but someone tell me what this outfit and steven's white one is from

Amedot Bomb 9: Wedding

AN: This one took a long time because I was trying to get it as right as possible. Hope you like!

#6: Wedding

It was a pleasant and sunny morning at the barn. It was also a very unusual one.

It had been three months since Peridot had proposed. She hadn’t realised at the time, but preparing for a wedding was a long and difficult job, for a number of reasons. Thankfully, the other gems had been happy to help out, and finally the day had come.

It was most certainly not going to be traditional.

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I am drowning in pearls, send help.

Rambling post on Yellow Pearl, Blue Pearl, Terrifying Renegade Pearl, some observations on pearls in general, speculation, but really mostly just lots of screenshots, under the cut.

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Women in Sherlock:  Janine

This is what I read out at the Women in Sherlock panel at 221b Con on Sunday, April 12, 2015.  Thank you so much to my thoughtful, loving fellow panelists:  reluctantabandon, who documented correspondences between BBC Adler and ACD Adler; notyouraveragesecretary, who celebrated love for all things Anthea; and traumachu, our kind mod, who championed Sally and Molly while running the panel without a hitch.  I loved gathering to celebrate the fantastic female characters in this show that we love.


Let’s talk about Janine:  the show’s gift to fandom for the hiatus.  We scared them last time with how thoroughly we digested Series 2.   The show creators and Yasmine Akram crafted Janine to be mysterious, playfully giving us more to think about.

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New Diamond Authorities theory

(Before I start I would just like to add that when I say Diamond Authorities I don’t mean Randlo’s definition I mean leaders of Homeworld AND I may define the other Diamonds as Yellow Diamond sisters because that’s how I think of them and Ik their not.)

So Lately all we hear about Yellow Diamond and it’s always yellow diamond, yellow diamond but not White Diamond or Blue Diamond OR EVEN Pink Diamond is never mentioned. 

In this Mural here you see 4 Gems 3 of them which we know are the Diamond Authorities.

In the episode “Serious Steven” Steven pulls out a Gem that looks like a diamond

could this gem in fact be white diamond I mean if you look at the murals her head is the only one that has a triangle on it which is used in the designed of the faces seen on top of the rectangle that held the gem.

 Also you can see her curving her hands around HER GEM

and the rectangle that has the gem is doing the same thing.

We know gems are capable of to power up things like how Lapis was used to power up the mirror.

White Diamond could of been left corrupted but still useful to power up devices they used her to power up the Diamond temple.

In the episode “Horror Club” there is a gem in the wall it is also shaped like a Diamond and has the color blue. 

 and from the signs of the Diamond Authorities this could possible be Blue Diamond. Who some how was found her way into a wall who maybe couldn’t be found.

Pink Pink diamond is never mentioned but we know that it is more likely to be Rose why well… When Garnet was in two separate minds she says “Rose could'nt have known.” Why would Rose know? and more importantly why would she say rose? Sapphire and Ruby didn’t know Pearl didn’t know either and they used to be Homeworld gems sounds like something only certain gems get to know.

In the Diamond Temple you can see that Pink Diamond is no longer included 

 and based on the area the Temple had to be built during the war. Also Pink Diamond is also no longer included the new Diamond Authority .

Someone pointed out Sardonyx shoes has Pink diamonds on it.

 Why would she have Pink Diamonds?  idk if anyone saw this but Pearl’s space suit is seen with Pink Diamond symbol as well .

We’ve seen this symbol before on the ship that landed very long ago people have pointed those out.

and it is also here 

 which tells me that the time these were built pink diamond was still around.

We know things like theses are used to identify teams like how Peridot and Jasper have diamonds on their jump suit like clothing and like how Garnet Amethyst and Pearl all have stars on their outfit. 

Pink Diamond is no longer on the Diamond Authorities in modern gem time and in time during the war. Symbols like the ones found on Pearl’s space suit and Sardonyx shoes was used to identify sides  and it isn’t Yellow, White, or Blue but so it can’t be to the Homeworld gems because Pink Diamond isn’t included and they’re on Rose side and Rose was leader and symbols are used to represent their leader soo….

Originally posted by whimsical-pearl

After the war could it be that Yellow diamond is the only Diamond to survive and carried on her sisters work after the war and in their remembrance she still includes them in the Diamond Authorities symbol 

Greg said "If they didn’t have your Mothers shield man” he could of also ment not only gems were left shattered they were also left corrupted probably from some kind of explosion that caused some radioactive reaction to the gems exposed to it and Rose shield was the only thing that protected Garnet, Pearl and maybe Amythest if she was around. And some how Yellow Diamond was able to survived along with some other Homeworld gems but leaving Blue Diamond corrupted and called for a fall back and due to the lost of 2 of her fellow sisters and that’s what ended the war. 

Someone else pointed out that the area of Beach City and the Crystal Gem Temple looked like something Rose shielded the land but still got some in the back

could that be that there was acutally some explosion or Beam that caused the gems exposed to it to go corrupted? And be the reason why the the Crystal Gems are going after those corrupted gems?

Leaving Yellow Diamond as the only Diamond left could this be as to way all the Homeworld Gems are seen with the yellow Diamond on their chest? Lacking the other diamonds symbols in the new clothing due to their absences.

Unlike having some old outfit like Lapis to represent all the Diamond Authorities rather one? 

That’s all I have to add but Also how did Ronaldo get a hold of this?

looks like something from the warp pads

or this something like this

Who is Rose Quartz?

Okay,so I know that a ton of people have made the Rose Quartz is Pink Diamond claim before,and a lot of people still doubt the validity of this theory,and even I’m not 100% sure of it,because it just seems too easy. I can honestly see Rebecca Sugar pulling a major swindle,and having Rose not be Pink Diamond at all,so I decided to compile a list of all the evidence and see if at the end it would make sense for her to do so,why or why this wouldn’t work,and just in general see if we can figure out who Rose Quartz is without it leading back to her having to be Pink Diamond,for the pieces to fall into place. 

Okay so first,I’ll begin with the fact that from very early on in the show ,we are  introduced to Rose Quartz,who is presented to us as this goddess who could do absolutely no wrong. Beyond that we have absolutely no idea who she really is other than someone all the Crystal Gems admired and respected, as well as the leader of the gem rebellion. But as somebody who watches Steven Universe religiously(seriously my mom worries), I love to point out that nobody in the show is flawless,every character in the show has shortcomings,insecurities, and struggles.Which makes the show more enjoyable,as the characters are all more relatable and real,in a way. So why not Rose? Well, it’s simple, it’s because Rose is the most flawed of everyone, or overall,the one with the biggest and most difficult redemption arc.

 To start off, I’m not ignoring her faults in her relationship with Greg,but even that does not really add up to show us more about her character before she met Greg in the first place.We still have no idea who Rose is,other than a Gem who is trying to make a relationship with a human work, which was if you think of it, the final chapter in her life, so we have witnessed the end of Rose and the birth of Steven ,but where did Rose start?

In the episode Serious Steven the background tells us a story of how Rose Quartz fought and won the war against homeworld,and you can see Rose holding a pink diamond,while fighting against who I assume to be Blue Diamond due to what appears to be ice powers,much like the ones Sapphire is known for having, which furthers my assumption that the Diamonds also possess elemental powers. This assumption was made due to the training robot in Rose’s secret armory we see in the episode Lion 2:The Movie, which changes to colors red, blue, and yellow before bombarding its opponent with a specific element- fire, ice, and energy/lightning . Another thing I found interesting is that we might not know it now,but this could be the first time we have seen all of the diamonds in one picture. Rose as Pink Diamond fighting Blue Diamond (reference to The Answer?). Yellow Diamond to the right and White Diamond to the left.

In the episode Sworn to the Sword we see what the Diamond Sigil (located in the cloud arena) looked like before the war against homeworld ended,but again we are left to question, Who is Pink Diamond??? Well we can see Yellow,Blue,and White Diamond standing at their respective pillars,but we are left with no idea what Pink Diamond looked like,as her pillar is completely decimated.

This is a picture of Jasper’s ship from the episode Jailbreak,and more importantly of the diamond authority’s current sigil,but where is Pink Diamond? What happened to her? Also notice how Jasper’s outfit has a Yellow Diamond,which shows who she serves,or respectively which diamond she serves under, within the Diamond Authority.(The same is seen on Peridot’s outfit as well.) This is where we are presented with the question of,what happened to Pink Diamond?

Well maybe we should ask Pearl,since she wears a Pink Diamond on her spacesuit in more than one episode ( Space Race and Back to the Barn). In Back to the Barn we learn from Peridot that Pearls are meant to be loyal servants to the high class/elite gems on homeworld.Now people have come up with theories that Pearl served Rose Quartz which is why they were so attached,but Quartz gems are categorized as only warriors by gem standards,so why would a soldier be given a Pearl? 

Maybe she was a part of Pink Diamonds Court? If you watched the episode The Answer,we found out that Sapphire was a part of Blue Diamonds court at one time,but even though she is considered a rare gem/gem noble, Sapphire doesn’t have or isn’t shown with a Pearl as a servant,just three Ruby guards. However both Blue Diamond and Rose appear in the same episode,and both are the only ones with Pearls at their sides.Some people have suggested that Pearl was made to serve Pink Diamond and that Rose Quartz might have been a part of her court, like Sapphire was to Blue Diamond,but if that were so,how could Pearl so easily disregard her loyalty to Rose,and wear an outfit that spits on everything Rose worked for(and why wouldn’t Sapphire have a pearl servant if this were the case),to break away from the Diamond Authority,in order to defend the earth and all its living creatures. That’s totally out of character,and makes no sense to me.

It is also stated that because Sapphire is a rare aristocratic gem,she has powers that not even Blue Diamond herself has(future vision),which is a reasonable part of why Sapphire is apart of Blue Diamond’s court in the first place. Who is another Gem that has very important powers that no one else has?(Other than Lapis <3) Rose obviously,and her healing tears. Or maybe her (Diamond?) shield that we have never seen shatter or break? I would want her on my court to heal me if I was ever injured(even if we haven’t seen any of the Diamonds fight). But nonetheless,these powers make Rose more important than just any other Quartz Soldier,but is she really high enough ranking to have a Pearl?(I wonder if Rebecca will ever make us a map of the Gem/Homeworld Caste System.)

The episode It Could’ve Been Great, again shows us another complete Diamond sigil,and even even murals of the diamonds on the walls of the gem moon base,but of course yet again we are unable to peek into pink diamonds corner. At this point I’ve totally come to the conclusion that us not seeing Pink Diamond is intentional,because it might just be someone we recognize. Also there was a post at one point during the most recent Steven Bomb that for the entirety of the opening scene in the moon base that Pearl is mysteriously absent when Peridot is looking for and explaining Yellow Diamonds image and ranking to Steven. Go rewatch the episode and you’ll see Pearl only comes back when the other Gems are attempting to activate the staircase that will lead them to the Gem bases archives.Funnily enough the Pink Diamond image and Pearl are mysteriously absent from the scene,so maybe Pearl took a second to reminisce when she spotted the image of an old friend on the wall?

People have actually stated another theory that our Pearl was at one time loyal to White Diamond,as our Pearl and White Diamond as depicted by the statue at the cloud arena share a gem weapon in common,they are both shown/depicted wielding spears plus their similar gem placement and coloring  that most Pearls have with their Diamond superiors,and this actually makes sense. I can see Pearl originally belonging to another Diamond,but I can’t see her leaving another Diamond’s side for a Quartz soldier(unless she was a gift,maybe,I guess??) Another Diamond on the other hand is probable and more likely,if this is truly the case. Pearls are loyal,so loyal that it almost hurts,our Pearl has shown us that,Yellow Pearl and Blue Pearl have shown us to a point as well. “Everything I ever did, I did for her”, could take on a whole new meaning,because Pearl might have given up her Diamond and her homeworld all for someone who just wasn’t able to love her back properly,because she was still learning how to love properly towards the end of her life with the Crystal Gems and Greg.

Still I feel that Rose was meant to be Pink Diamond from the start,whether they will follow through with that plot line is yet to be answered,but a lot of stuff just wouldn’t make sense or would just fall flat if Rose wasn’t Pink Diamond. Why don’t the crewniverse ever show Pink Diamond in the background? Why does Pearl wear a Pink Diamond on her spacesuit? I feel like anything other than the obvious is too complicated (Amethyst logic: That’s why she’s pink.), and if Rose isn’t Pink Diamond in the end I guess it would just depend on how good the storyline ends up being, on whether that would truly work or not. Steven Universe has a great plot going and I only see blue skies ahead of it,things that I seriously look forward to watching, whether or not the Rose Quartz is Pink Diamond theory is true,but hopefully in time,like Steven,we will find out more about Rose and Pink Diamond.

The Binding- Todays the Day

“Bill you are useless!”  Dipper’s voice was almost shrill.

“I don’t know what you want!”  Cipher yelled back.

“I WANT you to help!”  Dipper was breathing hard, he had been twitchy all day and quick to temper.  Bill could feel his stress through their link.  With a sigh, he got up and wrapped him up into his arms.

“Breath a moment.”  He soothed.  “Calm down and talk.  No more yelling from either of us.”

He felt the other relaxing in his arms.  Silence.  “Bill I just need help.  This is too much for me to handle alone.  Do you realize how much goes into planning a wedding?”

“I have no idea.”  He admitted, he had seen a few take place but was never involved in them.  “I don’t know what a wedding even entails.  I think me being involved would just cause you more stress than help.  I don’t get these human rituals.”

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Rose Quartz is really Pink Diamond

Okay so I’ve and seen a few posts about this theory but in light of the recent episodes I feel like this would be a good time to make my own since I haven’t seen any with all the evidence. If I have anything wrong or misinterpreted please tell me. Thank you!

The theory: Rose Quartz is really an ex-leader of Homeworld formerly known as Pink Diamond.


The gems follow Rose into the Gem War-

This brings up another question. Why would Pearl and the other gems blindly follow this woman into a war that they know they will probably not walk away from and even if they do, they will never be able to go home again?

It could be that it’s just that she saved them or it could be something else. As we don’t know most of the gems pasts it’s impossible to know entirely.

According to this theory, the reason the Crystal Gems are so willing to follow Rose is because she had already led all the gems as Pink Diamond, along side Blue Diamond, Yellow Diamond and White Diamond.

Pearl’s attitude toward Rose in “Rose’s Scabbard”-

Pearl shows Steven (and us) a hologram of Rose. During this scene we see that Pearl treats Rose in a very similar manner to a leader, someone of great power and respect. It’s important to remember that this is a reenactment of some time before the war. 

NOTE: While Pearl also confesses to holding Rose much higher light than herself in “Sworn to Sword”, her actions in “We Need to Talk” show a very different attitude towards Rose (one more of love/jealousy) than one of a leader of high official. (In this theory I am assuming that the events in the flashback of “We Need to Talk” happen much after the conversation shown in “Rose’s Scabbard”)

Rose’s Gem doesn’t look like Rose Quartz-

Not only is it the wrong colour but rose quartz is almost never cut the way Rose’s is. Much more often it is tumbled into a soft round stone.




Gem World Hierarchy-

The Diamond Authority is assumed to be the highest raking gems on Homeworld. Diamonds are also the most valuable of the four precious gems. Based on this it can be assumed that the more valuable the gems is, the higher it would rank in Gem Homeworld. Rose quartz is a very cheap gem, not likely to be very powerful or high ranking. This being said, Rose Quartz (the character) lead a rebellion and won.

One the other hand, Pink diamonds, more specifically Pink Star Diamonds, are the most valuable of all diamond. This would explain why she was able to fight and defeat a significantly larger army not to mention three other diamonds. The star on Rose’s stomach that surrounds her gem could be a hint at her being Pink Star Diamond.

Pearl’s uniform in “Space Race” 

Pearl wear’s a suit with a pink diamond on the chest. This is similar to how Jasper and Peridot wear yellow diamond on their chests. This shows that the diamond may be and indicator of the diamond they are loyal to.

The reason Pearl would have a diamond rather than a star (which would seem more likely as all of the crystal gems already wear stars on their outfits to signify their loyalty to Rose) would be because that what she would/would have worn on Homeworld in her time- when Rose was know as Pink Diamond- and she 1: wanted to relive the memories and/or 2: blend in with the gems on Homeworld.

The symbols shown in the gem arena in “Sworn to Sword”-

You see four diamond shapes together. This is shown three times in three different places throughout the episode in the arena. The largest (shown above) is the only on entirely intact. The other two having had the bottom diamond, the pink diamond broken. This could symbolize that Rose is no longer a diamond and no longer a leader of Homeworld. The symbol itself could be the symbol of Homeworld’s hierarchy itself, similarly to the image shown in Jasper and Peridot’s ship. That image would be one made after the war to show that Pink Diamond was no longer apart of the Diamond Authority. 


Jasper refers to Rose as “Rose” not Pink Diamond-

Yes, as a Homeworld gem, especially since she is old enough to have fought in the war, Jasper should refer to Rose as Pink Diamond. However, as the title “diamond” is one of great significance only given to those whom are greatly respected Jasper wouldn’t want to refer to Rose as one. No one on Homeworld would. It would be an insult to their version royalty. Therefore Jasper, and all other gems (besides maybe the diamonds themselves) that know of Rose’s former status as a part of the Diamond Authority would instead refer to her as Rose Quartz as a way of distancing her from their leaders and disrespecting Rose.

When Pearl and Rose fuse they make Rainbow Quartz-

While this is true it doesn’t necessarily disprove the theory other fusions have no explanation as to why they are what they are. Ex: Alexandrite, Sugalite

Lie A Little Better (Volkevens)

Summary: Rita Volk and Katie Stevens are just normal friends, working on a normal TV show together. What happens when one night at an awards show awakens some strange new feelings for one of the girls? What if the other doesn’t feel the same way, and is keeping a big secret from her friend?

Written by: Jess (amraudenfeld) and Ian (hollydias) 

Disclaimer: This may get explicit (it will, definitely, get explicit) in later chapters. Just a warning! 

Part One 

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I lost my voice the morning before I left for Coachella, which was both a blessing and a curse. I got assume the role of silent, mysterious type at events, and it was an easy out to ignore the bros who drunkenly wanted to make small talk in lines. On the flip side, I could never get bartenders to hear my order correctly.

I should preface: I went to fauxcehlla. I’m cheap, and as a recent transplant from New York Coachella has always been this West Coast mecca that I eye rolled from across the country. What I do love, however, is a party full of free branded experiences and the chance to people watch, which Palm Springs and its adjacent areas have in spades during Weekend 1. So I fired responded to every RSVP I got, overpacked my attempts at being fashion forward, and decided to see what Coachella looks like beyond the LOL-worthy roundups of ridiculous outfits and cultural appropriation we gawk at as outsiders. Spoiler alert: it’s exactly what you think it is.

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