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The Smart Way

A long time ago, I worked at a big-box store, pulling boxes off trucks, stacking them on pallets, and sending the pallets out to the sales floor to stock. It was hot, tiring, and not particularly fun, but they paid me, so that was good enough.

I had a coworker that those of us in the warehouse liked to call Crackhead. Crackhead wasn’t really a bad guy, but his choice of vice was really beginning to affect those around him. Unfortunately, he had an industrious, git-‘er-done attitude, which management absolutely loved; if a supervisor told him to run head-first into a brick wall, he’d do it with a smile. Which, I suppose, isn’t all that bad either, at least as far as management is concerned. Except… “charging head-first into a brick wall” was his go-to strategy. If the boxes on the beat-up conveyor belt got stuck, his solution was to shove as hard as he could, slamming the boxes into each other until something broke or fell off and everything started moving again. Of all the breakage we experienced that wasn’t broken in transit, 90% of it was from Crackhead. We lost gallons of paint because he wanted to know what the bottom of the paint box looked like. We lost a case of shampoo because he opened it to see what it smelled like, and dropped it on the cement floor. We even lost our lunch hour once because he somehow broke the time-clock so we couldn’t clock in or out for lunch, and told management that everyone had “totally had taken lunch already” and “oh man, those guys are so lazy, they want two lunch breaks.”

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Tom Bombadil is the best/most amusing character in anything I’ve ever read because here you have this dude who skips around the forest all day and sings nonsense songs about himself, and the One Ring, the single most powerful object in all of Middle Earth that a fucking ancient evil is furiously searching for, has absolutely no effect on him. He pops it on and doesn’t turn invisible like most do when they accessorize themselves with the pure manifestation of power and greed but instead pulls some sleight of hand shenanigans and makes it disappear into thin air like a party trick before casually flipping it back to Frodo. Frodo asks Tom’s wife who the hell he is and she just responds “He is” because Tommyboy over here is fucking beyond mortal description. The elves, who are essentially immortal themselves, refer to to this guy as “the Elderest” because he was there before any of even the oldest beings on the planet could remember. The only reason the Fellowship didn’t pick the guy to journey to and destroy the Ring in Mordor was because he might accidentally displace the whispering hellcircle that even Gandalf, a primordial spirit that helped in shaping the world, was afraid to touch because Tom Bombadil just doesn’t give a shit. So the character that many scholars speculate is the supreme being and one true god of Tolkien’s entire universe is just this secondary character that refers to himself in third person and fishes in the forest while writing iffy poetry. 

One of the biggest things that has always bugged me about Steven Universe is the giant bird monster from Giant Woman.

  • Listed as a corrupted gem but we have no proof that it even HAS a gem
  • Has internal organs, or at least some kind of lining inside itself despite supposedly being a gem
  • Has VERY OBVIOUSLY CONSUMED MULTIPLE GEMS but they disappear when its defeated, along with all the other things inside of it, which I’m pretty sure included a shopping trolly.
  • LAYS EGGS, something that no gem would need to do at all, even corrupted there is literally no purpose for that ability. These eggs are very obviously organic too, as Amethyst cracks it in the fridge, it leaks, and shows no signs of poofing.
  • When shot at first by Opal it appeared to SHATTER into tiny gem shards, which then formed into miniature versions of the bird immidiately.
  • Opal then seems to destroy them all?? Most people assume she somehow bubbles them all with her arrow.

In fact, that entire episode has more unexplained things, like the Heaven and Earth Beetles.

  • For some reason these corrupted gems are significant enough for Garnet to specifically ask for them to be brought in intact. They were not poofed at all, they were put into a little bug container and we never saw them again.
  • They were significant enough to have homes built for them??? The only ones that could have possibly done that would be The Crystal Gems, as these gems are corrupted. AKA, nobody on Homeworld would build a home for a corrupted gem, so why do they have them? They’re probably aslo quite recent considering that the Heaven Beetle’s house has a Gameboy in it. Building a home for a corrupted gem sounds like something that Rose would do, but she hasn’t done that for any of the others, and surely if it was her then Garnet wouldn’t be wanting to bring them in.
  • They both have the exact same gem. Their gems are IDENTICAL, and yet they look very different; which we know is not how corruption works, as all of the Centipeetles are identical and all of the Quartzes have the same build.

It feels like they wrote this episode without really knowing what they were going for. I still love the episode, but why are these things such obvious anomolies? The Bird goes against literally every single piece of canon information we have on gems, so ??? what????

Somehow in my “No one disrespects the skating family” series of Yuri on Ice fanfics Victor is the one who will be a petty bitch but who will also use his connections to make sure your ass gets fired, Yurio is the one who will rip you to shreds verbally and Yuuri is the only most likely to punch you out.

I don’t know why Yuuri became someone willing to throw down to protect other people’s honour but he totally has. Mild mannered until people talk shit about his loved ones and then shit will go down.

Phichit remains a terrifying cyber presence able to take down anyone and no one is sure exactly how he did it

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If you still want prompts: Mirror :)

It’s easier to look in the mirror with time.

He avoids it almost entirely during the war. The enhancement program means resilience, and resilience means scars, and Gabriel gets into more scrapes than most. His hat hides the two that slice up into his hair, but there’s not much that can be done for the rest of it. 

He tries makeup after the crisis ends and hates it, doesn’t like the constant worry that he’ll sweat it off or that it’ll somehow smear on his clothes. It’s too impractical for his work, even if it’s nice to wear for events or personal time, on the rare occasion he has it. 

“This one’s my favorite,” Jesse murmurs, sliding his thumb against Gabriel’s lip. “I think about kissin’ it all the time.” 

Gabriel scoffs, though he’s plainly flustered. “Favorite,” he huffs. 

“Mmhmm,” Jesse hums. His fingers splay lightly over Gabriel’s cheek, tracing the marks there. “These are real nice too, but I like the one on your lip best.” 

“You’re ridiculous,” Gabriel says, because he has trouble believing it, because no one really likes how marked up his face is, because their only real contribution to his skin is to make him look battle-hardened in front of his agents. 

Jesse clicks his tongue. “Naw,” he says quietly. “You’re just easy on the eyes, s’all.” His eyes flit over Gabriel’s face, serious and fond and tender all at once. “You’re a beautiful man, y’know. I could look at you all day, if you’d let me.” 

Gabriel almost tells him that he has poor tastes. Jesse kisses the scar on his lip before he gets the chance to.

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please rec books and films and games and shows and fics or anything you like?

Hello dear Anon!

Thank you for this question but since I am somehow a lazy person, how about a compromise? For each category, I will make a top five of the items I love the most (with a link to the wiki page or the actual fic).


The mists of Avalon, by Marion Zimmer-Bradley (x)
Wuthering Heights, by Emily Brontë (x)
Les liaisons dangereuses, by Choderlos de Laclos (x) [This one is in French]
The Belgariad, The Malloreon and the whole saga around, by David Eddings (x)
The song of Achilles, by Madeline Miller (x)


Imagine me and you, realized by Ol Parker (x)
Mary Poppins, realized by Robert Stevenson (x)
The age of Adaline, realized by Lee Toland Krieger (x)
Seven, realized by David Fincher (x)
Breakfast at Tiffany’s, realized by Blake Edwards (x)


The Witcher [1 & 3 mostly], developped by CD project RED (x) - PS4
Mass Effect [1, 2 & 3] developped by Bioware (x) - XBOX 360
Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning, developped by 38 studios & Big Huge Game (x) - PC & XBOX 360
Destiny, developped by Bungie (x) - PS4
Horizon Zero Dawn, developped by Guerrilla games (x) - PS4

Bonus :
Assassin’s Creed Unity, developped by Ubisoft (x) [ony for the historical aspect and awesome graphics] - PS4


The Newsroom, created by Aaron Sorkins (x) - Finished
Supergirl, created by Greg Berlanti, Ali Adler & Andrew Kreisberg (x) [season 1 and only four episodes of season 2]  - Still airing
Castle, created by Andrew W. Marlowe (x) - Finished
Madam Secretary, created by Barbara Hall (x) - Still airing
Rizzoli & Isles, created by Janet Tamaro (x) - Finished

Fics (all Supercat)

Multi-chapters fic

One bridge at a time, by @dinovia-grant (x) - WIP
Asking too much, by @fictorium (x) - Complete
Scars & Souvenirs, by @ofendlesswonder (x) - Complete
One deadline too many, by @maggiemerc (x) - WIP
For what binds us, by @mermaidandthedrunks (x) - Complete

Bonus :
The music and the mirror, by @fictorium (x) - WIP 

One-shot fic
Perfect, by @catherinegrant (x)
Somewhere in between, by @shadhavar1126 and art by @supergaysupercat (x)
Darling, hold my hand, by @supercattuccino (x)
Something green, by @chrmdpoet (x)
Emily in the middle, rolling her eyes, by @fictorium (x)

Bonus :

Shape of you, by @catherinegrant (x)

It took me forever to gather everything but I hope it’s what you wanted, dear anon. Also, feel free to message me anytime ;) ♥


Name Format:


Okay so I recently regained access to some of my old accounts. One of these accounts is home to a UC baby kougra; having most of my own goals, I feel it’s better to adopt her out than to keep her on my person especially since I’d have no intentions of keeping her, and trading is….a pain I don’t wish to deal with rn

But I don’t trust the PC with adoptions no further than i could throw half of its usual participants (hence why im giving the name format instead of name), so instead of adopting out onsite, this is a Neotag UC adoption!


  • This is a Neotag-only adoption, meaning if you’ve found me somehow from Neo and don’t have a tumblr you cannot apply
  •  You must have no more than 1 UC already; I’d like to give others the chance to break into UC trading if they have no intention of keeping
  • With that said, retrading is obviously allowed but keep in mind he’s D/BN, so he may not grab too much attention, but as always trading is subjective; he just might be someone’s dream pet.


  • -Just a short message on discord (if you have it) or even a message here on tumblr to this blog (candycaneprisonshank)
  • -Tell me your plans! Retrading? What for! Character? Tell me about them! Trading for a character? You get the point!
  • -List your accounts; I’d like to check out this kid’s future owner, though the quality of these accounts wont affect things much.

That’s really it! Have fun, and I’d love to see what you do!


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Do you think one day antisocial and introverted humans will evolve to no longer crave physical contact such as hugs and highfives n shiz with other fellow meatbags?

Evolve? No, I doubt that’s going to be an innate thing that’s going to be bred and it obviously won’t be passed on genetically because these intensely antisocial people wouldn’t be doing the dirty very much if at all. 

Now raising a bunch of kids from birth to be socially isolated and somehow scaring the desire to physically interact out of them? Maybe, but under very specific circumstances and it wouldn’t be great and the child may not live long. If a child was somehow raised in an environment where they were fed, in a comfortable climate, and somehow cared for without intervention from any other living or humanoid thing, they wouldn’t be used to social interaction but they would need it to develop healthily. Chances are they wouldn’t be as competent as most humans are expected to be and would likely be closer to children raised by animals, except they don’t know how to do anything but depend on whatever is caring for them. 

Humans are meant to be social, so any chance of us outgrowing any need for physical contact and interaction is near impossible, because we’re very social, intelligent, and needy animals. Introverts still need affection, but people with disorders that make them more comfortable away from people would be the only exception, except that’s a mental illness and not a gene to consistently be passed on to offspring until it becomes the norm.

anonymous asked:

It really makes me sad/angry when some people ask why you don't like certain characters; because I cant totally picture you getting really frustrated, tired, annoyed and upset, and I would do anything to make people who ask about /that one/ just, stop, because I feel somehow that your opinion gets disrespected and there you go, getting frustrated over something that puts your hackles off.

Ah, for the most part it’s not that bad. I totally get wanting to know another person’s opinions on a character, so that’s fine. The only tiresome part is where people ask about the same characters over and over, or when they take offense at my opinion. Most people are cool about it, though. ^-^


ok heAR ME OUT: Voltron Art School AU (totally self-indulgent and based off the art school I’m going to coughcough nvm) 

I wrote many cool n’ pretty wild headcanons for it so uhhhh, read under the cut: 

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... Somehow, Still Talking About This Captain America Shit (Now With Bonus Spider-Man and Agents of SHIELD)

So now Secret Empire has revealed its Shyamalan Twist and given the readers a Good Guy Steve Rogers as well as Hydra Cap, and the kinds of dickbags who, when this whole bullshit began were dismissing people’s complaints with “oh come on, don’t you know how comics works, it’s all going to be put back at the end, blah blah blah…” are crowing I-Told-You-So’s.

But here’s the thing:

Yeah, fucknuts.  We always knew this.

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Signs as Students

Hey guys, I’m revamping one of my older posts!

Aries: Probably texting at some point in class. Aces all the subjects that they’re passionate about, and often gets elected for leadership positions that they usually don’t want to take up.

Taurus: Sneaks snacks into class like candy or gum. Pays attention in class most of the time, but somehow doesn’t seem to absorb the lesson. Starts getting hungry two hours before lunchtime.

Gemini: Either has super neat or super messy handwriting, no in between. Knows a surprising number of people in the school, and treats everyone like a good friend. Manages to listen to the class and daydream at the same time. Often gets called out for talking in class.

Cancer: Sits in a slouching position, cool but messy collection of stationery. For some reason, they always get put in the front row. Is actually aware of everything going on even if they don’t seem like it.

Leo: Responsive in class, but eager for the lesson to be over. Devastated if they fail an exam. Often the first choice for a study buddy, motivating classmates in their own silly way.

Virgo: Has neatly-labelled notebooks for every subject, but often ends up not using half of them. Emotionless face throughout the whole lesson, and often ends up staring at the teacher.

Libra: Participates in extra-credit classes. Often gets called on to answer questions and yet they always seem to know the answers. Dislikes monotonous teachers. Has an extremely heavy bag.

Scorpio: Secretly hates everyone in their class. Actually tries to complete homework, but often ends up not understanding it.

Sagittarius: Popular kid who agitates teachers without knowing it. Even though they sometimes don’t pay attention, they still get decent marks.

Capricorn: Parents make them work for their grades, but they are thankful for that because they’ll fail if they don’t do that. Super-thick homework folder. Often gets placed right next to their best friend in the seating plan.

Aquarius: Intelligent and imaginative in answering questions that they totally do not understand. Has a thousand things running through their head during lessons.

Pisces: Confused but doesn’t dare to ask teachers about it. Manages to ace exams even if they don’t study. Their worksheets are covered in doodles and fancy lettering. Have many random scraps of paper in their bag.

i just.. . can’t get over sign of the times. there is so much feeling in it - hope, desperation, strength, vulnerability, pain, love, bravery - and all of it is so palpable, i feel like i can taste it in the air while the song’s playing. he pulls you in at the very first note and tangles you into his soul with every note after that. the energy in his voice just. it washes over you, wave after wave, like an ocean of electricity and emotion. 

How I Accidentally Tamed a Puma

So me and two others were playing a one shot since the dm wanted to get back into practice, and he said that he’ll make any characters we bring work. Essentially all of our characters lost their memories and we needed to go on a treasure hunt to get them back.

So our characters go through the forest amd encounter a displacer beast, which was essentially a puma but with magic and goo. After a while of beating it down, we hear more meows and giggles and realize we were getting surrounded by a lot of pumas.

I knew this and panicked

Me: I’m going to carry the Puma and run!

DM: Alright, roll for a strength check

Me: //ends up rolling, after mods, a 22//

DM: //sighing exasperated// You SOMEHOW manage to lift the displacer beast and take off running away from the sounds.

Later on while running we end up near the black knight which is WAY stronger than any of us and I rolled for animal handling to calm the Puma and not die of claws. We eventually get rescued by this one NPC and he heals up the displacer beast.

Me: Is Lucky going to be okay??

DM: Wait you named it Lucky?

Me: He’s a handsome boy!

DM: Alright so Lucky is healed up, he’s purring all happy like.

Me: Wait wait wait, does this mean that I can keep him?

DM: Roll me animal handling

Me: //rolls a nat 20//

DM: //head in hands// Lucky has for some reason decided that he likes you and he is now essentially your pet. Congrats, you just tamed one of the most feared creatures in the forest.

The idea of Harry reaching for a new legitimacy — whether successfully or not — is one I’m really interested in exploring at the moment. I’ve seen a handful of conversations online that basically amount to “he’s got a guitar now, he’s trying to be something more real than One Direction let him be.” I find that conversation so dull and meaningless. It aligns with a rockist mentality that men writing their own music and playing their own instruments is somehow more fulfilling or valid than a catchy pop hook or beat you can dance to. The most wonderful thing about this record, I think, is that it’s not only in keeping with Harry’s “old stuff,“ but that it is very likely the space he’ll continue to work in for a long time. I can’t imagine him noticing Top 40 trends and peppering them into his work on the next record, or clutching for some new and different sound to appeal to a more quote, unquote legitimate audience. Harry has always defied trends, whether through his personal style — wearing floral suits where his bandmates wore classic black or jeans and t-shirts — or, now, by backing the passion and dedication of the teen-girl fan base where, historically, newly solo ex–boy banders were rabid about distancing themselves from that audience in favor of new, older listeners. Even for all the trendy nostalgia in this record, he also shrugged off his producer’s suggestion to use outdated technology to make it; on the Rolling Stone podcast, Cameron Crowe said Harry was adamant about using the most up-to-date tools today, just as his heroes did in the ’60s and ’70s, rather that backpedaling into analog for analog’s sake. The idea that he’s somehow more “real” now that he’s nervously plucking a guitar (one he’s traveled with for, like, five years) is misguided.

agenderraskel  asked:

You call Steve "punk". Have you ever slipped punk clothing into his closet? Does he wear it?

well, he absolutely refuses to wear combat boots. which i find personally offensive, because i wear steeltoe combats almost every day. but steve insists that having tromped across most of europe in steeltoes and only being saved from trenchfoot thanks to the miracle of old-timey science, he will no longer wear combat boots unless theyre the custom ones that go with his cap costume. sorry. uniform. and that since sneakers exist in the future and are, and i quote ‘like walking around with old mrs mckinneys angel cake for shoes, buck, its great’ he will not be wearing boots if he doesnt have to. 

the day we talked him into skinny jeans was pretty great. have you ever seen a dog doing that high-step when you put shoes on them?? he looked like that for the first half hour or so. and then he tried to ‘jog’ up the tower lobby steps, and split his pants open at the crotch. 

it was a good day for the ladies (and some of the gents. you know. the ones who didnt immediately grow inferiority complexes) in the lobby of stark tower. 

it was not a good day for steve rogers. 

putting steve in any kind of plaid just makes him look like a lumberjack, not a punk. so that doesnt work.

steve cant wear black without looking like a vampire, hes so pale. but one time he borrowed my dont-touch-me black leather motorcycle jacket and managed to make that look badass for a little while. and then he let a little girl in central park facepaint a sunflower on his left cheek, which pretty much spoiled and sort of badass look he might have been managing. which wasnt much, because he was still wearing khakis. 



Kihyun’s 🐹 relay letter to Changkyun 🐺:

KH: Even in broadcast we don’t really call you “I.M”, so I’ll call you Changkyunnie~ recently I think that you’ve been really cute although I don’t really know why. I feel like you have a lot of aegyo so I really don’t do much as a hyung but within these 2 years the recent 2 months have been the most… honestly we don’t really have a hyung-dongsaeng thing but recently as a dongsaeng somehow… oh~ recently. I’m thankful because you seem to have a lot of energy recently. For the past 2 years we’ve done it about twice? I remember us being in a unit together too. I feel like it comes out nicely when my vocals match with your rap so I want to do it one more time and monbebes really like it. I don’t think I’ve really taught you anything as a hyung but I hope we can continue being good friends in the future. I’m very thankful that you’re always making the team energized as the maknae, continue to back Monsta X up as our maknae I.M and Changkyun who is shining brightly. Thank you~ [translation by kinghyungwon]

Talks Machina Highlights: Episode 97
  • Paper pre-stream reads “Easter Egg: Brian Wayne Foster’s home address is inscribed on the set somewhere.”
  • Brian reveals that he’s wearing the shirt with the cross-eyed picture of him that Sam was wearing in the last episode.
  • There is a betta fish on set, and as soon as they zoom in on it, Marisha’s name-card pops up. Brian: “This is a betta fish. The alpha fish we keep behind a paywall.”
  • Keyleth now holds the record for most damage dealt in a single turn (690) and the most damage taken in a single blow (363).
  • Matt kinda hoped that Vex would revive Keyleth and just be like “tell no one this happened.” Everyone adored everything about that moment.
  • Asked about their characters basically becoming demi-gods at this point, Taliesin: “I’m feeling smug about it.” Sam points out that most of VM isn’t particularly mature, so it’s a little worrying that they’re gaining this much power. Matt; “Eh, fortune favors the bold. It’s fine.”
  • Matt hasn’t had a campaign get to the upper levels like this before, so he’s really excited to try some new things in the coming arc. Taliesin has never played at such high levels before, or even heard of someone playing at such high levels.
  • Taliesin figures the most Percy way for Percy to die would be to go into a bar, attempt to threaten everyone, and have everyone turn on him. Sam on the most Taryon way for Taryon to die: pre-Vox Machina, he would go off on a paid hunt and he’d somehow still lose.
  • Brief digression about how to play out death by autoerotic asphyxiation in D&D. As you do.
  • Matt definitely shied away from having players “roll for baby” over the break, since he thought that definitely wasn’t a fair thing to throw at a player based on a dice roll. (“…unless you’re Scanlan”) Matt also mentions that Vax and Keyleth have had conversations about how they’re "probably for the most part an asexual relationship.”
  • Taliesin expands a bit on the fancy ball at Whitestone: “It’s basically a Medieval Times version of Santa’s Village.” Brian: “What would Percy wear to that?” Taliesin: “Cowboy boots and a smile.”
  • Taliesin mentions that Percy and Cassandra are starting to be a little sillier around each other now, trying to remind themselves that it’s all over. The thing they have most in common that VM doesn’t share is being the product of a legacy and learning to find their own way within that legacy. 
  • Taliesin has already started a playlist for his character in the next campaign.
  • Matt is gonna start everyone in the next campaign halfway through level 2 so they get to play with their characters a bit before deciding which archetype to go for.
  • Sam has a brief rant about how many planes there are in D&D. “Let’s streamline. Let’s streamline.” Matt: “Sam, I am so excited for the RPG you’re releasing next year.” Sam: “The Three Places.”
  • Matt wasn’t expecting the Shadowfell reveal to come so soon. There was gonna be another reveal down the road that might still play out in the game. Elements of the story may have been accelerated as a result of that bit of player ingenuity.
  • Taliesin’s character was eaten and there was a near-TPK in the Shadowfell the last time a campaign he played in went there. (He and the other dead players had to go back in playing as the mercenaries sent to retrieve their bodies.)
  • Keyleth’s natural 20 when touching the orb back in episode 34 was sort of an example of failure by success, in that it delayed the Shadowfell reveal considerably. At that time, though, she could’ve died from the damage it dealt, or gone unconscious and bled out on the other side. If she had made it through, she wouldn’t have had Plane Shift and would’ve had to find a way back, which would’ve started the Shadowfell stuff early. So they would’ve had to work out their priorities given that the Chroma Conclave attacked shortly thereafter.
  • Matt thought of the scry (reverse-whisper) as a successful test run for maybe pulling out most of the party and isolating players again in the future.
  • Sam talks a bit about how Matt takes the “cartoonish backstories” they make up and turns them into a coherent narrative.
  • They were at Matt’s house digging through his minis trying to figure out where the story was gonna go next. (Brian calls out Matt’s impressive mini-painting skills.)
  • The silencer is a ten-foot bubble of Silence spell that follows Percy around: downside is he can’t hear or say anything while he’s taking those shots. Taliesin is very excited for those potential downsides.
  • Sam had no warning about the kidnapping; he found out when the rest of us did. When she handed Taryon a cream puff, Matt secretly rolled a constitution saving throw for him—it was essentially a delayed Sleep spell.
  • Percy’s chilled out a bit over his anger at Scanlan during the past year.
  • Tary’s started to learn his limitations over the past year—he’s aware of how strong he can be as part of a team, but hasn’t really ventured out on his own yet and is worried about how much of a crutch the money has been for him.

Talks Machine in the Dark:

  • Matt talks about some of the weird and wacky dragons out there in the expanded D&D literature. Sam: “By the way, in my RPG, there’s only one kind of dragon.” Matt really enjoys creating new creatures, so he’s been veering away from the books a little more often.
  • Someone suggests that Tary could multiclass into bard. Sam hadn’t thought about that. Matt points out that Doty’s the one writing the book, so maybe Doty should become a bard. Sam: “Can Doty be a bard?” Matt: “No.”
  • If Percy had the power, would he bring back his dead family? If he thought the consequences would be minimal, sure, but he also has a respect for death. Every time they’ve managed to bring someone back, it was the D&D equivalent of a crash cart, within 24 hours. Percy doesn’t even know where his family’s bodies are. Matt, grinning: “I do.”
  • Matt points out that this is part of why Keyleth is so frightened of higher-level resurrection spells: how do you choose who you can bring back? What gives you that right? What are the moral implications? He also brings back Kerrek’s probing questions about resurrection. Taliesin sums it up beautifully: “It’s dark and twisted and strange once you start pulling it apart.”
  • The hardest character death for Matt was Pike’s death back in the home game—it was the first time for a lot of the players to realize that they’d spent a year and a half with this character and she could still be gone like that. Apparently Ashley came home at 3AM distraught and tried explaining the whole thing to Brian, who knew nothing about D&D at the time and was a little confused. “…you died? At Travis and Laura’s?”
  • Doty can speak primarily because it’s funny, and also because Sam wanted to give Matt something more to do when he plays Doty. There was a lot of discussion over which word it would be. Sam: “It could’ve been Hodor.”
  • Someone asked whether another Battle Royale will come up, and Matt thinks probably before too long, next time they have players away or just need a week off.

dolce-dandy  asked:

I absolutely adore your art but I've been wondering if you also had a simpler art style besides the one we usually see? I think I've read that most drawings you do take about 6+ hours to paint so I was wondering what your 10min/1hour draws are like

Thanks a lot! ;A; 

I used to do extra quick 5 minute things like this but not so much anymore since switching to self employed (it was all that could be cranked out during lunch break)

I used to cell shade too but that actually takes even longer than the art I do now somehow DX

I do use a simpler style from time to time (mostly commissions) but I don’t actually think they are any faster DX Maybe a little?