but someone called it

Another new oc of mine, his name is Inu. 💖 He is the demon living in Suku’s mask and can sometimes generate a solid form such as this (or human if he pleases).

[… I’m here.]

rip, the blue glass thingie loki caught mid-air c’:


consider, if you will: platonic rest-of-our-very-long-life partners magnus and lucretia

not to be a soft ass bitch, but eddie changing “loser” to “lover” on his cast is some of the purest shit i’ve ever seen and 27 years are added to my life every time i think about it

hopper whenever he sees joyce  

not that i’ll ever come to terms with percy going to new rome university but now that im thinking about it percy and jason are barely two years apart and they will most likely be attending the same college and like, wow

rick you’ve been trying to give us the “wild sons of the greek gods parties” concept we just haven’t taken notice of it, accept my apologies, i can’t believe we missed that

i mean im an adult, i guess, if that’s the word for it. a lot of things i used to care about i just say “Fuck It” and let go. 

but it’s incredible to me that there’s still so many passages to my soul. how just a group of teenagers looking at me and laughing makes my teeth hurt. how someone’s comment sends me back to high school bullying. how i am constantly asking myself are they even really my friends? 

i don’t know. i never throw myself birthday parties because my worst nightmare would be that nobody shows. i just wonder if there’s ever a time that your last insecurities let go. i’ve only ever found that kind of freedom at the honey lips of tequila. i want to be brave at two pm on a sunday. i want to actually not care what they say. i want to be the kind of witch that laughs through the burning.

i don’t know. i hope i’m learning.