but somehow i like them a lot

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What do you think of Leo risings ?

A lot of my friends have this rising sign actually but yea they sum cute lil bitches imo not gonna lie,they usually have nice thick hair and tend to be pretty charismatic and likeable, they don’t usually beg for attention (like their Leo Sun/Mercury cousins)cuz they’ll always somehow receive it even if they’re not asking for it tbh
A lot of them usually have a very strong presence and also usually tend to have strong looking-bodies as well if that makes sense and I’ve also noticed that they will always look like Lions in some way (same with Suns but in different ways in my opinion like with the Suns it’s with their eyes while with risings it’s like the whole face and hair to me tbh) like think of any lion you’ve seen in animations like lion king or some shit and you’ll see what I’m talking about it’s kinda crazy lol

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when and where did this happen? I'm sorry you had to deal with a dumbass like that, it baffles me how they think you're somehow more stupid just because you like sonic..

Someone was being really aggressive in their language and so I just said to them simply “I just read your post and legitimately am shocked you talk to people like this”

To get the response:

A Sonic blogs thoughtful criticism of my tone, Hm, next idiot please.

It happened about four days ago but I didn’t notice XDDD it took me a while to find it- it’s ok it honestly says nothing about my intelligence that I like a fictional character. If it had any bearing a lot of people would be disabled. Thank god liking things does not = being unable to make sound judgment.

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What inspires you stories? :3

If only I knew lol

Basically I just look at the sim and then it somehow appears in my head. I have lots of ideas at the same time and for a different stories but I mostly choose those ones that I know how they’ll end. So my process of ‘generating’ story starts from random idea and then if I like it I think how it would end. All the events between the start and the end mostly appear in my mind while writing and this is the best fun tbh I just thing a lot about my aliens, my worlds and what would happen to them. For my main story mostly I have everything settled up months before actually writing the posts. So for now I know how this rebellion will end but I have a lot of time to change anything that I want about it. The best thing while creating your story is to think “what if…”. I always do that hence why I change my mind all the time lol But it’s really helpful to push your story in different direction than you originaly planned. Sometimes it generates really good plot twists.

I know that lots of people took inspiration from movies, books, etc. Tbh I do this too but I don’t do this on purpose. It’s mostly because of the fact that everything what we do influences us in some way. So sometimes I think that I’d love to have a plot from a book I read but I don’t ‘rewrite’ it but think what can I create on my own. Idk how to explain it in a better way?? It just happens.

Oh, and I never write anything in notebook or sth like some ppl. I have everything in my mind.

I see a lot of posts about people feeling embarrassed, like, about everything, all the time, being embarrassed is I guess a huge part of some people’s lives. well listen

my girlfriend left her shoes in the middle of the living room floor, so I hid them in the oven drawer. because I thought it was a drawer that you could like–store things in?? I don’t know, I somehow made it to this point in my life without knowing that the fire happens in there. then I forgot I’d done it, and like, two days went by.

so the next time we went to make dinner, the shoes caught on fire.

then the oven caught on fire

then our whole house was full of black smoke

then the NYC firefighters had to come out to our apartment. there were like six of them.

half the people in our building came out of their apartments to find out what was going on, and if they were going to die or if they needed to evacuate their cats or something

and then an actual, New-York’s-finest firefighter looked me wearily in the eyes and said “try not to keep shoes in your oven” as he left.

and now we need a new oven.

and I would say that I felt…mild embarrassment? I experienced a patina of chagrin. “whoops,” I thought to myself, as the firefighters tromped off and the firetruck drove off into the night. “I should probably have known that about oven drawers.” then I bought my girlfriend a new pair of shoes, since I’d burned her old shoes. then we ordered a pizza.

if I can not feel embarrassed about that, I hope you guys can take heart.

I do not like this sad state of mind.

I do not like being presented with such nice things, such nice people, such nice opportunities and not be able to appreciate them just because somehow I always feel that something’s missing. I don’t want to keep thinking about what I’ve been missing when I already have an awfully nice lot. I have been living better than half of the world, never starved nor beaten nor bruised. And yet I am sad. I do not want to be but I am. Because I’ve been given the things I need to live but I’ve been missing the things I need to feel alive.
—  Me (JNH). Live, Love, Enjoy. Simple.

I finally realized what bothers me about the whole “Teaching kids about asexuality somehow sexualizes them!!!”  argument.

Like… my parents gave me The Talk when I was about 7 or 8. I got my first sex ed class in school when I was in 5th grade. That’s a class full of 10-11 year olds being taught about sex.

So, it’s okay to teach really young kids about sex – before a lot of them have even hit puberty, so they probably don’t get a whole lot of sexual urges – but it’s not okay to tell them that they don’t need to want it?

Is that what the aphobes are telling me? Because that really sounds like what the aphobes are telling me.


“I started writing when I was 12 and I just wrote songs about my life and the way that I saw it. And that somehow made life seem like more sense to me. So going from 12 and writing songs about my life to being 23 and writing songs about my life, a lot has changed about my life. But the reason why I write songs has stayed the same. I think with my fans, we have such a strong relationship and I don’t really hide much from them in my music. They pretty much know the last two years of my life if they have my record.”

No but imagine... Scorbus as Internet friends

•So like Albus just casually runs a really popular social media acc and Scorpius is like a Smol bby who just starts talking to Albus because he wanted too
• but like they actually are best friends irl
• but they use fake names so they have no idea it’s them to each other
• and they become like really good friends on the internet talking like daily
• and somehow even though they talk about their life a lot they never mention names so neither of them catch on
• so Albus has already developed a huge and I mean huge crush on Scorpius (irl) so he goes to his Internet friend who is also Scorpius for advice
• and Scorpius has fallen in love with Albus on the internet and is like heartbroken when Albus asks for advice but since he’s a good friend he helps him
• and much to his surprise, Albus ends up doing the exact thing Scorpius advised him to do to Scorpius and he’s just confused bc didn’t I just tell my friend to do this the other day?
• and Albus is just happy that he pulled it off but then sees confusion on Scorpius’ face and gets disappointed
• so he goes and asks Scorpius for help again and there they go back and forth for like a few months
• until Scorpius finally musters the courage to ask for something like a face reveal and HAHAHHA THE SHOCK ON HIS FACE WHEN HE SEES THAT IT WAS ALBUS
• so Scorpius sends a face reveal to Albus too and Albus is just really embarrassed but then all the confusion makes sense
• but since they are right next to each other they just turn and start laughing
• and the next thing you know Albus’ lips are on Scorpius and they are kissing

Avengers Preference: How You Kiss

A/N: Another preference! This time, I think I got everyone. If I somehow missed your favorite, just ask and I will write one up for them :)

Request: Can i have a preference? How the avengers kiss you. Maybe could you add pietro and bucky as well?

Warnings: fluff :)

Thor: Thor likes to kiss you with lots of grandeur, walking up to you, capturing your face in both of his hands as he presses his lips to yours, running his thumbs along your cheekbones and proclaiming his love for you in that deep, booming voice of his. It always makes you roll your eyes and smile, because you wouldn’t want it any other way.

Wanda/Scarlet Witch: You and Wanda communicate a lot through her powers (she reads your mind and speaks directly into your thoughts, most of the time), so when she actually takes the time to stop and physically kiss you, it means a lot. It’s usually a very soft, sweet press of her lips on your way to sleep, or right before one of you leaves for a mission.

Pietro/Quicksilver: Pietro’s kisses are quick (of course) and often. He kisses your cheek as he dashes by you, always way too impatient to walk at a normal pace, and every now and then he will appear out of nowhere to literally sweep you off your feet and kiss you passionately before setting you back down and dashing off again, leaving you a tiny bit frazzled as you stare after him.

Bucky/Winter Soldier: You and Bucky are almost always connected in some way, because you keep him calm and connected to reality. Whenever he begins to feel himself fading, he grabs you and presses his lips to yours for however long it takes, no matter what you were doing at that moment. It irritates Tony, but Steve doesn’t mind, because he loves seeing Bucky happy.

Steve/Captain America: For someone who is such a gentleman, Steve is very heavy-handed with PDA. He kisses you whenever he gets the urge to, no matter who you’re in front of. Often, the two of you forget that there are people around, which leads to a lot of cleared throats and comments about the sex drives of senior citizens.

Natasha/Black Widow: Nat doesn’t like to kiss you much in public, because she doesn’t want someone to find out about your relationship and use you against her. So when same-sex marriage becomes legalized, you weren’t expecting for her to sweep you into her arms and kiss you right there, on the streets in front of everyone. After that point, she becomes a little more relaxed, kissing you quickly as you part ways in the streets every morning.

Clint/Hawkeye: Clint isn’t really one for kissing all the time. He likes to save it for special moments, like when he asks you to marry him. The two of you don’t kiss often, but when you do, it leaves you breathless for some time after.

Tony/Iron Man: Despite Tony’s reputation as a playboy, he’s a sucker for cuddles and sleepy kisses. He lives for those moments right before you fall asleep, with his arms wrapped around you and your eyes drifting shut, and he loves kissing you softly as you fall asleep, making sure you know how much he loves you.

Bruce/Hulk: Bruce is surprisingly clingy, constantly pressing soft kisses into your hair, your forehead, your cheek, your neck. When he does kiss your lips, he does so gently, holding you as if you may break if he loses control even for a split second.


a rwby telephone game featuring

  1. me
  2. @azure-zer0
  3. @kumadraws
  4. @miss-nerdgasmz
  5. @ammietty
  6. @bonpyro
  7. @xuunies
  8. @kumafromtaiwan
  9. @booksandweapons
  10. @dashingicecream
  11. @theasgardiandetective
  12. @funblade

i took the burden of coming up with the starting image, i chose the theme Snow Ruby (like snow miku only ruby) we started before christmas so it explains the accidental christmas theme oops, (please right click idk what tumblr did but the quality died on some of them)

i made a lil story out of it:

Ruby purchases dolls of her teammates and plays with it before wrapping them up to give as a gift and weiss doll is having NONE of it and went rogue and probably breaks out blake doll and yang doll too and ruby is now telling weiss the story of how she acquired the dolls, weiss somehow not believing her tale and complains why is it her doll that went rogue and in the last scene u see the dolls showing signs of sentience. Also they changed outfits a lot, ruby likes to play dress up with the dolls

anway this was super fun and thank you everyone who joined!!


➵ My favorite brotp’s (1/?): Cameron and Lory from The Red Queen Series.
     ↳ "Cole, if you make me sick again, I’ll gut you in your sleep
            Somehow, that gets a crinkle of a smile out of Cameron.

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How do the fae in Elsewhere University feel about visual arts/ graphic design students? Do they like a nice visual story?

Depends on the individual but yeah, I’d imagine a lot of them might! I was talking with someone earlier about the value placed on art - art students probably get commissions for personalized decks of cards fairy frequently, and once in a while someone without a face will demand a weird weird thing like ‘paint me the spirit of a willow tree) and you just gotta do your best. You’ll be paid handsomely if they like it, somehow. You really, really hope they like it.

And storytelling itself has such long roots of its own importance. I imagine when paired with art that only increases.

(the Fae are less fond of artists who are very realistic, and artists who draw things they shouldn’t see in the first place. be wary.)

realizing theres gonna be a goddamn warrior cats movie

realizing that david heyman aka the dude who helped produce harry potter, fantastic beasts, and a lot of british movies will be involved and that the cast will most likely be primarily english actors,,,, meaning benedict cumberbatch & martin freeman can somehow find a way to be in it

Gemma Doesn’t Like You


“Are you nervous?” Harry asks, gripping onto Y/n’s hand as he starts his three hour drive to his sister’s house.

In their now one year of dating, Y/n is finally meeting Harry’s sister, Gemma. With their schedules being tied from Y/n’s university, to Gemma’s new job, and Harry’s recent solo work, there was barely any time for either of them to take a three hour drive for them to meet. But with somehow a lot of convincing bosses and Y/’s spring break, it’s finally time for Y/n to meet Harry’s “second half.”

“I’m okay.” Y/n replies reluctantly. 

In all honesty, she’s scared shitless. Even though the rest of Harry’s family practically coos over Y/n, Y/n wasn’t raised in a high income family. She shared a two bedroom apartment with her two parents and her two older brothers her entire life. Her only time out of the house was when she went off to school or work, never really having a social life because she neither had time or money for it. This news has been everywhere in the tabloids. How Y/n is living in Harry’s home, how Y/n is only paying off debt and university because of Harry’s wealth. But even though those statements are completely true, it is nothing like what it seems. There is an entirely different story underneath their publications that nobody understands besides Harry and Y/n. And that’s what scares her the most.

“Don’t worry, baby. She’ll love you. She can read whatever she wants, yeah? But all she needs to pay attention to is who you really are.”

Y/n almost throws up at this. 

Harry holds her hand tighter. He knows she knows Gemma has already tried to get Harry to break up with her for a while now. She thinks that Y/n is nothing but a gold digger, using a sympathy card to get every ounce of money out of him so that she can manage a living. Of course that wasn’t the case, and Harry would be willing to spend the rest of his life disproving his sister. And he’s starting today.

“Who I really am is not going to impress her, Harry. I have nothing set out for me.”

“Woah woah woah, wait a second, don’t say things like that.”

“It’s the truth.” She shrugs.

“That’s far from it. You’ve been busting your ass trying to finish school. I have never seen someone be so determined to accomplish anything in my life. You inspire me everyday, every single day. When I feel like giving up or thinking what I’m doing isn’t worth it, I think of your ability to overcome any of that. It doesn’t matter your money, Y/n, you’re the best person I’ve ever met. I’d do anything to be half the woman you are.”

Y/n smirks, letting out a slight chuckle. She leans over to press a gentle kiss on his cheek, rubbing her nose slightly against the skin.

“So you wanna be a woman, huh?”

Harry laughs, sneaking a look at her from the corner of his eye. Her hair in loose curls, diamond stud earrings glistening on her ears, a small smile playing on her lips, her eyes trained on the road in front of her.

“Don’t worry, darling,” Harry sighs, “you’ll always have me.”

Pulling up into Gemma’s driving gave Y/n enough fear to almost pass out on the walk to her front door. Everything she has felt about this day is building up so much inside of her that her body almost feels numb. 

“Stop stressing, darling” Harry chuckles, “it’ll be fine.”

When taking the steps up to her door, Y/n had to grab onto Harry’s hand in case she wanted to run away. Harry gave her a reassuring kiss before he opened the door and walked inside her home.

“Gem! We’re here!”

Her house is everything Y/n expected it to be. Everything is open, everything all in one place, nothing to separate the rooms. It all looked so expensive, there is nothing Y/n has ever seen like it. All she can see herself doing in it is dancing without having any walls to bump into.

Gemma walks out from the kitchen, looking slightly uneasy, but smiling as she gave her brother a welcoming hug. When releasing herself from Harry, Gemma gives Y/n the most disgusting look she has ever seen.

“So, this is Y/N”

Y/n disregards the way she says it. She’s going to do her best to get Gemma’s liking, there is no way she can mess this up,

“Hello, Gemma, it’s wonderful to meet you.” Y/n smiles, sticking her hand out to properly introduce herself. Gemma smiles slightly, looking down at Y/n’s hand.  

“Is there any reason my brother is paying your university tuition, Y/n?

The way she says her name burns Y/n’s insides, like her name is toxic on the tongue. She slowly puts her hand down, tucking it underneath her other arm as her second hand moves to push twist her hair. 

“O- Oh, um..”

“Gemma!” Harry seethes, “what the hell?”

“N- No, Harry,” Y/n interjects, shaking her head slightly, “it’s fine. It’s just that my family isn’t financially stable. They obviously wanted me to get into the best university I could, so when I got accepted, I began to take out student loans. I was on work study and we were provided a good amount of financial aid but it wasn’t enough for us. I ended up owing a lot of money to the bank and-“

“So you had my brother use all the money he saved up from his career to pay for you?”

Y/n stands wide-eyed, clearly not expecting the accusation of her using him. It took Y/n months before agreeing to let Harry pay her tuition. He had offered since the day he met her. She stressed herself out in ways he’d never seen. He felt his career wasn’t even half of what she put herself through at the time. He had all the money for everything she wanted, he was willing to give every penny he had to her, drop everything he’s worked for and give it all to her. He didn’t need it anymore. He had spent his entire life building and building his future. He spent five years making money that he didn’t even know what to do with. He found his girl, he found the one he was going to marry. He had a house, a beautiful house, one he could still pay off because he’s still being paid for being in the media. He lived his dream, there was no reason to keep it. None.
After what felt like years of Harry begging her, to the point where he even went on his knees, to help her get through her financial crisis, she couldn’t say no. Not to that amount of desperation, not when he was in tears watching her suffer so much.

“Wh- what? No, no that’s not what I’m saying at all!”

“What the fuck, Gem?!” Harry growls, his eyes narrowing, pulling Y/n closer to his side. “You don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about.“

“That’s bullshit!” Gemma spits, taking a threatening step closer to Y/n, who’s shaking and choking back her stupid tears.

“What are the chances a girl like you gets it on with my brother?! Huh? What are the fucking chances of that?!" 

“THAT IS FUCKING ENOUGH!” Harry booms, pushing his hand out to push Gemma away from Y/n.

He swears, he could fucking break her wrists in half. Gemma was the last person he expected to judge Y/n on her economic class. He actually thought they’d get on extremely well. He never expected to be holding Gemma back from punching a fearful, shaken up Y/n, whom he wishes more than anything to be comforting right now, but is too scared to set Gemma out of his grasp. 

Y/n steps back, taking in a harsh breath as the wind is knocked right out of her. She genuinely feels like someone punched her in the throat, which probably would have happened if Harry wasn’t holding Gemma back as hard as he is.
She feels the tears that were building up in her eyes slowly start to fall, her barrier completely breaking down. It wasn’t supposed to be this way, nothing was. She’s not supposed to make Harry’s family hate her. She wanted to become apart of it, grow old and pass down more generations of it. It wasn’t supposed to happen this way.

In the mix of her emotions, Y/n puts on the fakest fucking smile she’s ever put on. Of course it’s not on there for long. She looks down the second it disappears, falling just as quickly as it formed. If she continues to fight for herself, there would be no room for any hope she wishes to carry that Gemma will somehow see her differently. 

“You don’t have to worry about this anymore, Gemma” she cries, little pathetic sobs finding their way from her throat, “I’m going to go now.”

Harry’s head whips up, his heart suddenly stopping when he sees her turn away. 

“No.” He whispers, “baby, baby don’t.” 

His hands loosen around Gemma’s wrists. Not giving a crap what she decides to do once he lets go, his hands fall completely to his sides when he sees her run out the front door.

“I never want her back in this goddamn house, Harry, I swear-”

Never fucking speak to me again!” Harry roars, “if I ever fucking see you after this you’re done! Do you understand that?! You’re fucking done!”

Gemma gasps, flinging her hands into the air.

“What the fuck?! Are you blind, Harry?! I’m protecting you!”

Harry’s hands clench into fists, all his anger building up inside of him. He drove three hours, taking Y/n’s spring break time, the only time she can ever relax, away from her, just to show up here and have Gemma disrespect Y/n like that? How dare she even think about that? How dare she belittle her in front of him like that?

Before Harry can even think properly, his fist is colliding harshly against the wall. He felt nothing, only a few pieces of the cement falling to his feet and the horrified look Gemma is looking at him with.

“You’re a piece of shit! You’re fucking dead to me! You’re fucking done!”

Before Harry wastes anymore time, he’s out that door in seconds. He runs in the direction their house is. He’s never run quicker, as if his legs are full speed and his mind is scattered all around him. Nothing is making sense, everything he thought he knew was falling apart. The life he’s built himself is crumbling beneath him, and there is absolutely nothing he can do about it.

“Y/n, Y/n wait!” Harry yells once he sees her running. 

She can hear him, she can hear him loud and clear, but her legs don’t stop moving, and she hasn’t even turned her head to look at him. She can’t, she can’t look at everything she’s ever loved and walk away from it. It’ll be too much for her, she’ll break the second she looks at him and she knows it.

Before Y/n can quicken her pace, Harry grabs onto her wrist so tight that she somehow ended up ramming into his chest. He immediately begins to cry, grabbing her face in his hands as he forces her eyes to land on him.

“Don’t leave me, baby. Don’t leave me.”


“Not over my fucking sister, Y/n. Please, you can’t do that to me. You can’t.”

She squeezes her eyes shut, breaking down entirely as she feels him hold her. How in the world is she going to do this? It’s either she stays with Harry and gets tormented by his sister, who will make her life a living hell, or she leaves Harry, and lives the rest of her life alone because she can’t find love in anyone else.

She almost considers staying with him. Almost. But there is no way she can stay together with him and live her entire life being hated by somebody who means more to Harry than she does. She just can’t.

“She’s right. This whole thing. All of this is a mistake, we’re too different. This isn’t right.” Y/n sobs.

“NO!” Harry barks, pressing his forehead so hard onto hers he wouldn’t be shocked if he broke his skull from it. 

“You don’t dare say that shit to me. You don’t say that to me.”

Y/n shakes her head, pushing him off of her as hard as she could.

“That’s your sister, the way she spoke to me.”

“I don’t care. I’ll never let her in again, she won’t have any fucking sense in this, baby. Nothing will get in our way.”

But she just can’t.

“I’m so sorry, Harry.”

Harry swears he feels his heart ripping in half at her words. His body feels completely detached, like every bone is breaking and all he has left to do is fall in front of her. He holds onto her legs like it’s his last hope. His sobs draining out everything in his head and all he can fucking feel is the mix of his heart being taken right out of his chest and her hands running softly through his hair.

“Please, Y/n.” Is the only thing is brain can muster. Please, please, please. Any source of desperation to keep her with him, that’s the only thing his brain can produce.

He grips onto her legs tighter, his forehead pressed against her knees. He feels her tug at his hair, hears her cry and curse under her breath. 

This wasn’t supposed to happen.


She sighs, a last cry ripping from her.

“I can’t.”

modern, muggle headcanons

[wolfstar and jily/jegulily, 1,5523]


  • oversized sweaters and button downs all day everyday
  • ink stained hands
  • collects old books - Most have torn pages and faded ink from constant rereading.
  • has too many half written stories all featuring the same characters he’s overly attached to (an: oh shit its actually me)
  • somehow always carries chocolate or knows the nearest place he can get some.
  • works in a book store (an: I just love this au too much ik its cliché as hell)
  • can and will fall asleep anywhere
  • all his clothes have rips in them or are extremely worn - not on purpose like Padfoot however (’MOONY ITS PUNK ROCK SHUT UP AND GIMME THE SCISSORS’)
  • enjoys the rain a lot - lucky they stay in Scotland then
  • Amber eyes and golden hair that lightly curls with his love of the rain (James gets jealous bc hes the ‘curly haired friend’)
  • always carries a notebook, of which he has wayyyyy too many
  • knows too many constellations which he doodles in all of his notebooks and always keeps track of the moon phases, hence the nickname
  • his sleep schedule is beyond screwed - probably caused by “ nope I cant sleep without reading Pads,” and then getting completely transfixed by a fictional world
  • always sketching people around him, he could happily sit in a café all day and draw everyone there, maybe he has an entire notebook of Padfoot sketches, maybe he does not, who knows
  • can’t function without coffee
  • very trustworthy of his friends almost too trusting, but can barely talk to a person outside of their group
  • almost too pale, couldn’t tan if he tried all that the sun does is give him a light dusting of freckles and chases away his beloved rain
  • loves living in the attic of their huge shared home (curtesy of James’ insanely large inheritance and Sirius’ uncle Alphaard) it has wooden walls and an obscene amount of plants, his favourite part is a large window on the ceiling that he enjoys climbing out especially when its drizzling when the others join him
  • usually the subject of Padfoot’s (favourite) polaroids
  • probably the only guy there that thinks of the consequences of a situation before they become a reality
  • the responsible one
  • can read & write music
  • pianist
  • Lily & Peter read all of his stories - annoyed they aren’t finished
  • loves animals, still pretends to be annoyed when James brings home stray dogs
  • gets sick constantly and secretly finds it hilarious when Sirius freaks out and acts like his nurse


  • constantly painting, drawing and creating awesome art pieces
  • photography nerd - has a huge collection of polaroids & pinholes in his ‘dark room’ (a cupboard under the stairs that has a red light)
  • owns a motorbike that he is constantly repairing and is attempting to convince James to get one too “prongs we’ll look awesome c’mon do it or the aesthetic” James can’t ride a damn bicycle
  • always stealing Remus’ sweaters, even thought they are all about 10 sizes too big
  • has at least 15 leather jackets.(Wears one bc Moony got him patches for it years ago)
  • Long black hair that is always falling into tired grey eyes - Walburga has threatened to chop it off too many times
  • works in an art gallery, occasionally slips in his own work (the manager knows but she loves his work)
  • angsty as hell
  • always listening to music - preferably on vinyls  “I don’t care how expensive it is Wormtail, it sounds far better (also it’s not my credit card its my cousin Bellatrix’s so???)
  • Smoker (probably for the aesthetic tbh) “yeah right Moons it makes me punk rock as shit,”
  • wears his biker boots all day everyday
  • plays guitar (secretly acoustic is his favourite)
  • all his clothes are ripped as heck
  • very very protective of his friends, has given out and received his fair share of black eyes for this “its for a noble cause also it makes me look pun-”        “ Padfoot for god sake we get it you’re punk rock!”
  • terrible at showing negative emotions but has learned to when it comes to Prongs and Moony - he’s getting there with some of the others
  • obsessive in his love for dogs and is genuinely offended when Lily gets a cat, the day he found out  James bought it the word ‘betrayal’ is genuinely used, even more offended when Regulus began playing with the cats “ Sirius I’m named after a star in the LEO constellation???”
  • such a drama queen (speaking of Queen imagine him & Bohemian Rhapsody?)
  • tries to hide his aristocratic background, though his mannerisms show it off quite often
  • fluent in French he has a slight French accent
  • Lives on Tumblr (surprisingly this was never meant on this site) & Netflix
  • also memorises the moon phases ( just to impress Remus honestly)
  • makes awful puns constantly “I’m serious”       “nah I’m Sirius you’re James”         “ugh are you fucking serious”         “nah I’m fucking Moony” *atrocious wink*
  • ripped skinny jeans - Wormtail still calls him emo for it


  • super athletic
  • Loves photography claims to use the best equipment but still constantly invades Sirius’ excuse for a dark room
  • plays drums
  • somehow the only one who can cheer up Regulus instantly
  • only has 1 pair of glasses even though he is horrendously clumsy, Lily is assuming he is just seeing how much tape he can build up before they are entirely useless
  • obsessed over football - he manages a small team that he is way too enthusiastic about
  • still surprised Lily even talks to him “James we’ve been dating for 5 years stop being a prat”
  • plans out the biggest pranks and somehow manages to get everyone involved, if he doesn’t they turn to shit but that’s a ‘secret’ everybody knows
  • only shoes he actually ones are trainers & football boots “James you are not wearing Nikes to Alice and Franks bloody wedding!”
  • really copetitive
  • obsessively plays Xbox and has weekly gaming nights with everyone (Sirius always rage quits) Wormtail is the only one who is still playing with him after 30 minutes
  • goes on tones of unplanned road trips with Lily
  • tries a weird new diet practically every week, sort of a health freak
  • way too much house pride - his whole room is decorated red and gold
  • has an old pickup truck he prides too much even though he is almost needing to fix it as much as Sirius and his ancient motorbike
  • the ‘mom friend’ always looking after everyone


  • actually the only reason they don’t all eat fast food & take aways 24/7 - he’s a great cook
  • proof reads all of Remus’ stories for him before they get posted
  • works as a barista in a grunge as hell café across the road - the others always hang out there when he’s working
  • secretly enjoys the challenge of James’ strange dieting (gluten free+ vegan month was definitely a challenge though)
  • owns 2 pet rats - is scared shitless that Regulus’ pet snake is going to eat them at one point
  • really good at giving gifts because he’s great at listening to people
  • has a massive collection of hoodies for no apparent reason
  • always third wheeling because of Wolfstar and Jily, it’s better now that Regulus has move in though
  • really good at video games - occasionally lets James win because he gets too moody otherwise
  • bassist
  • only listens to indie & grunge music - secretly loves Sirius’ obsession with vinyls


  • not super feminine but always has the latest fashion trends - usually fairly alternative (known to sport the jeans + fishnets thing that looks bomb as hell)
  • reads almost as much as Remus and is always hanging out in the book shop he works at
  • really enjoys playing football with James - finds it hilarious when he gets competitive
  • super long ginger hair + green eyes
  • loves tattoos, has handpoked a few of her own (mainly gets them done professionally, her friend Marlene is a tattoo artist) & Sirius let her do a moon on his wrist
  • doesn’t know that James reads all the books she talks about until she finds 3 of them hidden on his side of them wardrobe and interrogates him
  • super spontaneous really enjoys the constant unplanned road trips 
  • does a lot of digital art, usually draws characters from books most often the characters Remus will never let go of in his stories
  • can ride a motorbike and occasionally takes Sirius’ for a spin
  • just a badass tbh
  • everyone takes their problems to her because she somehow has a solution for everything
  • wants to get into interior design and when they move in she helps everyone decorate their rooms, constantly adding to their home paints a different wall every week
  • literally friends with everyone - nobody dislikes her and probably couldn’t if they tried
  • has a weird skill for knitting, likely the source of 90% of Remus’ holy sweaters
  • obsessed with ‘retro’ things, favourite things tend to be from the 80s/90s
  • always helping Wormtail when he is baking, as long as she gets the first taste

an: this was just a random thing I wrote in a notebook at school, the next time we get a cover teacher I’ll probably add some secondary characters (Regulus, Alice, Frank etc)

my thoughts on 5x10

We made it through the hiatus! Well… some of us did, at any rate. How’d you guys like that episode? Here’s what I thought (my thoughts are jumbled, so bear with me): 

  • Felicity not buying Laurel’s bullshit story from the get go: 💯
  • Felicity planning the party SIMPLY AS A MEANS TO SNIFF OUT LAUREL BEING A FRAUD: 🙌🙌
  • Felicity being all around amazing and take-no-prisoners this ENTIRE EPISODE: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💀
  • That said….
  • Oliver trying to believe the best of Laurel: 😭
  • Oliver trying to be optimistic and believe good things can happen and being open to miracles: 😫😫😫😫
  • I love him so much and his development this season is 👌
  • Rene somehow got me to love him this episode. 
  • I’m still not sure how it happened
  • Referring to them as “mom and dad” helps a LOT though. 
  • Curtis was great this ep too. Holy shit. 
  • KC should only ever play bad guys cuz she’s a LOT more believable when she’s being menacing and bitchy.
  • I even liked Adrian Chase this episode wtf. 
  • All their scenes were amazing but the one where they “argued” (still not sure if that’s what it was) was OFF THE CHARTS and they should always be this way, even after they reunite. 
  • THIS is the Olicity I fell in love with.
  • Two strong and amazing people clashing and changing each other and growing brighter and bigger and stronger and more amazing!
  • The statue blowing up was 😎👍😂. In that order. 
  • Felicity overriding the team was awesome too. Poor Oliver. But y’all know he found it hot too. 
  • Watching Felicity’s pendulum swing towards pessimism and vengeance and anger while Oliver’s swings to optimism, justice and hope… GAH. I LOVE THIS SHIP. 
  • He will light her way. He can’t help Black Siren (cuz bitch is a lost cause yo) but he WILL help Felicity and I can’t fuckin wait. 
  • It’s almost a shame we gotta go through the Susapocalypse here shortly to get there. I will be plugging my ears and going “lalalalala!!! I CANT HEAR YOU” the whole time.
  • But it WILL end and Olicity WILL reunite and if you doubt it now then I can’t help you friend, see you on the other side. 
  • “Hey pumpkin”
  • No more statue! Time to find a new BC! (what’s that? closing the door on LL’s return? YEP. BYE!)
  • Oh hai Tina. I like her. Whatever. I have no reason NOT to like her yet. Come to Star City and kick ignorant male ass, Tina. Can’t wait to know you better. 

And now, a gif of my favorite moment: 

(i swear, my life was extended, my skin cleared up, my debts were paid… this was the moment I’ve lived for, apparently… I don’t see it as Felicity punching Faux!Laurel, I see it as the Olicity fandom punching all the LL stans who’ve been such assholes about Felicity/Olicity all these years. TAKE IT, HATERS.)