but srsly look at that armpit

Some tickles I could really go for right now

• Hair brush scrubbing my soles

• Kneading on my sides, armpits, and THIGHS AND HIPS!!

• “Aaaww, is da widdle baby tickwish~?”

• Raspberries while my sides/armpits are tickled

• Eating my soles like corn on the cob!?!

• Calling yourself the tickle monster

• “Oh no! Tickle spiders! Ooh, they look hungry for some ticklish ___s!”

Q. what kind of pet does VIXX want to have at the dorm?

Ravi: don’t have one.it’ll be so pitiful if we had one at our dorm… it’ll become that friend(pet)’s dorm, being at the dorm longer than us. do you have a pet you want to raise at the dorm, ken-hyung?

Ken: lion

(Ravi and Hongbin points to Leo)

Hyuk: there’s a male Leo so.. the king of the jungle, king of the jungle.

Ravi: ken-hyung… you like animals

Ken: I do like animals… so I will try taking care of one. (*he like did a gag here)

Ravi: or like should we do that, say the kind of pet you’d just want to raise yourself. do you have one?

Ken: I’m interested in iguana’s…

Ravi: yeah you like reptiles too

Ken: no wait, not an iguana, but (fans: puppy) yeah sure, puppy, ah—what was the name, like its eyes are all round and—

Ravi: jaehwannie?

Ken: (looks all cute)

Ravi: ehehe cute

Ken: –its eyes are all round, and its fur is like all this (motions with hands) I’m not sure of the name…

Ravi: why don’t you know the name lol what about hyuk?

Hyuk: I don’t really want to raise one. I’m busy raising myself.

Ravi: …okay raise yourself… Leo-hyung?

Leo: me too… I do like them, but raising one…

Ravi: (nod nod) for myself, I want to raise a black pug. They’re hard to get, but I’ll definitely raise one later. And for the name, I’m going to call it “butt”. (엉덩이 = butt, bum, behind, you get the idea lols)

Fans: !?!?! what why?

Ravi: ….

Ken: pervert!

Ravi: but its cute… butt~ isn’t it cute? I’ve had this idea since trainee days—

Hyuk: but the connotation is weird, like if it’s someone’s first time meeting the dog and they go “can I touch your butt?” (Fans: whoooooo whooooo) ah is that what you were after?

Ken: he’s a player! like if they go “oh can I touch you butt?” and he sticks out his own… “oh what are you doing?”

Ravi: what are you saying lol no I just think the name “butt” is cute, so I want to raise a black pug and call it, butt.

Ken: but srsly that’s too funny… like saying the dogs name is “armpit” lols … sorry, I’m an idol, I should get back to my senses.

N wants to raise a Japanese Spitz with white fur and pink ears, naming it “Ppo-ro-ri”. Then further nags at the members because they weren’t paying attention and were still laughing over Ravi’s “butt”. Cue Hyuk’s burst of cute laughter (@3:25)

Hongbin wants to raise six white kittens. He saw a picture once and it looked cute how they would climb over and attach to you.

Hongbin: when they get bigger, they would scratch me (looks to Ravi) and attack you – they’ll scratch your butt – ah no wait that’s a bit weird. like your dog “butt” (not your butt).

150301 ShinChon Fansign
trans cr. yuu-jin