but spoiler


Jake And Amy Play Mommy And Daddy | Season 4 Ep. 16 | BROOKLYN NINE-NINE

im still losing it over the ladies and tary opening a bakery because like

on talks, brian asked if the characters had any hobbies their were pursuing in the year and ashley and laura immediately went “baking! we’re opening a bakery!!!”

but at the time i was just like haha aw cute joke where’s the au where pike and vex actually open a bakery tho

and then thursday comes around and not only did pike and vex actually open a bakery in whitestone, they co-own it with keyleth and tary and they named it the slayers cake

that brief moment where we knew there were gnomes asking for pike but not who and travis was looking at sam in a way that made it clear that if it was scanlan and he made pike cry, travis was fully willing to throw himself across the set and full body tackle sam

rb if u agree