but sometimes i just have too many feels to contain

The MBTI types I know irl

- My little sister
- Forever bitter about being the youngest child
- Ready to fight 24/7 but is also more bark than bite
- Tries to give sophisticated arguments, sounds like a 12 year old on Tumblr

- We don’t talk about the INTJ.

- Technically not an irl friend but an internet friend
- Would probably have top bants if/when we ever get to hang out irl
- Is also confused by Fi 
- ‘Apazzles’

- Me
- I’m great
- Probably smarter than you
- Jks hahahahahahaha I am a failure

- Genuinely cares but also wasn’t good at actually picking up on when I needed their support
- Tried to get me to open up at times when I was actually fine instead
- The biggest Disney nerd
- Simultaneously cares too much and doesn’t give a fuck

- Understands me on an emotional level probably better than anyone else because it’s just the binary opposite of them
- Just knows
Has so many problems but tries so hard to be positive 
- Tends to over estimate their ability to read people and ends up judging too hard but now knows this is a problem and is working on it
- Yellow

- My brother
- Is the sensitive™ sibling
- Video games and nerd stuff
- Debates
- Basically the INTP stereotype but with more feelings

- Marmites 
- One is one of my best friends and one is someone I loath with every fibre of my being
- Technically I know three and they literally never stop laughing???
- Like it really wasn’t that funny
- Surprisingly rational in serious situations
- Zero tolerance for bullshit
- Wish they were more consistent though
- Please remember that just because something is good in the immediate context that doesn’t mean you should forget the other factors

- Sweetest individual I have ever had the privilege to know
- Literally never letting go of them go find your own this one is mine
- Travelled all the way up to my uni last minute with bath stuff and a candle thing and cake mix and a cake tin (all of which hold some significance) because I was sad
- Huggable
- Just wants everyone to be happy

- In love with Tom Hiddleston
- Fashion ‘n stuff
- Always on your side
- Not a fan of confrontation but will support you no matter what
- History nerd

- My dad ikr contain your surprise
- Personality clash tbh
- Has rules that while generally beneficial do have exceptions but refuses to acknowledge this and ends up just being an inconvenience
- Good at helping organise stuff and always offering to review things
- Likes planning dinners and things and sometimes reads out facts about specially occasions 

- Anime nerd
- Likes animation and other arty stuff
- Rants 
- Too many feelings
- Handle with care

anonymous asked:

could i have hcs for kaminari kirishima crushing on someone who happens to love children and animals and cant resist either petting a stray animal on the streets or helping a child's in distress? thanks :3

(My heart just melted.)

Kaminari Denki:

  • He feels so warm and fuzzy inside. He cannot contain himself because his significant other is simply too cute. Sometimes he would be the one to point to a random cat or dog who passes them just to see them crouching and petting them.
  • Denki isn’t that passionate about children, as many teenagers at that age, but seeing his partner be so kind towards them makes his heart beat twice as fast.
  • He truly considers getting a pet together with his significant other, thinking just how happy it would make them. If they live alone, he would also think about getting a pet for them as a gift, knowing it would be in good hands.
  • In this world filled with mean, bad people, his partner’s love and kindness simply brightens his day. He wants to become a better person himself thanks to their caring nature.

Kirishima Eijiro:

  • Kirishima feels like he probably hit the jackpot. He himself loves animals and children and always gets excited when he sees a dog and needs to pet them, so the two of them make the perfect team.
  • He finds it cute when they are having a conversation and his partner suddenly sees a cute pet and draw his attention to it. Both of them would go to pet said animal in an instant.

  • As a hero, Kirishima wants to be able to save and help as many people as possible. Seeing his lover reach out their hand to the children in need totally boosts his love and admiration for them.

  • He will always support them and help as well when they find a children in distress. They will make a great duo and if his significant other wants to become a hero as well to save the children in need, he will be always by their side.