but still a bit expressive and nervous


You sight as you appear behind a very familiar customer.

‘‘Hello Rory Williams. Nice to see you again. I’ve got to admit, I’m impresed. You managed stay alive longer than the last time.’‘

The man turns around with a startled expression, but it soon dissapears when he sees you. Instead, he greets you like an old friend.

‘‘Well, you know, less aliens this time,’‘ he shrugged.

You rolled your eyes.

‘‘Alright Williams, tell me, do I have to speech again about how it is time to go or will we skip past that and go straight to the part were you tell me why you can’t go yet.’‘

Rory laughs, sounding a bit nervous.

‘‘You know I can’t leave Amy alone,’‘ he starts.

‘‘She still has the Doctor.’‘

‘‘Yeah, that doesn’t really comfort me. And by the way, they are probably already going back in time to save me right now.’‘

You couldn’t disagree. You, being a Reaper, felt indeed that something was changing. Rory was already fading from the world of the dead.

‘‘Rory, Rory, Rory,’‘ you mumbled. ‘‘You are bad for business. But trust me, one day we will meet again and that time you will have to come with me.’‘

Rory smiled, his expression calm but determined.

‘‘I’m sure of that. Let’s just hope that time won’t come soon.’‘

You grinned and waved with your hand as you looked at Rory’s fading figure.

‘‘Alright, alright. Just go now. But honestly, why do I get all these cases? You’re just as bad as the Winchesters…’‘

‘‘…Who?’‘ You heard Rory say, just before he dissapeared completely and was brought back to live. You sighted and turned around, softly humming the melodie of ‘‘Don’t fear the Reaper.’‘

‘‘I should get paid for this…’‘

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serebronaga  asked:

“You’re hot when you’re angry”


Crisantemo + Jaren + bad flirts

“You’re hot when you’re angry…”

The voice caught Jaren’s attention, breaking through his annoyance. Ears standing up sharply, green eyes swung around focusing on the other Cathar. A little shorter but a bit older and heavier built, Crisantemo was difficult to forget. At least in the red-haired Cathar’s opinion. He flashed a grin at the other, but his expression was still tight.

“Then I must be sexy as hell right now,” he grumbled, eyes narrowing at he turned his eyes back to the Rodian customs inspector that was making his life difficult. 

The Rodian made a nervous noise and chattered in rapid Huttese about how the whole mess wasn’t his fault and there was nothing he could do. Jaren leaned his hands on the table and growled, fur ruffling up with irritation. Temo grunted and moved to put a hand on the slimmer male’s shoulder, giving it a squeeze.

“How about we get dinner?” he suggested, blushing a bit. “I owe you one…”

“You don’t,” Jaren said but sighed, pushing away from the Rodian and moving to loop an arm around Temo’s waist. “But I’d rather stare at you for a few hours than this guy.”

The gray-furred Cathar blinked and his nose warmed, bringing a chuckle to Jaren’s throat. Leaning, he bumped his dreadlocked head gently against the other’s, heading off with him.

“So I missed you, big guy,” Jaren said with a hum as they walked. “Tell me how you’ve been, huh?”


happy whatever-holiday-you’re-celebrating, everyone! this page fought with me the entire time it was being made from backgrounds to sketches even to dialogue, so please excuse any wonkiness. the next one’s gonna be a bit more of a doozy, and very soon, we will be OUT OF THE LIVING ROOM. get hype.

as i said before, there will be NO UPDATE NEXT WEEK, on account of the new year, so this is the very last update of 2016! i’m going to try to get a little extra together for everyone anyway, though, and of course i’ll still be streaming art! see you soon!

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  • Kylo Ren: You still want to kill me.
  • Kylo Ren: *thinking* I carried you in the most romantic manner possible that should have killed the hatred a little bit. I'm trying my hardest for you!
  • Rey: That's what happens when you are being haunted by a creature in a mask.
  • Kylo Ren: *thinking* WAIT! That's right she doesn't know I'm hot. Wait until you get a load of this-
  • Kylo Ren: *takes off the mask*
  • Rey: *soft gasp with confused expression*
  • Kylo Ren: *thinking* Yesssss, 1 point for Kylo. I got her.
Imagine Oswald Cobblepot x You (Him noticing your panic as you meet an old “friend” who mentally scared you)

Anon askedI ran into someone who I hadn’t seen in years, a friend who once manipulated and mentally scared me. As it was just a look at each other, it wasn’t that bad, but I panicked from the inside. Now no one realised something was up with me as I’m not very expressive, so could you write about Oswald noticing my secret panic?

Dear Anon, I hope you feel a little bit better already! I hope this One-Shot is okay for you and comforts you somehow *hugs*

Warnings: None, Angry Oswald, Slight Hurt/Comfort

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AT COMIC-CON I GOT TO MEET MARK.  His videos helped me get over some serious depression and I was so excited to meet him. When I got to the front of the line, I was shaking and blushing a lot. He starred at me with this funny expression and asked me if I was nervous and I said yea then I kinda just handed him my badge to sign and a drawing I did of him. So then I got behind the table sorta to take pics with him and kinda just awkwardly lean over a bit and take a pic but he says “GET OVER HERE” and he puts his arm around me and uses my phone to take pics and everyone in line goes “awww” and he says “OH, SHUT UP” regardless, I was over joyed. When I was done taking pics with him, I had to try not to cry because I was surrounded by people and I was with a new friend, too.  I was just so over whelmed with happiness, I can’t even say it enough. I also got to go get him a sprite and he let me keep his change.  I was too shy to tell him how much his videos helped me, but I hope he sees this so I can thank him now