but still a great scene imho

duela-quinzel  asked:

What do you think of the pairing "Dale Cooper x Audrey Horne"?

No. Nooooo.

I’ve heard–and I’m not sure how true it is–that the show was originally written intending for Cooper/Audrey to be canon, but that Kyle MacLachlan refused to go along with it. I believe (again, just working off my shoddy memory here) that he argued that it was OOC–not to mention inappropriate–for a character like Coop to get romantically involved with Audrey who, despite acting older than her real age*, is still in high school.

If that story has any truth behind it, I’m very glad he did that and I agree with him 100%. It doesn’t fit the character at all. (Especially if you want to dig into some of the symbolism behind BOB, and how you can argue that he’s meant to represent the cycle of abuse and how it’s passed on from generation to generation–Leland was abused as a child and went on to abuse Laura–and Cooper getting possessed by BOB at the end of S2 is kind of a red flag implying that Coop is himself an abuse survivor. IIRC there’s some canon outside of the show–in My Life, My Tapes I think?–that backs this theory up as well. So the idea that he’d be cool with turning around and getting involved with an 18 year old girl is KINDA QUESTIONABLE.)

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I do still see a lot of chemistry between the actors involved, but…listen. This scene is everything to me. It’s so spot on. Audrey doesn’t need yet another older man hypersexualizing her and taking advantage of her when she’s vulnerable. What she needs is the one thing she, up until that moment in the story, didn’t have: a friend.

I love and adore Coop and Audrey as friends / one of the show’s many great brotps. That’s a healthy relationship for them both IMHO, not to mention great to watch. As a romantic pairing, though? Y’all gonna see me run screaming in the other direction as fast as I can.

* There’s also a discussion to be had about why Audrey acts like this, but I’ll just leave this here. And also this. It’s so, so obvious her femme fatale act is just there to protect herself. It’s not a power fantasy. Audrey is lonely and isolated and constantly sexualized by older men and she adopts the femme fatale persona because that way it’s easy to pretend she’s in control of the situation when, as storylines like the One Eyed Jack’s plot show, she is very much not.

All the SasuHina Fanfics You Should Read - UPDATED 7/12/17

Because I’m on the SH hype train (for now since there’s no new canon material for my main ship NaruHina), would want to share my own list of good SH fanfics for long-time shippers and new devotees (like me!) I remember navigating this ship in my early days, and I was very picky with the fanfics I read. Language, grammar, and a good story trump any bias! Fortunately, the SH fandom is blessed with amazing writers–it totally shits on the canon sometimes… Kishi, where u at?!

Here’s my non-invasive attempt at converting people to like SH–or at least see how good this crackship is T__T

* not in order * 

1. They Know Me Here (Complete) - the best in-universe story I’ve read so far! This has to be my ultimate favorite. Flawed characters, tender moments, no cheese, right fluff. The subtlety is amazing, the setting is well-imagined–Adult Sasuke is my fave Sasuke. Reminds me so much of the Sasuke in Boruto, too! This was actually one of the first SH fics I’ve read, and I’m glad it was. This totally hooked me into liking this couple. 

Also, this writer wrote an NH-centric fic The Way of the Geisha, and that’s just as good. TLDR; this writer is so gewd. 

2. Choosing Sasuke (Complete) - I admit, I was kinda thrown off by how insensitive Naruto is here and the really obnoxious Sakura, but the way the author depicted the relationship–how it progressed, how it hesitated–was page-turning. And that scene in the cave (or was it an island?) omg. The ending though wasn’t that great, but it’s good! 

3. The Ties that Bind Us (Complete/AU) - I can only read so much stories with douchey Sasuke in it, but I love those that keep him real. This one tugs the heart strings– Sasuke with Kid? Oh my god. Also, the lemon here is A+. 

4. The Wedding (Incomplete/AU) - I love the Hinata in this one. Opinionated but still feminine–this is like the AU version of the 615 Hinata (best Hinata imho). It’s fast-paced that’s why I really, really hope the author hasn’t given up on it even if it’s been years………. T___T 

5. The Host (Incomplete/ AU) - Angsty, mysterious Sasuke is 2nd to Adult Sasuke. But hey, I get both here. I love the twists here, though sometimes it borders on cliché romcom levels. BUT. This is well-written as well-written goes. It delves into the characters’ POVs so well, like, if you can read my mind now dear author, hope you know I wish for you to post chap 9! Dat cliffhanger T___T

6. For Angels to Fly (Complete/AU) - The first SH fanfic I’ve ever read T__T I didn’t think an AU story will get me hooked, but it did. It’s that good. It’s dark, sad, but really well-thought-of, SH are adults who are both tied to damning futures. Its (incomplete) sequel is a lot fluffier, but I really like this one more. NEVER MIND WHAT I SAID. I REREAD THE SEQUEL AND IT’S SO GOOD IT HURTS.

7. The Trouble with Angels (Incomplete/AU) - Sequel to previous entry. I just realized how much I love the realism here. It also shows how the writer pretty much thought well about the story, and planned it. Really hope she updates soon! 

8. All For Love (Complete/AU) - If you haven’t noticed already, I love adult!SH the best. You’ll also encounter a dangerous, possessive Naruto here. I love how human Sasuke is here–just shows he can be cool, cold, but compassionate.

9. Cover My Eyes (Incomplete/AU) -   The Love Square that could truly have happened. Though it takes a Gossip Girl-esque twist, I kinda dig the glam and the sass here. Sasuke can get too cheesy later, though, but I love the personal conflicts of the couple here. 

10. Buried Desolation (Ongoing/AU) - Aside from the fact that I love the writer for being so consistent and persevering with her updates, I feel like the twists and turns here are made convincing enough (though may border on telenovela) to hook you in. Another arranged marriage fic, sure, but I don’t think anybody else has handled SasuHina! in such a thrilling cat chase before. 

11. Neighbors & Neighbors 2 (Complete/AU) - Clumsy Hinata and stoic Sasuke done right! Might’ve wanted her to lose the stutter, but I love how it progresses through various slices-of-life type of narration. Fluff that doesn’t suffocate, I dig. (Also I love Kia-88′s drabbles <3) </p>

12. Dinner for Two (Complete/Oneshot/AU) - For the fluff lovers who like a bit of twists and turns. Though Sasuke is not his asshole self here, Hinata stays completely in character–if not, better. 

13. Awkward Circumstances (Oneshot/AU) - A tight story on a one night gone wrong… and right. Two persons’ infidelity led to divorce and a night of discovery. Loving Hinata’s three-dimensional character here, and the humor is A+. Is Chapter 2 coming… 

14. Hospital Protocol (Oneshot/AU) - Another concise story packed with humor from the same author above! Although some tiny details are questionable, the flow of the narrative is easy and convincing. 

15. Coughs (Oneshot/AU/Complete) - It’s been a long time since I last read it but I still remember how good it was the first time I read it on Tumblr. so glad to have found it again! Fluff with a mix of magic realism. 

16. Ultimatum (Complete) - TOO SHORT but I think it’s brevity really worked to showcase the best scenes to portray the progress in the conflict and the resolution. Hinata and Sasuke are getting a divorce, and it’s pretty humorous how they deal with it in their own ways. Humorous but tender. 

17. The Cursed Geisha (Complete) - Want badass Hinata? Want soft Sasuke? Here have them! 

18. Crazed Desires (Complete) - For hardcore SasuHina smut lovers. This writer also wrote my other favorite Tainted Doves (SasuHinaIta). He/she’s really good at writing erotic scenes–always realistic and very stimulating. I got a pet peeve for overly emotional and wordy erotica, so finding this story was great. Warning though, it has lots of rapey content. But I take it as fiction so I distance myself from the immorality. Read it for the language! 

18. Joy(Oneshot/AU/Complete) - Hinata bakes cakes and Sasuke is a frequent customer. I love how indepedent Hinata is here, running her own shop and being firm with her decisions. Sasuke is less of an asshole and yet he stays cutely on character!

19. Bittersweet (Oneshot/Complete) - I can’t believe I missed this?? A more mature Hinata and Sasuke (ok if yall have noticed, I love Adult!SH) appear here. I love how their relationship progresses here. Sasuke’s less angsty and more human (he actually has friends). Read for the interactions and progression!

20. Watchful Eyes (Oneshot/Complete) - Please back away if you’re not into Hinata cheating on Naruto (I’m an NH fan but looking forward to open-minded fans!). The language here is amazing, and by amazing I mean absolutely literary. It’s not flowery, but it is creative. Sasuke kinda gets foul mouthed here but wth, it’s written well.

21. Better Off Dead (Multichapter/Complete) - OKAY GUYS I’m pretty sure this story is on every other SH fic list, and I’m sorry it took me a long time to get back to this. Being impatient, I skipped long-winded fics thinking it’s too dragging to read them. Thank goodness I came around. This for me rivals They Know Me Here; this story is well-written in that it tweaked the Naruto mythos realistically to fit its plot. I love the twist the writer gave, and the conflicts, desperation, and the resolution to them. Wonderful, wonderful writing. 

^^ My list ends there because I only want to put out the best for you guys! Haven’t read the long-winded ones, but I guarantee you this will get you hooked af. I know I did. OTL