but spencer in this whole entire scene is literally the best thing in the world

Just want to point a few things out

So being one of the few people content with the A reveal revolving around Cece, I started thinking about the time jump scene and how Spencer says “He’s coming for you,” and being that Cece now identifies as female, I got to thinking that an actual male character (hopefully Wren) might be Uber A because I really don’t think they’re stupid enough to bring a trans character into the show and then use THE WRONG PRONOUNS because that would just be a new low for PLL history. Think about it guys, it makes complete sense because Cece cannot be stable enough to orchestrate all this and keep her identity hidden the entire time, she’s just another puppet pulling the strings and Marlene has clearly said that there’s much more story to tell. I firmly believe that Wren, working at Radley for a while himself, would be able to see exactly how unstable Cece is and manipulate her like a puppet (after diagnosing and recognizing her obsession with Allison and the liars). Cece Drake is clever and has the creativity to adapt a charismatic persona but I REFUSE to believe that she can pull this off by herself with only Sara as her helper, it just does not make sense. If this episode has showed us anything in depth through its rushed storyline, it’s the serious extent to exactly HOW UNSTABLE Cece Drake is, and having exposure to mental illness myself, I understand how consuming and crippling it can be at times. A lot of mental disorders can leave you vulnerable, dry of motivation, and can seriously hinder your focus, especially the disorders Cece is implied to have. Also, the reveal was just TOO telling, I found it extremely unappealing how Cece just spewed the entire story of her life out without even a hiccup or stammer or ounce of contemplation. It sounds rehearsed, orchestrated, and simply too comfortable.. As much as I love the storyline involving Cece as a transgender with a difficult life and without many role models or resources to cope, I simply REFUSE to believe that Cece betrayed her sister and toyed with the lives of the people she loves the most because an unstable, drugged up Mona mentioned how the liars were relieved or happy with Ali gone. That seems like a bullshit reason, and while it could just be something that only makes sense to Cece in her unstable mind, it could also be something to hold the liars over until Uber A can recuperate and get the cops off his trail while the liars go back to their lives, thinking the villain is conquered and they are safe (Remember Mona’s monologue after she was unmasked? Remember her saying “Don’t you see this is exactly what we want?” and her smiling about them leaving their doors unlocked and getting comfortable?? Don’t forget that speech and don’t forget the fact that Mona ran over her BEST friend in the whole world because she was also strongly influenced by a type of mental instability.

So in conclusion, for those of you still with me, I REFUSE TO BELIEVE THAT THIS IS THE END OF THE STORY AND THAT SOMEONE WITH A SERIOUS MENTAL ILLNESS CAN DO ALL THE THINGS ORCHESTRATED FOR THE PAST 6 seasons, including spying on the girls 24/7, building an entire dollhouse, and getting away with murder ALL WHILE keeping their identity a secret and their make up on point when mental illness has literally prevented me from being able to physically get out of bed on some days… Either this isn’t the end of the story or this has been the worst writing in television history and we have wasted 5 years of our lives for nothing.. And I somehow feel unusually hopeful about this…

Regardless, I’d like to take a moment to appreciate all of you that have stuck with me through these years. Through all the tears and the letdowns, this has been an incredible journey because I got to share my theories and have them heard, and I got to read all your beautiful thoughts and theories and got a glimpse into your beautiful and intelligent minds. Marlene doesn’t have to ruin that for us. I understand how devastated many of you are feeling, I’m still having mixed feelings about this episode myself, but PLEASE do not take your frustrations out on each other. I am seeing just RUDE, VINDICTIVE rants and I am seeing you discourage one another and this fandom got split because half of you despise this storyline and are inflicting your negativity on those that are actually trying to give it a chance, and the other half of you are spewing “I told you so” and “Screw those of you that are expressing their discontent because you can never be pleased” when just mere hours we were promising ourselves that we will support each other and either cry together or be admitted to Radley together… I am really disappointed that we let our emotions of confusion and frustration drive us to turn on each other.. I know that’s not what this fandom is about.

Thank you for reading and feel free to message me if you would like to discuss anything PLL with me.

My Thoughts On "Bloody Hell"

So either A is gonna make Mike her #1 target or Ali rots in jail for a crime she didn’t commit.

How does Emily know Ali was still in a state of shock after they LEFT?

Emily is BRAVE for sleeping alone in her house when A is always closer than her parents.

Veronica is never gonna be team Sparia after that conversation with Aria.

Seriously they could’ve confessed so much to Mrs. H and been protected by attorney/client AND enlisted the help of a parent.

Ali, I’m not sure it’s the best idea to write the name of the girl you’re accused murdering in dust.

Ali has either genuinely changed or she is the worlds greatest actress (I think Sasha IS but I’m gonna assume that’s not a clue lol).

Andrew either is A’s newest recruit, suspects something or just has a gift for saying totally dead on things to Aria. “A thriller about getting messages from a shadowy figure who knows everyone’s secrets.” That’s our big clue, Obama is A! Seriously I’m counting on you all to look into “The Presidents Men” and make some amazing connections.

I love Colin.

If someone left Ali that message/the can A has to have access to the jail. They did make a point of showing us that “work” sometimes brings Toby to the jail.

Hanna knows how to attach things to emails blah blah. We get it, she’s sneaky smart. Plus she dates Caleb.

The Hanna who is so against finding Cyrus is the complete opposite of the Hanna who wanted to clear out the storage unit. Interesting how resourceful Aria can be when she wants to be (and when she’s sans Ezra). What money does Aria have to pay Cyrus for information? She literally had a dollar to give Mrs. H.

Yes, Mr. Oxford you look like its a real pleasure.

I appreciate this episodes title being a play on words. Spencer literally was in a bloody hell. The Liars destroyed evidence that could exonerate Ali and her blood was found in the storage unit. Blood has literally put Ali in a type of hell (maybe in a cell if you’re a wrestling fan, otherwise ignore me lol). HOWEVER, how could the expression not cast suspicion on Wren, especially when he’s been mentioned after so long and Spencer is staying at his apartment (sorry, FLAT) in London.

Is it me or do Emily and Talia look like they could be sisters? Is it me or are all their scenes annoying? Is it me or would Emily dancing the entire episode be way better than these filler scenes? Is it me or is Talia a bad fake cryer? Is it me or did Talia’s face go from “You can’t discriminate because Emily likes girls!” to “Yea, you’re right, being friends with a murderer does not sponsor material make.”

Spencer threw out the purse?! A could easily retrieve that (or a cop!) plus it was all over the chair in the interview office! I’m pretty sure airport security would’ve noticed a vile of blood (unless they’re trained in the same academy as the Rosewood police, than carry on Spencer. See what I did there? Carry on? Anyway…) This casts suspicion on Wren/Melissa (who conveniently and oddly are away). Especially when Spencer received an A text right after the incident. How would A know that from Rosewood?

“What if they find a pinky toe in my checked luggage?!” I’m dyinggggg.

Paul Varjack? So A wants to taunt Ali even down to the name they chose? This could be a clue that A is a man. I’m kinda definitely loving these Harria (?) scenes, they make a good (not to mention hilarious) team!

That nurse meant business. Yet A is skilled enough to pose as a burn victim in her ward unnoticed? Again, body type looks like a man. And again, Toby is my #1 suspect. Especially since a lot of people think he’s working with Wren. He’s handling things on his end and Wren is handling things on his.

“This is just what it looks like when I pack.” Spencer is giving me life this episode. Colin must think she did pretty horrid on her interview.

Hanna’s non-excitement about her mom and Ted is….off. Her excuse is….off too. Ashley DID cheat on him after all.

Mike has a British flag on his door. This means something. What I don’t know, but something. Unless it means nothing. This friggin show.

A is trying to kill Mike. Big shock there. Guess this is a check in the “Aria isn’t A" column.

Even if Andrew turns out to be A team I’m still more team Andria (?) than I’ll ever be team Ezria. #sorrynotsorry

Something in Ali’s file casts suspicion (or danger) on Spencer? If so then Ali asked Mrs. H for her help so she’d find this info out.

Oh so the whole Hanna/Ted reaction was deflecting how she felt about Ali. I get it now. I think.

Maybe Ali needed to be in jail in order to get how her ordering the girls around made them feel but you’d her time on the run and being bullied and bossed around by A would’ve made her reach this realization sooner. Whatever, it takes a lot to apologize for the stuff she’s done, especially to Hanna, and it’s long overdue so I’m not gonna analyze this moment too much.

How did A keep opening up the Bibles to the exact right page every time? That’s what I really want to know lol. Aww maybe A just wants to make sure Ali and all the other inmates can have money to buy magazines. Check #2 for Aria not being A thanks to the $20 bills. Or maybe that’s why she’s broke. Hmm. Either way, I’m really leaning towards A being a guy at this point. On a serious note: Someone please explain this ending to me bc I got nothin!

THANKS for reading! Sorry I’m a rambler (I’d be terrible at writing A’s Twitter length texts/notes. I guess I can check myself off the A suspect list. LOL!) All in all, I really liked this episode and though it was one of the best of 5B. It had humor, some clues (I think), minimal Talia and didn’t drag. It was literally and figuratively bloody good!