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I Literally Do Not Care

if Bellarke never actually becomes show canon. If the Series simply ends with the two of them alive and together, watching their people flourish because they’ve achieved the goal: survival, I will be so happy. 

Because that means their ending is ambiguously open. It can literally be imagined any number of ways and you will never be wrong!!!! It also means that ultimately, Bellamy and Clarke’s relationship with one another will still be highlighted as the most important relationship in the show and I’m just….

I would be fine with that.

ok, so looking at the plan for yuri’s free program…

that is…

1. 4T + 2T
2. FSSp
3. 4S
4. CCSp
5. 3Lo
6. Chsq
7. 3A
8. 3F
9. 3A + 1Lo + 3S
10. 3Lz + 3T
11. 4T
12. CCoSp

which translates to (with base scores for each element in parentheses)

1. Quad Toe Loop + Double Toe Loop  (11.60)
2. Flying Sit Spin  (1.70)
3. Quad Salchow  (10.50)
4. Change Foot Camel Spin (1.70)
5. Triple Loop  (5.10)
6. Choreo Sequence  (2.00)
7. Triple Axel (8.50 + b = 9.35)
8. Triple Flip  (5.30 + b = 5.85)
9. Triple Axel + Single Loop + Triple Salchow  (13.10 + b = 14.41)
10. Triple Lutz + Triple Toe Loop  (10.10 + b = 11.11)
11. Quad Toe Loop  (10.30 + b = 11.33)
12. Change Foot Combination Spin (1.70)

please correct me if i’m wrong about anything.

ok, so… for the spins, those are the base values.  if yuri’s spins are more complex than just a basic spin, then his score would go up, but there’s no indication of what level they are, so… just gonna go with base value.  even with that, his technical difficulty score would be 86.33, which… is pretty awesome, honestly, and includes 4.73 of bonus because of the twelve jumps planned, EIGHT of them are in the second half (and in the long program, jumps in the second half get a 10% bonus).  

these are the BASE VALUES, once again.  if his spins are more complex, they’ll get added points, and every single element is judged by a panel for a Grade of Execution (GOE) which will either add or subtract up to three points per element.  (which means… he could get LESS than 86.33, too, but. even still.)

i’m no expert, but if he executes this plan, and doesn’t fall… his score should be pretty massive.  tho, even if he steps out of a jump, or downgrades a jump (especially in the competitions leading up to the GPF…) he’ll still have a really competitive technical score.  

and takeshi thought his short program was spartan… literally, the entire second half is all jumps again except for a final spin… victor is, um.  challenging!!


As you all know voting for MAMA 2016 has officially begun! The boys are only nominated in 2 categories. If we want the boys to win it is IMPERATIVE that we all vote for them.  The goal (well at least for me) is for them to win at least 1 award this year. They deserve it after all the hard work and dedication they put in plus how awesome would it be to see them win their first award at MAMA?

Here are the categories they are nominated for:

  • Best Dance Performance Male Group (Hard Carry)
  • HotelsCombined Song of the Year (Hard Carry)

So please lets make them proud! Below you will find a tutorial on how to vote for got7. If you have any questions please send me an ask!

Click here to go vote for them!!!

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