but still he tells her to TRY and stay alive for him


Every time I watch this scene I can’t help but think that Bellamy wanted to say something yet couldn’t… 

You know, think about it: They have just gone through hell; killed a lot of innocent people, and still he briefly believes that the single good thing that may come out of that, is that their people are safe, their friends - and they are both alive, too. Perhaps, they could do it together; try to mend each other - work towards what they don’t think they deserve, which is happiness. 

Then, she says that she’s not going to stay, and that knocks the air out of his lungs. She kisses his cheek (an action that tells him nothing more than how sorry she is). She hugs him, and he knows that she’s in pain - for Christ’s sake, he is as well, but his face is hidden from her view. Yet he grabs on to her hair as if trying to keep her from slipping through his fingers, and he wants to talk but the words won’t come out - instead, they get stuck. 


For Us

Characters: Hotch x Reader, Jack, other team members
Words:  1137
Requested by Anonymous:   May I please get a Hotch x Reader where the reader is pregnant and trying to find a way to tell him but then Aaron gets seriously injured and the reader tells him he has to stay alive for her, Jack and the baby?

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         “Good morning,” you smiled when you saw Aaron walk into the kitchen where you were making breakfast and getting Jack’s lunch packed.

           “Good morning,” he smiled, kissing your cheek.

           “Ready to eat?” you asked, putting some bacon and eggs on his plate.

           “So ready,” he said, putting his arms around your waist.

           You wondered if he could tell or if it was still too soon for any amount of noticeable difference. You still needed to figure out the right time and way to tell him the good news, but you weren’t sure yet.

           “Jack, come eat your breakfast so you can get to school,” you called to your stepson, your bonus son as you liked to call him.

           Jack came into the room, “What did you make for lunch?” he asked.

           “A turkey sandwich, some barbecue chips, some grapes, and a little surprise; don’t tell your dad,” you winked at him.

           Jack smiled, knowing you had put one of his favorite dessert cakes into his lunch, “Thanks, Y/N.”

           “You’re welcome, Kiddo.”

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