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Some celebrities who have killed people - p2

I made a list of some celebrities (people in the public eye at least) who have killed another person, whether it be accidental or on purpose. This is part 2, part 1 can be found here


10. Felicia Pearson - Actress

What you might have seen her in/Known for: The Wire, Diamond Ruff, Da Sweet Blood of Jesus

What she did: Working as a drug dealer at the age of 14, she shot and killed a girl (Okia Toomer), I can’t find many details on why she killed her, but she was arrested, charged and sentenced to serve two consecutive 8-year terms, but she was released after only 6 and a half years. 

11. Lane Garrison - Actor

What you might have seen him in: Quality of Life, Prison Break, Camp X-Ray

What he did: In December 2006, he was drink driving with teenager, Vahagn Setian in the passengers seat when he crashed, killing Vahahn, Lane had a blood alcohol level of .20, and there was cocaine in his system. The L.A. County District Attorney office officially charged him with vehicular manslaughter, driving under the influence and providing alcohol to a minor. He pleaded guilty, in October 2007 he was sentenced to 40 months (3 and a half years) in jail. He was released from prison in April, 2009 for good behavior. He has since enrolled himself into a rehabilitation center to kick his drug and alcohol habit. 

12. Amy Locane - Actress

What you might have seen her in: Cry-Baby, Airheads, Melrose Place, School Ties

What she did: In June 2010 she crashed into another car going into their driveway, killing 60 year old Helene Seeman and injuring her husband Fred. Amy’s blood alcohol was three times the legal limit at the time of the crash. In November 2012 a jury convicted her of vehicular homicide and assault by auto. In February 2013 she was officially sentenced to 3 years in jail. In June 2015 she was released on parole, but in July 2016 the Court determined that Amy will be resentenced after the state appealed her initial sentence as too lenient.

13. Vince Neil - Musician 

Known for: Being the lead vocalist of heavy metal band Mötley Crüe.

What he did: In December 1984 after spending the day at Vince’s house partying with others, himself and Hanoi Rocks drummer Nicholas “Razzle” Dingley decided to go get more alcohol from the shop, Vince lost control of the car and hit an oncoming vehicle. The two occupants of the other car were seriously injured and suffered brain damage, and Nicholas Dingley was killed. Vince was charged with vehicular manslaughter and driving under the influence of alcohol. In July 1986 he was sentenced to 30 days in jail, five years probation, $2.6 million in restitution to the victims of the crash and 200 hours of community service. He got out of jail in 15 days for good behavior; Mötley Crüe dedicated their third studio album, Theatre of Pain, to Nicholas. 

14. Lillo Brancato, Jr. - Actor

What you might have seen him in: A Bronx Tale, The Sopranos (TV show)

What he did: Lillo and his accomplice, Steven Armento (Lillo’s girlfriends father) were breaking into an unoccupied house in late 2005, when off duty police officer, Daniel Enchautegui heard glass breaking (as he lived next door) and confronted them, Daniel waited for back-up as a gunfight began, when he was shot and killed. Lillo was arrested in December 2005, in January 2009 a jury sentenced him to 10 years in prison, Steven received life in prison without the possibility of parole. In December 2013, Lillo was released on parole. 

15. Fay DeWitt - Actress

What you might have seen her in: Moments of Clarity, The Last Heist, Juke Box Hero…these are all recent movies, but she has a very long list of acting credits dating back to 1959. 

What she did: In 1965 she stabbed her ex husband to death with a letter opener, at first she was charged with murder, but charges were later dropped when it came to light she was apparently defending herself from him, who was drunk and attacking her when the stabbing took place.


These posts can take quite long to make since it takes a lot of looking at different sites for details, also typing it out so it isn’t too long, I don’t have time to do anymore right now but I will be making a part 3 post soon, and maybe more true crime celebrity posts?? like celebrities who were murdered, celebrities whose family were killed etc. Not sure, just an idea. I enjoy making these kind of posts in general, it’s interesting.

Can we seriously perish the idea that women only join gaming culture to seek male validation

Or that they have to constantly prove their love of games and can only play from a very selective library to be a “real gamer”

If I pour 200 hours into Animal Crossing or Sims, that is the same level of commitment to pouring 200 hours into any other game. The objectives and themes of the games vary wildly, as with all forms of entertainment, but the commitment is the same. Or that if a guy plays those “girl” games he’s somehow betraying his title of “gamer”.

And that if women DO play those “real” games (like TES, Dark Souls, Call of Duty, etc), they’re only doing it for a man’s attention or to lead them on somehow and not for actual enjoyment. Like buddy. If I could turn on my mic and play with randoms and have fun in any multiplayer game with other people, I would do it in a heartbeat. But I can’t, because I’m harassed about being a girl and told that “I’ll let you win ;)” is a nice thing for a guy to say.

The culture is so toxic and unwelcoming to women and girls STILL manage to avoid that bullshit and enjoy games. Bravo.

Just… shoutout to every person who doesn’t make people feel invalid for what game they enjoy playing. You’re fantastic.


( Okay so lately i’ve been thinking of making Hisoka’s Heavens Arena outfit and i’m just…..SOOOO TEMPTED TO MAKE IT. Like this is my most favorite outfit of his and i would love to do it. The only thing that’s holding me back is this outfit shows off his arms and i’m really insecure about my arms. ^^; Plus i’d like to somehow make the…..ball torso??? Pffff…. XD But yeah…

So, what do you guys think? Should I do it one day? )

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Your drabbles are all so precious and well written!!! Though have you considered Laurent, despite himself, actually getting /sunburned/ from the hot Akielon summer sun?

You know, somehow I haven’t??? Like, I’ve considered Laurent getting sunburned, but somehow it never made it out of modern aus.

But he would of course get sunburned in Akielos. And it would be miserable.

I sunburn like nobody’s fucking business and I like to headcanon that Laurent does too - in a modern au he has to spend thirty minutes putting on sunscreen before leaving the house, and then he has to do it again every two hours.

But, like, sunscreen wouldn’t be a thing in Akielos??? And those chitons don’t cover shit, he’s got no protection.

And growing up in Vere, probably rarely leaving the castle, wearing Veretian clothing all the time… It is entirely possible he’s never gotten a sunburn before.

And I always got the impression that most of Akielos has at least relatively dark skintones, like Damen. Which means sunburns probably aren’t a thing the majority of the population worries about.

Imagine that. Recently crowned King Laurent of Vere, suddenly bright red, radiating heat, and in pain and nobody knows what the fuck is happening. Or like, they do, but in an urban legend sort of why. Like ‘I’ve heard of sunburns, but I didn’t think they actually happened.’ Laurent trying to power through it because he’s proud, but it hurts to put on a shirt, and he never realized how often people brushed against him when they go by until suddenly it started to feel like being hit.

Damen trying to be helpful and supportive, but he’s a touchy person and Laurent does not want to be touched right now, thank you very much, not even by the bedsheets, everything hurts. Laurent being his grumpy self and holding a grudge against everyone who doesn’t have to really worry about this sort of thing.

And, for more of me projecting - he doesn’t even tan after it finally peels off. He’s just as pale as before. Maybe a few more freckles.

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I know you guys aren't specifically religious/emotional advise gurus but I'm really distraught and confused. My mother died a few years back and I'm just beginning to come to terms with being trans. When she was alive we liked doing "female" things together all the time and she used to love dressing me up in dresses, but now with my transition I feel like somewhere, somehow she can see me, and I feel like I'm betraying her by becoming a whole different person from the girl she saw when she died

Eden Says:

You’re right, we aren’t emotional/religious advice gurus. However, we are people who are here to support you, and as such will do our best. The way I see it, if your mother loved you in life and supported you throughout, no matter what she enjoyed doing with you at the time, she would continue to love and support you through this transition. 

If your parent loves you, they want for you what makes you happy and comfortable. In this case, that means transitioning. And if she is looking on from beyond the veil, I think it would be safe to say she would be happy just seeing you happy.


I feel like I’ve known you Calum Hood. I sit on the other side of the screen and feel, feel! I do not dream of it, I feel it! I feel like I know you somehow even if we live in two different continents. I feel like you have this part of me and that I have a part of you. Not hearts Calum, no. Souls. Souls that have lived a hundred different lives, inhabiting bodies that came from the same star. And maybe no, I’m not going to end up with you in this lifetime, because you see, there are other people who has a part of our souls too. But I am choosing to believe that all those who has a part of my soul become a part of my life, somehow. And I refuse to believe that your words, said or unsaid, written or sung, would affect me like this and not have a thread of our souls intertwined somehow as they both travel in this particular strand of time. No I understand you far too much for us to not have already met.

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How long have you been drawing before you worked out your own style(or it appeared itself somehow, well)? I reeeeally like it, all that little details that you draw your own way are so adorable! You're very easy (in a good way of word) to recognize.

Thank you! My style appeared on it’s own, since style isn’t something you can force (atleast not a personal style). It wasn’t before I was 16 that I gained a style that wasn’t forced, and it later evolved into what you see today. Always happy to know that my art is recognizable for you guys ;) (even if I don’t know what makes up my own style)

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Jason has said that Clarke will change her hair. That means we're right with our theory about Clarke's hair. It's a way to show the arc of her character. Now, I'm so excited!! I hope we can see this on screen. It's like when a person want to change his life and get a haircut. A change. A beginning. I'm praying for a sweet scene between Abby and her where Abby cuts her hair. If Abby can't, Bellamy is a good option too ;)

What a lovely idea. Hey, C/L got the drawing fan fiction scene. Why not give us the hair cut fan fiction scene. Somehow I feel like it’ll be Raven or someone else, though. Abby’s a real possibility. But you know, I bet Bellamy did cut Octavia’s hair on the Ark, so you know….

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damaged and disguised

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twisted and crimped and straightened

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loose and damaged

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kind of wrecked and confused

Basically, Clarke’s hair has had a total journey. Where could it POSSIBLY go next? It will say something about where they want to take Clarke, I think.


- Crystal… how is it that they always cry in unison. Why can’t they switch, and somehow agree… Like, you Devon, Drake shut up, I’m going to cry now…  - Born pushed door to nursery ranting at the doorstep -  and you know… I had just the wildest dream. I saw… your mother!  - he blinked twice surprised at Elllie’s sight. He didn’t think twice, just marched in her direction and kissed her.

BTW thanks for all name suggestions :)
Firstborn - Daeil (name I had chosen long ago)

Second - Devon (name suggested by @lunvrsims but also is similar to a few suggestions from @cookie-crumble-sims)

Third - Drake (name suggested by @juliestlove)

ILY guys!

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I think I saw you said on here one time you liked b1a4 and if so what do you think of baro as a rapper. Sorry if I got it wrong!

I think he’s underrrated. He’s actually good. I don’t think he gets much attention because B1A4 doesn’t really do hip-hop. Also, he stays in his lane. Doesn’t try to be tough or gangster. I feel like people somehow like rappers better when they do the whole “tough guy” act. Which is weird to me because unless you’re actually a tough guy it’s pretty obvious that you are faking and it makes me roll my eyes all the time. But anyway. I like Baro, he’s underrated, and actually pretty good.

sinfullysardonic  asked:

broe whats up w that anon,,,,,like who the fuck talks to a person like that is so disrespectful and fucking rude? and the fact that they were on anon goes to show that they knew exactly what they were doing and that they had mal intent. ur really not a fucking horrible person, you are in fact very mild and kind to your followers, as well as a lovely artist. ignore the anon. also, ur literally nothing like onion boy dw haha

Thank you so much.. like ive seen artists being much ruder and worse when replying. there are plenty of people like that. But somehow SOMEHOW the way i talk just doesnt please people i guess like wtf

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Every time we see sweet things with WA, we keep thinking "There's no way in hell they'll top this", but mark my words. They'll find a way. It'll be tough to top that S2 finale kiss or Barry's speech in 2x21, but they'll try.

I feel like they will top it somehow. Like whatever happens will give us all heart attacks LOL. My body ain’t ready for it but we got a couple more months to prepare for whatever good stuff they’re gonna throw at us

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I actually feel like sanji does have enough confidence in his abilities but not so much his worth? Like an actual literal conversation with him at the baratie: "but you'll die!" "Whatever." Like the others will make sacrifices too but usually it's "I'll sacrifice this to keep fighting" but somehow with sanji it keeps looking like "I'll die so you survive" (or for Zeff, "I'll devote my life to you because I can never pay you back") but I'm also biased, so...

But that’s Sanji pre-Luffy. And even before he met up with Luffy I think he had redeemed most of his self-esteem and that’s why I feel so thankful to Zeff. Like I answered to the other ask, I plan to post about this issue later so let’s talk more about it when we get there.