but still he tells her to TRY and stay alive for him


Every time I watch this scene I can’t help but think that Bellamy wanted to say something yet couldn’t… 

You know, think about it: They have just gone through hell; killed a lot of innocent people, and still he briefly believes that the single good thing that may come out of that, is that their people are safe, their friends - and they are both alive, too. Perhaps, they could do it together; try to mend each other - work towards what they don’t think they deserve, which is happiness. 

Then, she says that she’s not going to stay, and that knocks the air out of his lungs. She kisses his cheek (an action that tells him nothing more than how sorry she is). She hugs him, and he knows that she’s in pain - for Christ’s sake, he is as well, but his face is hidden from her view. Yet he grabs on to her hair as if trying to keep her from slipping through his fingers, and he wants to talk but the words won’t come out - instead, they get stuck. 


evietan  asked:

Since we're speculating about Yata's dad, I thought it'd be cool if he (and maybe Yata's mom too) were grey clansmen and he died because of Kagutsu, so Yata's mom would be really worried/angry if she found out Yata was a red clansman, esp if Mikoto was still king since he's unstable just like Kagutsu

That could be interesting. Maybe both Yata’s parents were Gray clansmen and the reason Yata’s mom survived when no one else did is since she had the kid her husband asked her to stay behind at home and protect Misaki while he went with Iwafune and everyone else to try and stop Kagutsu. Then Kagutsu’s Sword falls and Yata’s mom knows exactly what happened and that her husband died but she doesn’t tell Yata since he doesn’t know anything about Kings and clans and maybe she wants to keep it that way, she’s worried what could happen to him being dragged into that world so suddenly and so she decides it’s best to just get remarried and not ever mention it again (ooh but say she keeps her powers and every now and again something happens that Yata can’t explain, like some stranger tries to snatch him in the street and suddenly this weird fog comes up out of nowhere and the next thing he knows he’s in his mom’s arms).

Then Yata joins Homra and all that and Yata’s mom obviously is super worried because she knows what happened last time. In this AU I can’t see her just sitting by and letting Yata go off on his own and do his own thing though, I think she’d at least try to talk to him at some point because she’s worried about Mikoto’s stability. Especially since it seems like Mikoto was pretty unstable even before Totsuka died, I think at the very least when she hears Yata (and Fushimi, for that matter) have joined Homra she would want to call them and have a talk with the two of them, like do you two know the possible endgame of the place you’ve joined. Losing her husband and all her comrades, I think she’d be super worried that she was going to lose her son as well. And then once Totsuka dies, maybe she’s still got some of her own contacts still around who let her know what’s going on and in that case I think Yata’s mom might try and reach out to her son again because here’s the situation from back then all over again and this time it’s Yata in the line of fire and what can she do to save him (interesting idea, Yata’s told her that Fushimi joined Scepter 4 and this time Yata’s mom reaches out to Fushimi instead and begs him to have Scepter 4 stop Mikoto and save Misaki and Fushimi doesn’t even know what to say, because Yata’s mom knows the two of them are in different clans but not about the terrible messy falling out they had on top of that).