but so so so happy

[TRANS] 알라딘 Fansign Post-It 170223

Q: Jungkook-ah! How old are hyungs mentally?
SJ: 20
YG: 35
NJ: 26
HS: 25
JM: 21
TH: 20
JK: 21

pledis: have more hidden male trainees to send to produce 101   

seventeen:  to appear on one fine day for the second time    

pristin:  will probably debut in march    


@sky-lia: Happy birthday !

A little gift for you ! ^v^



aaaa why did you have to draw me so pretty omg I love this???? The hair, the eyes, the bones, the flowers???? And that tea-r cup omg I LOVE this. Thank you so much!!! My b-day gifts are being so amazing QuQ <3 <3

srsly that hair omg


Patrick Kane talks about his hat trick and the first line (x)

@asksonicanything: Happy Birthday Kaitooo! If I’m not late…
I drew Frisk except a bit older with longer hair.
I luv your art and also your story too :3. Keep being awesome!
(I drew this with almost no eraser because I have none xD)


You’re never late for LOVE!!! Ahahaha kidding <3 I meant lowercase love <3 <3 and I have no eraser either man we’re totally soulmates xDDD lol

Thanks for the birthday gift, I love you <3 Stay awesome!!! I approve long hair Frisk 0v0 <3