but srsly that fox

  • Canon Frisk: climbs up a mountain and falls down without breaking any of their bones and still being able to walk
  • Canon Frisk: gets shot by a demon flower after the hundred feet drop onto only a pile of flowers and can still LIVE
  • Canon Frisk: literally the difference between life and death for mostly every single character
  • Canon Frisk: carries an emotionless expression 24/7
  • Canon Frisk: can apparently survive in the hottest temperature underground in clothes
  • Canon Frisk: can get eaten by a massive spider ad SURVIVE
  • Canon Frisk: under risk of being blown up by a blood thirsty magical sex robot and yet still perseveres
  • Canon Frisk: can beat up a bigger flame-throwing bomb-dropping demon flower although it is powerful as all hell
  • Canon Frisk: can beat up a skeleton although it is all powerful and controls skeletal heads that blow lasers
  • Canon Frisk: can beat up a massive flying rainbow goat furry that can destroy all of time and space as it pleases
  • Undertale Fandom: look at that cute innocent smol child

SO I AM LITERALLY IN LOVE WITH @potsdump ’s FOX PRINCE AU!!! Baekhyunnie is just so pretty I needed to draw it *ㅅ*

((Sorry abt the background I’m not very good @ them ;__; )