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Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High (Acoustic)
Arctic Monkeys
Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High (Acoustic)

“One, two, three, it’s just me *laughs* it’s just me on my own…”

Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High? - Avatar Studio’s Acoustic Session aka the best acoustic version of this out there

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Can u do chicken boy from stardew valley, but... Happy He deserves it

You and that anon both sent your messages around the same time. Both of you called him “Chicken Boy” and yet I still knew EXACTLY who you guys were talking about…



Maybe an excuse to draw Shane without his jacket? Probably.



Yessir, That’s Our Baby - S8 E15

Moana Au

A Moana au that I couldn’t get out of my head for Malec. Thought it would be nice to share. Moana is Isabelle. Maui is Magnus. Te Fiti is Alec.

There once was a god who saved a mortal. That mortal was cast away by his mother when his eyes glowed gold and sparks appeared at the wave of his  hands. She threw him into the ocean but the god saved him and taught him how to use his powers. The mortal was bestowed with immortality and became the world’s heroic demigod. With both beings immortal, it gave them limitless time so with the power of the god and the powers of the demigod, they created the world that before was only sea and one small island. The two made more islands, seasons, and food. The demigod battled the evil beings, protecting and providing for humans while the god remained on it’s land always there waiting for the demigods return as they gave life to the world.

With time and care the two fell in love. It was said that their first kiss caused an explosion of stars as the world glowed with their love. For a millennia they loved and cared for humans but the more they helped the more humans started to request. Now the humans believed that the love of the two could create anything imagined and those with hearts of black sought to take it for themselves.

One human, the evilest of them all, created a spell that made her able to control the demigod and made him steal the heart of the god. With the god’s heart stolen a great lava demon was created and now guards his god’s resting place as the world started to decay. The great demigod was free’d from the evil humans spell when he felt his lover’s heart break, now heartbroken and devastated by what he’d done.

He exiled himself and cast his lover’s heart away, now lost and broken with the love of his life gone. More monsters and terrifying creatures were left to swim free and far, the demigod no longer there to protect humans. For centuries the heart was lost, being carried and protected by the ocean who waits to find the one who can return the heart; the one who can help start to heal the broken world.

The ocean has always called her, sang to her, whispered for her to come. Finally she answered.

Isabelle knew what to do, what needs to be done. “Let them come to me please.” The ocean parts and then the lava demon is crawling to her, digging and scrambling. “I know who you are.” The words are whispered through the air. She begins to walk to them and the ocean lifts her up onto a high rock. The lava demon is a mere foot away from her when they start to slow, stopping before her as the two stare. Isabelle smiles and closes her eyes as she leans her forehead to theirs. “I know who you are.”  The creature’s molten hot skin cools and blackens as their foreheads touch and then Isabelle lifts the glowing red stone to fit perfectly into it’s chest.

Magnus gasps far behind them from the rock he collapsed on as he watches the menacing being begin to blossom and change. What was once an immense being of lava and anger was now a smaller but tall man finally whole in a Sarong that bloomed with life who kneeled before Isabelle on the rock they stand on. The man pulls back and stands causing Magnus to let out a sob. “Alexander.”

“Magnus.” The god smiles, a small sad smile as he turns to see his love. The ocean gently rises around Isabelle and the god to carry them to Magnus. The god slowly walks the short distance on the large rock to the man he loves, Isabelle remaining where she was put down to give the two some semblance of privacy. The demigod has his eyes squeezed shut with tears freely falling as he lays on his back shaking with silent fear. He doesn’t want to face the love of his life who he hurt, who he betrayed. He doesn’t think he would survive.

The god sighed fondly but still sad knowing the harmful thoughts his love has running around his head. “Magnus it-” Magnus shakes his head violently. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry! If I could rewind time and end that evil woman’s life I would, I would do anything to never have done that horrendous and unspeakable thing! I could never ask for forgiveness my lo-” he chokes on the unfinished word and his arm is thrown over his face for some form of cover.

Magnus can feel his love near him, his gaze almost a physical presence on him. It makes his throat tighten as if he’s being strangled, his heart in agony that’s still broken but hopeful. He deserves this. “Just say the word and i’ll leave you in peace. I’ll stay as far away as possible to keep you from any further harm I could cause you.”

The god sits with his legs crossed near Magnus’ head, the action causing Magnus to flinch away but his head still twitches trying to turn and get closer to the familiar warmth that he thought was lost to him forever. “Well that would be counter productive my soul. Leaving would be the most harmful thing you could do. Dramatic as always.” Magnus shakes his head again in refusal. It can’t be this easy, so quick to be forgiven. “Why do you deny this? You knew I always ached for you when you were not by my side. I missed you, have still missed you even now just as I still love you.” The god lets a hand gently brush away some of Magnus’ tears away then moves to stroke his cheek. Magnus has always been weak to his touch and presses further into the gods palm.

“Now please let me see those lovely eyes I missed and let go of the past we cannot change.” The god curls forward to rest their foreheads together. “There is no need to ask forgiveness when there is nothing to forgive because this was not your fault. This I will remind you until the universe ends if I must.”

When Magnus finally gains enough courage to open his eyes as he latches on to Alec’s hand; his Alexander, his love, his soul, his heart. Magnus lifts himself up to cry into Alexander’s neck as apologies, I love you’s, and I missed you’s spill from his lips.

The two remain close together finally reunited after so long apart; their broken hearts slowly healing as their love grows and strengthens. Isabelle watches in awe as the desolate place the god Alexander used to rest is restored by green lush plants that sprout like a wave washing over it. The dark feeling of decay is replaced by warm life; the world is at peace again.

Unforgettable : Archie Andrews

request: Imagine request were Archie and you get into a fight because you forgot about something you guys had planned. And it was only because something came up with Veronica and your phone had died. So you came over to his house late at night to try and explain. You came after walking miles cause your phone died so you couldn’t call a cab. But he’s still mad. And in school you guys make up. 

 requested by: anonymous

A/N: I didn’t know if you wanted this written romantically or platonically, but being the hopeless romantic that I am, I made it romantic at the end. I seriously hope you guys enjoy

warnings: absolutely nothing :)

word count: 358

(gif not mine)


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Veronica had asked Y/N to help her investigate what her mother was hiding. Without thinking, she had agreed to help. Before the girls knew it, four hours had passed.

“Shit.” Y/N mumbled as she saw the time on the clock, “I have to call Archie.”

Y/N walked over to her bag to grab her phone and much to her dismay, it was dead, “Fantastic.” 

“Is everything okay?” Veronica asked her friend.

“I just forgot I had plans with Archie and he is going to be so mad that I stood him up.”  Y/N ran her fingers through her hair.”

“Were they important plans?” 

“It was going to be our first ‘official’ date.” Y/N let out a breath, “I’m going to go. Maybe he’ll understand.”

Five miles and one twisted ankle later, Y/N was finally trudging up the steps to Archie’s home. She knocked five times and Archie finally opened the door. 

“Hey, Archie.”

He rolled his eyes almost discreetly, “Where were you today?” 

“Veronica asked me to help her with something. Tonight totally slipped my mind. I am so sorry, Archie.” Y/N explained. 

Archie scoffed, “Glad I am forgettable.”

“No! You are not forgettable. I was going to call but my phone is dead and I walked all the way here to explain myself and apologize. That has to count for something.” Y/N pleaded.

“Unfortunately, right now, it doesn’t.” Archie turned on his heels, walked inside, and shut the door. 

Tears filled Y/N’s eyes as she began her long walk home.

Archie had been searching everywhere for Y/N, and he finally found her at her locker, “Hey Y/N.”

“Archie.” Y/N smiled, hopeful that he would forgive her.

“I want to apologize for slamming the door in your face last night. You didn’t deserve that. I was just upset that you missed the date. I thought that you didn’t like me they way I like you and you stood me up.” He scratched the back of his neck.

Y/N placed a short, gentle kiss to Archie’s lips, “Don’t ever think that I don’t like you. I am so sorry, Archie. Let’s have a do-over tonight, yeah?”


Now Or Never (Part 4)

Pairing: Arthur (Mr.) Ketch x Reader
Word Count: 1,322
Warnings: Cussing. Some angst.  
Sequel: Part 4/12 of Now Or Never

Special thanks as always to @lucis-unicorn for idea bouncing and beta work and helping me come up with a start for this chapter.  

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As someone who lives for AUs (specifically more than one protag AUs), I must say I adore the cousin AU you have with Numin =3 I've seen AUs (and have one) where people have their ocs as siblings but I haven't seen any aside from yours and Numin's where the ocs are cousins and I just really love it and wanted to let you know lol ^^ <3

@numin-lavellan look at this! :D
Thanik you so much ;w; I adore OC AUs too, and I am so happy that Rum and I have this going ♥ And a fun anecdote about the cousin thing is that since Fael and Numin look a lot alike, a lot of people (mostly humans) mistake them for one another or for twins, to which Numin angrily points at his vallaslin and Fael protests that he is in fact taller thank u very much see this one inch of difference

Hyung Line (+Mark) reaction to their GF kissing another guy&and finding out she was forced

 Story Line- 

Nobody knew that you and *NCT Bias Name* were dating. He was an Idol and SM Entertainment was very strict about it. It was NCT Anniversary Party with all the SM Artist included. Of course you were invited as an close friend.

 As you sat by the bar with a few friends of yours, they decided to play Truth and Dare. Of course you had to do a Dare it’s just a game right? Wrong.

 You were dared to kiss the cute guy who was sitting across the bar. At first you denied it but the forced you.

 "You even don’t have a boyfriend why are you making such a fuss about it.“ They said.

 You had to do it. Nobody should now that you were dating. That’s what your boyfriend wanted. So you did it. You didn’t kissed him right. Just a peck and run off.

And then you heard his voice. “WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!” you heard him screaming, walking past his band members rushing to you.

 "It’s not what it looks like babe…. let me expl-“ He cut you off.

 "It’s not what it looks like my ass.” Everyone at the party was watching you both. “I shouldn’t have dated you.”

 He said while looking into your eyes. “*his name* what………"your voice was shaking. Your tears running down your cheeks. 

 "You were just a waste of my time” and with that your heart broke. 

 Your friends watched you. Watched you running of the club. Crying. They rushed over to your Boyfriend.

 Telling him the truth.


 As your friends told him the truth he would immediately rush out of the club. Searching for you. But you were gone.

 He tried calling you, messaging you, leaving hundert of voicemails. You were sitting on the bench at the park were you guys first met.

 Your mascara was all over your face. You were shaking from crying. He found you. immediately rushing over to you. 

Telling you he was sorry telling you he loves you. And pulling you into his embrace. Where you could feel his heart beat. It was beating so fast that you thought it’ll explore. Are you going to forgive him?

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After your friends told him what happend he was to ashamed to run after you.

I think he would be standing out of your door that day after. Hoping you would open the door for him. In his hands your favorite flowers. 

As you opened the door he pulled you in a tight hug. Telling you he was sorry for not believing you. Telling you he was sorry for the things he said to you.

And giving you a light kiss on the forehead. Don´t wanting to let you go.

– I think WinWin wouldn´t cry but very angry about himself. –

Originally posted by fairyprincewinwin


Johnny is not a guy who cries easlily but in this he would cry. Johnny takes love and realtionships very seriously so he would run after you.

You were standing in front of your apartments door as he did hold your waist pulling you into his cheast while crying.

“I´m so sorryy babe…….I was just so angry…and I couldn´t control my anger…..I know you would never cheat on me…….” his voice was shaking.

It was the first time that you saw Johnny like this. The tears running out of his eyes, his hands shaking.

You would pull him into a big hug. Telling him it was okay and that you love him.

After his and your tears dried he would open the door of your apartment and would start kissing your neck.

“Let me make it up to you. Let me show you how much you mean to me.” 

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Taeyong would blame everything on himself. It was now two weeks after the party and you still ignored him. Everyday he would knock on your door. Asking you to let him in. Telling you it was his fault.

The other boys started worring about him. He wouldn´t eat or sleep. He couldn´t dance or rap. He was nothing without you.

Johnny and Hansol called you and told you everything. You couldn´t leave Taeyong like this even if the things he said to you wasn´t right.You loved him.

 So you came to th their dorm. Knocking at Taeyongs door and going in.

His eyes teared up as he saw you his voice started shaking.

“Babe…please don´t leave me please….I´m nothing without you…..I don´t want to lose you….so please don´t leave.”

seeing him like that made your eyes tear up too. 

As you hugged him you could feel his heartbeat going back to normal as his tears slowing dried.

“I´m not going to leave you Tae….not again”

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Yuta would be so angry.

“HOW CAN U GUYS FORCE HER DOING SOMETHING LIKE THAT!” He would scream at your friends making everyone looking at him.

His members trying to calm him down.

“Yuta calm down. You should go after Y/N now.It wasn´t her fault.” they said.

As Yuta finally calmed down he run out ouf the club.

There were you. But you weren´t alone. There were a guy. Holding your waist trying to pick you up.

“Come on sweetie I just want to have fun with you.” the guy said as you tried to remove yourself from his touch.

“NOo let me goo!” you screamed. In that moment Yuta came. Punching that guy over and over again.

“YOU BAS*ARD HOW DO YOU DARE TOUCHING MY GIRLFRIEND!” Yuta punched him harder. The guys eyes stared to close.

“YUTA THAT`S ENOUGH!” you heard the other boys shouting. They stopped Yuta from doing something more dangerous and trying to wake up the now knocked out guy.

Yutas frist bleeding as you hold his hand. He looked in your eyes pulled you then into a long kiss.

“I´m so sorry…..”

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Douyoung would get very angry too. Not just because of you but because of your crazy friends.

He would be too ashamed of himself. He would wait a few days before starting to call you. 

As you guys finally met he would still be angry. Telling you to search for new friends and telling you he felt betrayed, yelling at you, telling you it was your fault.

You two would start fighting which would leave into a break up. But a week later he would call you again. Telling you he was sorry for everything and telling you he wants you back.

But you coulnd´t take someone back who didn´t trust you.

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After your friends explained everything to him his mind would go blank. He would rush out of the club seeing you walking on the street trying to catch you.

“Y/N……..I….I`m so-rry I didn´t…” he couldn´t bring any other words out he was just so confused and wou were just so angry.

He tried to pull you into a hug but you pushed him away.

“Don´t touch me Ten. I´m just a waste of your time anyway.” you said while galring at him.

“No…Y/N please just listen…I-” you cut him off.

“Ten I can´t do this anymore. It´s over. you said. You gave him the promise ring back he gave you last year.

 And left. Leaving him completly shooked and alone.

He tried everything to get you back but

it was just a waste of his time.

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(aww my poor Jae)

He would be the most emotional one of the boys. He would stay in front of your apartments door everyday. Begging you to let him in. Telling you he was sorry.

After three days of ignoring his calls, messages or knocks on your door you let him in.

As you opened the door his tears would start falling faster than before. Seeing your also puffy eyes, messy hair and tried tears.

“I´m so sorry babe……I´m so sorry for everything..sorry for not believing you..it was all my fault.” and with that he felt on his knees. His hands on his face his cries going louder.

You bend over to him pulling him into a big hug, crying with him.

“No Jaehyun…it was my fault…I´m so sorry….I love you so much…”

You guys stayed like that in silence just listening to your own heartbeats.

As Jaehyun pulled away he put his hand on your chin pulling you in for a kiss. The kiss that he missed so much.

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(Why is it so hard to find gifs from Jaehyun where he looks sad?)


Mark would blame everything to himself. He would be sitting in the dorm in his bed thinking about a way to apologise to you.

He loved you so much and hated himself so much for the things he did to you. He would ask his hyungs for some advice . They would tell him to just speak to you and telling you he was sorry.

So he did. He called you over to the ice cream shop where you guys had your first date. And would apologise to you. Begging you to give him another chance.

And you accepted his apologise because you knew it was your fault and you told him that. 

You loved Mark so much and he loved you and you guys knew that since that day your love started growing more and more.

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Imagine: You Discover the Company are Werewolves

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(Author’s note:  Phew!  I had a small case of writer’s block, but hey, I made it through!  I hope it’s what you were looking for, Anon!  Thanks for the neat request!   

Request:  What if the OC discovers that Thorin and Company….were werewolves?

Also, gifs are not mine.  Credit to original owners!)

   Here you were, alone in the forest after dark.  A shadowy form stood in front of you, and you would have screamed and drawn your sword if it weren’t for the familiar blue eyes that met yours.  The figure’s midsection rose and fell with every deep breath, and the heat of his breath rose up in a small cloud in the icy night air.  Despite the familiarity of those eyes, you were still frightened.

   “G-guys?” you called, voice high-pitched from uncertainty, and the wolf’s ear twitched at the sound.  “Someone help!”

   Footsteps crashed through the forest, and you were relieved to hear the others panting as they made their way to your side.  Bofur and Kili were at the lead of the group, glancing once at you and then at the wolf.  To your surprise, no one in the Company seemed too shocked.  A few looked rather bored or annoyed.

   “We told you not to go wandering in the woods after dark, _______,” Dori huffed from the back of the group.

   You gave him a look, holding your arms out in disbelief.  “I had to go to the bathroom!  And it’s not like I’m that far from the campsite!”  You glanced at the wolf, eyebrows furrowed.  “Will someone tell me what’s going on?” 

    Kili approached the wolf, giving its shoulder a pat.  “Hi, Uncle.  Everything alright?”

   Your mouth fell open, eyes darting between your friend and the wolf.  “What?  T-Thorin?”

   Kili flashed you his signature smirk, amused by your confusion.  “Yes, now you can see why we didn’t want you out and about at night.  Some of us…well, all of us, actually…are werewolves.” 

   You gawked at him for another moment while the rest of the Company stood there expectantly, waiting for you to say something.  “So…all of you…”  

   Now that you thought about it, it made sense.  It clicked.  The long hair, beards, and unusually protective nature towards you, the only female of the group… And you always wondered why some of them disappeared from camp at night…especially when the moon was full.

   “You okay, lass?” Dwalin questioned, arms folded, as he raised a brow.

   “Yeah, I think so,” you breathed, eyes locking with Thorin’s wolf form.  He blinked curiously as you took a few cautious steps forward.  Now that you were up close, you recognized a few other of the leader’s traits.  His fur was dark black and wavy with traces of silver in the long mane, much like his hair normally was.  When you raised a hand to stroke his mane, his eyes fluttered closed and he exhaled loudly in contentment.  You couldn’t help the smile that spread across your face as you scratched behind his ear.  “So, does Bilbo know?” 

   “No.”  Bofur shook his head.  “It’s probably best if we don’t say anything on the matter.”

   “Right.  It’ll frighten the poor lad,” Balin agreed.  “Although, you took it quite well, Miss ________.”

   “Thanks,” you murmured, running your fingers through the dark fur once more before glancing around in confusion.  “Oh, hey, where’s Fili?”

   Leaves rustled and twigs snapped, signaling someone’s approach.  You followed the group’s gazes towards the edge of the clearing before a squeal escaped your lips.

   “Fili?” you gasped, eyes lighting up.  A golden wolf with several smaller braids in his beautiful, long mane stood tall.  You always thought the prince looked like a lion, but now he most definitely fit the description.  Thorin gave an almost inaudible jealous growl as your hands left his fur, and you headed over to greet his nephew with a hug.  Fili’s eyes shone in amusement as you grinned at him and ran your fingers through his golden mane.


   All eyes turned to the source of the surprised exclamation.  A certain hobbit stared at the scene with wide eyes, frozen to the spot.

   “Uh, Bilbo!” Bofur smiled awkwardly, struggling for an explanation.  “We were just, um-”

   “It’s sort of…”  Kili tried to help him out, to no avail.

   “Are you okay?” you asked, concerned over how Bilbo had not moved or so much as blinked for nearly a minute.  This had to be a major shock to him.  Like Balin said, you had taken the discovery pretty well, but the hobbit was no doubt more easily startled than you.  His eyes flickered to the golden wolf in front of you and then to the dark wolf that stood a little further away.  

   “Nope,” he said simply, and he collapsed on the ground.

   “He fainted,” you mumbled.  “Again.”

   Oin sighed, rolling his eyes.  “I’ll get the bucket of water.”  

Partners- Yugyeom

You run into school since you were fifteen minutes late only to collide with what you thought was a brick wall. “Shit.” you say once you hit the ground. Looking up you see a smirking Yugyeom holding his hand out. Rolling your eyes you ignore his out stretched hand and get up on your own. “Watch where you’re going, asshole.” you can’t stand him. Ever since freshman year when he changed and started hanging out with the wrong people and ignoring you. You two used to be best friends. Your parents were very close, so you both grew up together.
Now, Yugyeom was just a cocky bastard who thought he was better than everyone else. “I think it was you who was looking at their phone, princess.” he replied back to you. You hated when he called you that. He as called you that since you were in middle school. Your parents did have more money than most, but it didn’t mean you acted like it. You ignore him and shove past him, heading to your first block. Not seeing his eyes follow you the whole way.
Sighing you slide into your seat for third block, your last class. Anatomy. And you hate it, well, you don’t hate it you just hate the work load. You also hate the class because Yugyeom is in here as well. “Alright, everyone in their seats please.” your teacher says. “Okay, so today we will be starting a new unit and a new project. You will work with a partner on the project. You will have no time in class to work on this project. It must be done outside of class. It is due in two days.” Y/F/N and you look at each other and smile until your teacher spoke again, “But I have already picked them.” The room erupts into one large groan.
“Okay I will announce the partners. Namjoon and Seokjin. Mark and Jackson. Y/B/F and Taehyung. Youngjae and Chanyeol.” Your eyes widen at the last two partners and you look over to Y/B/F, whose eyes look the size of basketballs, even more than normal. This is not good. Y/B/F and Chanyeol broke up almost two months ago and she is now dating Youngjae. This just smells like trouble.

The teacher reads off more names, but you aren’t really focused on that you are trying to make sure Y/B/F doesn’t have a panic attack, or you were until you hear you name. “And lastly Y/N and Yugyeom.” Your head turns and you look at your teacher waiting for her to say ‘just kidding’ but she never does. Glancing over to yugyeom and he turns his head toward you and smirks.

After class you walk out with a shook Y/B/F and a nervous Youngjae. Yugyeom walks up to and stops you, “My house in 20.” he said rather than asked. “Ummmm, who said I want to come over to your house?” you cock your hip and place a hand on it. Yugyeom eyes you up and down before responding, “I don’t care if you want to. You have to. We have to work on this project and I have to be home. You know how my parents are.” Sighing, you look over to Y/B/F as her and Youngjae talk quietly. “Okay, I will be there, but in like an hour or so”. Once again he smirks and walks away while saying, “See you then.”
Once you get home you take and shower and change your clothes. You put on leggings, a sports bra, and a oversized hoodie that was Y/B/F’s you stole. Grabbing your car keys you leave your house and head towards Yugyeom’s. You were early. It had only been 25 minutes and you told him an hour, but you wanted to get this over with. You pull up to his house and try to call him, but he doesn’t answer. Rolling your eyes you get out of your car and walk up to the front door. You knock and receive no answer. Turning the knob you test to see if it’s unlocked, and it is.
“Yugyeom?” You call out. Silence. As you walk into the quiet house and shut the door you hear the faint sound of music. You follow the noise to a door under the stair and open it. The open door reveals stairs. Looking around you start to walk down the steps. The music getting louder with each step you take. Once you turn the corner of the steps you greeted with the sweaty back of a dancing Yugyeom. You freeze. Not knowing what to do. Standing there you watch him dance. The basement had been converted into what looked like a dance studio. A wall of mirrors, a small DJ booth in the corner and a great system of speakers.
Sensing someone else in the room Yugyeom looks up and looks at you through the mirrors. You breath gets caught in your throat and you don’t know why. He smiles at you and turn around. “Why are you here? You said it would be an hour” he says wiping the sweat from his forehead. Blinking you try to find the words to say but for some reason you couldn’t think straight. “Um I-I umm. I wanted to, um, get this over with.” Yugyeom just smirks and walks over to the mini fridge and pulls pulls out a water. “Thirsty?” he asks you. “Yes. What? I mean no. No. I am fine thank you.” He laughs and stands back up straight.
“Well, since you said it would be an hour I started practice. You can sit over there till I get done.” he points to a chair that’s back is against the wall of mirrors. Walking over you place your bag down and sit. You wanted to continue to watch him. The way him moved and passion he had was crazy, and you only saw him dancing for 5 seconds.
Yugyeom walked over to the booth and started a song, Na Na by Trey Songz. Walking back he stands still and lets the music start and once it does you didn’t know how you were going to sit there this whole time without making some kind of noise. He moved his body with such grace and rolled his hips with such power it had you breathing hard.

Once he looked up and saw the look in your eyes he moved over to where he was right in front of you. Looking you in the eyes he got down on the floor and started moving his hips. You looked right back at him, lust could be seen in his eyes as well as yours.

After seeing the look in your eyes Yugyeom gets off the ground and pulls you out of your chair and into a kiss. Your hands go straight to his sweaty hair and you tug. He groans into the kiss. Grabbing the backs of your thighs he pulls you up and hold you against the mirror and his body. “Liked what you saw, huh princess?” You roll your hips against his and feel his hardening member through his skinny jeans. “Oh shut up, bear.” He stopped what he was doing and looked at you as you said the nickname you used to use when you guys were best friends.
“Bear? You still remember calling me that?” You rest your hands on his neck, “Of course, no one gave hugs like you, Yugyeom.” leaning in he meets you halfway and this kiss is different from the one you two just shared. This one was slow, deep, passion filled. You moan into his mouth and move your hips again. The next thing you know your back is hits a soft bed. You don’t recall the walk up stairs to his room being so lost in kissing his lips, neck, and collarbones.
As you lay back on the bed Yugyeom stops and stares at you. You smirk at him and he does it right back while taking off his shirt. Your eyes roam his upper body. Licking your lips you crawl to the edge of the bed and start to undo his belt. Once his jeans are off you pull his boxers down and take his hard member straight into your mouth. Yugyeom’s hands go straight to your hair and holds you head still as his hips start moving. You hollow your cheeks trying to him feel pleasure. For some reason the thought of you making him feel good had you soaking your underwear, knowing you were the cause for his moans and tugs of your hair.
He pulls you off him only to push you back on the bed and all but rips your clothes off. Laying there naked you look at him above you. You pull him down by his neck and kiss him long and hard. You gasp into the kiss as you feel him pushing inside you. “Holy shit, Yugyeom. Give a girl a warning.” You breath in deep as you try to adjust to his big size. And boy, was he big. He chuckles from above and whispers a half hearted, “Sorry.” against your neck as he sucks a mark right under your ear making you push your hips wanting more of him in you.
Yugyeom pulls out and pushes in all the way this time. You feel tears come to your eyes. Not from pain just from the feeling of being so full. He was definitely the biggest you had ever been with. He continues to thrust in and out of you at a slow rate. You don’t complain though, somehow Yugyeom going slow makes it better. You are usually one for fast and rough sex, but Yugyeom is changing your mind with each thrust. You have never felt this kind of pleasure. Moaning nonstop and running your nails done his back makes him groan and thrust harder, not faster, only harder.
“Oh God. Yug, right there.” You all but scream when Yugyeom finds your g-spot. He starts rolling his hips in shorter motions to hit your spot more often. You feel tears leak from your eyes as you feel the most powerful orgasm you have ever had rush through your body. The feeling of you tightening around him had Yugyeom closing his eyes as his own orgasm ran through him. Pulling out of you he lays beside you. Both of you out of breath and sweaty. You turn your head to the side to look at Yugyeom only to find him already looking at you. He reaches his hand up and moves and piece of sweaty hair out of your face.
“Why did you leave me, Yugyeom? Why did you stop being my best friend?” your questions made him frown before he sat up. Sighing you gets up and puts his boxes back on and walks to get his pants. He throws you his shirt saying, “Put it on and follow me.” after that he walks out the bedroom door. Confused you put on his shirt, which reaches your mid thigh, and race to catch up with him. As you walk down the stairs you see him in the kitchen drink a water.
“Can you tell me now?” He turns toward and picks you up and places you on the counter. You squeal at the sudden movement. Moving your thighs he steps between them and hugs you. You hug him back as he rests his head on your chest. “I was scared.” he finally whispers. “What? Scared of what?” pulling back he looks at you, “My feelings for you. I cared so much for you, but I knew you didn’t feel the same way. So, instead of telling you and getting hard I left so you wouldn’t hurt me.” He looked down after he confessed. You look at him, you see a broken boy in front of you who still isn’t over the past.
You put your finger under his chin and make him look at you. Kissing his lips you put your hands in his hair. After pulling away you look him in the eyes, “Maybe if you would have told me you would have find out i felt the same way about you.” He eyes widened. “What? You liked me?” Yugyeom said with hope in his voice. “No.” and just like that the broke boy was back in front of you. “I still like you.” You finish and yugyeom brought you in for another kiss. Smiling into the kiss you couldn’t help but think about how happy you were you had your best friend back.
After many more rounds on different surfaces of his house you guys actually started the project. The next day at school you couldn’t wait to tell Y/B/F what happened. As you walk into third you stop in your tracks when you are black eyed Chanyeol and a Youngjae with a busted lip and sitting between and yelling at them both was Y/B/F. You short friend, who was taller than you but not by much, in between the two boy who she cared for and only came up the their chest yelling and pointing her finger. Laughing to yourself you say, “Maybe my story can wait. I really want to hear what happen first.” Walking over to Y/B/F and the boys you prepare yourself for what is to come.

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i don’t understand how there’s people out there still who believe somebody else’s gender identity is a matter of their own opinion like someone legitimately just said to me “even if a guy says he’s a girl my opinion is that you’re still a guy and i’m gonna call you a guy” like what do you mean …..your opinion….. you don’t walk up to a cashier and say “my opinion is that this dollar bill is really a 100 dollar bill so that’s what it is”

lmao my brother just told me that today, when he was doing grocery shopping with our dad, the two of them were at the female hygiene section and they were picking up the brand of pads my mom and I use (my dad and bro have always been the ones in charge of stacking up our bathroom with pads and tampons whenever we so much start showing signs of our periods coming up) and this guy that’s around his mid 30′s suddenly comes up to the two of them and says shit about ‘how embarrassing must be for him and his dad to be getting this items’ and that ‘next time he should just tell his wife or girlfriend or daughter or whatever to pick the pads themselves, it’s not like they’re drying or something’ and my dad and bro are just there speechless because of the attitude of the guy and they look just a bit off to the side of the guy and there’s a girl that’s clearly with him, and my dad just looks directly at her and says, from the bottom of his heart, ‘I’m sorry you have to deal with this kind of shit, dear’ and she kinda just nods and says ‘well, not anymore’ and looks at the guy that’s suddenly aware that she was standing there and says ‘because guess who’s without a girlfriend now. We are OVER (insert asshole’s name here cuz’ my bro couldn’t remember)’ and she just drops whatever items she had in her hands and walks away

When a hot guy stretches and his shirt pulls up: