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When i was 17 (half a lifetime ago now) a medical professional disclosed confidential information about my mental health to a family member. I cannot explain what ir felt like when I realised people knew, or how much worse it made an already difficult time. Your fic has made me think about it for the first time in a long time, and realise that despite being more mentally unwell now, I'm still in a way better place than I was back then. You write about important issues so well. xxxx

Thank you and I’m so sorry you had to go through something like that! I hope the person who told your information faced some serious consequences for that breech of privacy!

  • Jess: Why did you drop out of Yale?!
  • Rory: *goes back to Yale*
  • Jess: You should write a book!
  • Rory: *starts writing immediately*
  • Me: *incoherent sobbing*

i kind of really love how comparitively mediocre yuri is?

like hes going for THE big deal skating competition after having completely messed up the year before. and yeah, he does really awesome and still makes it into finals, but like, you KNOW most sports anime would have had him magically be placing first in each competition

but instead, he just barely squeaks through to finals. the people he’s against are GOOD, and definitely worthy of being there. instead of going the lazy route and having yuri suddenly become the best of the best after only a few months of training with victor, he’s simply noticeably better than he was the previous season. and in the context of the show, thats FANTASTIC. so what he didnt get first? he’s still WAY better than before, and the other skaters take him more seriously now.

tbh thats both way more realistic and a way healthier way to be depicting a sport like this. it doesnt matter as much if youre #1, it just matters if you improve

Social Standards  Me.

My own tribute to the nails, and an opportunity for me to hate standards.

Now, i’ll proceed to freak the fuck out of here.

(sorry for i have been very busy and stressed bc school is killing me I swear that’s why I haven’t drawn much, but im working in a big drawing and you are all going to love it MUAHAHHHAHAHAHA)


You don’t deserve forgiveness.
You don’t deserve sympathy. Affection. A second chance.
For all of your notorious lies, your malice and your madness,
You don’t deserve to be saved
Because there was nothing left to save.
But he believed in you with all his heart
Believed that everything was for the best
That everything will be for the better,
And he gave you everything you didn’t deserve.

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every time someone vehemently specifies “only in legoverse” when talking about batjokes my life expectancy is cut in half

Friend: Feysand

Me: You mean my High Lord and High Lady, sending sex to each other through their daemati powers, huntress with an artist’s soul and her sassy violet-eyed mate, the reason why the series actually started with ACOMAF, the wingspan-loving Cursebreaker and her bat, the example of how to treat your partner with respect, cabin-loving, one-room-at-the-inn trope enjoying, never even engaged but still a better couple than feylin, let’s do it non-stop now that we’ve stopped pretending to pretend and we can just be a couple, couple?

Friend: … yup.


THIS MUST BE A DREAM // masterlist

Request: Would you be willing to do a Modern! Kylo fic where the both of you went to high school together and he became a successful corporate business leader and you went to work somewhere humble like a cafe or bookshop and you both reunite at the reunion.

A/N: First off, the first book to come to mind was FBAWTF bc the movie just came out so…also, this is nothing but fluff and I kinda changed the request a bit, so instead of running into each other at the reunion, it’s the bookshop. Thanks for the request, anon! Enjoy!

Warning: None

Word Count: 4.6K+

It had been ten years, ten years since you had graduated high school, only twenty-eight and still finding your place on this planet. Sure, working as the part-time owner of a bookshop wasn’t the ideal way to go–nor was it what you envisioned yourself to be doing at the age you were in now–but, still, it was better than nothing. In all honesty, you truly enjoyed the peacefulness the shop had brought you, especially since you rarely had trouble with customers.

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First Kiss

The house smelled like it was on fire from the candles you blew on your cake. Everyone was clapping, and hugging you at the same time. Were all birthday parties like this? You vaguely remembered the last birthday party you had when you turned 16. There wasn’t even cake, and half the friends you invited didn’t hang out with you the whole time. But you were 18 now. Your life was definitely better than it was, but you still had bad days. Just like now. It was sweet to see that your friends were more excited about you’re birthday than you were, but at the same time you felt like it didn’t matter anymore. You didn’t want to be 18, you didn’t want to grow up and have to be responsible for important things. You already were in a way, but being 18 meant you were an adult now. You could barely handle being a teen, how would you pull off being an adult?

The night went by slowly, people eventually left, leaving you with gifts you had no motivation to open. Birthday parties were a nice idea, but you hated all the attention being on you. Why should someone go out of their way to buy you a gift just because you’re age is different now? As it got darker outside, and everyone left, the only people still in your apartment were your roommates, and their boyfriends, and your friend Shawn. Your roommates always joked with you about him being your boyfriend, but he wasn’t. He was handsome, and tall, and everything any girl would want. But you? You were dorky, with a birds nest for hair, and red cheeks that wouldn’t go away no matter how much foundation you put on. You wouldn’t deny to your roommates that you had feelings for Shawn, but you kind of just always ignored them thinking we wouldn’t ever have those feelings back.

“How does it feel?” Your roommate Audrey asked you with excitement in her eyes.

"How does what feel?” You looked at her confused.

"Being 18 silly!” Audrey was almost always exited about anything. She was like the mother of you and your other roommate Sadie. She knew about everything a mother would know, and she was always helping everyone to feel better on odd days. You really loved both your roommates and you were glad to have them. We all kept each other in line.

"Oh. I feel the same.” You said but laughed, not knowing what to say.

"It’s okay. So did I.” Audrey put a hand on your shoulder referring to when she turned 18 last month.

"Although, I feel like other 18 year olds have accomplished more than I have. I remember being younger and having a huge bucket list of things I wanted to do before I was 18. I don’t know though.” You said picking at your cake in front of you. It was true. Most people were on top of the world at 18. Audrey was an amazing photographer, she’s done fun things like, been sledding with dogs multiple times, she’s also the manager at the nearest rock climbing gym, AND she’s engaged already. Your other roommate Sadie, was a popular makeup artist, famous on Instagram, and she wasn’t engaged or anything but she’s been dating the same guy since high school. And Shawn. Holy cow, Shawn was an 18 year old superstar. He had tons of girls after him constantly, he was selling out arenas, and living his dream every day. You were honestly surprised he got off work to come to your lame party.

"You’ve done tons of things Y/N!” Shawn said and sat down next to you.

You just smiled shyly and shrugged your shoulders.

"Guys. I’m 18 years old and I haven’t even kissed anyone yet.” You said, and you didn’t mean to. You almost regret telling everyone that secret of yours but at the same time you didn’t care. It was true anyway. You had went on dates before and liked other guys in the past, but you never let them kiss you. You wanted your first kiss to be special but you also wished you had done it already.

"That’s not even a big deal. Some people don’t kiss until they get married.” Sadie said from the living room and everyone laughed.

Eventually everyone was cuddled up on the floor or on the couch of the living room watching a movie. You were usually used to watching your roommates with their boyfriends and it wasn’t a problem being like a fifth wheel. But with Shawn still here, for some reason that you didn’t know, it was weird. You two were sitting next to each other but not touching. Your brain was yelling at you to stay away from Shawn as much as you could, when your heart was telling you to grab his hand, or touch him somehow and then maybe you wouldn’t feel like that fifth wheel anymore. The movie was loud but you felt kind of bored. It was hot in your living room too, so you grabbed your phone making it look like someone was calling you, and you stepped outside into the hallways of your apartment building. You sat on the floor against the wall, breathing in the air that wasn’t exactly fresh, but it seemed cleaner than the air in your living room. You played with your phone wishing that someone did actually call you, until you heard the door open, and Shawn was standing above you.

“You okay?” He sat down next to you.

“Yeah.” You said in high tone. You were okay, you were just tired.

“I know no one called you. But don’t worry, I think I’m the only one who saw your phone screen.” Shawn laughed a little as he spoke. “Why’d you really come out here?”

“I don’t know. The movie was boring and I was getting kinda hot.” You shrugged and put your phone back in your pocket.

“Well.. I came out here because I have something for you. And I know you already opened my other present for you, but this ones better. I think. So close your eyes!” Shawn turned to face you and smiled.

You titled your head and laughed at him. You seriously didn’t need anymore gifts, but you closed your eyes anyway.

A couple seconds later, you felt something on your mouth. No, someone. Someone else’s lips were on yours and you froze. You opened your eyes to see Shawn kissing you, his eyes were closed and his hand was reaching for the back of your head. You closed your eyes again, not knowing what to do. You felt everything in your body buzzing, and your heart was racing. You sat still until he pulled away.

“Now, you can say you had your first kiss.”

You stood up, a little angry at the fact that he would just take away your first kiss like that. And the fact that, that was the only reason he kissed you? To make you feel better?

“Shawn. That would’ve been fine if we were dating or something, but we aren’t. You don’t even like me. Why would you do that?” You felt bad for going off on him. He was trying to be nice but you couldn’t help but feel angry.

“Who said I didn’t like you?” Shawn was standing now too.

You just looked at him, in confusion. You didn’t know what to feel right now. You felt happy, that he was kind of saying that he liked you back, but at the same time, you wondered how long he felt this way without telling you. You stepped closer to him not really knowing what to say, so instead you did something you never thought you’d do, and you initiated your second kiss. You had no clue what you were doing, but Shawn knew that, and you could feel him smiling as you attempted to put your lips back on his. You suddenly felt embarrassed so instead you turned your head, leaving Shawn to kiss your cheek.

“I love you. Always have.” Shawn whispered into your ear and grabbed your waist, pulling you closer.

Femslash February Day 1 (except I’m very very late) : canon couple

Okay so I was aware of femslash february but for some reason I didn’t do anything for it (??? why tho) until @flo-nelja linked me the list of prompts, and I decided to do some of them. 

I chose Saki and Maria from Shinsekai Yori, which is a wonderful anime I can only recommend. At some point they get together, and though they’re aren’t end-game for… many reasons but I don’t wanna spoil, I love the pair a lot !! It’s very dear to me because I first watched Shinsekai Yori a long time ago and their kiss was the first kiss between two girls I witnessed in anime so I was happily surprised and excited about it !! They have a lot of chemistry and love each other a lot in top of that ;u;