but somewhat fail

INTJ Things
  • Getting adrenaline rush from solving problems
  • Silently judging everyone
  • Love for studying
  • Being that one smart kid in the class that all teachers love
  • Social awkwardness
  • Adjusting your behavior and responses depending on who you are talking to
  • Loving your alone time more than people
  • Being able to improvise quite well, but sticking to your plans to play it safe
  • Ending up doing all the group work on your own, because everyone else just wastes time chatting and procrastinating
  • Not caring about your emotions to the point that most people stop caring about them too
  • A good book and a cup of tea is much better than any social event
  • Being somewhat afraid of failing at every single thing you do
  • Being a nerdy weirdo
  • Love for stationary
  • Mastering new skills very quickly
  • Being a bit old-fashioned
  • Being lowkey afraid of your emotions, because others might use them against you
  • People have high expectations of you
  • Having deep knowledge in many topics

Not Anymore — Marriage!AU Kang Daniel

Sequel — I Regret

genre: failed angst

Newlyweds goes through and stays in a honeymoon phase and lives a peaceful life like any other newlyweds after they first marry.

However, the feeling can only last for so long.

When Daniel and you first married, there were no arguments, I love you’s were being passed back and forth, and sweet surprise kisses from time to time.

Everything changed two years later, when the both of you got used to the marriage life as excitement of being married fades away and everyday is just a repetition of the day before. Daniel began focusing more on his work as he’s the CEO of Smiling Peaches Co. and you stayed at home as a housewife.

He begins to stay out late and (maybe) doesn’t come home until you’ve fallen asleep and when you wake up, he’s already left for work. You tried staying up waiting for him one time but ended up knocking out. You tried waking up earlier than him, but whenever you open your eyes, he’s already gone. It’s as if he never came home.

It was your 2nd year anniversary but Daniel didn’t bother to take a day off to celebrate. So you decided to make and bring lunch to him to surprise him, asking the receptionist, “I’m looking for Kang Daniel, can you direct me to his office? Don’t tell him I’m here though, I want it to be a surprise.”

As you reached his office door, you didn’t think to knock and just went in. You imagined Daniel, sitting in his seat in a suit and tie, working diligently. However, the scene you saw right before your very own eyes is not something you entirely expected to see on your 2nd year anniversary, thinking Daniel isn’t like those stereotypical husbands who cheat on their wife once they get tired of them after a year or two.

A surprise it is, but you’re the one on the receiving end. You catch him making out with a girl you’ve never met, she most likely being his secretary, but they were too into the moment to notice someone opened the door. You stood, shocked, in the doorway not comprehending the situation. Not believing this would be your anniversary present from Daniel. Your hands losing strength and dropping the lunch bag you brought is when they finally notice you.

Daniel looked very calm, however, and didn’t try to come up with any lame excuses. He stayed silent and just stared at you, his gaze piercing through you. Almost as if he expected you to walk in and catch him cheating on you. You scream at the girl to get out, to leave the both of you alone; you want to understand why what happened just now happened.

You wanted to scream out your frustrations and thoughts, AM I NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU?! WHY DANIEL? TELL ME WHY. Did those two years full of tears, laughters, and “i love you’s” mean NOTHING to you??

Those years you’ve spent to build this relationship and the two years you were happily married together all came crashing down in a matter of seconds. You couldn’t express what you really wanted to and instead asked two questions, “Have you ever loved me? Did those two years we’ve spent together mean nothing to you?”

You could only think back to your happy relationship in the past, where he did whatever he could just to see you happy and smile your beautiful smile.

“Y/N! Look what i got you!”
“I got you flowers!”
“Here’s a teddy bear t
“I wrote a poem for you;

I’m saving you in my heart
Now it’s my turn to show you
I received a lot so I have a lot to give
Memories as many as the sweat I shed

SO? Do you like it??”

You smiled, thinking of the old, happy times where everything was perfect but frowns as you recall that you’ve just witnessed your husband sucking faces with some girl that isn’t you.

“I will always love you, Y/N! Promise!”
What a lie. What an empty promise.
Why make promises you can’t k

Your heart aches, you feel sick and tired, you just want to crawl into a corner and cry to your heart’s content.

You take your leave as you can’t stand seeing his face any longer without having those precious memories you’ve made with him surface up.

As you walk away from his office, you hear his husky, cold voice answer your questions;

“I have loved you, but not anymore. Those two years we’ve spent together did mean something…

But not anymore.”

unedited! i honestly dont know what this is, but this storyline has been stuck inside my head for a while now—

supposed to be angst?? but i think i failed;;;

im an amateur writer oops ;-;


You know, there’s still asks I havent answered

reblogs i must respond to

things to do

essay to write

codes to learn

mocap maya things to learn


I have no motivation to study no motivation to read no motivation to learn

and as I draw this I am literally sweating because I know i shouldnt be doing this but I AM doing this and just can’t stop but I feel so GUILTY

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Requested by  welppotato <3
So, the request was to do a one-shot series type of deal so… Look forward to an unhealthy amount of Sean related stuff (smut included!)



He was blindly scrolling through twitter, re-tweeting a post here and there before sighing.In a few days he was to leave for a Youtuber convention – and no, it wasn’t because he wasn’t excited to see his friends, he was just tired. Checking a few things online, his eyes roamed back to twitter a confused brow raised at the number one trending topic - #markipliercantdance and #allhailthedancingqueen took the second place.

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Last week and my somewhat failed routines ft. my two new dresses

I found this cool bujo method on youtube! It’s called the “Dutch Door” I think… I cut off the top of one page so the top calendar showed through on two spreads. I think I’ll be using it a lot in my next journal!

Also I got some of these lovely stickers from @moonlume‘s etsy store!

RFA (Requested) Headcanon

Request: Hey hey hey! Here’s a question/request! How would the RFA+V+Unknown react if the MC decides to run away from home after a really bad fight? :D - @rederthere

A/N: hi there, lovely! i’m so sorry i took so long to get this out, but here it is! though, this is kind of a “warning,” but V and Unknown’s aren’t really as good as they *could* be because i’m a bit awkward when it comes to writing them, but i hope it turned out okay for you and that you like it!

Jumin would be very skeptical of the ordeal, but nonetheless, he’d still comfort you with open arms! Curiosity would definitely overtake him and he’d ask about it, but he’d be a little unsure if you’d actually talk. Though, if you were to talk, he’d be all ears! He’d comfort you with small back rubs, hugs, kisses, cuddles, and just about anything you’d like! He’d most likely ask for someone to go to the store to get you comfort food, blankets, and candles to help soothe the atmosphere and help you pretend like the fight never happened, maybe even hire a personal chef to cook for you. And lets not forget that Elizabeth the 3rd is there for you too!

Jaehee would be very comforting and quite knowledgeable on how she should handle this. Much to Jumin’s dismay, she’d request a day off so she can be there for you. She’d give you advice here and there on how to deal with it all, but she’d stay quiet for the most part and sort of let her actions do the talking (kisses, hugs, etc.). Jaehee would for sure know that she shouldn’t pester you to talk, so she wouldn’t ask about it. She’d simply wait until you’d want to talk about it. Though, she isn’t one to complain when it comes to a comfortable silence.

Yoosung would nearly have a heart attack (poor thing)! He’d pile the couch with loads of pillows and blankets and cuddle with you! If he were in the middle of LOLOL, he’d definitely ditch it so he could comfort you. He’d pepper your face with kisses to get you to smile because he hated to see you so upset; and, of course, it’d work every time. He’d ask about it, and if you chose not to talk about it, he wouldn’t ask again. He’d also cook for you because we all know food is definitely one of the best comfort necessities am I right?

Zen knows first hand what it’s like to have parental issues. So, of course, he’d know how to handle this very well. Not gonna lie, but Zen will probably have stretches or exercises for you to do to help ease the stress off your shoulders since he’s so exercise crazy. He might even massage you so you aren’t so tense! Afterwards, he’d definitely make you some tea and provide endless amounts of cuddles. He’d for sure not ask about it because, of course, he knows what it’s like to have family complications. He’d simply cuddle and kiss you until you feel better.

Though Seven is a very big joker or teaser, he’d have a complete change of character. Seeing you in the state you were in practically killed him. He’d blow off anything he was doing and be quick to comfort you. He’d have a more serious demeanor, but his eyes would remain the soft, bright eyes you grew to love. He’d basically be a cuddle bug, clinging to you as if you and him were glued together; which, mind you, made Vanderwood sick to his stomach for how teeth-rotting sweet he was around you. He wouldn’t ask at all; his priority is to take your mind off the traumatizing event, not make you relive it by explaining what happened.

Upon just simply hearing the hurt and sadness lacing your voice, V is heartbroken. He’d instantly get worried and do anything in his power to make you better. In all honesty, if V wasn’t blind, he’d be in an even worse state when seeing the look of distraught and betrayal on your face. Though, he’d take you to the bedroom and just simply hold you in his arms, kissing your forehead and rubbing your back in small, soothing circles. He wouldn’t talk much because he hoped that silence would help calm you down. However, he’d gently ask if you were okay, and if you were okay to talk about it; however, the moment you say you don’t want to talk about it, he’d immediately quiet down and continue to gently rub your back and occasionally kiss your forehead, cheek, nose, etc.

Saeran would probably be the only one out of the group to have no idea how to handle this. He had his family issues, of course with his mother’s abuse and all, but he’s just simply a bit awkward on how to comfort you. Cuddles and kisses for his sweetheart? He can admit that he’s not that affectionate, but he slowly eases himself into that “persona” of a boyfriend and tries to provide that just for you (whilst trying not be super awkward about it). However, just him simply putting in the effort — which he somewhat fails by stifling hugging you or awkwardly trying to kiss your cheek— it’d make you laugh and feel just a bit better.

A few ways to offend the Dutch

The Dutch are pretty hard to offend. We’re all like ‘yeah whatevs’ unless….

  • Visit The Netherlands only for Amsterdam, weed and hookers. We will shake our heads and pretend you’re not there.
  • Say Black pete is racist when you don’t know anything about him. We love our black pete, which basically the opposite of racism.
  • Mispronounce 'Van Gogh’. We will hunt you down.
CLF: Un Peu, Beaucoup (E)

A/N: Tired. I’ll be making a masterlist soon.

A/N: Tag list is open. Please ask to be tagged, I feel weird just randomly tagging people.

Warnings: Swearing, mention of vomiting, mention of Steve’s issues, kind of angsty, major awkward as usual, kissing

Word Count: 2674

Un Peu, Beacoup D

TRACK: Dream A Little Dream–Doris Day

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About A Plant

Still chasing the prompts. ^.^ This one is dialogue-heavy.

For SpiritAssassin Week 2017, hosted by @fyeahspiritassassin
Prompt is: confessions

Baze is a skilled fighter, fast and tenacious, but there are too many ravagers in the fray.

They knock away his knives and the pair of blasters he’d surreptitiously brought to the mission. The Temple Elders had sent him to bring resources to an outlier settlement that had been plagued by ravager raids, but instead, he’d run into the ravagers themselves.

One of the ravagers strikes the back of Baze’s head with the butt of a blaster rifle; another kicks his knees in, and the third smashes their boot into his jaw. Baze hawks out a gurgled stew of blood and curses.

“Throw him in with the other one. We’ll decide what to do with him later,” sneers the first ravager.

He’s hauled off to one of the crawler units in the middle of the ravagers’ caravan, the rustiest, dankest unit of all, smelling of piss.

“You’re in for a good time with your new cell-mate.” The guard at the doorway of the prison unit bares fangs at him. “Fuckin’ Force-botherer.”

They put restraints on his wrists and slam the door behind them. Light slants in from the barred skylight in the ceiling. The locks click and seal. They don’t sound too secure; if somehow he can free himself, he’ll be able to kick the door down and escape this shithole.

Baze’s eyes adjust to the rank gloom of the unit, and it is then that he realises that there’s someone shackled directly opposite him.

Wait. He knows that silhouette, that chuckle–

“Well,” says Chirrut, “Fancy seeing you here.”

“What,” says Baze, struggling (and somewhat failing) to draw a deep calm breath, “in the name of all things holy are you doing in here?”

“Waiting for you.”

“I will–ignore the implications of your last statement for awhile. I’m sure I’ll understand things better the longer I sit here in the dark listening to you.” Baze grits his teeth, tries to move his wrists within the cuffs. He’s still seeing the odd star from the blow to his head. “And how did you know I was going to wind up here in this cell? And no cheating answers!”

“I didn’t. But The Force did.”

“I said no cheating answers!”

“The Force,” says Chirrut calmly, “does not play by your rules. There are no cheats in the Force.”


“Fine,” snaps Chirrut. “If you must know, I’m here because you owe me something.”

I owe you something?” Baze raises an incredulous eyebrow. Good thing he’s all shackled up secure like this, or else he’d have leapt across the space between them and given that entitled bastard a good shaking.

“Yes. A confession.”

Baze breathes. “What do I have to tell you that I haven’t already told you? You know that I don’t keep secrets from you.”

“We’ll see.” Chirrut shifts in the dark. Baze can hear him moving his neck, straightening the cricks out of his bones. “In our shared quarters in the Temple, there is a single window. Do you remember what used to sit on the windowsill?”

Baze is really wondering if he’s indeed having this conversation. Sometimes talking to Chirrut can be such a surreal experience. Not always in a good way. “Yeah. I don’t know. Some old carvings from the souk. A plant.”

“That’s right. Think about the plant.”

“Still don’t where you’re going with this.”

“The plant.”

“I’m thinking of the plant, Chirrut.”

“What kind of plant is it?”

“Uneti seedling. Found it growing somewhere and put it in a pot and gave it to you.”

“Describe the plant to me. And just do it. Don’t ask why.”

Might as well play along. “It’s green. Ish. Long leaves. Actually no. It’s dead.”

“Ha!” Chirrut shouts, suddenly. “Have you got anything to confess?”

“About the plant,” says Baze, deadpanning.

“About the plant.”

Baze breathes deeply. His headache is getting worse. The smell of the place isn’t helping, and he’s really straining his eyes trying to see Chirrut’s expression, trying to see if Chirrut has been hurt by the ravagers.

“I killed it,” he says. “I spilled battery acid on it by accident.”

The unit begins to rumble as the engines start firing. The ravager caravan is on the move.

“Thank you,” Chirrut says. “For confessing.”

“That’s all you wanted to know.”

“It is.”

“Good,” says Baze. “Now. Would you please tell me why. The fuck you are locked up in this shithole cell? I thought you’d gone to visit the Cadera Monastery.”

“I was on my way there,” Chirrut answers. “But the Force pulled me off my path. I felt disinclined to go to the monastery. I just kept being bothered by something. Then I thought of you. Then I remembered something I wanted to ask you. So I went to find you out in the desert. I came across the ravagers and decided to wait with them until you arrived.”

Baze tries to process the nonsense of Chirrut’s story. He can’t quite manage it. But then again, this is Chirrut. The more he tries to explain something (and he does it in a way that makes his logic sound like the only obvious thing in the galaxy), the less sense it actually makes.

He will make a good candidate as future Venerable Master Guardian of the Temple.

“So the thing you wanted to ask me was about the plant.”

“It was,” Chirrut agrees. More silence. “Baze?”

“I’m here.”

“You’re hurt. I can hear your breathing. They hit you hard.” Chirrut’s voice goes tight. “They won’t get away with this.”

“And the ravagers didn’t hurt you?” says Baze.

“I didn’t fight them. While waiting for you, I thought I’d talk to them about the Force, and how we are all equal in it, and that there is purpose to be found if we sought it in the Force. Sadly, they were less than eager to listen.”

“So you went up to a bunch of bandits and started preaching at them. No wonder they called you a Force-botherer.”

“I was making small talk,” says Chirrut indignantly.

“Next time,” says Baze trying to be conciliatory, “next time you want to go out and preach the scriptures of the Whills around the desert, I’m coming with you.”

“Why?” Chirrut’s voice is suddenly sharp. “Why is it so important that you go where I go?”

“What d’you mean ‘why’? Why even ask such a stupid question?”

“Because apparently I am a stupid person and a fool,” snaps Chirrut. “So tell this fool why.”

“Because.” Baze is going to need a lot of air in his lungs for this. So he takes the deepest breath that he can, like he’s preparing to enter into a deep meditative state. Except he is nowhere close to meditating. Then the rant blows out of him. “Because I care. I care about you and what happens to you. Do you honestly think that I enjoy being such a nag? It goes against my very nature, and my god, Chirrut, sometimes I wish I can just abandon you to all the ravagers of the world. But I can’t. Because I can’t. So instead I wish a sinkhole will open at my feet and then I’d get flushed down and out through the asshole of the galaxy. I wish I’d get eaten by wolves because because because. Because you’re so fucking infuriating sometimes. You know why? Because! That’s why!”

“You can just say,” Chirrut’s voice is unperturbable. A serene note that somehow makes some of the anger leach out of Baze. “You can just say that you love me.”

“I love you,” says Baze. “And I always have. That’s why. Because I love you.”

The minutes inch past like flies. The ravager caravan must be crossing stony terrain, because the unit jerks and jolts and worsens Baze’s headache.

“Baze,” says Chirrut.

“Still here.”

“About that plant. I really liked that plant. I know you grew it specially for me in the back garden of the Temple. When it flowered you transferred it into a pot and gave it to me. You didn’t just find it. You grew it and tended to it.”

“It’s just a plant. I’ll grow you another. Takes a long time for the seed to germinate, but I’ll manage.”

“I am glad that you are here with me. And I love you too.”

The unit begins to slow down. The ravagers are stopping.

“I think,” says Chirrut, “that the Force is done with us being here. It’s time for us to go home.”

There is a clink of metal, the sound of unlocking. And then Chirrut shakes the restraints off his wrists and crosses the unit to where Baze is. He holds up a tiny device that looks like a many-pronged star. It’s an old unlocking gadget that is only ever handmade these days. An antique. But it will definitely be able to unfasten the cuffs.

“You had an escape means all this time,” says Baze in the deadest, flattest tone that he can muster.

“Surely you didn’t think that I wouldn’t have a backup plan.” Chirrut works the mechanism on Baze’s cuffs. They click open and Baze drops his arms to his side in relief, rolls his shoulders, cracks his neck.

“One day you’ll be the death of me. Mark my words.”

Chirrut kisses the chafed parts of Baze’s wrists. Wipes Baze’s face with his sleeve. “Until then, I’ll be your life.”

“Let’s go,” says Baze.

As the unit grinds to a halt, he kicks down the door and they burst out, the pair of them, into sunlight.


BTS - Reaction - Gentleman

Anonymous said: Oooh ooooh ooh requests are open?! Could I have a BTS reaction to their gf doing things that are considered the “gentleman-like thing to do” such as giving them flowers, holding the door open for them, pulling out their chair before dinner because she’s just a nice person. :D

May I just say how nice it is to see people this excited to request from me? It’s the sweetest.~ I like this idea of how traditional gender roles are being swapped here. ^^


In a way, your sweetness became somewhat insulting to Jin’s masculinity, mostly because he saw himself as a manly man who needed to take care and responsibility of his beloved.

Jin: “Can you let me just handle some gentlemanly things for you, I feel bad that you’re always doing so much for me…”

Y/N: “Well, no one ever said you had to be a precious princess all the time, you can out-gentleman me… or, you can try at least!” You said in a playfully competitive sort of way.

Jin: “Oh, a challenge, I see. Well… I can out gentleman you any day!” You then spent the 4 hours holding open a door saying ‘you first’. That was, until, Namjoon came and dragged Jin away back to the dorm.

Jin: “This isn’t over, I’ll shower you with so much gentlemanly affection, you won’t know what hit you! … Love you, honey!”

Originally posted by yourpinkpill


Whilst Jin was rather dramatic about the whole thing, Yoongi would be… less so. When you first started doing all those gentlemanly things for him, he’d be kinda weirded out, but after some time, he came to admire and love your dedication to making him feel special. It came, one night, he was working especially hard in the studio writing music and hadn’t come back home yet. So, as quietly, as you could, you snuck into his studio only to find him half asleep with his head resting in his hand.

Y/N: “Yoongi…?”

Suga: “H-Huh? O-oh, hey Y/N.” Still in a somewhat dazed state, he failed to meet your soft gaze. Sighing slightly, a smile graced your lips while he attempted to stand up and walk to you. Embracing him in a hug, you felt Suga slouch into you, turns out the need for sleep got the best of him. So, just as quietly as you had entered, you laid down with Yoongi on the decently sized couch, pulling a blanket over the two of you before falling sweetly asleep in his arms.

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He knew how hard you worked all the time for him, so, he devised a plan to pamper you like you’ve never been pampered before! On your next birthday, even before you woke up, Taehyung had been trying his darn best to make you a ‘happy birthday’ breakfast. He’d even made a smily face out of all the food on your plate. Upon waking up, you sleepily looked around the room, noticing a distinct Taetae absence. That was, until, he walked in though the door, food in hand.

V: “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Y/N, happy birthday to you!~” His morning raspy voice was music to your ears, it was so soothing you had to resit the urge to fall asleep to it.

Y/N: “What’s all this Tae?”

V: “I thought it would be nice to treat you like the royalty you are, seeing as how you always treat me; today, we’re having a you day! After breakfast, I’ve got a whole day of fun planned for you!~”

Originally posted by bangtanroyalty

Rap Monster

Namjoon was already the type of guy to deal with everything, so when you had started to do all those nice things for him, he wasn’t sure how to feel. It’s not as if he could just tell you to stop being nice to him, that’d be rude, but the question of ‘why’ still lingered on his mind.

Rap Monster: “You always do such nice things for me, even though I only do half the stuff you do, why is that?”

Y/N: “That’s because I love you, silly! Why else would I treat you like a prince?”

Rap Monster: “It’s just that you swap around traditional gender roles so that you’re always doing the gentlemanly things for me. It’s not that I’m ungrateful, if anything, it makes me love you even more for being so uniquely different and beautiful in your own way.” Now that he said it out loud, it really did make more sense to him. Love, of course, why else?

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Hoseok would still be just as gentlemanly to you as you were to him, it was almost as if the two of you were competing sometimes to see who could do the most amount of nice acts towards each other in a day.

Hoseok: “Oh yeah? Well, I bought you those flowers that you really liked!”

Y/N: “Hmm… good one, thank you! But I got you tickets to that concert you really wanted to go to!”

Hoseok: “Well i love you more!”

Y/N: “No, I love you more!” By this point, both of you were chest to chest, trying to keep a fake tough look on your face… it wasn’t long until both of you started laughing.

Hoseok: “Haha, how did I get so lucky?”

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With every flower you gave, he gave back two. With every door you held for him, he’d hold the next pair. It seemed as if that, no matter what you did, Jimin would always be there to make you feel 10x more precious. Inquisitive beyond belief, you had to ask him why.

Jimin: “Why would I not do it? I give my heart to you on a daily basis because I want to, you’re the most precious reason I wake up in the morning after all.” With such a genuinely sweet answer came joyful tears that began to fall down your face. Jimin was there in a flash to console you.

Jimin: “Hey, hey… don’t cry, it breaks my heart to see those I love cry.~”

Y/N: “Words can’t describe how much you mean to me.”

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He was a little Jungshook with how much of your time you dedicated to him, barely focusing on your own needs from time to time. It happened one day when you were holding a door open for him at your house. Grabbing your hand that held the door, he pulled you towards him so that he could lay a precious kiss upon your lips. Pulling away, he cheekily looked into your surprised eyes.

Y/N: “W-What was that for…?”

Jungkook: “Thank you for everything you do, I just wanted to repay you the best was I knew how.”

Y/N: “You can thank me like that more often if you want.”

Jungkook: “With pleasure…” Mwah!~ 💕

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My inbox is open!~


Reactions + Scenarios

  • Suggestive content is allowed, but if you want full blown smut, I won’t
  • No dark / disturbing or hurtful topics, we don’t want anyone getting triggered
  • Light / comical violence is okay
  • The only groups I will write for are BTS and Seventeen

anonymous asked:

Grell, Ciel and Alois motherly s/o headcanons?

Ciel headcanons for his s/o being like a mother figure to him?

Beast, Ciel, Alois and Snake with a motherly s/o?


  • he hasn’t had a motherly figure in his life for a long time, so he really appreaciates his s/o for being like that
  • actually listens when his s/o tells him something and tries to act accordingly, if it would not be completely out of character for him
  • but still, he’s so much more careful, his s/o cares about him a lot and he tries to take care of himself and gets embarressed when he forgets
  • his s/o likes taking care of him and he defiently enjoys not having to be taken care of by Sebastian or having to think of things himself, so he’ll let his s/o do their thing


  • he’s so taken aback by his s/os caring, he didn’t realize someone could care about him as much as they do
  • probably starts crying and then sobs into their chest, and from then on going to them with his every problem, knowing they will take care of him
  • tries to do it back, but somewhat fails, he doesn’t really know how to act like that and what they should do differently
  • not the best at taking care of himself, but wears the extra clothes his s/o brings when they think he’s wearing to little/ going to get cold (and most of the time, they’re right)


  • herself a motherly person, so these two will try and outmother each other, but hey, both of them are adorable so no one complains
  • she has a dangerous job and tries to be careful for her s/o and doesn’t tell them when something went wrong as to not worry them, but her s/o can read her pretty well and comforts her, much to her joy
  • always thinks her s/o is right when they tell her to wear something warmer and rocks those clothes
  • sometimes, she tells her s/o to relax for a day and let her take care of them, and her s/o looks forward to those days, Grell is an amazing caretaker


  • he is so surprised someone would want to take care of him, his s/o is so kind to him and he is shocked
  • but when his s/o tells him how much they love him, he actually starts crying and his s/o has to hug and comfort it out of him
  • he always listens to his s/os words, he takes them seriously and always dresses as warm as they want him to
  • wants to take care of them too, but he is not too good at taking care of others and of himself, so he truely appreaciates all his s/o does for him and he lets them know with words of appreaciation


  • she is a motherly person, too and she is slightly confused, she usually takes care of others and is not used to having someone fret over her
  • so she doesn’t know what to do and her s/o just does what they do, but after a while she gets into the rythem and it starts to get equal
  • they both take care of eachother and no one has to bother them about their health, they are very healthy and warm all the time
  • these two are the moms of the circus and everyone comes to them fo advice or when they are sick