but sometimes a mermaid is just a mermaid


@thisshouldbegayer and I just began a mermaid AU, and I don’t know where it’s going, but this is how it started.

The Signs as Mermaids

Aries- Much like Sirens, Aries’ mermaids are alluring. Though they don’t share the same genetics as the fabled Sirens, whom were part human part bird, they have similar characteristics. They have a ruby red tail that has a fan-like fin, and have many jewels adorning them. They like lavish things, and their suitors will normally try to win their favor by giving them gifts. They are the most hot-headed of the mermaid’s, causing some quarrels here and there. They are seen around South America, near the coasts of Venezuela. Aries’ usually have blonde or white hair, but tan skin. They get along well with predatory fish, but aren’t opposed to chatting with any other marine life that happens by. They are the most social of the group and are very passionate about their ideas. They like to tell stories about their adventures or of their families. When they transform their legs have a permanent stain of red.

Taurus- Seen around Europe, people think they might be related to Merrows. They have flexible tails that vary from dark greens to olive in color, and they have a extra fin on either flank of their tail. It’s translucent and is used to help them glide smoothly through the water. Taurus’ are connected to nature and often will possess great abilities to make plants grow. They use the mud from the banks to draw designs on their skin and are usually in groups of two or three. They have webbed fingers and slightly sharper nails for hunting. They don’t waste any part of their prey, and bones are used to fashion into jewelry or other accessories. They don’t like being in crowd of humans, and will venture onto land at night by themselves if they desire it. When they change, they are distinguished by their fingers.

Gemini- A love affair, these mermaids are always born in sets of two. They are from the mating of a mermaid and human, and due to this it causes a defect in one of the twins. Only one is able to grow a tail, while the other is merely human with merfolk blood in their veins. They are separated at birth, mermaid going with mermaid, and the human going home with its parent. They are raised differently, and only on their first full moon of their 18th birthday will they meet. The mermaids from this affair are varied in colors, but have never been seen with a black or white tail. They believe that is because of a force similar to yin and yang, light and dark. These mermaids are known to have powers relating to wind manipulation. Gemini’s are forbidden from going on land unless they are willing to give up their tail forever. When they change, their hybrid blood snaps into play and they are unable to return to the water, therefore stranded as a human.

Cancer- Mermaids who lives in tropical climates, like Brazil or places alike. Prefers warmer waters to cold ones, and likes playing in waves.. They are often spotted near coasts but haven’t  been caught on camera, and they seem to be more curious than anything about people. Their tails are normally white or silver, and sometimes they have foam green fins.Cancer’s tails are sleek, and up close the scales are hard and sharp for protection. These particular mermaid’s fins are smaller, but transparent towards the end and are in the shape of a crescent. They seem to bond more with animals that are on the ocean floor, such as crabs and starfish. They like to collect lost trinkets from the sandy reefs. Their gills are located underneath their jaw, and have a pink tinge to them. They don’t like going on the shore, and so they don’t transform unless they have to. Their giveaway is that their legs will have splotches of white or silver.

Leo- Similar to Sirena Chilota, they are generous mermaids. Found in various oceans, they are a peaceseeker to the inhabitants. Usually they are seen with a long golden tail, broad but beautiful that gets darker towards the fins. Their scales shine in light and always seem to be like polished gold. Leo’s are a gorgeous mermaid without doubt, and are often viewed as a beacon of self-confidence and luck when spotted. They are friendly to everyone as long as they haven’t threatened their safety, and do not fear humans. They are known to save children from drowning and bring them to the shore. When they dry, their tails turn into legs. The telltale sign of them being mermaids is that on their legs they will have small patches of shiny scales. These mermaids tend to be reasonably tall and lithe. They like pearls and will commonly use strings of them as hair accessories. Their gills are just below their third ribs.

Virgo- The most calm of the bunch, Virgo’s are freshwater mermaids. Their scales have no set color and are opal-like, showing just the reflections of light around them. These mermaids have short tails with long fins, and scales around their eyes. They have a love for flowers and will decorate themselves with any they can get their hands on. Virgo’s also have serrated teeth, used for easily eating their prey. These mermaids are the most common ones to have humans fall in love with them, and will often allow children to find their bodies of water and let them play with them or weave items into necklaces. They have an attraction to shiny objects, like bottle caps or rings. They do not change into humans, but will often put themselves on shores, rocks, or grass for the enjoyment of the sun on their skin. They are always near a water source though, and if they stay out too long they will become weak, and eventually die if not able to return to their water.

Libra- This species of mermaid is not particular about their homes, and are seen pretty much everywhere. Their tails are average size, and are various shades of blue, usually leaning towards lighter blues. Their fins are in the shape of a horseshoe, and have a clear webbing between the ends of them. Libra’s are not afraid of humans, and will swim alongside them so long as they deem it safe. They often will be heard singing around 5 in the evening, though no one is sure why they choose that time. These mermaids like to stay together, and are rarely seen alone. They’re similar to dolphins, and happen to get along well with the aquatic creatures. Libra’s aren’t the biggest fan of leaving the water, but when they do their giveaway is the clear webbing between their toes. They’re the strongest swimmers and are able to push their way through tsunami’s and other rough water.

Scorpio- These mermaids live in cold waters and often will not go to warm climates. They dwell in caverns and are seen as often transformed as they aren’t. Scorpio’s tails are dark purples, sometimes indigo, with a black stripes just above their fins, which are flowy and sometimes iridescent. This is also how they are distinguished on land, as around their ankles they will have a dark stripe on their skin. These mermaids have thin gills on their necks. They have an odd fascination with the moon, and will usually come together in groups to view a full moon and celebrate a new beginning. They like to carry a bag with them around their waist, usually tied with a reed or string of shells. They use this to grab anything that catches their eye. They are gifted with a great memory and long lifespan, taking on one lover at a time and are assumed to have at least one child. Their communication with other marine life is unknown.

Sagittarius- Sagittarius’ are the faster swimmers; they use their long tail and broad fins to streak through the water like a arrow. Their tails vary between a series of greens and yellows, and have thick scales that hunters aren’t able to penetrate with their weapons. They are wild, but still smart enough to ensure their own safety. They like hot climates best, but some have adapted to arctic waters. They have sharpened nails for protection, and their brow bones and temples are covered in scales. Sagittarius’ are normally patrolling for any signs of trouble, and are quick to ward off any predators from other merfolk. They’re quick problem solvers. They pride themselves in their ability to sustain and protect their family, and are easily one of the easiest mermaids to get along with. They enjoy looking for any items that are clunky and outrageous looking, finding them interesting to study. These mermaids will sometimes go on land, and there is no distinguishing features.

Capricorn- These deep-sea mermaids like to keep to themselves, and are said to be an omen of fortune when they are spotted. Their tails are darker, varying between black and shades of brown, and come in multiple shapes. Their bodies have evolved to their surroundings of darkness, and down the flanks of their tails they have rings that are bioluminescent. This attracts their prey, making it easy for them to acquire. Capricorn’s eyes have adjusted, and have a nightvision-like effect, but when they do go to the surface they’re close to blind. They can comfortably go to the mid of the ocean, but the closer they get to the sun the worse off they are. Many believe that these mermaids are considered one of the most dangerous if caught since they have a higher level of testosterone than others. Capricorn’s will sabotage any man-made equipment if it is uncomfortably close to them, biting through cables and scratching important devices.

Aquarius- Aquarius’ have duo-toned tails, usually between teal and pink with a flexible bottom fin. Their gills are down their ribs, and are protected by a cluster of scales. They’re the most mischievous of the mermaids, and are known to mess with anyone who is swimming near them. These prankster’s like to pinch and poke, but are pretty much harmless. Because of this as well, they will sometimes steal valuables for their own use, even if they don’t really have a use for it. But, they’re very friendly despite this. They just like to hoard things. Aquarius’ spend a lot of time out of water, and have no problem blending in with humans. Their mermaid mark when they transform is a discoloration of the skin in the shape of various seashells. They enjoy listening to music, whether it’s some radio on the beach or the singing of merfolk, it’s a pastime of theirs, though few dabble in it themselves.

Mermaids who populate the oceans near South Asia, these ones are typically timid. They are the most fish-like of the signs, and have white and orange dappled tails, like a koi fish. Their fins are much more loose than others, making them more flimsy and dainty. Pisces’ have gills on their necks, and have little whiskers that protrude from their cheeks. They travel in groups and are thought of as a beacon of youth and beauty, and though they stray from older humans, they like to play with children. It’s said that if one of these creatures is seen on the morning after a harvest moon, the person who saw them will be given a blessing. They like to collect stones and gems, making them into accessories. To propose a lifelong partnership to another mermaid, Pisces’ will search for the biggest gem in their collection and present it to their partner. When they go on land, its brief and only for a specific reason. Their telltale mark is the whiskers on their face.

Witchy Items for Your Altar

I share a very small room with my sister, and obviously don’t have much room for an altar. I use most of my space for my Hellenic shrines and altar. I keep my witchy stuff on my shared bedside table. Here is what I use, and how I store/display it. This is element based, but you can use it however you like.  

North (Earth)

  • Small Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp - This is a tool I use all the time. It detoxifies my room, and cleanses the space. I feel so much more at ease with it on, like it’s washing everything away!
  • Crystals - You might want to move these or switch them out depending on what spell you’re doing, as all energy contributes to the working, but while you’re in your room, or even while you’re away, you can leave these here to represent Earth. 
  • Salt - Little packets of salt work, or you can place a bowl with some salt in it on your altar. I use my rock salt lamp. 
  • Dirt - A literal baby jar of dirt works, or you can put a plant on your altar if it’s by a window. I have a succulent!
  • Earth Imagery - A mini globe would be pretty cool! Or even a little eraser or what not. Having an actual picture of the Earth would be amazing, especially if the clouds were visible, and maybe if it had the sun in the background. Then it could be all encompassing of the elements.
  • Herbs, Flowers, Plants, etc -  As with the crystals, you may want to change these out or put them away during spells, or switch them out. However, they would look really cool as you went with the seasons!
  •  Fossils - I think fossils are awesome Earth representations. They have been in the ground for a very long time! I used to have some really cool fossils I used to represent Earth on my altar.
  • Tree Slice - Have you ever seen those little wooden slices that come from a tree stump? The ones that definitely had huge roots? Those would be perfect to represent Earth! 

South (Fire)

  • Birthday Candles/Tea Lights - You can colour code! These are great for short workings, or even to call the elements. To make these stand up, place them in a bit of clay and let it harden. 
  • Matches -  Double whammy here-  light your candles and have a representation!
  • Ash - I used to have volcanic ash, which was perfect. It got spilled, but for the while that I had it, it was awesome. Collect ash from incense, a fire, etc, and use it (just wait for it to cool!!!)
  • Charcoal - I always thought charcoal looked kinda witchy. I think a dish of it would make a good rep.
  •  Charred Wood - If you have a bonfire, or just so happen to light a piece of wood on fire, you could let it cool and use it for your altar. 
  • Lamp - If you have a secret altar, a little lamp could be an inconspicuous representation for fire, as it does produce light and heat. 
  • Lantern - You can buy super cute mini lanterns at the Dollar Store. I love them, but haven’t gotten one yet. I think they would be fun to use for Fire.  

West (Water) 

  • Glass of Water - You can use whatever type of water you’d like; moon water, rose water, purified water, gem elixir; take your pick!  Just make sure it doesn’t get moldy and stay moldy. Change it out each day/week. 
  • Sea Shells - You can get these in super small sizes! Or, you can get them big and bulky. 
  • Sea Glass - These little stone-like fragments are so pretty! They look just like crystals, and can be found on the beach or in the store!
  • Sea Salt -  Sea Salt could work to represent Water, especially if you pour it into a seashell or add in sea glass to it. It could be like a little potpourri of water related objects!
  • Rain Cloud - You can create clouds out of things like stuffing for toys, cotton balls, and sometimes led lights. It could be a fun project, or you can buy one of them off of etsy.  
  • Mermaid Image - I have a mermaid book mark made of metal, and it sits with my other water-related objects. I feel like it adds that feel of majesty to my water representation. 
  • Drift Wood - This is so pretty! The pieces are smooth, have a fun shape, and definitely capture the essence of water!
  • Sand - If you go to a beach, collect some sand, and place it somewhere on your altar! Be sure to put it in a bowl, though, because it is hard to clean up. 
  • Sea Weed - You can hang this somewhere, or put it directly on your altar. Either way, it looks great.
  • Coral - If you find some coral, you can place it on your altar. It looks so neat!
  • Starfishes/Sand Dollars/etc. - These are a little harder to find on the beach, but if you do, place them on your altar. 

East (Air)

  • Wind Chimes - These add a little decoration to your altar, as well as give you an air representaiton. You can even listen for the tinkling of bells to see if any fae are around!
  • Bells - If you ring a bell, it disperses stagnant energy, and helps to cleanse a space. Having one on your altar is a great way to keep it fresh!
  • Feathers - This is a pretty obvious one, an oldie but a goodie. If you have some feathers, you can use them, but make sure there are no laws against collecting them in your area. Alternatively, you can use fake ones from a craft store. 
  • Empty Glass or Bottle - Air is all around us. Use that to your advantage! 
  • Dandelion Puff - This is what I immediately think of when I picture the wind. You can collect some puffs and put them in a glass. 
  • Bird’s Nest (fake) - You can buy or make a fake bird’s nest. They look pretty real, and have this awesome rustic naturey vibe to them!
  • Leaves - They were once high in the sky! Collect them during the fal season or after a storm. 
  • Incense - Another well-known one. You can burn this and use the smoke. 
  • Tornado Making Jar - You know those little jars that you can shake up, and they make a tornado? Those would be a fun water-air duo!


  • Small Jewelry Box - This can store crystals, herbs, essential oils, etc. I use to use mine to cleanse my crystals becuase it played music!
  • Multi Colour Light-Up Candle - I found mine at Five Below! It lights up in tons of different colours, but is pretty large. However, it takes up a lot less room than a bunch of different coloured candles.
  • Your Wand - Having your wand on your altar makes it a sacred, special tool. It will be charged by the witchy items you have there, and will feel natural inn the environment. 
  • A Mini Besom or Real Besom (Broom) - I use a paintbrush as a mini besom, as I can’t have real one. However, it would be nice if I did, and I’d keep it near my altar!
  • Your Grimoire/Spellbook/BOS/etc - If you aren’t hiding it, you could keep it on your altar! 
  • A  Fire-Safe Dish or Cauldron - If you water scry, burn things, or just like to include your cauldron in your spells, you can keep it on your altar. 
  • Incense Tray - Incense can’t be burned without somewhere to place it. Keep your incense holder handy!
  • Altar Cloth - This ties everything together! It can be switched out for sabbats/festivals/seasons/spells. 
  • Chalice - I’m not Wiccan, but I use the chalice in my workings every once in a while, usually for water-related magic. You can get these beautiful metal ones at antique stores, or regular old wine glasses at the dollar store!
  • Mortar and Pestle - For practical use and an awesome vibe! You can keep this near your herbs.
  • Coloured/Enchanted Salts - They display beautifully,and are really good to have on hand.  
  • Spirit Vessels - These can go in their own little corner if you like. They could also be the center of your altar, especially if you work mainly with spirits.  
  • Tarot/Other Cartomancy Cards - Find a nook for your cards to be kept safe and clean. They will be charged by the other objects all around it, which makes it an awesome idea to have on your altar. 
  • Scrying Mirror - Make this the main attraction, or perhaps just a piece of the puzzle. If you have an ornate mirror, it could be a very drawing part of your altar! 
  • Crystal Ball - Like the scrying mirror, it could be a background piece or the focal point. 
  • Runes - If you cast runes, you can keep your bag or box of them on or near your altar. 
  • Other Divination Tools - You cans store these, or just la them throughout your altar. Whatever you choose, having your tools close by will be awesome! 
  • Twig Shapes - You can make sigils out of twigs and hot glue! Add a ribbon or piece of twin in the shape of a loop, and you can hang them above your altar as decoration and as a little energy booster!
  • Circle (Embroidery Hoop) - I know most people use salt to cast circles, but I actually use an embroidery hoop. I cast one around myself, and one around the items I am working with (ex: what’s in the hoop).
  • Knife - If you use a ritual or practical knife in your workings, it’s good to have on hand. I can’t have one, but I like my wand better anyway, personally. 
  • Fae Garden - You’ll have to have plenty of sunlight near your altar for this one, but it will definitely be fun to have some Fae living on your altar!
  • Spell Supplies - Random bits and bobs, like egshells and ribbons, can be kept on your altar as well. 
Various Powers of Mermaids 🌊

Weather Magic - whether it’s because a mermaid was captured and inclement weather dooms and follows whoever took them, or simply a power the mermaid has, this is something that happens often in mermaid lore. the weather and mermaids are almost intrinsically tied to one another. (ex: Sea Mithers, Ningyo, Cecelia)

Disguise - many mermaids have the ability to disguise themselves as something appealing to humans, or to hide themselves from humans entirely. the ability to transform comes in many shapes, from a cap or coat to mystical powers.  (ex; Melusina,  Merrow, Finfolk, Ceasg, Selkie)

Enchanted Voice - perhaps the most famous quality of a mermaid is the voice, as throughout mythology they are known for their beautiful singing. it is also a common theme that their voices can bewitch the listeners, though sometimes for less than virtuous reasons. (ex; Siren, Merrow)

Drowning - drowning can be interpreted in both the physical and metaphysical sense, to drown the spirit of a person and surround it with negative energy that is hard to rid.

Granting Wishes / Prosperity - just as a mermaid might curse varying types of doom and damnation and bad weather on those who harm or threaten them, there are those that will bless those kind to them, often with wealth and good weather. (ex; Ben-varrey, Ceasg)

Prophecy - some mermaids, though less heard of, may even prophesize the future for a human, though their reasons for doing so are often unknown. (ex; Siren, Amabie)

Crying Pearls - though it is little more than a curiosity that pops up in lore, the idea that mermaids are able to cry tears of pearls is present, though its purpose or reason is unknown. (origins in chinese lore, but doesn’t refer to any specific kind of mermaid)

i know tumblr likes violent man eating mermaids but i fuck p heavy with pretty playful pretty scaled mermaids in warm sorts of waters keeping the tide gentle when lil toddlers are learning to swim and kissing the breath into good sailors because they have someone waiting on a cliff by the sea for them to come home and cutting seals and turtles out of netting and plastic bags 

but maybe being from hawaii just made me think of the ocean of a safe cradley sort of place i know its scary i know it’ll kick your ass but sometimes its ten types of turquoise and and sometimes sea foam sticks to your eyelashes sometimes the sun hits your face even when you’re twenty feet under and i have a hard time forgetting its first and foremost a womb 

so mermaids who watch the triple crown and scare sharks away from the surfers 

Imagine You're a Seahorse Mermaid

The trip from the ocean had not been a pleasant one. You had been enjoying the reef, on your own, heedless of the many warnings you’d received all your life to not do just that. In the beautiful clear, relatively shallow water, you had been spotted by the marine team, and they had quickly swooped down upon you, netting you, and pulling your panicked self into their boat. The shouting when they realized exactly what they had netted- a seahorse mermaid- intensified, and rather than being tagged and thrown back, you were transferred to a dark, cramped holding tank bellow deck.

With no way to see the outside world, or even feel the currents of the ocean any more, you had no way of telling just exactly how much time had passed in that tank. There was a sudden stop though, sending you crashing into wall with momentum. Not enough to hurt, but certainly startling. The hatch above was opened, and several hands reached in to grab you. There was no room to avoid them, and you were swiftly fished out of the tank. You squirmed, instinctually, but they held you fast. At least one of them- perhaps accidentally- got a grip on you with one hand firmly over your breast. Another hand pressed distressingly close to your special lower opening, causing unwanted pleasure, and more fear.
You were quickly dropped into a new tank, though, this one glass, with wheels on the bottom. You swam immediately do the bottom, looking around fearfully as you were wheeled into the strange location.

Tanks. Rows and rows of tanks. Fish and mer-people of every type populated them. Your expression shifted to one of shock, while still maintaining the high level of fear and confusion, as you put your hands against the glass, pressing to it trying to see better. You saw a pod of killershark mermaids swim past in one large tank. Another housed several lionshark mermen eyeing one another uneasily. Yet another had almost an entire school of mackerel mermaids. You wondered, what WAS this place?

“Looking at your new neighbors?” The one who was pushing your tank spoke to you. You couldn’t understand the sounds it was making. “Don’t worry. We’re very careful to only ever put friendly fish folk in with one another. We don’t want to cause any more stress than we have to. Unfortunately… no one’s ever housed a live Seahorse Mermaid before, so we don’t have a tank free for you just now. But don’t worry. We’re going to put you in with the Whaleshark Mermaids. They’re notoriously docile with every other mer-creature out there, so you’ll be fine.”

You stared at this creature in confusion. What was it DOING. Was it trying to communicate? The both of you passed through a series of doors, before it stopped your tank above another, near the edge.

“If it were up to me… I’d take you home with me. You’re the most beautiful… sexy… creature I’ve ever seen. Wouldn’t be the first time. I’ve got a nice tank set up at home for just such lovely creatures as yourself. But the team was with me today, so– for now, at least, you’ll have to stay here. But I’ll visit you as often as I can.”

A button was pressed, and your tank-on-wheels slowly leaned forward, the water spilling out, into the waiting tank bellow. You swam back and forth, panicked, before the current took you, and you slipped out, falling the short distance to the water bellow. Once again, you quickly swam to the bottom, finding some seaweed to hide (as best you could) amongst.

And then it was quiet.

This place lacked the… pulse and flow of the ocean. It was so still. It was SO still that you could almost feel them before you saw them.

The Whaleshark Mermaids.

You and your kin were always careful to hide yourselves away from other merpeople. It wasn’t because you didn’t like them, exactly, it was just… sometimes, some sort of- hormonal switch would fire off in a mer-creatures head, causing them to desire nothing else above mating with Seahorse Mermaid in question. It didn’t effect all of them, but it effected enough of them that isolation was really just the better way to do things.

So. It went without saying that you had never seen a Whaleshark Mermaid so close before. They were larger than you, almost amazonian in nature. If you swam hip-to-hip with them, their heads would be at least two heads past your own, and their tails extended a great distance past your own, and were much more muscular, more powerful, meant for open-ocean swimming. Yours was short in comparison, delicate, meant for anchoring you from drifting off in currents. Their upper halves were equally muscular, while still retaining many feminine curves. They were, to your way of thinking, both beautiful and frightening.

The pod was concerned for you, and then- confused. You were not a Mermaid whaleshark. You were something NEW. Something different. One of them, the largest in the group, approached you carefully.

<You are all right?> She inquired. her way of speaking was strange, accented to your ear, but understandable.

<I- I don’t know. Where am I? What’s going on?> You replied, frightened.

<You are at a new home. At this place where the land creatures keep us. They look at us. They feed us. They do not put us back. But. They do not hurt us, either,> She said gently, the rest of the pod hanging back out of respect, it would seem. She reached out to touch you, intending a comforting gesture.

Her touch was incredible. You felt something inside of you click, almost, and to your surprise, it seemed that she felt it, too.

<I.. you… you are so beautiful,“ her hand drifted down your arm, taking a firm hold, and pulling you closer.

<No,> You responded weakly. You were smitten by her beauty, it was true, but the size of her intimidated you. Could this be happening? You did not want this! <Please, no>

<I cannot…. cannot stop,> Her head craned down, her lips capturing yours for a deep, passionate kiss. She continued to hold you firmly by the arm, her other hand moving to start pressing on your lower opening, attempting to manipulate to give you pleasure- and to cause it to open. You moaned, half heartedly trying to escape, but with your useless tail, such a thing was pointless. with one single flick of her tail, the two of you were propelled, over to the glass of the tank, where she pressed up against you, continuing to manipulate you with her hand while invading your mouth. You gasped, inadvertently inviting opening your mouth further for her, as her large fingers plunged into you, successfully opening you bellow as well. She scissored her fingers, opening them up wide, before letting your muscle strength tighten then back up into a group… then opening them wide again. She did this several times, starting with just two fingers, and steadily adding another.. then another. You thought you might die, her fingers were so large, and strong. Your muscles strained against her, but could do nothing to prevent her actions.

Suddenly, she broke the kiss off from you. You were frightened to realize you were almost disappointed. She drifted upwards, keeping her fingers in you, until your head was at her breasts. She arched her back, pressing them to your face, and you, almost dutifully, took her nipple into your mouth, instincutally working it about with your tongue, pressing it to the roof of your mouth, sucking powerfully, occasionally breaking the suction to lick. You were so busy doing this you didn’t notice any of the other things happening in those moments.

First, the other Whaleshark Mermaids were all drifting closer, some reaching to their friends to manipulate them, as they watched. They all had a… somewhat hungry look to their faces. But they were waiting. For now.

Second, that same creature that had dumped you into this tank moments before had appeared on the other side of the glass you were pressed to, and was watching in what had to be shock at what was happening to you. Had you been paying attention, you would have seen it check over its shoulders, nervously, before exposing it’s mating organ- perhaps this creature was male then? It manipulated it’s mating organ furiously, not so unlike the other Whaleshark Mermaids in the tank.

Last, and perhaps most importantly, the Whaleshark woman who still held you captive in her embrace had drifted high enough to align her lower opening with yours. Her fingers suddenly spread especially wide, causing you to gasp in surprise once more, and she pressed against you, filling your mouth with her breast, and pressing her opening to yours. Something… something was entering you. Something LARGE. It was not particularly hard, with some soft give to it. But it could only be compressed so much, and as it forced its way deeper and deeper into your opening, it became dencer and dencer, as your muscles attempted, uselessly to resist. You squirmed desperately trying to un-align your hips, but she was so much stronger, so much larger– you had no hope of moving. You realized, at some point that her hand had slipped between the two of you again, and she was manually pushing the thing into you now.

You tried to protest. You could not. You could not move, and she just shook her head at your attempts. <I am sorry. You must accept my eggs though. You must. You must.>

With a sudden shift, the thing- her egg- made it past your muscles fully, popping into your pouch. It felt so heavy. It made you feel so bloated. You thought for a moment that she was done, but her grip tightned on your arm when you tried to slip away. Eggs. She had said Eggs. Plural. She slipped her fingers into you, opening you up once again.

This time, the egg came much faster, as she smashed her hips into yours, desperately, groaning as the egg exited her body, before once again– pushing it with the flat of her palm into your pouch, fully. You were horrified. You had felt so heavy with just one. Now two!?

Thankfully, once she had rammed the second egg into you, her grip on your arm finally loosened, and she released you, letting you drift to the floor of the tank. Your hands instincitvely went to your pouch. Though the eggs were easily melon sized, the strength of your muscles clamping down on them made them somewhat smaller. They filled you utterly though, their jelly-like consistency allowing them fill you utterly, pushing up against one another to fight for space, forcing your belly outward where no more space was to be had. You looked like a mockery of parenthood. Thankfully though, it was over.

Or so you thought.

Even as the largest of the Whaleshark Mermaids drifted away, seemingly shocked at what she had just done, the others fell upon you. The pushed at one another, grabbing at you, fighting, gently, over who would have you next. One began kissing you, As another swam around to manipulate your breasts from behind. Still another began pressing her hips to yours, wasting no time in getting her eggs on their way to their new home, inside you.

They swarmed around you, taking turns, all desperate, but none wanting to damage you. They were surprisingly gentle, even as you were pulled from one to the next, and pressed egg after egg after egg into your already over-burdend pouch.

At the end of it all, you had seven eggs inside of you. Where as before you thought you looked like a mocekery of parenthood, now you knew you were an outright parody of it. You were positively huge. You belly was completely firm, with out give– there were too many eggs, too tightly packed! You sunk immediately to the bottom, your belly pointing upwards where the other women swam, somewhat confused over what had just happened, none daring to get close to you again just yet, lest it happen again. You turned your head away from them, toward the corner of the tank, between the floor and the wall. At least, you thought weakly, there were no males in this tank. Without any firtalization agent, the eggs would be a burden for a while, but would eventually pass out of you. Eventually.

That’s when you finally noticed the creature on the other side of the glass, it’s mating organ still out, large, and hard in it’s hand. Staring at you. Hungrily.

This was not over.


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↳ VIRGO: off-white, cream tail with spots of beige and brown, lives in a cave, leads lost people to their cave for shelter, sometimes those who have done unspeakable things mysteriously disappear and those who have been wronged receive sudden good luck, spotted just before these strange incidents occur. 


Mermaid!AU in which Jean and Armin are both mermen and live in an underwater town. Jean likes Armin, and Armin likes pearls and corals. However, pearl and coral jewelry is considered a luxury and not every merman can afford it. So Jean learns how to make such jewelry himself. Gradually he gets better and better, and Armin is just in love with his presents, he literally never takes them off.

Armin’s tail is gorgeous and gleaming. He sometimes shakes his tail like a rattle, making it sparkle with all the jewels on it, and Jean is somehow mesmerized by it and has a soft spot for it. So when Armin wants to be alone with Jean he would just silently shake his tail and swim behind a rock or a cay without saying a word. And Jean would follow him. It’s like a secret sign for just the two of them.

(art by Pumpkin, posted with her permission)

On the topic of mermaids in Narnia:

ok so, the mermaids fight with them against the white witch, right? They break out of the water, out of ice, bring tridents and song and death and they decimate the white witch’s army and Susan fights with them, hair bound together, bow secure in her hands, trembling and terrified for her siblings, who are eight and nine, who are traitor and messiah, who are children with a knife and a sword and fear in their hearts

One of the mermaids, a young one, who wears ice and teeth and fish turned to stone, gets dragged out of the water, and Susan shoots the dwarf trying to tear into her.

so when they are crowned, the mermaid stands in front of them, hair dripping wet, blank rope around her neck, teeth as sharp as Aslan’s roar and she offers to join their court

They accept and soon, she’s Susan’s lady in waiting

they train together, fight together, put on lipstick just the shade of fresh blood the colour of their enemies, pick out dresses, organise events

they never leave each other’s sides
and when susan gains suitors, the mermaid stands in the corner, eyes hard and cold and lipstick as red as oxygen rich blood that flows out of men’s throats, teeth sharp
those who do not let themselves be scared away, she accepts

her queen deserves nothing but a man who will not be afraid of her, deserves nothing less than a man just as terrifying as they are

and susan likes the attention

she never falls in love with them, she befriends them, likes them, enjoys their minds

But in the end, her mermaid is most important to her, and suitors are needed for politics

when the pevensies find the lamppost again, she grows quiet and sad and furious
when the telmarines attack, she flees - to england, to her queen

but she comes out in 1949, when susan has forgotten, when the kings and queen of old are dead and gone, when her queen is just a broken girl who doesn’t know how to piece her life back together

They manage, in the end, and susan remembers, but the mermaid will forever ache for narnia, who has died, for her tail that will never be again, for a wild lion

They had children, in Narnia, because the mermaid is trans, and they celebrate their birthdays still

they fight at stonewall, fight for their rights, for their people, for the mermaid, for susan, for edmund, who was convicted of public indecency before the accidents

They have children and when hormonal transition is a thing, the mermaid does, but she never gets ‘the op’

She is a woman, was a woman in narnia and is a woman now

surgery does not change that

She is rather silent, but in her silence, she’s terrifying and demands respect, a bit like the sea, that is pretty and beautiful and mesmerizing but you can never forget how dangerous it is

She sometimes forgets that she’s human now

she still snarls, sometimes, still thinks there are five rows of teeth in her mouth and strength in her fin that legs will never have, that she can still sing, that death is still under her fingertips

Know whats unfair??

Princess Aurora is barely ever referred to as her real name. Like. Ever

Almost everyone I know just calls her Sleeping Beauty. Because that was the name of the fairy tale/movie.

I honestly referred to her as her name and the person i was talking to was like, “Who?”

LIKE. That’s so unfair to her.. What the hell.. 


You know what I love? Manatees. They’re graceful, calm, adorable. All they want is to chill and float while they snack. It’s believed that sailor’s mistook manatees for mermaids. At least, so I’ve heard. Honestly, I just love manatees so much… I wanna get a monofin that looks like manatee fin for I, too, am chubby and sometimes bump into things.

The mernatee is a gentle soul that likes to dine on kelp and lettuce. When they come across a sailor, they’ll bring them to land and generally don’t ask for much in return, except maybe something leafy and fresh to dine on. Often found basking and floating in warm water.

well…they do have fish tails… also Papyrus don’t help sans, because i have a sneaking suspician that that finned rascal may show you a good time….and then probably eat you. Going to be some tasty num nums.

I think horrortale flowey may be tossing up whether or not to protect the cinnamon roll that is papyrus.

fun fact: shark pups will sometimes canniblize any other pups while still in the womb… some species do give live birth, and some have eggs. :) yes, they are so metal that they will eat their sibling while still in the womb.

Aren’t we glad we don’t have that crazy adaption in humans…cuz, we will no longer have twins probably and very horrified mothers.

Just in case you weren’t  already terrified enough of sharks.

horrortale @sour-apple-studios 

undertheseatale @ otherangela


pairing: finn balor | original character

summary: you fall in love with finn, a man who lives in the lighthouse on the beach.

The noise of the waves would take some getting used to, but the spray of the ocean outweighed the sea’s unkind nature. The sand crystallized around my bare feet, and I made sure that I was just far enough back where the water wouldn’t rush over me prematurely. The excited yapping of the seagulls above made me look up. Two gray and white birds took turns trying to scoop dinner out of the water.

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Is it weird that Suwon reminds me of Simba for no clear reason ? 😂😂😂

You do you anon~

(Sure, I see no reason why Soo-Won can’t be linked to Simba. So long as, in this Lion King AU, I get to play the zebra that sings “Deception! Disgraaaace!” at animals that are banished from Pride Rock ;3)

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Harry and Evie for the ship thing or Ben and Evie

Yay! Two of my OTPs! I’m gonna just post them in two different posts so this isn’t just one big ass post. (You were asking for the ‘Who is’ meme right? O.o)

The BenxEvie version of this ask.

who is more likely to hurt the other?
- Harry does. He’s a whole lot of foot in mouth and never thinks before he talks, especially when he’s angry. If Evie is mad enough though, may heaven help Harry.

who is emotionally stronger?
- Evie. Her time in Auradon has taught her a lot of things and re-visiting the Isle taught her even more. 

who is physically stronger?
- Harry, though he’s never raised a hand to her(oh she’d be gone the second he did.) But he does enjoy randomly picking her up and swinging her into his arms.

who is more likely to break a bone?
- Harry. He’s reckless and likes to show off, even if his show boating ends with something broken.

who knows best what to say to upset the other?
- Evie has a wicked tongue when she feels Harry needs to be knocked down a peg or two. 

who is most likely to apologize first after an argument?
- It depends. Harry more often than Evie, but she knows when to admit she was wrong and goes to apologize first on occasion.

who treats who’s wounds more often?
- Evie remembers treating some of his wounds back on the Isle when they had been in some sort of friendship. Things have not changed now that he’s in Auradon. The only difference now is that they are dating.

who is in constant need of comfort?
- Neither are in constant need of comfort, but they are always there when they need it. Harry teases her when she’s upset (only when it’s not at him) and it always makes her smile. Evie knows Harry doesn’t need words to be comforted. He just wants her there sitting beside him.

who gets more jealous?
- Harry. Have you seen Evie? He sometimes worries he has to fend people off with sticks(they won’t let him have a sword. The damn goodie goodies). 

who’s most likely to walk out on the other?
- Evie doesn’t take any of his shit for too long. She just holds her hand up to stop him from talking and walks out with a flip of her hair.

who will propose?
- Harry takes Evie on a special trip to Neverland. He hasn’t been there before either, but now’s a good as time as any. So he’ll talk her to the Mermaid Lagoon where they swim and laugh. The mermaids even getting over themselves enough to appreciate Evie gushing at them. But as nighttime falls over the Lagoon and the stars shine brightly over head, he’s whispering sweetly to her as he slips the ring on her finger. (Hmm I want to write this properly now XD)

who has the most difficult parents?
- Evie knows her mom would never have approved of their relationship. So deadset on marrying her off to a prince, finding out her daughter was marrying a pirate would send the old hag to an early gave.|

who initiates hand-holding when they’re out in public?
- Harry. They took his hook from him, so he can get a bit antsy now that he’s without. Having Evie’s hand in his relaxes him instantly.
who comes up for the other all the time? 
- Harry kind of has to. Evie is always locked in the room working on her commissions that he has to go and drag her out. She might fuss, but she secretly loves it when he does. It shows her that he cares enough to make sure she doesn’t overwork herself.

who hogs the blankets?
- Both do. Evie really does get cold super easily. Harry does it just to spite her, but after she huffs a few times, he opens his cocoon and drags her as humanly close as possible.

who gets more sad?
- Evie get sad the most, but it’s most often because she thinks about on her mother and wishing that she could change her for good. Harry does is to assure her things will work out but sometimes she can’t help but doubt it.

who is better at cheering the other up?
- Evie is like a ray of sunshine. He might fight it sometimes but she knows how to get under his hardened armor and cheer him up from whatever gloom has settled over him. 

who’s the one that playfully slaps the other all the time after they make silly jokes?
- Evie. Harry likes to randomly whispers the cheesiest jokes. She tries not to laugh but its really hard when his hot breath is tickling her skin. So slapping him is her way to get him to stop, even if he tends to laugh it off since she never hits him too hard.

who is more streetwise?
- Harry, that’s why he’s a bit unhinged. Evie was sheltered for most her life but Jay and the others should her the ways. 

who is more wise?
- Evie. Harry is definitely the brawn and she’s the brains in their relationship. 

who’s the shyest?
- Neither. Both are every outgoing, especially when it concerns each other. 

who boasts about the other more?
- Harry sings his praises about Evie all the time, literally. He’s surprisingly good at song writing.

who sits on who’s lap?
-  Evie makes herself comfortable on his lap as often as she can. It’s safe and warm and just she knows she is exactly where she needs to be. 

The key is to take a bit longer than necessary to say what you want to say but say it in such a way that folk don’t mind you talking so long, and sometimes, wish you’d talk just a bit longer.

I learned the trick form a Southern mermaid when I was a young thing out in the sticks. While I immediately ran home and told every living soul I could find that I met a mermaid, and was advised such a thing had not happened, I assure you as I sit here in this chair, I did, and she was very kind with her attention.

Some Problems with Energetic Tracing/Tracking

There are a lot more resources out there on how to energetically trace someone (or something) or track them than there are about the problems with it.  So here are some of the things I’ve encountered on what can go wrong with energetic tracking.

1. You picked up the wrong initial energy signature. Let’s use the post office as an example. You may successfully track the package on your doorstep back to where it came from, but where it came from may be a post office in Milwaukee, and the last person who touched it was the postman who lives up the block. If there are other entities or people around your query (and there will be), can you differentiate enough between them? Probably not if you haven’t been practicing for a while.

2. You pick up an energy signature, but because it carries an energy type you’re unfamiliar with, you confuse it for others with similar energy signatures. Let’s say you get attacked in the astral by a mermaid, and you have never ever encountered mermaid energy before. Guess who is probably going to assume that the next mermaid energy you encounter is the same mermaid as whatever attacked you? You are.

3. You pick up the right energy signature, but you lose it along the way or stop following it too soon. Sometimes energy tracking is like following a string, but its entangled all around everyone else’s. Its easy to get completely lost or jump the line from one string to an entirely different one. Just because you end up somewhere doesn’t mean that the somewhere you found is the one that you wanted to find.

4. You pick up the right energy and follow it back to its correct astral origin, but the astral person is entirely estranged from the physical person they are connected to. This can happen a number of ways from soul sharding to having astral selves with lives that are unconnected to their physical ones.

5. And finally, you pick up the right energy signature and follow it back to its correct origin only to find the specific entity or person. It’s your Aunt Sue. You go back to confront her only to find out later that, Oops, it was: an entity pretending to be your Aunt Sue; an entity who your mind comprehends as your Aunt Sue; and/or an entity who has stolen some of the energy from (you guessed it) your Aunt Sue.

These are just some of the many, many many problems with energetic tracking, and why ethically, there are problems with claiming you can trace energy sources back to the mundane world. We may be magic, but we live in a physical world. There are limitations inherent in that.


Magical Aquarium Light + Melanin-Mermaid by Karl-Shakur with  Lex

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