but still if i messed up

Just one wish. I wish I could have that one wish, a wish to change and erase all the mistakes I’ve made. And trust me I’ve made a lot of them, or don’t trust me, cause I can’t even trust myself at this point. I’ve messed up so many times that I don’t even like talking to people because I’m always expected to talk about myself when I have no clue who I am. I haven’t given up though cause my heart is still beating, my passion is still beating and I have to stop beating myself up for all my mistakes. My one wish instead, is to finally forgive myself.

Really unpopular opinion that reveals how nuts I am...

Yet another sign that something is deeply wrong with me: I actually ship Rogan even harder AFTER the revival. Yes, it showed them at their most messy and least ethical. Objectively, I hate how the revival depicted both of them as having regressed to their worst selves. But, intentionally or not, the revival also illuminated for me just how enduring and unbreakable their bond is. They’re still each other’s person. They still turn to each other, go out of their way to help each other, are irresistibly drawn together even when ethics and circumstances dictate that they shouldn’t be, and they still just GET each other on every level. Their connection had often been dismissed as shallow and fleeting, but here it was, still strong and powerful after all these years and in spite of all the reasons they should have severed ties.  They struck me as more emotionally tied together than ever before. I saw two messed up people, yes, but I also saw two people who truly love each other, who will never care quite as deeply or powerfully for anyone else as they do for one another, and who are still meant to be together even though they’re currently too proud and screwed up to admit it. 

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Why were season 1 and (kinda) season 2 so tightly wound and cohesive, with season 3 and onward feeling like complete messes? It actually felt like the show was well-thought out and going somewhere at one point.

i was thinking about it too. like after the cluster and malachite arc, it was like “well what now?”

i love hit the diamond (still one of my favorite episodes from the show) but i feel so damn frustrated that when the rubies showed up, they were only here for jasper. Not to capture and interrogate peridot.

It seems like later on the writers ended up developing an ego for themselves, assuming they can just throw in whatever shit they want and people would suck it up, and for a while they did. hell i wont deny it and act like i was never in love with season 3 when i first saw it.

nothing was built up anymore. Remember how the show kept hinting at the diamonds, at garnet being a fusion, pearl being a slave, amethyst being overcooked, the fact that there’s remnants of a long forgotten gem war. Fucking BISMUTH being implied all the way back in season 1.

Now we have shit pop up out of no where and the writers still expect the audience to be impressed by it. Rose being framed COULD have been clever if it was properly set up, but blue zircon’s argument made absolute jackshit because we, the audience, were not given any hints or clues for how this could be. This show keeps making baity trailers like “oh snap guys! shits gonna get real now!” but everything’s reserved to one bomb or special, and the aftermath is rarely felt. 

our second to last bomb raised so many questions but all it did was make steven go “aw my mom made the genocidal slave owner cry :/”. REBECCA! YOU CANT JUST DO THAT AND EXPECT US TO BE INVESTED.

it’s a show of a downgrade in writing (i mean zuke was being super self indulgent and it took almost 2 seasons for her to finally stop???) and the writers just losing touch. they cant keep having emotional and melodramatic episodes and skimp out on the action, worldbuilding and ACTUAL tension this show used to have

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BTS reaction where he is in love with you but is too scared to confess and accidentally let’s it slip

A/N: to be completely honest I don’t think they would be very scared to confess to you about their feelings. I changed it up a little bit so I hope I didn’t mess this up completely and you still like it. Let me know what you think!

You were on the couch, reading your favorite book and listening to your favorite song on loop. You were so immersed in the text that you didn’t see him looking at you from afar. He thought you were so beautiful with your hair on a loose messy bun and legs crossed. The book was resting on your lap over a colorful pillow. Your head bobbed in rhythm with the music and your lips mouthed the words on the paper.

Grabbing his phone Namjoon quickly typed you a message and pressed send. A few seconds later the book was on your lap and your attention on the smartphone. He watched as you giggled at the text he had just sent. Your reaction gave him the courage to approach and sit next to you on the couch. “What are you reading?” he seemed to be genuinely interested when he lifted the book and read the title. “I never thought someone I liked would read a book like this. Because this is a book that I really enjoyed when I read it.” His words left his mouth faster than what he had time to process. When he realized what he had said it was too late. Shyly looking at you he examined your reaction. You were blushing and looking at your lap. Were you reciprocating his feelings?

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Seokjin approached you more confidently and sat down with his book which he opened and pretended to read. When you lifted your gaze to his reading figure he mimicked your movement and flashed a smile. “What are you reading?” You showed him the front cover and he read the title out loud. With a sly smile he lifted his own book only to reveal it was the same book. “What is your favorite quote from the book?” it took you a few moments to find the right paragraph. He longed to hear your voice and when you started reading he closed his eyes to absorb the tone better. When you asked him the same question, he flipped the book to page 45 and began reading. “I love you.”

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Yoongi used his special weapon, Holly, to lure you in. When the small dog approached you and jumped on the couch next to you and gradually invading your lap, you noticed the small note attached to Holly’s collar. You let the book drop to the side and unwrapped the small paper. It was like a time machine had taken you back to the fifth grade, because Yoongi had scribbled a confession and then had drawn two squares for you to check. I like you. Would you like to go grab coffee with me? yes. no.

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Hoseok would take an unusual route to overcome his anxiety of confessing to you. He would record his voice confessing to you using different accents and words and showing himself that it wasn’t as scary as that, when he accidentally pressed send on one of the recordings. That’s when he panicked and ran to find you sitting on the couch. “Don’t listen to that!” he shouted in panic but you had already pressed play. “You like me?”

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Jimin had been very clingy lately and when you finally got some time alone to read you took every minute you could get out of it. It wasn’t like you didn’t like the attention he was giving, but it was such a sudden change that you needed time to adjust. He would sometimes leave texts about what he was doing and how he was feeling which made you laugh. He would use funny words and use aegyo to get his point across. After another flirty text you shouted loudly. “Jimin-a, you like me, don’t you?” Soon after a panicked and laughing Jimin came from the other side of the dorm with a smile that betrayed him. “Don’t shout! Someone might hear!”

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Taehyung wouldn’t necessarily say anything directly to you, but everyone else in the room could feel the tension when he looked at you. He would try to convey his feelings through actions and body language, sometimes touching his lips when talking to you, sometimes placing a hand on your lower back to let you know he was there. When he spotted you sitting alone, he moved behind you and made his presence known by breathing warm air, which touched your neck, sending shivers down your spine and a hot burn in your stomach. “What would you say if I said I liked you more than friends?” His breath lingered on your ear long after he had already left.

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Jungkook would be the most shy since you were older than him. He didn’t want to ruin anything and say something that would scare you away. He would sit down next to you and steal glances at your reading figure. Since you had earbuds on he would whisper how beautiful you were and how much he wanted to tell you how he felt. He was so absorbed in his thinking that he hadn’t realized you were all ears listening to his mumbling. “What did you say Jungkook?”

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so yeah, I changed this up quite a bit, but only because I feel like this would be more natural. Please don’t hate me, and do stop by the ask box again in the future.

hoseok: we’ve been performing that song for months, namjoon. i can’t believe you didn’t say my name to hype me up right when i needed you to say it.

namjoon: i was- i-

yoongi: there goes my revenge. look who’s not getting laid today *evil smirk*

namjoon: hoseok, wait! *glares at yoongi* okay, you win! *runs after hoseok*

yoongi: i always do?

seokjin: as if you’re getting laid tonight too, yoongi. stop messing with them.

yoongi: but namjoon was the one-

seokjin: don’t put the blame on others when it’s your fault. man up. *leaves*

yoongi: jinnie, wait! aish! *runs after seokjin*

jimin: we’re the youngest couple here yet we’re the mature ones most of the time.

jungkook: it’s because you can’t stay mad at me for more than 30 seconds.

jimin: it’s because i love you too much, my baby boy *kisses the tip of jungkook’s nose*

taehyung, watching all of it from afar: when will i ever *ugly cries*

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god... why, just why? this was embarassing for everyone involved

Hi anon,

You know what when they mentioned it on Friday - I died inside at the thought but they seemed to dismiss and Liam was like ‘no’

and yet they did, and referenced something from years ago with her which says a lot anyway but if this was their big idea, or R1 thought it was something that would hit their target audience then I’m just at a loss.

And he’d done so well performing, managed to get a bit of BF in there and then Grimshaw and Ora do that.   

He can’t even have that without that mess being brought up. 

It’s so embarrassing and to be fair I think they realised as soon as they went on that it hadn’t worked that said they still did it, I hope its worth the pay cheque they got for it.  And I hope someone realises and pulls the plug on the entire mess of a ‘relationship’ soon because it’s literally being mocked by people and has for some time. 

This also doesn’t happen with other people with their kids.  

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Ooh, I like your poly story version. If it’s not too repetitive, how about kirideku, kiribaku, and tododeku? (Izuku and Kiri each get two boyfriends because they’re dears!)

Ooh, ooh. I got this. I GOT THIS.

I know it’s probably repetitive to say enemies to lovers on Tododeku but here’s this. They start off as rivals but Izuku starts to fall first, and won’t move forward with it because he’s pretty sure Todoroki still hates him. Meanwhile, Kiribaku are slow-burning it up, and it’s a mess of mutual pining where Kirishima isn’t sure if Bakugou likes him that way. Kirishima and Izuku confide in one another and come to a possibile solution.


Basically it’s a mutual wingman situation and it ends with Kiribaku and Tododeku with a sort of ambiguously queerplatonic situation with Kirideku and everyone’s thoroughly happy.

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ed's blood isn't red tho

This is legitimately what happened, I honestly still can’t believe I managed to screw up by forgetting Eridan’s horns, mess up his blood color and giving his shoes the wrong design. But the thing that really puts the nail in the coffin is the fact I showed all the mods - we even had a discussion about the fact he didn’t wear a cape when he died…. BUT NOBODY NOTICED ALL THE EXTREMELY OBVIOUS MISTAKES. THIS POST WAS IN THE QUEUE FOR LIKE 3 DAYS. 

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I don’t like writing about mafia because this makes me uncomfortable so I made Champagnepapi!Tom. Hope you still like it :)

- Champagnepapi! Tom is the charming little shit that walked into your life and messed up everything;
- You had a boyfriend and a housemate but you lose both of them to move with Tom and start your love story;
- Tom was everything a woman could ask for and he treated you like a Queen”;
- He also called you ‘his queen’;
- He would make you feel and try things you could just dream of;
- Tasting food from all the corners of the globe;
- Drinking the best wines straight from Italy and France;
- Buying you tickets for your favourite city for your birthday;
- Under the sheets he would be a real gentleman;
- But also a little shit;
- He lives for making you squirm under him;
- Making you cum at least three time in a round;
- Because he loves how you moan his name with your eyes closed and short breath;
- Loving tight riding;
- Imagine tight riding his Armani trousers and ruin them;
- He would be so upset because it was a unique suit so he would make you pay for that all night long until you are completely exhausted;
- I think he would secretly open a bank account for your future babies;
- Even if you haven’t spoken yet about this he’s sure he wants to spend the rest of his life with you;
- He would buy you a puppy so you can train with animals before having children;
- Bye, I’m dead :)

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I came out to my friends about two months ago as ftm and they've been really good about using my name although they still struggle with pronouns. The thing is, the pronouns don't bother me right now because I'm not able to fully come out, so while they're working on using he/him, it doesn't bother me when they say she/her. It makes me feel like I'm faking being trans because it doesn't bother me. It constantly kicks up my anxiety because I feel like I'm really just a butch lesbian. Sigh.

You’re not faking it. Some people can be more comfortable with certain things than others. I’m the same way, wrong pronouns really don’t mess me up as much! You are still trans and still 100% valid

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How about Laf and reader trying to decorate their home for Halloween, but chaos ensues? Like Laf getting wrapped up in the fake web and/or other things?

Decorating for Halloween is supposed to be a fun and easy task, something that takes a few hours and then is done. 

Well, that’s not exactly how it goes at your house. 

“Mon amour! A little help here!” 

You can hear Laf calling for you from downstairs and you groan, how difficult is it to scatter some fake cobwebs around the Bannister? It was only supposed to take a few minutes and he’s still up there, hopefully he hasn’t made a mess. 

“What is it?” you ask, making your way up the stairs and sighing as you take in the scene in front of you. 

Laf has managed to get the fake cobwebs tangled all in his hair and his clothes, and he looks at your with a defeated look on his face. 

“I tried to keep Stella away from them because I was trying to set them up and then this happened,” he says, glaring at your cat out the side of his eye. 

Your cat Stella is in the corner, happily cleaning her paws as you start to pull the cobwebs from his hair. 

“Ow! Y/N that hurts,” he whines. 

“Let’s take this downstairs, then you can be in charge of decorating anything you can’t get tangled in,” you tell him with a teasing smile. 

A Man’s First Love | Kim Jaehwan

This is my first imagine , I will try my best to write in bullet type , but I’m not good at it ,but still.

This is a Jaehwan scenario but I love my baby woojin too much so yeah 🙄

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• okay so let’s start

• Kim jaehwan belongs to a group of boys who are famous for stealing girls heart and play with them.

• but still , Jaehwan is far from them , and he never tried to mess around with any girls , he’s a softie :))

• his friends noticed that thing about jaehwan , and they did questioned him about it too , only to be shrugged by him.

• “ there’s still a lot of things to mess with. Besides , I respek women ” , he responded with his made up smirk every time someone asked him that.

• it’s not that no girls ever tried to flirt with him. He even pushed away the hottie of their school.

• “ sorry but I’m gay ” , he said and clung his arm onto Minhyun’s arm , before getting a smack from that hansom guy.

• and since that day , every girls’ dream were crushed

• one day , Jaehwan overheard Kang Daniel’s conversation with their fellow friends.

• Kang Daniel and Jaehwan are in the same grade , but attend different classes.

• “ What are you guys talking about ? ” , Jaehwan asked as he butted in the conversation .

• Daniel said it’s nothing , just about the new girl in his literature class. Jaehwan suspected something because Daniel usually talked about that topic with an excited note but he wasn’t today.

• Daniel said the girl is below his standard , since she is just a regular looking girl. BASIC. and that convo just passed like that.

• until the day Minhyun asked Jaehwan to come with him to Daniel’s classroom and they met again .

• jaehwan did recognised the girl , but she didn’t. She just walked passed by Jaehwan who froze at that moment.

• since that day , jaehwan came regularly to Daniel’s classroom , and intentionally showing his face to the girl , and getting ignored since she ignored everyone.

• eventhough it’s been 12 years (they met when they were toddlers ) , jaehwan still recognised the girl for the mole she have at the corner of her left brow.

• after weeks of appearing in front of the girl , finally jaehwan have the chance to be partner with the girl , since they took an additional subject together. Still , she didn’t recognised him.

• “ I’m (r/n) , I just moved here ” , she told him when the teacher isn’t watching . Jaehwan’s heart almost jump off when he saw that significant smile of her. Eventhough her chubby baby cheeks have gone , and she’s now wearing a spectacle , that smile still looked the same.

• “ I’m Kim jaehwan ” , jaehwan introduced himself again after 12 years , shaking hands with the girl.

• they soon start to hang out together , and it’s seems like the girl still don’t remember jaehwan at all.

• the rumour about them saying that they are dating spread fast , agreed by Jaehwan but disagreed by the girl.

• it took about thousands advice from Minhyun before jaehwan actually made his first step

• he asked the girl to meet him at the café where the students usually hang out together , so that it won’t be too awkward

• he started with asking about where she was for the past 12 years

• “ how come you don’t remember me ? When I only have you in my mind ? ” , Jaehwan’s words made the girl furrowed her eyebrows . He also shoved a keychain that was gifted by the girl to him 12 years before.

• “ I’m sorry , but do you know me ? ” , the girl’s words frustrating Jaehwan , making him to yell about the time when he kept appearing in front of her , and he asked if she’s pretending not to know him right now.

• “ No , i mean do you know me before I leave ? Do you know where my parents lived at ? ” “ Do you know my parents too ? ” , the girl asked , with hope in her eyes. She gripped onto the sleeve of Jaehwan’s uniform.

• “ What.. what do you mean ? ” , Jaehwan asked in confusion . Is this girl playing or what?

• it happens to be that the girl involved in an accident before she moved back. She lost her memories and also her grandparents who she lived with for 12 years.

• she only know the town where she used to live , but she don’t remember exactly where she used to live , or how her parents looked like

• she moved back with hope that someone could help her , only to find no one remembers her at all , and there’s Jaehwan :))

• after she told him the whole story , jaehwan can’t help but to hug her ,and promising that he would help her

• he started by bringing her to her home , and meeting with her parents, and witnessing the sad family reunion :’(

• he also helps to get her used with their old friends again , and soon , she started to regain her memories again

• jaehwan started to be close to her , and she started to hang out with jaehwan and Minhyun.

• “ I really appreciate your help jaehwan. Thank you for still remembering me ” , she thanked him when they were walking home from library

• “ ah , don’t you think you should repay my kindness ? ” , Jaehwan asked playfully, and getting his face near the girl , making she back away before flicking his forehead.

• “ don’t do that. How much I pay you ? ” , she asked , shrugging to get rid of her excitement just now.

• “ not much ” , jaehwan said , before intertwining their fingers together .

•" just stip denying to the guys that we’re dating . I’m so tired answering the same question “ , jaehwan said without any hesitation , and start swinging their hands together

• the girl’s face went red , but she just nod then , before looking away and grinning to herself.

• ” ahh , so we have mutual feeling right ? Then why are you pushing me away when I’m trying to be sweet with you , I also want to show my manly side “ , jaehwan said with a sulk

• ” it’s not healthy to have your heart jumping out of nowhere “ , the girl said after flicking Jaehwan’s forehead again . From that moment , the rumour about Jaehwan is a gay for Minhyun were taken down .


• from a hidden corner , Minhyun is watching Jaehwan and the girl while sobbing to himself.

OEMji sorry for the terrible storyline :(

Still , since I’m the shameless humanbeing, I do accept request (if any of you sending :’(() even though my writing is bad. Feel free to request and have your expectations of my writing crushed :D also , please pray for me and my final examination too 💌💌

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I leb u my all main :’)

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I leb u too my woojinnie baby :’(

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That Ghiaccio date scenario was so incredibly lovely! ^*^ Could I ask for something similar with Illuso? Like what kind of date he would take his s/o on, what he likes for them to do together and so on? Thank you so much, dear!

Here you are @ctromedea. I’m sorry it took so long lol. If you don’t like it you can bitch me out. XD

You finish the last part of your lipstick. You lined your lips perfectly, and bam! There’s you boyfriend popping up. “Are you ready, amour?”

Even after all this time with Illuso you are still not use to him popping up in your mirrors. Even though it happens at least once a day, at the most unflattering times, like after a shower. You’re just glad you didn’t mess up your lipstick. “Yes. Are you ready?”

“Just one minute.” You roll your eyes. He could have been finishing while he was scaring you. You laugh to yourself imagining Illuso fixing his hair. That’s all he could be doing.

You walk to the living room. “Let’s go babe", Illuso says while grabbing your arm and leading you out and into his car.
You go to his favorite burger place. Maybe you wouldn’t have worn this lipstick if you knew you would be eating something so greasy. Conversation come and goes, but that’s how Illuso is. You watch him watch others. People watching is a huge part of spending time with him. But so is watching nature. Some of your first dates have been you two watching nature in a park with some tea.
Tonight is good, nice wine, pretty people, and a beautiful interior of the restaurant.
You two pay and he takes you to a nice lingerie store. “What are we doing here?”

Illuso grins at you and says, “Get something you like. It’s on me.” You get scared when he goes on missions, but the pay out has it’s perks. You choose a nice outfit, excited you’ll get to wear it soon.

As you enter the car and Illuso says, “Now we’re going somewhere I like.” You smile, it’s rare you’re not the only one choosing we’re to go on your nights out. Not that it’s bad to choose where you two go, you love shopping.

He pulls up to a humidor. Illuso smokes? You walk in and go straight to the back, through a door that leads to a huge lounge. It looks like the perfect study. Books line the walls, shields of cherry wood shine in the soft yellow light, and leather couches are scattered through out.

Illuso goes to the pool table, greeting the three others in the lounge. He sits you down and pours you a glass of red wine. He pulls a cigar out of a pocket and begins to smoke. Wow, I guess he does smoke.

After a good puff Iluso begins, “I like coming here to get way. No mirrors, no people, just a nice escape from life. Just drink, smoke, read.”

“I can see the appeal. But there’s no music.”
Illuso gets up and leaves for a moment. A nocturne play, Chopin No. 20. You’re favorite. You smile and get cozy in your seat. After a few glasses and a few nocturnes Illuso offers his hand. You look around and see the lounge is empty. You take his hand, eyeing him.
“What”, you ask?

He wraps an warm around you and says, “Dance with me.”

You end your date dancing and drinking in a hide away lounge.