I’m a child


Hey- a small reminder that everyone, even the most praised artists (where I certainly don’t fit), has to start somewhere!!
If your drawings looks weird, off, inferior, or just not right in your eyes, remember: keep on going!!

Don’t let yourself be dragged down by other’s comments, draw for yourself and keep improving until you get to the point where your art is nice to yourself!!! And maybe even after that, don’t stop polishing it!!!

My art isn’t perfect, or the highest quality, but I can proudly say I’ve improved a lot since I started with ponies, and I’m sure you’re great at whatever you’re doing atm!!

You’re amazing and talented, I love you, never give up ♡

I don’t know why people have to put licenses for so much on the GTN. Here I am just trying to buy my stupid gal a lil exoboar or a vine cat and they’re 19 million and up. Look here - I have 4 million saved up right now. This ain’t cool.

Things I really liked about Spiderman Homecoming
  • I don’t know if it was properly representative of Queens, but at least it wasn’t a 100% whitewashed Queens
  • The love interest was black, and portrayed as popular and desirable, and was smart enough to be captain of the academic decathalon team.
  • Spider-man cries.  Several times. Not just at the peak-drama moment, but when he’s disappointed, or scared, or lonely
  • Aunt May taking care of him in all the little ways
  • Peter Parker’s T-shirts
  •  All the times it was clear that he hero-worships IronMan, but is actually more like Captain America
  • Captain America cameos
  • Pepper Potts
  • The villian’s loyalty to people under his protection
  • The second post-credits scene
  • The accuracy of two nerds just geeking out constantly

And the #1 thing I absolutely loved about this movie: Michelle