but still do not have good female representation

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Hi! I just wanted to apologize for any crazy fans who harassed you or any of the crew member for the trans marco theory thing. I don't exactly support the theory as well, since I find that 1 guy and 1 girl as protagonist creates a perfect balance that welcome both side of the gender and having 2 girls instead would favor more on the girl side of the demographics. But it's wrong to send hate to the crew or ANYONE over it for that matter. I hope you don't have a bad impression of our fandom :(

Hey! Thanks for writing in! Don’t worry, I don’t have a bad opinion of the fandom–in my experience, every fandom has its own brand of drama, and there are plenty of creators who have experienced much worse than I did. 

But I did want to say something on the middle section of your comment! So: it’s totally fine if you aren’t interested in the trans Marco theory and personally prefer shows with one male and one female protagonist. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions! But when you bring up this particular opinion in a conversation about female and LGBT representation, it makes it harder to have these kinds of conversations.

“Balance” sounds super great … in theory! If this show existed in a vacuum, then I would absolutely agree with you that equal gender representation is ideal. But it doesn’t. This show exists in our world, and our world has some pretty lame stuff in it. 

For instance, you mentioned that having two female protagonists would favor a female demographic. But here’s the thing: animated shows are functionally not ALLOWED to have a show with two female protagonists. Historically, networks have overwhelmingly favored shows with male protagonists because advertisers who support television networks have preferred to manufacture and market toys and products aimed at young boys.

Every once in a while, networks seek out shows with female protagonists–with the caveat that they be accompanied by a male costar. They don’t want to risk losing their “boys” demographic and, at the end of the day, that means that boys are valued more than girls. So when you see a show with a “balanced” show with a female lead and a male sidekick, remember that that “equal representation” is done to cater to male viewers and is usually mandatory. 

And then there’s the trans element.* Trans representation is exponentially rarer than female representation. If you are a trans kid growing up, you will have a very hard time finding your experienced reflected in the media you consume. And when the media you consume–and the culture that creates it–acts like you don’t exist, it’s easy to feel like you yourself don’t exist. That you don’t deserve respect. 

While we are seeing better representation of LGBT folks in media, we still have a long way to go. In the meantime, some people are taking matters into their own hands, either by creating their own stories or through fan theories. And that’s ultimately (to my understanding) what the trans marco people are doing: they see the potential for representation and make it their own. 

So when people post about the trans marco theory, hoping for representation that they badly need and deserve, it’s probably not a good time to jump in and talk about how having two female protagonists would make the show “unbalanced.” The WORLD is unbalanced. We gotta do something to tip the scales back in the right direction. 

And after all, if you wanted male representation, you could easily look to the supporting cast–or any number of animated shows that feature primarily if not exclusively male protagonists. There is really no shortage of them.

Again, I want to stress that if you like the one-boy-one-girl dynamic, that’s fine! But there’s a time and place for that opinion. 

*Disclaimer: I am not trans! And I don’t pretend to speak for trans people. Please feel free to correct or add onto this. 

Atomic Blonde (and why I’m a Sapphic who adored it)

Okay, first off…WOW! What a ride that film was! After having a full 24hrs  to really digest this film, I can honestly say that this film really blew my  expectations, in so many different ways. Since there seems to be so much  discourse over this film, I thought I would post a POSITIVE list of all the  reasons why this film is as important and special to me as it is, even with  That Scene. As Lorraine Broughton would say, “ Shall We?”

Okay first off, the obvious…

  • 80′s soundtrack with phenomenal remixes.
  • Charlize Theron, playing a truly Bad-Ass Bisexual MI6 Agent while still looking sexy as Hell!
  • The action was some of the best I have ever witnessed!
  • The general setting of this film, Communist Berlin, gives a remarkable window into just what the Cold War in its later stages entailed. The Cold War was perhaps one of the most deceitful wars in history, and when you figure in just how sensitive the situation was, you realize that Every. Move. Counts.

Lorraine Broughton

  • She owns my ass.
  • Again, we have an Openly-Bisexual Female Lead, who’s only main love interest is another woman!
  • Charlize Theron not only did 98% of all her own stunts, but she sustained injuries because of it.
  • I loved her characterization, it was one of the highlights of this film. We often forget that movies like this are hardly ever realistic, but in this film the opening scene is of Lorraine, MI6′s Top Agent, wearily trying to attend to her beaten body. She is barely alive, and as the film goes on we see just how much of a toll her physical and emotional well-being takes due to the nature of her job. As the film progresses we see her grow more cold and disconnected to the point where she is practically numb to those around her (her interrogation, mostly).
  • She wins all her fights, but not without repercussions. Her body takes. A. Beating. And unlike most films her wounds don’t just magically disappear or just “get better”. No, they are there for weeks, in all their ugliness, to display just how vulnerable as a person she is, whilst also reminding those who see her how tough and strong she has to be just to merely survive.

Lorraine and Delphine

  • Okay, first off…OMG THESE TWO!
  • Sofia Boutella was adorable as Delphine, and the way her innocence and naive-ness abolutely melted Lorraine was so cute!
  • The way Lorraine looked at Delphine with such intrigue, and the way Delphine looked at Lorraine with such awe.
  • The whole “Harold, they’re Lesbians”-like scenario with the dude at the bar (even tho Lorraine is Bi).
  • Again, we get another glimpse into Lorraine’s characterization here, which is basically she gets distracted by pretty girls we see that, even though Lorraine is still skeptical of Delphine at first, she very easily falls for her, a softness that we up until that point had yet to see in her.
  • Delphine’s slight hesitance when she gives Lorraine that adorably soft kiss and Lorraine’s shyness in returning it!
  • The way we see Lorraine follow Delphine into a more private place and being so dazed and transfixed by this tiny French Girl is mesmerizing and makes my heart skip a beat!
  • OMG their wicked make-out session and the slamming against the wall and the WHOLE SCENE THAT FOLLOWS I COULD NOT BREATH!
  • “…So you made contact with the French Operative?” “Obviously”
  • Lorraine in nothing but a sweater looking over Delphine as she sleeps-watching, wondering, worrying about what will happen to her.
  • Honestly, them snuggling was one of the most tender moments in the whole film. For once it feels as though Lorraine is being genuine with Delphine, which she picks up on.
  • Lorraine stroking Delphine’s hair while Delphine nudges her head in Lorraine’s neck is so precious. The way Lorraine is so gentle with her and laughs and smiles at her makes my heart melt so much! She cares so much for this one woman she just met and it is so beautiful!
  • Tiny Soft Nose Kisses!
  • The fact their relationship, no matter how brief, is actually a small subplot means so much because it really feels like this was for us Sapphics, despite what happens later.

That Scene among other things

  • Oh boy, here we go. In my opinion, I did not see this as partaking in the horrid “Kill Your Gays” trope.
  • We saw it coming in the trailer you guys, and I was fully prepared for this scenario.
  • She was a naive, inexperienced spy who got too close to Lorraine, and suffered the ultimate price for it. This happened to all of Lorraine’s lovers (although I honestly think she was just using her first one for information, where as she truly cared for Delphine).
  • Delphine Fought. Back. Hard! And she did a damn good job at keeping up. But unfortunately she did not have the skill nor the experience to win that battle. She is not Lorraine, who barely came out the mission alive!
  • This is a spy film about the Cold War, there were going to be many, many casualties. Lorraine (Another Queer) was the only one to make it out alive.
  • When Lorraine found Delphine, I truly felt for her then. This is the first time we see her fully shut down as she Empathetically mourns her girlfriend (which we hardly get to see in general, the LGBT Hero mourning the death of their lover).
  • At this point, after all that she has gone through (the beatings, the betrayals, the loss of intelligence, etc) this is the one thing that finally breaks her, and LORRAINE. IS. FUCKING. DONE.
  • She is done with everything around her, and we see this as she goes from on-the-ground vulnerable to STONE. COLD. NOTHING. And she goes out for blood, and Damn-It does she get it! She shows no mercy for Delphine’s killer, and it is obvious that this is revenge in its most raw form.
  • In the end this is a story about a spy in the Cold War, and in a genre like this things are going to be very brutal. We see this brutality play out on Lorraine, and how it affects her and all of those involved. She made it out with her life, and that was her reward. 
  • So Delphine’s death, to me, was the final Plot Point to move us into the final act, as it was portrayed as the one act of Evil that Crossed That Line, and to further the Characterization of Lorraine.
  • I could go one about the phenomenal action sequences, because I have never witnessed such raw and realistic fighting in an action movie, and to have a Female Bisexual as the lead taking as much as she dishes out was both horrifying yet empowering!

Of course everyone is entitled to their opinion, and if you think this film will seriously trigger you, then by all means please take care of your well-being, because that is ultimately the most important thing.

Was I sad that Delphine died? Yes, of course! Did I see it as strictly because she was gay? No, I did not. Do I see this as good representation? Ultimately, yes because I still felt incredibly valid as a Bisexual in more ways than one with this film, and the last time I felt this good about myself was when I first saw Carol (2015) dir. Todd Haynes in theaters (which nothing will ever top that film).

But for everyone else, please GO SEE THIS FILM. For the one negative we must also see all it’s Astonishing Positives this film has, and for it to get the attention and praise that it has is such a big deal for all of us, because if we show our support for this truly Rare Gem then they will make a sequel, and other films like it! Only then can we move forward!

UPDATE: So I just saw Atomic Blonde today for the second time in one week, and upon my second viewing I’ve come to realize just how much I love this film, and why it beat out my expectations originally! And it mainly falls back to what I discussed earlier, about Lorraine and Delphine’s romance and Lorraine herself, for instance:

  • Again, I love Lorraine’s characterization! Being more aware of the story my second time-round, I got to focus more on Lorraine herself, and I think I underestimated just how cold and numb and positively DONE she is by the “end” of her mission (again, in reference to her interrogation).
  • The physical and emotional toll on her and her body really is just as prominent as I remember, and my goodness I cannot recall another film where I actually left the theatre physically exhausted by what I just watched. Everything she’s endured sort of rubs off on you, and if that isn’t the most engrossing experience a character can portray, than I do not know what is.
  • Delphine and Lorraine, my god I love their relationship! It is the only relationship in the whole film solely built on attraction and Mutual Trust, so much so where they would rather protect each other over their mission.
  • In fact, going in this movie the first time all I was expecting between them was the “One Night Stand” that was so heavily portrayed in the trailers-which I would of been happy with-and, (just like in the trailers) I prepared myself for Delphine’s demise soon after-But we had an entire subplot dedicated to their relationship, right up to the very end!
  • Because of this Lorraine’s and Delphine’s romance felt genuine, filled with love and tenderness and worry and drive to protect each other-and that really is beautiful representation.
  • Which, I believe, is why Lorraine truly shuts down when it all goes south, and why we see the Lorraine we do in her interrogation. SHE IS COLD. SHE IS BEATEN. AND SHE IS TIRED.
  • In the end, I do think she cared more for Delphine than past lovers, which is why she seems so utterly broken when we first see her. She went back to Delphine even after her superiors threatened to end her, and she lied about Delphine to protect her from them, even though she was gone.

Anyway, as you can see this film really did a number on me, and I am absolutely fine with that! I apologize for making my crazy long post even longer, but there were things I still wanted to get off my chest, because this really is a Dream Film-a Queer, Female Lead 80′s Spy Film actually exists, and I think Atomic Blonde really hit it out of the park-and has ruined all other action films for me here-on out!

The Bold Type tag is smelling a little musty being filled with angry Superproblematic fans telling everyone to watch Wynoblackwomen and The Bold Type. This is what happens when you ONLY watch a show FOR its wlw pairing and ignore every other issue with it because you think they’re doing this one thing right, what you clearly consider the most important thing. Fuck the race problem these shows all seem to have in common, they had wlw content to gif so they deserve your support? Smooth. Superproblematic should’ve been getting negative feedback for not having a single *main* woc character. It should’ve tanked when it blatantly sidelined James in favor of Mono. It should’ve been boycotted when it cast a white woman in a woc role while still not having an actual main woc character. All while completely stripping the main female character of narrative and development.

But, yes, please do watch tbt. So far, it’s worth watching because it’s a good show with an actual diverse cast (4 relevant poc characters, amen) and wlw representation we’ve actually never seen before, to boot. Try to be open to embracing this show in its entirety. Understand people (the ones already watching) are not into this show JUST for Kadena.

you know something i particularly love about the fat characters in steven universe, specifically the fat females, is that we get all KINDS of fat. 

we have rose whose huge not just because shes chubby, but shes tall and broad. but shes beautiful, gentle, elegant, loving, a leader. she cried a lot and loved every living thing but still managed to win a war 

then we have amethyst whose tiny but also chubby. shes unapologetic about her body, she dances, she shakes her butt, she’s loud, obnoxious, fun, gross and she loves food. shes unashamed and strong. and on top of that, shes a great representation for all the kids out there with mental illnesses.

and then theres sadie. shes also tiny like amethyst, but the proportions of her body are just slightly different. (to me, anyways) she appears to be fatter than amethyst. she’s sensitive, kind, caring, loving, but again, shes strong, learns to be independent, and she can kick some monster butt!! and sure she made some mistakes, but she learns from them. shes still genuinely a good person. 

not to mention all of these characters are involved in SOME sort of romance, even if its complicated. they’re desirable and lovable characters. being fat never yields this.

tl;dr not only do we have fat females, but we have different kinds of fat females that represent that we’re more than just a ‘fat ugly comic relief’ trope. 

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What do you think about people who say you're a misogynist if you dislike hinata or sakura

I think that’s bullshit.

Sakura and Hinata are fictional characters. They aren’t real people, but rather meant to be a representation of women, and in my honest opinion, a fairly shit representation. All fictional character are representations or personifications to a certain extent.

Hinata shows women to be these super docile, love-obsessed, weak and more-or-less useless people which just annoys me to no end. Not to mention she never actually achieves anything substantial/redeeming through out the whole series ( like becoming the leader of her clan perhaps?). Im sure shes the personification of what many men want women to be ( pretty, cute, shy, devoted to her crush, in need of protection, the “perfect housewife”). Sakura, especially around sasuke, is also this obsessed fangirl that says and does stupid/disrespectful/harmful things repeatedly because she’s “in love”. Her character development is stunted every time she’s around sasuke and then she ends up with him voluntarily and is part of this dysfunctional, loveless marriage, in which shes pretty much a single mother who’s still fawning/fangirling over her continuously uncaring and absent husband. Literally nothing changes from when she’s 12 to when she’s 30+. It’s tragic. It’s NOT what i want girls/women to be portrayed as and I very much dislike them representing girls in anyway.

Women arent like that. Show women that are independent, strong, intelligent, hard working, NOT shallow and tied to men goddangit. Show them as heroes on their own account! Show them actually achieving things and, no, marrying your crush doesnt count as an achievement. Show women that girls can look up to in a positive light and STOP perpetuating these gross stereotypes/prejudice about them ( that they are crazy for men, annoying, docile, useless, meant to be mothers/wives etc)

Looking at the Naruto series as a whole, it’s easy to see that Kishimoto is a misogynist, or at the very least the dude has some deeply ingrained prejudice against women. There are a few female characters i did like though but almost all of them had unreached potential. Male characters as a whole have much more depth, development, and likability than the females and that’s all on Kishi and his internalized misogyny. Though, that doesnt mean that im obliged to still like the female characters. If shes poorly written, if she portrays women negatively, if I cant respect someone like her or cant look up to her, Im not gonna like her.

Fortunately the shounen series now a days are doing a better job at having good female characters. I know the girls in Boku no Hero Academia are great. Snk is good too,and I heard that there’s female super saiyans in DBZ now? Thats cool. What with Wonder Woman doing so well, I can only hope we get more and more great representation of women everywhere.

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we don't like to be queerbaited, it is a negative term you're right, but because of the lack of representation and how much we're just starving for a leading wlw relationship, we take on non-canon ships. it's just chemistry, we see it, and most of the time it doesn't become canon, but you ship what you ship. like supergirl. we have sanvers and that's fine, but i'm not into them, i instantly saw the amazing chemistry between lena/kara and started shipping supercorp knowing it will never be canon.

I get that. We definitely are still in need of more wlw representation but I do also feel like we have quite a bit to support with sanvers, pippy x tmi, amanita x nomi, wayhaught, lena x stef, Emily x Alison/ Emily x Paige, maxanne (only just lost that), vauseman, niylarke, annaleve, Arizona Robbins, Sara Lance…

It’s not a lot. It’s not enough. But I feel like we have options when it comes to shows/ships we wanna hype up and show our support and basically help be successful. It’s hard to resist, I know. I wish we could just have platonic female dynamics with good chemistry and enjoy the subtext when it’s there and simply appreciate the relationship as it is when it’s not.

But it’s like when writers realize they’ve got two actresses with great chemistry on their hands, their next great idea is to capitalize on that by drawing in viewers by being intentionally misleading and writing a full pseudo romance arc, queerbaiting, just call it that lol. They choose this instead of taking that chemistry and making something real happen between these characters because they don’t want to actually commit to an actual wlw relationship for whatever reason.

I understand but it’s like when/where do we draw the line. Aren’t we tired of being used for ratings and social media hits?

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Hey, I love Boondocks and think that through Huey the show expresses many awesome messages. I think it does a good job at giving us bittersweet but still funny view of racial stereotypes and realities in America. The one thing that bugs me about the show is the lack of legitimate (realistic, more than a plot device or stereotype) adult female characters. Do you have any opinions on the female representation?

Hi, I absolutely agree with what you said, both about the social satire and messages in The Boondocks and the utter lack of non-stereotypical female representation.

It’s something I spoke out about before, but I feel obligated to add that what sadden me the most is the show lack of non-stereotypical recurrent black females.

When you think about it every main character of The Boondocks grossly serves as a caricature of stereotypical personalities within Black America;

Huey serves as the cynical, intellectually brilliant, revolutionary,
Riley as the rebellious and troublesome kid who waste his abilities,
Granddad as the elder black family member preaching politics of respectability under the guise of old school values, Uncle Ruckus represent of course, the self hating black person whose every word is full of anti blackness. Yet every Black Women introduced on the show has been very problematic in some way or other; the “crazy” black women, the “bossy” black women, the “bitter” black women. But there wasn’t a single black women (or black girl) that could serves as Huey’s counterpart except from maybe Jazmine DuBois and even so, Jazmine is a young, innocent, kind-hearted child that serves as a contrast to Huey’s character but she isn’t as big an influence in Huey’s life as Grandad or Riley are.

The only significant, non-stereotypical black women present in The Boondocks is Ebony Brown and not only is she pretty much perfect, seemingly without a single flaw, she appears only in a single episode in the show’s third season.

I love The Boondocks but I also have to recognize that it’s representation of black women is highly problematic and full of misogynoir.


Person of Interest full series review

How many episodes pass the Bechdel test?

56.31% (fifty-eight of one hundred and three).

What is the average percentage of female characters with names and lines for the full series?


How many episodes have a cast that is at least 40% female?


How many episodes have a cast that is at least 50% female?


How many episodes have a cast that is less than 20% female?


Positive Content Status:

Typically far better than you’d expect from a show of this sort, as well as far better than what the statistics imply. It’s not a full-blown revolution, but it is daringly rebellious (average episode rating of 3.04).

Which season had the best representation statistics overall?

Season four had the highest percentage of female characters, and a not-particularly-impressive Bechdel score which was unfortunately the second best of the series. Season five comes in second, with statistics that are consistently good but never the best in any category.

Which season had the worst representation statistics overall?

Season two’s stats are also consistent - consistently low, that is. It scraped in the least amount of Bechdel passes, the second lowest percentage of female characters, and the second lowest content rating. Boo, hiss.

Overall Series Quality:

For the most part, as brilliant as it is fascinating. Somehow an almost perfect union of crazy action, near-future science fiction, and intellectual discourse on a broad spectrum of moral and existential dilemmas. It doesn’t sound like it should work, but damn, it really really does.

MORE INFO (and potential spoilers) under the cut:

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So last night I finished the final mini-season of Nikita. I hadn’t watched the show since the end of season three, however long ago that was, but I bombed through these last six episodes in a few days and damn they were good. I never seriously watched previous versions of the character (on TV or in movies), aside from catching bits and pieces of the movies on cable over the years, but I would recommend this show to anyone whether they’re a fan of the original/previous versions or not. Sure, it’s not high art, but its fun, and sometimes that’s all you need, right?

In order to share the love, let me lay out my case as for why you need to watch this show:

Maggie Q:

Someone give this woman her own starring role in a major action movie right now. Not only is she convincing in the action scenes, but she nails the drama and pathos, and brings energy to every scene she is in. If there was any fairness in Hollywood (HA!) she would have producers banging down her door. Where do I sign the petition for her headlining a Jessica Drew Spiderwoman movie?

Female Representation:

Although we may have more good female characters on TV than ever before, there is still a lot of work to be done towards better representation in mainstream media. So in that context its refreshing that in such an action-heavy genre show the main character, her partner/sidekick, and one of (arguably the main) antagonist are all women. You heard my spiel on Maggie Q above, Melinda Clarke again makes an amazing villain who is is alternatively moving and downright terrifying, and I can see that you could be skeptical about the girl from How I Met Your Mother playing a dramatically heavy action role but I say Lyndsy Fonseca pulled it off.

And it is not just about the individual characters, but while so many movies and shows cast all female characters as emotional rivals or jealous of one another, this show also goes to great lengths to ensure that the audience knows that the most important relationship in the show is the friendship between Nikita and Alex. As typical in a spy thriller pretty much every relationship involves at least a handful of double crosses but no matter what it is clear that Nikita and Alex really do care for one another, and even when they are enemies it is never in a “catty” way.

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Please help me build a list of gender-variant tarot cards and decks

My significator has been the Queen of Wands all my life, before and after I realized I was a trans man. I love all QoW designs but obviously most appear female! Eventually I’ll make my own tarot decks and will likely do some art soon to build a good QoW representation for myself, but until then I was wondering if anyone knew of some decks that have gender-variant versions of the Queen of Wands or really any other cards. And then I realized this is something a lot of people need!

So please make suggestions for decks/cards that don’t follow convention on gender! It’s okay if it’s just one card out of a deck, I still want to know about it! Even art that’s not from a deck, such as tarot-themed art prints and stuff. Gender ambiguity is fine as well and genders besides male or female are very much appreciated. Pics are great too! Either reblog on this post with your suggestions or tag with #tarotgenderwhat so that I can find your suggestions. I will compile suggestions into a master list for us all to share!

BTW if the deck is rocks/animals/trees/buildings instead of humans, please note that. A lot of trans people are looking for human representation of their human gender and don’t like having to only identify with objects or non-humans. In fact, a lot of trans people in their lives have been purposefully misgendered as “it” and basically identified as an object or animal instead of a human, as a type of harassment. So I’m keeping non-human non-gendered decks in a separate category for those who want it, and also so that decks that purposefully bent the human gender norms are given due credit for their efforts.

(And signal boost please. <3 )

Maybe Steven Universe has spoiled me for female representation because now I’m looking for it everywhere. Well, I was already looking for it everywhere, but now I’m looking even harder. So let’s take a look at the cast of Star Vs the Forces Evil and see how it holds up with female representation. 

This is a group shot from the OP sequence and I’ve circled all the characters that are confirmed female or coded as female. Including our main character Star we have 9 female characters total, 7 of whom are human/humanoid. By contrast there are 20 male characters total, 12 of whom are human/humanoid.

Back to the females. 7 of them have names and major roles; Star, the Queen, Mrs. Diaz, Jackie, Brittany, Pony Head, and Miss Skullnik. 2 are non-humanoid (Pony Head and Skullnik, who used to be human but now seems to be a troll permanently), and 2 have only made background appearances so far.

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Do you consider yourself a feminist? If so why/why not ? (Sorry if it's in the FAQs, but I couldn't find it )

You’re the first person to ask this I think…

Anyhoo, no I’m not a feminist and I never will be. I won’t get alllllll into it but:

1. Feminist have no reason to be fighting in the western world anymore. All the shit they complain about is trivial or completely made up/ taken way out of context. {Wage gap} Plus, women have more rights than men do anyway.

2. They hurt men with their bullshit then pretend they’re fighting for equality. They even go as far as to make any problem a man could possibly have be somehow about them. {Ex. We need to teach boys that having emotions is okay because if we don’t they’ll grow up and beat women. Cause fuck their own well being, I guess.}. They go out of their way to make sure that no matter what, men get fucked and women get a pass. {Read: Rape laws}. They pretend that the male gender role is harmless to males while the female one is the work of Satan. Also, they demonize an entire gender based solely on that gender {But not sexist doe!}

3. They’re a hate group. They hate men and don’t even pretend to hide it {then again say they’re for equality} and that’s why “misandry don’t exist”. They toss around words like “patriarchy” “oppression” “misogyny” or “rape culture” just so they can get that appeal. But they’re wrong, if we truly lived in a patriarchy then why is it that so much stuff is biased in favor of women? {Selective service, assumed caregivers, assumed victim, shorter jail sentences, cant hit a woman but hitting a man is fine….} And if we really lived in a rape culture then why is rape considered the absolute worst thing you could do {to a woman though cause it’s LOLZ hilarious if done to a man}? If we lived in a rape culture wouldn’t rapists be getting stars on the Walk of Fame or some shit…? Women are allowed to do basically anything they want and will be praised for it. {Stay at home mom? Well that’s her choice! Working in science? BRAVO GURL! Wanna abort your baby? Well that is your decision! Don’t even tell the father about it, fuck him and anything he has to say about his unborn child girl it is yer bodehh. Oh but if you do have it, better get that ass for child support girl and make sure he takes care of you, or else he’s a deadbeat. Even if you raped him. Doesn’t matter, you go girl.} I think their goal in life is female supremacy, and to silence all men {And women that don’t agree tbh} forever. And y’know, fuck censorship. 

4. Most of them sound like they’re part of a cult. They parrot the same [false] shit over and over..honestly it’s like someone sat them all in a room and played some How To Feminist video on repeat til it sank it and turned their minds to mush…now all they’re left with is generic “But DA PATRIARCHY” rhetoric. This is probably why they turn on other women who reject feminism. And god forbid you’re critical of feminism or an ex-member!

5. They reject anything that doesn’t have to do with them and try and dismantle it? {Like pulling fire alarms at men’s suicide awareness meetings because “But why couldn’t you do it in a FEMALE SPACE!? …Also get the fuck out of female spaces! Go back to your non-existant DA shelter!} Or even if it IS in favor of them it get’s pulled if their arbitrary rules deem it unworthy. {Like that video game developer contest that got pulled…}

6. Did I mention that they’re shrill as fuck and lack individual thought? The fact that they refuse to police their own movement kills me. EVERY movement has it’s bad members but there is a problem when the bad becomes the majority or most vocal. It’s just a trend for a lot of people right now any damn way. Oh, and it must be sooo empowering to be a women and get told “Hey, the only reason you could possibly think the way you do and be against feminism is because of internalized misogyny! Lmao, what is individualism?!” I really hate the fact that they use lies and like…guilt to try and get people to be feminists. “If you don’t believe in feminism then you must be an OPPRESSIVE SHITLORD! Read all my fake statistics! Don’t believe those people who debunk it with legit sources and shit, THEY ARE OPPRESSORS TOO!” -_-

6. They use LGBT as props for their bullshit. {Read: Political Lesbians, Transgenders and Gender Roles.} It’s not like they actually give a fuck about LGBT mind you, but it sounds like they do so why not? “Following binarist gender roles are part of PATRIARCHY” don’tcha know? Their rhetoric of “It’s ok for a woman to dress like a man but if a man dresses like a woman it’s not ok because femininity is seen as weak and undesirable. As usual, it has to be about WIMMIN!”

7. The name Feminism literally means “for women” …not /everyone/ mind you…just women, and men if they think about it and have nothing better to do with their time. 

8. I might be more into feminism if they would stop just claiming their for men’s rights while doing jack shit all to support that notion since apparently fixing women’s issues will magically fix male’s.

9. The way they exaggerate. Oh dear lord…Now, I’m dramatic but probably in the more…theatrical way? They’re just plain full of shit. How many times have you seen shit like “Women get cat-called LITERALLY EVERY SINGLE DAY and its basically on the same level as being raped.” And the fact that rape seems to be the ultimate evil to them? They can joke about killing all men {Y’know, taking their lives simply for being male {Not sexist tho!} but OHMUHGWAR don’t even THINK about making a rape joke! Because that’s also rape, it normalizes it! That joke just put my LIFE IN DANGER! Can’t wear a thong to school? Well, it’s because of that dangerous male gaze! Also, they use rape accusations as their greatest weapon cause they know it will ruin a man’s life instantly due to how heinus of a crime we view rape….but somehow we live in a rape culture where rape is praised. I’m sorry but it pisses me off that they go out of their way to convince people that they’ve been raped but they just don’t know it yet? {Like they took some stupid ass survey, that shit that was like “we asked men if they had ever raped someone and most of them say yes if you just don’t use the word rape!” and somehow that logic has been taken and stretched to hell and back so these chicks honestly think “he put his hand on my knee” makes them a victim of rape?!}

9.5: I mentioned all the double standards right? Just this little rampage alone should highlight some of them. Fuck that shit man.

10. The fact that men can’t even call themselves fat without some feminist screeching about male tears. That whole shebang, they wanna kill gender roles but the second a man steps away from that “emotionally stunted rock” they get mocked.

11. Their reliance on the No True Scotsman fallacy. “Nono feminism isn’t about that HAVE YOU READ THE DICTIONARY!? Anyone who is doing [whatever you’ve accused feminism of] isn’t actually a feminist! No real feminist would act that way! Fuck the 2000 sources you just linked proving me wrong ok those people obviously arn’t feminist. 

12. I don’t really understand how you can be part of a movement that has all these little sections that directly go against each other? You got one group saying “We need to abolish gender roles for our trans brothers and sisters!” Then you have the terfs like “Actually men are men {shitlords}, trans men are traitors, and trans women are men trying to invade our spaces.” ?? Like obviously there are gonna be individual disagreements within a movement from person to person but how do you have it divided on THAT much of a scale? Sounds more like people wanna hide behind the label just to add “validity” to their views and police/ bully everyone into thinking what they think.

13. The screeching they do about “representation in deh mediazzz” which basically means “Find a reason to discredit or ignore legitimate good female reps {For such atrocities like their shorts being too short so blah blah muhsoggyknees, sexual object for the male gaze…but no slut shaming tho} so we can cry about how we have no good female reps”

Damn, I wrote all that and I feel like I’m still missing a lot of shit. Eh, I’ll stop here, let’s just say there’s a shitload of reasons I’m not a feminist. 

tl;dr: It’s a cult full of man hating, delusional bullies with victim complexes the size of Europe. The fact that its so trendy now with celebs and lil kids and shit just makes it that much worse.


Everything I love about Agent Carter so far, aka everything:

  • Peggy kicking everyone’s asses
  • Peggy defending other girls
  • Peggy totally embracing her femininity and using said femininity as, essentially, a weapon
  • Peggy running circles around p much all her male co workers
  • Actual puppy Edwin Jarvis
  • Jarvis’s domesticity
  • Disabled war veteran as a main character (Agent Sousa) who is also grossed out by his misogynistic fellow male agents
  • The accurate representation of post WWII America and how grossly misogynistic it was
  • Specifically the accurate representation of misogynistic post WWII America from the eyes of the actual women experiencing just how shitty it was 

But perhaps my favourite, and the most important, thing is the fact that we have this female lead who can kick ass and look good doing it, but who is ultimately still very vulnerable and flawed.

She’s a three dimensional character! She’s allowed to be sad, to cry, to mourn the loss of the people she loves. She’s allowed to still be grieving over Steve. She’s allowed to have this utterly human and real response to seeing her (best?) friend killed. She’s allowed to hurt, she’s allowed to feel. She’s allowed to be vulnerable. She’s allowed to have flaws. Peggy Carter is flawed. She needs to learn to let people help her when she needs help. She needs to learn, like Jarvis said, that no one can carry the entire weight of the world on her own shoulders. Peggy Carter is flawed!!! And I am so extremely happy about it.

tl;dr Agent Carter is one of the most important shows on television, and I urge everyone to watch it

anonymous asked:

It actually atsonishes me how much you dismiss the idea of Be-llarke, because for someone who is so analytic and gets an idea of how the characters work you honestly don't understand Bellamy's and Clarke's relationship at all, neither separately nor together. I would send you a long list of Clarke/Bell parallels just to prove that these two were actually planned since episode 1x02, but I don't want to come off anon because I know I will get A LOT of hate for it from the Clexa fandom

What you interpret as romantic, I interpret as platonic. Platonic love is no way shape or form any less important than romantic love. Each has their place in a person’s life. Any ‘receipts’ that you produce,  would be open to interpretation and I see all of the looks and glances as platonic love. I know this show fucked up and has fallen into cliches, but with how Bob, Eliza, and Jason have responded to Be|larke, this leads me to believe that out of the gate Jason said “WE ARE NOT GOING THERE.” But hey, who knows, they could back pedal and make this a ‘typical’ CW show where the two male and female leads get together.  Bob, Eliza and Jason were having this reaction way before Lexa came along in season 2. I think I should let you know that Clexa is the first ever f/f pairing I have ever shipped and that his not why I started shipping them. Also, I have been watching the show since the Pilot and not once shipped Be|larke or Flarke. And yes, i do analyze this show a lot and have watched this show and ungodly amount of times. 

Why I love Be|larke is that I think they have a beautiful platonic relationship. A relation ship that will survive not use to romantic love, but a ‘familial’ type love. I think having the representation of a platonic male and female friendship (that they are both attracted to the opposite sex) would be amazing. There have been too many TV shows that have fallen to the cliche that the male and female lead get together, or the platonic friendship becomes romantic. You know how we keep on saying ‘Representation Matters’? This is one representation that is lacking in the media. Having male and females (particularly the leads in a show) become romantic is feeding into the generalization that men and woman can never ONLY just be friends. They can love each other, but never have romantic feelings towards one another. Due to this lack of representation and the incessant use of this trope in rom-com and in TV, the line “we’re JUST friends” is met with a sarcastic, “yeah, sure, keep telling yourself that.” 

I am upset with Bellamy for doing what he did this season, but I still can see the good in him. I love Be|larke and how they have grown to care for one another and the rest of their people and have created a little family. However, i see this love as platonic love. You might see it different and you are open to interpret it as such. But to be honest, Clexa is/was such an epic love story, if Be|larke happen it would probably fall flat to even general audience viewers. The amount of Be|larke receipts you give, there are just as many Braven ones. Again, you could interpret many of the Braven receipts as ‘platonic’ (well they slept together so they are obviously attracted to one another), while I see it as building up to a Braven endgame. You are open to interpret Be|larke the way you want, and I can interpret it the way that I see. 

Honestly though, shouldn’t you like the fact that I actually like platonic Be|larke and am not calling it abusive or toxic? Yes, there are some shitty things that Bellamy has done, but I have grown to love Bellamy and that is why it hurts that he fucked up so bad this season. But, he is back with his delinquent family and saw the light after his earth!dad Kane was going to be executed. Bellamy is a protector and a warrior that needs guidance. Pike led him down a path that was full of pain and hate. Clarke is a leader he can look to. He just needed to put his anger and hurt aside to see that he was on the wrong side. 

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To be honest it's not just about Clexa. Everything great about the show was destroyed, including the wonderful female representation. Octavia beaten and patronized by Bellamy, Abby can't do a thing, Raven is suffering again, Clarke is the Commander of Death when it comes to love and is literally a shell now, Gina dead, Indra shot... This show went from 100 (ha) to fucking 0 in a blink. The 100's gone, now we've got the Colonialist Straight Man Pain

yeah this show has really gone to shit. if it was still as good as it had been in season 2 then i might have considered continuing to watch, but with the way plot was going outside of clexa’s relationship? nah, i don’t wanna keep watching that shit.

anonymous asked:

So you don't like Frozen for the lack of supporting female cast & POC? The you shouldn't like Star Wars, Indiana, Aliens, Lord of the Rings etc. Why do you have a completely different standard for this film compared for all the stuff you post about? I really cannot understand, is it because it's too late to backtrack?

I do wish all those films you mentioned had more women in supporting roles and more PoC. My standards are not different. I still love them, because it’s okay to enjoy media that has flaws, as long as you acknowledge those flaws, and it’s okay to celebrate the good stuff about them and the things they got right. It is also okay to do this with Frozen.

I’m highlighting Frozen as an example of under-representation issues because in its case, the original story had supporting female characters and PoC that the filmmakers had to choose to cut. It goes beyond “the representation could have been better” because it’s a case of choosing to make the representation worse.