but srsly help a kid out

the types as my (unhealthy) coping mechanisms!

estp: impulsively giving myself stick and poke tattoos out of pure Boredom?? like srsly i have a (very faded) tattoo on my leg that just says “she’s dead, karl.” why do i have she’s dead karl permanently tattooed on my leg?? my manic episode of 1972™ or a legitimate reason?? who fucking knows??

esfj: wants approximately 43 children. wants to name them all different variations of the name katelyn. secretly a 43 year old divorcee soccer mom in a 14 year old emo’s body. needs help.

enfj: rewatching mean girls at least once a week?? it’s a Serious Problem??

isfj: stress baking. i fucking kid you not last year around exam times i baked 37 consecutive batches of vegan cupcakes. who fucking Knows Why!!!!

istj: excessive use of midliner highlighters™ on notes for school. still have a gpa of 2.4 and Crippling Depression but hey!!!! at least my fucking notes are pretty!!!

entp: starts arguments with every fucking teacher. my algebra 1 teacher could sneeze and i would start a 43 minute debate about charles darwin’s formulated scientific theory of evolution™. Just a Crippling Hatred for any form of authority.

istp: writes shit like “say perhaps to drugs” or “your mom has nice tits” on bathroom stalls for no reason besides!!!! fuck the system!!!!!!! i’m an edgy individual who can do whatever the FUCK i want This Isn’t A Phase Mom

enfp: somberly watches the same vines of birds dancing at 3 in the morning while eating Half Stale Potato Chips™. is dead inside.  

infp: purposely forces self to stay up till unearthly times of night and waits for the Nightly Feels™ to kick in just so i can write edgy poetry. is there a reason behind this?? none at all but!! do you think i’m gonna stop?? it’s a No From Me!!

isfp: scrolls through pages upon pages of those tuMblr aEsthTic blogs. all day. every day. has she even moved in the last 72 hours?? no!! why?? for the aesthetic!!

infj: analyzes everyone’s personality. i’d stare at a rock on the ground and mutter “what a 4w5.” secretly owns 19 cats. named them all after harry potter characters. regrets nothing.

estj: yells at everyone constantly. constant flaming hatred for everyone and everything. crippling self-hatred accompanied by an overwhelming narcissism. keeps forgetting to call my mom.

entj: daydreams about being an Important Person™ and yelling getting paid to yell at people. probably secretly cries self to sleep over a boy i haven’t seen in 3 years. lives for the formal attire aesthetic™.

intj: reads wikipedia articles for days at a time. i may be failing 3 classes!! but at least i sure know a lot about the aerodynamic stall of air france flight 447 and helena bonham carter’s entire family lineage!!

intp: writes mbti shit posts like these at 4 am. i need to get up in less than 2 hours. but i’m here. writing this. someone please help me.

esfp: literally hasn’t drank anything but arizona sweet tea™ in 2 consecutive years. plays 4 instruments but never practices. can speak 5 languages but still continues to confuses there their and they’re. the Class Clown aestheitc™.

boy next door!daehwi
  • okay so this is gonna be my first bulletproof bulleted scenario/headcanon so wISH ME LUCK PLS
  • sO instead of those super duper cliche plots i’ll try to make this as cliche-ly realistic as possible haHA sike no i can’t do that
  • anyways
  • so you live in this nice suburban town where everything was nice and chill
  • not much happened out of the ordinary
  • not many people moved in and out of here
  • it was kinda close knit and relaxed
  • but then 
  • all of sudden
  • in the smack dab of one summer while ur still in middle school/junior high
  • your parents decided to interrupt your wonderful nap to tell you that a new family moved in next door
  • and in your half asleep daze 
  • you accidentally forgot that your parents invited them over for dinner
  • (when ur parents have more of a social life than u do e.e)
  • so you wake up like half an hour before dinner to your mom banging on your door and telling you to get ready
  • *cue frantic scrambling to look nice or else your mom would ground you for a week*
  • in the midst of wildly attempting to fix yourself up a doorbell rings
  • clumsy you decided to dash down the stairs and ended up skidding down the steps and ended up with bruises on your knees
  • (btw you got them on ur knees bc you landed on your knees rlly hard on the last step)
  • but you pulled your outfit down to hide the scratches
  • and you rushed to the door and braced yourself for sOcIaL iNtErAcTiOn !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • you open the door to a kid that looks around your age !?!??!
  • ???
  • you open your mouth but nothing comes out
  • but the boy speaks first
  • “hi my name is lee daehwi!! you must be y/n! nice to meet you ^_______^”
  • you give him a small smile and he gives one of his bright smiles back and his eyes crinkle and you feel your chest tighten bc w h a t
  • you’re about to introduce yourself back but then his parents appear behind him
  • “oh hello! you must be y/n l/n, right? your parents talked about you and we’ve heard wonderful things. i see you’ve met our son, daehwi!”
  • you politely greet them back and let them in
  • anyways so you guys end up having dinner and slightly awkward/polite convos
  • and the adults like talk about life so you quietly slip away and daehwi follows you to the backyard where you have a set of swings
  • you guys quietly swing in awkwardness bc u dunno what to say 
  • (me in every social situation ever)
  • daehwi notices the scrapes on your leg and !!!! 
  • “oH- that must hurt!!”
  • you look at him wildly confused like 
  • what is he talking about
  • is this kid ok
  • but you see him kneeling down on one knee in front of you
  • and he has a molang bandaid in his hand
  • “…”
  • you haven’t spoken a word to him at all this entire time
  • and he looks up at you
  • you’re avoiding his eyes but you ask
  • “do you always carry around molang bandaids?”
  • he stares at you for a moment and you feel your face flush red and you’re about to get up and leave but
  • then he lets out a huge laugh and ruffles your head 
  • wow he must have long freaking arms if he can reach your head while kneeling
  • “ah you’re cute,,” “but be more careful !!”
  • did he just call me cute ????
  • he put the bandaid on your knee and you eventually warmed up 
  • you started talking to him about life and your fav cartoons
  • and before you know it your parents poked their heads outside 
  • “y/n! daehwi! it’s time to go in”
  • and that’s how you met daehwi

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Can we all just agree that EXO and kids is the cutest thing in the world?

If you don’t think so, I plan on convincing you. Get ready, for cuteness overload.

There are some members that I have no gifs of with kids, so I’m sorry about that. I know there are also more gifs than this but I can’t just add every gif of them with kids ;3

Also I recommend that you go to google and search exo with kids, cause there you will find the most adorable pictures of exo with kids that I’m not gonna feature in this because this is only gifs xD BUT SRSLY ITS SO ADORABLE GO LOOK AT IT

It’s like it’s his own kid! ;-;

Them playing with the kids is so adorable, seriously *cries*


look at him helping the children! SQUISHY


how to be these kids :’‘D

kris with kids makes me love him more omg x.x


I love this so much ugh

wtf lay? xD

a little kiss ;3


Look at them both being cute with the kids ↑

Also, we can’t leave church oppa out, can we? no we cannot.

and now tao ;-; He’s so cute with his little girl

*steals kid*

xiumin with kids, seriously. i cant

allouetteblog  asked:

I have another ask, if you don't mind! How would UT & UF Sans and the US! bros react if their S/O was an astronaut, who was going to be a part of the mission to Mars. How would the skeletons react when they leave? What if they died when they were away? What if they came back safely, how would the skeleton's react? You don't have to answer this if you don't feel up to it, I don't want to impose! The last ask you answered for me was phenomenal! ILYSFM! I hope your day is as fabulous as you are! <3

oh mai god no! i love the asks! send in as many as you like! this is reeeaaalllyyy long because i got into the angst, but that means its better! no srsly tho mabye grab some tissues and some alone time, youll need it…))

wait youre going where?!?! he is so jeleous for probably a whole minute after he finds out youre going to mars. but then he turns it around and starts joking about how his s/o will be his personal star to look at in space. He somehow manages to get access to all areas of the station, so he follows you around like a little kid at a space museum. he may even help the scientists figure out some of the calculations for your flight. He feels important, and he didnt even have to work too hard. it feels good. When it comes time to say goodbye, that’s when his anxiety kicks in. what if he messed up the numbers and you dont make it back? he gives you a long kiss, and gives you an itty bitty bone accessory he made himself with magic as a good luck charm.
Fast foward to a few months/years later when you come back. (this is going to be the good then the bad, goes for all skeles))
Here we go, you’re coming home. does he look okay? are you okay? as soon as you land safely he teleports to the door of the capsule and hugs you tight. he wont leave your side for a full hour and he’ll be grinning like an idiot because you came home safe. (bonus points if you made a necklace of his charm and you’re wearing it as you step off the ship))
Hes in the control center when he finds out. just doing his thing and hes having a good day because they just accepted him as an employee/scientist for the mission you were on. suddenly theres a red light. something is wrong. this isnt his field, so he stands by and lets the technicians handle it. hes worried sick, the whole time hes just begging for it not to be you. but it is. he cant do anything to help, and as they get the final pieces picked up they find out they were too late. you had been lost because your air tank had a leak, and you were nowhere near the shuttle…Sans freezes, goes numb. he…he lost you. his soulmate, the love of his life. and he wasnt there with you. He isnt the same afterwards. he doesn’t go to his new job and he gets discharged. he wont get out of bed or eat. not even papyrus can say something that will help. he wont do anything now, and he doesnt move on easily. after months of mourning, he sneaks out one night. he goes back to the space station and onto the open field with miles of open darkness. and he looks up. he sees the stars and he thinks of you, and he just crys. for hours, remembering you and how much you loved the stars. he misses you so much. in the morning the find him, asleep with a tear-stained smile.

aw. hell. no. you are NOT going to outer space. he doesn’t want to take that risk. if you convince him that you aren’t backing down, he grumbles and accepts it. He follows every move of the process to get you up there. you will be coming down safe. When you hug him goodbye, he almost doesn’t let you go. he doesn’t want you to leave. he doesn’t want to be alone for X years/months. He gives you a kiss with a lot of tounge, without a care for whos watching. he wants to remember your taste, your feel, your heartbeat. he doesn’t want to regret letting you go…
Hes waiting for you already at the entrance. hes been waiting for almost two days now. when you finnaly step off the truck, you somehow trip, and you fall into his arms. hey doll. he missed you. heh, yeah he made you fall for him. he kisses you again, and he will growl at anyone who tries to take you from him for the rest of the week.
He was there again, waiting for you to land. the launch/landing pad was maybe a mile from where he was standing. he sees the capsule coming. he shouldn’t have been able to. his eyelights dissapear as he realizes that he can only see it because its on fire. its burning up. and then it explodes. right in front of him. he falls to his knees and tears roll down his face silently. he cant even feel anything. you were so close to him, and now youre gone. next thing he knows hes in a destroyed control center, and then he passes out. when he wakes up the docters tell him that he went on a blind rampage and tore appart the enire facility. he thinks it was a good thing. now no one will suffer like he did…

OH MY TORIEL SPACE?!?! YOURE GOING TO MARS?!?! OH MY STARS HOW DID HE GET SO LUCKY?! Hes encouraging in every way possible, and his adorableness gained him access anywhere you went. Like Sansy, he follows you, marveling at all of the cool science stuff. He gives you his bandana as a goodbye present, and he hugs you tight, covering your face with smooches. hes not naive. he knows you may not make it back. but he has hope…
YOURE COMING HOME!! After X months/years, you’re finally coming home! hes bouncing off the walls and waiting for you to come out of the double doors of the station. you come out, and are tackled by a smol bean thats showering you in all of the kisses you missed while you were gone. he is so happy, and even his bandana made it back! he will be attached to you for hours, just wanting to cuddle~
He doesn’t know about it for a while. he spent weeks even, without knowing, blissfully ignorant. And when the day comes for you to arrive home, you dont walk out of the doors. They call him inside instead and tell him the awful news. You had died of an illness of sorts, due to a rare gene in your body. You left hom his bandana, a rock from Mars, and a note thay simply said ‘I love you past the moon and back’. Poor Blueberry breaks down when he reads the note. His magic acts up in response, and a small tornado forms in the room. Once his brother calms him down, he just clutches the fabric to his chest and crys out your name over and over. He got home safe, and now the bandana is folded neatly in a box in his room with the rock. He sees it every day, and thinks of you with a sad smile before going to work.

oh an astronaut? cool. Mars? double cool. but, uh, how long will you be gone? He doesn’t seem to mind what you’re doing, he just doesn’t want to be alone for so long. he listens intently when you come home in the evening and tell him what you did. heck he wants to know all about it. When you leave, he manages to convince the guards to let him go up the elevator with you and all the way to the shuttle. he hugs you and kisses your forehead, your nose, and then your mouth. he whispers i love you and then youre gone, off to the stars for who knows how long…
Waiting with the reception party, he smiles as you step off the shuttle. As calmly as he can, he walks up to you, and wraps you in a tight hug. Never leave him alone for so long ever again..he buries his face in your neck as he crys, happy to have you home.
It was on the news. Blueberry was watching, and when he heard his bro cry out in surprise, he ran over to see your face on the screen. One of your crew members had gone insane and killed everyone else on the mission, then themselves. The tall skele falls to his knees in disbelief. No this couldnt be happening…there wasnt even anyone to bring your body home…He has a polaroid picture of you and him, at the fair that had come just before you left for mars. he crys every time he sees it, but he keeps it on his nightstand anyways. mabye the pain will fade someday this way…

again: ANGST!!! Hope you enjoyed this hun!~))

If someone–especially someone socialized as female–says “stop” or “don’t” or “give it back” in a joking/lighthearted tone you do what they ask. It costs you exactly nothing and this may be the only way they feel comfortable expressing their discomfort.

  • Jeonghan…
  • Mind reading?
  • idk, he looked like someone who could have such ability
  • he doesn’t have mind control tho
  • so he only knows what’s inside others’ heads but he can’t control any bit of it
  • which means…
  • everyone begging for him to keep their secret hidden
  • burried
  • not known
  • God knows how mischievous this kid can get
  • one time he almost tell on Peculiar!Seungkwan to the headmistress about him breaking a statue in the garden
  • poor seungkwan
  • he peed his pants when Jeonghan told him that he knew his secret
  • Seungkwan begged Jeonghan
  • Mind Reader!jeonghan also means…
  • making other kids
  • his slave
  • really
  • he’s a lazy butt
  • we all know that this is possible srsly everyone
  • except for Peculiar!Seungcheol tho
  • he voluntarily be Jeonghan’s personal slave
  • k that was weird
  • the first time Jeonghan found out about his ability was when he was helping the headmistress with cooking
  • the headmistress was thinking about what to make for picnic later that day and suddenly Jeonghan answered
  • that was a big shock
  • but the headmistress was happy about it
  • boy
  • she doesn’t know what Jeonghan’s capable of
  • not much actually
  • lol
  • some may think he use his powers to blackmail other kids
  • but no
  • this boy is an angel
  • once Peculiar!Minghao was feeling outcasted since he was just transferred from another orphanage
  • Minghao kept everything hidden but he was very sad about it
  • guess who’s the first person to approach him ?
  • it was Jun
  • lmao
  • but Jeonghan was actually the first one to ACTUALLY know what’s the centre of the problem is
  • Minghao cried
  • but he know that Jeonghan is helping him
  • A N G E L
  • soon
  • Jeonghan became some kind of a therapist to other kids
  • he’ll talk to kids who have problems but doesn’t have the courage to talk to anyone or the headmistress
  • other kids love him
  • especially the younger ones
  • Dino
  • Dino’s always all over Jeonghan
  • but the thing is
  • there’s no lying to Jeonghan
  • nuuh
  • he’ll know
  • so it’s better to tell Jeonghan the truth
  • so he could cover it up for you because the headmistress believe in him so much
  • lmao
  • Jeonghan is loved by everyone
  • and I mean EVERYONE
  • no one dislike him
  • jealous ? yes
  • who wouldn’t?


Facebook Posts From A World Where Parents Treat Every Disability Like Autism

Dont get me wrong….I love Kristin….but if I’d known ahead of time that she had asthma then I don’t know if I would have wanted to have her!! PLEASE SUPPORT PRENATAL SCREENIG!


What a day…I read an article on FB last month about how cutting social activities out of a kids life can improve their food allergies…so I stopped taking Kelly to the mall and told the school she wasn’t alowed to go to assemblies anymore. Today I made shrimp for dinner and she wouldn’t even try it. I finally made her eat it and of COURSE she had an allergy attack and made us take her to the hospital. I dont believe it. I have done EVERYTHING for this kid and her allergy and THIS is what I get in exchange!

well…diagnosis is official…Timothy has dyslexia…I can’t stop crying. Feels like my world has been ripped apart. We were so happy to have a child, but I don’t know if we’re ready to deal with a dyslexic one…I don’t know what to do…please, pray for us…

NO! DON’T DO THIS! I know you want to do whats right, but learning sing language is the WORST THING YOU COULD DO FOR JAMES! All the experts agree that letting kids use sign language instead of talking like a normal person just encourages them to keep acting deaf! And when the parents start using it too that just makes it WORSE! IF you truly love your son and want his deafness to improve, you have to teach him to talk…sign language may be easy, but that doesn’t make it whats best for him!

So done with this kid. Either he learns to control his behavior, or I stg next time he has a seizure I’m gonna tie him to a chair until he calms down.

Got Sarah a Rubiks cube for her birthday, bc I loved it so much when I was a kid…she just messed around w/ it a bit and left it alone. Didn’t even try to solve it. I know she cant help it, but still it broke my heart. :( Having a colorblind kid is such a tragedy…

WHY SO MUCH HATE FOR THE PARENTS?!? I mean don’t they deserve SOME sympathy?? Yall have NO IDEA how stressful it is to have a kid with spina bifida! Maybe if you did they’d drive you off the edge too!!! More understanding less HATE!!!

so…Chauntelle tried to tell me today that she’s a boy now and her new name is Allen. I tried to convince her that it was just her diabetes talking, but she wouldnt listen…finally had to yell at her, and of course she ran off in tears like always. ARGH. Why do I even try? I should know by know…you can’t talk to people like her…cab’t reason with them…can’t even have a sensible conversation. They just live in their own little world.

You think just because you have Cerebral Palsy you know everything about it?! You think you have ANY IDEA what it means to live with it?! My son has CP, and you have NO IDEA what my live is like! You have NO IDEA what I have to go thru EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!

I had ONE DAY to get all my shopping done, so OF COURSE Mike went and had a nosebleed and made me take him home. Right in the middle of the mall. Sigh. Guess thats what Amazon is for…parents w/ hemophiliac kids they cant take ANYWHERE.

I’ve had it. She is OUT OF THIS HOUSE. If she cant control her own Meunieres, too bad, shes old enough. Not gonna waste the rest of my life babying her and putting up with her “drop attack” bullshit all the time b/c she wont take care of herself.

Photo of Katie and Erica…our beautiful twin girls…they both have Fanconi anemia, but Jill and I would jump in front of a train for them, any day…all we want for them is the best life possible. Weve been trying to find online resources to help us care for them, but I cant figure out why the disability community is so hostile to non disabled parents??? :( Can anyone help???
-omg, BOTH ur kids are fancone anemic? O. M. F. G…u an ur wife must be absolute HEROS!!!! U must need a spa day SO BAD…exept u’d never get any1 to babysit for u!! lol jk…srsly, u must be saints…if I had even ONE kid with FA, Id kill myself…no joke!

Note: This is a work of satire, not meant to mock, denigrate, or demean anyone who has any of the conditions listed above, or their daily struggles. The intention is to highlight the dehumanizing way autistic children, teens, and young adults are frequently viewed and treated by their own parents (and the general public) by transposing that treatment to children with other disabilities. All names above were chosen at random. If reading this made you angry, good, you should be, but be angry at the people who treat their disabled children like this, not at the writer who told you about it, and keep this in mind next time you see anyone post about how much their autistic child - or any child with any disability - puts them through without a word about the child’s own struggles. If you’re about to say “but this kind of treatment makes sense for autistic people!”, GTFO because you obviously missed the entire point.