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“You were a cute kid.”

Bitty turns, startled out of his silent reverie by Jack, hair freshly damp from the shower. “Oh, hey, darlin’. Didn’t realize you were up yet.”

“Just a little while ago.” Jack wraps himself around Bitty from behind and presses a kiss to his temple. Before long, the Georgia heat will make any prolonged contact near-unbearable, so Bitty closes his eyes and enjoys it while he can.

He opens his eyes and looks back at the photo on the wall of the hallway: Eric Bittle, age 12. A school photo, his smile exposing silver braces, freckles dashed across his cheekbones.

“You’re thinking pretty loud, there, bud,” murmurs Jack into Bitty’s hair. “What about?”

“Oh, nothing in particular,” sighs Bitty, resting his hands on top of Jack’s where they’ve settled around his waist. “Just…I wish that kid could see me now, you know?”

Jack makes some little noise of agreement, or maybe encouragement, so Bitty continues.

“I mean…I didn’t know back then if it would all work out. If I could ever, well, be happy. If I’d ever get out of Georgia. If I could ever really even be myself, or I’d have to…fake it. For always. And, y'know, I just spent so much time being so darned miserable over it all, and it’s not like it changed the outcome either way, my being miserable or not. And I wish…I wish I could tell myself that, that it would get better, cheesy as it sounds, you know, hon?”

Jack squeezes tighter. “I’m glad you’re not so sad anymore, Bits. I wish you didn’t have to go through all that. But I’m glad you’re here with me now.”

“Thanks, love,” says Bitty softly, turning his head to kiss Jack properly. “Glad you’re here, too.”

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you know how steve always sleeps on the side of the bed facing the door "bECAUSE YOU ARE PRECIOUS TONY HUSH" okay but one if one night while they were asleep baddies did break in to try and snatch tony but were met with 240 pounds of kickass

If there was one good thing that would come out of this, it was that Steve now held the right to be able to gloat about being correct.

Although, when you woke up to the sound of foreign footsteps creeping through your bedroom as you held your very un-enhanced, very asleep and very vulnerable lover in your arms- that sort of thing tended to be pushed to the back of your mind.

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in high school id not get home till about 5 eat dinner do homework till 9/10 then take a shower then id need some downtime so id stay up till about 2am just unwinding and then id have to get up at 7 every morning and act like im not dead and basically what im saying is high school was the worst and i do not miss it one bit



The first time receiving MTV special award as an Solo Artist and it feels really different and it was an memorable moment for me. 🙏Many people recognized me through different variety shows which i love, but at the same time I wish I could get a chance to show the musical side of me too. 🙌Thank you so much for always showing love, it really motivated me very much. Thank you so much!

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Have I ever mentioned how cool Target is? Besides being super supportive of my transition, they’ve also donated non-food supplies to the wildlife rehab center I volunteer at, and now they’re letting me pick through the produce that gets tossed every day to take there for the animals.

This stuff is still good but can’t be sold because it’s past it’s sell-by date, and the woman in charge of grocery really hated having to throw away so much food every day. So now the rehab center gets all the free produce and yogurt they could ever need. On Friday my roommates and I took a trunkload of food over and completely filled their two fridges, and today I took over two more boxes. So now I don’t have to worry about what to feed the animals when I go in and the only thing in the fridge is withered lettuce and brown bananas. It’s such an awesome thing, and so rare for a company to be completely okay with donating food. The woman who runs the rehab center told me Meijer flat out refused to donate their produce.

Target also partners with Feeding America to donate shelf-stable food and supplies, and makes a point of salvaging and donating products that otherwise wouldn’t be sellable instead of throwing them away. They also have free peanut butter, jelly, and bread in the break room at all times, and make a habit of feeding us lunch once or twice a month and on every holiday. After working at Family Dollar for almost five years it’s so goddamn surreal to work for a company that gives a shit.

Monsta X as Highschool Girls


* the awkward one.
* Spills juice all over her clothes.
* Has to ask if the teacher is talking to her even though she’s the only one with that name in class.
* “W-what page are we on?”
* Helps the cafeteria lady.
* Also the janitors.


* Got the whole school’s boys head over heals.
* Cheer leader.
* Looks so haughty but is actually very sweet.
* Wears crop tops and shorts to school. Even in winter.
* I mean, no one can sleep on those abs.
* Attends all house parties.


* Class clown.
* Makes everyone laugh by simply asking the teacher a question.
* Is a fan of 99.99% of every boy group out there.
* And ready to die for that 00.01%.
* So extra.
* Chants “FIGHT!” instead of calming down the fight.
* MC of every school event.


* Has everything she might need from pencils to pens to a gun.
* “You never know when someone might get on your nerves”
* Takes jokes seriously.
* The teacher’s pet.
* Straight A’s.
* Avoids parties as much as possible.
* Drama queen.


* Got all the cute boys head over heals but is not aware of that.
* Judges everyone quietly.
* Sleeping through the entire PE sessions.
* The tall friend.
* “You should be a model!” She hears that a lot.
* Too lazy to thank everyone who compliments her looks. They’re too many.


* the first one to talk to the new transfer student.
* 2 cool 4 school.
* “Yo” instead of “hi”
* Looks dangerous, but is full of aegyo.
* Steals the school football’s team ’s hearts.
* Always has interesting stories to tell.
* Leader of the cool girls squad.


* the emo kid.
* Sits at the very back of the class.
* Might be quiet, but also savage.
* “What on earth is this look?!” A girl would laugh.
* “I was trying to look like you”
* Attends parties, but only for the food and drinks.
* Gets the school’s most famous student to fall in love with her and it turns into one of those dramas.

When they catch you gushing about them on the phone with a friend (Anonymous request ♡)


He’s just walking by your bedroom, wondering what you’re doing since he left you alone to work in the Monstudio. He understands you’re on the phone but stops walking when you say his name. Joonie comes closer & covers his mouth to hold his laugh when he hears you’re totally gushing about him, saying his new song is the best you’ve ever heard. You’re always so supportive but hearing you brag about him is just… Adorable. He enters the room and finds you on the bed, earphones on, legs in the air and fingers playing in your hair. You talk so much you don’t even hear him getting closer. « Wait until you hear it… Girl, you’re not ready. Namjoon is honestly the most talented person in the word. Can you believe he’s my boyfriend ? » Namjoon sits on the corner of the bed and leans to kiss your forehead, taking you by surprise. You look up to him with your mouth slightly opened and when you see the way he’s looking at you, your heart skips a beat. Namjoon offers you the sweetest smile and you can read « You’re so cute » on his lips. You bite your lips while trying to focus on what your best friend is saying on the phone, even if you just want to hang up and kiss him again and again, and again…


Taehyung frowns when he hears his name. You’re on the phone with your bestie for about forty minutes and he simply lets you enjoy it alone but he’s too curious now that he heard you’re talking about him. He founds you leaning on the kitchen’s counter and smiles immediately when he hears that you can’t stop gushing about him. He starts to laugh like a kid and walks towards you. You see him coming to you with his big stupid smile and it never fails to make you smile in return. He’s just too damn cute. He hugs you from behind and rests his head on your shoulder, smiling like an idiot. It doesn’t stop you from letting your friend know how awesome your boyfriend is, because she needs to hear it (for the 2029924th time). Taehyung giggles at every compliments and tighten his embrace around you. When you hang up the phone and turn around to put your arms around his neck, something has changed in Tae’s smile. You already know what’s in his mind. Taehyung puts his tongue between his teeth and lower his hands to cup your ass. He raises you up in his arms and kisses your nose before dragging you to the bedroom « Let’s make babies. »


He comes in the kitchen to see if you need any help and finds you idly stirring the sauce while talking on the phone. « Yeah, he’s amazing. I think he doesn’t even know how beautiful his voice is. He drives me crazy. He’s so talented sometimes I wonder if he’s real… » Jin smiles while walking towards you. He sits on the counter next to you, making you startle. You blush and ask your friend if it’s okay to call her back later. You hang up and put your hands on your burning cheeks « You heard me… ». Jin laughs and beckons you to get closer. You place yourself between his legs, hands on his thighs, and close your eyes under the sweet caress of his hands on your cheeks. « You forgot to tell her something… » You pouts, sure he’s gonna tell a joke. He always tells a joke. You sigh and reply « What ? That you’re more handsome in real life ? » Jin bursts out laughing, making you smile. He kisses your cheek and slowly leans to your ears while tracing a wet path of kisses, making you shiver « You forgot to tell her I have the best girlfriend in the world… »


When you hang up the phone, Hobi suddenly opens the bedroom door, making you scream like a crazy old lady. He walks towards you, his wide smirk making you smile even if you don’t know why he’s acting like this. When he’s in front of you, he caresses your chin and raises an eyebrow « It seems like you have a lot to say about me… » You know you’re blushing but you try to remain impassive. Hoseok runs a hand on his hair and continue with a cocky voice, repeating the things you just said to your best friend « He’s so talented… Omg, did you saw his last performance ? And his voice, always making me so happy, and soft, and more in love… He’s so handsome… He’s really my sunsh… » You stop him before he finishes, your arms gripping on his forearms and your cheeks burning. The fact that he heard you talk like that to your bestie embarrassed you even if you always say those kind of things to him. On the phone with your best friend, you’re the real J-Hope stan (and you don’t want him to know how crazy you really are). Hobi laughs and pulls you against him, his hands cupping your cheeks « I’m so lucky to have you, Jagi… » He tighten his embrace and kisses you deeply, his body pressed against yours as he slowly leads you to the bed.


Suga grins when he understands that you’re talking about him. He sighs and comes in the bedroom to listen to your conversation. When he hears how proud you are while talking about him, Yoongi gets super cheesy but he’s glad you don’t see him. He walks towards the bed and puts his annoyed face on. You look up at him and tell your friend to wait a minute. Yoongi stays silent and stares at you while you sit straight up. He sighs again and his annoyed voice fills the room « Don’t you have other things to talk about ? I don’t even know her. » You don’t have any time to reply, Yoongi’s hand already taking your phone from your hand. He hangs up and throw it on the chair without looking at it. Outraged, you raise yourself up on your knees and open your mouth to protest but Yoongi shuts you up by kissing you. Your entire body shivers and you let him lie you down on the bed while he settles on top, his head sinking in the crook of your neck. You caress his hair and hear his cute pouty voice « You always say the nicest fucking things about me and it gets me so soft I hate it. »


Jimin hears you from the corridor when he exits the bathroom and walks towards the bedroom. He’s sure you’re talking about him, but why ? He’s hiding behind the doorway and listens to you for several minutes with a gummy smile and blushing cheeks, overwhelmed by the way you talk about him. You just can’t stop gushing about him, telling your friend how amazing he is. After a while, he gets distracted by your words and leans a little too much, revealing some hair through the embrasure. You startle and tell your best friend you will call her back. « Jimin ? What are y… Were you listening ? » Jimin walks slowly in the bedroom while making a seducing yet cute dance « I heard everythiiiiiing…. » You begin to laugh as you sit up straight, feeling embarrassed but Jimin seems more embarrassed than you even though he’s trying to hide it behind his goofiness. When he sits on the bed, he pulls you on his lap and asks with a cute voice, head against your shoulder and eyes glued on yours « Do you really think everything you said about me, babe ? » You sigh and press his cheeks « Is this a real question ? Don’t make me start again… » You kiss his cheeks and lips, making him giggle like a child.


You hang up after being on the phone and sigh when you realize that you’ve been bragging about your boyfriend for thirty minutes. He’s been sleeping on the other side of the couch with his headphones on, his legs on yours. You were bored so you called your bestie and you both began to gush about your respective boyfriends. Kookie didn’t woke up so you were free to ramble about him. While you rethink about your convo, you look at him and get soft when you see how cute he is. « Yah, I forgot to say how beautiful he is when he’s sleeping… » Suddenly, you see Jungkook’s lips moving « Send her a text, then. » You startle and open wide your eyes while he stands on his elbows just to see the look on your face. He laughs at you like the little demon he is and takes off his headphones. You feel the heat on your cheeks and pout. Jungkook raise an eyebrow and says cockily « You’re so obsessed with me, it’s unbelievable. Do you know how many times you said « perfect » ? » You look at him without saying anything, feeling ashamed as you stand up to get out of the room. « Jagiya ! » Jungkook grabs you and turns you to face him, his adorable smile brighting his face. You look away and whine « Stop making fun of me… » You turn your back again but Jungkook passes his arms around your waist and pulls you back on the sofa, you sitting on his lap. He begins to kiss your cheeks and neck while he whines with a guilty voice « Sorry baby, you were so cute… » « I love you, forgive me, It was just too tempting… » He continues to beg you for forgiveness, knowing that it will not take you long to give up. And he’s right. You roll your eyes and turn a little to kiss his lips, your hands pulling his hair a little harsher than usual, making sure he knows you’re still mad. Jungkook bites your lips and chuckles against your mouth « Let me show you how much I’m sorry, Jagi… »

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Sana appreciation post Go!

Where do I even begin

Ok Minatozaki Sana is a straight up visual masterpiece. She is so beautiful. Have you seen Sana’s eyes?! God I could talk for years about how beautiful and kind her eyes are. She conveys so much love and pure goodness through a single gaze she’s so mesmerising

But oh my god her personality, Sana is an angel y'all she’s such a sweetheart. She’s an adorably affectionate human and she always shows support by hugging her members she just really likes hugs and kisses she’s so precious. 

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Get you a girl that supports you like Sana does I’m serious. She’s so kind and genuine, you know that one video of her and a female fan, I’m crygin over how sweet Sana was god I wish that were me. You can tell that she really cares about Onces, she’s such a pure soul. Here’s a video, don’t mind that the background music is BTS’s cover of Beautiful, just mute the vid if you like

ALSO, Sana is an adorable goofball. she’s so playful and she always tries to spread happiness. YES she’s also clumsy but honestly that just makes her fifteen times more adorable

AND ANOTHER THIng, Sana’s intelligence gets overlooked at lot because she’s not ‘conventionally’ smart and she says weird things all the time. L I S T E N  my girl is such a deep and emotional thinker, her intelligence is so unique and beautiful and she actually thinks and considers things a lot and she is so emotionally smart, DON’T SLEEP ON MINATOZAKI ‘GENIUS’ SANA

DO I NEED TO MENTION HER TALENT, honestly I think Sana’s vocals get overlooked a lot. She’s improved so much recently, and she has such a beautiful high range. DID YOU HEAR HER NOTE AT THE END OF THREE TIMES A DAY???? DID YOU???? BEAUTIFUL THE VOICE OF AN ANGEL. MY GIRL WENT FROM HAVING NOT A LOT OF LINES TO BEING GIVEN CHORUSES IN TWO TITLE TRACKS. Q U E E N

AND HER DANCING UM HELLO. AmaZINg! We all know Mina and Momo are the key dancers, but in terms of ranking Sana is right behind them and just as talented in her own right. She is a performer and she kills it on stage. 

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To conclude, I love Minatozaki Sana with all of my heart ok bye

if harry died in the forbidden forrest

- Hagrids heartbroken sobs would never turn into a smile. He would forever mourn his death along with millions of others
- of course he would have his good days and not dwell too much on the past, but Harry did have a special place in his heart
- the Dursleys would never notice, until an apologetic wizard from the ministry finally informed them
- they wouldn’t show much emotion. they still didnt want to be involved in all that nonsense, but they would feel something deep down. shock maybe
- a part of them would be relieved. they wouldnt have to deal with the magical world anymore. their lives could go back to normal
- of course, it never did go back to normal. war does that to people
- Mrs. Weasley would have lost yet another child
- Mr. Weasley would be in disbelief while comforting his wife
- Harry would be burried with his parents. finally underneath the snow with them like he wished for
- he would reunite with Sirius and Remus. even Dobby and all the other loved ones
- but they would all greet him with a sad expression. he was too young
- Ginny would be crying, but she was tough. She had been through so much from the very beginning, and with her family’s support and love she was able to move on
- she would become a succesful quidditchplayer and never quit, because she didnt have any kids to quit for
- she would visit his grave less and less. finally settle down with someone else entirely
- Teddy didnt get to have Harry as his godfather for long. meaning he didnt have anyone who could relate to his loss. but it wasnt like he ever got to know Harry, and his grandma was so full of love that he managed just fine
- the scared Death Eaters felt a weird sense of heartbreak too. they had believed in Harry, and hated him all at once
- Several students from Slytherin felt broken, cause they knew their parents were being controlled by Voldemort, and who would save their family now?
- All the horcruxes had been destroyed, so Voldemort was able to be killed by Neville.
- Harry still died for him, so Neville was protected by his love
- and Hermione was of course still determined and strong Hermione. But she was broken. she had lost so much during this war
- she had been so worried for Harry. a part of her knew he was gonna sacrifice himself, but for some reason, even her, smart and clever, hadnt really realized that he could actually really die
- she would arrange a lot of campaigns for Harry and make sure he died for a reason
- Ron would break down. he wouldnt feel any shame about it either. he would be sobbing loudly and not care what people thought of it
- but everyone would just feel bad for him
- he wasnt going to look tough and strong in front of his best friends corpse. he had already lost one of his brothers
- after voldemorts death he would run to the forbidden forrest and scream and yell into the silence, not caring what creatures he could be waking. they could come at him. he didnt care
- and at the bottom of the forrest, in between all the fallen leaves on the ground, he would find a tiny stone.
- he would be sucked into a wish. with Fred and Harry still alive. they would stand above him and smile at him
- he would remember the mirror of erised and harrys biggest wish. and a small voice would warn him
- but he wouldnt leave the forrest until Hermione finally found him passed out
- she, of course, guessed what had happened and made sure to hide the stone far away
- they had to be strong. they would live on and always be there for each other
- a couple times a year harry would be the talk of the town and old wounds would hurt again
- there would be a day to celebrate Harry Potter and this time, they were more cautious not to disturb the muggles like they did that night so many years ago, when Harry got his scar

❗️Beware sentimental speech ahead❗️
Dear Pixelberry-Team,
Thank you for creating the amazing fantasy story that is “The Crown and the Flame” - the one that started it all for me, the one that got me obsessed with Choices, the one that chained me to my phone from minute one, the one that never failed to keep me entertained.
Without TCATF I wouldn’t be here with all of you guys tonight. I would’ve never created this blog… I would’ve never been able to hang out with such a diverse, talented and hilarious bunch of people. I would have never met my two favorite gals Hannah and T. … I would’ve never met my dearest Jake.
All of this, all of you mean(s) so much too me … you can’t even imagine how much I love you guys, how much you enrich my existence and how much you helped me to get through the hardships of the past few weeks.
A million times “Thank you”. I raise my glass to more adventures, to more amazing moments together - cheers 🙂

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If you could give any advice to beginner traditional/digital artists,what would it be and why?

For beginner artists I always suggest you draw only the things you like and want to draw. And do a lot of it!

Art, regardless of medium, is about passion and having fun. The more you indulge in what you LIKE to draw, the more of it you’ll naturally do. And this is an aspect of drawing people often ignore, it’s a physical activity. There’s muscle memory involved with drawing, there’s motor function involved.
Yeah we get annoyed with non-artists saying things like “I can’t even draw a straight line!” but there is truth in that! There’s a certain amount of precision that we develop through using our hands and fingers so much. It’s why a lot of traditional art schools make the students draw circles over and over again. This skill and precision isn’t something to ignore, but it’s also something that doesn’t have to be grueling. That’s why I suggest people indulge in what they like, to physically get USED to the activity of drawing.

Beginning artists, training your hands to be more efficient, by drawing the things you like, is absolutely the most important thing.

You naturally discover specific things to work on over time– improving your style, learning how to draw trees, or animals, or clothes etc. But until you feel the urge to learn these things, just enjoy and create for the hell of it.

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Do you ever feel like the norse gods are sometimes.. over sexualized? It's amazing how open and even genderfluid they are but it can feel like that's such a huge focus when they are so much more than that

I don’t think the pantheon as whole is over-sexualised, but that the sexualisation isn’t distributed very well, if that makes sense? The Norse gods were VERY sexual (re: Frey’s statues and veneration rites, Freyja “jewelry shopping”, Loki being a general deviant into CBT, Odin’s island holidays, etc.), but modern standards/values are sometimes projected onto them and the nuances/ties to the land and population urgency are lost. 

I also think a lot of wish fulfillment/loneliness gets projected and the gods become more like entities to live vicariously through or avatars to take a shame-load off. Or they’ll become mascots instead of champions for a cause, and again the nuance is lost. It also alienates people who may not be on the part of the spectrum that desires/enjoys sexual things, but have still found a resonance with the pantheon. I personally don’t mind the dirty jokes and raunchiness, but I can see how it can be off-putting in large amounts. Especially to a newcomer.

“Loki is queer and poly and—” 
And has some problematic sections of lore that could be addressed to create a dialogue about assault, sexual taboos, etc.

“Loki and I have 30 children and a mortgage in the astral plane, I beat Angrboða’s record!”
You know what happens to Loki’s children, right?Right?
**This isn’t to say there aren’t different kinds of godspousery, or that there aren’t some awesome spouses out there. But anyone who dismisses Loki’s wives (especially Sigyn) or fancies themselves their equal or acts like PTSD can be fucked away really make my teeth itch.

“Freyja is like Aphro–”

“Odin had a harem…”
Yea, well, brojangles, Jesus, Mary and Broseph, I hate to break it to you. But you’re using that word wrong and Odin is a god, not an internet creep in a fedora and dirty t-shirt. 


P.S. Can we all as artists agree to put everyone in skimpy armour and not just people with breasts? 

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I really want to write a fan letter to BTS...Like I want to write an entire paragraph about how Jin as my first bias showed me how to be self-confident and how Yoongi and Namjoon helped me through my depression and how Hobi rekindled my love for dance and how Jimin and Taehyung showed me to be comfortable with my body and personality and how Jungkook gave me courage to stand up for myself. But they probably get letters like that every day and I'm too scared to write one.

i smiled so much while reading this. i’ve heard it’s possible to send fan letters to bts through fan sites. 💕

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Any tips on loosing weight?

1. lots of water!! very important get it in any form you can, flavored, coffee, tea, whatever just stay hydrated!
2. get your body moving. some sort of exercise 45-60 minutes a day
3. eat healthy and make sure that you get different types of vegetables everyday
4. take vitamins
5. don’t weigh yourself everyday. i know it’s so hard but it really helps you not focus on the numbers as much. if you stress about losing weight too much you may end up bingeing and that’s not going to help you lose weight any faster.

please stay safe and healthy. if anyone ever needs someone to talk to or help you through anything, my ask and messages are always open. i love you all 💕

Just a lil something from my heart.

When I first started coming up with SIO, what I thought was “I’m going to write a fun yet angsty fanfic with the SH as goth/metalheads and have ZoSan be the main focus. I hope people will like it!”

I never thought that the evolution of this story was going to come to such a point that it would touch so many people, and I would receive so much love and support that I still can barely wrap my head around.

Through time, SIO has become something that many people can relate to, something raw and human, something that has connected people and that gave me the chance to know so many wonderful souls and also make beautiful friendships.

Some of you guys shared personal stories with me and told me that SIO has helped you get through your lives somewhat easier, that it made you realize important things about yourselves and your relationship with others. My heart is so full, thanks to you, I truly am floored and humbled by all of this.

I think that this achievement is one of the most rewarding and important things that a writer could ever reach, better than any writing award or contract. Knowing that I can inspire, help and make people feel better with my writing is something huge, and something that brings me so much joy.

So thank you, to each and everyone of you, for being so amazing and believing in me. I want you to know that if there’s anyone of you who’s too scared to approach me, there’s really nothing to be afraid of, you could never ever annoy me, you’d just make me happy!

Love all of you wonderful creatures,
Hel xx

P.S.: I know this probably sounds like a goodbye note from an author after her story has ended, but it hasn’t yet HAHA! I was just so overwhelmed by your amazing feedback on chapter 24 that I had to share this!

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So I am curious, in the industry that Lin is in, usually you would think underground doctors wouldn't give two shits about a patient, as long as they were getting paid. Why does Lin seem to care about Dan? He's obviously not paying her. Is she playing the long con; in hopes that he will someday actually pay up on all of those medical bills? Love the comic by the way. <3

Thank you <3

Why Lin bothers with Dan is very much open to interpretation - I certainly wouldn’t want to spoil anything or impose opinions on the reader.

Though from what we have posted so far, Dan has essentialy become Lin’s indentured servant through his debt. Lin’s constantly getting favours out of him - and while the guy’s perpetually broke, having a driver/courier and even just a spare pair of hands around is very useful when you’re bound to your clinic. As Dan can’t get medical help anywhere else, he’s pretty much stuck with Lin as well.

There is more to it, though, but as I said, I’d rather leave it up to the readers to make their own conclusions.

TalesFromTheFrontDesk: You get what you pay for

So many guests today thinking they are in a high rated hotel when they paid £100 for friday/saturday night and wifi. Like??
We are a budget hotel you get exactly what you pay for, which isnt much because i can see exactly how much you paid.

No you do not get new towels delivered in the night because you used yours once already.
No breakfast is not included, you always have to pay extra for it.

Do not tell me to hurry up because your feet hurt, its not my fault you decided to wear heels you cant walk in. I will now be intentionally slower and make you jump through more hoops for room verification, even though i know full well you stay here.

The highlight of the night is when the the door opens it hits so many drunk people because they never stand back even when you tell them too.

By: WastedDeal666

Fic Fucks Pop Up: A Fable

I’m at the last two chapters of this 42 chapter fanfic I was talking about a couple days ago (brilliant work, SO GOOD. I haven’t read through a multi-chapter fic this quickly in forever), and I’m getting that wriggly, stomach-clenchy pain that always comes when I know I’m about to finish something I’ve thoroughly enjoyed.

Could I finish the fic tonight? Yes, but chances are I’d be up past 4 and then wouldn’t bother going to sleep because post-book (in this case, fanfic) depression is fucking hell and would likely leave me wired-up and awake and desperately searching for some kind of distraction from the fact that I finished this fic and it was so damn good and I’ll never get to read it for the first time ever again and–! ARGH.

God, I love when a fic fucks me up royally at 3am on a Thursday. I don’t even mean that sarcastically. I honestly feel so alive right now.

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Serious question: why do you think seven has a choking kink? I've nvr thought of it and now I am enlightened

OH BOi, i don’t know why i got so excited from this question…

But the easy quick boring answer is that seven is a sadist and gets off from the partner’s pain but…

My personal reasoning is (so complicated sorry) that Seven would try super hard to be all lovey (vanilla) cause heck he does love you so much, so he’d try to push off that side of him because he personally feels like he hurt you enough,,, but then in the midst of doing the do his walls would fall down and accidentally do the easiest thing available and wrap his hands around your throat forgetting about all of his worries and you trying to moan through his tightening grip would turn him on even more…in conclusion ! discovering ! his ! choking ! kink !