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could i request hcs for mccree, zenyatta, and lucio trying to make their stoic s/o smile? thanks!


He swears he saw you smile, for like a split second. But it wasn’t just the fact that you smiled, oh no it was the fact that you smiled at something HE had said. Jesse thought that because he mumbled it under his breath no one should have been able to hear it.

Nope you heard it and you tried your best to stop it by biting the inside of your lips. Somehow the corner of your lips made their way upwards and you felt a quick puff try to leave your lungs in an attempt of laughter.

Now it was McCree’s quest to see you smile at least once before he dies. He tried flirting with you, nothing. Then cheesy pick up line, nothing- wait… yeah nothing. So he tried telling some of his most embarrassing stories, the ones he was never going to tell. But your smile was worth more than anything he could afford.

But the thing is, out of all things to make you smile… Well not just smile, you’re in full blown laughter. All Jesse had to do was trip on his serape while doing his combat roll.

McCree slowly stood up slightly embarrassed fixing his clothing. As he fixed his hat he did the most horrid thing of looking up at you laughing with your hand hovering over your mouth and an arm on your stomach. He wanted to keep looking at you but he couldn’t and he titled his hat so it covered his tomato face.


How you managed to always make Zenyatta crack up without breaking your stoic appearance he didn’t know. You always had the best jokes and timed them perfectly as well. Yet you never broke. You never seemed to smile, but you seemed content enough though.

You confused him way to much, but that was good thought. It made you more interesting than you already were. He wanted to see what made to smile, frown, laugh, angry. But he mainly wanted to see you smile more than anything. That is to say that to him your other smiles didn’t seem all that genuine when he saw them from afar, they always disappeared in an instant.

Zenyatta watched as other couples passed by laughing, smiling or leaning on each other. At this point of time you two were just holding hands. He looked down at your intertwined hands then to your face, your eyes were sparkling, lips slightly apart. You were looking at a bakery with beautifully decorated sweets. He was more than aware of your sweet tooth- well more like sweet teeth in your case.

He offered for to get something for you there and to point to which one you would care for. After about 10 minutes you finally decided on one of them. You then guided him to a bench to seat so your were able to eat. Zenyatta watched the passing crowd not thinking until he heard you groan happily. When he turned his head to face you he almost short circuited. You were smiling.

Zenyatta quickly excused himself leaving you puzzled nibbling on your sweet until he came back with two bags full of multiple sweets from the same bakery.

Am I the only one who doesn’t /pace/ while daydreaming?

I do plenty of repetitive movements, some of my favorites are tossing a small object in the air over and over, bouncing up and down, swinging on a swing, or sprinting sporadically for a few yards…

But the most popular one here seems to be pacing in a circle, and I’ve never really done that, apart from slipping into a daydream when going on a walk, but I feel like that’s different somehow. I’ve tried it a few times, just doesn’t click for me.

Anyone else feel like this?

Is this AU a thing yet?

More sketches for the Battle Royale AU…. I think Blue and Vivi/Ronya would try to just find a isolated place to hide in and try to think of a plan, maybe consider trying to build a group of other like-minded to them who don’t want to give up under the pressure of the game… Gods know how that goes for those poor kids.

However, I think Vivi would be snuffed out relatively easily, considering one of the three most bloodthirsty players, Floran ( @oreowarrior ) [others being Brandon by @sakudrew and Raven by @ominousrain ] is a childhood friend / “sweetheart” of hers, who she definitely could not kill no matter what. So…. a rather clear weak point in a game where those mean death. Even if she wouldn’t go down by Floran’s hand, she’s not winner material and would in any case die somehow regardless, I think.

There’s this discussion right now about getting your lore/art seen and I just want to throw in some advice of my own: Tag the shit out of your work.

If anyone looks at my tags you might notice I add, like, a billion. If it’s somehow relevant to the drawing, I’ll tag it, even if it’s a very small detail. Now, I think tumblr only counts the first 5 tags you use, so make sure you use up those tags wisely. Monster folks get lots of traffic on here, so I tag monster boys/girls/enbies first [and, well, most of my characters are dragon people, so they fit], then flight rising, then humanoid/gijinka, etc. until I use up the five. Then I tag whatever else just in case.

It might feel silly, but trust me, it works. Even if it nets you just one more extra like/reblog, that’s one more person who’s seen and likes your art or writing, and might’ve missed it if you hadn’t tagged. 

Also, double reblog your stuff. It helps get your work seen by people who might’ve missed it due to timezone shenanigans, it’s your blog, and anyone who doesn’t like it can stuff it.

A lot of people don’t understand why a girl would keep letting the same corruptive, toxic young boy back into her life when he keeps somehow hurting her each time. People don’t understand how a girl as pure and delicate as her would even fall for a boy and sinful and disastrous as him. People don’t understand why she loves him even when he breaks her whole world apart. And it is hard to understand I get it but most people are just looking at the surface of their love, their love is so much deeper than that. He may hurt her, but nobody can make her smile like he does. He may break her but nobody can pick back up the pieces like he does. He is the reason that life isn’t so bland and normal, he’s the reason she actually feels emotions, he’s the reason she met one of her best friends, he’s the reason she’s been able to actually experience real life and not some fantasy her mother grew her up to see life as, he’s the reason that she is able to know what real love is and how it feels. To other people it may seem like he’s the only reason she expirences pain, but he’s not. He may bring her some pain but he brings her happiness more than anything else and she does the same for him. She’s the reason he’s been able to love again, she’s the reason he doesn’t have nightmares at night, she’s the reason that he has been able to not always see the bad things in life, she’s the reason he ever smiles at all anymore. In everything there has ever been there has been flaws. Nothing is ever going to always be perfect. They’ve learned that especially…they’ve been able to see past their flaws and just love another for who they are. Because they know without eachother their lives would be even more corrupt then they are with each other. They know that without the bad you can’t really have the good. They know that you have to expirence some darkness before you can fully expirence the life. And because of all of this that’s why their love works. People may not understand it and how their love works but they don’t need them to, frankly at times they don’t even understand it themselves. But what they do know is their love is stronger than anything they’ve ever known and that they don’t ever want to loose eachother because their lives are better now with each other then they’ve ever been.

A companion post to my Season Two stats post

Fun Facts:

  • Lance also referred to Keith as an insulting nickname two times.
  • Rover was named seven times.
  • Hunk said Shay’s name thirteen times.
  • The first Paladin to say another Paladin’s name was Hunk, who said “Lance”. 

More info below.

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kpop male groups as students
  • BIGBANG: been in highschool for 10 years. super smart and funny but have been held back because they all managed to fail their tests. still cool though and the younger students throw rose petals at their feet as they walk the halls. one guy managed to pass the test so everyone is sh00k and super sad. savage but cute
  • EXO: memes. everyone likes them except the teachers. lost a few squad members as they transfered countries. hard to keep track of but they still c00l af. everyone knows their jokes and they all have managed to get hella good grades. also hella rich and have their own table with aspiring ceos and football stars lol
  • BTS: teachers hate them. stand on tables and throw books because they refuse to be apart of the schooling system. started riots during exam period but didn't get expelled. hella cute and are involved in every club. sometimes problematic but everyone somehow loves them hehe
  • SUPER JUNIOR : most of them are in uni. everyone knows like, that one squad member because he was savage. sometimes that one guy comes back and they have a ceremony but people forget him eventually lol. senior students still remember them from freshmen year. used to take up the whole damn cafeteria cause they wouldnt stop recruiting members.
  • SEVENTEEN: lost a few guys in primary. replaces suju's spot in the cafeteria and eats all the goddamn food. everyone knows them when they're walking around in the halls as a group but separately... nah fam. sometimes you can hear the vocal members in music class from the otherside of the building
  • GOT7: gets shit grades but people love them. one guy made them hella popular because he was too extra in class. some members are unpopular but they still have freshman chasing them lmao. sit at the front of class and you can hear their laughter from outside. ruined the school play by dabbing everytime they went on stage. became viral tho so it was worth it
  • MONSTA X: freshman love them because they're extra at the appropriate times. Too early or too late to trends but they're still a crowd pleaser hehe. teachers hate them because they got scholarships for "no reason" (even though they're very smart!!). photo day is their day
  • ASTRO: everyone loves them. teachers love them. the principle hates them because they distract everyone with their happiness. pass all of their exams and are involved in many clubs. everyone only knows that one guy tho because of his photo day picture (he looked hella g00d)
  • BAP: got expelled for doing the same shit as bts l o l. but the principle called them back in after a few years because he realized that they got scholarships for a reason lmao
  • INFINITE: no one knows every single guy individually but they can sense their outgoing atmosphere, yknow. everyone ignores them but they also don't want them to graduate and leave lol
  • VIXX: no one talks to them because they're scared they will get roasted and become twitter famous lol
  • KNK: known for being the tall freshmen. no they dont play on the basketball team. no one knows their names but its because they seem shy when in reality everyone's too lazy to look up all the time and talk to them so they just ignore them
  • SHINee: did they graduate? no. the teachers won't let them so they have to suffer a few more years. worth it tho because they inspire every student. sometimes bring chaos into the school but the principle is cool about it lol
  • NCT : freshmen who appeared from nowhere. jk they were in their rooms srudying the entire time cause their parents were hella strict. had to be split up into groups according to favorite subjects because the teachers felt sorry for the cafeteria ladies at this point. some guys are in more than one group tho cause their parents hate them yikes
  • BtoB: no one remembers their grades. they just know them lmao because they're handsome and speak in a lot of ceremonies. seniors who look like they've been friends for 15 years. kinda quiet but... also hella loud lmao
  • WINNER: one guy left the school and everyone cried. got shitty grades because the teachers forgot about them. had some amazing test results but no one noticed
  • iKON: were supposed to be studying music but somehow their main subject became japanese. no one knows what they do because they all spend their life in that goddamn japanese class room. teachers pay too much attention to them but do nothing oml
  • Shinhwa : older than half of the teachers. no one remembered them but they still walked into school 5 days after reunion day and somehow everyone kind of did remember them... idk lol. got good grades and sort of encouraged the students after them to pursue their dreams :'). still hella old tho

Anyways Alec Lightwood is the type of person that would get his boyfriend a gift literally anytime he went anywhere. If there were 8 demons that he had to slay on the 5th avenue, he’d spend 10 minutes on the demons and then another 2 hours in Louis Vuitton picking out the wallet that Magnus would most likely think matched his new shoes. And if he went out shopping for let’s say Jace’s birthday, he’d somehow come home with a bag from American Eagle for Jace and like another 5 bags with Sephora and MK and Marc Jacobs and Gucci and some other antique store that was on his way home for Magnus. And if Izzy finally dragged him to Macy’s to get him some new shirts, he’d probably secretly sneak off and end up getting Magnus 3 different belts instead. And every time there was a Sephora anywhere near where Alec was, he’d end up spamming Izzy’s snapchat with a bunch of pictures of palettes and single shadows and eyeliners and highlighters and asking her which ones are good and which ones would Magnus like, and he’d also end up having his arms completely swatched in a bunch of lipsticks and eyeshadows every time he’d go to the mall for literally anything. And Magnus would always say that he doesn’t have to do this but he’d just smile and shyly reach for Magnus’s hand and just look up at him and whisper under his breath “yeah but I want to” and Magnus would melt and kiss him bc he cannot believe how much he loves this man

you know what i fucking hate?

99% of the time if a man starts crying or talking about their valid feelings, people will deny it and tell them to suck it up, and it’s “no big deal”. i hate that men’s feelings will be denied and overlooked in most situations. feelings and physical pain, people somehow think that women are the only ones allowed to be depressed, the only ones to be sad. even families of males everywhere dismiss their feelings because of the stereotype of the “macho man”.

right now, imagine something you didn’t like happened. someone no one really likes. imagine if your significant other hit you in public, and someone/multiple people saw it. they’d most likely confront them, yeah? well, switch that around, and imagine you’re a male for the day. your female significant other abuses you in public, hits you, throws their drink in your face, yells at you, calls you names, things that wouldn’t necessarily be acceptable if it was reversed.

the likely situation is that people watching will not give two shits about it, and they might even pull out their phone and record it. imagine that happening, you being humiliated, hit, and degraded by some girl who thinks that’s just fine, that you just automatically don’t feel pain, because you’re a boy. people laughing and cheering her on, recording it, taking no concern whatsoever because they automatically think that you did something wrong, and that’s why she’s “standing up” to you. pretty fucking sucky, huh?

imagine you’re at the doctor, and you’re about 16. you’re getting your blood drawn, you don’t want to look at it, you look away, and you start crying because it feels weird. your mom/dad starts consoling you and comforting you, because you’re in pain and you feel uncomfy, right? the nurse/doctor starts comforting you as well, because they see you’re not happy and they want to be nice.

switch that around, you’re a boy, you’re the same age. you start crying. your parents say “stop crying, don’t be a baby” and the doctors just start laughing. your sibling pulls out their phone and starts recording you, because you’re being “so dramatic” and you’re acting like such a pussy, right? you finish, the needle is out, and your family makes fun of you the whole way back home, and your sibling posts the video they just took on facebook.

boys, you’re allowed to be sad. you’re allowed to have feelings. you should be able to stand up for yourself, you can make a good argument.

your feelings matter.

here for all my baby aces.

here for all the ace teens being told they can’t be ace.

here for all the ace teens being told their sexuality is somehow putting others at risk (it’s not.)

here for all the teens who aren’t sure, but don’t really get all this sex stuff.

here for all the ace teens who got really worried after health class.

here for all the teens being told they’re just late bloomers.

here for all the teens who just are trying on different labels to figure out which one fits best.

here for all the teens who DO like the label ace, but are scared of all the discourse.

here for all the teens who don’t want a label, but just want to live their lives.

its okay. you’re okay. I love you. You have a right to try out whatever labels you want, or none at all. whatever you choose has no ill effect on other teens, and I will fight anyone who tells you differently. But most of all, know that you have time. If you want to identify as something now, and either keep it or change that later, great! You aren’t too young to try to understand yourself. If you just want to enjoy being a kid and not deal with sexuality right now, also great! You know what’s best for you. You have time.

tfw u aint got any tricks left up ur sleeve so u decide on a whim that u just goTTA coach that one cute japanese skater that didn’t want to take a picture w/ the glorious u & somehow casually find his address and decide u and ur dog are gonna live with him while u teach him to find his sexuality & then u realize that he’s even cuter & stronger & sillier & more passionate & complex than u ever dreamed any one human could be & it dawns on u that all u wanna do now is be with him & bring out the best in him & it’s the most gratifying feeling when despite his crippling anxiety he starts to open up to u & u realize he’s kind of a dork too & he’s just the cutest thing & ur heart casually bubbles over when u realize how much he means to uUUUU MMMMMMdonT TOUCH ME

the signs as alternate selves
  • Aries: unfortunate slave to an evil overlord, occasionally forgets how to breathe
  • Taurus: gets wings somehow, everyone thinks it's pretty rad
  • Gemini: the world's most powerful and longlived psychic
  • Cancer: leads a rebellion against Betty Crocker, then dies
  • Leo: finds true love and confuses archaeologists everywhere with confusing cave art
  • Virgo: majors in how to raise children while on the run from imperial forces, dies tragically
  • Libra: underestimates their rival and gets hanged in the most anime shit ever, also has a dragon
  • Scorpio: hates dragons, hangs people, sails the high seas, inspires ruthless young pirates for decades to come
  • Sagittarius: cries because of this one time he almost killed his best friend, hides in a cave for the rest of his life
  • Capricorn: joins a cult, also they're really tall. like, just, really fucking tall, it's 90% of their personality
  • Aquarius: sad man cries because no one wants to kiss him. doesn't realise it's because he's a desperate and unpleasant person
  • Pisces: Betty Crocker runs an empire

OK, friends, let’s do it, let’s talk about Quentin Coldwater. 

I want to preface this by saying, Quentin (like all characters on the magicians) is one of my children and I love him. 

That said, he is a disaster child. Let’s be really super clear here: he’s SUPPOSED to be a disaster child. The strangest commentary I see on The Magicians is people saying it’s a bad show because it’s characters fulfill a lot of tropes (they do). 

Fantasy, for years and years, has been full of tropes. One of the most notable the “sad cis white boy saves the world” trope. Where a sad cis white boy who is significantly less qualified than his (usually female, usually poc, usually queer) peers somehow has the key to saving the world despite his lack of qualifications. 

Quentin is that character, but the show takes great pains never to prop him up as something else. We, the audience, are consistently reminded of his mediocrity. We are never led to believe he is “more than he seems”. He even comments on it, that he keeps waiting for someone to come tell him he’s special, but no one does.  

Which in and of itself is a great way to deconstruct the “sad cis white boy saves the world” trope. It allows the (usually background) characters around the protagonist to shine since they aren’t needed to prop him up. AND it allows sad cis white boys to be sad and not heroes. Quentin is the protagonist of the story, but he’s not the hero. And you don’t have to be the hero. Other people can be the hero. Women can be the hero. People of color can be the hero. Queer people can be the hero. And even so, you’re still human and important and the center of your OWN story. 

This is a really simplified first look at this idea. Every time I see people in The Magicians tags taking the story at such incredibly face value I am surprised. This show is a masterwork of meta commentary, fulfilling tropes without glorifying them and thus revealing how ridiculous they truly are. Making the characters more human, the interactions messier, and the world so much darker. 

Magic gets real. For real. 

i have so many questions about percival graves though

ok so there are two different ways you can go with this. one, and the most likely one tbh, is that graves was a real person who, somewhere down the line, was replaced by grindelwald and probably killed. obviously this would be a good plan for grindelwald because as long as he could impersonate graves, he would be fine and in a position of considerable power

but one could argue something else. see, we don’t see graves drinking polyjuice or anything throughout the film (likely he was using a more advanced disguise charm but ssh) so it could be that grindelwald became graves then wormed his way into mcusa and somehow cheated himself into power, and mcusa just accepted it. and while that’s not a likely situation, it is a chilling one

I submit for you consideration

Hufflepuff/Slytherin Friendships being some of the most admirable and intimidating things in Hogwarts!

  • The little ray of sunshine Hufflepuff Next to the much more cynical Slytherin
  • You almost never see a Slytherin without at LEAST one Hufflepuff friend
  • Everyone knows not to touch the Puff.
  • Very few people know not to touch the Slytherin but those who do found out because they are missing body parts and live in constant fear.
  • They are the best project partners!
  • That one Slytherin that will only smile for that one Hufflepuff becuase they’re so damn cute!
  • Only the ‘Puff knows how to make the Slytherin’s wold ok when it sucks.
  • Only the Slytherin can reaffirm the ‘Puff’s faith in humanity when it’s shaken.
  • No one understand how it happened but somehow it makes perfect sense at the same time.
  • People telling the Slytherin they take advantage of their Hufflepuff because the Hufflepuff will always do things for them.
  • The Hufflepuff getting defensive because “No I do things for them because I like to do things for them. It’s picking up a book it’s not like I’m slaying a dragon! Dragons are too cute to slay anyway I’d rather make friends with them!”
  • Complete undying trust that happens very quickly.
  • Ambition and hard work going hand and hand to get shit done!
  • The Slytherin tutoring the Hufflepuff.
  • The Hufflepuff supplying the pre-exam snacks and hot cocoa so they can relax for 2 seconds.
Headcanons with their S/O

Random head canon. Some NSFW.

- will call you princess and/or sweetie as cute pet names.
- likes to spoil you and somehow pays attention to what you like even though you think he may be sleeping while you were talking.
- tries to cook for you… and fails miserably. Had to get Ignis to help him. Rip
- he seems to not care for breasts or ass. Though I feel like he would appreciate a nice ass and a good set of breasts.
- foreplay and is very good at it.
- private about his love life. Not into PDA

- would most likely take lots of pictures of you (and some naughty ones with only you and with the two of you together.
- I get the feeling that one of the chocobros will accidentally come upon those photos and Prompto will get embarrassed and begged them not to say a thing about it
- sooo into PDA. Like he wants to show you off!
- can eat you out good and will make sure you get off before him.
- likes to make sure you are loved. He never ever wants you to feel insecure.

- prepare yourself for a good home cooked meal almost everyday
- loves having deep conversations with about anything
- pretty flexible and really is willing to try anything with you.
- not into PDA but will sneak a few kisses here and there.
- sometimes can be oblivious when you’re trying to hint to him that you want to get him in bed.
- likes to plan dates and make sure you’re well taken care of. Would support you for anything.

- loves grabbing your butt while out in public. But he’s such a gentleman
- if anyone stare at you and gets ideas about trying to go out with you…. just one glare from him and they’ll back the fuck down
- is into rough sex, but can be very sweet if you tell him to slow down.
- likes outdoors dates. Prepare for walks on the beaches, hiking to see a beautiful sunset, and beautiful sightseeing
- has high stamina. He can go on for many rounds!

Those are just random thoughts. Haha. Enjoy!

Forever and Ever- Klaus Mikaelson

Originally posted by theiropinionsdonotdefineyou

Request// I’d like to request a Klaus x reader where he turns the reader because they’re in love and they sleep together and it’s her first time and fluff please

*I’ve separated the smut from everything else with an ‘x’ so you can still read it even if you don’t wanna go through the naught parts! So sorry to the anon who sent this to me. I started it but then got distracted by the Derek week that just ended. Just know that I really really love getting requests from you guys! Please keep asking for stories and I’ll keep trying to write them to the best of my capabilities*

To most, Klaus had been the monster that scared small children and the myth that lurked in the shadows. The only that wrong with their assumptions was that he wasn’t a myth at all. He had been alive and well for centuries and how somehow ended up with you. You had met a year earlier at a ball in New Orleans and ever since, you had been captivated by one another. Klaus once thought of it as a hex by a vengeful witch but you had thought of it as fate.

You and Klaus were polar opposites. Where he craved vengeance, you pushed for peace and when he demanded blood to rain through the streets, you were the only light that could bring him back from his darkest hours. You were his Persephone and he was your Hades.

“Tell me another story, Klaus,” you whispered into his ear as your laid against him.

“What do you want to hear about this time?” His body moved closer towards you as your fingers wandered through his hair.

“I want to hear about life in the 1920s.”

“The Roaring 20s, eh?” You could feel a low chuckle run through his stomach.

“That’s what they call it, nowadays.”

“I was a different back then, love,” he said quietly. “If you think that I’m dangerous now,you couldn’t bare to see me decades ago.”

“Well, then,” You turned his face to look towards you and gave him a friendly smile. “How about just the good parts?”

He swallowed and took a moment to think before answering. “There was no other decade like the 20s. The first World War had just ended and the cities were exhilarating, always stirring with life. Alcohol had been abolished in 1920, but if you knew the right people, you could still get your hands on it.

“What really made the decade so exciting was the clubbing. That’s when people really came to life. Big bands played for hours on end and flappers danced the night away. Somedays, I wish I could go back to those moments.”

“I wish I had the chance to experience the 20s.”

“You still have decades upon decades to experience, Y/N. Don’t get caught up in the past, especially if it’s not your own.” He smiled down at you as he teased you.

You try to smile back, but the enthusiasm wouldn’t stick. “That’s the thing Klaus..”

“What is it, love?”

“I… I want to spend years with you.”

He looked worried, knowing your words ran deeper than he could see. “And it would be my honor to spend the years with you.”

“In fact,” you pulled him closer, bringing his forehead to yours. “I would love to spend eternity to you.”


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RQ Characters at Disney World
  • Mare: *uses everyone's fast passes for Space mountain, roams all of the parks till she's dragged into the last trolley by Shade at 1:30 am*
  • Cal: *cringes at the sight of crying children in mouse ears, is more impressed by the mechanical structures of the rides than of the park itself*
  • Maven: *Is that one guy that gets spooked by the fireworks and drops the drink tray with everyone's coffee, somehow gets pictures with Darth Maul and Kylo Ren*
  • Shade: *compulsively buys Mouse ears and churros for everyone*
  • Kilorn: *is the ride buddy, most likely to get sick on the teacups *
  • Farley: *takes advantage of Epcot's alcohol, won't go on any rides unless expressly begged by Shade.*