but some are upbeat

i’m so excited i could cry like what is the album gonna be called????????? how many songs is it gonna be??????? what is it gonna sound like??????? is it completely different like did he want to explore a whole new genre????? is it going to be more than one genre???? are they gonna be more upbeat or more slow?????? is he gonna do some more falsettos like in home????? what’s the album cover art gonna be????? what’s his name gonna look like on it?????? WHAT ARE THE LYRICS GONNA BE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IS HE GONNA RIP MY HEART RIGHT OUTTA MY GODDAMN CHEST

whenever you're feeling unmotivated and sleepy:

• drink a big glass of water
• fix your posture and sit up straight
• do some stretches to get moving
• take some deep breaths
• straighten up the area you’re in a little bit
• listen to some intense classical music or just some upbeat music!
• get working! :)

a mix for staring at the stars and wondering about our place in the universe… for all those yearning for something more than what this earth can give us.

how i leapt from the stratosphere - mountains of the moon // cecelia and the satellite - andrew mcmahon in the wilderness // midnight moon - oh wonder // stardust - new politics // mountain sound - of monsters and men // oblivion - bastille // half the world away - aurora // clouds - borns // heaven - troye sivan // arcadia - the kite string tangle // cosmic love - florence + the machine // tant que j’ai le soleil - mika // ends of the earth - lord huron // young god - halsey

listen here

So I’ve been watching musicals
And I totally feel like
If TFC were a musical
Andrew would be the one to break the fourth wall and constantly question why everyone is singing
Nicky starts up with some upbeat song about him and Erik and how love can span oceans or some shit
And Dan and Matt join in
And it’s at a practice
And Andrew is in goal and is just like
The fuck is happening here
So he grabs a ball
And he aims it
To ricochet and hit all three of them in the head
And all the Foxes just turn to stare at him
‘Practice!’ He yells
But no one moves
So he bangs his racquet against the goal post
‘No more singing’
And suddenly everyone is this flurry of movement
And practice resumes
And Kevin is really smug on the court that it’s Andrew who is yelling at everyone to practice
No one has a musical moment in front of Andrew again

I’ve started a new side blog, Pippin Noodle, strictly dedicated to cute pictures and videos of my kitten, Pippin.  After 2016 being such a rough year, I’ve decided that I want to do something positive and upbeat to put some joy back into the general ether for 2017.  And what better way to do that than by sharing pictures of a kitten who never fails to make me smile?  So stop by  @pippinnoodle for your daily dose of orange tabby kitten and let a bit of therapeutic cuteness wash away some of the stress of your day.

Pippin Noodle updates at least twice daily with new pictures and/or videos.

He’s got his head in the clouds and his eyes on the sky.     //    (Part 5 out of 5 of the APH America series)  art by sovonight!

01. BRUCE WAYNE - memorecks.  |  02. APPLAUSE - lady gaga.  |  03. STARBOY - the weeknd.  |  04. VAGABOND (MILKMAN REMIX) - misterwives. |  05. LIVE LIKE A WARRIOR - matsihayu.  |  06. ALONE - marshmello. |  07. IGNITE - zedd.  |  08. MEGALOVANIA - undertale.  |  09. PATTY CIRCULATION - mr wo b.  |  10. BORN TO RUN bruce springsteen. |  11. OTIS - jay z & kanye west ft otis redding.  |  12. MEANT TO LIVE - switchfoot.  |  13. RIGHT BEFORE YOUR OWN EYES - tim easton.  |  14. FIGHTING - yellowcard. |   15. WE DON’T KNOW - the strumbellas. |  16. ISLE OF FLIGHTLESS BIRDS - twenty one pilots. |  17. BACK TO EARTH - steve aoki ft. fall out boy. |  18. GOLD GUN GIRLS - metric.  |  19. YOUNG GOD - halsey. |  20. EAST - sleeping at last. |  21. ANGELS - owl city. |  22. FIRE - 3lau & said the sky . |  23. HOME WE’LL GO - steve aoki ft walk off the earth. |  24. FIREBIRD - galantis.  |  25. RADIO GA GA - queen.  |  26. WE DIDN’T START THE FIRE - billy joel. 

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Headcannons of Yuri P. And s/o pair skating?

-They skate to some upbeat music

-Lots and lots of death spirals (Yuri is convinced that’s the most badass element ever)

-He really wants to do quads with s/o, but won’t pressure them into anything

-Doesn’t quite like step sequences

-It’s a consequence of bumping into s/o a lot during practice

-They are the most fabulous pair on the ice

-At some point, people were wondering which on of them’s the girl, rip

“Lana Del Rey’s Upcoming Album To Include ‘Exciting Guest Artists’”

Lana Del Rey on Saturday released a blissful new single “Love,” the first preview of her forthcoming new album, out later this year.

The track, which was first made available internationally on iTunes and Google, follows speculation on Friday after mysterious “Love” posters surfaced in Los Angeles.

As we previously mentioned, Del Rey has been in and out of the studio for the last two years, working on the followup to Honeymoon, which arrived in 2015. The new record, which is expected to be more upbeat than some of her past material, is one of Variance’s 50 Albums to Watch for in 2017.

Del Rey created the song with producer and longtime collaborator Rick Nowels, with additional production from Benny Blanco and Emile Haynie. The full album will include contributions from a number of “exciting guest featured artists,” according to a rep in a message to Variance.

Regarding the new music, the singer said: “I made my first four albums for me, but this one is for my fans and about where I hope we are all headed.“

-Variance Magazine, 2017.


Sombra fluff HC’s?

· Loves to cuddle. Anytime she gets the opportunity to do so, she will gladly take it. Also, she’s always the Big Spoon.

· Hogs all the blankets. Her S/O can have the pillows as long as they give her the blankets.

· Will freak out the moment someone flirts back at her. She might be super confident and sarcastic, but she can’t handle having someone throw her a pick-up line. She just can’t.

· She loves musicals. She’s one of those that will have every song from every soundtrack on some device, using the more upbeat songs on replay (I’m not saying she’d love Hamilton, but she would).

· She doesn’t like small places, and that includes cars. She likes having space, and she will do anything to get it.

· Puns. All the puns.

· Will definitely hack into the account of some rich business man and use all his money to help an orphanage or an animal shelter.

Sunday Shoutout





‘Elllo, so it hasn’t been a very busy week for me so I actually got to post some stuff this week, but I am stalled on a few post mostly involving The Glass Scientist, since there may be a important stuff happening in the future of the comic, and it may change the context of the post.

That being said, today is my day off! So aside form doing some paperwork and cleaning, I will be working on some post- like drawings and playlist. (I’m mostly trying to find songs for the Society of Arcane Science playlist, its hard to find songs! Does anyone know any good song for this playlist?????)

ALSO a very special thank you to  @fullychaoticpatrol @  doughnutdebauchery and @blobbeary for creating their own rogue scientist! I love seeing these and they did such a great job!

This is a message to my followers, I know that a lot of my followers are more mutuals than anything but here’s a the thing about me-I CHECK TAGS! Usually when I post things, I leave messages and easter eggs in the tags. Therefore, I assume that when someone reblogs something and don’t leave any tags- they’re keeping it on a normal mutual level. But for the people that DO leave tags or comments, its like leaving me a little thank you note that makes my day so much better (such as the beauty’s that left me these)

Honestly, you all are so wonderful! I truly do want to be closer to my followers! That’s why I love everyone creating their own rogue scientist- it tells me what you as a individual likes- you created the character after all. Perhaps in the near future, I’ll make a little bio of myself so you guys can know more about me, but in the mean time, I want to hear from you guys! 

one last note: I realize after reading a few post that I usually make a lot of typos and the reason being is because I usually get on tumblr on my phone so a lot of it get an incorrect autocorrect. It doesn’t happen as much when I use my laptop but it’s harder to type because I accidentally spilt coffee on my keyboard. It is what it is. 

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Keaton, you are such a light in so many people's lives even though things aren't always easy for you. My heart is heavy and I am finding it hard to hold on to hope. What do you do when you're feeling rough to make yourself feel better? x

write poetry, finger paint, play an instrument, fold origami, get your hands busy with some nice meditative act of creation. put on a playlist of upbeat songs, go for a long walk out in the fresh air where you admire the sky, then come in from the cold and brew yourself a big mug of tea. clean a little if you’re up for it and celebrate that small productive victory. take a hot shower, brush your teeth, change into your comfiest clean clothes.

movement is the key here. do you feel how you just interacted with the world? you’re making changes and doing good for yourself just by getting out of bed, taking deep breaths, and going forward in whatever ways you’re capable.

don’t be afraid to talk to someone who loves you if you think you need to do so. there are people in your life who are always ready to tell you how much you mean to them, how important you are, and how you have the strength to make it through this rough patch (myself included).

but if you just need something to reassure yourself, i want you to hold on to the thought that, no matter how heavy the world might feel, there are always going to be good moments in your future. there are going to be happy moments, even, and great moments where you laugh so hard you chest hurts, where you feel the tenderness and gentleness and light of the world filling you to the brim. those aren’t impossibilities. those are realities. you are without a doubt going to experience wonderful things in your future.

your life has worth. those dreams and goals you’ve made, whether they’re the ones you tell everyone you meet or the ones you tell yourself in secret late at night when you can’t sleep? if you stay here and stick with ‘em, slowly but surely those dreams and goals are going to become tangible. and that’s going to be beautiful. that’s going to be so immensely, fantastically beautiful.

i love you and i know you can make it through anything  xx

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Another post of me singing since y’all enjoyed the last audio. While Valentines’ Day is an upbeat day for some, it can be a sad day of remembrance as you look back at the past memories you’ve had with a love one. I lost someone very dear to me earlier this year, and it still hurts when I walk past his room and notice that he’s not there. But, my little bro is shining down from Heaven as he hears all the audios I dedicate for him~

I miss you, Stephen.

dirty laundry

“I don’t care about what you did, I just care about what we do”

FIRST OF ALL any music video involving Alex getting undressed is automatically an A+ in my book.

This song made me emotional. the influences from Stranger Things are made super obvious not only in the video but in the sound of the music.

I was expecting some upbeat poppy sound like Future Hearts or Kids in the Dark but I think it’s really fresh that their single has a lot more baggage to it. It’s not a feel good song. It’s a song about the way you deal with someone’s past (their “dirty laundry”) when you’re with them. I think it’s super powerful that ATL did this instead of some feel good poppy song you’d hear on the radio.

One thing I didn’t like is how the music video was pretty much all about Alex. I love him to death and I could stare at him for days, but in a music video I want representation from the other members too. We only briefly see Jack put his jacket on and Rian at the drums. Other than that, it’s pretty much all Alex. Maybe it’s symbolic of his relationship with Lisa, because the video does show them getting hitched with the actress in a wedding dress and all, so I have no doubt that he wanted to make a nod to the fact that HALF OF ATL are now married/getting married.

Overall, the sound is really good and refreshing, and I’ve only heard it once so far. I liked Take Cover a lot better but I know these boys have something huge planned for us now and I’m super excited about it. :)))

What are your thoughts?!


Here are some super upbeat and celebratory songs explicitly about girls who like girls (also for anyone whose identity is somewhere in the area these songs would be relevant to and who likes girls!)-some songs are specifically about being a lesbian, some are explicitly about being a girl who likes people of multiple genders and some are just for any girl (or person near that general area) who likes girls! Enjoy! GET PUMPED ABOUT LOVING GIRLS!

Cover image is from “Midsummer Lovers” by Morishima Akiko.

1. I Want Her| Blind Truth ft. Georgia Harris (all girls who like girls)//2. If It isn’t Her|Ani DiFranco (bi/pan/etc)//3. I Don’t Do Boys| Elektra (lesbian)//4.I Kissed a Girl| Jill Sobule (all)//5.Girls Like Girls| Haley Kiyoko (all, sorta)//6.Bokudakeno Cinderella (My Own Cinderella)| Gacharic Spin (all)//7. In Or Out| Ani Difranco (bi/pan/etc)//8.Girls| Beatrice Eli (lesbian)//9. I Like A Boy In Uniform (School Uniform)| The Pipettes (bi/pan/etc.)//10. Red Hot Mama| The Brox Sisters (all)//11.  Simply Irresistible| Janelle Monae (all)//12. Girlfriend|Icona Pop (all)//13. Cartoon Girl| B.Steady (all)

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Feel free to suggest a song but it has to be- 1. very explicitly about being a girl who likes girls and centred around that (either explicitly centered around being queer or a woman singing all about her attraction to  another woman) and 2. Really upbeat- focused on owning the identity or love and attraction not despair or aggravation. 

And if I just don’t like it, it won’t be added.

tw for some equation of being queer to “not being a good girl” in the first song.


some of my mother doodles

NEW PLAYLISTS ♪ \( ̄▽ ̄)/ ♪ 

Hello ladies! This is just a service announcement to let you know that we’ve started up new playlists. 

All new playlists only contain songs from the original one, which is of course still updated every time we post a song. Overview of girlslovegirlslovegirls playlists: 

girlslovegirlslovegirlsOur original playlist where you will find all our posted songs in one. 
Songs so far: 257

girlslovegirlslovegirls - DANCE: A playlist for some of the more upbeat songs from the original list that’re more party friendly than the rest. Get a glass of your designated poison and get going.
Songs so far: 69

girlslovegirlslovegirls - Slow love:

The slow, cosy songs full of love for a special someone or women in general. Good for sunday mornings and rainy day cuddles. 
Songs so far: 106

girlslovegirlslovegirls - bedroom fun: I’m sure you get the drift. 
Songs so far: 17

girlslovegirlslovegirls - slow goodbye:  Did she just leave and do you need something to help you stimulate your tearducts, give this list a listen. Warning: do not listen while drinking. Call a friend instead. 
Songs so far: 32

girlslovegirlslovegirls - fuckity bye: Sometimes shouting and dancing is the answer instead of crying.  
Songs so far: 10

girlslovegirlslovegirls - DYKE: a small but very gay playlist with songs that only talk about the fact that they’re so gay. 
Songs so far: 6

girlslovegirlslovegirls - Mods fave: Mod Sims personal favorite songs from the original playlist. 
Songs so far: 34

Have at it girls.