but srsly those hands

spideyydarling  asked:

Okay and also, like, wrapping all the presents you picked out while Christmas shopping and tom being SO GOOD AT WRAPPING (because srsly try and tell me those hands aren’t good at wrapping) and you’re totally horrible and he teaches u and it’s just so CUTE AND FLUFF SND FGSJSISB AHH

omg i was just thinking about this??? like he’d have a whole system where he’s got a bunch of pre-cut pieces of tape off the side of the table so he can just grab it and stick it on. and you just furrow your eyebrows at him bc he’s singing a christmas song under his breath, looking like he’s having an amazing time and you look down at your crumpled paper and messily wrapped gift. “need some help love?” and he’d sit behind you and guides you to wrap the gift and you just giggle and he’d kiss the back of your neck softly and sing christmas songs in your ear and bYE

festive friday!🎄🌟💞


I called this gif simply “no”, and it may be the most accurately named gif I have ever created.