but sometimes you get these kind of things and just stare at the screen in sudden realization

p.j | scenario | busted!

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Jimin never thought that turning on the tv would ever be something that he would regret. Spitting out the coffee he had just taken a sip of, he stared at the screen with wide eyes and mouth agape. He could have sworn his heart plummeted to the bottom of his stomach as he re-read the headline, rubbing his eyes, and blinking a couple of times to make sure he wasn’t seeing things. 

But, unfortunately, there it was in high definition; just the sight alone made his whole entire being want to be swallowed into the ground and never see the light of day ever again. Okay, maybe he was being a little dramatic. 

It wasn’t due to the story being true that caused him sudden stress - of course he wanted to scream to the heavens that Y/n was caring his child - oh no, it wasn’t that. It was the fact that the media had all of the sudden caught on, and now the whole world knew the biggest secret he was going to great lengths to keep hidden. He avoided the topic of children with his family, her family, his band members for so long, and now his hard work was going down the drain because someone happened to see them leaving said clinic. He knew he should’ve had the doctor come to them instead, he just knew. And now he had to pay for his mistake. 

Suddenly, a large knock came from the front door. Sitting still on the couch for a moment, praying that whoever it was would go away, soon little rapid knocks followed - causing him to panic internally. Whoever it was - was going to wake up Y/n, and stressing her out was the last thing he wanted right now. Sliding across the hardwood floor in his fuzzy socks, he dove for the doorknob. Before unlocking it, he peers into the peephole - suddenly not knowing whether to feel relieved or terrified at who was currently at the door. 

“Park Jimin, you open this door, we know you’re in there! You’ve got some explaining to do, mister!” Backing away slowly, Jimin tried with all his might not to make any noises - and maybe just maybe they’ll think he’s dead and go away. 

“Oppa~ Who’s at the door?” 

He just could not catch a break today. First the secret got leaked, his hyungs are at the door - probably pissed - and now his sleeping beauty has awoken from her nap. Jimin was so close to responding with ‘no one, go back to sleep, sweetheart,’ until the voices behind the door spoke once again. 

“Ah ha! I knew it! Open the door, ‘oppa’, we’re not going anywhere until you do! We’ve got all day, Jimin, you gotta come out of there sometime!” Mentally cursing, Jimin knew he had no choice but to let them in and explain. So much for ignoring the problem and crawling into bed forever. 

With a simple flick of the wrist, the door was unlocked. Not missing a single beat, it came swinging open - while two out of the four remaining members came crashing down onto the floor. Namjoon and Jin merely stared at the two maknaes, while Yoongi simply shook his head. Y/n, seeing who was at the door, could not turn around fast enough before Jungkook pointed at her retreating form - halting her movement altogether. 

“So it’s true! You really are pregnant!” 

All eyes were now directed to Jimin, the sudden attention turning him into a squishy, nervous mess as he giggled awkwardly. “Uhm…surprise?” 

Jimin never thought that turning on the tv would ever be something that he would regret. Now it left them all sitting in suffocating silence, while all eyes were trained on the newlywed couple. Tapping his foot to no particular beat, Y/n finally cleared her throat. 

“Listen. We know you’re a little upset that we never told you guys-” 

“That’s putting it mildly, but yeah, we are. How could you two keep this a secret for so long? From us - your family, you didn’t stop to think about how we would have loved to know?” Yoongi was more of the silent type , so the sudden outburst kind of startled pretty much everyone. 

“It’s not that we were going to keep it a secret for long. We just wanted to keep it private for a while, to enjoy this between just the two of us - understand that we haven’t even told our own parents about this. And now they’re blowing up both of our phones as we speak, saying how hurt and shocked they are they we’ve kept them in the dark this whole time - do you realize how horrible we feel already?” 

Jimin’s speech seemed to bring the whole room back to silence once again. Who could respond to something like that? 

“Not to mention, the news we’ve worked so hard to surprise all of you with was ruined by some photo someone leaked. They practically stole our thunder! We never wanted anyone to find out this way - we were going to tell you. We just wanted it to be special, that’s all.” Y/n added in, a hand resting lovingly on her husband’s shoulder as he rubbed his eyes to suppress the tears. He didn’t understand how something that was supposed to be wonderful got turned into something like this - a mess. 

Not long after did Taehyung, Jungkook, and Hoseok all join on their side of the couch to comfort their hyung. From patting him on the back, to cooing softly while hugging him tightly. As for the rest of them, now instead of showing hurt - they smiled. The atmosphere taking a turn for the better as they all joined on their side of the couch, the remaining three all carefully hugging onto Y/n, showing her some love as well. 

“No need for the tears, Chim-Chim! We’re not angry, we have no right to be, this was your decision and as your friends, we should’ve been more supportive. Don’t cry~” Hoseok whines, while crushing him in a tight hug. 

“This is amazing news, no matter how we found out about it, it’s still amazing,” Namjoon shrugs, everyone humming in agreement. Jin being the first hand out of the six to be able to touch her stomach was one of the most precious moments Y/n thought she could ever see the oldest portray. His eyes widen in admiration, once his brain wrapped around that there was a baby in there. A living, breathing, human being - who had just kicked him.

Y/n giggles softly once she notices that his extra reaction caught everyone else’s attention to her stomach in under a second. Looking over at Jimin, seeing that he was no longer crying for a negative reason - more of out of happiness now - she silently asked him if they had permission. Sniffling, he nods his head, Tae and Jungkook seeming to understand what the could possibly mean as they practically tackled each other to see who would reach her first.  They all switched persons - Hoseok, Tae, and Kookie now surrounded Y/n while Yoongi, Jin and Namjoon circled Jimin. 

“Don’t worry, I’ll do what I can to get this off the media.” Namjoon nods curtly, grinning with determination. 

“I just wanted to keep the hate away, you know? ARMY didn’t really enjoy the idea of me marrying her - who knows how they’ll react to our child? I didn’t want that kind of negativity toward-” 

“Jimin. You don’t have to explain yourself, we understand. And real ARMY isn’t like that, the hate you’re gonna get is from those who aren’t true BTS fans, remember that. Besides, Y/n is strong. If there was anyone in the world we’d think was perfect for carrying your baby - we’re relieved that it’s her.” 

Smiling softly at Yoongi’s kind words, Jimin felt at peace once again. Jin pats him on the leg before handing him his phone that he saw was still buzzing on the coffee table. 

“Go call yours and Y/n’s family. I think they deserve to see the truth in person.” 

He nods, taking the phone from Jin - wincing immediately when he saw the lock-screen. 95 missed calls from his mother - 102 missed calls from his mother-in-law - 250 text messages, some being from the boys. Oh, he was so dead. 

A panic attack was slowly catching on, the stress was creeping its way back into his veins - he didn’t know the first thing he was going to say to-… it wasn’t until he heard the sound. The most relaxing sound, no matter how much she says she hates it, he will ever come to know. The sound of her laughing. Drawing his attention from the phone and over to Y/n, he couldn’t help but smile that smile he hated, yet she loved. He always wondered how she loved him so much, yet she’d always pick at herself so easily. Well, it’s not like he didn’t do the same - but she was just so perfect in his eyes. Now they were married, with her carrying his first child. 

Y/n, his one and only, carrying his first born - surrounded by the six he trusted the most in his life. That alone was enough to give him the courage to make the calls.  It wasn’t going to be easy, but he knew he could handle it. If all of that chaos was caused, and the baby isn’t even there yet? 

Jimin could only imagine what will happen when they are :)

Roommates (Part 2)

Roomates (Part 1) and Roomates (Part 3)

Summary: When y/n is forced to rent out her extra room, Im Jaebum was the last person she expected to have to share her living space with… luckily, he kept things interesting.

Genre: romance (kinda?? it’s coming I promise), hot roommate (okay guys i’m officially making it a genre), playboy!, (NEXT CHAPTER’S GONNA GET SMUTTY Y’ALL)

Word Count: ~1000

A/N: Hi everyone!!! Thank you so much for the positive feedback on part 1, I’m glad so many people enjoyed it! I have one more section I want to write and then it’s done!! This part is kind of a transition portion more than anything I think, but let me know your thoughts anyways. ALSO I will do requests if anyone has any?? I just realized this week that I haven’t ever really said that so feel free to send them in if you want!

Update: Part 3 is up y’all!

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i’ve been waiting for you

summary: dan is a sad lonely boy who stumbles into old diners in the middle of the night, he meets someone as sad and sleep deprived as him and he might have just fallen in love.

trigger warnings: swearing, depression, mention of past abuse (not detailed), smut, blowjobs

extra tags: alternate universe, friends to lovers

disclaimer: this is fiction

a/n: i wrote this for me and it’s shit but i don’t give a fuck.

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anonymous asked:

BTS reaction if their s/o gets worried bc she thinks his ex -gf Is better then her?

Kim Seokjin/Jin:

JIn would look at you with a concerned face before saying “You are my love therefore you are perfect in any way possible. We are such a good looking couple, everyone is jealous of us” He knew that sometimes you struggled with your self esteem. His hand gently caressed your cheek as he looked at you and smiled. He brushed the hair out of your face and kissed your temple gently.

“Love may come and go, but I know that our love is stronger than anything. The past may hurt and so on, but you are the ONE I was meant to share my life with, so please understand that you meant the world to me. Even when you burn the food or stumble because of your own feet, you are absolutely perfect and I wouldn’t change a thing about you” he hugged you tight. You could hear his heartbeat, he loved you from all his heart.

Kim Namjoon/Rapmonster:

It was raining and both of you had some time off work, you were happy to be with him as this was the perfect time to snuggle. Even though you should feel pure delight when you saw his smile, you just fell to the ground and your tears started rolling down your cheeks. He hurried over to you and asked with concer “y/n what is wrong?” he dried your tears away with his thumbs “Do you ever think about them” he looked confused “them?” you snuffled “your ex, the one who could do anything and more.

Do you ever miss them?” he scuffled and placed you in his arms “listen to me babe, love has a funny way of doing things. Sometimes it plays tricks on you only to break you down, and other times it makes your heart fly way into the sky knowing that you have finally found the ONE. You are the best, you are my champion so to say. Never doubt that”.

Min Yoongi/Suga:

“Hey babe would you come listen to this” you sat down next to him and put on the headset. Music was flowing through your ears, his words in a rap made to cause emotion, the only problem that you were already bubbling and brewing with tons of emotions. When he took a bathroom break he left this phone and when it *pling* you saw a text, a text you wish you never read. For now it was stuck in your head those four little words “I still love you”.

It was his ex, did he still think about them, your face became sadder by each thought passing by. He took of your headset “you saw the text didn’t you?” you nodded “y/n you cant be serious, I don’t feel the same way. They broke my heart and I thought for a split second that the world was going to end and the most amazing thing happend, I met you. Don’t worry, okay? You are the one mattes now and you are more perfect than anyone could ever ask for”.

Jung Hoseok/J-hope:

Hoseok loved to teach you dancing in the studio, you always adored his passion for teaching and dancing. You were both laughing and having a great time when you suddenly got the though that his passion could be inspired from somebody else. You were certainly not his first dance student, images of him with them dancing tight and sweaty made you feel jealous and empty, you felt a sudden sadness and your cheek became wet from the tears dripping on them.

“y/n whats wrong? You were dancing great, don’t mind that one part. I know it a little tricky but you did well” you stared at your feet, biting your lips “no, I just thought maybe it would be more fun dancing with someone better than me like maybe your ex” his face changed like a sudden ray of sunshine had just gone out the window “y/n look at me” you looked at him fearing the worst “I love you, do you realize that. Some people fall in love multiple times but it takes someone special to steal it. And you did just that, you stole it and I want you to keep it forever, you are amazing and I would never ever want to see you like this again. Being you was what made me love you”.

Park Jimin/Jimin:

You knew that when a heart is being broken it is difficult to fix, you wished you never knew of his ex. You had met them before and they were everything you weren’t or at least thought you weren’t, turns out this had been bugging you quit a bit. You didn’t understand why he loved you, the question lingered in your brain and you got the courage to tell him how you felt “I feel like a zero compared to them, all the achieved and so on” he stared at the ground “y/n” he said, he reached out for your hand and stroke them with his thumbs.

“you must never believe that you are a zero, you must never believe that you are not worth anything and you must never believe that you don’t deserve what you have. I didn’t choose you, you chose me, you wanted me and have stayed by my side even in the darkest of times, they didn’t. But believe in me when I say that no one can compare to you and how much I love you”.

Kim Taehyung/V :

“Youre not gonna win this time!” you yelled as you pushed the buttons with all your might, he tried to distract you by taking his arm and cover your sight, you would push them away and they on the screen it said “GAME OVER” you sighed “oh man, I totally had that if it weren’t for you” he laughed. The high score  came up and you noticed a name, you felt a hole in your stomach like someone had ripped out all your intestines, you wanted to puke.

The mood in the room changed “you two played this a lot together didnt you” he could see that it made you uncomfortable and turned of the tv, he sat down in front of you trying now to get your attention “We did, but that was only because I like this games. I play this with the other guys too, and well they too”. He held your hands and played with your fingers “ No one ever really tells you when you have found the one, that is something you know by heart. People have some much space in their hearts that they share their love with so many but there is only one who can really find the secret path all the way to ones heart. So please don’t worry and just be with me and let us be happy”.

Jeon Jeong Guk/Jungkook:

Jungkook really never talked about his ex, he had forgotten all about them it seemed. For some reason you very anxious over this, you would always feel like you were in a competition and were racing to win his heart and be his forever and always. You hated this feeling and wanted it to go away, so you decided it was time to ask him “Jungkook” he smiled “what is it y/n?” you shivered a little “Do you love me?” both stood frozen for a couple of second before he rushed to you and looked you deeply in your eyes.

“never ask such a question”. You were shocked at his sudden action and you body seemed to be stuck “I have always loved you, what kind of question is that. I love you and thats all you need to know. The ones who came before means nothing to me now, all that matters is you and me, here and now, forever and always together”.

A Favor For A Friend

I haven’t written in awhile

“What’s it like to kiss a guy?”

Tom almost spat out his drink, completely thrown off by Marco’s sudden question.

“You-uh…we uh….what?”, he stuttered, he and Marco were playing video games in Marco’s living room, and Tom’s sudden thoughts caused him to lose focus and his character was killed before he could even finish his sentence.

He grumbled at himself for losing focus.

Marco, on the other hand, continued to speak, eyes still focused on the game in front of him.

“Well…you know, like..kissing another guy?”, he was making it sound so awkward, and after playing games and shouting at the screen for hours this felt out of nowhere.

“W-why do you want to know?”, tom asked, two eyes focused on the game, but the third staring at his friend in wonder.

Marco bit his lip, “I don’t know….It’s just..It just kinda popped into my mind and…I’m really not sure…”

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Occasional Stalker (4)

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Summary: “I’m asking you not to follow me all the way to my house for whatever reason you stalk me.”

                “I live next to you.

Genre: fluff, hurt/comfort, humor, romance, a little of drama, school!au, neighbour!au

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Warnings: None

Word count: ~2000

Part: previous|four|next| masterlist

Also, guys, just kind of sending you hugs through the screen, because I love you

The One With The Coffee

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Another Chance Ch. 3

A/N: I’m doubly excited to be posting this, because I had really lost the feel for this story. Special thanks to Wolf for helping me get my groove back!
Next chapter should be the last~


Read the previous chapters here

The alarm on Lance’s phone blasted the marimba tune like the world was ending. Resisting the urge to throw it against the wall, Lance snoozed it and stretched his limbs until his hands pressed against his headboard and his toes spilled off the bed.

Last night he had taken the time to tell his roommates in excruciating detail about how Keith and he had exchanged numbers.

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Jealousy (A x Reader)

Requested? Yes! Anon asks: Hi, I was wondering if you could do a imagine with A (Tyler’s dark ego) with him always being jealous and it’s sorta hot to the reader so she tried to make him even more jealous which leads to a hot makeout session.(but doesn’t have to lead to smut.)

Fandom: Teamiplier (Tyler)

Pairing: A x Reader

Warnings: borderline smut i guess?? Like a heavy makeout session, I also added a slight daddy kink im not sorry (it’s only mentioned once)

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Our True Love - Chapter 2

A/N: Second part to this fanfiction. Yet again, I apologize if there are grammar errors in this one. I have tried my best and I do hope you enjoy it very much!

Previous Chapter(s): Chapter 1

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: Anger and a little blood (very little)
Word count: 1,778
Summary: Reader and Bucky doesn’t get along well after his marriage to Rosaline. Will her friendship with Bucky last or will they crumble and fade?

★ ★ ★

It was around eight at night and I was in the office alone, scouring through the cabinets for a particular file. Two months had passed since Bucky’s and Rosaline’s small wedding ceremony. They wanted it to be among a small group of friends and family only. 

I was genuinely happy to see Bucky standing at the altar, wearing a black suit with his hair combed back. He was so clean, so pure, so handsome that day. He had the sweetest smile on his face and eyes that sparkle like the stars. Only, that all of these things, weren’t for me. They were for Rosaline.

I watch as the beautiful bride marry the man that I have been in love with for the past three years. Not from the seats, but from a spot only four feet away from the couple. Rosaline had asked me to be one of her bridesmaids since I was one of Bucky’s closest friend as a girl.

I didn’t have the heart to say no. I ended up standing behind her and try my hardest not to show how heartbroken I really was to see Bucky slipping the ring on her finger. Imagine standing there, faking a smile as best as you could, and cheer on when the man you love finally delivers the kiss to seal his marriage with the woman he loves, all the while your heart inside your chest is withering away.

I don’t know how I didn’t break down crying at that point. Steve is the only one who seems to be aware of my heartbreak, which I am thankful for. My boss called me over as soon as the ceremony was over. I had to leave before getting to sit down and have dinner with them, which again, is a miracle. I told Steve to give my regards to the newlyweds and depart out of there without looking back. 

“Ow. Shoot.” I yelped after pricking my finger on the metal cabinet. The blood beads out from the pricked skin before it drips down.

“Are you okay, Y/N?” A voice calls out from behind me. I jump, knowing well enough whose voice that belongs to. I turn to look at Bucky who is leaning against the counter of my desk. I manage a smile for him.

“Hey, Buck. Yeah, I am. Just a little prick.” I say while looking back at the files. He had just come back from a mission.  My heart twists at the sight of him. I wanted to avoid him to give my heart a rest, but it doesn’t help when you both work in the same agency. 

“Is it bad?” He asks. I hear his footsteps work its way around the counter towards me. My heart jumps when he stands right next to me. He takes my hand and watch the blood dripping out from the small wound.

“You have such a sensitive skin. Be careful next time.” He says while taking the tissue from my table and press on the small wound. My heart flutters as he wraps the tissue around my finger. I smile at him, watching his tired and focused face showing hints of concern over this little wound. Compared to the ones he usually receives over tough missions, he really shouldn’t be worrying about this pin sized injury. 

My eyes drift up to his metal arm. The mechanism whirring and moving at the little movements his fingers make. I trail my eyes down his metal arm to his hands. The curves and edges of his hands was all too familiar to me.

These were hands that I used to hold to comfort him at night. The strong hands that used to wrap around me when his emotions got the best of him. The gentle hands that would caress my hair when I was the one having a bad day. The kind hands that I have been itching to hold again after so long.

I feel the whole world stop when I finally notice the ring on his metal finger. My heart drops and reality pulls me back in harshly. I pull my finger away quickly without realizing, but Bucky took it as me jerking back from the pain when he pressed down on the tissue.

“Sorry, are you okay?” He asks, watching my face. I watch his blue eyes stare at me worriedly. My heart beats painfully against my chest before I turn away.

“Yes, I am. Thank you.” I answer while closing the cabinet door a little bit too loud. He only lets out a small sigh.

“You’ve been missing from the Stark tower a lot lately.” He starts again, walking back outside of my desk. I pull out the papers from the file I had taken and started typing away.

“I’ve been busy.” I lied. Most nights I spent forcing myself to work into the late hours of the night to distract my mind. I didn’t want to face anyone at the moment, afraid that my heartbreak would be clear on my face. But, it doesn’t help when the Avengers continuously blow up my phone with invitations to different parties. Excuses are hard to come up with sometimes. 

“Busy? We all have, but we managed to meet up anyways.” He says again, leaning back against my counter. I brush my hair out of my view before cracking my knuckles.

“Well, I need to sort out these files and update them since they had a system error several weeks ago.” I continue to busy myself.

“You never change.” Bucky scoffs it out. I look up at him.

“What do you mean?” I ask confused.

“You were always so serious and never stopped working. You get stressed a lot and always do things on your own.” He answers while keeping his gaze locked on me. I raise an eyebrow before turning back to my screen.

“Yeah, well—“

“But you also make time for your friends, regardless of when and where or even however busy you were. Now you just don’t anymore. No one knows what or how you have been doing. You never go to visit Tony or Sam or Steve, or even me and Rosy, anymore.” Bucky continues, a little pain and anger in his tone.

I start feeling a small sense of guilt. Because of how heartbroken I was, I had pushed away all of my friends. I didn’t even think about them. The times I did end up seeing them was in this very office when they came in to give the reports of their missions.

“You can’t be that busy, Y/N. I have work too. During mission days are the only days that I don’t see any of my friends.” He goes on. I look up at him from the corner of my eyes. I let out a sigh. 

“I have my own reasons, Buck. I’ll visit you guys when I can, all right?” I say, flipping over the files. I can feel the anger boiling inside of him.

“I don’t understand. Is there something that you have against us?” He snaps at me. I look at him, clearly shocked at the sudden question.

“Ever since I met you, you’ve always been doing things on your own. Not say a word of how you feel or what you think. You don’t seem to like being around people and just like to keep to yourself. Even keeping things from me.” 


“And ever since that night I announced my engagement to Rosaline, you have grown even more distant from us. During the wedding, you barely look at me. You say you are happy for me but you plaster on that fake smile of yours.” His voice is shaking at my very core. I was caught off guard at his sudden burst of anger.

“Bucky what are—“

“Save the bullshit, Y/N. Why are you treating us like this? Why are you treating ME like this? I thought our friendship was special, Y/N.” He says, hurt crossing his eyes. My heart twists around painfully in my chest. Tears well up in my eyes as my voice chokes on my throat. I didn’t know what to say.


Both of us turn to look at Steve standing by the doorway. He is holding a folder in his hand while approaching the desk. I wipe away the tears from my eyes quickly. I hope he didn’t notice.  

“They’ll see you now.” Steve says gesturing out to the doorway. Even though I was looking away, I can feel Bucky’s eyes on me before he leaves out the doorway. As soon as he was gone, Steve lets out a sigh. 

“He was right, Y/N. How long are you going to soil yourself in this heartbreak? He is married, yes, but he still needs you as a friend. You know that.” Steve says, pleading to me. I hold my hand up to silence him.

“I need time, Steve, you know that.” I say staring down at the empty spot of my desk. My head is spinning.

“I know, but Buck needs you. You’ve been there for him in ways not even I was. You know how to comfort him and how to make him happy. He’s been a bit of a mess without you.”

“But that is not my duty anymore, Steve.” I look up at him. “His wife… Rosaline, is the one to do that for him now.” The words came out like knives. Knives piercing new wounds into my bleeding heart.  

Steve lets out another sigh before tousling my hair. I look at him surprised.

“Y/N, learn to accept him. His marriage. His love for Rosaline. When you do, you’ll be able to be there for him again. Even if he belongs to someone else, he is still his own person.” Steve seems like he wanted to continue but changed his mind.

“We have a little party next week on Sunday for Sharon’s birthday. Come, okay?” Steve says before exiting the room, not even letting me respond. 

I sit there silently by myself, staring at the blackened computer screen. I lift my wrapped up finger that Bucky had just bandaged with the tissue. That’s what he was able to do; seal away my wounds and make everything all right. Even if I never voice what my worries were to him, his presence has always managed to put an end to my troubling mind. 

Steve is right. Bucky is still his own person. I shouldn’t push him or any of my friends away just because of my own selfishness. Especially not when Bucky is still the mind wreck that he is.

★ ★ ★ 

A/N: I do hope you enjoyed it! Please do let me know how you feel about it and/or if I need to improve on something. Thank you for reading!

Next chapter coming soon. 

A Music Affair: The Honeymoon - Part 1

Here it is, guys, finally! I’m so sorry for the delay, but I was doing my final exams and once I was done with that, I went back to writing this 2nd chapter to you all. This is a sequel to The Wedding and it’s just the first part, leading up to the 2nd one which I’ll post in a few days. Hope you enjoy it and please send me your feedback!

“Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me!” Amelia exclaimed out loud when she read the ‘delayed’ sign beside their flight number.

Owen and Amelia had literally ran through the airport to get to Gate 9, where they were supposed to get on an airplane for their honeymoon in Hawaii. But, seeing as  there was no one lining up to get to the plane, they looked up to the TV above the gate and saw that it had been delayed,. They figured it was probably due to the weather conditions, they thought.

What frustrated Amelia the most was that she and Owen had almost had a huge fight that morning over them being late.

“Amelia, for Christ’s sake, why didn’t you pack those yesterday?!” Owen asked by their bedroom door, starting to get annoyed at her taking so long.

“Because I forgot, Owen!” She answered, getting even more annoyed than him, hating to be rushed, whilst she ran around the bedroom putting a hair brush and her curling iron inside her luggage. “Okay, now a coat…”

“Why the hell do you need a coat for? Hawaii is hot.” Owen stared at her, confused.

“Well, what if is chilly at night?” She went through her coats in the closet.

“Oh my God…” Owen sighed, getting even more impatient.

“Owen, you’re stressing me out!” Amelia exclaimed, grabbing the first coat she saw and putting it inside her luggage before closing it.

“Amelia, the car is already waiting for us and we’re gonna lose our flight if you take any longer!” He raised her voice at her, taking a deep breath to control himself.

“Okay, fine! I’m ready! Are you happy?” She picked up one last thing from the bedside table before storming through him and the doorway, intentionally hitting his feet with her luggage, looking incredibly mad.

“I’m thrilled!” He yelled back at her.

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Barrisco Month - Day 2 - Cisco’s Oral Fixation

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Harry took one look at the cortex coated entirely in a thick layer of confetti, turned around, and refused to participate in the prank war at all. That was alright; they had plenty of other people playing.

Joe was the next to drop out, because even though he enjoyed having some fun, he did have a job to do elsewhere. Caitlin called it quits after she managed to get every squirrel in the tri-county area to latch onto Barry using some homemade pheromone solution, insisting she was going out strong. Jax gleefully helped out with a particularly tricky prank involving post-it notes when he and Stein stopped by for a weekend, but he was gone by Monday. That left just Barry, Iris, and Cisco battling it out in an increasingly high-stakes competition.

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Mystic Messenger Headcanon - How They React to Flirtatious MC

I’M ALIVE! I’ve been obsessed with Mystic Messenger lately so I thought I’d get some of my feelings out by writing a headcanon! I haven’t played Jaehee’s route yet, but if you guys want one written let me know! Hope you like it.


He’d signed into the messenger with the intention of showing off his most recent selfie, but when he noticed you weren’t online, he hesitated. He could post his selfie in the chatroom anyway—since, he figured, you’d see it eventually—but what good was that when he craved your reaction more than anything? Err…why is that? He wondered vaguely, though he didn’t linger on the thought for long when your name appeared on his screen.

Immediately, he sent the selfie— in it, he was looking smug with a towel around his shoulders, his white hair still dripping wet from the shower—and captioned very modestly, “Hot shower.”

           You sent an adorable string of hearts, but then:

MC      “…”

MC      “…Do you want me? Because looking at you now, I….”

           Zen nearly collapsed from the shock of your text, from the strange thrill that flowed through his veins like electricity.

ZEN      “!!!”

           He could hardly form a coherent sentence with the flurry of words exploding at the forefront of his aroused mind, but he loved it. He hadn’t expected that kind of response from you. It’s not like you ignored his consistent flirting, but you’d certainly never said anything like that.

ZEN      “I think I should take a cold shower now…”

           He held a hand to his face, hiding a grim smile as if you’d be able to see his blush through the screen. Good thing she’s not here right now, or I’d be in trouble…


He couldn’t help but check the messenger every half hour. He was always excited knowing you might be online, and this excitement made his hands tremble every time he signed in. He’d more than once had to re-enter his username and password, since his fingers seemed to rush as if they couldn’t wait another second.

           The next time he signed in, you sent him an enthusiastic hello almost right away.

YOOSUNG       “OMG! You make me feel so welcomed. Lol”

MC      “Haha. It’s ‘cause you’re so cute, Yoosung!”

Yoosung liked the compliment, but sometimes that “c” word bothered him. At least when it was coming from someone he liked so much. You’d probably prefer someone like Zen. Someone who’s handsome. And…

MC      “And sexy.”

           He almost responded with an indifferent grunt of agreement—you’d finished his thought perfectly. And then he realized. Me….???? He scanned your text several more times to confirm its legitimacy, but he still doubted what he was reading, while blushing so furiously he thought he’d start steaming from the ears.

MC      “Blonds are more fun, right? ;)”

           The way his hands were jittering, he might as well have been stuttering in his texts. He failed to think of any conceivable way to hide his embarrassment, so he rambled stupidly:

YOOSUNG       “WHA–? Well, I guess that’s why I’m the guild leader on one of the most addictive games in the world…”

           Until he decided to be bold himself by being honest. Even though your usual shyness was endearing, your sudden boldness made him desire you in a way he had never felt before.

YOOSUNG       “But it doesn’t even compare to you…”

YOOSUNG       “You…You’re unbelievably addictive, you know that?”


Jumin was listening for the second time that day to a message you’d left on his answering machine. Not that you’d mentioned anything of particular importance, but your voice was like…Hmm…Like sweet wine, he thought, entranced. He could list the things about you that he liked as if he were reciting a business proposal, with ease and with confidence. Your certainty. Your determination. Your drive for success in the mission that was the RFA. He listed these in his mind as if he were compiling your résumé.

           He found himself on the messenger before he realized it.

MC      “Jumin meow!”

           He almost clutched his chest. So cute.

JUMIN “Ju-meow?”

           A sad attempt at a joke, but he knew you’d laugh. You always laughed at his jokes. It was an ego boost, which was hardly what he needed, really.

MC      “Hehe. Can you be my pet? I’d like to hold you~”

           “Oh,” he said aloud, uttering his surprise. He was overwhelmed suddenly with a possessiveness he’d only been familiar with in the last few days since you’d entered the RFA. He liked control. He liked dominance. He licked his lips as if to warm him up for his next comment:

JUMIN “Hmm…I’d rather have you submit to me instead…”

           He was pleased with your reaction then, when you simply sent a blushing emoji. He almost gave in to you… Almost.


Seven was grinning as he watched Yoosung freak out in the chatroom. You had followed Seven’s lead in teasing Yoosung, ganging up on the claim that “staring at a screen all day will make your eyes stuck!!!” He laughed at the notion that Yoosung hadn’t logically realized that Seven himself stared at a computer screen all day, every day, and what made it better was when you played along. Usually the other members would simply ignore him, scold him, or dismiss his silliness with a roll of their eyes. But you—you were different, and you were fun. Plus, you gave him a purpose, and that was protecting you with his life.

It didn’t hurt that you were nice to look at, too.

           You sent him a private message after exiting the chatroom:

MC      “God Seven needs to recharge after sharing so much wisdom!”

           Hah…She could tell, huh? Even though you couldn’t see him, you knew how exhausted he was. That was just one of your superpowers that he admired.

707      “If the goddess requests it, God Seven shall listen!”

           Your turned to the camera then, the one he was looking at right that moment since you hadn’t responded right away, and you kissed your hand. Curiously, he watched you as you pretended to blow the kiss to him, smiling sweetly as if you hadn’t just pierced his heart.

MC      “Sweet dreams…Seven.”

           Seven left the messenger then. Although he flirted with you quite often, your flirting with him was dangerous. Retreating to the bed that he rarely visited, he wondered if he was already dreaming, even though he wasn’t yet asleep.

BTS Jimin: Nothing more than Friends

Scenario where you feel like your relationship with Jimin doesn’t mean anything to him 

WARNING:  kind of angsty…? idk lol

Were you the jealous type? You’ve never considered it before, until you watched your boyfriend of two years practically straddle another girl from some up-coming girl group (whose name was so irrelevant you didn’t even bother to remember). You know you should’ve been reasonable, as it was just for a game that they were playing on a variety show, yet you couldn’t help but feel slightly ticked off as your eyes glued to your TV screen. It was another pointless mud game that required partners. Jimin and the girl were paired up and the host just couldn’t stop himself from making couple jokes. And of course on-screen text animations had to appear as well, saying Jimin had a crush on her. Anyone else could’ve have interpreted the situation differently, but you knew that Jimin was just a foolishly innocent boy that was always too nice to everyone. Obviously no one knew that he wasn’t single, so they found it appropriate to match him up to any pretty girl around his age.

You stared at the TV screen, completely unmoved and unamused as the host poked fun at Jimin for smiling at the girl so brightly. He smiled like that around everyone. It didn’t help the fact that the girl was giggling like a lovestruck teenager as Jimin just continued to smile like the airhead that he was. You frowned as you thought about how dense your boyfriend was. You weren’t even that upset over the variety show, you were more pissed off at the fact that Jimin could make you feel like this when you knew that you could never do the same. He always did things like that without wondering how you would feel about it. His excuse? It’s all fake, you know it’s just apart of my career. You tried to understand, you really did, but sometimes your own personal feelings clouded your better judgement.

While he was off having fun with attractive girl idols, you sat at home and complained about your mundane life. Jimin was far too innocent to get jealous over anything that you did, or perhaps he thought that you were much too in love with him to run off with another boy. The sudden thought infuriated you so much that you almost tipped over your coffee mug. The scalding liquid made a small stream towards your phone, but you quickly snatched it up before it had the chance to damage it. You were annoyed. 100% annoyed. Annoyed at the fact that Jimin had the upper hand in this relationship, and annoyed at yourself for being cluelessly dragged along. As you gripped onto your phone and wiped the small mess away, a sudden idea came to mind.

You quickly unlocked your phone and tapped the messages app, licking your lips in anticipation at what you were going to do.

My ex-boyfriend James called me today. You composed the message, your fingernails clicking across the screen. Obviously it was a lie, no one called you today, except for an annoying sales person that tried to get you to buy lavender-scented cleaning gloves. You also didn’t know of anyone named James either.

As you waited for his reply, you felt your heartbeat quicken. No matter how oblivious he was to things, he has to at least be a tad bit curious, right? Don’t all guys feel a bit possessive when ex-boyfriends appear?

Instead of the vibrate that you were anticipating, a loud ring filled the small living room you were sitting in. Jimin’s name popped up on the caller ID and you couldn’t help but feel giddy. Was it really going to be this easy?

You tried to keep your tone steady, as you answered his call. On the inside, you were practically freaking out at how he was walking right into your trap.

“Hello?” You answer, expecting a very antsy Jimin.

“Hey ____! I just wanted to make sure that you didn’t forget to bring the chicken when you come over to the dorms tonight, you’re still coming right?” Jimin’s usual peppy voice filled the speaker, and you couldn’t help but feel like your heart was being crushed. Did he really not care?

“Oh, yeah..Of course I’m still coming over,” you didn’t even try to hide the displeasure in your voice. This was so like him, why did I even try?

The line went quiet for a couple of seconds, before you heard the shuffling sounds of someone moving the phone around. “Are you alright? You sound kind of down,” your boyfriend’s tone suddenly grew serious, all traces of his previous happy voice evaporated.

“Did you read the message that I sent you?” You completely ignored his question and decided to just jump straight to the point. You didn’t even realize that you had balled up the ends of your shirt into a ball. You had become so anxious and disappointed that you barely even registered what you were doing.

“You sent me a message? I didn’t even realize..what did you say?”

Just like that, a flicker of hope appeared again, and you suddenly felt a lot better. That’s right, he couldn’t possibly be so dense as to not even care.

“Oh nothing, I just said that my ex-boyfriend James called me today.” You replied back nonchalantly, making it seem like it was the most casual thing in the world.

“That’s nice, did you guys catch up?” Jimin asked, sounding genuinely unaffected and pleased to hear that you talked to your ex-boyfriend again.

What. The.  Actual. Fuck. It was not supposed to turn out like this. He wasn’t supposed to respond back like that. He was supposed to get jealous and turn all possessive! You felt your heart drop, as your mind wandered towards the thought, that most of the time Jimin didn’t even feel like your boyfriend. It still felt like you guys were best friends, and that you had never even made that confession two years ago that made you a couple. Sometimes, you wondered if Jimin just accepted your confession just for the heck of it. A week never passed without you thinking about how he only agreed to be your boyfriend so it wouldn’t affect your friendship with him. You felt tears edging in, because you knew that your love for him would never be as much as what he could ever return. It was evident that he didn’t love you in that way, otherwise he would’ve been more mindful of how you were feeling.

You covered the phone mic, and let out a soft shaky breath, willing yourself not to cry. Once you pressed the phone back to the side of your face, you had even managed to plaster on a fake smile. Maybe if you acted like you were okay, you would start to feel it too.

“Yeah, it was nice. I’ll see you later tonight, I have to go.” You say, hoping that he didn’t catch on to the fact that your voice was quivering a little.

“Okay, see you soon!” He concluded before hanging up. Of course he didn’t notice. When did he ever?

You placed your phone on the couch and finally let yourself freely cry. Your whole body was shaking with tears. Deep down, you knew you were being selfish. Selfish for believing that Jimin loved you as much as he claimed he did. Except, words were just words, and all the times that he reassured his love to you, suddenly seemed empty. If actions didn’t follow, what good were words? This relationship with him was making you emotionally sick. It was chaining you down and making you feel weary. You no longer felt like being in a relationship where it was just you believing that it was real. Even if it meant that it would cost your friendship. You let out a cruel laugh as you remembered how all of your friends warned you that your relationship with him wouldn’t turn out well, mainly because he was an idol. In some ways they were right, you should’ve just listened to them and never confessed. If you hadn’t told him that you liked him that one night, would things have turned out differently? No, because whatever we have going on now is the exact same as before. With a sinking and painful heart, you knew that tonight was going to be when you would call it off. Tonight was when you would finally do your heart some good and part with him.


“Oh my god, I thought you got lost on your way here, you took so long to get here!” Jin was already grabbing at the bag that had the boxes full of chicken in it. Not even trying to hide the fact that he was more excited at the arrival of the food rather than you. Typical.

Seconds later, the other boys quickly followed suit to greet you at the door. You gave all of them a soft smile while you shuffled off your shoes. Jimin approached you first and pulled you in for a hug. You pulled away first, because you were sure that if you inhaled in his minty scent any longer, you would most definitely burst into tears.

“We were waiting for you, did something happen?” Jimin looked at you, with his soft brown eyes that always seemed to comfort you, yet, at this moment it seemed to do the exact opposite.

You managed a weak laugh, while avoiding his gaze.“Their fryer wasn’t working, so I had to wait a little bit longer than usual.” You weren’t about to tell him that you had to take a detour back to your apartment to cry again.

“Oh, well ar—“

“You guys must be starving, let’s eat!” You suddenly exclaim, cutting him off and moving past him. Normally you would’ve stuck to his side like glue, but today just the thought of being close to him was enough to make you feel emotionally sick. You were going to tell him later, not now. You still wanted to keep the atmosphere light and not dull it with your insignificant lover’s quarrel with Jimin, if you could even call it that.

As the night progressed, you did everything you could in your power to make it seem normal. If you had avoided him altogether, everyone would’ve noticed. You were never the one to make a scene, or be in the centre of the spotlight. That was until Hoseok mentioned the show.

Everyone was lounging around in the small living room, discussing their schedule and the past events that they had attended. You sat beside Taehyung and tried not to sneak glances at Jimin. It wasn’t particularly unusual for you to be close to Taehyung, he was like your best friend when Jimin wasn’t around. Sometimes you would just visit their dorms just to talk to him. Jimin didn’t mind, since when did he ever? It was nice that he trusted you, isn’t that what all girlfriends wanted from their boyfriend? But now all that you wanted was for Jimin to be nervous. Nervous that if another boy got too close to you, he would panic and be anxious because that meant you could be taken from him. That’s all you wanted. Yet, with someone like Jimin, that would never happen. He would just pathetically smile and let you continue talking to him because to him, it would mean nothing to him. Nothing.

“..Oh yeah, remember when Jimin was paired up with that idol girl? The one with the nice eyes? What was her name again?” Hoseok said, scratching his head.

Just the mention of Jimin and that girl was enough to capture your attention. You and Taehyung were absentmindedly involved with your own conversation, until you snapped your head towards Hoseok. You watched in silence as the other members piped up.

“She was kind of cute, right? Like in a fairy type of way.” Jungkook observed, nodding his head in agreement with Hoseok.

Hoseok nudged Jimin playfully, completely ignoring the fact that you were sitting right across from them. You never felt smaller as Jimin nodded while laughing, his eyes completely disappearing as his smile grew wider. You were used to this, but of course it only took until now for you to realize that it meant this relationship that you guys had, was rather insignificant.

Namjoon stood up and whacked Hoseok on the side of the head, the room suddenly grew quiet as Hoseok’s eyes grew wide in alarm. “What was that for?!”

Namjoon directed his finger towards where you were sitting. You hadn’t said a word during this whole ordeal, preferring to keep quiet. It didn’t even matter anyways. You were going to break up with Jimin in a matter of minutes.

“Ah..I’m sorry ____, I always forget that you and Jimin aren’t just friends anymore..” Hoseok gave you a meek look and an apologetic chuckle. You couldn’t even blame him.

“It’s alright..” You say, as your eyes subconsciously darted towards Jimin. He seemed indifferent, but kept quiet.

What did I expect anyways?

On the walk to their dorm, you had agreed in your head that if Jimin did something, ANYTHING, to change your mind, you would just chalk down your earlier feelings as being crazy and selfish. You weren’t going to just throw away two years of dating him for nothing. But now, as you stared at the boy that couldn’t even defend your relationship, you knew your instincts were right. Nothing had changed. You were still his best friend in his eyes, not his girlfriend.

“Anyways, it’s getting late. I should go.” You announce, standing up.

As if on cue, Jimin rose to his feet as well, getting ready to escort you out. It was like this every week. You arrived, Jimin hugged you (if you were lucky you got a kiss), everyone gathered around to talk for a couple of hours, before you left with Jimin walking you out the door. It was all you guys could do together, as you weren’t allowed to be seen in public. You never complained. Jimin never complained. It was all you could do together. At least, that was all that Jimin ever insisted on doing.

Once you reached the door, you turned around to face your boyfriend. Your eyes didn’t quite meet his, instead they drifted towards his baby blue t-shirt. “I have to tell you something, out in the hall.”

“Yeah, sure,” Jimin replied, with his usual smile.

Both of you lingered outside in the dimly lit halls, your hands were tightly wrapped around the handle of your purse as you continued to stare at the ground.

“What do you have to tell me?” He asks, his light and airy tone drifted down the long hall, making your heart ache with the feeling of loneliness.

A couple of seconds ticked by, before you gathered up the courage to look him dead straight in the eyes. “I’ve been thinking about us recently..” You started.

“Yeah?” You watched as Jimin’s eyes opened wider, in curiosity. “What about us?”

“That..” Your words kept on trailing off, this wasn’t what you had rehearsed in your mind. This was supposed to go smoothly and cleanly, except now it was going the opposite way.

“That?” Jimin’s eyebrows went up, urging you to continue.

“We should break up.”

Once the words left your mouth, you quickly looked away from him, afraid of what to expect.

“Wait, repeat that..”

“I’m breaking up with you.” No sooner had you said those words, did your head catch up to your words, you didn’t even realize that tears had started to fall until you saw them land on the floor.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry..” You managed a weak laugh and made a pathetic attempt to wipe away your tears, except they kept on falling.

Jimin only stood there. His eyes never once leaving your tear-soaked ones. But you knew what you had said affected him, his lower lip was slightly trembling. Something that only happened whenever he got angry or sad.

“But why? I thought everything was fine between us, what did I do wrong?” The boy asked, his voice suddenly reaching a deeper pitch.

You could only shake your head with a sad soft smile. “Nothing. You did nothing. It was only me, I started to get selfish. I wanted more out of you, when you never loved me as much as I thought you did.”

“What are you talking about?” Jimin’s hand flew out to grab yours, tightly encasing it. “I do love you, that’s why we’re in this relationship!”

You nodded, staring back at the boy that you had wholeheartedly dedicated a portion of your childhood and life to. “I know you love me, as a friend.”


You interrupted him by cupping the side of his cheek, before he could say something to change your mind. “And that’s alright with me. I never should’ve confessed to you in the first place, I only made things harder on us. You’re too nice to me, you know that? I’m sorry I took advantage of you.”

Jimin’s hands were still holding yours, his usual carefree demeanour was already long gone. The boy that stood in front of you looked beaten down, his body was limp and his posture was weak. The boy that barely ever showed any other emotion besides pure happiness, was now crumbling in front of you.

“I’m not letting you go, you can’t leave me like this.” Jimin’s sudden words surprised you, they were enough to make you take a step back. Unfortunately you couldn’t get much further than that because of Jimin’s iron grip.

“I’m not leaving you Jimin..” you started off, your voice trembling. “I just won’t be your girlfriend anymore, I’ll still be your friend. Don’t worry, the friendship that you’re worried about will still be here.” It took every bone in your body to steady your voice, it was becoming increasing hard not to break down crying. Deep down, you knew that after this, something normal as being friends wasn’t even going to be an answer.

Jimin suddenly took a couple of steps forward towards you, forcing your back against the hard wall. You let out a surprised yelp as you abruptly felt his tight grip leave your hand and travel towards your waist. The sudden touch made you shiver, as you realized how close he was getting. But as he stood there, making no further progress, you realized that it was always like this. Everything in your relationship was met halfway. Your love for him was only returned back with a half filled cup, your feelings were always acknowledged but never comforted. It’s like he only saw your relationship with only one eye. You thought back to the situation from moments ago when he hadn’t said anything to Hoseok, and it made you feel sick to your stomach.

With the heavy thoughts lingering in your head, you got ready to push him away from you, but a small voice stopped you.

“Don’t leave me..please..I’m begging you..please,” Jimin cried out, his entire face was contorted with complete despair. His other hand had moved up to press the space beside your head, he was so close that you could see your own reflection in his glassy eyes. “I love you, i really do. What do you want me to do to prove it?”

His tearful confession barely made an impact on you. Words. It’s always words. I’m sick of them. “You have already proved enough, by doing nothing.”

Jimin could only lean his head back in confusion, but you could tell by the way his eyes darted to the side, that he understood a little bit of what you were saying. “Is this because of what happened early? I’m sorry. You know that it didn’t mean anything, I don’t like her. I only laughed because Hoseok was nudging me.” The way he spoke, you could tell he was getting desperate. His speech was getting fast, words were tripping over themselves to make sure you didn’t leave him standing alone in the halls, brokenhearted.

Just like that, a twig snapped inside of you. The entire two years of your relationship, you never complained to him. You knew that it would only stress him out more and that he wouldn’t be able to do anything. When he had to miss your birthday last year because of his overbearing schedule, you didn’t complain or fuss about it. Instead, you had went to sleep early with a tear soaked pillow, but did you ever tell him? No, because everything you felt just didn’t seem superior enough compared to his sky-rocketing career.

You forcefully pushed him away from you, breathing hard. Jimin was so surprised at your sudden contact that his footing tottered, and seconds later he had lightly fell onto the floor. You gaped at his surprised and crestfallen face, before you to, collapsed to the ground on your knees. You had never meant to make him fall.

You brought your hands up to your face and started to heavily weep. “I-I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry..” It took less than a second for Jimin to pull you into him, with his arms wrapped securely around your shoulder, and his lips pressed against your hair.

“I’m so sorry, I’m just so sad. I’ve been so sad…” You choked out, in-between tears. “I hate how you never think of me, when you’re on shows, when you’re with your friends,  or when I’m with another guy.” Tears were continuing to fall wave after wave, as you felt Jimin’s arms stiffen around you. “And I also hate myself for being so selfish. But I can’t help it. All I want is for you to love me enough to know how I feel when you’re so close with another girl, love me enough to defend our relationship even though it’s falling apart, or at least care about us enough for you to be be worried when I’m with another guy.”

Everything spilt out of you. All of your troubles and problems tumbled out in just a couple of seconds while being wrapped in Jimin’s arms. You hated yourself for being so weak, so sensitive. But you could feel yourself crumbling, and all you wanted was for the boy you had loved for all these years, to hold it all together.

You could only watch in numb silence as Jimin pulled back to study you. He started to slowly wipe away the tears that had fallen onto your cheeks, his eyebrows knit in remorse and unexplainable guilt. “You should’ve told me earlier, I’m sorry for putting you through this. I really do love you the most. I haven’t been acting like a good boyfriend so far, but I promise you that I really do care about us. I’m sorry for making you think that I thought that this relationship doesn’t mean anything to me..” Jimin spoke out to you in a delicate whisper, barely loud enough to be heard.

All of a sudden, Jimin pulled away from you to place his right hand onto the upper left side of his chest. “What are you doing?” You asked, your eyes half open in a confused daze.

Jimin only offered you a faint smile that tugged at the corners of his mouth before saying, “I, Park Jimin promise not to get close to any other girl out there, variety show or not, because I love a girl that has put all of her utmost love into me, and I will never disappoint her again.”

You didn’t even get a chance to say anything, before he started speaking again.

“I, Park Jimin, promise to defend our relationship to the ends of the earth. Even if it means that I have to fight a fire-breathing dragon to prove that my love for you is nothing less than the mass of the sun.”

Even in the middle of this mess, you could already feel the hints of a smile threatening to break through your sad demeanour.

With a final sigh, Jimin stared intently at you, before starting again.

“Lastly, I promise to love you completely and wholeheartedly, because this love that you have given to me is so utterly precious and dear to me, so don’t leave me ____, please. This is my final plea to you.”

You looked at the earnest boy in front of you, and a hand went up to catch the new tears that were running down your face. Why were you crying again? Were you sad? No. You were happy, pathetically and foolishly happy. You wanted to live in ignorant bliss for a little while longer, and  desperately believe every single word that he had said to you. Even if they were just words, because you loved this boy so heart-achingly much.

My first attempt at a BTS scenario! Let me know what you think of it by perhaps…dropping a nice msg in my ask box? ;) ofc it’s just a suggestion.. ahaha! Anyways, thanks for reading!!~ ^-^ (p.s: i wrote this at like 2 in the morning and i haven’t yet double checked for any errors so please forgive me if you see any >//<) 

You Write WHAT?- Pt. 1

Summary: Phil finds out Dan writes phanfiction- but not just ANY type of phanfiction (AKA tickle!fics).

Genre: Angsty- but in a hurt feelings/insecurity kind of way, Fluff/comfort!

Word Count: 2,260

Warnings: No tickling (but it’s ABOUT tickling, and it has pre-tickling! just look at the end for more <3)

A/N: Hello, friends! As promised, here is my coming-back fic for you all! It is not prompt-based, as I wanted to make my first refresher fic to be more of an original idea. So, I fell in love with nhasablog’s and thebest-medicine’s fics about the character having a tickle!fic blog.  :)

I hope you enjoy!


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BRAVE || Mafia!Chan [Chp 8]

BLURB: We are defined by what’s inside of us; not by the situations we are subjected to.

GENRE: action, au!mafia, friendships, bullying, high school, love

WORDS: 1998

PART: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11

You went to visit your mother. You hadn’t seen her in a long time. After the incident with the house, you two still haven’t gone back there. You didn’t think you two would ever go back there.

Too many memories destroyed. Seeing all that she had worked for smashed to pieces wasn’t exactly the thing to help her right now. And you’ve been too busy at school…

You didn’t even know where your mother lived now, actually. Did she sleep at the hospital? Was she eating right?

These kind of thoughts plagued your mind the whole way to the hospital until you were downright panicking when you finally reached. You couldn’t wait another second to see her.

Your shoes squeaked noisily against the clean white floors of Taeil Children’s Hospital. Your mother was a nurse there. She had taught you basic first aid from the moment you learnt how to read.

“Give the patient aspirin and s–” A pair of people rounded the corner. One of them was your mother.

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First name basis

Summary: It’s been nearly ten years since then, and only now has Oga decided to call Furuichi by his first name.
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: OgaFuru
Word count: 1.6k
Notes: My submission for ogafuru week, day one: First Time.

The first time Oga calls Furuichi by his given name, barely a day has passed since Oga finally came back from the Demon World.

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becamitchell  asked:

Is it too soon to prompt Kara/Sara as Kara follows Sara around beaming and being stupidly enthralled by her and everyone's just like baffled that this literal ray of light is in love with the broodiest assassin ever?

this is not what you asked for but this is WHAT YOU GET (i wrote this in the middle seat of an airplane on my ipad in 8pt font so that’s what’s up)

It takes a lot to get used to the sudden presence of Kara Danvers in their lives and Sara tries not to think that’s because a literal ray of sunshine burst through their dark and broody world, but then she catches a glimpse of Oliver’s confused face at the sound of Kara’s laughter and knows that’s exactly it.

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               Cherry sits before her vanity mirror, legs crossed precisely one over the other. Taking this brief moment of unexpected quietness, she surveys herself in the mirror and tilts her head back and forth. She watches as her reflection does the same, curving with her every move. Unsatisfied, she leans over her table, fumbling for a blush compact she knows are all interchangeable hues of pink. Curls of hair dip over and tumble in front of her face, and flustered, she brushes them away. She wishes, trivially, that she could somehow find it in herself to muster up the boldness to sport red lips, heavily done eyes, striking features drawn dark against pale skin. She convinces herself that it wouldn’t look good on her complexion, but she knows better. She always does.

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