but srs wtf

me: im fine. 

what i mean: jughead forsythe pendelton jones iii is homeless. he is fucking homeless, alright? he lived in a drive in theater and then he moved to a closet in his fucking high school, omfg i s2g, and his mom and his cool ass sister jellybean (who listens to pink floyd on vinyl omfg jb) are away because his dad is a drunk and a south side serpent and not very nice and then he gets fucking accused of killing jason blossom like wtf can this kid not catch a break???? and then his dad is like “nah i just need time to get things together” like he can just break up with his kid wtf????? and now he’s living with ginger judas who’s about to tell jughead’s private fam shit to pretty much everyone during a goddamned baby shower and just like, can everyone??? leave??? him??? alonE????

does anyone else like……. have….. imaginary friends?? i guess would be the best way to put it. but like im 17 so not exactly like imaginary friends like little kids have but pretty much. i cant figure out if its bc of my borderline or maladaptive daydreaming but kinda both. like i kinda,,, disociate/not 100% conected to reality bc in my head im chillin with like gerard way or my fake girlfriend like ?????? (does that make sense????) but its rly weird and confusing


snoop dogg voice: WE DEM BOYS

about time i put effort into something hm? ahaha! Here are my favorite two robos bein all cool n stuff

I love Yoichi and all and seeing him getting the opportunity to snipe is always amazing, but

How the fuck did he get up there?

Not accounting for perspective (this is the only shot showing how high up he is),  he’s about 16 sitting Yoichi’s up in the air, and we cant even see the floor (could be up to 20 Yoichis high??)

I reckon he’s about 90 cm seated, and a quick 90x16 says he’s probably 14 meters in the air (again not accounting for perspective)

Either this tiny baby can fly or he’s a bloody monkey.