but still cute

plantophile-purplefusiontrash  asked:

Is it possible for you to draw dennis or Yuri in a flower crown(I'm obsessed with flower crowns)also your art is beautiful and unique so carry on being amazing and drawing so much beautiful art

I gotchu I gotchu… I actually wanted to draw Dennis as well but flower crowns are a little harder than I thought and I got real carried away with this one, so I did the one. I hope you like it!

And thank you so much..! That’s so nice of you to say ;v;

There are two types of Pokémon Go players…
So heartless… ! 😱  I was just teasing! I didn’t expect that answer!

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weird to realize that im now the big ol’ butch dyke that the younger kids in pride alliance might be looking up to and realize they can be a lesbian/not straight/gnc bc of


A very poignant short clip about snoring, snorting, and sleep apnoea in dogs, unfortunately considered by many to be part of the charm of the brachycephalic breeds.