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hello, my name is vera and i have been pretty much entirely inactive since december,,,, i wonder if anyone actually remembers me lmao
kind of a tl;dr for now: got a bit stressed, got a bit depressed, took a break and that break accidentally lasted a while,, so now i’m back, i completely cleaned out my blog (save for a few recent posts) for no particular reason,, after i went on an unfollowing spree of inactive blogs just now, i wanted to post a shout out to some lovelies
ily hope you’re all well ♥
mutuals are with an asterisk ☆

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okay but,,, conman,,,

everyone at school thinking they hate each other by how they tease one another in class but no one notices when they both go to the bathroom for fifteen fuckin minutes and come back with messed up hair

jared being an Asshole™, slapping connors butt when he walks by just to see him go red

connor getting payback by completely draping himself over jared, resting his chin on jared head (jared: suddenly can’t form any sentences)

besides teasing each other with pda,,, they don’t really do it that much,,, like maybe they’ll hold hands but it usually ends with one of them calling the other gross for having sweaty hands

at home though,,, jared is a goddamn koala he will not Let Go

connor doesnt mind though he likes the attention plus letting jared snuggle up to him keeps him quiet for a bit (until he starts demanding kisses but how can connor refuse)

they are so lazy what the fuck they fall asleep in each other’s arms so much

theyre terrible bfs jared pulls connors hair to get his attention and connor uses jared as a head and foot rest 24/7 they honestly act like they’re gonna skin each other half the time

don’t be fooled they go home and kiss each other until their cheeks hurt from smiling so much

takeput dates!!!!! they stay up all night complaining about other students and watching shitty movies and sometimes they sneak out in the middle of the night to take a walk in the cool air

it’s not an easy relationship and they do clash but they’ve also got an immense amount of trust in each other so they always work out their problems

they are each other’s support systems. they help each other’s weak points and make each other stronger

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Okay but have you considered - deaged!Geno. 19 yr old Geno who is still in Russia bc of the whole pressuring mess suddenly in Pittsburgh? And finding out he gets to COME THERE? And STAY? For like. More than a DECADE? And marry SIDNEY CROSBY WITH TBE BEAUTIFUL HOCKEY? And be GAY? And it's all OKAY? And his TEAMMATES are OKAY with EVERYTHING? Help.

After Geno gets over the shock you just know he tries to flirt with Sidney with stuff like “Grown up me so lucky. Get nice view all the time” when Sidney’s cooking and his backside is facing him, or him straight up going like “Sidney, can I have kiss? Preview. From most pretty and smart husband.”

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Low chaos Emily is still pretty quick tempered and hates herself a little for it. Sometimes she's afraid of hurting someone

I agree w/ this because I believe those high chaos commentary that comes up upon inspecting various options is still canon, to some extent. She may not act out on them directly, but the spiteful thoughts of crashing Delilah’s head in the vise, strangling the people who wronged her and poisoning them - they’re still present. And yeah, it’s natural to assume that while sometimes they get so over the top she feels unsettled with the fact that such over-the-top violent thoughts even occur to her. 

Emily is full of pent up energy and she’s been this way since childhood. I can only imagine how terrible and downright unbearable it was to sit in her room at the Golden Cat for 6 months and have nothing to keep herself busy with. She hates being idle for too long, she gets restless, which is why she needs to run, play and walk around, ask people questions and constantly refill herself with new impressions to keep her imagination running. She’s curious but she has little patience for studies with the way her tutors presented it to her - sitting down and never getting up for hours.

This is why her everyday life was tiring her out mentally so much, I guess? Stuck in the same routine and not getting any fresh experiences. Her training with Corvo was, most likely, the only thing where she could pour her pent up energy and her strong need for physical activity. With it gone, and Emily finding herself in such a desperate and stressful situation, she’s understandably on the edge all the time. 

Her voice actor, Erica Luttrell, described Emily’s state of mind as “poised rage”, the rage she keeps under control and in check, but she still finds herself wishing she could get back at those who hurt her and her family in the most violent ways possible, sometimes. She wishes she could talk to her mother, wishes she knew if her mother would approve of her, because she doesn’t want to become someone her mother would hate and feel ashamed of, but without the support of anyone she knows and loves, and left to her own devices? Without her favourite activities and hobbies to keep her head busy? Her violent wish-fullfilling thoughts are all she has left when she lies wide awake at night on the ship.


I never thought I’d be doing this. I planned to do giveaways long after nintendo burned pokemon to the ground, but here we are. I’m leaving giveaways, maybe for a few months, maybe forever. I’m not reliable enough anymore nor do I even do much giveaways anymore. Well, I cant say I ever really was reliable, as time after time I’ve messed up and hurt people who were counting on me. Giveaways really mean a lot to me, even as I’m writing this I’m still clinging to hope that maybe, somehow, I can still continue doing this. It helped me stay alive another day just to get more pokemon when I first started participating in giveaways, and looking forward to doing the actual giveaways later on. It gave me a sense of belonging, to when I was just another mod when this was originally tcgiveaways, to wondertag and all the people who have come and gone from there, to tapugiveaways and the amazing and wonderful people on there. But Im not strong enough to continue, and Im not stupid enough either. Its important to chase your dreams no matter what, but if your dream is slamming your head into a wall, you need to realize when to quit and just say no, I cant do this. 

So thank you, sincerely, from the bottom of my heart thank you everyone who has been with me. I wish you all better luck in your lives.

@elenatrini yes definitely! it’s ironic because so many of their own have, but I think it’s such a typical Shadowhunter thing to refuse to learn from the past. I mean, instead of using Valentine as a lesson/warning, they refused to let anyone talk about it and effectively covered the entire mess up as if it never happened.

Caleb: So you enjoyed your date?
Milo: Yeah I uh…well it was a bit more than a date.
Caleb: Go on…
Milo: I just hope she feels the same way about me! It was so awkward…I was so awkward. Ugh, I feel like I’ve blown it!
Caleb: No one is going to do things perfectly their first time, she probably feels as awkward as you do. She’s still in the house, so if you’ve messed up, it wasn’t that badly!
Milo: I guess…don’t tell Mum though!
Caleb: Nothing gets past your mum, Milo. She’s downstairs making Gigi breakfast.
Milo: Crap…

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My buddy my pal, Merlin was the gayest thing my 14 y/o self had ever seen, I was hooked okay. I loved Merlin and Arthurs dynamic, and I really enjoyed the plot of the show in general. Atlantis was so good, Pythicarus made me cry, and I loved the reinterpretation of the old myths!

ATLA was cute when it started then got fuckin real and I really appreciate shows that have a young audience but don’t patronise them by dumbing something down or censoring a story. ATLA has some very messed up themes, and the Zuko redemption for me to this day is still my favourite character arc ever written. It was perfect.

So yes I love all these shows lmao


request : hi i just read your last zen angst and i loved it can you write the others rfa members+v+saeran breaking up with mc and realizing they made the wrong decision bc they still love her


     “MC?” Saeran spoke into the phone. He couldn’t do this face to face, he would feel too guilty.

     “Yes?” Their naturally cheerful voice filled the silence.

     Could he do this? Was this really the right choice? He messed with his jacket and awkwardly sighed.

     He continued speaking while his throat was dry, “I think we should…breakup. Yeah we are broken up!” Saeran hung up and threw his phone across the room. He did it.

     What he didn’t know was MC had been at the house. So they knocked and he went to answer it not expecting them to be there. Opening the door he saw them standing there with tears rolling down their face, holding their phone up to their ear, standing still.

     “Broken up? This is a joke…right?”

      The atmosphere felt so wrong and uncomfortable so Saeran did what he could and yelled that it wasn’t a joke and he slammed the door. Wasn’t this supposed to be right, so why did he feel so bad? He didn’t love her like he thought he did, that was what he had been telling himself.

     It was all wrong, in only a matter of seconds he could already feel that it was wrong. He quickly opened the door and yelled after them, but they just kept walking away.

     Now he was the one with tears rolling down his face.

Something I wish my kid-self knew

The nicest people I have had the privilege to know have tattoos, dreads, and complicated home lives, they don’t have college degrees or new cars, they smoke weed, and get speeding tickets, they have messed up in the past and sometimes are still living it, they have mental illnesses, and social phobias, and they are the kindest, most understanding, most accepting, friendliest people I have had the honor to know.

Day 206

Due to unusual circumstances I was able to take up the “role” of an anti-social drug addict this weekend. I have to admit that after having performed a bunch of rude gestures, insulted a few “like minded” and “chilled” in more or less public places while missing one shoe, walking and running around at night, smoking, I find it difficult to let go.
However, my hair has turned into a “mess”, my shirt smelled of sweat, alcohol and less healthy fluids, I was missing my “favourite” shoes and the dark under-eye circles I put on with make-ip began to appear more realistic the longer it took.
I remember being an “intolerable” show-off, quoting from various sources and speaking in at least three languages, annoying a drunk enough to throw an mainly empty milkshake cup at me.
But there were also “kind” people, one offered me a “weapon” to defend myself, one gave me a drink and an other one offered to have my back while I slept. There was a very young man who continued to play his time-worn violin only stopping once to eat and then to find an other place. There was a corpulent woman that hold unto the hand of a man who had not many teeth left. There was a group of teens sticking papers to walls and fences with personal signs and advertisement for various bands on them and there was a probably lonely man who wanted to convince people that “God was love”.
There were police officers and growling dogs and some “high” young adults smelling of puke that looked at the sky searching for stellar constellations behind the clouds, trying to name them themselves.
There was a person traveling around talking to me about dark chocolate, not knowing when they would find “home”.
Nights in big cities turn people into someone else, but not necessarily into a villain. Though people seem to belief that truth, even those who wander in the dark.
It seems that at night when you enjoy yourself, shouting out “death treats” and rolling on the smelly, black appearing grass after a physical fight, you must cling to yourself and every distraction to strongly to judge.
People at three am are fundamentally rude, but they don’t condemn you, they care or they forget, because there are more important things than you.
People at three am might have this advantage on everyone else.
It is amusingly ironic that they can’t know that, because as soon as they did they would loose it.

(-confession/lie 103)

feedback grinds my gears
and scrapes against [against]
my spinalcord, my nerves
[nerves, nerves,, nerves]
wither and die, [die] but are
reborn in a sludge of sound
[sound (SOUND) sounds],,
nothing is contained except
for the pure unadulterated
S E N S E   of   D  O  O  M ..
call it “demise” but i know
[i know (know) [know]]
what it is [Is] and what to
call it as it dies & forms again
—  speed up the record, play it backwards, forwards, any way you want, but it’s still the same sort of lo-fi mess, a kind of sustained shriek, a kind of rapturous shout (through pain and confusion we’re formed again).

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What are your thoughts on Azula?

hi, again! look, i seem to have unpopular opinions when it comes to the fandom’s favourite villain. so i’m not going to go into too much detail, because it will probably bite me in the ass if i do, it’s happened before lmao

i think a//zu//la was an extremely talented and impressive firebender, i also think she was abused by her father as child and throughout the time he was the firelord and this affected her terribly. i believe the reason she’s so twisted is because of that emotional abuse

however, i do not think she was “savage” or whatever. the things she said to others at times weren’t just snide jabs, they were like… seriously messed up. stuff like “should i throw you to the tides that will kill you, or will you listen to me who’s still mulling it over.” ???? in what life is it okay to say that to someone lmao why does the fandom praise her so much for saying things like that

i do believe she was redeemable. after all, she behaves the way she does because of the terrible circumstances she was raised in and it’s been proven possible by her brother. she even shows she could possibly redeem herself in the beach episode and the finale, she just had to learn how. the reason i’m not necessarily an a//zu//la stan is because she never really took any action to change throughout the seasons, she continued to be ruthless and cold and in some ways cruel. i guess what i’m saying is i don’t want to view her as a role model. i think she was an excellent, three dimensional villain and that’s the extent i go when it comes to admiring her


Taehyung sighed as Jimin dragged him towards the first floor of their student residence, where some kind of party was thrown in Jackson Wang’s flat, official Party King of the whole university. 

“Chim, I really don’t have time for another party,” Taehyung repeated for the twenty-fifth time this evening.

“TaeTae, you gotta loosen up, classes started only two weeks ago, you still got time before any exam session yet,” Jimin repeated as well, for the twenty-fifth time too.

“I know, but apparently there is this freshman that everyone calls the Golden Boy. People say it’s hundred percent sure he’s going to win the University Honor Price this year, and you KNOW it is MINE.” Taehyung growled, just as they walked in the flat. 

The whole place was already a mess. People were everywhere, some grinding against each other as some EDM music was playing, other engaged in some alcohol game in the kitchen, some on the couches doing some bongs. 

“Come on TaedyBear, just try to have some fun, ‘mkay?” Jimin said, letting go of his hand. “I’ll try to find Hoseokkie-Hyung, see ya later!” The older said, grinning, before turning around and disappearing in the crowd.

“Try not to hump each other in the bathroom this time!” Taehyung yelled at him from a distance, smirking.
He shook his head and rubbed his eyes, sighing. There was no way he would have fun this evening. He walked to the side of the room, leaning against the wall, watching the other college students enjoying themselves. He looked down at himself, and grimaced at his clothes. Five minutes before leaving for the party, Jimin had pounced on him as he was studying at his desk, nearly ripping his t-shirt, and had made him put on a nicer shirt and matching choker. He had nearly lost an eye as Jimin had smudged some eyeliner under his eyes. Unfortunately, he had never had the time to change pants, and still was in his old sweatpants and flip flops.

“Nice style.”

Taehyung was put out of his reverie as he heard someone talk next to him. He blinked and turned on his left, only to see the hottest guy he had ever seen before. The guy in front of him had the body of a athlete, but also had a cute face, and the mix of both was mesmerizing. 

Well, maybe he could have fun, in the end.

“Thanks, I put a lot of thoughts into it,” He drawled, tilting his head on his side. 

The guy laughed, revealing a set of slight bunny teeth, making him even more endearing. 

“So, what are you doing here alone, not meddling with others?”  Bunny-Greek-God Guy asked.

“No one seemed meedling-worthy enough,” Teahyung grinned, making the guy laugh.

“Am I worthy enough, then?” BunBun Guy asked, swinging his red solo cup in his hand. 

Taehyung looked at him slowly up and down, taking his time, watching the other’s Adam’s apple bob. Oh, he could lick that alright.

“I guess so.” Taehyung smirked lazily. 

“Glad to hear it,” The Guy replied, finishing his drink. “So, what’s your name?” He asked.

Taehyung chuckled. “You’re new here, aren’t you? A freshman, I guess. Well, I’ll let you know the first rule of Jackson Wang’s Parties. If you don’t already know the person, you don’t need a name. Names will be known later, once you know if they’re worthy of being known or not.” 

Greek God licked his bottom lip and smiled. “I see. Thanks for letting me know. And indeed I’m a freshman.” He said, making a step closer. Taehyung grinned and got closer as well.

“Well then, Stranger, wanna get out of here?”

Some plot from before the fox shit happened, the first meeting between TaeTae and Jeon Jungkook. 

First time writting some kind of story in English, hope it’s good enough to be read :)

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I don't hold out any hope for romantic Bellarke. The writers have messed up season 4 dismally. It started out with huge potential and high hopes but crashed when they separated the delinquents and Bellamy and Clarke. They have noticeable shifted to platonic Bellarke, hence Bob's 'transcends romance' because well they just aren't telling that story anymore. I have lost all hope and truthfully nothing they do can recover from season 4 failure. I lost all hope and won't return for season 5.

Eh. I mean, I very much think S4 has been messy and infuriating on all levels.

I still don’t have any real doubt about Bellarke though, even if we don’t get much in this finale. I think they consciously pressed pause on Bellarke after 4x06 because they wanted to put a season between Lexa dying and Bellarke happening. Their execution of this has been…poor, to say the least, but yeah.

And I’ve never viewed transcending romance as a bad thing. Personally, I’ve always described this ship in that way.

All that being said, if it’s causing you stress then do what you need to do. I’m not going to try to convince you. You can always check back in when they happen and save yourself the day to day grind.

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oh, I misexplained! The Walk is structured so you don't actually listen to the acting while you walk- you can walk whenever and listen to whatever. The walking just unlocks the bits of acting and you can sit around and listen to it in one go by itself.

Yes but – you’re still listening to basically podcast at some point, yes? Which is the primary reason I don’t use those apps – I time my walking and running to music, so an app would interrupt that timing. (IE – I use a long song for running, then a short song, sometimes one I’ve edited to a specific length, for walking.) If I’m listening to spoken word, which I don’t have a time-duration for, then my timing is messed up. I don’t listen to spoken word when running because I use music to keep a beat, but I also can’t listen to it when walking because it will extend my walking time. 

So spoken-word apps don’t really appeal to me for working out, but I appreciate the thought! 

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Brooke, one question I'm always wondering, if SRK and PC are dating, do you think they could ever get married? I ship it strongly ( not because i have hatred for Gauri I just really like the chemistry between PC and him)

I don’t think they’re dating anymore tbh. But I think SRK’s image could have survived a divorce…just not a Dharmendra situation where he has two wives simultaneously. He’s always been known as a family man and I think he could get away with ~falling in love~ with another woman, but after Abram was born in the middle of that scandal and stories of him secretly marrying PC while still being married to Gauri…nah, they messed that all up.

I don’t see him ever leaving Gauri tbh. Whatever arrangement they have is obviously working for them, even if they’re just co-parenting at this point. Unless someone else makes him REALLY want to commit, I think things will stay as they are.

I just want to say (maybe I’m crazy but still) that I think Sana added Surah Al-Kafirun (The Disbelievers) to her prayer.

First, if you don’t know, a Surah is basically a chapter of the Quran and in your prayers you recite them. In your prayer, the first Surah is Surah Al-Fatiha (it’s basically the opening of your prayer) and then you follow with the Surahs of your choice. Typically, many either follow with Surah Al-Ikhlas or add Surah(s) of their choice in between.
Sana said Surah Al-Fatiha then Surah Al-Kafirun and Surah Al-Ikhlas. She would mess up a little bit during her prayer and start saying Surah Al-Ikhlas but then stop herself and start Surah Al-Kafirun. Of course this could also be because she was distracted thinking of all the hate she would receive. But I don’t think it’s a coincidence that they chose Surah Al-Kafirun of all Surahs ? Either way, if it is what I think then it breaks my heart not because it’s bad or anything but because that means she added it because of what happened and for her to add it to her prayer means it affected her so deeply I wanna cry.

However, please don’t take this as fact. It is just an interpretation of mine after watching the last clip and is in no way confirmed by canon.