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↳ VIRGO: off-white, cream tail with spots of beige and brown, lives in a cave, leads lost people to their cave for shelter, sometimes those who have done unspeakable things mysteriously disappear and those who have been wronged receive sudden good luck, spotted just before these strange incidents occur. 


Know whats unfair??

Princess Aurora is barely ever referred to as her real name. Like. Ever

Almost everyone I know just calls her Sleeping Beauty. Because that was the name of the fairy tale/movie.

I honestly referred to her as her name and the person i was talking to was like, “Who?”

LIKE. That’s so unfair to her.. What the hell.. 


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I know your mermaid AU is of Wade as the mermaid (which is absolutely amazing btw), but I would love to see your take on mermaid Peter and shark Wade. After I saw the picture of Peter as a shark, it's been stuck in my head. ;-; It would be awesome to see. ;-;-;-;-;

That sounds adorable! big, scary shark Wade. He’s really excited about things (like boats!) and tries to eat them sometimes.

He brings dead things to Peter and gets confused when Peter doesn’t want them.

“Sometimes life’s most important moments are quiet, a decision made quick and calm.”
Sarah Ockler, The Summer of Chasing Mermaids

Sometimes when a mermaid’s daughter
is in the bathroom
cleaning her teeth with a thick brush
and baking soda
she has the sense the room is filling up
with water

It starts at her feet and ankles
and slides further and further up
over her thighs and hips and waist
in no time
it’s up to her oxters.
she bends down to pick up
handtowels and washcloths and all such things
as are sodden with it.
they all look like seaweed—
like those long strands of kelp that used to be called
‘mermaid-hair’ or ‘foxtail’.
Just as suddenly the water recedes
and in no time
the room is completely dry again

Nuala Ni Dhomhnaill,

The fifty minute mermaid - A Recovered Memory of Water

translated by Paul Muldoon

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( mermaid au )2where kyoutani' mermaid bf is napping on a rock and kyoutani is just hiding under the water and sometimes pop and look around to see if there's any humans or anything dangerous and his bf just becomes all smiley bc of how much kyo cares about him and they have a cuddle session I'm sorry this was cuter in my head

  • It’s not often that you’re able to come up to the surface to enjoy the rays of the sun and simply relax away from the drama of the mer-people. Of course that means that your overprotective boyfriend has to tag along.
  • Kyoutani is grumbling the whole way about how dangerous humans can be and that he wouldn’t forgive himself if something were to happen to you. You find his concern to be a cute quality about him.
  • He’s the first to break the surface, claiming that he’s scouting the area to make sure it’s safe. He takes about ten minutes before he deems it appropriate.
  • No matter how much you plead for him to take a break and relax on the rock with him, he refuses and opts to act as your guard dog.  
  • Occasionally you’ll spot his head from atop the waves, eyes narrowed in suspicion as he surveys the water. He’ll peek at you from time to time, blushing when you lock eyes. God, he was so adorable.
  • Eventually you coax him into having a ten minute cuddle session, his face ablaze that could easily rival the tails of the Indian sea mermaids. Of course you can’t resist the urge to tease him, but he snaps at you. You can’t take him to seriously with a blush like that.

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tangelo, starfruit, banana :)

TANGELO: if you could be any mythical creature, which would you be?
- a mermaid 100% but like the girls form h2o in the sense that i could be a person sometimes 

STAR FRUIT: favorite sea creature?
- does a mermaid count lol see above i love mermaids. if not then a sea turtle 

BANANA: favorite horror movies?
- the exorcist, the cabin in the woods, the babadook, it follows, housebound, the witch, the conjuring, drag me to hell 


(Requested by mikayla1117) We do not own the mermaid gif.

Sometimes you just needed a break.

You loved being with Jacob and the pack. You loved hanging out and cliff diving with them almost as much as you enjoyed your alone time.

Yes, you knew Jacob’s secret. They couldn’t keep it for long. But no one, no one, knew your secret. While the pack had each other, you were alone. The only half breed of your species. The mermaid-human hybrid.

It was a blessing and a curse. A curse because you were a freakin’ fish and a blessing because you only morphed when you wanted to. You could swim in the ocean all day and not sprout a single scale. You didn’t dare morph outside though. Not with the threat of exposure hanging over your head. So, you did the next best thing.

You installed a pool in your basement.

That’s where you were at the moment, swimming around underwater. Since you weren’t paying attention, you didn’t hear the approach of your best friend. So when you came up for air and heard the sharp intake of air, your heart stopped.

There was Jacob, his eyes locked onto your tail.


oh man of all the junkfish i’ve seen I think this one’s the best. he just looks so pathetic!

First of all thank you so so much thats very flattering ;w; <3 

hes a very weak scavenger, but he can hold his own. im sure to other, more healthy mermaid he looks a bit like a zombie. at least hes cute on land,,,sometimes… i bet you anything the other creatures of the deep bully the shit out of him. maybe mermaids have some kinda magic in them that would be delicious to all types of predators, and sticks around mako cause he knows no one will come near a fisherman

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hello!! (: i have a pendulum reading question.. as a pisces who grew up near the ocean i now live nowhere near one, could my spirit be attached to a mermaid, thus explaining why i feel so lost sometimes now that i'm not living near the ocean??

So for you I asked: Is lunarmermaidscales’s spirit attached to a mermaids, thus being the reason for the attachment to the ocean?

Pendulum reading: Strong maybe!

Insight: I’m getting not so much a mermaid, but the spirit of the ocean calling you. I’m also getting a bit of a message that it would help you to be closer to the ocean, and in turn it would also help the ocean to be near you. You can help the ocean somehow, and she knows that you can! She values your presence.

#moana just saying

Pendulum readings are open! All I need is your name, a straightforward questions, and a short explanation if needed.

Please message me if you have any questions about your reading!

All the love!

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Could you do one where mermaid taehyung always waits for you at the same place and listens to how your day has been / all your troubles while comforting you?? thanks!!

taehyung senses something off the moment he emerges from the water, noticing that you’re here earlier than usual. the time set for the both of you was a time agreed on. sometimes, that is. there are days where taehyung’s waiting for you. there are days where you wait for him. most of the time, it’s taehyung spending the time with just swaying his tail around, peering over the rocks and past the trees in hope to get a glimpse of you quicker than usual.

but today, no.

he’s greeted with a small smile from you as you gently reach out to stroke his cheek when he leans towards you, nestling against your thigh. you’ve known better than to wear long pants, narrowing down to short shorts so he doesn’t wet your clothes. he grins up to you, brushing his smooth skin upon yours before drawing himself back, enough to look at you properly, “you’re here early,”

“yeah…” you answer after a short pause, running your fingers through his hair as you say, “just… needed to get away real quick…”

taehyung folds his arms, watching as you move about to lay in front of him on the flat part of the rock, your legs dangling off where he can’t see but all he sees is your face right in front of his when he rests his chin atop of the back of his wrist so it doesn’t really matter.

“what’s wrong?” he whispers, hating the fact that your eyes look so sad and with a sniff, you blink up to him, “you really want to know?”

he reaches out with one hand, stroking your cheek delicately, “of course i do. i always do.”

I’ve always been an avid and quite talanted swimmer. I learned to swim at a very young age and have been hooked ever since - I just love the water, it’s almost like a second home to me. Today, I am a freediver in training, I’m getting my scuba diving certificate next year and if anybody took my monofin away I would be heartbroken. 

When I was little, I used to draw parallels between my love for the ocean and seafood, and being a mermaid. My longing for the water could become enough to hurt. I read books about mermaids, I slept with the sound of crashing waves in my headphones, I could spend hours just diving and swimming even when the water temperature was barely over 10°C. I used to pretend I was an orca or a dolphin, still do sometimes, and I often desperately wanted to be one. My family still calls me “little fish” to this day.

But, I’m not an orca therian. Nor am I a dolphin therian, a seal therian, a turtle or a shark therian; I am a wolf therian. 

I often see asks here on Tumblr from anonymous users who want to know: “am I a therian?”. They tell us that they’ve always loved x and feel a strong connection to y, “does this make me a therian?”. And I understand why they’re asking this - if I weren’t a wolf therian, I would, with all probability, wonder if I were some kind of marine therian. But since I am both a therian and a non-therian, in a sense, I get the luxury of a point of reference. I know I’m not a marine therian because I know what being a therian is like, at least for me.

Wolves were never my favourite animal. I never wanted to be a wolf, and if they weren’t kin, I’d be quite indifferent to them; there, frankly, is no “connection”. It’s just who I am. I never felt a longing for the woods, yet it is always where I run. I don’t love the taste of fresh meat, yet I feel the urge to hunt. For me, therianthropy has nothing to do with what you think and feel, but rather just who you are. It pays no mind to your wants and needs, what you love and what you feel connected to - if it did, I’d probably be an orca or maybe a horse therian.  

I’m not saying that you should accept all this as some absolute truth, however, I ask you to take this into consideration if you are one of those “questioning therians”. A lot of us realized we were therians the minute we found the definition - I think therianthropy is a case of already having the identity and then finding the word, rather than vice versa. Something about finding the term and then starting to think, to soul search, to wonder and feel for something that might be there and might not, feels wrong. I just think it’s one of those things were it clicks immediately, and if you must call me a gatekeeper for thinking that, go ahead. I am just interested in the therian community being populated by actual therians - having people who are, in fact, not therians in the community is harmful to both them and us. The terms and definitions (at least here on Tumblr) seem to have gotten more and more blurry and by now, they could probably encompass all of humanity. 

Of course, your therian identity could be scrambling around somewhere in there and it just needs that push of understanding more about yourself and therianthropy to rise to the surface, but all I’m asking is that you take this into consideration. I feel very connected to orcas and other marine mammals, and I love the ocean, but I’m not a marine therian. For me, sometimes, being a wolf therian is a lot about instinct. I just go with the flow and do what feels natural, and it’s often “right” - dogs seem to interpret me just fine. So it’s all about some sort of knack, for me, my behaviours come naturally. I know I’m not, say, an orca therian, because if I one day decided that I was, the first thing I’d do would be to sit down at my computer and google “orca behaviour”. It would be a lot more about finding, understanding and performing certain behaviours, rather than finally being able to let out the ones that were already there.

Misty probably doesnt care for that mermaid outfit due to the fact it’s always her sisters who force her into it in their dumb plays. She’s probalby asked by Gym Challengers and passerbys constantly why her hair isnt as long as it was in the play and she just sighs and explains everytime that that wasnt he rreal hair. 

Ash catches onto this sometimes teases her about it calling her “Mermaid Misty” which is probably one of the easiest ways to annoy her, though all it takes to get him to shut up is just a single utterance of the word “Ashley” and he usually keeps silent and grumbles “it was for a badge”.