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you’re Kirk’s wife and is close to all the crew, especially Spock, Bones and Scotty. Jim is worried about your safety on the Enterprise so he gets an officer to teach you self-defence. However the officer has a grudge on Kirk and takes it out on the reader who has too much pride to admit what’s going on. So when the boys find out, they go into overprotective mode.

“Are you sure you’re going to be alright?” Jim asked, holding your elbow as you stood outside the door to the gym. Jim had been worrying over you since you had first stepped foot onto the Enterprise.

“I’ll be fine. Now will you please get back to the bridge before this ship falls into disrepair” you teased, kissing his cheek and pushing him away. 

“Alright! Alright! I’m going! Comm me when you’ve finished” Jim chuckled, watching you go through into the gym before heading to the bridge. He did have work to do, no matter how much he’d be distracted until you came back. 

“Officer LaRue? I’m Ensign Kirk, the Captain said you would be able to teach me some self-defence classes” you introduced, walking up to the rather large officer. You couldn’t help but feel a little bit apprehensive about the class. He was so much bigger than you. 

“You’re the Captain’s wife?” he asked, running his eyes up and down you, sizing you up. It did nothing to help soothe the butterflies in your stomach. 

“Technically yes but I think you’re meant to call me Ensign” you corrected, bouncing on the balls of your feet. You always felt embarrassed when people found out your connection to Jim. No embarrassed was the wrong word, nervous. Yes that was it, nervous in case they thought you had gotten into the Enterprise because of your husband. When instead it was because of all your hard work. 

LaRue shrugged, beginning to get out some equipment. “I don’t care. We should get started. I expect you to work hard and keep up with me. I’m not going to go easy on you because you’re a girl” LaRue grumbled, as you bristled at that. It was fair though, you wanted to prove that you could handle being on the Enterprise. So if LaRue was your best chance, you would take it.

“So why aren’t you teaching her Captain?” Scotty asked, poking at his salad. Bones had put him on a diet, much to the irritation of the engineer. 

“Because the Captain would hate to see Ensign Kirk hurt” Spock replied, going through his data pad. 

“More like he’d get distracted too much” Bones scoffed, eating his sandwich with relish as he stared at a gaping Scotty. 

Jim rolled his eyes, glancing at his comm link in hope he had a message. “Shut up Bones! I just want to make sure Y/N is going to be okay on the ship. Especially as everyone knows that she’s my wife” Jim shrugged, putting him comm down a little bit too forcefully. 

“No one would harm Y/N Captain” Spock assured, typing away. 

“Hey!” You greeted, sitting beside Jim in the canteen. Honestly you were exhausted and you felt so sore. LaRue did not go easy on you at all, even considering that this was your first time. 

“Hey how was it?” Jim grinned, kissing your cheek as he wrapped an arm round you to bring you closer to him. 

You groaned, resting your head on his shoulder. “Good but I’m aching all over. Like in places I didn’t know should ever hurt” you grumbled, shaking your head. Honestly your arms ached, your legs were killing and you didn’t even want to know what was going on with your back. 

“Maybe you should have a medical” Bones suggested, reaching for his drink. 

“No thanks, Bones! I’m pretty sure I’m fine” you quickly cried, making Jim scoff into his lunch. It always amused him of your aversion for Bones when he was in doctor mode. It was probably due to how many times you had seen the doctor sticking a hypospray in Jim’s neck. 

“Perhaps it would be better for you to keep practicing Ensign. To become more used to the demands of the lessons” Spock advised, raising an eyebrow at your dramatics.

“I know that Spock, it doesn’t make my muscles hurt any less” you groaned, rolling your eyes at him. “Anyway, I should probably be getting back to work. I’ll see you tonight. See you later guys” you murmured, pecking Jim’s lips before waving at the others. 

As the weeks went on, you were becoming more and more covered in bruises. You hid yourself from everybody, especially Jim. All your skin was covered to make sure that no one could see the bruises. 

You had worked out a while ago that something wasn’t right. That no matter how much self-defence LaRue was teaching you, it didn’t make sense as to the level of force he used on you. So that was why you had stopped becoming intimate with Jim, scared in case he would find the bruises on your body and think you couldn’t handle yourself. Well you could. You just needed to find out a way to knock LaRue the fuck out.

“Ensign Kirk” a voice called from behind you, making you grimace. At the moment all you wanted to do was get on with your work so you could go to your quarters and have a nice warm bath. 

“Hey Spock, what are you doing down here?” you greeted, waiting for him to fall instep with you. 

“I was wondering if you and the Captain are alright. The Captain seems very tense lately and I wished to know if there was anything I could do to help” Spock told me, following me down the corridor to my work station. 

“We’re fine Spock, don’t worry. Jim’s just feeling stressed. Maybe you and Bones should take him for a drink next time we’re on a planet. It might cheer him up” you suggested, feeling guilt whirl in your stomach. You knew the reason Jim was so tense lately was because of you. So to offer a suggestion that you knew would not help, it made you feel 10 times worse about the situation.

“Of course. Maybe you could join us Y/N” Spock offered, handing you your datapad for you to use.

“Thanks Spock, but I don’t think that would help. Besides, it’s a boy’s night out. The clue is kind of in the name” you smiled, pulling up your work before looking up at Spock. It was so good to be surrounded by friends, even if you couldn’t tell them everything. 

“Is that seriously all you got? I’ve seen more fight in a Klingon, you’re pathetic!” LaRue sneered, kicking you in the ribs as you tried to pull yourself up for what felt like the 100th time. In fact you were pretty sure it was.

“Well maybe I should have a better teacher” you hissed between gritted teeth as you clutched onto your ribs. Before you had time to say or do anything else, LaRue was gripping onto your elbow and pulling you up onto your feet again.

“You’re the one who wanted this, Princess! Why don’t you stop acting like a pathetic wimp and actually give me a fight” he growled, before punching you in your stomach. The pain almost had you throwing up as you tried to remember how to breathe again. Your mind became fuzzy as you concentrated on standing on your own two feet rather than collapsing at LaRue’s.

Turning to face him, you swung a punch at him but he ducked, landing a blow to your side. You grunted out in pain, landing on your knees. Already your bruised ribs were going to turn into a darker colour, you just knew it.

Dragging yourself up, you faced him, slightly unsteady on your feet. He smirked at you, enjoying seeing you so weak and in pain. Waiting for him to come at you, you timed it just right so you could punch him clear in the jaw. LaRue went down like a tonne of bricks and you felt a sigh of relief escape you. You had managed to knock that frustrating little smirk off his face.

However your victory was short lived as LaRue grabbed you around the waist and tackled you onto the mat. All your breath left you as you were winded, groaning out slightly at how much pain you was in. It felt like you had been hit with a starship.

“That’s enough for today! I’d say learn some better moves but it’s obviously a waste of my time and oxygen” he grunted, holding his bloodied lip. It still made you feel a tiny bit proud of yourself though.

Making your way down to your quarter for a shower, you couldn’t help but notice yourself struggling to breathe. Even though your ribs ached like they normally did, this time it felt like you were getting stabbed with every inhale and exhale. This time you couldn’t ignore it, especially when an ensign accidentally bumped into you and nearly sent your vision white with a burst of pain.

Grunting in both annoyance and pain, you realised that you’d have to go down to Medbay. 

Poking your head around the door, you could sigh in relief if it didn’t feel so bad when you didn’t see Bones in the vicinity. That meant he was either in his office doing work or that he was with Jim. Stepping properly into the room, you went to grab the attention of a nurse when you saw your luck go up in smoke. Bones had walked in from his office directly in front of you and had spotted you. Cursing your luck and Bones’s untimely appearance, you turned on your heel before he could call you.

“Y/N? What are you doing in here? That idiot hasn’t got himself hurt again has he?” Bones greeted, reaching out for your shoulder to spin you around. You flinched away, instantly regretting it as you had to breathe out through gritted teeth. “Y/N?” he frowned in concern, eyes raking over you.

“I’m fine, sore shoulder. I was just looking for Jim. Thought he’d be here. I’d better go though” you muttered, keeping your sentences short so you didn’t have to take in as much breath. 

Bones took in your hunched posture, clenched fists and slightly sweaty forehead, realising that something was wrong. “Yeah that’s not a sore shoulder. Come on” Bones stated, leading me to a bed. 

“Honestly Bones, it’s fine! You don’t need to worry, it’ll be fine once I have a shower and a good night’s rest” you protested, trying to think of some excuse to get you out of this. If they found out about this you knew they would become overprotective of you, not let it rest until they found out who was doing this to you. And Jim would feel so guilty about getting LaRue to teach you self defence.

“You can’t even stand up straight. Now shut up and get on the bed!” Bones ordered, preparing the tricorder he would need to scan you. 

“Your bedside manner is atrocious doctor” you complained as you did what you was told. Maybe you could just get away with it being a bruised rib. Yeah… that was the best you could hope for. 

“Well I don’t do this job to get friends, darlin’. Now sit still while I actually do my job” Bones muttered, beginning to scan you. He frowned, noticing the incredible amount of white blood cells in your blood stream but no actual cause of illness. He lowered the tricorder over your chest cavity before he stopped, staring at the result. What the hell?

“May I?” he asked gently, hands reaching for your regulation shirt. 

You gulped, jaw tightening before nodding. He lifted up your shirt, staring at the expanse of bruises that littered all over your body. There was various colours, indicating the age of the bruises: blues, blacks, greens and browns. The worst was over your ribs and even from here he could see the slight misshape of your lower ribs. 

“Who did this?” Bones growled, eyes shooting up to yours. 

“Bones, it’s nothing. I can handle-” you started, knowing exactly how this was going to work. 

“Like hell you can! You’ve broken a rib Y/N! It’s why you can’t breathe without it hurting. Now who’s done this to ya or do I have to call Jim?” he demanded, getting a hypospray ready to give you some painkillers. Sighing heavily, you told him to call Jim. It would be better if they were all here so you could tell them. You didn’t really want to have to repeat it to everybody.

“Y/N! Hey, what’s wrong? Bones said to come down to medbay at once” Jim frowned, hurrying to your side as Spock followed in after him. Bones quickly shut the divider firmly behind them. You sighed, resting yourself against Jim, grimacing as you did so.

“I uh… I need to tell you something. I didn’t mean to keep it from you but… uh… I mean” you stuttered, nerves eating at your stomach. What if they were mad at you? What if they blamed you in some way? All these questions ran through your head as you tried to find the right words.

“She’s got a broken rib, extensive bruising and she’s lucky to have missed out on internal bleeding” Bones reported, interrupting your stuttering to tell everybody his diagnosis.

“What? How? Are you okay?” Jim questioned, hands coming to skim over your sides and pull up your shirt. He stopped at seeing your bruised body, unable to take in the sight. This is why you had been so distant. Why you didn’t want him to touch you or even see you undress. “Who did this?” Jim whispered, voice deceptively calm.

“Jim, just listen for a minute okay. Don’t get mad” you sighed, holding onto your ribs. 

“Don’t get mad?! It looks like you’ve been beaten to within an inch of your life! Who did this to you? Y/N, you have to tell me” Jim shouted, gripping onto your shoulders. 


“I’ll kill him. I’ll kill him” Jim growled, jumping up from the bed and storming towards the exit. You knew without doubt that Jim would, the conviction in his voice and the anger which strum through his body would make sure of it. But you didn’t want Jim to do that. It would destroy him if it did. He would lose his Captaincy, get thrown out of Starfleet and lose all that he had worked so hard for. You knew it would kill him to go through that.

“Jim! Stop!” you cried, trying to follow him but you couldn’t. The movement had caused your whole chest and back muscles to spasm, making you crumple to the floor. You would have hit your head on the bed if it wasn’t for Bones catching you and trying to hold you back.

Jim stopped, looking torn between helping you and making sure you were alright. Or paying a visit to LaRue and throwing him out of an airlock. 

“Captain, maybe it is best to listen to Y/N. If you try and go after LaRue, I fear that Y/N may injure herself further by running after you” Spock objected, glancing at Jim as Bones helped me back onto the bed.

“Definitely agreeing with you there Spock…Jim, will you please just leave it. If you kill him, he’ll make sure you’ll lose everything you love. Including this ship” you told him, grimacing as you lay back down on the bed. 

“He already hurt the thing I love the most” Jim sighed, coming to sit on the side of your bed and take your hand.

“I’m going to give you a painkiller and then I’ll give you something for your ribs. It might knock you out for a few hours but you’ll be as good as new when you wake up” Bones informed, getting everything prepared.

“Does this mean he’s going to stab me with a hypospray again?” you whinged, pouting up at your husband who smiled reassuringly. However, before he could reply back, you felt a flare of pain in your arm as Bones pressed a hypospray into you. “OUCH!” you cried, pulling away as he reached for the spray that would mend your ribs. 

“Don’t be such an infant!” Bones scoffed, stabbing you again.

“Jim… you need to fire him!” you breathed, already feeling the medication work. You tried your best to fight it as you could blearily see Jim lean over and kiss your head. The last thing you saw before you fell asleep was Jim smiling at you softly as he cupped your cheek.

Kirk found LaRue just finishing up his shift when he cornered him in a practice room. “So let me guess? You thought it would be a good idea to hurt Y/N, the woman I love, because of something I did” Jim announced, making LaRue jump and spin around in fear. Jim felt a streak of pleasure at seeing the man who had hurt his wife now terrified of him.

“Captain… uh… what are you talking about?” LaRue murmured, glancing behind Jim at Spock and Bones who was blocking the door. They were furious, faces cold and hard with no hint of kindness at all. They loved Y/N like their own sister and they would not tolerate anyone hurting her.

“Of course not! Spock, why don’t you shut the door, this might take a while” Jim suggested, lips quirking up at LaRue. 

“Captain! Please! It’s a misunderstanding! I was teaching her self-defence!” LaRue protested, stepping back against the wall.

“Ensign Kirk had a broken rib and multiple bruises over her body. I fail to see how that is efficiently teaching her self-defence” Spock rebuked, raising an eyebrow at the officer in front of him.

“She was bound to get hurt while I was teaching her!” LaRue objected, trying anything to get himself out of this. Surely they wouldn’t hurt him right? I mean after all, there was protocol. 

“Good god man! You were meant to be teaching her, not beating her until she could barely breath! What kind of man are you to take advantage of her like that?” Bones snarled, stepping forward, fist clenched. 

“Let me see, it was because I passed the promotion to someone else wasn’t it?” Jim smirked, punching LaRue with a right hook on his jaw. LaRue went down like a tonne of bricks, clutching his jaw tightly as he groaned. “Or was it when I refused to pick you for a expedition when you had been drinking? Oh, is it because I had you court-martial because you were drunk on duty?” Jim growled, hitting him again and breaking LaRue’s nose. It sent blood spurting out over the floor. 

Jim grabbed him by the lapels of his shirt and slammed him into the wall, hearing the dull metal clunk at the impact. “Or was it because I embarrassed you back at the Academy because I beat you in all our classes? Huh? Is that it?” Jim snarled, kneeing LaRue in the side. LaRue groaned, doubling over onto the floor, clutching his side.

“So when you had the chance to hurt my wife, I bet you jumped at it. I bet there was a place deep inside your sick mind that couldn’t wait to make her feel the pain, the embarrassment that you felt” Jim hissed, crouching down to LaRue’s side. Jim gripped LaRue’s hair, making sure he was looking at him. “Well, just so you know. You’re going to be responsible for getting kicked off this ship, a court-martial back on Earth and knowing you’ll never be working on a starship ever again. Not if I can help it anyway” Jim growled, shoving him away.

“Jim, that’s enough. Come on!” Bones interfered, pulling Jim away from the gasping man. “I’ll get someone to bring him to medbay before he’s transported back to Starfleet” Bones told him, leading Jim away.

“Oh, if you ever touch Y/N again, I swear I will find you and I will kill you” Jim promised, holding onto his bloodied fist. 

“Captain, come. Y/N will be awake soon” Spock instructed, ushering Jim out the room while Bones called for some help to take LaRue down to the medbay for a check over.

When you woke up, you felt groggy and confused for a few moments, the medication still in your bloodstream. But at least you could breathe better now, the pain in your body gone. Looking to the side of you, you spotted Jim sitting in a chair next to yours. He had fallen asleep with his head on the bed, snoring slightly. Running your fingers through his soft blonde hair, you looked back at the bright ceiling before looking to your other side.

You gaped, shocked at what you saw. There in the bed next to you was LaRue. He was surrounded by security but he looked like he had been knocked out. Shaking your head, you realised what had happened.

Tugging on Jim’s hair to wake him up, you heard his cries of pain as you spun your head to scowl at him. “Ow what was that for?!” he complained, rubbing his head as he gaped at you.

“You have a lot of explaining to do, idiot!” you glowered, pointing to the bed next to you.

“Oh that… don’t pretend you don’t like my protectiveness Y/N” he smirked, leaning back in his chair.

“Jim Kirk, you are nothing but trouble” you sighed, shaking your head as you couldn’t help but smile at him. Because it was true. You did love how protective he was of you. Even if he didn’t listen to you.

I Hate You, Maybe? Part 1~Spock x Kirk’s Little Sister

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Word Count: 1,003 

Warnings: NONE 

Pairing: Spock x Kirk! Lil Sister


James threw his arm around you, pulling you in close. He gave you a quick kiss on the cheek.

“Everyone raise your glass! I would like to make a toast to my little sister for graduating from the Star Fleet Academy, at the top of her class I may add! So congratulations on graduating and being picked to be on our engineering crew! To Y/N and her future!”

You ducked your head, feeling your cheeks flush. There were chuckles and cheers coming from all corners of the room. When you looked up you noticed that Lieutenant Spock was staring straight at you. You furrowed your brow, not understanding why his gaze never left you. As everyone continued to socialize and drink you made your way to where Spock stood. The two of you stood side by side, not saying a word. You gathered your courage and turned to face him.

“Lieutenant Spock, is there a reason you are staring at me this evening? It is making me quite uncomfortable.”

It took Spock a second to respond to you but when he met your eyes, you had to take a step back from the intensity of his glare.

“Ms. Kirk, with all due respect, I recommended that you were put on a different starship than the Enterprise. I do not think you are experienced enough or prepared to go on a journey of such a length. You have only just gotten out of the Academy and are the same age as Ensign Chekov. The difference between the two of you is that Ensign Chekov has already been on a starship. There is also the fact that you are the sister of the Captain. This creates favoritism and is not professional in any workplace.”

It felt as if he had slapped you. The blow had stunned you. Then it all sunk in and your face turned red with fury.

“Lieutenant Spock, with all due respect, you are an ass. I know what I am doing and I will be fine when it comes to being in space. If you think for one second that I got to the top of my class by anything but skill, you would be very wrong. It was not because Jim is the captain of the Enterprise because no one knew who Jim was until after your first mission. Which would be this one. I am a damn good engineer and you shove your opinion up your ass. Goodbye, Lieutenant Spock. I hope we do not run into each other anytime soon.”

You spun on your heels, leaving Spock blinking in confusion. You would prove that you were the best no matter what you had to do.

You ran down the corridor, trying not to drop any of the precious cargo Scotty had given you. He had given you so many tasks just because you may have yelled at him just a teensy tiny bit. Okay fine, you and Scotty yelled at each other so loud that you could hear it echo throughout the whole ship. The whole issue with your brother being the Captain of the Enterprise was that you were too familiar with the crew members. They had come to your home for Christmas for goodness sake! You had actually gone to school with Chekov! And now you were expected to do everything that anyone said. You were so stuck in your thoughts that you didn’t realize the Vulcan stepping in front of you.

“Ms. Kirk, you seem to have your hands full,” Spock observed, oblivious to your glare.

“Lieutenant Spock, is there a particular reason you are stopping me this afternoon? Need me to do some trivial task for you again? Or may I actually go and finish what Chief Engineer Montgomery needs me to do?” You snarled.

Spock’s brow drew together in confusion. He did not understand what he had done to cause such emotion in you.

“Ms. Kirk, are you quite alright? You seem angry with me and from my perspective I have done nothing wrong to evoke such anger.”

You let out a groan, rolling your eyes towards the ceiling. Instead of answering him you just quickly sidestepped him running to the engineering room. Spock stood there, staring at the empty space where you were. Kirk walked up behind him throwing his arm around his shoulder.

“Whatcha looking at, Spock?”

“I do not understand your sister and her over active emotions. I was being perfectly civil to her and she just became quite irritable with me. Perhaps you can explain her reaction to me?”

“Oh Spock. She looked up to you a lot before coming aboard the Enterprise but at her graduation party you apparently insulted her ability to do her job. That it was purely based on her relation to me that she came onto the ship. But Spock, she was the highest in her class. She studied for hours. Once while we were out on our first mission, she insisted I help her study. She fell asleep over our contact video because she had already been studying for about 5 hours. You insulted her, and like all us Kirks, we don’t take being insulted very well.”

“I did not intend to insult her. I just was making an observation on her experience in the field.”

“Well you did.”

“I have nothing but respect for your sister. She is an incredibly capable woman who seems very intelligent.”

“Woah. Spock. Do you like my sister?”

“I said nothing of the sort, Captain.”

“Oh my god, you just called me Captain. That’s when you are irritated. You have a crush on my sister.”

“Captain, please.”

“Why don’t you say something to her? Have little Spock babies with my sister? I’d love to be an uncle.”

“James, please.”

“Admit it, Spock. You like her!”

“Yes, fine. I do have feelings of affection for your sister but I do not think she would reciprocate.”

“Just talk to her, Spock. She’s just a person.”

❝ 100+ f.r.i.e.n.d.s starter sentences
  • “well, no problem, we’ll just use it to stop the bleeding.”
  • “this is huge! this is bigger than huge this is - what’s bigger than huge?”
  • “oh i’m so sorry, i just gave away the ending didn’t i?”
  • “i mean - how, how did this happen?”
  • “i mean isn’t that just kick you in the crotch, spit on your neck fantastic?”
  • “so what the hell happened to you?”
  • “there was always this little voice inside my head that kept saying its never going to happen.”
  • “i never would’ve gone for it with her if it hadn’t been for you.”
  • “how is that a silver lining?”
  • “you want to know what i’m thinking?”
  • “i was trying to spare your feelings.”
  • “okay, you have to stop the q-tip when there’s resistance!”
  • “okay, sweetheart, i’ll see you later.”
  • “you think you could close your eyes for just a sec?”
  • “i sort of did a stupid thing last night.”
  • “okay, ______, why don’t you just go get dressed and be on your way.”
  • “you’re not pathetic, you’re just sad.”
  • “this is about your horrible mistake.”
  • “okay, you’re going to have to not touch my ass.”
  • “you’re sure he’s going to be able to crack that code?”

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Worry - Jim Kirk

Requested by anonymous. 

“So, how does everything look?” you asked as you pulled your top back over your growing stomach. Leonard nodded at you as he pulled off his gloves. 

“Good. Great. Jim should have nothing to worry about,” he said with a knowing smile. You laughed and sat up, swinging your legs back over the side of the examination table. 

“Could you let him know that?”

“He still stressing out about this?” You nodded. Since the moment you told your husband that you were pregnant, he had not stopped worrying about every possible thing that could go wrong. 

“I’m sure you know more than I do,” you said. “He comes down here nearly every day to ask you a new question.”

“As soon as the baby’s here, he’ll relax, I promise,” Leonard said. You sighed. 

“I hope so.” 

You left Med Bay and started walking back to the command center. A kick caused you to bring your hand to your stomach, just as the doors opened. Jim spun around in his chair, and immediately got up when he saw that you were touching your stomach.

“Everything okay?” he asked, immediately in front of you. 

“Yes. Just a kick,” you said with a smile. Jim didn’t, so you leaned in to kiss his cheek, causing a small smile to spread across his face. 

“How’d the doctor’s appointment go?” he asked, following you as you sat down. 

“Great. Bones says everything is okay.”

“Okay?” he asked nervously. “Just okay?”

“No, everything looks alright. Everything is gonna be fine,” you said, touching his arm. He sighed, but still the worried look didn’t leave his face. 

“Did he give a more conclusive date on when you would give birth?” he asked.

“No, still the same due date as before.”

“We’ll still keep planning around that day.”

“Planning?” you asked, leaning back in your chair. 

“Yes. Everything needs to be perfect.”

“It will be, because we’ll have our baby. I wish you would stop worrying about this.”

“I’m not worried.” You couldn’t help but laugh at him. “What?” 

“Jim, you have put off every mission we have had planned on foreign planets since you found out, in case I went through labor while you were gone.”

“That was a good decision,” he said.us to 

“You did it nine months ago! Listen,” you said, taking his hand, making him crouch down so you could talk as privately as possible. “I love you, but you need to stop stressing. It will be fine.” He nodded and leaned up to kiss you softly.

“I love you, too.”

As the day went on, you figured that Jim had calmed down, at least just a little bit. However, when you arrived back at your cabin, you found Spock and Leonard standing in your room.

“Hi,” you said awkwardly. 

“Hey,” Leonard said. 

“What are you doing?” Leonard stumbled over his words, so Spock gave an answer to whatever he was going to give a lie to.

“The captain wanted us to make sure everything was prepped in case you had to give birth-”

“You’re kidding,” you said.

“No, those were the captain’s specific orders.”

“She knows,” Leonard said, slapping Spock’s arm softly. “I’m sorry,” he said to you.

“It’s not your fault.” You rubbed your stomach, feeling another kick. “With all this stress that he is causing me, he’s going to make this baby come quicker than it’s suppose to.”

When Jim came back to your cabin that night, you remained silent. You knew that he knew you knew what he was trying to do. You crawled into bed silently that night by yourself. Jim came in a little later, and rolled over to face you.

“I’m sorry,” he said.

“For what?” you asked sleepily.

“I don’t mean to be stressing you out with my worry.”

“I don’t know why you have to be worried. There’s nothing you need to worry about.”

“I’m sure my father thought the same thing,” he said. You sighed and moved closer to him, so that your stomach touched his. 

“You are not your father. Nothing bad is going to happen.”

“He couldn’t have predicted what happened.”

“And neither can you. If something catastrophic like that were to happen, there’s no way you could stop it, either.” He sighed. “But you don’t need to worry, because it’s not going to. You, me, and little George will be just fine. I promise.”

“Why are you so calm?” he asked.

“Because you’re doing all the worrying for me,” you said with a smile. He nodded and you rested your forehead against his. 

“I love you,” he said.

“I love you, too,” you said, leaning up to kiss him. 

Two days later, Jim was clutching your hand as you gave birth to your son. He came exactly as planned, on your due date. Leonard was perfectly ready, Jim having ordered everyone to not fuck around until after the baby was born. 

The labor went fairly easy, and Jim never left your side once. A few minutes later, Leonard put your baby boy in your arms. Jim gasped once, and never took another breath again. You both were too busy staring at the perfect child in your arms. 

“He’s amazing,” Jim whispered finally.

“I love him,” you said, also keeping a low voice as you stared at the infant with Jim’s blonde hair, asleep in your arms. Jim kissed your forehead and you looked up at him.

“I told you there was nothing to worry about,” you said. 

“I know.” He kissed your lips, just as your son opened his mouth to cry, loudly enough for all of the ship to hear, no doubt.

A Million Tiny Pieces

Intro: This was requested by anon: Do you mind Spock x Reader?  

Okay okay so I never thought I would like writing Spock x reader but this was way too much fun.  When I got this request I panicked thinking I would never come up with a good idea but once I got one, the words just started flowing and I wrote it basically all in one sitting.  I love this piece so much I read it over and over again instead of writing new fics (sorry @outside-the-government I know your request came before this one but I needed to give this one to the world first - yours is almost done!)

Pairing: Spock x Reader

Word Count: 2410

Triggers: none really, attempt at slipping something into reader’s drink.

Summary: Reader goes to the bar after a long day and some crewman tries to slip something into their drink.  Spock comes to save the day and ends up walking reader back to their quarters.  Fluff ensues. 

Also: I kept picturing the reader in a leather jacket for some reason when I realized that Uhura wears leather jackets in aos so I guess I am not that original lol. 

Also (p.t.2): This is my first Spock fic so please be gentle :)


You had a bad day and just needed something to make you feel better.  So you made your way to the bar and practically crashed onto the bar stool, leaning your forearms heavily on the counter in front of you and laid your head on the cool surface.  

Letting out a deep sigh you closed your eyes and thanked the stars that this day was over.  You pulled the collar of your favourite leather jacket around your neck tightly as you continued to lean against the bar. 

“Long day?” You heard a deep voice ask, but you didn’t know if it was directed at you so you pretended to ignore it.  

Only when the cool exterior of a glass pressed against your elbow did you pick your forehead up off the counter and look up.   A small glass of brown liquid rested in front of you, standing there alone, like a lone soldier.  You turned your head and fixed your tired eyes on the bartender who offered you a weak smile as he picked up a cloth and started cleaning glasses.  

He nodded and gestured with his eyes between you and the person you assumed bought you a drink and you looked over to the stools beside you.  

One stool down sat a rather handsome, if not a little burly, looking crewman in a blue shirt.  He flashed a flirty grin at you and you smiled back.  You really were not in the mood for company, but if he was going to buy you drinks, you weren’t going to stop him.  He slid to the stool beside you and leaned on the counter as you lifted the glass to your lips and downed it in one shot.  Whiskey.  You hated whiskey, you were more of a ‘beer’ type of girl, but you soon felt it taking the edge off your bad mood and you turned to face the crewman.  He gestured to the bartender to fill your glass again before looking at you, his eyes flicking to your bag that had the medical insignia sewn onto it. 

“Medical, huh?  You a nurse or something?” He asked and suddenly you didn’t like him anymore, you hated when people asked if you were a nurse like it was a bad thing to be.  Like they were saying, “You not-a-doctor or something?”

You grimaced and knocked back the newly filled glass, slamming it back down on the counter with a 'tink’.  
“Yep, I’m a nurse, and a damn good one at that.” You replied dryly, but he still looked at you like you were naked and in his bed.  You shifted uncomfortably and crossed your arms over your chest. 

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anonymous asked:

Any fics where Bones has a prosthetic leg or arm or something? He was hurt on an away mission or something?

  • Jim is by Bones bedside the entire time Bones is unconscious. He blames himself every second of it. Because this wasn’t supposed to happen. The fact that Bones couldn’t dismantle that torpedo back when Khan was threatening them, why would Jim assume this time would be different? It wasn’t. And as a result, Jim is looking at a synthetic arm. It being the 23rd century, it looks realistic. Feels kind of realistic, too, when Jim hesitantly reaches out to touch it. It’s just colder to the touch. But it frightens Jim into a panic attack, and Bones isn’t conscious to help him ease through it.
  • And when Bones is conscious, Jim can’t ask him for help. Because Bones is hurt himself. He touches his arm in pure terror, and Jim swallows his own feelings and instead he reaches out, resting his hand on Bones’ shoulder. “Do you want to talk about it?” he asks. Bones lifts up his prosthetic arm, and to Jim, the way he moves looks almost natural. The skin is paler, but otherwise, it seems to function just fine. “No,” Bones replies, “I don’t want to talk.” “I just want you to know, that if you do-” “I don’t,” Bones replies. “Okay,” Jim says, “I’m here for you.” “I don’t need you,” Bones says, “just leave me alone.”
  • That’s painful, but Jim can only give Bones the space he so verbally demands. But really, after a few days, and Bones goes back to work almost immediately, it just feels like Bones is avoiding him. He buries himself in work, mostly paperwork at that, and he doesn’t show up on the Bridge anymore. “Don’t worry about it too much,” Uhura tells Jim when the other’s clearly on edge, “with that arm, he can do his work just fine. He just needs time to accept it. He’ll get there.” “I just want him to talk to me,” Jim sighs, “if he just tells me he’s not okay, then maybe I could… you know, be there for him.” “You can be there without him asking for it,” Uhura says, “just like Bones has always been there for you.”
  • “Bones,” Jim says quietly when he walks into Bones’ quarters. It’s a mess of broken furniture. For someone irrationally angry all the God damn time, Bones has always been calm when it comes to non-verbal stuff. Never has Jim seen his room such an angry mess before. “Bones,” Jim repeats quietly, finding the other on the ground in the bedroom, covered in paperwork. “Hey, Bones, what are you doing?” “I resign,” Bones replies, “I’m sorting out the paperwork.” “What? You don’t have to, Chapel said you could still do your job. Prosthetics these days, they’re-” “I don’t want to hear it,” Bones says, “next time we’re on Earth or in York Town, I resign.” “But Bones-” “But what?” Bones snaps at him, “you’re going to convince me to stay, like you convinced a God damn doctor that he’s capable of dismantling a fucking torpedo?” Jim immediately falls silent at that, knowing full well that this whole thing was his fault, he just never expected those words to actually come out of Bones’ mouth. “I’m so sorry,” Jim says, not sure what else to say, “is there… anything, I can do?” “You can accept my resignation,” Bones says, “and you can leave me alone.”
  • “He’s just dealing with his injury,” Uhura says. “McCoy loves you, given some time, he’ll stop being angry,” Sulu tells Jim. “McCoy is angry at everyone all the time. He forgave me for almost getting him thrown into space, he’ll forgive you,” Scotty says. “I don’t know why you’re asking me, Captain,” Chekov says, “I find doctor McCoy terrifying.” “Jim,” Spock says, sighing a little, “given the circumstances, the doctor’s reaction is entirely logical.” “I just want to know how I could make him feel better,” Jim says. “I think you’ll agree I’m not the best example on conveying human emotions,” Spock says, “when Uhura and I disagree, we give each other space.” “I don’t want-” “Forgive me, Jim, but what you want in this case is irrelevant,” Spock says, “you’re suffering because you feel guilty. Leonard is suffering because he lost an arm. His entire life, passion and profession relies on having the steadiest arms in the galaxy. He has the right to be upset. All you can do now is apologize, and accept that he might not forgive you.”
  • So Jim gives Bones the space he needs, though he’s miserable in the process. He misses his best friend to talk to. To talk to, to complain to, to have drinks with, to just be around each other. But it’s what Bones wants, and so Jim gives that to him. Bones is present at the staff meeting, and the way he talks to Jim finally makes him think something might be changing after all. Because Bones tells him “damn it Jim”, and “we’re running low on supplies”. And yet, after it’s all over, Bones retreats to his room.
  • But then Jim gets himself hurt during an away mission. Not even on purpose (he’s tried that, and got treated by Chapel instead). No, he gets himself wounded in his side. Knocked out by a blow to the head. When he wakes up, Bones is standing over him in med bay. “Bones,” Jim says quietly, trying to ignore the splitting headache. “Can’t even walk two steps without getting hurt,” Bones says, and Jim watches him work quietly. He thinks about being careful, but maybe it’s the headache that turns him more into his own self. “How’s your arm?” he asks, and Bones raises an eyebrow. “Which one, the real one or the fake one?” “Whichever,” Jim says. “Well,” Bones says, “I can choke you with both.” “I’m into loads of things, but choking isn’t one of those things,” Jim replies. Bones stares at him blankly for a few seconds, and then he cracks a smile. Jim, too. “You’re a fucking idiot,” Bones says, and Jim laughs, briefly. “Can’t argue with that,” he says, sitting up straight, “I heard you performed brain surgery the other day on one of the cadets.” “Hmm,” Bones hums in reply. “Did that go well?” “He lived.” “Good,” Jim says, “I mean, I’m not surprised.” “Flattering and careful wording isn’t your style,” Bones says, “stop treating me like you’re walking on thin ice, and then maybe we can get drunk.”
  • And so Jim shows up in Bones’ quarters, a bottle of bourbon with him and he greets the other on the couch. Bones finally seems warmed up to him again. A little angry, sure, but he drinks that alcohol and he complains about med bay like he’s never been through the Hell Jim put him through. “Stay with me,” Jim says, so sudden it catches both of them off guard. “Huh?” “Don’t resign,” Jim says, “I can’t– I don’t want you to resign. You can still do your job just fine.” “Stop,” Bones says, but Jim shakes his head. “No. I fucked up, okay? But that doesn’t mean… I want you to stay. I want you here.” “What you want isn’t the most important,” Bones says. “You’ll be miserable back on Earth.” “Excuse me?” “What you need is your family,” Jim says. “Yes,” Bones agrees, “my family-” “Is here,” Jim interrupts him, “Uhura, Spock, and the others. We’re all here for you. And I know this is my fault, and I can never make this up to you, but I love you, okay? And you’re not alone through this.” “Shut up,” Bones groans, “you don’t get to say that.” “But it’s true,” Jim says, “I can’t begin to imagine life here without you, because I love you.” “Don’t.” “I lo-” Bones reaches out, surprising strength in both his hands, and he pulls Jim in closer, lips together in a kiss that’s both rough and a little drunk, but Jim happily pushes himself in closer to reciprocate. “Stay with me,” Jim begs him quietly, and Bones huffs. “Fine,“ but they both know he’s secretly relieved not to go anywhere.

please imagine that it’s been a long day on the Enterprise. They’ve dealt with horrible illnesses, transporter malfunctions, diplomatic events gone wrong, Klingon attacks, Romulan insurgents, and more. Tempers ran high and everyone is at their wit’s end. There was a moment there when they didn’t think they would make it.

But they did. They make it out the other side and everyone is bruised and beat up and sore, but they’re together. And Jim is sitting in his chair in the center of the room and he looks over to see Chekov smiling back at him, Sulu at his side. Sulu reaches over and takes Chekov’s hand and they just hold for a moment, glad to be alive. And Jim looks up and sees Spock is on his left and Bones is on his right, and the two of them cocoon him in warmth. Their mere presence gives him strength. And he jumps when he feels a hand on his shoulder and it’s Uhura, resting her head on his shoulder as Spock stands beside her. Scotty steps down to their circle and loops his arm around Bones’ back and they’re both smiling, beaming really. And there’s Rand looking slyly at them and even Chapel comes up from Sickbay for just a moment to see that everyone is doing just fine. All of them, together.

Please imagine the whole crew together and happy, accomplished. Holding each other close and breathing out a sigh of relief. 

anonymous asked:

34 for Bones.

34. “Don’t ever do that again.”

Funny. Bones never expected himself to be on the other side of the scolding. For once, it was somebody else who was irritated that he nearly died.

And he was thankful that it was you and not Spock. But then your voice got a little louder, and Bones was rethinking his luck. “Don’t ever do that again.” You stated, coming up to the side of his biobed with crossed arms.

The nurse that was treating his wounds finally fixed the cut under his eye and she moved away, eager to get away from your wrath. McCoy felt oddly open, like a gazelle in a field. “Did you want me to just abandon them to die?” He asked, carefully not to make his tone too challenging. You were angry enough.

You huffed, shoulders sagging. “Of course not. I just got…scared…”

“I’m fine. I’m right here.”

Bones was pleased when you reached forward and grabbed his hand. He smiled, which prompted one of your own.

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The away team for the current mission was one of the largest groups to date. Luckily, you didn’t have to go. 

“Thank God for that,” Leonard mumbled, earning him a warning look from the captain and a sneer from you. 

As soon as they left, you went to medical to set up your next prank. He always insisted everyone have a full physical after each mission, so it was the perfect time to set this particular one up. When you finished, you went back to the transporter to await orders to beam the team back up. 

“L/N, we need you to lock onto McCoy and beam him. He’s been injured.” 

For a moment, you felt as if you couldn’t breathe. “Right away, Commander. Is he going to be ok?” 

“Dammit, Spock, I’m fine, it’s a just a bump!” he insisted, making you sigh in relief. 

“You’re bleeding,” Spock asserted. “I suggest you go back and get it looked at.” 

‘Fine! At least I won’t have to finish the mission and I can get away from your nagging. Beam me up, Y/N.” 

Certain that he was fine, you decided to add to his annoyance and beamed Spock up. “Oops! Oh well, now he can escort you and be sure M’Benga checks you out.” 

“Well that’s just typical,” you heard him growl over the comm. 

Spock materialized and gave a look that said he didn’t believe you’d made a mistake, but didn’t say anything. Bones materialized soon after, and was promptly lead away by Spock. You gave him a faux sheepish grin, and he scowled in return. 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * 

“Bones, I’m fine,” Jim whined. 

“Just put the gown on and get in the bed. The sooner we can clear you, the sooner you get me off your back.” 

Jim groaned, but complied, “Just hurry up.” 

Leonard began scanning him, but something strange was happening with his equipment. “What the…?” he trailed off. 

“What is it?” Jim asked, slightly concerned. 

Leonard ran another scan. “This doesn’t make any sense. Unless…” he grit his teeth. “You have to do something about L/N, Jim.” 

“Why?” he raised a brow at his friend. “What’d she do now?” 

“I don’t know how, but she did something to my equipment!” he snarled. 

“How do you know?” He knew it was likely true, but still wanted to hear Leonard’s answer. 

“It says you suffer from terminal sexiness.” 

The corner of Jim’s mouth quirked a bit, “It’s not wrong.” 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * 

“So,” Jim gave you a sly smile. “You think I’m sexy?” 

“Ooh, Captain, how scandalous!” you teased, making him chuckle. 

“You know, you really shouldn’t mess with the equipment.” He’d have sounded serious if it weren’t for the smirk plastered on his face. 

“It only reads that if the person scanned is perfectly fine,” you assured. “I’ll go when he’s off duty. I don’t need him lecturing me while I fix it.” 

“You know,” Jim studied you for a moment. “If you could just stop fighting, I think you’d be good for each other.” 

“Ok, you and Uhura need to stop with that.”

A/N: I made the two hospital gifs, I just forgot to put my name on them. The other two aren’t mine, I only altered already existing ones. Credit to their creators.

Originally posted by elizabefholsen

Prompt:  Seeing as requests are open!! How about one that is Kirk X Reader where the reader is pregnant? Sort of parallel to George Kirk and Winona, excluding death.. and Jim is having pre-father anxiety and it’s all just super fluff :3 including enterprise adventures and angsty missions? (cause we all need Chris pine and fluff/Angst that man is gorgeous) thank you and sorry this is so vague! Have a lovely day/night week month!! X
Word Count: 1712
Warnings: Mentions of death, anxiety, abandonment
Author’s Note: SURPRISE! You all get 2 fics today because I really wanted to post one of the requests (and I loved this one) and a Christmas one. So there you go happy December ya filthy animals :)

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So, what about some happy and fluffy McSpirk at the academy?

  • Neither Jim nor Bones like Spock very much initially. But, to be fair, Leonard doesn’t like most people. They have to work on an assignment together, and all three of them have very different approaches in getting that done. Spock wants to do extensive research first, together. Bones wants to divide roles, do his own part, and then get over it. Jim’s more of a; wait until a week before the deadline and then work together for 24 hours until it’s all done. So they don’t particularly agree on this first assignment at all, and they mostly end up making the assignment by themselves. All three pass with a similar grade, so the extra work seems like a total waste of time in the end.
  • Jim and Bones grow rapidly closer, though. They spend a lot of time together. Either drinking, studying, and working out. Spock doesn’t seem that socially interested in the two of them, and neither are Jim and Bones.
  • But then a field assignment requires Jim to lead a party on a nearby planet. And against all odds, they work surprisingly well together. Jim oversees Spock researching local plants, and assists him with that. Bones turns the usable plants into a cream that ails a particular rash to the locals. Now, Jim doesn’t exactly assist with that, but seeing as a local flirt leaves him with similar symptoms, Bones uses Jim as a test subject to make sure the stuff is safe to use. 
  • “You wanna hang tonight?” Leonard asks Spock, and Spock frowns. “Hang?” “Yes, it’s Friday. Jim and I are going to have a few drinks in the bar.” “Oh, I don’t get drunk,” Spock says, and Leonard raises an eyebrow. “Then what do you do on a Friday night?” He asks, and Spock huffs. “I mean, I don’t get drunk on alcohol.” “Then what do you get drunk on?”
  • “What is that?” Jim asks when Bones walks in with grocery bags. “Chocolate milk,” Bones says. “What are we, kids?” “It’s for Spock,” Leonard says. “Spock?” Jim repeats, “first of all, Bones, what is Spock doing on our night out, and what is he doing, drinking chocolate milk?” “I thought we had a nice time on that planet.” “We had an okay time on that planet,” Jim counters. “The only reason you had a mildly inconvenience on that planet is because you decided to sleep with one of the sick locals,” Bones says, “I asked Spock to drink with us tonight, but he only gets drunk on chocolate. Hence, the chocolate milk.” Jim listens to that, rubbing the back of his neck with a frown. “Fine. Okay.”
  • It’s actually surprisingly fun. Spock meets up with them at Bones’ dorm, and while they get drunk on whiskey and bourbon, Spock gets equally drunk on chocolate milk. And just the fact that he’s willing to do that already leaves a good impression on Jim, and besides, Spock is hilarious when drunk. Ups his sarcasm, apparently knows all the campus gossip. They go to a bar after a few drinks at home, where they drink beer – and it’s really just pure luck that one of those hipster San Fran bars serves them a special brewed chocolate stout. So they’re really just drinking together, playing card games, loudly disagreeing with each other on school assignments, and try to hit on other people. Or, well, Jim tries. Bones is the only one actually succeeding, though. But before he can actually leave with someone, both Spock and Jim get sick from chugging down another 3 drinks too fast, and so rather than actually getting laid, Bones spends the rest of his night rubbing Spock’s back as he throws up in the toilet, and then having a bucket ready for Jim, too. “I hate you guys,” Spock grunts tiredly, and Bones laughs, handing him a glass of water. “Right back at you, pal.”
  • Now, when Spock joins them more regularly on a Friday night, they don’t actually go out to bars anymore. They just share a drink in either one of their dorm rooms, watching TV, playing board games, or video games. During exam weeks, they rehearse the theory together. Spock and Jim take Bones to a flight site to help him get over his fear of flying. It doesn’t work as well as they hoped, but at least Bones gets to pass the basics of flying which allows him to actually continue his studies.
  • Over the summer, Spock goes back to Vulcan to be with his family. Bones goes to Joanna. Jim spends about one week with his mom, which is enough time to catch up, and just long enough before he gets bored out of his mind. But that does mean he spends the rest of the summer all by himself. Spock and Bones come back to San Fran two weeks early just so the three of them can spend the rest of summer going out, having late noon picnics in the park. Bones naps, Jim’s on his phone, Spock’s just quietly reading. They go swimming on the beach, and Spock rubs Jim’s back when he inevitably gets sunburnt. "Do you want to go on a roadtrip?“ Jim asks, “we could go to LA.” “Jim, school starts in like, three days,” Bones says, but Jim shrugs. “So? We’ll go tonight, spend tomorrow in LA, and go back home on Sunday. What’s the worst that could happen?“ 
  • They decide to go by car instead of train, shuttle, or other. And that’s also where it all goes wrong. The GPS doesn’t work properly, and somehow neither boys can agree on how to actually follow the road signs to one of the country’s biggest cities. They never actually make it to LA. They drive through most of Friday night, until Bones is exhausted and grumpy, Jim is hungry, and Spock’s all of those things. They find a motel in some small town instead, and sleep through most of Saturday. They find a small diner, but it doesn’t have any vegetarian options for Spock, so they drive around until they find a small cafe. All three look miserable when they get their food, but eating does miracles. “So, I don’t think we’re gonna make it to LA,” Jim says, and Spock shoots him a glance. “I’m certain we won’t,” he agrees. “But hey, we can just go to a bar here tonight, have a couple drinks, and head back tomorrow.” “Fine,” Bones says, and Spock nods as well. “Fine.”
  • It’s the last Saturday before school starts again, so all three permit themselves to get as drunk as they were on the first time they went out together. Bones just makes sure they all keep drinking water, too, so neither of them actually ends up throwing up from drinking too much. 
  • They stumble into the motel room late at night, and by the time Jim returns from the bathroom, he’s just stunned at the sight of Spock actually kissing Bones. It must be a drunken thing, but Jim just doesn’t know what to do – besides enjoying that sight for a while. Eventually, Bones pulls away, pleasantly drunk color on his cheeks as he turns to look at Jim instead. “You joining in or what?” He asks. “I– what? I mean, yes,” Jim says, stepping in closer to the bed to join the other two, “absolutely.”

spockfucker has ruined me with hot rebel spock so don’t even look at me I’m disgusting I’ve thought about things that make buddha need jesus

ok but seriously I never thought I could fall neck deep into AOS but here we are my ridiculous of SAFE FOR WORKING headcanons about space boyfriends here we go herE WE GO *SWEATS LOUDLY*

1) Rebel Spock AU where Spock is not only a hot rebel Vulcan but he’s also a hot rebel Vulcan TATTOO ARTIST hot damn are u feelin’ this can you even imagine Spock in a beanie, white shirt and black cardigan with dark red jeans and boots, hunched over a client with an artist apron around his waist caN U EVEN IMAGINE JIM GOING TO SEE SPOCK FOR A TATTOO RETOUCHING oh my god. Imagine Jim walking into the tattoo parlour and he sees Spock and starts sweating nervously like “bones, nO

And Bones is just like, “you were on the waiting list for 6 months you fucking donut, you said this guy was the best

And Jim is like “It’s fine ok nevermind Bones let’s go somewhere else anywhere else in fact at this point I’m perfectly fine getting my retouching done by a 5 year old with a crayon there’s no way I’m going to make it out of here without this guy noticing my mASSIVE BONER RIGHT NOW BONES NO BONES WHAT ARE YOU DOING BONES LET ME G–”

2) Domestic established relationship semi-married AU where Jim and Spock constantly have “old” movie marathons and argue which of the series is best - Jim continuously screams that Shrek 2 was better while Spock calmly and repetitively lists the merits of the first movie. There is chaos, everyone and their dead grandmother wakes up in the middle of the night, the Klingon almost surrenders to make them shut the fUCK U P, and next morning everyone on The Enterprise is forced to take a fucking stupidass verbal survey conducted by Jim on which MOTHERFUCKING Shrek movie is better. Spock tries to remain uncaring but is secretly behind every corridor listening and tallying the results.
Bones drafts a transfer request no less than 4 times Jesus Christ unbelievable

3) Imagine everyone on the Enterprise knowing about Jim’s crush on Spock like 3847507 years before even he did and they constantly tease him but he doesn’t get it like ?? ?? ?//? but eventually he starts understanding what’s going on and it’s like a giant !!! !! ??1!!! 1 ! moment for him. Everything would be O-K AND UNDER CONTROL IF THE PRANKS DIDN’T GET EVEN WORSE LIKE WOW. WAY WORSE
and one day he’s just running onto the bridge because Spock’s there and he has something dumb to tell the dumb motherfu ijkigjn attractive Vulcan and suddenly it happens
Literally no less than 96 condoms fall from his person like, they’re in his shirt and his pockets and his pants and they’re all falling at his feet and Scotty is biting his lip so hard it actUALLY BLEED S AND BONES LAUGHING SO HARD HE’S ACTUALLY CHECKING HIS OWN PULSE TO SEE IF HE’S HAVING A HEART ATTACK
and Jim just scrEECHING LIKE "I— Spock, these aren’t mine. I-I’m just-Listen Spock, I just, listen. shUT THE FUCK UP uhuRA o h my fuck. Fuck! SHIT! FUCK. I’m holding them for a friend just LISTEN–”

Smoller headcanons like:

- Spock and Jim live together and they get a cat and they brind her on the enterprise because Spock can’t function without her anymore jFC can u imagine, people on the Enterprise start treating the cat like she belongs to all of them what a fatass overgrown cat that would be
And also Spock eating a dry cat biscuit and when Jim tells him to spit it out he refuses because “I will not allow my feline to eat a single thing which cannot be consumed by myself. That is irresponsible and–”

- somehow they rescue a smol bby vulcan on another planet?? ? and bring him aboard the Enterprise and no one knows how what to do with smol bby Vulcan and so they automatically turn to Spock and he’s as clueless as they are but they figure it out
By the time they reach somewhere where he’s supposed to be dropped off and cared for by responsible adults they’re so attached. Everyone cries and Jim cries the loudest, even louder than smol bby vulcan. Spock promises to visit, bless

- Spock being horrible with kids and having no clue what to do around them but kids clinging to him nonetheless pls mORE OF THI S PLS

- Jim cutting Spock’s hair for him by putting a bowl on his head and cutting along the sides of it omh I’m cryi G

Im so sorry Im v sorry kill me

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Star Trek Headcanons about how the crew members would act if they were jealous? Pls and thnx :)

Oh god I’m such a sucker for jealousy headcanons 

Kirk: It depends on the situation. If he’s off duty on shore leave and it’s some asshole flirting with you at a bar, then he’ll march up to the person and tell them to back off–this often ends up in a fight. If it’s a crew member, he watches it from afar, then plays a game of 20 questions when you’re alone. “So who was that?” “How long have you known each other?” “Are you friends?” “Aren’t they dating someone? I could have sworn they were dating someone…does that person know you’re with me? I mean it doesn’t matter, I’m just curious”. You roll your eyes and tell him it’s fine. He pretends like he doesn’t know what you’re talking about. You drop it from there. But suddenly the crew member he’s jealous of finds themselves being put on a lot more midnight shifts…

Spock: He will never ever admit that he’s jealous, because jealousy is a petty human emotion and he’s above that. What he will do, however, is just throw nonstop shade at both you and the person who is making him jealous until finally you have to say “enough” and sit him down for a long talk about how he needs to calm the fuck down. He stays relatively quiet during the whole thing, and he tells you you’re being illogical: “I’m always calm”. Though, from the way he breaks eye contact, you can tell that he’s saying that more to himself than to you. When it’s all said and done with, you give him a little kiss, and make a joke that he was the illogical one, earning you a tiny smile. 

Bones: His jealousy manifests in anger. Towards you. Towards the other person. Towards everyone in the world. He doesn’t give any explanation for it, though. All you know is that suddenly, Bones is pissed off, and he’s doing everything he can to avoid you. So obviously, you get pissed off back because it’s not fair that he’s acting like this when you didn’t do anything. After you finally get sick of it and confront him, he reluctantly tells you about his ex-wife, and apologizes. A lot of bad memories got brought up, is all, and he needs to remember that you and her are two totally different people. 

Scotty: Becomes a god damn child. Any time you come around he’ll make asshole comments like “Oh, I’m surprised you’re not hanging out with ___” “You want dinner? Are you sure you wouldn’t rather go with ___?” And then he’ll grumble and mutter under his breath and the person he is jealous of might not get hot water any more in their quarters, whoops. Oh my god and there is so much passive aggressive shit talking about the person to you. “Oh I heard they did this, I heard they did that”. Finally you get fed up and respond with “How did you hear anything when you’re always down here in the engine room?”. There’s more grumbling and groaning after that.It takes Keenser to give him a literal whack with a wrench to get him to realize he’s overreacting and needs to apologize.

Uhura: Anyone she’s jealous of better watch their ass. She’s always shooting death glares behind their back. She puffs out her chest and throws her shoulders back when she’s near the person–intimidating the fuck out of them. During the times where you’re interacting with the person, she waits a moment for the two of you to get a conversation going, then struts past you…stopping only to dip you down in a deep kiss before going on her way. Once you’re able to regain your composure, you run after her because damn she can’t just kiss you like that and not follow up–if you catch my drift.  

Sulu: His first mistake is that he says “I don’t like you hanging around with ___”. That only makes things worse because fuck you, you don’t own me and you don’t get to tell me who I can and cannot talk to. He quickly realizes that he was sort of being a dick, so by the end of the day, he goes to you to talk things out. Sulu is really wonderful at communication, so by the time you’re done, you have a better understanding of one another’s thoughts and feelings, and perhaps certain things you both can do in the future to avoid things like this.  

Chekov: Panics and glues himself to your side. Everywhere you go, he’s there. Every night he insists on staying in your quarters, or you in his. You also find that suddenly he’s giving you a lot of flower bouquets in a desperate attempt to show you that he’s the one you should be with. Not some other person. Granted, he’ll never say that to you. He just shrugs it off. “Thees is what a good boyfriend does.I don’t know why you think zat I’m jealous.” You let him act like this for a while. If he doesn’t want to communicate then fine. Let him be ridiculous. Actually, you sort of like the way he says cheery things in Russian to the person he’s jealous of, because you can only imagine what he’s actually saying. There’s finally a breaking point, though, when it all comes out and he frantically talks to you about his jealousy a mile a minute. 

Cue Conflict.

Titled: ‘Cue Conflict.’ 

Pairing: Leonard x reader

Word Count: 1,256

Cast of Characters: Y/N, Kirk, Spock, and Leonard 

Warnings: Leonard McCoy feels, FLUFF, language (very minor), etc. 

A/N: Due to my reoccurring motion sickness and the fact all I want is Bones taking care of me when it comes on. I thought to myself write a fic on it. 

Tagging:  @aprofoundbondwithdean @bkwrm523 @feelmyroarrrr @imaginestartrek @ladyxdezi @bgarrow1013 @unsinkthetitanic @stargirlhorse @mysupernaturalfics @ivvitm1109 @blacktithe7 @sincerelysaraahh @mysteriouslyme81 @my-amazing-nerdyness @stargirlhorse @uss-lesbian @castielohcastiel @serenityspiral @indominusregina @chaosmieu

It would come at the worse time. You swore it had a mind of its own and it wanted to see you suffer. Lately, you have been enduring motion sickness. Your job on the Enterprise was to write up different reports for whoever needed it and be the Captain’s secretary. Your title was Second Officer and you were assigned all of the administrative work. 

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“Spock…what the hell are you wearing?”

Commander Spock had anticipated this question. He had also anticipated the wide-eyed expression on the Captain’s face in conjunction with the apparent confusion.

Which was why he was more than ready to respond simply with, “Captain. If I am to enter an environment that registers lower than 1 degree Celsius in temperature, I do not dress myself.”

Approximately 3.8 seconds passed in silence sans the sharp winds surrounding them. Jim donned a heavy self-heating coat, a hat, and gloves. Spock wore similar articles; but this was in addition to a heavy wool turtleneck sweater under the jacket that made it essentially impossible to see anything below his eyes, earmuffs that were large enough to cover the tips of his ears (the point of which was indiscernible given the hat on Spock’s head), fluffy black boots, and a pair of insulated snow trousers.

“You…don’t dress yourself,” Jim repeated. The tone was flat, but it implied a question.

“I should clarify,” Spock said. “I do not bother to dress myself.”

“…Nope; still not helping.”

“Being accustomed to warm temperatures generally, Vulcans tend to overdress for cooler climates,” Spock explained. “Evidently, however, my choice of clothing is insufficient for Doctor McCoy.’

“Wait.” Jim blinked once. Twice. “Bones? Bones dressed you?”

“Indeed. He examines whether or not I am wearing enough layers by his calculations. If I am not, he adds to them. Some of these garments are, in fact, his.”

Jim grinned. “That’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard.”

“I assure you I have attempted on multiple occasions to counteract Leonard’s concern about my wardrobe to no avail. He is quite–”

As if on cue, Bones shuffled by, holding his tricorder between two mittened hands. He paused, looked at Spock, and sighed.

“Do you want hypothermia?” he mumbled, tugging the zipper of Spock’s jacket up to his nose to meet the turtleneck before walking away.

“–Stubborn,” Jim finished. He shook his head, still smiling. “So, uh…you need help moving around in that Tribble suit?”

“I am fine, Captain.”

Jim clapped him on the back. “Sure, Mister Spock.” He stuffed his hands in his pockets, then turned his attention to Bones a few feet away. “Just try to remember that the more layers he makes you wear, the more he likes you.”

Spock decided it was fortunate that Jim could not see much beyond his eyes, for the slight upturn of his lips was far from a logical response to McCoy’s overt expression of emotion. Perhaps the wool sweater was indeed achieving the intended effect, for he was much warmer now.


Continuation of “Override

Part of the “Nocturne” series

Incorporating this from @thefandomimagine: “Imagine McCoy having to call your death” 

From this series: Nocturne || Shipmate || Inflection || Override || thanks to @heilith for the Russian song suggestion and translation

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anonymous asked:

I read your klutzy glasses Jim and I couldn't resist. Spones are pining over Jim and then Jim finds out he needs glasses and he picks out these ugly chunky black things that shouldn't be flattering on anyone, but they're gorgeous on Jim and suddenly neither of them can focus on anything?

  • Jim’s walks in on Spock and Bones multiple times, okay. Sometimes he thinks they’re doing it on purpose. Seriously. It’s not Jim’s fault that he catches Spock kissing Bones in their own quarters - they could have just locked the doors. Or when he enters Bones’ office and the two of them are standing there, and Bones is kissing Spock softly, his hands are disappeared under the Vulcan’s shirt and it’s a great sight. Jim loves how in love they are. 
  • “Next time he walks in on us, he might as well join,” Bones mutters against Spock’s lips. It’s late after their shifts and they’re in bed. Bones is leaning over Spock, fingers brushing over the Vulcan’s cheek. “Leonard, you know I can never tell when you’re being sarcastic,” Spock points out, his hand running over Bones’ arm softly, and Bones snorts. “Right now? Neither can I.” 
  • “I just have a lot of headaches,” Jim complains to Bones when he’s visiting in med. It must be pretty serious too, if he’s actually visiting him for a symptom. “Where?” Bones asks. “In my head.” Jim says, and Bones grits his teeth. “Just behind my eyes. Like, they hurt by the end of the day.” He then explains, and Bones takes his time to check Jim’s vitals. Generally, he’s fine. But then Bones makes him do some additional eye-test exercises, and, huh. “You need glasses.” And Jim snorts and shakes his head. “No, that can’t be it. I’ve needed glasses all my life. They don’t cause headaches.” “Excuse me?” Bones asks, “you’ve needed glasses all your life?” “Yeah,” Jim says, “but I changed that on my medical records. I see fine.” Bones lets out a groan, mumbling something along the lines of God help me, and kicks Jim out of med so he can fill a request for Jim to pick up glasses next time they’re in Yorktown.
  • He takes some coaxing into it, but Jim does pick up glasses. And they’re the ugliest ones Bones has ever seen. They are just full on 21st century hipster glasses, black rimmed glasses and Bones groans when Jim takes them out of his glasses case. “Are you serious? Of all glasses you could’ve picked,” Bones says. “What? These look nice on me,” Jim replies, putting them on, and - well, Jim’s not wrong. Bones just stares at Jim blankly for a few seconds. They shape his face well, bring out his jawline better, and honestly what sorcery is this. “What do you think?” Jim asks, and having nothing for a better answer, Bones just mutters: “Stupid”, and he leaves the room with Jim looking mildly upset. 
  • Spock is also entirely caught off guard when Jim returns to the bridge. “Captain, we have a conference scheduled later this afternoon,” he says, focused on his work station as Jim heads to his chair and falls down on it. “Yeah? What’s it about?” Jim asks, and Spock turns around on his seat, lost for words the second Jim turns his head to look at the Vulcan. “Spock?” And Spock just… his mind completely blanks other than Jim is wearing glasses, “Nothing, Captain,” Spock says eventually, and then: “Excuse me”. He’s gone out the door seconds later, and Jim just looks hopelessly confused. 
  • “I can’t, Spock,” Bones sighs, letting himself fall down on the couch next to him. “Leave it to Jim to look stupidly beautiful with the nerdiest glasses in the universe.” He adds, and Spock laughs, ever so briefly, before sliding an arm around Bones’ shoulder. “Maybe we should tell him?” Spock suggests. “Tell me what?” Jim demands just as the doors to Spock’s cabin slide open and Bones rolls his eyes. Jim’s always got a flair for drama. “What the Hell, guys? Did I do something?” Jim continues. “Not everything’s your fault, Jim,” Bones says, though, grunting in disapproval when Jim forces himself between Spock and Bones on the couch. “No cuddling until you tell me what’s wrong.” “Nothing is wrong, Jim,” Spock says. “Then what?” “We just find your glasses aesthetically… pleasing,” Spock calculated his answer, and Bones snorts. “Not just the glasses. But they were distracting.” And briefly, Jim looks like he’s processing all of that. “Are you saying what I think you’re saying? Because if I’m interpreting this wrong, this could be really embarrassing.” “You’re not misinterpreting anything,” Bones says, and Jim looks both flustered and smug at the same time when Bones’ hand rests on Jim’s thigh. “Okay,” Jim says, and Bones is fairly sure his ego’s gonna go through the roof when Spock leans in to kiss him, and Jim grins against his lips. “So, should the three of us move to the bedroom?” he asks, and Bones laughs. “Jesus, you’re forward.” He says, and Spock smiles. “Perhaps you could leave those glasses on.” 

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Can you write some Spones maybe?

(I’m here for you anon!)

The away mission itself was set to be typical. The pre-mission preparations were…less typical.

“Spock, I am not letting you put that stuff on my face.”

Spock paused, his hand hovering in the air, the makeup brush shedding a fine dusting of foundation as he frowned at McCoy. “You believe that this is not your color?”

McCoy laughed out of reflex. “I mean just–can’t I do my own damn makeup? I’ve got a pretty steady hand as long as you don’t ask me to make my eyeliner straight.”

“That is not possible, Doctor. The Zeonadians are a highly nuanced culture with an intricate caste system demarcated by face paints. If you should err in your application by even the smallest margin, you may be mistaken for a house servant rather than a doctor. Additionally,” he said, looking amused. “Eyeliner will be required.”

McCoy huffed and grimaced at the foundation brush Spock still held, patiently waiting. “Maybe being a house servant wouldn’t be too bad.”

Spock’s eyebrow rose.

“I mean, what could go wrong? The Ambassador would just ask me to clean his house rather than sign the treaty and…” He groaned. “All right, all right. Just make it fast.”

“I will proceed at a pace that minimizes the potential for mistakes.”

And with that he tossed the powder in McCoy’s face.

At least, that’s what it felt like to McCoy. He understood intellectually that Spock was actually applying the foundation very carefully and precisely. It still felt like it was getting everywhere. The soft bristles of the brush felt nice against his skin and he grumbled under his breath.

The problem was the whole thing felt silly. He had never expected that Spock of all people would have the necessary qualifications to apply caste face paints, but apparently a degree in anthropology and a wild youth had served Spock well. At least, McCoy liked to imagine that Spock had been wild in his youth. He enjoyed the image of Spock decked out in deep blue eyeshadow, wingtips out to here, and bright green lipstick. On second thought, maybe the green would clash. He could wear gold instead. Yes, that was a nice mental image of Spock under the greasy, dancing lights in the back room of some bar, throwing logic and caution to the wind as he set his steady gaze on the bar patrons undulating and writhing to exotic beats, one of his painted nails twirling around the damp rim of a glass of amber alcohol. The good stuff. Bourbon. Rich and dark that would make his mouth taste like burning when McCoy licked into it and—

McCoy shifted in his seat.

Spock seemed to be mostly ignoring him. He had a little rouge that he used to pinken McCoy’s cheeks. He moved his hand in precise, fluttering circles and eyed his work critically. He took out a small pencil-looking thing that was actually a brush–or something, McCoy didn’t know–and colored in the shape of McCoy’s eyebrows. Then he set the thing down and picked up the eyeshadow palette, frowning at it.

“What are you so grumpy about?”

“I am attempting to determine which color is most suitable to emphasize your blue eyes.”

McCoy felt himself blush, but at least it was hidden by the makeup. “I thought this stuff was all predetermined?”

“The application and style are, however color combinations must be determined by the presiding cosmetologist based on the individual’s skin, hair, and eye coloring.” Spock picked a soft lavender color and rubbed at it with a new brush. “On Zeonada cosmetology involves years of careful study, and expert cosmetologists are employed by royalty.”

“While I’m sure that’s facinatin’ Mr. Spock, maybe there could be less yapping and more of making me look good?”

Spock looked at him flatly and then rested the side of his hand on McCoy’s cheekbone. “Look down.”

McCoy obeyed his little directions as Spock applied five different colors to his eyelids. It was way more than he ever did himself–usually he just stuck to baby blue, thanks–but Spock seemed to think it was necessary. His water line, the crease of his eye lid, just beneath his lower lashes, everything got its own special treatment. When he was done McCoy had to blink a few times to get the dust out of his eyes.

Spock’s hands were steady and persistent as he traced out thin wingtips using a creamy blue eyeliner. McCoy almost squinted too hard during the application, but Spock’s disapproving scowl fixed him. He took out a little mascara wand and fluffed up McCoy’s eyelashes big and bold. McCoy found the whole thing a little awkward, especially when Spock wouldn’t break eye-contact as the mascara dried.

In the end, Spock took hold of his chin and turned his face left and right, eyeing his work critically. “Acceptable,” he said.

McCoy let out a hesitant breath, feeling oddly warm. “Well, I should hope so after all of that.”

“Now, Doctor, you must make a choice.” Spock pulled out a huge bag filled with little tubes of lipstick. “Various lipstick shades denote certain interests. For example.” He held up a blue tube. “This shade of 342-B7 denotes the desire to engage in casual conversation about the weather. This shade.” He held up a vibrant, pinkish-red. “Denotes a desire to stand aloof while others attempt to entice you with gifts. It is not uncommon for a Zeonadian to change lipstick colors several times throughout the course of the day. However, it may be prudent for you to pick one interest you would not be adverse to projecting throughout the night.”

“Well that’s convoluted,” McCoy groused. “Got anything for ‘stay away and don’t fuck with me?’” He picked up a random tube because it was green, the same green as Spock’s blood.

Also the same as Spock’s blush right then. “That color denotes precisely the opposite.” He attempted to take it from McCoy. “It indicates sexual openness.”

McCoy snatched it back. “Ooh really?” He giggled at Spock’s exasperated look. “Maybe I should keep it then.”

Spock hesitated. He looked quizzical. After a moment, he nodded. “If you wish.”

McCoy thrilled. He pocketed the little tube, his mind already dancing with all the ways he could wear it later. “But for now, let’s go with a casual conversation about how fantastic it will be once they join Starfleet.”

Spock scooted a bit closer and held McCoy’s jaw in one hand, the other carefully tracing out the line of his lips with a pale pink tube. McCoy could feel Spock’s warm breath on his skin, and the heat from his fingertips. He wondered if Spock could feel his heart racing at the casual, intimate contact. Spock seemed not to notice, and was instead looking at McCoy the same way he gazed into his science station: with open fascination.

It made McCoy shiver.

Spock took perhaps a few moments longer to apply the lipstick than was strictly necessary. Gradually, he pulled back, and reached over for the little hand mirror. He turned it to McCoy.

McCoy had to chuckle. It looked…good. Interesting, and not what he would have chosen for himself, but still good. McCoy could see that each layer had been applied with an expert hand. The blending on the eyeshadow was fabulous, and made his eyes seem bigger, the blue a little richer. His eyelashes looked about a mile long. The lipstick softened the otherwise bold look, and when he smirked it turned positively sinful.

He looked up at Spock, who was clearly awaiting his approval. “Looks good, Spock,” he said when he found his voice.

Spock inclined his head. “I am pleased, Doctor,” he purred.

McCoy squirmed in his seat. “So, uh, how long is this shin-dig going to last?”

“We could perhaps make a graceful exit after 3.2 hours.”

An eternity. McCoy groaned. He jumped up. “Okay, I’ll go get my dress uniform on then. You put your face on.”

“My face—?” Spock looked disturbed.

“Chop, chop, Mr. Spock. The sooner we get there the sooner we can leave.” He sashayed towards the door and keyed it open, only to pause in the entrance. He cast a glance back over his shoulder and batted his eyelashes at Spock, who was staring at him openly. “And, Spock?”

“Yes, Doctor?”

He sighed dreamily. “I can’t wait to see what you look like covered in little green kisses.”

pet peeve: big bang theory in my star trek stuff

In which I decide to watch Star Trek TAS

a.k.a: some not necessarily coherent notes on things that I like, a.k.a. The Spirk Detector, because that is what I like.

Episode 1: Beyond the Farthest Star

“Compared to the beings who built this ship we are primitive people; even you, Mr. Spock.” – Jim Kirk, probably still hoping flattery will get him somewhere.

Hostile alien: “You will obey me!”
Kirk: “And if I refuse?”
Alien: *zaps Kirk*
Spock: “Captain!” *runs towards him*
Alien: “Obey me!” *zaps Spock*
Kirk: “Stop! You’ll hurt him!” *the alien doesn’t stop* “I’ll obey! Let him go!”

– Aah, yes. The “You’ll never break me!! – oh no wait fuck I’ll do it, don’t hurt Spock!”-maneuver. A classic. See also: The Squire of Gothos.



Episode 2: Yesteryear

This premise is… actually a really chilling version of the we-accidentally-changed-history trope. Finding out your own self died when you were seven will do that to you, I suppose. And the rest of the episode does its very best to make me even more emotional about Spock that I already am AT ALL TIMES

But let’s focus on … other matters.