but so so so happy

[throws markers across room] ugh

i’m not a huge fan of his artwork in heroes so


“No, I didn’t. You know him better than anyone else ever has or ever will. You made him, you taught him to be all he is, and you know him down to his bones. You know how strong he is. You know how much he loves you. If I gave you anything, give me your faith now. Teach one thing to all your children. I have never told you anything more true than this. Believe this, if you believe nothing else. Raphael saved himself.


Empire Ends Spoilers///

A doodle compilation featuring Armitage Hux and Rae Sloane inspired by the ending of the Aftermath: trilogy w/ some AUs. I can’t believe she survived the events but also made an alliance with a terrified 5 years old Hux to protect each other and that she might be his potential mentor (she hates his father and beated him but she likes Armitage!) and I’m yelling non-stop since these two are my favs. I love to imagine she kept close tab on him while they tried to rebuild everything lost in the unknown regions.