but still gets him treated no matter what


In case you were wondering what happened to Alex’s backbone in season eleven, 
apparently he left it somewhere in season ten.

Parts of fandom: Iris should never doubt how much Barry loves her...

Really bitch? Half of last season he dated police brutality Patty and pretty much ignored everything Iris was going through until she had to physically break down in front of him (I get the distance he kept, but still). They dated for a couple of months at the beginning of season 3, never finished a date because he had to keep running off to save people, which she always understood no matter what. He treated their relationship as something to feel guilty over in episode 4 (I also get not wanting to kiss in front of Joe, but he was super extra about hiding it as if it’s totally normal for two people in love to sit on opposite sides of the couch while in private, also, a harmless arm around her during a movie was too much?Really Bear?) Then he finds out she’s dying and starts doing the most, which charms the hell out of her and makes her happy even as she’s going through it. Then she gets the rug yanked from under her when she finds out the reason he proposed, and after all of this, SHE’S in the wrong for having doubts? 

You also have to consider what we know about Iris. She doesn’t always feel like she’s taken seriously, not even by Barry half the time. And let’s face it, she’s probably one of the most beautiful women in the world, and that’s not an exaggeration. Believe me, not being taken seriously is probably something she’s dealt with her whole life, because the world loves beautiful women but it often fails to respect them. She’s doubted her usefulness to the team, her value as a journalist, her intelligence, just about everything. So it’s not out of character for her to doubt this. Hell, considering how much certain unmentionable parts of the fandom question why he loves Iris, is it really that much of a surprise that those wrong ass feelings would find their way into the script? Manifesting as Iris’s own insecurities?

Look, we all know that Barry loves the hell out of Iris, none of us are questioning that, but Iris isn’t privy to everything we are, it was perfectly understandable for her to question his motives. Barry loves her but he also loves being a hero, he’s risked his life, risked being seperated from her forever countless times in order to be a hero. So maybe at that point she worried that being a hero really was the most important thing. Even still, as always, she was standoffish for exactly one episode before forgiving him completely and accepting his proposal anyway. So I don’t ever want to hear anyone on this gosh forsaken site say to me or anyone else that Iris was wrong for doubting him for half a second.

  • Connor: *Actually has a strong sense of justice with a pretty good moral compass and is not simply out for one side*
  • Connor: *Has a heart of gold and constantly tries to make sure people are settled, comfortable, and satisfied*
  • Connor: *Suffers from tragedy but doesn't get constantly overwhelmed with grief*
  • Connor: *Treats everyone with respect no matter what happens to him or them*
  • Connor: *Basically rebuilds an entire brotherhood of Assassins on his own*
  • Connor: *Is an extremely relatable character with flaws and traits not derived from any stereotypes, yet still has enough to make him stand out from the other Assassins*
  • Connor: *Actually goes through physical, mental, and emotional development throughout the course of his game*
  • Connor: *Is one of the few non-offensive Native American characters in any modern medium*
  • Ubisoft: Connor, who is Connor?
  • Ubisoft: Oh, him? Well, he pretty much lived alone for the rest of his life and died a sad, lonely death.
  • Ubisoft: Tragic, I know
  • Ubisoft: ...
  • Ubisoft: So anyway, who wants another womanizing white guy with stubble?
Of the Moon


Name: Jungkook

Status: 6th recruitment, youngest

Strengths: super strength, invincibility, force blasts and shields, petrification, agility

Everything is a challenge.  At least that’s what Jungkook believed.  He wanted to be the biggest, if not the biggest then the strongest.  With the choice of not getting older, he was beginning to enjoy the gentle age of 18, the freedom never settling down within him just yet.  He’s been this old for years now.  They can always stop when they please.  

He liked the experience, the fresh faces of young girls as they danced around him at parties and the versatility that this age brought him. Old enough, but still not old enough.  No matter his age, he would always be treated like the baby.  So that was just it exactly, what made him strong enough to focus here.  He gained strength and agility, able to pick up anything he pleased at any time, able to move quickly and without problem avoiding any issues.

Not that he really had any.

It was when the joked turn serious, being a baby was just a term of endearment from his friends but much more of an insult from other guys around this town.  They truly focused on him and made him struggle.  He was still learning, he was still trying to figure out exactly what it was that he had, what was the most special to him.  Of course he was decent with all of the powers he obtained, the spells he learned he practiced until got it perfectly, but even then, to him perfection is full of flaws.

He punched the one guy, lucky enough to only hit his arm and not his face.  He had never heard such a terrible scream in his life, at was almost as if he had knocked his arm clean off other than just an angry punch… But maybe he may as well have.  Turns out that the bones in his arm completely shattered, any harder than he probably wouldn’t have an arm. If his powers had been more focused in that time… Needless to say that no one ever bothered him again. In fact he was feared, and even took a tumble with other kids in his grade while still in school, not even wanting to speak to him out of fear that he had an angry streak and would kill them with a single look.

The more the word spread around, the more alone he became until, Taehyung and Jimin approached him in the corner of the lunch room.

“Super strength, huh?” Taehyung laughed, a bite of apple in his mouth rolling along his tongue.

Jungkook looked among their faces in question. The kind of look that made both Jimin and Taehyung’s faces go soft, because Jungkook really was adorable.

“Look, come to this address tonight, alright? Don’t worry. We like you.” Jimin tossed a folded piece of paper on the table with a smirk, and they went on their way.

Jungkook’s fear subsided once he joined the house. Everything he needed was there for the type of growth he desired. Whether it be physical, mental, emotional.  He had the type of support system that was not available once he focused on the path he was destined for.

Taehyung became his favorite, whether he was telling him how he felt or trying to fight him, he was the one to go to. The only other was Hoseok, sometimes he took them both on at the same time. They all held the same type of speed and agility that left Jungkook swinging for hours, sending blasts and hoping to catch them just a little bit.

And everything was fun and games until he was scolded by Namjoon at least, for being loud or accidentally breaking something.  But with time came comfort, and he soon learned that Namjoon’s seriousness was only to a certain level when it came to his round baby face.

He was also able to grow socially, learning that no, not everyone was against him.  He was actually quite popular at parties, he usually had a crowd going around him whatever that nights show might hold. Taehyung usually joined in, in some sort of fashion.  They seemed to be an unstoppable duo, and unmanageable. But they both knew when to call it quits.

Sometimes anger is more persuasive than the consequences.

Handsome, Dangerous, Addictive


Pairing: Theo x Reader

Summary: A deal was made that satisfied you both months ago, but now you want out.

Side Note: I literally got this idea the minute I woke up ahaha…oh god I’m such Theo trash. There’s a little swearing in this, but nothing major x

“We still on for tonight?”
it read.

If anyone scrolled through your phone and read the on going messages shared with Theo, that’s about all they would see. All of this, the sneaking, the games, the constant desire to be with him in ways no one else could provide was the basis of this entire situation. No matter what anyone said about him or the whispers making their way around town, none of that made you rethink getting close to him.

It started 2 months ago, you were sick of being treated like you were some fragile thing that would break anytime, anywhere. Theo noticed and every encounter he would always make sure to leave you wanting more. Eventually all the things he said made sense, they painted a clear picture of your entire life. Theo knew exactly the words to say, and he wasn’t shy about saying them either.

So fast forward to a month later and there was no turning back, it started with a simple kiss in his truck, then it progressed to ripping each others clothes off and indulging in the pleasure that was felt throughout the entire night. After the line had been crossed there was no staying away, so whether it was in his car, a hotel outside town or somewhere more risky like at your house that rush was all you wanted to feel, and that was something only he could give you.

“Can’t…busy” was all you wrote back. However almost immediately your phone buzzed again, clearly Theo didn’t like that answer.

“With what?”

You thought it was pretty obvious, the mountain of work that was not only sitting in front of you, but in your locker as well took priority over Theo’s urge to be satisfied.

“I’m fucking another guy, what do you think Theo? I have work to do”. He was sitting a few tables in front on the other side of the room. So it gave you a clear view of him and even though you were being sarcastic during the first half of the message, it seemed that Theo was either not liking the fact you even made a joke like that to start with, or he believed that it was true.

His jaw was tightly clenched, and his hand that wasn’t holding the phone gripped the chair that it turned his knuckles white.“You better not be fucking another guy babygirl, my hands only”.

Setting down the phone, possessive Theo had struck again. Usually this would be a major turn on however not today, you weren’t in the mood to carter as Theo’s personal booty call. When this all started it was bliss, a feeling that was very well addicting but sitting here you were starting to wonder if that feeling was slowly losing it’s appeal.

Not bothering to answer back yet, you signaled the teacher who came over and asked to get some fresh air due to not feeling all that great. She reluctantly nodded but gave you the okay, and told you to be back in 5 minutes. Walking out of the classroom the air that hit you was a cooling relief.

"Are you really busy or is that just an excuse to not see me tonight?”.

How did he even get out of class you thought, he was everywhere you didn’t want him to be and how he managed to do that baffled you. “I’m not talking about this with you here, just go back inside Theo”.

“We made a deal Y/N, one that you were more than happy to agree too. You wanted someone to be bad with and I needed to relieve my stress, it’s win-win situation. Why the sudden change of mind?”

“What part of I don’t want to talk about this, don’t you get!?”. You tired to move away from him, but since he was much faster and stronger you couldn’t.

“Why the sudden change Y/N?” His voice changed, it was almost in-audible but it still held a rough tone to it.

“I can’t do it anymore!” raising your voice, but instantly regretting it due to where the two of you were standing.

“Is it because your getting feelings for me babygirl, cause if so…” that annoying ass smirk he plastered on his face was the last straw.

Shoving him in the chest as hard as you could due to his build you frustratedly stated,“Get off your fucking high horse Theo! I’m breaking the deal, relieve your stress another way”

Theo was not letting this go and pushed you against the brick wall,“You fuck me for a solid month and now you want for it too all stop? Remember it was you who came to me”. You thanked that no one else was in the area who could witness this very private conversation.

“Actually it was you who kissed me in your truck 2 months ago Theo, and yes I kissed back but I needed to feel that rush..something only you had. But I’m done being your personal fuck buddy, find someone else”.

You were about to leave when Theo blocked that chance with his arm on the wall, he inched his face closer to yours, voice low and husky before speaking.

“You crave me baby, you need me and that heart beat of yours proves that every time I’m near. Deny it all you want, but I know this last month has been the best of your entire god damn life.”.

Hitting his arm away, it slipped from the wall and scarped his hand which he wasn’t happy with one bit.“Take that ego down a notch Theo, you’re not as good as you think you are”.

Sideways smirk and that intense stare, oh how he was teasing you.“Babygirl I am that good, otherwise you wouldn’t have come back for more. Trust me no-one would be able to fuck you like me”.

He didn’t even bother to wait for a response, instead he left knowing exactly the effect his words had. You breathed heavily and leaned against the wall, wanting to scream. This is what you get for wanting to get a taste of what it would be like, to not be the goody-two shoes for once. Well you were far from good, far from innocent and now you were too far into this with Theo. No way out, no turning back..so where did that leave you?

anonymous asked:

I still like to be with him but he's not treating me the way he used to which is making me overthink and having second thoughts about us. He broke my heart before but I allowed him to be back again in a more confusing situation. I still like him but sometimes I just don't like the feeling. I know people change and we should love them no matter what happens but I don't know what to do right now.

What they never told us about relationships is that loving them doesn’t always mean being with them. Staying together isn’t always for the better. Getting back with him after the pain that he has caused you is giving him another chance to make you happy. However, it is also providing another opportunity to hurt you further. If the way he’s treating you makes you feel worse about yourself and the relationship, by all means, do walk away. It is true that people change but we don’t have to accept them all the time specially when we’re losing ourselves.

Why is it so hard to convince someone to just cut ties with their creepy, abusive, manipulative ex? I have not one, but two friends in similar situations and no matter what I say, no matter how much their exes are still stressing them out, they keep talking to them.

Guys no. Stop. Block the ex. On facebook, on tumblr, on skype, everywhere, just block them, avoid them if you can. Pretend that they died. Don’t open up yourself for more manipulation, don’t make it possible for them to hurt you again. Move on with your life and don’t let your ex hang over it like a massive, toxic shadow.

Finally finished Eyewitness. Kind of still dislike Lukas, but I don’t hate him anymore. He did get much better and he’s treating Philip right so I’m down. I am back to liking Helen, once she came clean to Gabe I was fine. I love Rose, she deserves a lot of props. Bo wasn’t the best, but he was a really good dad and that’s what matters. My favourite character by far is Gabe. All in all, I’m very happy with it and I hope Netflix picks it up. I’m glad that Philip and Lukas ended up together and seemingly out-ish. Not too happy about Ryan dying, but hey you win some you lose some.

EXO reaction when their lover left them for their fated mate. [EXO Wolf]

I changed it up a little if that was okay! Sorry that it’s not long like you expected. I mean, all of the boys would pretty much be sad about this and try to get you back. 

사랑해 <3 ~ Admin Chas

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


“I thought we were going to be together forever. Why go to that…thing that would treat you like an outcast and only use you as a play thing? I will get you back.” *Devastated but determined little wolf boy*


“I can’t believe she left me. I need to get her back no matter what it takes. I refuse to accept this!” *STILL denies that fact that you’re not his fated mate*


“I don’t care if I get kicked out of the pack. I need you by my side. *Defies fate yet again!*


“You don’t want him. I know it. You’re still my mate in my heart.” *Refuses to accept that fact that you have to leave him*


*Fights for you because he can’t live without*


*Saves you anyways* “I told you not even fate can take you away from me baby!”


*Old pack alpha comes to take you away but since Baekhyun is alpha of his own pack, he challenges the alpha* “You can’t just steal my pack members. Especially my mate.”


*Seduces you to not leave him and it works xD*


*Asks for Alpha Baek’s help to take you back since he is also part of Baek’s pack.* “You know I need her in my life Baek. Let’s go and get her back!”


*Though he hid you pretty well until your fated mate came and took you away* “No way in hell am I letting you take my love away from me.”


*Get’s ready to fight your fated mate just to keep you.” *You are not allowed to touch her. She’s mine.” 


*Get’s the entire gang to help him get you back and to keep him from falling apart.* “I can’t lose her guys! She’s my rock. The rain in my dessert. The fire in my darkest night.”

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

How about canon-divergence au where Thranduil agrees to help the ppl of Laketown make it through the rough winter after bofta but only if he gets to take the Dragonslayer home…

“Dale will be under your protection, but you will not be its King. You will be my subject and as such will live in the Woodland Realm and help defend it.”

“Defend it? Against what?”

“Dragons of course. Did you think that the death of Smaug would attract the attention only of orcs? The north is still teaming with drakes and it’s a matter of time before they try their luck in taking over what has been vacated by him.”

“You think they would attack you?”

“I like to be prepared.”

And then Bard finds out that Thranduil is actually suffering from ptsd and his idea of being safe from dragons amounts to clutching a Dragonslayer in his sleep. So he needs to get used to the idea that he’ll sleep in the Elven King’s bed, who treats him like a plush toy, completely unaware of what the excessive physical contact with the lights off is doing to Bard.