but srsly the tree


Brooke Davis + feathers for @ever-so-plucky

Haley: You know, the Devil doesn’t have sequins, or feathers. Or breasts, for that matter.
Brooke: Well, in my universe, she does.


Missed opportunities:

  • He could have easily cleared that shit like parting the red sea and they’d have moved on.
  • He should have thrown the fucking crate at the tarkata.
  • Throw all of the fucking crates and take plenty out in process of clearing the way.
  • Or not do anything and wow-out, fuck you Kotal, fuck you D’vorah, fuck you Erron. Random citizen by the fruit stand you’re cool, fuck everybody else! We are OUT!
  • T.O.P: *tries to find a reasonable excuse why he didn't attend CEO's party*
  • T.O.P: Because... well... err... because...
  • GD: He was filming his movie at that time *smiles smiles*
  • T.O.P: Yeah, that was it!
  • MC1: That's why you need friends!
  • MC2: Awh, GD helped you, that's nice from him!
  • T.O.P: *higfives GD*
  • GD: *dying in happiness*
  • Me: Get fuckin' married already you disgust me