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"Just a second..." Sherlock called from behind the door. John, waited patiently, sighed and watched as his best friend finally came out. "How's this?" Sherlock asked. John smiled and stood up slowly and walked towards him." I think..." he said while straightening his bow tie, "It's perfect." . "Really? Are you sure. I think it's too small" John looked into Sherlock's eyes and kissed his lips softly. "I'm telling you, you look perfect. Now come on, we have some cakes to try." John replied.

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There’s something to be said for allusive titles: they can be intriguing and draw you in. And obscure titles at least make a change from the current trend for The Woman Who Climbed out of Her Car and Mowed the Lawn. (I made that one up, though it could be a bestseller). But when it comes to titles that are simply misleading, there are just far, far too many.
—  In a piece for the Guardian Moira Remond considers some of the most misleading and misunderstood book titles, such as John Williams‘s Stoner (which our own Claire Cameron wrote about here.)
My Heart On The Line

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Part 8

John groaned and tried to move, but pain throbbed in his back and abdomen, and he couldn’t seem to move his legs enough to stand up. His body trembled and he heard voices from the hall, and some kind of beeping alarm, but couldn’t pinpoint where it was coming from.

He placed his uninjured hand on the floor and pushed himself up, but the pain only increased and he fell back onto his side. His inhaled sharply through his nose, and felt something warm trickling down his hand.

Oh, the IV tube…shit

John looked at the ceiling and noticed it was blurring; he barely registered he was going to pass out, and when he did, blackness enveloping his vision completely, followed by rapid beeping from the machine beside him.


Sherlock rushed after the medical staff, and made it to John’s room just in time to see them lifting him off the floor and placing him back into bed.

Idiot! Why did I have leave just to pout?

He rushed in and hovered by the bed, itching to do something to help but unsure what to do.

“What happened?” he asked.

“It seems he fell out of bed, though we aren’t sure why he was getting up,” the nurse provided.

Sherlock looked down at John. His wrist was bleeding where the IV tube had come undone, and he was flushed and sweating; the fever must have increased. His eyes moved under his lids and he was attempting at lifting his arms up, but was too weak to do so. He squirmed underneath the people’s hands as they tucked him into bed, and then abruptly leaned up as if he wanted to sit. The nurse and doctor gently held him by the shoulders and pushed him down, but he mumbled incoherently and persistent.

“…Sh’lock….” John’s eyes were glazed and unfocused as he looked around the room.

Sherlock stepped forward. “I’m here, John.” He reached over the railing to take his hand, but then John leaned to the other side and heaved. He vomited onto the floor, and then whimpered, crossing his arm over his abdomen and grimacing.

“Let’s get an ultrasound,” the doctor ordered. “But if he has internal bleeding, we won’t be able to operate until his temperature lowers.”

Sherlock stared at him. “Why not?”

“The anesthesia could cause complications. If the bleeding becomes serious, then we will operate. For now, it may have to wait. The lower his fever is, the better.”

“But he’s in pain,” Sherlock protested.

“We can give him some morpheme. And we will know more once we take an ultrasound.” 

A nurse redid John’s IV, and then injected him with something. John slowly relaxed in the bed, his eyes dropping close as he did so. The alarm on the monitor slowly subsided, and then his vitals were back to normal.

Sherlock went around to his chair and pulled it closer to the bed. He took John’s hand back into his own, and then looked up at the doctor, raising an eyebrow expectedly. 

“We’ll keep a close eye on him. A nurse will check his abdomen to see if the sutures had come apart. If they did, we’ll have to go back in to surgery. His blood test should come soon, so we’ll know what kind of infection we’re dealing with. It’s likely sepsis, but the tests will be more accurate so then we can treat him correctly. I’m afraid it’s just sit and wait for a few hours.”

Sherlock sighed shakily and nodded. The doctor left, and then the nurse came in with the ultrasound. She was quick, and confirmed the doctor’s suspicious, and then she cleaned up the mess, and then finally left.

Alone again, Sherlock thought. He swallowed tightly and rubbed John’s hand soothingly. John shifted awake, but he looked more sick then he did just fifteen minutes ago.


“I’m here,” Sherlock whispered.

“Don’t blame you,” John mumbled. Sherlock inhaled deeply and nodded, although John’s eyes had closed again for a brief moment. He turned to Sherlock, narrowed his eyes, and offered a weak grin.

“Don’t be an idiot, John,” Sherlock said.

John bit his lip and looked away. “I just needed a bucket. I didn’t want to make a mess,” he mumbled.

Sherlock squeezed his hand, not surprised by John’s reasoning. John remained silent for a while, and Sherlock thought he had fallen asleep, and then he spoke again.

“The sutures came apart,” John whispered.


“I’ll need surgery again.”

Sherlock nodded.

“I wonder how that happened,” John mumbled. “But I have a fever.”

Sherlock nodded again, and waited, watching him closely as John spoke.

“It’s only going to get worse.”

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How did they queer code John??

Okay, full disclosure: I think part of John’s more “Pansy” behaviors come from Bill Paxton just…being…whatever it is he does. He’s just kind of weird like that, god love him. 

But there are some minor occurrences of queer teasing prior to the reveal, (his line about Felix being “coy but scrappy” accompanied by a flirtatious grin, his relationship with Phil, etc), it ramps up when he’s, shall we say “outed” as the Clairvoyant.

His entire phone conversation with Skye in the finale, his mannerisms, his line to Mike (”I love you too”), his treatment of Ward looks like an abuser and a rapist more and more every second they spend time on screen—shit, he even says Ward has a “straight version of himself.”

There’s a tradition as old as time in Hollywood of the “Pansy/Nancy/Sissy-boy,” and they tend to be villains. They tend to be stereotypical hysterics, adopting feminine traits to further the societal perception of gay men as non-masculine and queer. (Look at Scar, look at Ratcliffe, look at King John, like literally every Disney movie does this—hell for a more modern example, look at Kristoff v Hans in Frozen. Christ.)

John was already skirting the line until the villain reveal, after which he went full camp. 

Given this show closeted and then brutally murdered its only two lesbians for the sake of…whatever…they really don’t even bother justifying it beyond “tori was a  bitch lmao,” it’s hard to trust this was “just” a coincidence. 

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I hate you. Actually, I'm just crazy jealous, the tour is not coming anywhere near me!

I got super lucky. I just so happened to be in the city that week, and I got an amazing deal on tickets.
It was awesome, each cast member did stand up. Eugene Mermen and Dan Mintz’s stand up was amazing. So was John Roberts too.

After that John Roberts sang some Linda songs (Harry Truman) with the creator of the show, who apparently plays the ukulele. Then Eugene Mermen sang that snake song.

Then they introduced the guy who plays teddy and Kevin Kline (mr fishchoeder) there was a table reading from a new episode and a panel style Q&A

To top off the show, Kevin Kline and the cast sang Electric Love and Jermaine Clement did Gail’s part.

It was a fantastic show

Spurious quotations (part umpteen)

Today’s spurious quotation comes to us from Republican gubernatorial candidate Andrew Hemingway and state House Rep. Jordan Ulery (R-Hudson), who posted a Facebook meme with a quotation attributed to Thomas Jefferson: “Most bad government has grown out of too much government.”

Researchers with the Thomas Jefferson Foundation consulted Jefferson’s archives and declared the quotation “has not been found in any of the writings of Thomas Jefferson.” Instead, the researchers determined the quotation “can definitely be attributed to John Sharp Williams in a speech about Jefferson, which has most likely been mistaken at some point for a direct quotation of Jefferson.”

The quotation appears on page 49 of “Thomas Jefferson: His Permanent Influence on American Institutions,” which Williams wrote in 1913. The researchers note the earliest known appearance in print of the quotation being attributed to Jefferson was a 1950 article in Forbes by Bertie Charles Forbes.

Now you know.

Just a Fool... A Fool For Art

Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be preparing to show some work at the John Tyler Community College’s tenth annual Fool For Art Festival. I’ll be printing up some new work and building some walls so I can display. I’m also excited, because I’m a huge advocate of continuing education, and one of the reasons the folks at John Tyler Community College decided to create this event was to help raise awareness about the resources they make available to the community. 

The Fool For Art Festival is April 18th from 10am to 4pm. There is no fee for admission, so at the least come by and check out what local artists and crafters are doing. There’s a bit of food there too, just in case you want to feed the body and the soul. 

In case you’d like to learn more about John Tyler Community College’s Fool for Art Festival here are a few links:

JTCC’s Fool For Art - Main Page - The main page for the Fool For Art Festival including vital information, like time and place

JTCC’s Fool For Art - About - Just a little blurb about why they started the festival ten years ago.

JTTC’s Fool For Art - 2015 Vendor List - Check out variety of artists and crafters participating this year. 

JTTC’s Fool For Art - Food Vendor List - A little bit about the food choices available at the festival.

John Tyler Community College - The website for the college, with links to admissions, classes and other resources that John Tyler provides our community

Excerpt from a letter to my sister.

But remember, nothing and no one is static. Everything is always, constantly changing. Embrace that. Love the fact that when you wake up in the morning, you are not who you were the day before. You are filled with infinite potential. But be careful, too. Like I said, everything and everyone is changing. Promises will be broken, feelings will fade, and friends aren’t going to stick around forever. And sometimes, it really really sucks. Everyone always talks about how one day, we’ll look at these bad times and laugh. But sometimes, looking back at the good times can make us cry.

Okay, last thing. You do not have to be happy all the time. I know that the way our parents talk, it’s like it’s wrong for us to feel sad or mad or jealous or upset or jus pissed off. I’m telling you no. There is not a person on earth who is happy all the time. There will be days when you feel like there’s nothing left to live for. There will be days when you feel so sad you just stop feeling. There will be plenty of bad days. Tons. But there are infinitely more good days. A bad day, or month, or even a bad year does not make a bad life. And besides, I’m not worried about you. You are strong and beautiful and I have no doubt that no matter how far you fall, you’ll pick yourself back up. So if you’re feeling sad, feel sad. “Pain demands to be felt.” Why should anyone ever have to pretend nothing’s wrong? Your feelings are valid, simply because you feel them. Does that make sense?

Science on a Plate

The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh’s Science on a Plate exhibition is currently up and running in the John Hope Gateway. The exhibition focuses on where the food on your plate comes from with information from Scotland’s leading scientific institutes. The Edible Gardening Project slots nicely into the subject matter and we have our own presence in the exhibition.

There is also a collection of rather lovely photographs by Carlo D’Alessandro. The images focus on some of Scotland’s Allotment Gardeners. For those of you who can’t visit us, here is an  example of Carlo’s work.

We are getting involved with the culinary side of things too. I mentioned Neil Forbes and his involvement with the project back in January. The Edible Gardening Project team will work with him in the Real Life Science Kitchen for the Plot to Plate sessions on the 9th April. Neil will be creating delicious masterpieces using fresh vegetables from our garden, and the team will be on hand with growing advice.

Click here for details and booking information for all the Science on a Plate events.

Science on a Plate was originally published on Botanics Stories



Australian rockers The Lazys are almost honorary Canadians at this point. Their irresistible hit “Shake It Like You Mean It” was written together with Ian D’Sa of Billy Talent; the band’s self-titled debut album also includes collaborations with Canadian rockers John-Angus and Colin MacDonald of The Trews; and two of the tracks were produced in Vancouver. (Read my review of the album here.)

The band toured Canada in 2014 after getting a load of attention at Canadian Music Week in Toronto, and they’re coming back in the spring of 2015 for more rock’n’roll mayhem: check out their tour-dates (some headliners, some opening for Danko Jones) here.

The Lazys hail from New South Wales, but they already have a dedicated fan-following in Canada too. I’ll be seeing them in Vancouver with Danko Jones on April 18!

It’s painful to say but I’ve been slowly feeling myself drifting away from and losing interest in Homestuck. I still love it and will definitely be reading the updates to come but like in the time since the hiatus started I became so attached to OTGW, GF, and SU that it’s pretty much all I post now and I feel so guilty about it for some reason. Like I feel like I don’t deserve my John themed icon and url and theme anymore and that it’s all a lie I’m just lying to you all

First time for me up at our new land! It’s so beautiful and to have the most amazing company i could ever imagine!!!!! I’ll post some of us closer together later. (John wasn’t feeling too well in this picture) #new #beginnings #newmexico #nofilter #trueLove #finallytogether #atlast #attitudeofgratitude #attunement #americans coming from #Indonesia #lovethatboy