but so worth it i'm rly happy with how it turned out

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Hey! So I'm not sure if this is too dark, but you do have "please please please request" in your bio so imma go for it. How would the turtles react to rescuing a girl that was emotionally and physically traumatized (by the foot or whatever, doesn't rly matter) and is super jumpy and PTSD but gets attached to said turtle bc they're the only one that makes her feel safe. Thanks!

First of all, I want to say all the Turtles would react to this the same. They would not be pissed off, or frustrated, or off-put in any way. I think all of them would take them under their wing and want to help the best they could. It doesn’t matter which turtle we’re talking about, they’re all compassionate good boys. So I think the real question (that I will be answering) is HOW they will rescue them. That is, how they help them get better.


  • after the rescue, he can tell she isn’t doing well
  • he notices her symptoms of PTSD the first night she sleeps at the lair
  • instantly sets to helping her cope
  • first he builds trust with her, giving her food, keeping her company, offering his time to help her feel at home
  • then he teaches her meditation
  • at first it’s rocky, the deep thoughts usually turn her to her bad memories
  • but he’s really starting to make progress
  • the most rewarding turning point is when he sees her smile - like genuinely smile - at one of his terrible jokes
  • he’s happy she’s become attached to him
  • because so has he
  • becomes like a best friend/bodyguard to her
  • there to protect her on her bad days
  • there to laugh with her on the good ones

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  • she’s so jumpy, and it makes him a bit nervous that she’s gotten attached to him
  • I mean he’s honored, but he’s got a reputation for being bad-tempered 
  • what if he does more harm than good?
  • he starts off by just being a shoulder to lean on, someone to hold her when the nightmares come around
  • he doesn’t get any sleep for about a week, since he’s staying up to comfort her
  • eventually she shows an interest in his workouts
  • this he can help her with
  • he starts out slow, just showing her basic stretches
  • but eventually she’s doing crunches and sit-ups right along with him
  • the workouts help distract her from what’s going on in her head
  • he’s there with her every step of the way, trying to figure out how best to help her
  • eventually he gets used to her sticking to him like glue
  • actually likes it - she’s not much of a talker, and she’s a great listener

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  • he approaches the situation as a professional at first
  • he knows attachment is natural, especially in cases of PTSD
  • but he didn’t expect it to be so endearing
  • she handles the night terrors like a pro, and she’s very stubborn about telling any part of her past to him
  • she just wants to be near him, apparently because he was the first one she saw when she woke up
  • she just sits and watches him silently while he works
  • it was low-key creeping him out, but her tiny little smiles when he’d accomplish things kept him from shooing her away
  • eventually he showed her how to do a simple science experiment, a little soap and oil project
  • though she hadn’t spoken at all, her little smile of joy prompted him to continue her education
  • before long she was helping him on his little projects, giving him tools and patching up little pieces
  • and then she speaks, for the first time, when he and her are cracking up over an experiment gone wrong
  • she laughs, reluctantly presses a hand to his chest, and says simply, “Friend”
  • and from that moment forward, they never part

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  • his heart is too big for his own good
  • he smothers them in hugs, giving them space only when he’s shouted at by his brothers to leave her alone
  • but he’s there 24/7 for her
  • he does anything for her
  • cooks, cleans, does laundry, plays games, tells jokes
  • she’s shy, but she’ll grin from time to time at his tomfoolery
  • which he finds totally worth it
  • they bond over a mutual love of pizza
  • they cry over sad movies
  • they stay up late at night to talk about odd things
  • mostly they stay up so she doesn’t get attacked by her nightmares
  • he becomes her best friend, her only friend, someone who finally makes her giggle again
  • he’s the one person who can make her forget about all the wrongdoings that have been done to her

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