll bring nothing but hardship.”
  • “Take this from her parents who had to live with her for twenty years. It doesn’t end here.”
  • At that, V watched as you slapped your napkin down on the table and excused yourself, going to the bedroom. He was quick to follow you, closing the door behind him and pulling you towards him.
  • This is why I didn’t want them over, V, all they do is criticize me. Sometimes I think maybe they’re right and I’m as stupid as they say.”
  • V shook his head, brushing the hair out of your face before pulling you back to his chest. “No, you are not stupid. Everything they have said tonight is wrong. Stay here and I’ll be back. We’ll watch a movie together, and I’ll bring some snacks. But first I need to get rid of our guests.”
  • He walked back to the dinning room, a smile on his face though he was ready to tear apart your parents. They asked where you were but he said they didn’t need to know.
  • “As for you guys, I would like you to leave our household. You have disturbed it’s peace and you are no longer welcome. In this household, we respect each other and we love each other. Clearly, you don’t know how to do anything of that, so therefore, you are not welcome here. I’ll ask you one more time to please gather your things and leave.”
  • Your two parents spat a few curses at him but he didn’t care. He just smiled and endured it, showing them to the door and locking it behind them. He then went back to you and cuddled besides you, his blue hair tickling your cheek. For the rest of the night, he worked to remind you just how wonderful you are and just how much he cares for you.


  • For a few moments, he was silent and in shock.
  • For a few moments, he thought he was a child again, back at home where his mother was cruel and abusive and hurled the same insults your parents hurled at you to him.
  • Your parents cruel words did not reach the extent of his mothers. But it was enough to remind him of his mother’s cruel behavior.
  • He was angry. He wanted to scream. He wanted to throw his dinner across the room for god sakes.
  • But then he heard you sniffle. And he look down at you next to him on the couch, and he saw how your head hung pitifully, and a few stray tears slipped down your face.
  • If anything, this was affecting you more than him because these were your parents, not his. And they were treating you terribly.
  • He remembered a time he told you that you would never understand the abuse he endured, but as of now he was realizing that wasn’t particularly true. You did understand to an extent because you have lived through some of it.
  • He thought back to when he would have panic attacks or nightmares about his mother, and you would always comfort him and reassure him that he was safe, loved and protected.
  • He needed to do that for you now; comfort you, and reassure you that you are safe, loved, and protected.
  • But first he had to get you out of this damn house and away from the sorry excuse of your parents.
  • “She is not the problem, you are, you pieces of shit.”
  • The whole room went silent at Saeran’s curse, none of them having expected it from the quiet boy. Of course, none of them would know what a temper Saeran has, and what a small tolerance he has for disrespect and attitude, especially of that towards his girlfriend. No, he went to the dinner dressed in a nice button up, smiled whenever he was spoken too and always responded softly. Was very protective of you, but not overly protective. Just the clingy type. So the sudden bite in his voice and the daggers he was shooting across the room with his mint eyes was enough to startle and threaten everyone.
  • You whispered softly to him, telling him he didn’t need to do this, that it was alright, but he wouldn’t let them talk to you like this. He wouldn’t let them insult you or disrespect you.
  • You never let anyone give him bullshit, and he certainly was not about to let anyone give you it.
  • “How could you say something so horrible to your own daughter? Your suppose to cherish your children, not belittle them.”
  • “She’s our daughter, we can talk to her anyway we want to,” your father said taking a sip of his drink ever so calmly.
  • That was a big mistake.
  • You gasped as Saeran rose from the couch and started to make slow strides to your father, his voice gradually becoming deepers and his eyes squinting. The Unknown in him he works so hard on to hide was coming to light.
  • “You think because she’s your daughter you can treat her like that? You think because you are her father and you her mother you can abuse her?”
  • “We do not abuse-”
  • That is exactly what you do! If you get pleasure out of making your child feel bad about themselves, that makes you abusive. You’re all sick.
  • At this point, Saeran was up in your father’s face, his nose inches away from your fathers who tried to push himself back against the armchair he sat in. Only now did your father start to show a little fear at the boy in front of him.
  • Saerans eyes and voice softened when he felt one of your small hands on his shoulder, and the other take his hand. He turned to look at you, and he could see how pale you were and how read your eyes were. You gave him a small smile and tugged slightly on his arm. You told him you just wanted to go home.
  • He nodded, gave a final glare to your parents and lead you out the door with a tight grip on your hand.
  • The whole car ride was silent. Saeran was furious just listening to you trying to choke back sobs. You thought he was going to take you home but he surprised you by pulling into the parking lot of the ice cream parlor. Saeran let out a sigh before turning to you, his body moving awkwardly in the small confinement of the car. He reached over to gently cup your cheek, yous thumb stroking just beneath your eye.
  • “I… I apologize for my behavior. I was no better.”
  • You let out a small laugh, placing your hand against his own your cheek. “What are you talking about? You were sticking up for me. I’m so grateful for that. No one has ever stuck up to them for me before,” you say, your voice cracking. It was painful for Saeran to hear. He bent down to gently kiss you, letting his lips linger there before he pulled back slightly and whispered against your lips;
  • “I’ll never let anyone hurt you. I’ll never let anyone be ill mannered towards you. What do you always tell me? That you’d walk the entire earth just to make me happy?
  • I’d do the same for you in a heartbeat.


  • Appalled.
  • It was supposed to be a nice dinner where Vanderwood could meet your parents.
  • You guys had gone to your favorite restaurant.
  • But everything went downhill fast.
  • Vanderwood is not someone to usually show their emotions, if ever, but from the first insult your parents hurled at you his blood was boiling.
  • He was willing to stay quiet after you put your hand on his thigh beneath the table to calm him down.
  • When he looked towards you and saw the sad smile on your face, he could tell you were used to this, and that just angered him even more.
  • You deserved respect, especially from your parents. You were their daughter for christ sakes. Why would they be so cruel to you?
  • It was the comment on how you were a disappointment, and the single tear that slipped down your face that made him snap.
  • Without a word, he just took your hand in his and pulled you away from the table. When your parents starting asking where you guys were going, he just turned to look at them and spatted, “We are going home.”
  • “Why?”
  • “So I can make sure you daughter realizes everything that you have said tonight is bullshit, and she does not deserve this treatment.”
  • The whole ride home was silent. Vanderwood’s fingers curled tightly around the wheel, and he would fiercely turn and speed up whenever he felt a sudden bit of anger. Back at home, he sat you down on the couch and went to make you tea. When he got back, he sighed as he saw you quickly wiping away your tears.
  • He sat besides you and wrapped his arm around you, pulling you towards him. His leather hands playing with your hair soothingly, and his lips pressed against your hairline.
  • He felt now wasn’t the time to talk, but just the time to hold you and keep you warm and comforted. That’s what you needed after what you endured at that dinner.
  • When he felt the time was right, as he kissed up your neck to your cheek, he whispered against your skin, turning you towards him slightly. “For every mean word they said to night, I’ll replace with a kind one. Bare with me though, this isn’t easy. I’m not used to this.
  • “You are not stupid. You are intelligent. You are the smartest woman I have ever met.
  • “You are not ugly. You are beautiful. Your beauty outshines a blooming rose.
  • “You are not useless. You are worth so much. I can not imagine a life without you.
  • “You are not a disappointment. You are so, so far from that. You make me proud every day with how you stand tall and smile through everything.
  • “I don’t hate you. I love you. That is why I married you.
  • You smiled, moving your hands to go into his long, auburn hair, tugging slightly so you could pull his lips to yours.
  • You cuddled into his chest and laughed slightly as you listened to his heart beat. “You didn’t have to do that, honey. Though you blush, I can see you cringing.”
  • Vanderwood snorted, patting your back gently. “It’s worth the cringe to tell you just how much you mean to me.”
  • Cringed again.
  • But he really loves you so it’s ok.


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  • okay but elias woke up a little later today - he wasn’t planning on meeting the boys until much later - and he’s surprised when he runs into sana, smuggling food from the kitchen into her bedroom. she’s still in her pyjamas and she isn’t wearing any make up or anything, which, well, it’s nearly 1pm. so it’s a bit odd, especially for her.
  • elias asks her if she’s okay, and why she’s still in her pyjamas. and sana just shrugs and says, quite aggressively, “you’re still in your pyjamas.” and sometimes elias would bite back, tease her, but he also knows when to draw the line. and he can just see that sana’s not in the mood, so he just says, “any plans today?”
  • sana stares at him and shrugs, says, “nei”, then makes her way into her room, shutting the door, and elias leaves her be for a little bit. but a few hours later, elias notices she still hasn’t left her bedroom, which is kind of unlike sana. so he knocks on her door. 
  • she lets him in, but she’s kind of irritated; elias ignores it and says, “what’re you up to?” as he plonks himself on sana’s bed (which causes sana to sigh irritably, but she shuffles a little to give him space to get comfy anyway).
  • “nothing,” sana says irritably; dismissively. elias just looks at her and says, “okay” and waits to see if she elaborates. when she doesn’t, he says, “what was all that about last night?”
  • sana raises her eyebrows. “i’m allowed to have friends around, elias,” she snaps. “you do all the time.”
  • “yeah, but mine don’t drink in the house, and there’s never twenty of us,” elias replies fairly, but not unkindly. he looks at her, notices how deflated she seems, how upset she looks, and so he just says, “is everything okay?”
  • “yes,” sana says quickly. “everything’s fine.” which - okay, okay, sana isn’t in the mood for talking. that’s fine. so, elias says, “how about a movie?”
  • sana looks at him, frowning, and says, “what movie?”, and elias tells her that there’s this film on today, the one they used to watch all the time when they were little. and sana, despite herself, smiles at the memory, and laughs when elias does a (very bad) impression of one of the main characters. and elias thinks there is nothing that makes him quite as proud as when he makes his baby sister laugh.
  • they end up reheating leftovers from the other night and sit cross-legged on the sofa together, watching this film, which is funny but kind of cheesy and not actually as good as either of them remember it being, but it’s okay, because sana’s smiling a lot more now; seems more content.
  • elias’ phone rings just as the films ending and shit, time got away from him; he’d agreed to see the boys today. he picks up the phone and starts talking to them, to adam, and says, “just come over to mine, man, it’s chill, my parents are–” but then he catches sana’s expression; it’s small, subtle, the way her eyes fall to her lap and she prods at her food a little disinterestedly. maybe other people wouldn’t notice it, but elias does. so, he says, “actually, guys, sorry, film without me today, i forgot i made other plans.”
  • the boys erupt into indignant shouts about loyalty and how important their youtube channel is, but elias silences them, hangs up the phone, and sana says, “what other plans do you have?”
  • “well, they made a sequel to this film, and i think it’s stupid that neither of us have seen it”. and okay, he expects that to make sana smile, but instead she frowns and says, “but they aren’t airing the sequel at the moment.” so elias rolls his eyes, then says, “we’ll just have to find something else to watch, then.” and sana looks at him for a moment before rolling her eyes and saying, “okay. find something, then.”
  • she may not have said it, but she didn’t need to, because elias can already tell that sana’s feeling just that little bit better. and he’s so glad to see it, because he really hates seeing sana upset; can’t stand it, because despite how much he teases her, he truly does think there’s no one in the world who deserves happiness quite as much as his sister. and maybe that’s why, when they squabble over the last portion of food, elias lets sana have it. just this once.

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Hi! For the prompts, I don't know if you've done this before, but what about a Tony Stark advises for the young avengers? Because I really love the RDJ advises so I think that might be cool.


Also I interpreted “Young Avengers” as his new young Avengers, not the Young Avengers™ who don’t have a book right now. That may have been wrong, sorry D:

Title: Tony Stark Advises the Avengers
Rating: PG
Summary: Somehow, Tony Stark ended up Team Dad.
Notes: This is set nominally in the 616, where Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan), Nova (Sam Alexander), and Spider-man (Miles Morales) are half of an Avengers team with Iron Man (Tony Stark), Captain America (Sam Wilson), and Thor (Jane Foster). 
More Notes: There is a text version following the image version for people who need plain text. Sorry there are two guys on this team named Sam, it’s not my fault. 


Ms. Marvel

(Image super heavy under the cut)

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Like a Princess » Jung Jaehyun


summary: “could I request a Jaehyun scenario where you are best friends and you like him, but you think he doesn’t like you because you’re on the bigger side. You have a lot of insecurities about your body, and Jaehyun sees that. He ends up liking you and tells you that you’re perfect the way you are.”
words: 1824
category: jaehyun x chubby!reader, angst, fluff
a/n: literally i need to write more chubby!reader scenarios bc they’re always so cute and i’ve only written like two i need more

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You sighed, staring at the piece of paper you had just pulled out of the mailbox. It was finally here, the dreaded invitation that you had been hoping would never come.

Your sister was getting married, and she wanted you to be the maid of honor. That was nice of her, of course, if only you didn’t have to wear a dress. Being maid of honor drew another concern, which was that you would have to stand up on the podium during the entire ceremony, practically begging to be ridiculed.

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As a Mercy Main;

This rework is horrendous.

I’ve only been playing since about mid Season 3, and I have 100+ total hours on Mercy. I have both the Huge Rez (which is a really fun yet hard to get achievement) and Group Health Plan achievements.

I have suffered some of the most insufferable, entitled players in the game, adn this ranges from DPS to Support (though… more often than not, DPS and Tank, chill, please). I have pulled off multiple of the full-five-man rezes in my time, and each one was either really hard to get or ridiculously easy to.

I am that Mercy that you should fear not seeing on the kill counter.

However, this isn’t why I’m against the rework. I love love love the concept of Valkyrie. I know my lovely heal-bird Mercy needs a rework. But this is not what we- as Mercy mains- wanted, or asked for. 

Now, those of you who think that the new Mercy rework makes them ‘actually play the game’ can eat my boot. Mercy players- and I mean the ones who earned their golden weapons and played her to perfection, the ones that would quad or quintuple res you, the ones that were truly your guardian angels that you LOVED to have on your side but HATED on the enemy- have learned to play their game exceptionally well. We know how to fight back, how to lash out, how to get that last 5-10% of our res in a pinch.

And as a heads up, I’ve never seen a single Mercy player ‘hide and res’.

I myself have hidden before. This occurs when the entire enemy team blows their ults at once and I’m not near the Graviton/Blizzard and can escape. I do this because it’s better to let them blow their ults and kill who they do before I walk in and res them to push again.

I’ve also been in the middle of teamfights where ults go off all around me and I pull off a three to four man res. (Once, a five-man, but that was because Ana nanoboosted me and I could Battle Mercy my way to my ult.)

This new res, however;

is a death sentence to Mercy due to range

is basically a death sentence for her single res

puts her even more into the fight

has such a long cooldown that the moment you wind up rezzing that one person that was valuable and then got instantly targeted/killed, that when you get back to your team, it’s still not up and you can’t rez anyone on the payload.

and puts her more in danger than ever before as she can no longer keep her range.

Her Valkyrie is AMAZING. I’ve played it on the PTR a few times, yeah, but it’s not… It’s not what she needed.

She still has no way to fight back and heal, unlike EVERY OTHER SUPPORT (Symmetra doesn’t count we all know you’re actually a defense.)

She can fly, but this escape isn’t entirely viable.

Torb now counters her even more.

Her beam still only hits one person. Just, from really far away.

Her infinite ammo is fun, it’s not hard to really aim, but there’s no… there’s no point. She either becomes a DPS superwoman, or she becomes a long-range heal monkey.

There is literally no reason to pick her anymore beyond that single, wimpy res.

What I would have LIKED to have seen is them make Valkyrie into her E instead. A five-second ability to get her out of tough spots or get to her team faster, with a thirty second cooldown. (A massive fucking cooldown, by the way, two of Valkyries and a majority of good players can get their ults up anyway) or something similar, and kept the rez or nerfed it slightly. Maybe lower the amount of health the rezzed players received (make it ¾ or ½, add to the skill that’s already required to keep the team alive post-rez).

To all of those who complained about Mercy to begin with, I say this; you’re just mad she was on the other team. I cannot tell you the amount of you people that I have met twice in a row and switched teams, where you recognized me and focused me and then flamed me for being good. For doing my job.

While you had just told me less than an hour prior, “good rez!”.

Five man rezes are not an instant PoTG steal, either. I’ve done a few that didn’t get it. I’ve done rezes that saved the game and didn’t get PoTG. 

I’m convinced, totally and utterly, that this only came about because you wish, you beg for a Mercy that is a true Guardian Angel and doesn’t charge into battle with her wimpy pistol, that doesn’t just heal/boost her duo  and actually stays with her team. And when you see her on the other team, you got angry, you got upset, and you whined about it to get your way.

You want that Mercy, and since you can’t have her, nobody can.You threw a fit, you whined and cried until the rez that you loved to receive but hated to get countered by got wiped entirely from the game. She needed a rework, but she could’ve kept the rez.

Those of us who main her, to this day I will tell you, we just want a way to fight back and heal at the same time for when that Genji or Tracer comes around back and you don’t help. Or a reliable way to escape, such as a five second flight ability to get us in the air and out of the way. Both would’ve been nice. One would’ve been awesome. A five second flight doesn’t even keep us out of the teamfight or prevent us from death-

Those Widow mains are a pain to deal with lmao-

and a reliable combat method that won’t get us screamed at for not healing would’ve been even nicer.

I’m not going to enjoy playing her anymore. Salty, toxic players will yell at me for not rezzing them when I still have a massive CD. I will have people yelling at me for rezzing x and not y even when I think X is more valuable.

“Single rez me” will become something I will wish and love to hear in the next few, tiring days before rework goes live. 

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I forgot if I already asked this or not, but: If RFA/V/Saeran were vampires, what would their general feeding habits be like? Assuming they don't choose to feed off MC all the time or just leave her for tiny dessert nibs.

You haven’t! Or at least if you did, tumblr possibly ate it! Gosh, I don’t talk about vampires much, but I really like them….Modern vamps are so good… I’m sorry if none of these make sense! The last vampire related thing I watched was a few random episodes of Buffy afhdsf

Speaking of Buffy, I’m going along with the idea that just because they’ve drank your blood doesn’t mean you’re a vampire. Rather if they drink the vampires blood? …Is that weird? Idk if thats ‘Official Lore’, but now it’s “Scums Bastardized Lore’. And it’s a weird modern vamp world because?? I have?? No idea how to write vampire worlds holy fuck

Thank you @fromthedeskofelizabeththird and my friendo Mouse for helping me out with this one!

Zen: The ‘Lestat’ Vampire

- Probably the most typical, dramatic and Romantic vampire.

- A bit of a drama queen if his fans aren’t giving him much attention

- He won’t drink fans blood, but if its offered he tries to come up with an excuse. Saying he’s already ate, prefers a certain blood type to maintain his ‘good skin’, etc

- With Mc he would be worried about drinking too much at once! He might get carried away, especially since he wouldn’t go feed off of random people (probably some weird modern-vamp storebought bs), and he might try to make it Extremely Romantic (and cheesy)

- Mostly he would try to save drinking her blood for special occasions, and probably wouldn’t even bring up or entertain the idea of turning her for a while.

Jumin: The ‘No One Understands Me’ Vampire

- Look me in the eyes and tell me that Jumin wouldn’t be the type of vamp to lock himself in his room with Elizabeth 3rd, lamenting about how humans and vampires are so different, and how no human could understand him.

- Not as dramatic as Zen, but very closed off and skeptical when Mc shows any interest

- Probably drinks blood like its a fine wine. Gets fancy stuff, directly from the victim without having to sink his own fangs into them- Rich Vampire Bs, basically

- Mc suggesting that he could drink from her causes him to think she’s implying a sexual spin to it, and it takes a bit of talking to explain what she meant

- If he ever does drink from her, he’s very very careful, treats it as a relationship bonding experience, and compliments everything he can about the taste

- He may not do it often mainly due to the fact he wants to save her blood for very special occasions

Seven: The ‘Ayyyy Lmao’ Vampire

- Goofy vampire. Does the cheesy lame vampire jokes and treats his own existence as a joke

- Definitely has scared random humans by popping out and threatening to drink their blood, but then laughing at their horrified expressions

- Hails some god awful cheap blood soda bs as the best drink. It’s disgusting. Everyone things its disgusting.

- Refuses to drink Mc’s blood. He doesn’t want to hurt her like that, doesn’t want to risk going overboard and drinking too much, doesn’t want to risk anything. He would literally starve before willingly drinking her blood.

- If he absolutely had to, he would drink the bare minimum and then possibly baby her for a bit. As in, making sure she’s not feeling lightheaded or sensitive afterwards.

Yoosung: The ‘Innocent’ Vampire

-The most normal vampire that probably romanticizes drinking someone else’s blood. Probably hates that he’s going to look cute for years. Wishes he got turned a bit later in life.

- Drinks cheap blood and never any human blood until he meets Mc. It’s easy for him to get it, has been offered by a few humans before, but shyly refused

- If Mc ever lets him, he tries to make it romantic, almost as if it’s going to be your first time doing something else together

- The first time he accidentally goes overboard, but he apologises profusely (probably cooking something high in iron for you). After that, he tries to be more careful and stresses you can always say no

Jaehee: The ‘Most Beneficial’ Vampire

- Probably only became a vampire because it was the best way to get a job, maintain one, or because it was beneficial at the time.

- …vampires probably would have some gross ass coffee blood, huh? If so, that’s probably what she would drink the most, if not then normal coffee it is. Maybe some vampire employees would get better blood than “'storebought”’ blood?(fuk idk)

- When you suggest it to her, she outright refuses. Drinking blood straight from a human seems too personal, too intimate, and she doesn’t want to do that to a friend

-… Until its proven that the two of you are more than friends.

- Still, she hardly does, unless she really needs a pick-me-up. Afterwards she makes sure you rest up and don’t get too light-headed

V: The 'Wrong Reasons’ Vampire

- Probably turned a human into a vampire, under the guise that they would live together happily (*coughs* Rika)

- Because of this, he’s reluctant to drink from Mc. Doing so he might go a bit overboard (Rika would have been the last human he drank from), or stress about you wanting to become one

- He’s mainly used to just drinking like Jumin does, without the 'Humans will never understand me’ vibes.

- If he does, he’s so careful. So sweet, kissing the spot he’s going to bite a few times, barely even drinking enough to satiate his hunger.

- Just don’t seem to eager for it, because it will bring forth some past worries of his

Saeran: The “”“'Edgy”“”’ Vampire

- You ever see those vampires who go around drinking from whoever they want, whenever they want? Well here is Saeran, a Korean version of Spike.

- He does whatever, drinks from whoever, and tosses them aside afterwards. Doesn’t even care how weak they are afterwards

- Mainly the more dangerous ones, so if he hasn’t met Mc like that, she is lucky.

- Presumably, Mc would most likely be the one to calm him down, start forcing him to feel emotions (he hates it at first), and because of that, he doesnt drink from her at first.

- When he does, it’s more romantic. He doesn’t use her or toss her aside. He’s careful, constantly making sure she’s sure and okay, and then even dares to kiss her afterwards.

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Honestly after all these years I'm still disappointed Sakura never had a showdown against sasuke. Like at least then I could've respected sasusaku a bit more? All I needed was for her to just put her foot down ONCE against him and just say "NO". I feel like it would've been much better development for Sakura's character. Imagine at the kage summit instead of naruto swooping in to save her she could've just reached up and grabbed sasuke's wrist and like kicked him off of her or something!

NB to people who may or may not find this in search: since the Anon already wrote “sasusaku” this might show up if you search “sasusaku”, that’s not my fault. I’m not crosstagging intentionally. I suggest searching with the # in front, this is a little thing that will generally improve your results when searching. Anti-SS content follows!

One thing I’ve noticed about people who are sincere SS shippers and create fan content (not dark content, that is, happy content) is that Sakura is herself, that is, she’s the Sakura we recognize from when Sasuke isn’t around, instead of just being a blushing, submissive mess 24/7, like she is in canon whenever she interacts directly with Sasuke.

I don’t think Sakura was ready to face down Sauce at the Kage summit–either in terms of her emotional development or her ninja strength–but oooooh did I want Sakura to get angry when Sasuke pulled that “Kakashi, you’re as useless as Sakura now” bullshit. Like… excuse me, Mr. Won the Genetic Lottery, Powered Up on Ninja Steroids, and Blessed By a Literal God, sorry that Sakura didn’t get any of those deals, but if you weren’t paying attention, Naruto would be dead if it wasn’t for Sakura, and if Madara injures you, what exactly the fuck are you planning on doing? Karin ain’t around for you to bite.

Like… when people say “Oh, Sasuke is being harsh, but he’s just telling it like it is” NO. Have none of you played MMORPGs? If so, and you play a wizard-class character who is a glass cannon, do y’all tell the pure healer character before you go into a boss battle “Shut up, I’m directing here, you’re useless”?

No, you don’t do that, because healing is not useless, what the actual fuck is everyone smoking, everybody knows you kill the cleric first!!!!

Anyway I just want Sakura to have some fucking self-respect after all she’s worked for and all she’s accomplished WITHOUT genetic superpowers OR perverted snake bastards giving her drugs OR literal alien gods giving her power-ups and say “FUCK YOU, Sasuke, if you were a REAL leader who had an ounce of intelligence, you’d realize that I am extremely useful in this situation and you damn well should be GLAD that you have a healer around at all, let alone a healer that also can tank FFS.”

But we don’t get nice things.

And then we get Naruto Gaiden, where not only does Sakura not push to contact Sasuke and demand he teleport home every couple of years to see his kid for half an hour–is that too much to ask?–but gives absolutely no pushback when he publicly snubs her request for a goodbye kiss, hardly an unreasonable request to make of the supposed love of your life whose kid you’ve been raising solo for a decade. “Oh but Sasuke isn’t like that.” Bitch, Sakura is like that, why can’t Sakura’s emotional needs in this relationship ever come first? Why can’t Sasuke bend even the tiniest amount for her, when she’s folded so much for him she’s practically origami?

Anyway. I don’t hate the SS in the ending because of who is in it, and I definitely don’t hate SS shippers; I hate canon SS because of how it’s written, because of what is actually on the page in the manga. More than anything else, canon SS feels like a punishment of Sakura for friendzoning Naruto and a warning to all girls who might friendzone Nice Guys. “Don’t be like this,” Kishimoto warns. “See what happens if you choose the handsome asshole?”

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also (last ask i promise) all the avengers and queer and they all go to pride together right after peter joins and everyone the entire city freaks out and all the queer kids in the entire city go to bed that night knowing that their personal heroes will accept them even if their families/peers don't

(Asks water my crops and clear my skin don’t worry about it!!)

-Peter gets all decked out in his Spider-Man costume and Bc he’s an upstanding trans member of society he wears the trans flag like a cape and a big ol’ “bi pride” patch sewn on to it
-‘Peter,, Thor can see your flag from asguard I think it’s big enough"
-Peter wears pins tons of patches and pins for other identities on his flag to show his support (and protect his identity)

-tony has a trans flag wrapped around him like a toga Bc he’s Extra™ but we love him
halfway through pride he suits up and the suit has been temporarily painted the pan pride colors

-Steve and tony convince Bucky to go to pride
even though Bucky is scared of hurting someone on accident
-Steve is wearing a big ass ace pride pin right on the star in the middle of his chest
-his shield is also temporarily painted rainbow
-he paints it rainbow Bc he’s not sure how he feels about labels for himself but he’s def p gay for his two boyfriends

-Bucky has their eyeliner on and Instagram worthy eyeshadow done in the nonbinary colors
-Bucky’s arm was spray painted rainbow
-that’s the arm they hold steve’s hand with
-because they don’t want to crush Tony’s hand in the middle of a parade

-natasha and Clint are on a mission somewhere classified
-and yet Peter gets a selfie of Clint with war paint on his cheeks in pink purple and blue
-Peter receives another picture that’s just really blurry
-then another one with Natasha glaring at Clint and despite his already bruising eye he’s smiling Very Big™
-Natasha’s normally red curls are now varying shades of pink and Peter knows that’s for the lesbian and demigirl flags
-it’s captioned “I startled her”
-Peter laughs so hard he almost passes out

-Bruce stays at the tower bc if he hears any ignorant language or hate he’ll probably destroy some shit
-but he facetimes tony the whole time and he loves it
-tony convinced him to go next year and buys him a aromantic and asexual pride pins

-Sam chooses to opt for a bi pride cape because it’s the most majestic with his wings
-he definitely doesn’t fly above the crowds just to show off his bisexual grace

-Wanda is nervous about making public appearances but her asexual color-coordinated outfit is too pretty to pass up wearing
-she doesn’t leave visions side the entire day and had a really good time

-the avengers accidentally end up hijacking a float? They get a whole float to themselves and kids and adults shed tears as they see their heroes supporting them and actually sharing traits with them

-They sign as many things as possible for people asking

-Peter knows the daily bugle will have a field day but looking around at all these people who are like him and his friends he knows he’ll have support- from both the public and his teammates

-Peter sees MJ and Ned in the crowd and he waves at both of them

-the avengers leave towards the end of the parade but there’s enough time for Peter to change and go meet them

-he has to take off his flag but he has a few pins he can wear

-mj’s “they/them” pin makes Peter’s heart soar with secondhand pride bc mj just expels confidence and it’s amazing

-Ned has pink, blue, and yellow face paint that smudges onto Peter when he kisses him

-Peter can see where it’s smudged on MJ too and he loves his partners so much he thinks he might explode

-Peter goes out with them for pizza and gets picked up by May later who couldn’t go because she had to work a double shift but still has her lesbian pride pin on her shirt

-it was one of the best days of peters life

For You / Ieyasu x MC

Week 2


Whenever she asked him questions about himself, he always felt something cold move across him, as if he were iced from the inside, his organs and nerves being protected by a sheath of frost. In that moment, though, when the words slipped past her lips, he thought he might break, that if he said anything the ice would shatter and he would splinter and crack. So he waited until his voice sounded normal before he let the words fly:

“No,” he sneered, “I don’t need you anymore tonight. Or any other night. Know your place, kitchen wench.”

She took a long time to respond. “I’ll see you tomorrow then, milord,” she said, quietly, and though he didn’t look at her, staring hard at his book, he had felt her eyes on him the whole way, bearing down and heavy, until the moment she passed through his door and melted into the night.

The problem was that she was greedy for information: she wanted to know how he had been raised, and if he had any siblings, and who his friends were, true friends, and whether he preferred one flavour over another. And sometimes the air grew so hot not only with the questions she was asking, but the manner in which they were asked — honest, guileless and a little too foolish for a cook from Kyoto — that he felt strangled by their weight and frequency and inevitability.

She wanted to know so much; she wanted so many answers. And he understood it, he did— he wanted answers, too. He wanted to know everything about her as well, but while she had made her intention as clear as an arrow’s twang, he couldn’t bring himself to reciprocate, in part because of who he was, who he was meant to be, but also because he wasn’t sure whether it was worth the endeavour. If she was worth the effort.

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That’s the thing with the yang and Blake reunion, it can go so many ways that I think it’ll need to touch on each of them. I imagine they’ll go through what everyone wants, Yang with anger, sadness, telling Blake she didn’t Blake her for the arm but more upset that she left, and then forgiving her for leaving once she explains. And for Blake it might be apology for her arm, surprise at how much her leaving affected Yang, saying she’s sorry, explaining why, and tears of joy for being accepted.

My (maybe?) unpopular opinion is that I don’t think they necessarily need to make Yang get angry when she talks to Blake. I feel like that was the point of Alone Together.

It’s easy to forget because we never shut up about Yang being hurt by Blake leaving from the second volume 3 finished, but she never actually admitted that until Alone Together. Which is partially because she straight up doesn’t talk about Blake until that episode.

The anger Yang felt towards Blake was a byproduct of how much she was hurt by Blake’s abandonment. Because it was easier to be angry at Blake and say she doesn’t care about her anymore than it was to admit to how much Blake hurt her hurt and how she still cares about her.

So I think the point of Alone Together was for Ruby (by bringing Blake up) and Weiss (by having that conversation with her) to help Yang work through the anger and get to the hurt, which is what actually matters here, so that’s what will be on the surface when she talks to Blake.

I’ve seen people say Yang needs to get angry at Blake in order for Blake to understand how much she messed Yang up by leaving but I don’t think that’s true. Yes, I agree that Blake needs to understand the consequences of her running, but anger is not the only way to achieve that.

Blake already expects them to be angry at her. “And I hope they hate me for leaving,” she said. So Yang’s anger won’t really be effective because it can’t shock her when she’s already expecting it.

But you know what could be effective? The girl she sees as the embodiment of strength telling her “I needed you.” That’s probably not something she’s expecting.

I just don’t think we necessarily need Blake to experience Yang’s anger because anger is not the real problem here. It’s hurt, so I think that’s what the conversation should be focused on.

Caught In a Dream

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Genre; angst, implied smut

Word count; 1.2k

Warnings; cheating, mild sexual themes, extreme freaking angst…get ready

A/N hello everyone! this is my first time writing on tumblr and I hope that everyone will like the content I post on here! now please enjoy this really crappy piece of writing that I will continue later on

Jeon JungKook.

That name is all but too familiar for your liking. Everywhere you go, the name, “Jeon Jungkook” is chanted like a prayer; all under his religion.

Everyone adores him like some god from a Greek myth or a celebrity from an action movie. But in reality, he’s just a normal college student going for a degree in computer science at Seoul National.

You hated every single thing about Jeon Jungkook- from the way he talks to the way he walks. You hated how he’d always kiss up to a teacher to get an extra day to finish an essay or how he’d always ask you for help on the simplest  things like cooking rice or how to turn on the heater. You also hated that you were titled one of his best friends.


Because you were in love with the boy that is suppose to be your best friend. Jeon JungKook, your childhood best friend is now someone you force yourself to hate - someone you always downgrade in your mind to trick yourself that you weren’t love with him. That you were in love with your best friend.

But what does that do? You always end up falling for his bunny smile, his built physique, his round doe eyes and his soothing voice all over again. Everything about Jungkook bothered you in both good and bad, if that made any sense. You hated his bunny smile because it made him look like a child. But at the same time, you loved his bunny smile because he looked so innocent. Like someone without a single care in the world.

You could never confess to him what you’re feelings, though. JungKook is a taken man. A man taken by none other than your other best friend, and childhood friend. Hyun ShiYoung. ShiYoung, Jungkook and you were always together throughout your lives. You were all born the same year and had houses right next door from one another, your’s being in the middle of the three. The three of you grew up together, going to one another’s houses on a daily basis or walking to the park that was a few blocks away from where you lived.

Back when you were children, you didn’t have to think about finances, feelings, falling in love, school or even getting hurt. Because you knew that there would always be someone looking after you, someone protecting you. Now, you were all on your own. Thinking back to the times where you were so carefree and innocent made a frown come across your face.

“Why the frown, (Y/N)?” your seat mate asked as he look up from his computer.

You snapped back to reality when you heard his soft voice echo in your mind. Ah, you were in school.

“Nothing, Jimin,” you answered, a weak smile spread across your lips. You shouldn’t be thinking about this now.

“Alright. Just tell me if something’s wrong ok?”

“Mhm. Thank you,” you smiled. Your head then turned back to your computer, trying to figure out how the page you were writing for your paper would link to the thesis you were given. You were a law student, studying at Seoul National, same as JungKook and ShiYoung.

You were midway into a sentence when the professor announced the end of the period, telling you to leave his class in an orderly manner.

“Like that was going to happen.” You inwardly told the professor, knowing how  the students in this class were suffering as much as you were, trying to get the year over with. Looking around, you saw students practically running out the door of the class, some even tripping over themselves from walking too fast.

Gathering your things, you put your belongings into your bag as you looked for ShiYoung at the door. She always waited for you after this period, knowing that her professor always lets her class out 5 minutes earlier than your professor. When you saw her smiling face, you sighed as you quickly paced down the steps from where your seat was.

“(Y/N)! You take forever, hurry up! He’s probably already in his car waiting for us!” ShiYoung exclaimed, dragging your wrist the parking lot of the school.

“I still don’t know why I have to come with you guys. I’m just going to third-wheel your date,” you huffed as the two of you continued to walk quickly, approaching a black Mercedes C-350 that was parked with the engine on, waiting for the two of you to enter.

Immediately, you walked to the right side of the car, sliding into the backseat, while ShiYoung took her spot in the front passenger seat next to her boyfriend as they shared a peck on the lips as a greeting.

“Sorry we’re late, (Y/N) here was being a turtle again,” ShiYoung joked as her boyfriend start d driving toward the theater.

“It’s fine. I was only in here for about five minutes anyway,” he smiled, looking back at you through the rear-view mirror. “Thanks for coming with us (Y/N). The three of us haven’t hung out together much after ShiYoung and I started dating.”

“Anytime. You guys are my best friends after all,” you forced a smile to the boy.

“Kookie-ah, what movie are we watching?” ShiYoung looked at her boyfriend lovingly, grabbing onto his hand that was placed on his side.

“(Y/N) gets to pick this one. We picked the last two times already.”

“It’s fine if you guys want to pick! I’m cool with anything,” you said, not caring much about the movie.

“Okay. How about Iron Man? They’re playing reruns of them at the theater we’re going to,” JungKook smiled his bunny smile at ShiYoung, hoping she’d give in. You never really thought about how much Jungkook loved the Iron Man movies until you saw him have a whole collection of action figures.

“JungKook, we saw Iron Man last week for date-night. Can we watch that new melodrama movie that came out yesterday? It looks really interesting and (Y/N) said she wanted to see it too, right (Y/N)?” ShiYoung asked, looking back you with a smile on her face.

“Huh? Oh yeah, that one. Sure, I guess it seemed cool in the trailers,” you answered looking up from your phone.

“Alright then, it’s settled!” JungKook beams.

Throughout the movie, all the two of them would do was make-out and giggle to each other. That made you feel like an absolute third-wheel. Halfway through the movie, you excused yourself to the bathroom after the two of them stopped making out for a good five minutes.

 Instead of turning to the bathroom, though, you headed straight to the exit, because what you hated most was that you were head over heels in love with your best friend who was in a relationship with another one of your best friends. And that hurts.

A few weeks after the movie with JungKook and ShiYoung, you were on your couch in your apartment, FaceTiming your friend from high school back in Busan.

“How’s school going down there for you?” you asked JiHoon as he settled down into his chair with a cup of coffee.

“It’s been ok. Bet the schools up there are better though. Busan is still the same as always, which is good, I guess.” JiHoon wasn’t always the man of change. He liked everything staying the same, which is why he is currently still in Busan, studying for a literature degree.

“That’s good. How’s your music going? Still writing lyrics?” you asked, earning a bright smile from him. He always loved talking about music. Music has always been his passion and has always been his dream. But instead of taking a music course and going for an entertainment major, he took up the literature major since he thought he wouldn’t need the music major later on.

“It’s been going great actually! I’ve been working on a song for this one girl I really like. She works at that coffee shop the four of us used to go to after-school all the time,” JiHoon smiles as he thinks about her. JiHoon never tends to take interest in dating and relationships but seeing him happy makes you happy.

“That’s really great! I’m glad you’re happy,” you smile at him as you take a sip of your now-cold coffee that’s been sitting on your small coffee table for the past two hours. “Does she know about your alias, Mr. Woozi?” you joked as he blushed a light shade of pink. He thought up of that alias when he was just 15- when he first started writing music.

“Not yet. Not many people even know that Woozi is me, yet everyone knows who the infamous "Woozi” is. It’s comforting to see people liking my music,“ he smiles. You loved the dedication he put into his music and the meaning of every single song he’s ever written.

"You seem to like the girl! You should make a move before it’s too late.” The encouragement in your voice makes you think to yourself. If you’ve made a move before JungKook and ShiYoung became an item, would you be here now, or would you be wrapped up tightly in JungKook’s arms as the afternoon seeped in?

“(Y/N-ah. Earth to (Y/N)?” JiHoon snapped at the camera of his laptop, bringing you back from your train of what-if’s.

“Yeah? Oh sorry, I blanked.”

“Thinking about him?” JiHoon was the only person beside yourself to know about this crush you’ve had on JungKook for the past four years.

“Yeah, just a brief thought,” you said weakly, taking another sip of your cold coffee. You really needed to heat this up.

“Just tell the him. You’ve been in love with JungKook for four years. Four fucking years, (Y/N). That’s a long time,” he mumbled, writing something down in his notebook.

“I don’t want to ruin anything…”
Oh you’re definitely going to ruin something. You were pinned up against the wall of a frat party. Pinned by JungKook, ShiYoung nowhere in sight.

“JungKook, w-what are you doing?” you asked, barely able to meet his eyes properly. This is wrong. Something’s wrong. JungKook would never do something like this because he is always, always right.

“Don’t act all innocent, ShiYoung. I saw how you were staring bullets into my back over there. Don’t you think it’s weird for my own girlfriend to not approach me at a frat party?” JungKook asked, his voice slurred, evidence of too much alcohol consumption.

Your eyes widen when you hear her name slip out of his mouth. Was he that drunk to not realize you weren’t ShiYoung? Slowly, you looked up at him, eyes widening when you see him biting his lip, making them red and swollen.

“JungKook-ah, get yourself toge-” you were cut off when his lips crashed roughly onto yours, making you gasp. This wasn’t right, you should push him off, slap him, make him realize he’s with you and not ShiYoung. But you didn’t. You let him kiss you like there was no tomorrow. You let him kiss you like he was actually yours and not her’s.

As the two of you pulled away for air, you looked up into his eyes, filled with lust and desire. No, you told yourself. No, walk away. Run away. Do something to stop him from making a mistake. Stop yourself from making a mistake.

But before you could’ve done anything, his lips crashed back onto yours, but this time, twice as rough and filled with more lust. You were fucked.

 The two of you somehow managed to make it to the second floor, squeezing through many, many other couples passionately kissing on your way up the stairs. Both of you stumbling into an empty room, JungKook didn’t bother locking the door.

“I love you so much,” JungKook mumbled into your neck. You felt a wave of hope that he was talking about you and not ShiYoung but you knew he wasn’t. She was always on his mind. She was always there.

 You let out a whimper as JungKook nibbled at the nape of your neck, surely making a mark and marking you his own, though you knew you weren’t. He started moving his lips down, leaving butterfly kisses along the way down to your collarbone. You let out a gasp as he sucked on a specific spot, making chills run up your spine.

“Only you could make me feel this way, ShiYoung-ah. Oh baby girl, you make me so horny, wearing such a skimpy dress like this. I want to fuck you so hard,” JungKook sighed as he unzipped the back of your dress. “Only you, ShiYoung,” he sighed again as he slammed you into the wall.

Your heart shattered after hearing those words slip out of his lips. This was the moment you were waiting for, though. For the past four years of being in love with him, you’ve always dreamed of this moment. The moment where he would tell you he loved you. The moment where he would leave love marks on you. But all of this was wrong.

“What’s wrong baby girl? You look upset,” JungKook looks at you with concern.

“Nothing, Kookie-ah. Continue, please,” you begged.

That was probably the biggest mistake you’d ever make in your life.

i don't want to be a superhero (1/?)

summary: you’re a new enhanced individual in new york that has the ability of pyrokinesis and telekinesis who gets on tony starks’ radar after you saved his car from crashing. meanwhile peter becomes intrigued with your abilities.

a/n: y/b/n = your brother’s name

part 2

part 3

part 4

you felt your phone vibrate in your pocket and picked it up.
“what?” you said. it was your brother and you prayed to god he wasn’t calling to remind you of something you had to buy from the store you just left.
“i forgot to tell you! we need eggs.”
“i’m going to throw myself into traffic.”
as soon as you said that you heard a huge truck honking it’s horn while another car’s tires shrieked against the road. you dropped your phone and your bags as everything turned slow and could see every detail of the car crash that was about to happen right in front of you. you had never lifted something so heavy with your mind but before you knew it you stopped the truck cars and pushed the car back back before breaking concentration. you felt hot liquid come down your nose and saw you were bleeding and everyone at the cross walk was looking at you.
“are you okay?”
“did you just do that?”
“did you see that?”
“is she a superhero?”
everything was happening too fast and you were too light headed to assess what you just did.

“hey you! nosebleed! did you just do that?”
the man in the black audi stepped out his car and before you could see who it was, you were told anyway.

“oh my god it’s tony stark!!”
he started walking away from his car and you could hear the camera sounds from everyone’s phone.
you finally caught the attention of the public and iron man. the ONE thing you never wanted.
you picked up your phone and bag quickly before sprinting in the other direction.
“hey! get back here!” tony yelled.
you were afraid he was going to follow you in his car or someone was going to run after you but you made it home in 5 minutes when it usually took you 15.

(y/b/n) opened the door shocked to see you back so early but also confused about what he just heard on the phone.
“what the hell just happened?!” he said locking the door and closing the blinds.
“one second i’m talking and next i hear the phone drops and someones talking about ‘are you okay?’ and ‘is she a superhero?’”
you told him what happened and he didn’t even bat an eye.
“you shouldn’t have saved him. you never use your… abilities out in public.” your brother said to you.
“i shouldn’t have saved him??? it was tony fucking stark! i mean i didn’t know it when i stopped the car coming at him but hey! i wasn’t just gonna stand there and watch a car accident happen!” you said practically screaming at him even though he was right in front of you.
“yeah but i mean now everyone has some kind of footage of you on their phone! it’s probably on twitter by now.” he pulled out his phone to check and you felt as if you were going to have a melt down.
“i don’t want to be a superhero.”

a week went by and you were all over the news.
“new superhero arrives? will tony stark take her under his wing? or will she use her powers for evil? tune in at 7pm to find out.” (y/b/n) turned off the tv and sat down on the couch next to you.
“are you going to use your powers for evil? i have to go to work so i can’t watch at 7.”
you rolled your eyes and pushed him. they had only seen you once! for like 3 minutes! how do they possibly know the answers to all those questions?
“i hate how the one time i go out without doing my eyebrows this shit happens.”
“oh yeah i saw one tweet and some girls were going off on you.”
you hadn’t gone outside since the incident and you decided since no one has come to collect you that it was safe.
“maybe if i beat my face with makeup people won’t recognize me?”
“i mean yeah but you’ll still be ugly.”
you were about to throw your mug at him when there was a knock at the door.
you instantly stood up and felt heat at the top of your head which only happened when you were very afraid.
“fire won’t help the situation. chill out, literally, and i’ll get the door. go to your room.” (y/b/n) whispered. you did as he said.
you closed the room to your door and put your ear to it to hear. you closed your eyes to concentrate. your hearing sense dialed up and you listened for your brother’s voice.
“uh hi can i help you?” he said. you could tell he was just faking being calm and hoped he didn’t give you away. you heard the sound of shoes walk in and they stopped before the hallway towards your room.
“yes i’m looking for your sister? (y/n)? you probably already know, she saved me from a car accident a week ago and i found out who she was the next day but i decided to give her some time. is she here?”
you felt defeated but before you could open your door, your brother spoke up.
“no she’s not here. she left after it happened. listen, she’s only 17 and all she really wants is to be normal. but she’s not. we don’t know why she can do the things that she can do but i know one thing, she doesn’t want to be a superhero and she doesn’t want this attention. so please don’t look for her. just be grateful she exposed herself to save you.”
it was silent for a moment until you heard stark sigh.
“f.r.i.d.a.y is detecting a female life force coming from that room over there. i don’t mean to force myself into your lives, i just want to help. teenage girls aren’t my favorite but the last time i found some enhanced individuals, well, they ended up hating me because they got help from the wrong person.”
you opened the door to see a regular tony, just like the day from the almost-accident in a tom ford suit next to your brother.
“help in what way?” you asked, slowly stepping forward.
“i don’t want to engage in combat like you probably thought i would. i just want you explore what your powers can do and help you in any way, because it didn’t seem like you knew you could take on a 20 ton truck but you did it anyway.”
you thought about all the effort you put in to seem normal and not show anyone what you could do. you thought about all the times you accidentally burned someone when you got excited. you thought about how maybe acting normal was so much effort because you just weren’t and maybe this was best for you.
“listen kid, i have a 6o'clock that i have to leave for soon so?”
you looked at your brother who just gave you a little nod and you made up your mind.
“fine. but i’m not fighting crimes with you or whatever.” you said crossing your arms.
“oh no that’s spider-man’s job.” tony said patting his pockets for his cell.
“spider-man?!” (y/b/n) yelled.
“calm down, your fanboy is showing.” you said, elbowing him.
“ok i’m going to call happy, my assistant. and he’ll pick you up tomorrow and maybe spider-man will tag along. the kid needs some kind of excitement other than crime fighting. a girl his age is perfect. i got to go. talk later, bye!” he opened the door and he left.
you looked to see your brother wasn’t so happy anymore.
“if spider-boy decides to put the moves on you i’ll burn him myself.” he said dead serious.
“if i get excited enough with him around , i’ll handle it.” you said joking. but honestly was the spider-man/boy cute?
“that’s not funny!”

i been thinking of a girl with these kinds of powers for a few days and i think i wanna do a lil story about it. i didn’t proof read and i don’t know exactly where it’s going but i do know that peter x reader is alive. ALSO IT’S ALMOST 4 AM SOMEONE COLLECT ME

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Can I get a Valentine's Day peter Parker x reader please???

Peter Parker X Reader –  Don’t Tell

A/N – For me, this works best with Tom Holland (Avengers Spiderman) but an older version of Aunt May & Uncle Ben (like in the original trilogy.)

Warnings – None.

Rating – T

Based off this imagine by @thefandomimagine

Originally posted by guywiththeguitar

High school is an unusual society where the students follow unspoken rules and the teachers let them in order to maintain an easier, quieter life. The rules are simple enough: stay within your group, don’t become the teacher’s pet, keep fights within your year, and above all, never tell on another student.

Unfortunately, that last rule came with its own consequences for you on a Friday before school let out. Toby Garfield had accidentally broken one of the windows for all the students to see but since nobody, including yourself, was willing to tell the teacher, Mr Maguire, you were blamed for being the closest to the scene of the crime. It meant that after school, you had been given glamourous job of scrubbing graffiti off the walls; you had even been given the janitor’s keys to put the cleaning supplies away afterwards.

After an hour and a half of scrubbing, you checked your watch yet again, sure that it must finally be time for you to go home. When you saw it wasn’t, you were sure time must be passing agonisingly slow just to taunt you.

“That’s it.” You growled irritably, throwing the scrubbing brush back into the bucket and inadvertently soaking yourself with water. “No more. There’s nobody here. I’m going home.”

You continued to chunter to yourself down the hallway until you reached the supply closet where you grew even more frustrated as it refused to unlock.

“OH, COME ON!” You exploded angrily.

“Hello?” A muffled voice sounded from inside the closet.

You frowned at the door, puzzled. “Hi?”

“Hey um, I’m kind of trapped in here, do you think you could let me out?”

“Oh!” You burst into action, trying again to unlock it. The door remained stubbornly shut, even when you leant against it with all your might. “Door’s jammed.” You grunted, pushing harder.

“Yeah… Flash dented the lock so I wouldn’t get out.”

“Flash? As in Flash Thompson? Why would he- Hang on, you’re not that guy are you? The one he always picks on? What was it? P- P- P- Percy? No, uh-”

“It’s Peter actually.”

“Right, Peter, sorry about that. This is (Y/N) by the way, if you know me that is.”

“Yeah, we’re in most classes together.”

“We are? My bad, I don’t pay much attention. Well, when this is over I’m gonna kill Flash. Okay, move back from the door, I have an idea.”

Peter moved as far back as he could in the tiny supply closet, waiting for your master plan. There was a loud thud against the door, followed by a pained groan.

“H-hey, are you alright?” Peter fretted.

“That was… That was a stupid plan.” You cringed. “New plan. I’m going to get some of the tools from workshop. Sit tight Peter, I’ll be right back.”

Peter sat down, leaning against the wall as he had before you came along. He debated what he’d tell Aunt May and Uncle Ben this time, after all, there would be no explaining the- Loud scraping of metal on metal interrupted his thoughts.

“You’re back.” He declared happily.

“Uh-huh.” You answered distractedly, attacking the door hinges with a screwdriver and hammer. It took just under half an hour of hacking inexpertly at the tight metal before you managed to remove the hinges completely. You grabbed the door quickly, easing it to the floor to let Peter out.

“Done.” You panted tiredly, staring at the mess you’d made.

“Thank you, I’m sorry I put you through so much trouble.”

“It’s no big deal, I’m just glad-” You turned to Peter, “Good God man.” You stated, appalled at the sight before you.

Peter’s face was covered in cuts and bruises, his left eye was swollen and purple, and there was dried blood, which had made its way from his nose to his shirt.

“Did Flash and his gang do this to you?” You whispered incredulously.

“Uh yeah, sorry.” Peter apologised, hating the worry on your face. “It’s fine really. I’m sure Flash just has his own troubles and-”

“No. This isn’t okay so don’t go acting like it is. Come on, we have to get you cleaned up before your cuts get infected or something.”

“Are you sure we should be doing this?” Peter questioned apprehensively as you tried each key on the bunch for the nurse’s office. “Isn’t this breaking the rules?”

“Peter, I just broke down a door, I think this is acceptable.” You pushed the door open. “Now sit down, I need to get a cloth.”

Peter perched on the edge of a bed while you rifled through some drawers, “Cloths are in the second drawer and saline solution is in the cupboard on your right.” he explained.

“I’m guessing you spend a lot of time in here.” You got the items, moving back to him.

“A little more than I should.”

You prepared the solution on the cloth, “This may sting a little.”

You dabbed his face gently, clearing away the blood where you could. Peter sat silently, suddenly bashful at your proximity.

“So, where do you live anyway?” You asked while you worked.

“What? Uh, w-why?”

“It’s late, I don’t want you walking home alone in the dark.”

“What about you? If you walked me home, who would walk you home?”

“Look, just tell me where you live, who knows? It may be right next to me but I won’t know until you tell me.”

“I live in Forest Hills but you don’t have to-”

“No way, I live in the street around the corner.” You lied, doing whatever it took to get Peter home.

“Really?” Peter lit up excitedly.

“Yeah, come on, I think I’ve done all I can here. I’ll lock up and we can go.”

“Uh (Y/N), what about the supply room door?”

“What the principal doesn’t know can’t hurt us, he’ll probably just assume it was just some vandal; God knows the school’s full of ‘em. Now let’s go, it’s bad enough walking through New York in the day, it’s even worse at night and I don’t know about you but I don’t have any bus money so I’d rather set off now.”

“Where could he have got to May?” Ben Parker paced restlessly around his living room, waiting for the phone to ring.

“Ben-” May started, looking through the net curtains.

“I should be out there looking for him.”


“It’s been hours now.”

“Ben!” May raised her voice slightly, startling her husband. She smiled serenely, “Peter’s outside and it looks like he’s brought a friend.”

“What?” Ben joined his wife at the window. Peter’s back was facing the pair but they could just see you in front of him.

“Do you think he’s been out on a date?” May gushed ecstatically.

“Now May, it could just be a friend.”

“Either way, our little Peter hasn’t brought many people over before.”

“What do you suppose they’re talking about out there?”

“I don’t know, oh let’s invite them in, I’d love to meet Peter’s new friend.”

“Do you really think that’s a good idea?” Ben asked a little too late, May was already heading towards the door.

She threw it open enthusiastically, “Peter dear, welcome home. Come now, why don’t you introduce us to your friend?”

Peter blushed awkwardly, “A-aunt May-” he stuttered.

You looked behind Peter to see his aunt and uncle in the doorway. They motioned you inside, “Come now dear, no need to be shy.” May cooed at you.

“Sorry about this.” Peter whispered, nervous that you would hate his family and think him a loser. In truth, he loved his family more than anything so if you disliked them he knew he wouldn’t have anything to do with you from then on.

You walked past Peter to the front door, “Hello, I’m (Y/N), it’s a pleasure to meet you.” You stuck your hand out which Ben shook amiably.

“Please dear, come inside, we’d love to hear how you know our Peter.” May beamed.

“Oh, um- I wouldn’t want to impose.”

“Nonsense, it wouldn’t be a bother.”

“Uh, well I suppose, if Peter doesn’t mind.”

Peter finally joined you, “No, not at-”

His aunt gasped, “Oh my, Peter what happened to your face? It wasn’t those boys again was it?”

“Uh, no. No, it wasn’t, it was actually um-”

“No, I can tell you, I saw the whole thing.” You jumped in, saving Peter from whatever mess of an explanation he’d come up with. “Peter actually slipped on something at the top of the stairs and fell down half a flight. It was reported to the principal and I took him to the nurse’s office; it was all just a clumsy mistake.”

“Peter, you really must be more careful.” May chastised mildly. “Still, it’s good you had such a nice friend to help you. Now come on in out of the cold you two, I’ll make everyone a nice cup of tea.”

Over the next twenty minutes, you were asked all manner of questions which you answered gladly, knowing that if your family met Peter, they’d probably do the same to him. You found May and Ben to be lovely people who clearly adored their nephew. It almost made you reluctant to announce you had to leave.

“Are you sure you won’t stay for dinner?” May offered.

“No thank you, I should be getting home ASAP.”

“Where do you live dear? I wouldn’t want you walking home alone in the dark.”

“Aunt May, (Y/N) lives just around-” Peter started until you gave him a look and shook your head.

“I um, I actually live in the city, but if I start walking now I can be home in an hour or two.”

“Peter,” Ben scolded, “you let (Y/N) come with you all this way even though (s)he lives in the city. How could you be so irresponsible?”

“It’s alright, really. Peter didn’t know where I lived, I didn’t tell him.” You explained. “It was nice meeting you both, I hope I’ll get to again. See you later Peter.” You got up to leave.

“Hey now, it wouldn’t be right to let you go out alone in the pitch black. What kind of person would I be if I allowed you to do that? Come with me and we’ll go in the car.”


“No buts, come on now.”

You knew there was no way you would win the argument against Ben Parker; he was the very image of how a guardian should behave. You followed him out of the house apologising for the inconvenience.

When the car pulled away, May turned to Peter, gushing, “(S)he is a lovely one, that (Y/N). You should ask him/her out before someone else does.”

“Aunt May-” Peter blushed.

“Now, now, I saw the way you looked at (Y/N), it’s the same way your father looked at your mother when they first met.”

“(Y/N)’s just a friend.”

“For now maybe but that can change quite easily.”

Peter shuffled awkwardly on the sofa.

“Alright.” May relented. “I’ll drop it for now but we both know I’m right.”

She walked away, leaving Peter to his thoughts. You were one of the first people to really acknowledge him in school and you’d met his family all in one day, how could he not have a crush on you? Despite that, he was sure you were just being polite and that everything would go back to normal on Monday because who would admit to liking him in front of the other students?

Much to Peter’s amazement, you didn’t ignore him on the following Monday. In fact, from then on you made extra efforts to sit with him in class, work together on group projects, and even meet him when you could outside of school. Your friendship endured even when Peter started acting unusual, disappearing on occasion, and making peculiar excuses not to meet you. Although you wanted to know what was wrong with him, you stopped asking because he became fidgety and uncomfortable whenever you did. After a year as your friend, Peter decided it was finally time to ask you out; as soon as Valentine’s day rolled around he was going to visit your house, take flowers, and hope you wouldn’t reject his affections.

Peter checked himself out in the mirror. He had a million questions right now but nobody to ask them to. Was his outfit okay or would a suit be better than jeans and a t-shirt? Were the dozen red roses he was holding too much or not enough? Should he slick his hair back? How would he ask the question? Would he suddenly blurt it out in a moment of clarity or would he stand gawkily spluttering clumsy words? His multitude of questions were interrupted by the phone downstairs, he ran to get it since his Aunt and Uncle were away on a day-long date.

“Hello?” he answered.

“Peter, where are you?” You asked. “You said you were coming over to work on our Science project today or did you forget?”

Peter cursed himself silently, he’d been so busy getting ready that he’d forgotten the excuse he’d made to visit you.

“Uh… yeah. I’m on my way now, it’s just that to make our uh presentation board we’ll need tacks and I went to the store here but they don’t have any.”

“Oh, no problem, you just get over here when you can and I’ll pick up some tacks at our store.”

“Great, I’ll uh, see you soon (Y/N).”

“Okie doke, see you soon, bye.”

The phone clicked off. Peter looked at the clock on the wall, he’d have to hurry if he wanted to ask you out before your family got home. He ran upstairs, grabbing his backpack. There was only one thing that would get him to your place in good time; for this job, he would have to be Spiderman.

You threw the tacks in your bag on the way back home from the store, absentmindedly taking the shortcut through the back allies to your apartment block as you always did when it was cold.

“That sure is a nice lookin’ bag you got there.” A lanky man in a cut off denim vest and jeans croaked.

“Excuse me?” You turned to face the man.

“I’ll bet it’s worth a pretty penny or two.”

“W-What do you want?” You demanded shakily.

“That depends really don’t it. How much do you have?”

He pulled a switchblade out, grinning maliciously. You took a few steps backwards, keeping an eye on him until two meaty arms wrapped around your chest.

You screamed and bucked, craning your neck to see your attacker, another man who was clearly in league with the first, sneered as you writhed against him. The first man came closer, swaying his knife around, “I think this is going to be a fun day.”

“Wait.” You shrieked. “I’ll give you everything I have. Please, you don’t have to do this.”

“Have to? No. But I do want to, I like hearing people scream.”

“Wow.” Sarcastic clapping brought everyone’s attention to the vigilante Spiderman, who was stood only a few feet away. “Real great show everybody but it won’t make it to stage if someone dies in the first scene.”

“What the hell are you on about?” Denim jacket waved his knife in Spiderman’s direction.

“Wait! This isn’t a play rehearsal? Damn, if it was I was gonna add a scene where the two idiots got arrested and the victim goes free… Oh well, I guess I can do that anyway.”

You watched disbelievingly as the other thug let go of you, ready to go head-to-head with Spiderman. You didn’t know what to say about the scene in front of you as you stood, paralysed, watching it unfurl. It took only about two minutes for Spiderman to incapacitate the two men, leaving them stuck against the wall, presumably for the police to find.

He approached you, completely relaxed. “Are you alright? Did they hurt you?”

You swallowed thickly, your suspicions confirmed, then in a low voice you whispered, “Peter?”

Spiderman stumbled back, stunned. “Wha- Who? I don’t know any-”

“Stop. Don’t insult me like this Pe- uh Spiderman.”

You turned to leave the way you’d came but were stopped as Spiderman grabbed your wrist. “Can I… Can we talk about this?”

You hesitated before nodding uncertainly. Spiderman grabbed you around the waist tightly, using his web slingers to take off into the sky. Cold air whipped across your face as you clung tightly to him, both exhilarated and terrified until he stopped at the top of a nearby building, about 20 stories off the ground.

“How did you know?” He asked, sounding less confident than before.

“No matter how you disguise it, I know your voice by now.” You kept a safe distance from the friend you thought you knew. “How- I mean… You were always the guy who took photos but like… Were you born like this? Hell, are you even from this planet?”

“You’ve definitely been reading too much Superman.”

“Okay, drop the sarcasm mister or I’ll uh, very slowly climb down the fire escape, I guess.” You peeked over the edge of the building dubiously.

“It’s a long story with a radioactive spider and I know it’s weird but this is new to me too. Do you… do you accept me as Spiderman?”

“I don’t think I have much of a choice.” You replied sardonically, then switching to concern you asked, “Do you get hurt a lot?”


“Is this where you’re always disappearing?”


“Okay.” You clambered onto the fire escape.

“Wait, (Y/N) where are you going?” he asked, alarmed.

“I just need some time to figure this out because I’ve just found out my best friend is a vigilante superhero who disappears often to get into fights with strangers.”

“Hang on, please don’t be like this, I- Just stay here for two minutes, can you do that for me?”

You exhaled tiredly, rubbing your forehead, “Sure, fine, whatever.”

“Great, I’ll be right back.”

Spiderman zipped away, leaving you on the fire escape to survey the city below; it seemed peaceful to be above it all. You could almost see the advantage of having powers like Peter’s. The peace didn’t last long however as Spiderman flung himself back onto the roof, landing behind you. When you faced him, you saw that his hands were behind his back and he was shuffling nervously.

“I uh, I planned to do this properly but considering everything… here.”

He pulled a very wilted bouquet of roses from behind his back, the heads had fallen off a few and the rest had shed most of their petals from the journey up. The sight of them made you smile wearily as you took hold of them gently.

“Thank you?”

“It’s Valentine’s day.” Peter blurted.

“That it is. So, is this you asking me out?”

“Yeah. If you don’t like it though, I can try again, we could do it a different way, or-”

You put up a hand to stop Peter’s babbling, “I um, I still need to get my head around everything so I’m just going to head home now.”

“WAIT!” Peter put his hand out. “Uh… Look, I understand if you don’t want to see me again but please, I’ve gotta ask you, you won’t tell the police about this will you?”

“Excuse me?” You said, affronted by the question. “What kind of cretin do you take me for? I would never in a million years, tell the police that my boyfriend was Spiderman.”

The whites of Peter’s mask widened in surprise, “B-boyfriend.”

You grinned. “Yes, boyfriend. Now, either you give me a lift to my apartment block or I climb this fire escape. Either way, it’s an adventure.”

Peter ran over to you clumsily; he was too lost in his ecstasy to speak. Instead, he simply grabbed hold of you and vaulted confidently off the roof to take you home.

anonymous asked:

Hey Kristen! I really hope this doesn't come off as an anti ask because I swear I don't mean it that way:/ I was wondering - how will Dany and Jon achieve equality? I always saw Westeros as a place where there is a king and his wife, or thought that there will be a queen (Dany) and her husband. Isn't there always just one ruler and their spouse? Even today, that monster that sits in the white house is our president, and Melania is just his wife. So how will they be equals? No hate, love you 😘❤️

Hi, same anon who asked about Jon/Dany being equal rulers. I just wanted to add - if there is an iron throne left, who do you think will sit on it? Will they just forge another one using Drogon’s fire?:D Or do you think there won’t be an iron throne anymore? I think it’s pretty clear that there will be no more IT but I’m still curious to hear what you think. Hope you’re having a wonderful day, love you💞

First of all, omg you’re so sweet and cute anon haha. The love is mutual <3

Well, in the current system, you would be absolutely right! The Iron Throne is certainly built for one and we don’t really have good examples of exceptions to that rule. But we have something close.

In ASOIAF history, King Jaehaerys and his sister/wife Queen Alysanne had a successful working relationship as husband and wife, king and queen consort. 

They weren’t total equals but she exercised a lot of influence over him and was his chief counselor. 

For example, she was able to convince him to outlaw the custom of the first night, which you may remember from Braveheart haha–basically lords getting to sleep with brides under their jurisdiction on their wedding night. This was something Jaehaerys’s nobles were very serious about but the king made policy decisions according to his queen’s advice. I think that’s huge. 

They were married for 46 years and Jaehaery’s reign was the longest in history–55 years. He was often called “The Wise” or “Conciliator,” and Alysanne was called “The Good Queen.” They had thirteen children together and their reign was a time of relative peace and prosperity for the realm. 

Why do I tell you all of this? Well, I think that they establish a precedent of a Targaryen couple operating as an effective unit where the power dynamic was close to equal. 

Jon and Dany will be a more modern, progressive version of this where the woman is the one more interested in ruling/politics, but ultimately will go to her spouse for advice and heed that advice, as we have seen in canon already. Dany asked Jon what to do before the loot train battle. As we know, she wanted to go right to the Red Keep and get rid of her Cersei problem the old fashioned way. But Jon told her not to burn “cities” or “castles.” So instead she met enemy soldiers on the field of battle. She listened to his advice. If the king and queen tell each other what to do and listen to each other, regardless of titles, their relationship is equal in practice. 

But on the subject of titles, I don’t think we yet have evidence that their titles will be unequal either. In 7.04 Dany asked Jon to bend the knee a second time. But even after asking this, she referred to him as a king. I think that is important. She said that Jon’s people would accept her as their queen if their king accepted her. To me this meant that she was on board with the idea of Jon still being called king, so long as he and his people were loyal to her and acknowledged her as their queen. 

In the next episode we could see more of this. When Dany ordered Jon not to leave Dragonstone, she was clearly just doing it as a last, desperate effort to keep him safe and near her because she was already developing feelings for him. When Jon protested and said, “I am a king,” the camera immediately panned to Dany’s face, and she smiled. She didn’t disagree. She smiled and listened to him without another word of protest. 

Later in the same episode when Jon was leaving for Eastwatch, he told Dany that if he died she wouldn’t have to deal with “The King in the North” anymore. Again, Dany kind of smiled. She didn’t disagree or react negatively, and was clearly sad to see him go. To me, this signified her acceptance of his title as KitN. She views him as a king and is no longer interested in taking that away from him. 

Finally, in 7.06 Dany puts her life on the line to save Jon and when they speak afterward in the boat, she offers to help Jon fight the NK without any assurances of his loyalty or that of the North. It is only after this that Jon calls her, “My queen.” When he does this, he says, “I’d bend the knee …” and trails off, smiling. I think he was joking about being naked but also about bending the knee in general because that issue has become a running joke between them. Dany no longer requires this and Jon knows that. If he thought she was his superior and someone he has to subjugate himself to, I doubt very strongly that he would have given her a nickname (”Dany”) or taken her hand the way he did. 

Calling her, “My queen,” felt to me almost like a term of endearment. Yes, he swore fealty. Yes, it was politically significant. But to me it also signified a declaration of his feelings and intentions. He can absolutely still be the KitN: he’s merely chosen his queen. The use of the personal pronoun is key here, I think. 

And I also feel strongly that Dany picked up on this meaning as he said it and knew the significance of what he was saying. That’s why she was so touched, crying, and saying, “I hope I deserve it.” She is moved that he is loyal to her, yes; but she is moved even more by Jon’s feelings for her and the idea that he wants to make her his queen… possibly his wife?

So I could be wrong, but I believe that at this moment Jon is still every bit the king he was in episode 5. I also think that Dany is happy to let him remain so, no longer threatened by his power. Instead she is intrigued by and attracted to it. 

This is why Jon’s legitimacy is going to be so important. I don’t think it is to create conflict with Dany–because we are getting the information AFTER their relationship is serious and confirmed. I think it is to make Jon and Dany a united couple and the obvious choice for king and queen, two legitimate Targaryen heirs who also have the love and loyalty of the people. 

As to the Iron Throne itself, I’m with you–I don’t think it will still be around at the end of the series. At least not in its current form. Personally I think Jon and Dany won’t rule at all (if they both even survive) but that it will be by choice. Dany wants a home and family (the house with the red door) more than she wants to be queen. She wants to “break the wheel.” The current system is not something she is interested in. And we already know Jon isn’t fond of being king, as he has mentioned explicitly. 

But if they did rule, I think it is not only possible but extremely likely that they would do so as equals. I think the seven kingdoms will be more independent, with their own monarchs instead of just wardens/lords, and that it is possible that Jon and Dany could still rule them from KL (United Kingdom(s)?), but not in the current mode and not on the Iron Throne. 

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sorry, idk if you take prompts or not! you don't have to answer this immediately! fluffy au where lance and Keith start dating pre-Blades of Marmora, and Lance notices little things about Keith when they cuddle or do stuff together- Keith has sharp teeth, is unnaturally warm, has strangely good intuition, etc. Lance's suspicions of Keith (not exactly being human) grow further when they talk about their pasts with each other.

Hi there! And don’t be sorry! I generally don’t take prompts, since I’m writing way too many things at the moment (all my own fault ;D), but I have been known to jot down a quick blurb here and there …

Lance breathed in and out slowly before he approached Keith, sitting down next to him on the observation deck, turning to cross his legs so he could face him directly. He waited for Keith to look up from his tablet before speaking.

“So, I kinda need to ask you something, and you really don’t have to answer if you’re not comfortable, or if you just don’t wanna talk about it, or —”

“You smell a little bit like cow,” Keith said, wrinkling his nose, setting his tablet aside on the armrest behind him. “Have you been hanging out with Kaltenecker?”

“Um, yes, and rude.” Lance stuck a leg out and jabbed at Keith’s thigh with his toes. Keith pinned that leg beneath his, smiling smugly. Lance let him have his moment and then reached out with his other leg, and somehow they ended up tangled; Keith was half on Lance’s thighs, half pinned between Lance and the back of the couch and this was actually pretty perfect. 

Lance stopped laughing long enough to press a quick kiss to Keith’s cheek, and while Keith was blushing — this was all still so new, so tentative — Lance blurted out, “So, um, I was wondering about your parents?”

Keith’s smile fell. Lance reached out with his arms, an embrace that was both loose, so he could escape if he wanted, and warm, because Keith ran pretty hot and that was part of why Lance was doing this.

“What about them?” Keith asked quietly, warily.

“Again, you don’t have to answer, it’s just that … Right, so you’re wicked fast at sparring? Like, way too fast. You’re shifty about that dagger you always have on you, and you have really good night vision? Again, like, way, way good. Also, you’re nice and warm, which is great, but also a tad more warm than …”

“Than …” Keith trailed off, and his expression was now somewhat challenging, and Lance knew that Keith wanted him to be the one to say it.

“A bit more warm than most … humans,” Lance finished, and then he swooped in and stole another kiss. “But, like, you’re pretty hot, so that would be a perfectly valid reason for that, for me, so if you wanna leave it at that …”

“I … don’t.” And Keith actually looked a little … relieved? Scared, frustrated, too, but mostly relieved. “I … my dad, he’s … he was … pretty normal. His family immigrated from Korea to Tennessee — no, Lance, stop, don’t you freaking —”

“But Keith, you’re the only ten I see!” Lance howled, unable to hold back even as Keith jabbed at him with an elbow. “Ow, no, don’t care, can’t stop, won’t stop!

“I hate you sometimes.” But he then leaned in and kissed the side of Lance’s neck, his cheeks glowing pink, and Lance felt his blood rush to his own face; he quieted down, encouraging Keith with a nod. 

“I … my mom had my eyes, I think, or I have hers. And she was fast — a wicked fast runner. She never really cared much about her appearance, except that she wore a ton of make-up, and she said she had a skin condition, and dad backed it up and … She wore hats. All the time. Or scarves or bandanas … And then one day she was gone … A few years later, dad was …”

Lance held his tongue, waited for Keith to finish — he’d known or suspected most of this, but his heart still broke hearing Keith say it aloud. An orphan. Passed around different homes, with people that liked him, people that tolerated him, people that were cruel and indifferent … But no one, no family, that loved him like they should, like he deserved.

“This dagger is … I don’t know much, but what I do know …” Keith managed to pull it out from wherever he hid it, and then he carefully unwrapped the binding. “This symbol was on Ulaz’s weapon.” He revealed the crest. “He said these are ceremonial weapons of the Blade of Marmora, and I’ve always had it, so …”

The dagger trembled a little in his grip. Lance wrapped his hand around Keith’s on the hilt. Those dark indigo eyes stared into his, and Lance smiled back, as openly and affectionately as he could. 

“So maybe you’ve got a Galra grandma or grandpa, huh? I mean, I assume you’re a quarter or less, based on genetics, since you, uh, don’t exactly look Galra. Except for the weird eyes — not yellow, but, ah, not exactly a human colour, either — and all that other stuff I’ve already mentioned, but did I mention that I find all of it cool? And I really appreciate how warm you are, like, wow, this Castle can get —”

“You … you really don’t care?” Keith blinked, those wonderful eyes widening. “You’re … you’re not freaking out or angry or scared or —”

“I’m kinda a little more blown away by the fact that you’re from Tennessee, actually.” Lance laughed when Keith nudged him again. “And I … really, really wanted you to tell me. Because I did sort of get an inkling that something was up, once we started doing this boyfriend thing and bonding and stuff.”

Keith methodically re-wrapped the dagger, put it back in its hidden spot, and then threw his arms around Lance’s shoulders, hugging him tightly enough that Lance felt tears spring into his eyes — because Keith had been scared, and now he wasn’t, and Lance felt like he wanted to spend all of his time making sure Keith was happy. Which was sort of scary in its own way.

“Thank you,” Keith whispered.

They sat like that for a bit, and then Lance pulled away, trying to wipe his tears discreetly. “Okay, but, um, really, I should be thanking you.”

Keith tilted his head in a gesture of curiosity. “Why?”

“Because …” Lance grinned wickedly. “Now that I know for sure, I can cross ‘make out with a hot alien’ off my bucket list.”

Keith tackled him to the floor and then there was yelling and an impromptu sparring match, and a broken Altean relic that they immediately accused each other of breaking and holy crap, Lance had a boyfriend from Tennessee, wasn’t that wild? he asked Keith, who laughed in his face and said, with a near perfect drawl, “Yer right — nothing stranger has ever happened to anyone ever.”

Lance had no idea what he was getting into with Keith, with Voltron, not really, but this kind of revelation only made him excited for what he would learn tomorrow. And the day after. And pretty much any day, all the days ever with Keith, his Tennessee-born, part-Galra space ranger partner.

Notes: And there it is, once again, way more fluffy than I intended … That was pretty fun to write, actually :D Thanks so much for the idea, dear, and for being so kind as to send it my way! *hugs* I hope this was okay :)

Just A Friend - J.A.

Summary: Having a best friend in high school is the best thing anyone could wish for, but your best friend moves away before graduation. Even though you kept contact with each other, there’s still somethings you have to say to each other. 

Requested by @simplywdw-fp

You and Jack sat in his bed, you were looking through Instagram on your phone and Jack was singing, practicing for his new YouTube video.

You laid down content, slowly falling asleep to the sound of your best friend signing. 

Jack stopped signing, looking over to you. He smiled to himself when he saw your eyes close, thinking you were asleep. 

“Why’d you stop?” You whined like a child, rubbing your eyes. 

“Thought you were asleep, didn’t want to wake you.” He mumbled, walking over to lay down next to you. 

“I was falling asleep to the sound of your voice.” You explained, laying your head on his chest as he wrapped his hands around your waist. 

“You staying over tonight?” He whispered in your ear, covering you with a blanket. 

You hummed as an answer, hugging him tighter than you were. Jack began singing softly, stroking your hair as you fell asleep. 

Give me love like her
‘Cause lately I’ve been waking up alone
Paint splattered teardrops on my shirt

You smiled to yourself, happy to be able to call him your best friend. 

Told you I’d let them go
And that I’ll fight my corner
Maybe tonight I’ll call ya

Suddenly, you felt your smile fall. But I want to be able to call him more than my best friend. 

After my blood turns into alcohol
No, I just wanna hold ya

I want to call him my boyfriend. That was your last thought before you fell asleep, and you didn’t hear what Jack said right after. 

“I just want you to love me, the way I love you.” He whispered as he kissed your forehead. 

“What!” You yelled out, tears gathering in your eyes.

“I’m moving to L.A! I’m going to to start a band!” Jack exclaimed excitedly, becoming in patient and running towards you. He picked you up and spun you around. 

“That’s great Jack!” You couldn’t help the giggles that left your lips when he put you down. You stared into his eyes, the reality of the situation setting in. 

You felt a small tear fall, running down your face before you could stop it. 

“What’s wrong?” Jack raised his hand and gently swiped the tear away with his thumb. 

“Nothing.” You mumbled, looking at the floor as you felt more tears coming. 

“Hey.” He lifted your head up, his hands on the side of your face. “I know something’s wrong, you can tell me.” 

“It’s just… I’m so proud of you, I am. And I know you’re going to go far with this band of yours, but..” You started to look at the floor again. 

“But what?” 

“But what about us? I’m going to stay here and graduate by myself, without my best friend.” You whimpered, the thought of being without your best friends on such an important day scaring you. 

“I’ll still be your best friend.” You looked up at him, smiling sadly. “And I’ll be here for graduation, I wouldn’t miss it for the world.” You leaned into his hand, reaching yours to stroke it. 

“You promise?” 


And he kept his promise, texting and calling you every chance you got. You thought the distance would make your feelings for Jack fade, but they just made them stronger. 

You: Hey :(

Jack: Hey! What’s with the face? 

You: I miss you </3 

Jack: lol 

You: It’s not funny >:( 
You: Do you not miss me? D’: 

Jack: Of course I miss you
Jack: But what’s with the faces? 
Jack: Just use emojis lol

You: No. D:< 
You: I like them :P

Jack: Okay… 

You: Tell me you miss me! >:( 

Jack: I already did?

You: With the face :(

Jack: …
Jack: No. 

You: Then don’t bother coming tomorrow, I don’t want you here >:( :P 

Jack: FINE!
Jack: I miss you…

You: …?

Jack: :( 

You: :D

Jack: I have to go :( 
Jack: I’ll see you tomorrow?
Jack: Hello?

You: Oh!
You: Sorry, I was texting someone else

Jack: r0od 

You: >.< Sorry

Jack: Who was it?

You:Just some guy from school

Jack: I have to go. 

You: Okay! 
You: I can’t wait to see you tomorrow! 
You: Goodbye, Jack <3 
You: Jack???

Jack: Bye. 

You stared at your phone in confusion, not knowing what made him so moody all of a sudden. You shrugged your shoulders, planning on asking him about it when you saw him the next day. 

*After the ceremony* 

You tried your hardest to find Jack before and during the ceremony, but you couldn’t find him anywhere. You even texted him during the ceremony, receiving no response from him, but you knew he read them. 

“Sweetie! Congratulations!” You parents pulled you in for a hug, squeezing you hard. 

“Thanks mom have you seen Jack?” You asked nervous that he missed your graduation. 

“I think I did, actually. Over there by the restrooms.” You glance towards the restrooms, seeing Jack stand there with a group of people. 

“Jack!” You smiled widely, rushing over to see your best friend. Jack slowly turned, making eye contact with you. 

“(Y/N)! Congrats, I knew you could do it!” He hugged you, holding you tight for almost a minute. 

“You came.” You mumbled, holding onto him as if your life depended on it. 

“Of course I came, I told you.” He let go of the hug, holding you at arms length. “I wouldn’t miss it for the world.” 

“I just, you left kinda moody yesterday and you weren’t responding to my text.” You looked down, finding the ground very interesting. “I thought you were mad at me.” 

Jack let go of you. “I could never be mad at you.” He removed your cap, patting your head and messing up your hair.

Before you could respond, a girl walked up to Jack. “Jack!” She squealed and hugged him. 

“Hey, Anna! How are you.” Anna. This girl has had the biggest crush on Jack since she laid eyes on him. She hated your guts, and you’d never admit it but you hated hers. 

“Fine, how about you?” She flirted with him, twirling her hair and every other cliche thing in the book. 

You stood there, feeling like a third wheel. After a while you grew annoyed, walking away to find someone else.

“(Y/N)! Hey, we did it!” Andrew, your friend, picked you up from behind and spun you around. 

“Put me down Andy!” You squealed, giggling like a child when he finally set you down.

“(Y/N)?” Jack came up to you, his eyes looked at you in confusion. 

“Oh, Jack! I want you to meet someone.” You grinned at him, pulling Andrew next to you. 

Jack didn’t show it, but his heart broke. I’m too late, she found someone. 

Maybe if you didn’t move away, that would be you. Jack scolded himself, but smiled towards you. 

“This is Andrew, Andy for short. He’s my -” 

“Boyfriend.” Jack extended his hand, going to shake it. Andy looked at you confused, politely taking Jacks hand. 

“No, he’s just a friend. A really close friend, but that’s it.” You explained confused, glancing at Andy. 

“Besides,” Andrew spoke up, smirking at you. ”She likes someone else.” Your eyes widen, silently begging him not to say anything. 

“And after meeting you, I can see wh- OW!” Andy raised his hands up in defense, moving away from you. 

“I’m going to kill you, I swea-” Before you could finish your threat, Andy ran away. 

“So…” Jack stared at you, emotionless.

You stood still, not wanting to move and have him tell you he didn’t feel the same. 

“I like you, a lot. Hell, I love you.” You confessed, closing your eyes. 

“Oh, thank god.” You felt someone’s lips on yours. Smiling to yourself, you kissed back. 

Thank god indeed.

I hope this is the happy ending you wanted! It just felt like a good place to end it. 

Also, I might not post another imagine until Thursday night! I have a class in the afternoon and it’s my last week, so I’m going to be very busy! I should be working right now but I like writing so much more :/ 

And I just might change my name to just jonahjunkie tell what you think about that (like should i change it or not)

reputation music video break down round 2! just as look what you made me do was dripping in metaphors and easter eggs, so was the ready for it video. 

1. the graffiti

as you probably noticed, taylor was walking through an alley painted thick with graffiti. but did you notice what it said? some of them were cute little easter eggs, like the “13,” but the messages varied. one says “this is enough” while some say “love” and “forever.” the most notable bit of graffiti, however, is the 89 over her shoulder the first time we see her. this leads to the idea that hooded taylor here is a personification of taylor’s reputation in the 1989 era - but we’ll talk more about than in a bit.

2. the robots in the corners

while unimportant to the plot in the beginning, these robots do serve an important purpose in the end. they appear to be maintenance droids, stopping what they’re doing to ominously watch hooded taylor as she passes by. they too are in dark clothes, and contribute to the careful observation (and possible judgement? they don’t look too happy) of hooded taylor. 

basically, the media are the dark robots. we’ll see exactly why in a bit.

3. caged taylor

here we see a second taylor, sitting in a cage in what appears to be a factory. in the look what you made me do video, taylor also had a scene in a cage, where she was visible to everyone else, but they only saw the things they wanted to see. this idea of feeling trapped is a common one.

4. an arranged meeting at dawn

here, we can see all of caged taylor for the first time. she resembles a mannequin, in more ways than just appearing to be wearing very little - she is a blank slate. she is at the will and disposal of the more powerful people around her, and she can appear any way they want her to.

the second thing to note about this moment is the lighting. while subtle, it suggests something much larger: this first meeting of the taylors is at the dawn or sunrise of a day, like the beginning of something new. this hints at the idea that before her dark reputation came along, caged taylor might have been free to do what she wants, or at least live without anyone to impress. as the video carries on, the lighting gets darker, suggesting that as the day carries on, times get darker, possibly a metaphor for the start of taylor’s career and the struggles she faced coming into the public eye and gaining more popularity.

5. are you ready for it? part one

when they meet at first, hooded taylor says to caged taylor “are you ready for it?” this is coming from the perspective of taylor’s reputation, or older, wiser, 1989 taylor, as if asking the young girl taylor was when she started her career if she was ready for all the trials and tribulations she would face.

6. the armor

as the taylors finish their first interaction, caged taylor immediately coats herself in armor and defensive mechanisms; she welds a gun of some sort, which she then attempts to fire at hooded taylor in alarm. this, of course, is in vain. it represents taylor trying to protect herself and ward off what appears to be inevitable. the overshadowing hooded taylor looms over caged taylor and makes her feel as if though a dark future is inescapable, hence the defense.

7. the white horse

throwback to the fearless era, with cowboy boots and curly hair and lighthearted songs!… but this too becomes covered in armor, ready to try and protect against whatever bad that may befall them, out of fear. is this suggesting that even back then, taylor was guarded and worried about maintaining a good reputation? perhaps.

8. are we out of the woods yet? part one

in this new video, there are lots of references to past videos, this being one of those references. here, caged taylor is just discovering the light and power she has, even within her restraints, and she’s ready to wield it. sound familiar? but…

9. are we out of the woods yet? part two

… not all things go as planned. life spits her back out, and decides that even though she has the strength to use that power, she can’t. she keeps making desperate attempts to escape, but can’t, no matter what she does. while the song out of the woods was about a relationship, the ready for it video channels the same feelings in the desire to get out of the woods, or in this case, escape the inevitable bad reputation she fears she’ll have. she wants to be free and do what she wants, but isn’t allowed that freedom. we are not, in fact, out of the woods. yet.

10. are you ready for it? part two

as the taylors volley for power, they seem to arrive at the same conclusion here - that to truly get “out of the woods” there can only be one of them. if the hooded taylor is to carry on, caged taylor will have to remain in her cage, fighting and struggling for happiness without ever finding it. if caged taylor is to carry on, she’ll have to get rid of hooded taylor, because without hooded taylor, there is no reputation to uphold. there is nothing to think of, or anyone to impress. the world is only wide enough for one of them. as they come to this realization, hooded taylor seems ready to make the sacrifice, as she asks caged taylor if she’s “ready for it.” “it” presumably being the existence of caged taylor without hooded taylor to watch over her, or keep her safe in the cage where she is unreachable by the outside world. remember those ominous robots from earlier?

11. those ominous robots from earlier + “they’re burning all the witches”

caged taylor’s freedom comes at a cost - hooded taylor. when the dark robots realize that what hooded taylor has released is out of their control, they take matters into their own hands, and attack hooded taylor, even though she was being destroyed by the power of caged taylor’s lightning already. read: when the media sees taylor do something out of their control, like living her life happily without caring if it might provide the media with a good story, they go out of their way to destroy her reputation, even if they’re kicking her while she’s down. as we’ll recall, her reputation is personified by hooded taylor. the media is attacking her reputation.

as they go in for the kill, you’ll see that the platform hooded taylor stands upon says “they’re burning all the witches.” historically, witch trials were held when a woman, typically single (normally widowed, but sometimes just. single), did something unintelligible to the knowledge of their peers. or, the villagers had left-over paranoia from something else (disease, famine, war) and took their anger out on women who couldn’t defend themselves. these independent women, if you will, were burned at the stake for doing something everyone else didn’t understand, merely because their fear of the unknown was too great, or because their hatred was too strong. and caged taylor is free and ready to do what she wants. thus, they’re burning all the witches = people destroying taylor because they don’t understand what she’s doing, or their hate of those who are different is too powerful.

12. freedom!

caged taylor sees dawn on a new day, with a new beginning. hooded taylor (her old reputation) is gone, and all the maintenance droids are gone in favor of completely destroying hooded taylor, leaving no-longer-caged taylor in a new realm with no guidance or boundaries. this is a metaphor for the beginning of the reputation era; there is no precedent set for it, only an endless playground of possibilities. she’s eager to explore it all.

13. the electro-eyes

in the beginning, we see hooded taylor’s got blue eyes that glow like lights. her gaze is harsh and judging, and she remains in power until she is overthrown. at the end of the video, we see the same eyes in a different person, or different version of taylor. presumably, the power now belongs to caged taylor, yet, her gaze is much softer and forgiving. as aforementioned, caged taylor has a new world, free of her old reputation, for her to explore, and the powerful eyes reinforces it. she is brand new, but it is still taylor. she may be starting over, but she’s still the same on the inside, and she is still our taylor.

she may be doing something completely new in this era, and it may feel like she’s erasing all of who she used to be, but that person is still inside. that person was the same person who struggled through all the hardships. the only thing she’s shucked is her reputation, in favor of starting anew, without worry for what people will think of her. she is here to look out for herself and her wellbeing, instead of her worry for her reputation of the past dictating how she lives. it may have looked in on her and pushed her to impress, it did nothing but cause her stress and pain, and in the end, there could only be one of them for them to be truly happy. and in the end, taylor decided to go with her happiness, reputation be damned. 

it will be daunting, but it will be worth it. are you ready for it?

anonymous asked:

I don't know if I'm late for the drabble game but I have been thinking about this for a while. Can you please do a Taehyung's POV from Zaddy 3, that part when he's coming to see her, and the whole fight? That part when she's scared of him, the whole almost- slapping thing it's one of my fav parts, you're genius. ❤ I hope I'm not late for the party, but don't feel pressured or anything.. 😇

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