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Sirius Black Imagine - Being A Sassy Hufflepuff And Dating Sirius Black Would Include (Would Include December)

A/N: This one is a little short. Keep requesting would includes!!


Being A Sassy Hufflepuff And Dating Sirius Black Would Include:

  • Everyone knows Sirius Black is a ladies man
  • And he has had his eye on you for a while now
  • A lot of people from other houses knew you and you were quite popular
  • Sirius had seen you many times as you were in the same year
  • He always thought you were very cute and friendly
  • And of course, you were a Hufflepuff so you must’ve been very nice and loveable
  • Which you were
  • But sometimes you said things without your brain thinking about it
  • And this could come off as mean
  • But you weren’t trying to be mean
  • It was just the first thing that came to your head
  • And you said it
  • Usually, people took it as jokes
  • Which was good
  • But Sirius Black did not know about your sarcasm
  • One day you were partnered up in Potions
  • And it was the best day of his life
  • But you didn’t really think twice about it
  • He didn’t want to admit it, but he was quite nervous
  • He hadn’t really talked to you
  • But you were meant to be shy and cute (like all Hufflepuffs so what is the worst that could happen)
  • At first started, you were shy and quiet and Sirius just thought you were adorable
  • That was until he stuffed up the potion
  • And you said something sarcastic
  • Sirius was very taken aback
  • And you were very blushy because Sirius Black was very cute and you were a sarcastic asshole to him
  • But after a while, he just started smirking
  • Because who knew that you could be sarcastic
  • You made a few more sarcastic comments, but it was great because Sirius just replied with something even more sarcastic
  • You were having a great time
  • No one else really went along with your sarcastic comments
  • But Sirius did and you were having a great time
  • You and Sirius were enjoying each others company
  • And Sirius just wanted you even more now
  • And he spent a lot more time with you, even outside of Potions
  • And you were glad you finally found someone who was just as sarcastic as you were
  • Eventually, you obviously started dating
  • And Sirius was the happiest he had ever been
  • A lot of girls were jealous, but Sirius wasn’t worried because he knew if they ever said anything to you, you would use your sarcasm as defence
  • A lot of times you and Sirius would get detention together
  • He would’ve pulled a prank
  • And you would’ve said something sarcastic to a teacher
  • You were honestly a power couple
  • Sirius would definitely tease you about your sarcasm
  • Because Hufflepuffs are supposed to be ‘nice’
  • You would just roll your eyes and lightly slap him
  • He would definitely bring this up a lot of times
  • And constantly make fun of you and tease you because of how sarcastic you were
  • But he loved it
  • (And he loved you)
  • The Marauders would also be very surprised about your sarcasm
  • You just seemed so innocent and kind
  • You were kind
  • But you were just really sarcastic
  • It was quite obvious when you were sarcastic
  • But sometimes Sirius couldn’t tell which made it awkward
  • But you would just laugh about it
  • Everyone would be jealous of your relationship
  • Because you were just so compatible
  • The sarcasm also came with thinking you were great
  • And Sirius also thought he was great
  • Very compatible
  • Of course, you and Sirius fought about who was in the better house
  • Sirius claims there can’t be a winner
  • But you claim you’re the winner
  • Because you usually say something sarcastic and Sirius doesn’t have a reply
  • Which is unusual because Sirius always has a comeback
  • Sarcasm can be funny and sometimes it can’t
  • But either way, Sirius would laugh or just add in a little reply to back you up
  • Which was very entertaining
  • Sirius would bring your sarcastic comments up all the time
  • Because they only made him love you even more
  • And it proved him wrong about the Hufflepuff stereotype
  • And he also loved that you were going against stereotypes
  • Considering he also liked going against stereotypes
  • Your sarcasm would definitely be good when Sirius’ family were being rude
  • Although Sirius was very outgoing, he would never say anything bad to his family to their face
  • But you could
  • And you would definitely be very sarcastic about everything
  • Which made Walburga very upset that Sirius was dating you
  • But that only made Sirius love you anymore
  • Sirius loved reminding you that he thought you were nice and humble but loved you, even more, when he found out how sarcastic you truly were
Dating Kyle Would Include...

(Pre Death)

  • Him admiring you from afar before finally getting the courage to come talk to you
  • Cheesy pickup lines
  • So many compliments that are 100% genuine because he thinks the world of you
  • So much innocent flirting before he finally asks for your number
  • Good morning and goodnight texts 
  • Dates at cafes, movies, bookstores, etc. Pretty much every cute cliché date from romance movies
  • Singing to you dramatically and loudly if he hears a song he loves on the radio
  • Even if it’s in public and he’s drawing weird looks, he keeps singing because it makes you laugh
  • Soft chuckles at you doing mundane things just because he thinks you’re so cute
  • “Amazeballs!”
  • So many cute nicknames that he drawls out in his accent
  • Him taking you home to meet his mom
  • Realizing what his mom’s been doing to him and reporting her; you make Kyle move in with you to get him away 
  • Roommate Kyle is like having your own personal maid even though you tell him not to, he can’t help but do some cleaning and make dinner
  • Making love
  • Him worshipping your body 
  • Being so vulnerable and trusting to you that he ends up talking so much about his life that he cries
  • Cuddles that last hours
  • Going to frat events as a couple
  • Helping him pursue his engineer career and him helping you with yours
  • Study nights, flashcards, highlighter fights, leading into more sex
  • He fully believes you’re the best thing to happen to him
Why I love BTS Maknae Line

so in response to this ask:

I have to talk about why I love some of my various OT3s, Here is one about Maknae Line, you can also check out ones about YoonMinseok and Sunshine Line if you like.

So why do I love Maknae line? there are so many reasons, but the simplest answer is I love Maknae line because they love eachother.  I don’t care whether its platonic or romantic or whatever, these three are clearly so very fond of one another and aren’t afraid to show it.  Even Kookie who is more reserved about showing his feelings has really come out of his shell in terms of giving affection to the others.

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But apart from their snuggly cuteness, another thing I love is how playful they are together, they’re such massive dorks and they always bring out the silliness in eaqchother which is so endearing.  Like when they were acting cool dancing to music:

But then 5 seconds later….


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They also love playfully making fun of one another, like when Tae tweeted and shortly after JiKook copied him and trolled:

And look at makeup artist Kookie drawing on Tae and Jimin:

And don’t even get me started on the goldmine that was their Hide & Seek Bangtan Bombs, cracky fun, beating eachother up and general classic maknaeline shenanigans:

But although they may troll eachother, ultimately they always have eachothers back and cheer eachother on.  Just look at them when Kookie was wrestling:

And they’re so adorable together:

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And did I mention that these gorgeous lil assholes realise exactly how hot they are and use it to their advantage they’re lethal OTL

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So everyone pls lovel maknae line they are perfection <3

If you would like me to make a similar post about any OT3/4/etc involving Jimin then please drop me an ask because I love them all

Boyfriend!Michael would include...
  • 99.9% of the relationship being inside
  • waking up before him always
  • but, not being able to get free from him unless you wake him up
  • still not letting you go when he wakes up
  • finally getting up after a 30 minute struggle
  • him trying to kiss you but morning breath
  • ‘The things I do for you, babe’
  • making breakfast with his arms wrapped around you
  • taking quick breaks to dance to ATL and My Chem
  • making Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley ‘your song’
  • kitchen sex
  • having nicknames ranging from ‘kitten’ and ‘princess/prince’ to ‘loser’ and ‘asshole’
  • completely forgetting about breakfast and burning it
  • ending up eating cereal and watching Pokemon on the couch
  • little neck kisses
  • those cute kisses turning into lazy morning makeout sessions
  •  H I C K E Y S
  • going back to the TV when something interesting comes on
  • posting so many silly pictures on snapchat
  • him giving you fond stares when you don’t look
  • fans pointing out the looks, making him blush
  • fast food being a daily food source
  • almost hitting a person on the way to McDonalds
  • car sex
  • him always having to touch you, whether it be sexual or just a simple hand hold
  • sitting in his lap while you two play Mario Kart in the living room
  • being so competitive with each other
  • Rubbing it in his face when you win
  • ‘I let you win, I was being a good boyfriend!’
  • ‘Round 2?’ ‘You’re on’
  • Ending up having a netflix marathon
  • ‘Netflix and Chill?’ ‘Fuck off, Michael’
  • Ending up doing Netflix and Chill
  • post-sex cuddles on the couch
  • eventually moving upstairs to bed
  • changing into one of his shirts and panites and that’s it
  • falling asleep on his chest with little smiles on both of your faces
  • REPEAT!!

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Psychic Sav says those crystalized people are all totally gonna break out. Eclipsas gonna come out like “Surprise bitch, I bet you thought you’d seen the last of me :)” but Star jumps out like “Hey!!! Dont get any funny ideas.”

Eclipsa smiles and says “Cute,” before swatting her aside with her umbrella thing.
“Let the big kids do their thing, little girl. This isn’t your fight.”

She turns around but barely dodges a huge rainbow fist punch from Star’s wand and gasps. It completely singed her dress.
“You have the wand? And it’s cleaved like that?”

Star just stares at Eclipsa with her wand still aimed at her…not knowing what to think about her.

“Oh, put that thing down. I’m not going to hurt a relative. But please, come with me. I have so many questions about that wand and that power you so clearly have!”

Marcos like “STAR! DONT GO WITH HER!”

Belated (John Laurens X Reader)

Prompt: (Not that I was really sent this but I had it from an old rp and thought it’d be cute.) Y/N has never really celebrated their birthday, her family didn’t acknowledge it so neither did she. Laurens finds out he missed her birthday like a week later and freaks out about missing it.

Word Count: 1,973

This is the first fic I’ve written in a damn while. Let me know what you think babes.


There was one thing good about not having many female friends to hang out with: it wasn’t very likely that creeps were gonna come up and bother you. From when you went out with just Angelica it was an entirely different story. It was worse when you went out alone. You had decided to treat yourself to a birthday drink last week and no less than five guys offered to buy you another round only to call you a bitch when you refused.But now you were out with Lafayette and Hercules, waiting for Alex and John to show up. And nobody approached you. It was nice. You weren’t sure if you should be bothered about the fact or not. Instead you pushed the thought from your minds, tuning in to whatever conversation your friends where having.Fighting was a better word for it. They did this a lot. You all did, get into the biggest arguments over the stupidest things.

“Mon ami, I am French. There is no other country that bakes like we do. It does not become a cupcake just because you put frosting on it. Ask the owner of any pâtisserie and they will tell you ze same thing.”

“I don’t give a fuck about what the French thing. Don’t y'all eat snails? Y/N back me up. Muffins are just cupcakes without icing, yeah?”

“Escargots is amazing. And just-”

“ Gilbert, when did you change your name to Y/N?” You interrupted him, noting Herc’s laugh and turning to him “You’re wrong though. A cake without icing isn’t bread, right?”

“Y/N! You were supposed to have my back!”

“About what?” Alexander came up behind you, clapping a hand down on your shoulder and sending you jumping out of your seat.

“Jesus Christ, you did that on purpose!” You swatted Alexander’s hand away, rolling your eyes at his amused grin. He went to sit down, and you very quickly occupied the seat next to you with your bag. You shrugged and gestured to the seat opposite next to Hercules,throwing his smirk right back at him.

“That’s just petty.” He rolled his eyes, moving to sit on the crowded side of the table.

“She’s just using it as an excuse my friend. She wants Laurens next to her.” Lafayette remarked, raissing his eyebrows at you. You rolled your eyes at it, but that didn’t stop the other two from rolling a few remarks your way. Get drunk and try to kiss the guy one time and you still haven’t lived it down. Didn’t matter that you had a tiny crush on John, that you had maybe spent one or two nights wishing you were curled up next to him in bed. They sure as hell didn’t need to know that.

“Where is he, anyways? Thought you were coming together.”

“He probably got lost. He walked in before me.” Alex shrugged, looking around. “He’ll find us eventually.”

You turned your head towards the bar, eyes landing on John’s ponytail, chatting up some girl you didn’t know at the bar. “ Seems really lost to me.” You noted, ignoring the slight pang you felt hit your chest. Reasoned it was probably just because he was about to ditch you and the guys without even bothering to come over and say hello.

“GET IT LAURENS!” Herc cheered, sure to embarrass him. You definitely wanted to thank him for that, instead just laughing as the woman swatted his arm and stormed off. You’d do the same as her, probably, but you couldn’t bring yourself to feel bad as John came over to your table.

“So nice of you to join us, putain.” Laf teased him. You moved you bag so he could sit.

“Saving me a seat? How sweet, Y/N” John poked your side as he sat down. “ Thanks a lot about that by the way. It was going fine right till your loud ass ruined it.” He grumbled, kicking Hercules under the table.

“We didn’t invite you to pick up chicks, Laurens. “ Alex rolled his eyes. “Drinks with our friends means drinks with our friends.” You could sense another Hamil-lecture coming on.

“ Settle this. Is a cupcake without icing a muffin or not?” You brought up their arguements again to distract Alexander before he killed the buzz.

And the night went on, laughing and drinking with your friends. But it was getting late. You finished your round, and grabbed your bag, still laughing from Laf’s last comment. “I’m calling it a night. I’ve got a free über ride if anyone wants to share”

“How’d you manage that?” John raised an eyebrow, standing up to let you out. Alex stood too, nodding at the offer of a ride.

You shrugged. “They sent a code for my birthday last week. Haven’t used it yet.”

The four men all turned to you in shock, and you weren’t sure why. “Ma chérie, what do you mean your birthday?”

“My birthday was last Wednesday.” You replied, noting John was still standing, you guessed that meant he was riding with you and Alex.

“Why didn’t you tell me?!” He piped up, staring at you. He smelled like whiskey. “Y/N…” He sat back down, and you were still just so confused. You looked over at Laf,then Herc,Alex. They all had the same expression of confusion on their face. Turning back to John, he looked…angry. Like he was mad he didn’t know about it.

“It’s no big deal, I mean. I don’t really celebrate it.” You pulled out your phone, starring to load über, just to look away from the boring eyes of your friends. “I’m gonna go wait for the car outside. I’ll see you guys later,alright?” You forced a smile, looking back up. Focused on the napkin crumpled where you were sitting. The alcohol in your system was making you want to cry. You turned and walked to the door, Alex following, silent.

You threw your pillow at your bedroom wall when you got home, but you didn’t have the effort to pick it up as you fell asleep in your full makeup

John wouldn’t text you back. It’d been almost four days since the bar and you couldn’t get him to talk to you. You were getting mad, there wasn’t any good reason for him to be acting like this. It was your birthday!

“Y/N!” A voice called, on top of a knocking at your door. You weren’t in the mood, but as they repeated your name it became clear they weren’t going away.

Walking over to your door, you tried to clean the messy bun your hair was in a little bit before opening the door to- John Laurens. In a suit of all things. You nearly shut the door in his face. But you missed him, and that made you hesitate.

“What the fuck, John? You have been avoiding me for days! Why in hell are you gonna just show up here with no warning!” You snapped, trying not to yell. He blinked at you, a little taken aback. This was probably the first time he’d ever seen you mad.

John just held up a bag with tissue paper sticking out of it. “Happy Birthday? Belated.” His expression changed into a toothy smile and you wanted to melt. So you stepped aside and let him in, shutting the door behind you

“I swear to God if you haven’t been talking to me because I didn’t tell you about my birthday I might actually kill you, John Laurens. If anyone should be mad about that night it’s everyone but you, you almost ditched us for some girl you just happened to meet on your way to the table! You hadn’t even said hello! I will loose my shit if it’s because of that.” You warned, crossing your arms.

“Only kinda. I didn’t want to ruin the suprise.” You rolled your eyes, entertaining him only for now. Jesus, you picked the wrong on of your friends to have a crush on. No way Lafayette would have put you through any of this.

“Do I get to see it now or..” You questioned, noting that John was still holding on to it.

“It’s was planning on giving it to you at dinner, Y/N. I made reservations at this stupidly fancy place. The guys and Angelica are gonna meet us there. “ You shook your head as he told you that. You didn’t want a birthday party. You didn’t care about your birthday. “Hey. You give everyone the most thoughtful gifts on their birthdays,and come Christmas nobody wants to give a present after you because what’s better than that one thing that I’ve told nobody about but been wanting all year? Y/N you have no clue how obviously you wear your heart on your sleeve. I love it, but you make us look bad in comparison. Like you go next level.You’re a heartfelt asshole so it’s our turn to give back. Doesn’t matter if you didn’t celebrate them before. Can’t hurt to give it a chance, can it? It’s just a night with your friends.”

You blinked at John,smiling at his mini speech. “Fine, you win Laurens. Help me pick out something to wear.” You rolled your eyes, heading towards your room. His words were playing in your head as you skimmed over your closet.

After a while, you settled on a dark blue one shoulder dress, and finished your hair and makeup. “I’m all set.” You came into the living room where you had kicked the other out to wait as you got changed.

“Almost. Close your eyes.” You gave him a look of exasperation before complying. John came up behind you. His breath was hot on your neck and his hands briefly brushed past your shoulders as he laid something on your chest, securing it. “Open.”
Looking down, a hand flew to bring the pendant into your line of vision. “Maybe it’s a little cheesey..but, it’s your birthstone surrounded by all of ours. Mine,Angelica’s, Alex, Laf and Herc. Just so you always have a reminder, we’re all in this together. No secret birthdays anymore. We don’t have to do something big every year, but I’ll be damned if I’m not celebrating the day the world gave me you. Us.” He corrected, but you’d alright caught it, despite the welling tears in your eyes.

“I hate you, so much. Let me be perfectly clear.” You laughed, your voice cracking before you spun on your heel and caught John Laurens in a kiss, all common sense pushed to the side for just a second. Then you pulled away, realizing exactly what you’d done.

“If I ask if you were jealous of that girl in the bar, what’s the likelihood I get slapped?” He spoke after a moment of awkward silence. You laughed, shaking your head before even bothering to answer.

“Pretty close to a hundred percent there.” You smiled.

“Then I won’t ask. But can we do that again? Just so I can be sure how much you hate me.” John was grinning now, and you definitely had somethingto talk about tonight. No more ignoring texts now.

“We’re late for dinner, John.” You noted, grabbing your bag and moving to your front door, smirking at him, deciding not to let him know a bit of the dark red had smudged onto his lip. Yet.

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Once Sean’s s/o found out his mutation, they decided to have some fun. They’d set cups and other glass trinkets all around the house and (with ear plugs in) jump up behind Sean startling him which, without fail, always made him screech. It became a little game of theirs to see how many glass things would explode from startling him, Sean never got used to this and was never fond of the ‘game’It’s ok though, because his s/o would always make sure to give him a kiss to make up for scaring him

oh my god this is so fucking cute but like i can imagine him not liking getting scared but he knows what comes after (lots of kisses all over his face) so the moment he realizes what happened he’s already eagerly waiting for the make up kisses this is so adorable i die

i finished a commission so i rewarded myself w/ this doodle

cute things to think about

-vera’s grandparents cry when alyn shows up at the doorstep, half dressed in his tux
-vera ends up having to finish dressing him because he doesn’t know how to wear this stuff
-when she comes down the stairs from her bedroom, she smiles until he realizes his unabashed staring
-”you bought the dress i picked out.”
-”aren’t i pretty?”
-”yes.” not ‘of course’ not ‘you know you are’ not ‘yeah but i’m prettier’
-nate takes his girl friend ellie to prom and the four of them go out for dinner
-vera tells alyn he looks so cute with his hair styled down so many times that half-way through dinner, he purposefully messes the thing up
-alyn steps on her feet like 5 times
-vera gets hounded by so many people to dance with them that alyn eventually drags her off to hide in the gardens behind the building
-he gives her his jacket even tho she INSISTS that she’s not cold
-she’s really honestly not
-she takes it anyway.
-actually, she won’t take it off when he finally takes her home
-he kisses her on the cheek at her door
-”thank you” he says, and vera wonders if there’s some sort of mistake, if alyn is actually the one who has a center of gravity because she feels drawn to him, and he’s warm and he’s everything she’s ever been scared of holding with her own two hands.
-”you’re welcome,” she tells him softly. she grabs his hand. “stay a little while.”
-there’s no hesitation. not anymore. “okay.”

out. plots i need: best friends from childhood going on rad adventures as adults and just !!!!! being there for each other and !!!!!! friends !!!!!!, the whole bad boy / good girl (or vice versa) dynamic whether it’s platonic or romantic, honestly I’m just a sucker for cliche cute plots ?? and complex relationships with layers and everything and exploring really lengthy relationships through the years and doing all sorts of things ranging in subject and tone and !!!!! just !!!!!! in depth relationships with so much background !!!!! i love !!!!! i need !!!!! I have so many ideas !!!!!! come to me !!!!!

Me: *is reading the blood of olympus*

Me: man, this is pretty good so far… I wonder when Frank’s stick will come into play, because there has been so much emphasis on it until this final book and-

Blood of Olympus: Oh you mean that stick that Frank’s entire life is tied around and can burn up within seconds??? There are so many more important things to focus on… Oh look!! Jason is getting glasses!!

Me: Well… that’s cool… I guess. How bout when Hazel’s mortality comes back into play? Cause shouldn’t there be complications and all with her coming back from the dead and the Doors of Death being shut? And what about her curse being lifted?

Blood of Olympus: That’s cool but omg, look at Leo moaning on and on about Calpyso again! How cute is that?!

Me: Well… Leo’s been doing that same thing for pretty much every chapter so um… how bout Percy and Annabeth? I mean they just literally got back from hell and they were pretty messed up? Like his powers literally just grew yet again and he tortured a goddess? And Annabeth was legit terrified of him on more than one occ-

Blood of Olympus: Well here is Nico’s and Reyna’s povs again. How exciting!

Me: You know I love them both but… they aren’t part of the seven and have been treated as side characters this entire series, so why are they getting povs now? And we really didn’t need two povs for the transportation of the Athena Statue? Anyway… how about that whole thing with Percy and Frank. You know how Mars warned Frank that he would have to help Percy choose something that would affect the fate of the entire world-

Blood of Olympus: Surprise! Solangelo is canon and it is happening! Plot twist! Who saw that coming am I right!?

Me: That’s totally awesome that Nico found happiness but what about the fact that the seven didn’t defeat Gaea as, you know, the seven. It was only three of them and the battle was only like two pages long-

Blood of Olympus: I’m not sure if you’ve noticed it yet but Caleo is so cute. Look at them flying off on that dragon together!

Me: But what about-

Blood of Olympus: Coming soon… Mango Cheese!


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"It’s a cute bruise " why so many girls think that bruised and beated body is "cute"? what is wrong with your mind? get off this little sluts girls tumblr and educate yourself! bruises are not cute!

I had this message in my inbox for more than two weeks, i wasn’t going to answer it, i usually don’t answer hate, but i changed my mind because i thought it was important, so here i go…

I always wonder why so many people think that they have the authority to come to your blog, and assume everything from your life because of one picture. Even send you a message exposing their own point of view as the one that is right, making everything else is wrong or ignorant, in need of education. People have different oppinions and as I respect yours you should respect mine. I post the pictures that i want, and i found cute the things that feels that way for me. There’s nothing wrong with my mind and i don’t need to educate myself. I don’t have a “little sluts girls tumblr” because there’s not such thing as “little sluts girls”, that’s very rude and insulting. People like different things, your opinion it’s not the only truth. When you see something that you dislike (like everyone does), ignore it, unfollow, block it, but please don’t send hate to other people because it’s not right, and you may hurt someone. By posting a picture i don’t hurt anybody, by sending hate you hurt people.

Muse - Jonathan Byers Imagine

REQUESTED: Yes, by a lovely anon! <3

I can’t stop gushing over that Jonathan Byers imagine! Pls pls do a Jonathan Byers imagine where the reader just moved from NY & is into photography. They meet, talk bout NYU & start to fall for each other. Srly keep up the good work! Loving it😊

WARNINGS: None because this is cute<3

SUMMARY: You just moved from New York to the small town of Hawkins, Indiana. You’ve come wanting to go back, but the quiet town holds so many photographic opportunities. You accidentally capture a guy, but from there a friendship grows, and possibly more?

NOTES: So I only caught this one today while I was getting ready for a massive parade I had as part of the Air Cadet 75th Anniversary Celebrations. I met the Air Commodore and got a selfie with her, and she was so lovely!

Anyways, hope you guys enjoy this one, and thank you anon for the lovely message! <3 ^_^

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To be honest, Kent does not mean to get into a competition with Jack Zimmermann.

The hockey is a given. It’s their job as professional athletes. People are going to compare them. Fine.

But photography, of all things? Kent just wanted to take some nice pictures of Kit Purrson so he buys an expensive camera and a copy of Photography for Dummies. Next thing he knows, people are comparing his photos to Jack’s. The internet is very divided because Jack clearly has more experience and variety in his photographs, but Kent takes so many pictures of cute animals.

Next, it’s the flannel and plaid shirts. Sure, Kent stole the style from Jack years ago, but then websites start publishing Who Wore it Better? articles with pictures of him and Jack wearing similar styles. Kent is not pleased when he sees Jack is currently beating him in the polls when it comes to the red and black flannel.

It doesn’t end there. Everything Kent or Jack does always ends up being in direct competition with each other.

Who has the best pet? Kent thinks Kit is the clear winner even though Jack’s new puppy is adorable.

Who has the best wedding? Jack and Eric have more celebrity guests at their huge wedding whereas Kent and Jeff have a chocolate fondue fountain. They call that one a draw.

Even their kids are pitted against each other, although that one is a private competition.

“Smile,” Kent coos as he snaps a picture of his son in mid-laugh and sends it over to Jack with the caption: my baby is cuter than yours.

Minutes later, Jack sends a video clip back of his own toddler daughter playing in the sprinkler. Pretty sure mine is cutest, he says.

It is on, Kent texts back, because even though he never meant to get into this playful rivalry with Jack, the competitive side of Kent is still itching to win. But, when he looks at his husband who is holding their baby and smiling back at him, he changes his mind.

Kent feels like he’s already won.

undying-honor  asked:

"Ya know red, never thought I'd say this but you're kinda cute in a gross sweaty kinda way." Wow a complament from undyne, how rare!

“are ya ill or somethin? where the hell did dat come from?” Red is so confused by the compliment. He wasn’t sure wither to be thankful that she saw him that way or disturbed. 

“I may be many things, gills, but I ant cute…” he murmured before tucking into his jacket in evasion. 

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Still doing the character thing? If so, All of the Konosubas (Kazuma, Aqua, Megumin, Darkness).

Sure. Keep in mind that I haven’t watched Konosuba, so this is all coming from clips and screencaps I’ve seen around.

Kazuma: 8 - Likable and witty
Aqua: 9 - Really cute and fun
Megumin: 7 - Funny character concept but I haven’t seen many scenes where she was very funny.
Darkness: 8 - They maybe milk the masochism joke a little too much, but it’s a good joke so it’s not too bad. Also boobs. Very nice.


            HER TIME HAD COME, now being eighteen, the princess was allowed to go on diplomatic missions on her own as part of her training. seeing how well she could do in making relations with other PUBLIC FIGURES and listen to their people. but where she was going, required an escort that was far more advanced than a soldier or a guard. so she was told. a JEDI. educated on so many things from relations to mannerisms, PRINCESS ERIS had no idea what a jedi actually was. but when she was told, she could not wait to meet her escort. 

          WAITING BEFORE the ship, his arrival was announced, the much taller man stepping out before her, the princess looking up at the jedi master like he was glistening. draped in a cream colored cape, folded hands came undone to give him a light bow when he was introduced, eris all smiles.  ❛ master qui-gon, it is an honour to meet you. I give you my gratitude for your bravery and service in escorting me today. please forgive my inability to control my smiling, I have never been in the company of someone so heroic. I am very intrigued by your lifestyle.  ❜ to put it formally. the surrounding company seemed to be attempting to covet their grins at her greeting to him, expecting nothing less from their infamous curious princess.  

❛ shall we get going ?  ❜


Little Birdie

“Ugh, this is the last time I go shopping with you!” Selena cried, as she tapped her foot impatiently against the tiled floor.

It was always something with Setsuna.

She either took far too long picking one item out, or she had picked up so many expensive things that Selena had to end up paying for it.

Setsuna removed her gaze from the cute bunny tea set on sale to look right into Selena’s eyes. “Oh, but you said that the last time… and look at how much fun we’re having.”

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holy shit I havent had a genuine belly laugh from a pokemon episode since kanto! and it somehow managed to achieve this even when I was in the pit of a panic attack!
I knew the ending was coming but I still fuckin cracked up, holy shit the perfect comedic timingggg
kiawe’s overdramatic death throes as he tries to pull a fuckin dragon up a mountain
turtonator’s cute lil apologetic face as it holds its tiny pancakes
and man I wanna rewatch the whole thing and try and catch all the tiny details along the way! they had every damn character in the race except lillie, and even she got reaction shots from the audience. and there were so many fun background characters too, just like back in the old ollllld rapidash race episode where there was that one guy riding an electrode. I wanna create a fandom for these goddamn npcs! XD
and POOR SOPHOCLES and mallow and lana too, awww!
I even felt bad for team rocket even though they went down in the single most hilarious way possible
actually wait a second
was this
‘and the winner is… rocky!’
or loggy XD
thank you episode you have saved my soul