but still he tells her to TRY and stay alive for him

Out of all characters’ backstories, I think the one that gets to me the most is Obito’s. Everything about it is just so fucking sad. When I look at him, I see someone who was really innocent but was forced to grow up through pain, but at the same time I feel like his feelings never changed. For me he’s still that kid who liked to help old people, loved Rin and really wanted to stay friends with Kakashi. He seems like a bad guy, but all he wants is his childhood back. He wanted to go on missions with his brand new Sharingan, and prove Kakashi he could train and reach him. That Rin was still alive so he could tell her he loved her - even though he knew she didn’t.

His story was one of the best ones for me. The animation atmosphere of those episodes, so fucking amazing. And the ending, when Rin passes right through him, like a dream he’s desperately trying to make come true… 

What did Naruto do with my life.