but srsly stop making that face

:re 144 spoilers o//

Inner Kaneki psyche

Sasaki Haise: How about this?
Kaneki Ken (Shiro): That’s good
Associate special class Sasaki Haise (Black Reaper): Stop fucking around
Kaneki Ken (Kuro): It’s not Juuzou-kun who’s bad… I am the bad one..
Kaneki Ken (Kuro Kid) & Kaneki Ken (Shiro Kid): Poor him..
240: *wailing*
Black reaper: Shut up! Go back to Cochlea!!
Haise: Uh… So what should we do? I…

I wanna go meet Touka-chan too! Me too. Me too. ..Me too. Uwaaa (240 lmao). Me too. Wanna meet her…
I mean, we haven’t even decided on the child’s name.
Touka-chan’s and mine child!
Touka-chan’s pretty bad at Japanese so… she might pick a weird name.
Don’t make fun of Touka-chan!



Squad(?): Hajime… Squad Leader!
Hajime: How..’s my face..? A face of a pretty boy?

Clips that Kaneki’s “hearing”: Ah, and again, athlete Kaneki has lost! Seem’s he got it wrong again! It’s all for nothing! You’re nothing but promises!  Why are you always like this! He wasn’t strong enough! Srsly!Fuck! Stand up!! Please do it properly! Do your best!  Fighting! We are cheering for you! Why can’t you do it?! STOP SLEEPING! Fight till death! Fight! Get up and fight! Otherwise we won’t forgive you!!

Someone: Good morning.

Kaneki(?): [Touka-chan. Touka-chan. Touka-chan Touka-chan. Touka-chan Touka-chan.]

A fictional? Suzuya vs Kaneki tournament (I can’t see well so just.. roughly)

It’s a battle which will decide outcome of CCG and Ghouls… A dreadful final battle!

The audience is going back and forth between “But he even has Arata on… even with his Kagune, how far could he possibly…” “He will win, hey.”

Kaneki: I won’t go easy on you, Juuzou-kun.
Suzuya: I have things I want to protect too, Haise… no, Kaneki Ken, right?

Touka: Kaneki… Win…

Kaneki: [Touka-chan… Everyone… This is the only way towards a co-existence of ghouls and humans in this world… I won’t lose!!] Here I go!

Kaneki to Kaneki

That is.. a human. And a kid, too.
I don’t care. I won’t back down.
I can’t do anything but to pluck anything I need to away.. Everything around me… even me myself..
Can you bend those beliefs of yours until now..? If you have to.. Can you kill?
I will kill.
What’s needed now? I know it, don’t it? That’s how I did things, always.

Kaneki: I won’t retreat, I will only go forward. Just like a centipede.

Everything wrong with BTS

  • For one I never even thought about listening to Kpop (curse them fuckers for making me step into a hole I cannot get out of)
  • There’s no reason 7 men should be that attractive
  • Park Jimin has a crooked tooth and still pulls off a beautiful smile (unlike me)
  • Jeon Jungkook is snatching bitches wigs left and right
  • They make killer comebacks and nobody knows when these fuckers are gonna sneak up on a bitch
  • Hoseok is a ball of sunshine, while his sexy side is the fucking Solar Eclipse
  • I’ve never seen rappers as cute as Namjoon Hoseok and Yoongi
  • Seriously men shouldn’t be that fucking cute and sexy at the same time
  • Taehyung is always making us army’s feel broke with his fucking G U C C I (srsly Gucci put my boi on)
  • Taehyung over here feeding us all with his seleca’s (squishy face baby👶)
  • Jimin is totally oblivious to his beauty (id hop on that dick any day)
  • Frickin Yoongi outche ripping hoes edges out with his tongue technology
  • Jungkook thINKS he’S fUckINg GrOWn tryna pull bitches no fetus kook no
  • Namjoon writers music that makes us think OF PROBLEMS WE NEVER EVEN HAD
  • Yoongi outche telling us his depression story making us depressed
  • Hoseok is just Hoseok he’s an angel 👼
  • Seokjin lookin like mommy and your fucking Daddy
  • He’s literally everything bundled into one
  • 7 Korean men ruin the lives of millions everyday
  • June 13 2013 the problem started, BigHit fix your fucking shit man
  • “Hello we are RuInEr’s of OvArieS BTS”

Always looking across to the other side. 

Kuroshitsuji characters summed up by me
  • Ciel: young homo with resting bitch face
  • Alois: cute baby who has suffered a lot, but also #olay
  • Sebastian: womanizer and manipulative sexy demon
  • Claude: trash, but actually hot trash
  • Lizzy: stereotypical blonde girl (srsly pls I like badass Elizabeth, make her strong and sassy, this isn't where feminism starts in anime. Creators pls, stop stereotyping)
  • Undertaker: weird, but okay c'mon let's be weird together why not
  • Grell: Fangirl #teamsebby
  • William: glasses and calculative hot boi

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Hcs for Katsuki with a crush who is kind of afraid of him? (Luv ur blog ❤️)

And i love this request, dear. Thank you, I’m sure D (i got it right omg) is happy to hear that and so am I. You guys are just too lovely too us //bows.

Bakugou with crush, who’s afraid of him headcanons

  • as soon as this boy notices that his crush is kind of afraid of him he wonders about the reasons why they do bc for one he aint stupid to not realize this and second did he ever personally do something to them to cause this feeling within them when it comes to Bakugou Katsuki?
  • actually feels pretty offended and sad which turns out to him being even more angry and reacting more aggressive towards things others do than before – it kind of has a contradicting effect of the thing he wants bc Bakugou really doesnt want crush to feel this way about him yet at the same time he cant help it (it’s part of him and his personality after all)
  • imagine the blonde feeling helpless at some point bc whenever he tries to approach them or talk to them they flinch away or start to sweat nervously and the worst thing: they really try to avoid him even though he tries to approach them, god how he fucking hates to feel this miserable
  • gets to the worst part: putting all of his pride aside he is srsly asking his friend Kirishima fucking Eijirou to help him out (if that doesnt help mind he ask even god damn angel-face Uraraka for heavens sake), asking for advice what he could do to stop making his crush feel like this about him, talk him well to his crush and ask for opinions.. hell he dropped
  • Whenever he has the chance, he tries to be ’extra’ nice to them – why the extra? Bc we all know Bakugou’s nice is quite special and can be barely considered ‘nice’ – insults them less, finally manages to not yell at them too much (he just cant hold it in if they are being seriously and too stupid to his taste), helps them out with studies even if they dont ask and just shows that he cares for them in bakuway
  • this particular guy just shows affection in his own different way and tries his best to let his feelings reach them somehow in hope that they’ll understand with the support of his friends, genuinely works hard and put effort towards his goal to let the relationship grow between his crush and him healthily (mr explodo-kills is just a hard worker)

Admin Shiro

Things that are amazing about this page:

1. Foggy angrily shipping it.

2. Matt SUPER CASUALLY being like “yeah but r u jealous do u want 2 date me HAHA J/K no but srsly.”

3. “I’m not jealous of your girlfriend but how come you take HER to fancy restaurants and not me?”  WOTTA REBUTTAL, COUNSELOR.

4. Matt’s cranky turtle face.

5. Matt’s super-ambiguous speech bubble in the last panel making it completely unclear whether he’s worried about Kirsten or Foggy.

Bonus: Foggy spends the whole next page telling Matt to stop being sexist and respect Kirsten’s choices and autonomy. &FOGBERT;

Aquarium date w/ Yuta
  • wow, it has been such a long time since the last head canon I wrote for yuta!
  • god, I can’t explain how much I’m missing 127 lately, i’M GETTING SOFT FOR THEM EW
  • lmao, the thing is that I’m actually quite excited for writing this!! I miss him so much
  • let’s just start this!
  • okay so,,,
  • this was a mix of an spontaneous date and a surprise date
  • bc yeah, yuta is that kind of boyfie, taking you on dates randomly just because he’s bored or simply because he wanted to
  • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • he bought the tickets and then drived to your home without even texting you first or calling you first
  • and you were really confused at first because you opened the door and on the other side there is a smiley yuta with two tickets for an aquarium on his hands
  • “guess where we’re going to day, princess!!”
  • so you were like ????? at first
  • but not for too long bc yuta was there to take you back to reality
  • “wha re you standing there? go change! we have to go for breakfast first and then go to the aquarium!! go”
  • so you started to be like !!!!! because this bitch ??? just,, randomly decided to take you on a date???
  • so you literally naruto run to change into a comfortable outfit and to prepare your things in a small backpack that you had
  • and yuta was probably looking and even talking to you as you did everything at 2x speed
  • “can’t you be faster?? I want to see sharks waman!”
  • “I really like dolphins, do you like dolphins? do you even like fish? do you even want to go?,,,, I should have ask you first, right?”
  • “pfff,,, of course you like dolphins, you love chenle more than you love me, what am I saying”
  • lmao, he’s so annoying
  • long short story, once you finally finished you two went to a little cafe that you both love to have breakfast and create a schedule for the day
  • y’all headed the brochures that yuta brought and started changing opinions and talking freely about the animals and stuff
  • like which animal you liked/hated the most, why, since when and all that stuff
  • so you kinda got to learn about each other more I guess,,,,
  • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • this reminded me of the cute elephants in nct life in chiang mai, aw
  • I swear that every time the camera focused on the amazing views or the animals doing cute things I swear I started crying bc :((( thailand is such a beautiful country I’m in love :(((
  • nct and animals/nature in general is such a great concept, I need more of that
  • and of course this bitch took advantage of the situation to be his usual cheesy self
  • “you’re scared of sharks?? don’t worry baby, you’re lucky that you have this prince by your side”
  • “it’s gonna be alright baby, I’ll protect you of ugly fish that dares to touch you"
  • “scared of octopus?? babe, you forget I’m Japanese¿¿¿? ;)”
  • okAY I’m SOrrY
  • btw, i am actually quite terrified and disgusted of octopuses, tHEY’RE SO EW I’M FGHSJKAODFGDSKBFJDK UI HATE THEJM
  • aNyways, once you two finished you finally decided to go!!!
  • and aw yuta was so excited??? he kept singing loudly and smiling and just being so cheerful and loud in the way to the aquarium
  • and it was so cute aw my baby I love him so much
  • you two probably came quite early, so it was quite peaceful at first, walking around while holding hands and talking
  • and obviously dying with the cuteness of the animals that were there
  • again, this bitch was all the time like:
  • “look, that one is you *points at a really ugly fish*”
  • “no, no, this one is uglier *points to another ugly fish*”
  • “nO waIt!! this one is the ugliest *gives you his phone with the frontal camera*”
  • but, talking about that, mILLIONS OF PICTURES WERE TAKEN THAT DAY
  • from you two in the cafe to pictures of you in the car on your way to the aquarium, to cute selcas with the fishes in the background
  • and this boy was constantly taking cute candids of you, like aLL THE TIME
  • there was one moment were your phone’s battery died so you grabbed his and ???? there was a cute candid of you in his wallpaper???
  • so you entered to his folder of pictures and god damn every second of the day was captured there
  • and you got kinda soft™ but you didn’t want to be too obvious about it ya know
  • so a cute idea came to your mind and ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ why not am I right
  • “yuta?? baby, let’s take a selfie together”
  • “another one? ugh, okay, yeah anything for my fans”
  • so he backhugged you and looked at the camera ya know, but you didn’t took the picture
  • so he was like ????? and when he opened his mouth to ask you about it, you stole a small kiss from him before he could even talk
  • and hE gOT sO flUsTeReD
  • he covered his mouth and started laughing with the widest and the most beautiful smile on his face
  • “if you wanted to kiss me you should have simply told me, babe. now come here and give me an actual kiss”
  • and he kissed you so tenderly, still smiling int he kiss and, ugh, why is he so fucking perfect??? he makes my heart go crazy
  • can’t he stOp jfc
  • long short story, y’all had a great day together <3
  • probably one of the best dates y’all ever got
  • and the end!!!
  • srsly tho nct x animals is the cutest concept and deserves more appreciation
  • I just keep thinking about how adorable those elephants of nct life in Chiang mai were fgdhjs <3
  • anyways, lmao I gotta go now
  • byee!

alright listen the fuck up u lil asswipes i am so pissed at the shit i saw today in bryce’s stream okay i don’t give a flying monkey shit what you ship - YOU DO NOT PUSH THAT SHIT ON SOMEONE WHO HAS SAID MULTIPLE TIMES THAT THEY DON’T WANT TO SEE IT

it is fucking disrespectful and gross and makes bryce uncomfortable and if i could punch each of you in the face that mentioned brohm today in the stream, i would - so fucking STOP DOING THIS respect bryce’s wishes don’t be an asshole how hard is it

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AU where lily or James is deaf and the other tries really hard to learn sign language or something cute like that

They’ve been friends for a while now and, really, the only reason they aren’t going out is because neither of them has asked the other. It’s ridiculous because everyone except for them seems to know that they fancy each other. Remus and Marlene are close to staging an intervention. 

Lily’s going to ask him out though, she is, there’s just something she needs to do first. Which is why she’s spending her friday night in an empty charms classroom with Sirius Black. It’s not like her other friday night options were any wilder. Her usual friday nights consisted of either hanging out with her friends in the dorm, or hanging out with her friends in the common room. In some ways this actually meant she was getting out and about. 

“You realise this is gonna take more than one hour a week right?” Sirius drawls from where he’s flicking through the books Lily’s mum had sent in the post that morning. 

“That’s why we’re going to be in here every Tuesday Wednesday and Friday.” He raises an eyebrow. She beams at him.

“That’s when James is at Quidditch practice.”


Sirius sighs and tips his chair back on to two legs. “Why am I not surprised you know his timetable?”

“We’re co-Heads, I need to know where he is in case I need him for something.”

“You mean so you can randomly appear there to flirt with him?” Sirius smirks when she opens her mouth to argue with him then shuts it because he’s right. “Don’t worry Evans, he knows yours too.” He lands the chair heavily on four legs again and winks. “Now, let’s start with what you know.” 

It takes more than three hours a week. Sirius can’t help her all the time though so she holes herself up in empty classrooms and the bathroom and even occasionally in a broom cupboard to practice. She reads all the muggle books her mum sends her, pouring over them more than once. She practices in the mirror and runs through what she knows so far during History of Magic lessons. 

Peter catches on after three weeks when he notices her stifled laughter, covered with a cough, at breakfast at something Remus just signed across the table. He narrows his eyes at her and pulls her aside on the way to Transfiguration. “How did you know what Remus said?”

She blinks at him, picture of innocence. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Who’s teaching you?” 

“Sirius.” She gives in because it’s obvious he’s figured it out and he shakes his head. 

“I could help too you know.” He nods towards where Sirius, James and Remus are walking ahead of them, jostling each other around the corridor. “And Remus. We won’t tell Prongs.”

With all three of them helping it comes a little quicker. Now she’s spending every night holed up with at least one of them in a Charms classroom, Flitwick nodding profusely in acceptance when she asks to use them for a while. Sirius focuses on her fluency and accuracy, making sure she’s not rushed in movements and doesn’t slip up. Remus incorporates swearwords in with shortcuts, also introducing weekly tests which she scowls about but does. Peter has long conversations with her across all topics, picking her up on mistakes and not getting impatient when she forgets something. 

Eventually, she’s confident. Peter and Remus highfive when she tells them, signing it, and Sirius presses a gold star sticker onto her forehead. Lily’s not sure where he got it from. And then she’s ready. Now she’s just got to work up the confidence to be assured that he won’t say no. 

James has been sulking for the past couple of weeks, confused as to why his three best mates and the girl he’s pretty much in love with keep disappearing and reappearing together after an hour every night. They’ve all had different excuses. Apparently Peter has joined the Gobstones club. According to Remus he’s fallen behind on some of his work so needs to catch up. Sirius just refuses to answer his questions and pretends he doesn’t know what James is talking about. And Lily, well, her schedule is pinned up on the notice board in their office and in the slot where she disappears, it just says Narnia. He’d found out from Remus that that was a reference to a book with a wardrobe and a lions in it, but that just confused him further. 

So when Lily approaches him one day during lunch, when he’s sitting on his own beneath the beech tree, definitely not pouting, he doesn’t say anything at first.

“Hey.” She smiles, sitting next to him. James jerks his chin up in response. “Um… I was wondering if I could ask you something?”

“Struggling with McGonagall’s essay again?” He smirks, running a hand through his hair. Lily rolls her eyes. 

“Not quite.” He watches as she crosses her legs and turns to face him on the grass, her back to the lake.

Lily takes a deep breath and then begins to sign. “Will you go to Hogsmeade with me on the next weekend? As my boyfriend.”

James’s mouth drops open. For starters, she must have made a mistake, meant friend instead of boyfriend. Secondly, she just signed to him. He’s trying to figure out if she’s ever indicated knowing sign language before. But he knows that’s not the case. A lot of people in his life know it; his parents, his governesses as a child, McGonagall, the other Marauders, the Quidditch team know a few phrases… but Lily doesn’t. 

Except she must because she’s signing again, asking if that was right and if he’s okay. James certain he looks like a bus just hit him. 

“Is this where you’ve been every night?” He asks and she nods, smiling at him shyly. James runs a hand through his hair. “I’m going to kill them.” 

“Can you answer my question first?” She signs, a blush forming on her cheeks. James had almost forgotten. Lily Evans just asked him out. A grin blooms on his face and he laughs, leaning forward and kissing her before he can stop himself. He pulls back to son for her. 

Then, “Yes, a thousand times yes.” He signs and she grins, moving forward to kiss him again. James reckons he must be the luckiest guy in the world. 

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Marga! I have this theory. Tell what you think. I was thoroughly monitoring Ty, Lucy, and Lauren's social media. After Camila tweeted something which translated as "What a mess" Lauren never interacted with Ty on social media anymore! But Ty the was hungry for it, He was like so fucking eager to make everybody know that she is dating Lauren. But she on the other hand looks like she is hiding her. If it is true. Either she is not proud of him or she is protecting some other person's feelings. 🙂

Very great observation you got right there. I srsly think that if it was true, Ty is the one trying so hard to make it work. I feel like Lauren is watching the commotion unfold on her face, and suddenly she doesn’t like it anymore so she stopped. Ty’s gonna get his heart broken soon. Imma bet you on it fam. But srsly tho Lucy is one hell of a game shifter, that girl knows what to do to shake what Lauren and Ty allegedly has. I am proud of her. Well Camila, our girl, got Lauren to stop in a single tweet so what does that say.


So I forgot to mention about ystd’s SMAPxSMAP, during the Odorokitai segment which invited the artist who is very good at making art/carving on bananas, he spent 7 hours making the sculptures of members’ faces on the bananas. Then the MC asked, if they wanna try eating their banana sculpture and Goro said in this girly voice “I wanna eat Kimura’s!” (I don’t want to explain any further here because its gonna be R-rated. But srsly Goro, can you stop running that gay gag) and he was so “happy” that Kimura was also eating his banana… Then, the MC just added oil to the fire by inviting Goro to lick the banana as well…………….  And Kimura was just like,  “Stahp it. STAHP IT. STAHP!!!!!!!!” But Goro still did it anyway. (I feel the need to put a mosaic on the banana srsly…….) and his comment after the lick is, it felt like a “first kiss”. And there you go, the expression of utmost disgust on Kimura’s face after that. And I have nothing else to say. Why do I love this 5 guys in the first place.

Because of new new episodes I decided to draw restyles for my humanization, that actually could be a bit closer to canon but witch I never will use, because I’m accustomed to old versions to much :T

but anyway, herewe go:

Sylvia - first I wanted to make her more chubby and also make her face more… mm… woman-like? but then I remembered that she’s actually very good at races(srsly, remember even with all the stops at The Timebomb episode, she won the race! she’s damn fast and enduring!!!) so I keep her first decision(yay, Syl baby, you are perfect!)

Hater - well. I think everyone agrees that Hater big-nerdy-silly child? so, why even he has to be muscle-bound? because he’s skeleton? but skeleton could belong to someone else I mean… in the show Hater didn’t even prove that he’s cool bara man, so… I make him look like Soos I’M LAUGHING SORRY! X’D

Wander - just made him thinner and more dweeby, because, WHY DO I EVEN NEED TO GIVE EVERYONE SUCH A PERFECT BODYS??? WRONG!

also it would be more funny when such a little weak stick overcomes the rocket or something X)

Peepers - I DON’T UNDERSTAND IT! he was such a dweeb for allthe show and then BAM! I guess it was just very unexpected joke - good work WOY team! XD

but well, made him even lower but heavy little shit XD


now he and Hater looks so hilarious, guess that’s how it should be - little wimp nanny-Peeps and big child-Hater

I’m out!

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why do you think cockles is real?

let me try to narrow this answer down to like 10 things bcoz woahhh

1) cockles ring that jensen gave to misha (x)

2) cockles matching bracelet

3) the blowjob motion which WASNT suppose to be on gagreel

(if friends fooling around then whats the big deal in this huh right?)

4) jensen dying of laughter even when misha isnt funny that at all

5) the hug from behind when they thought noone was looking + the intimate hug during the con + the entire jibcon like srsly

6) jensen’s typical heart eye looking at misha

7)  jensen making the same face while talking about misha as he makes while talking about danneel

8) the fact that they fight over stupid things and use jared as tie breakers like old married couples

9) jensen’s voice feels like home to misha and jensen releasing angeles on sep 18th

10) the fact that they go to dinner and lunches together/ arrive at cons together/ spend all day together like in vegas/italy etc/make each other laugh/stop production when one is sick/visit set when jensen was directing for the first time even tho misha wasnt in epi and jensen visitng misha during 4x20 shoot even tho jensen had no scene to shoot/had personal space issues since day 1/ jensen welcoming every new guest star warmly except for misha bcoz there was something about misha


Headcanon: How the RFA cuddles with you

• Such a cuddle bunny
•   Likes to hold you and nuzzle his face into the crook of your neck
• Likes being big spoon
• It makes him feel manly  
• Plays with your hair a lot

• You usually initiate
•    really likes cuddling after watching over Elly for Jumin after typical work hours
• Doesn’t have much preference for big or little spoon
• Likes to kiss your cheek and lets you hold her hand
• you love hearing her exhale a sigh of relief after a hard day


• Big spoon aLL tHe wAY
• Kisses your neck randomly
• Likes to call you beautiful and whispers in your ear
• You likes when he holds your hand because his are warm
• He loves the smell of your hair


• Cuddling?
• What is this commoners practice?
• Acts like he doesn’t care for cuddling
• Lets you initiate
• Secretly adores cuddling with you
•     “Alright. But I’m big spoon”
•      “Of course”

• Sometimes Elizabeth 3rd will come sit with you guys
•      “Jumin…”
•       “Yes?”
•       “Elizabeth is glaring staring at me”


• Cuddle MOnSter
• Sometimes will let you be big spoon
• But usually will end up with a tickle fight
• Time to share his honey buddah chips
• Likes to whisper in your ear memes
• Will tell jokes and kiss your cheek after making you laugh and spill the chips everywhere

“Stop it.” Cullen pleaded, gazing up at Nevena from beneath damp, messy curls.
She blinked owlishly, the smile that had been fixed on her face faltering a little. “Stop what?”
- blustersquall

AHHH I’ve been so nervous if I should post this or not but srsly you make such great fanfics and I personally loved “The Ways We Fall Asleep” and I got so very inspired while I was having an art block and um here you go for all the wonderful beautiful Cullen fanfics they’re really great and I should just shut up now =///=

–> the amazing fanfic right over here: link <–

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Okay so yes I asked you for K-pop bands before and I watched Teen Top's Rocking and ohmygod the boy with the lavender hair is the cutest thing in the universe who is he and who are the rest I must know (totally not just binging on them now)

I’m really glad you like them *u* here’s a quick overview of my ot6

I’m calling it “TeenTop-The essentials”

C.A.P (Bang Minsoo)

leader,rapper, 92’, profile height: 178cm (actually 174cm), “charisma rapper”

You won’t notice cap that much on reality shows because he’s kinda quiet and he sleeps a lot or plays games on his phone. But as soon as he starts to rap (You might have already noticed the orgasmic voice) your heart will just stop. (His nickname might be charisma rapper but he’s actually really lame)

also abs

Chunji (Lee Chanhee)

umma of the group,visual,lead vocalist(voice that will make your panties drop),93’, profile height: 173cm, “Power voice”

Makes funny faces when he sings, huge nostrils, fucking angel sent from heaven he’s so pretty it hurts.really dumb

also adams apple

L.Joe (Lee Byunghun)

rapper,93’, profile height: 171cm, tiny chick, “mischievous rapper”

often forced to do aegyo, hits the other members a lot, prettiest human being out there he’s so photogenic it’s unfair. his side profile is the most flawless thing you will ever see. really unathletic. no srsly I don’t even wanna talk about it.

also jawline that could cut glass

Niel (Ahn Daniel)

main vocalist,94’, everyone’s favourite fishie, profile height:174cm, “emotional vocals”

He is the sweetest boy, used to call himself ugly a lot but now he says his unique look is his charm. loves his mom, really loud. you must protect this boy at all costs he is the most precious of them all

lips is all i need to say

Ricky (Yoo Changhyun)

vocalist,lead dancer,95’,profile height:172cm,never ages, “Lovely Boy”

don’t let this kid’s aegyo fool you, he is not the maknae although that’s what people usually think. still looks like he did at twelve. Sings Raps and dances, he’s the member that never really gets any lines. wonderful thighs

smile that will warm your heart like a thousand baby bunnies on rainbows

Changjo (Choi Jonghyun)

maknae,main dancer,95’;profile height: 179cm, liferuiner (also my bias), “Dancing Boy”

probably the manliest out of them all, changjo is actually the maknae. never does aegyo but still cute. can’t keep his shirt on (I’m not complaining) also dancing hnnng. sensitive. insecure about his weight. tallest of the member but also the biggest bully. keep away from him

selca king


fandom: angels, our colour is purple, we have only one rule: never ever mention what teen top stands for

gif credit: lhoe

kpop makes me sexually frustrated 

Like seriously i can’t concentrate

Why do they all know exactly how to blow up my ovaries?

and why are they touching themselves in public


I am so confused

why are they doing this

and the looks on their faces

and secret gayness but so sexy

and every haircolor looks sexable

Don’t look at me like that

Srsly stop.



anonymous asked:

Fave band - Seventeen

Hahah omg you wanna know why they suck? I need a list for this 

  • Soonseok just cause
  • Woozi the tiny ball of rage
  • OTL 1004
  • the chocolate song as national anthem kay
  • Mingyu you giant flirty idiot
  • Wonwoo getting jealous 200% of the time
  • My dash is all 17 memes
  • have u seen their faces wot
  • hhaah hansol faces
  • seokmin’s dumb dancing and lame aegyo ahahah </3
  • seunggwan kicking seokmin’s ass yas
  • jisoo’s english
  • diva boo yall
  • seokmin getting pranked and bullied by everyone yassssss
  • hoshi choreographs wtf
  • woozi composes all the song htf
  • chinese line yup yups
  • girl group dancing like srsly ont get me started
  • *running round and dancing at the beach having fun* “haha no it wont kill anyone surely not our billions of fans”
  • appa coups ahahaah 
  • san e’s reaction to vernon ahahahaha
  • jun and wonwoo’s choreo ahhaah wonwoo’s bitch face ahaha
  • cause dino the #1 michael jackson fanboy
  • he just smiles and sits in the corner ADN THEN HE DANCES LIKE-
  • wonwoo’s VOICE I CANT *coughs* i bet it’s a thing for mingyu aha
  • bonus : wonwoo’s bitch face