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He’s Mine (AJ STYLES)

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AJ Styles request for anon


AJ’s girlfriend gets jealous after seeing all those pictures of him and Charlotte on Instagram and other social media sites. She starts to feel not good enough. AJ comes home to her acting different and soon gets to the bottom of things. Reader asks if something’s going on with him and Charlotte leading AJ to think it’s cute how cute how possessive and jealous she is over him: FLUFF


Warnings: NONE


My jealousy grew and grew as I scrolled from picture to picture on my boyfriend’s Instagram.

Why are there so many pictures of them?

Them being, AJ and Charlotte.

Like I get they have a friendship and all but is that really all it is?

Or is it something more going on behind the scenes?

Well behind the pictures?

Cause I have friends, that are guys, but he don’t see me posting pictures with them constantly.

And don’t even get me started on the captions cause then we’ll be here all day.

I heard the front door unlock from my seat on the couch.

AJ came stomping in and I knew he was upset, in a way at least.

I was supposed to pick him up from the airport almost two hours ago, but I got so distracted by all of these pictures.

“Babe. I called you at least five times.” I heard AJ say.

Yep, you did. I replied in my mind.

“Oh.” I mumbled. “My phone’s dead.”

AJ dropped his bags on the floor before coming over to me. “Did you forget I was flying in today? Or did you just not want to come?”

The second one.

“Neither. I was just busy AJ.”

He sighed trying to get a look at my face, probaly to see of I was lying since he loved to pride himself on knowing when I was lying or being truthful by looking at me.

Plus I always bit my lip when I’m lying.

It’s a dead giveaway.

“Y/N c'mon. What’s with the attitude? I just came home, you didn’t even pick me up like you usually do.”

I shrugged carelessly, this time looking at him. “Did you ever think that maybe I’m tired of the usual? Plus I’m sure you could’ve just got Charlotte to drop you off, seeing how close the two of you are.”

AJ looked at me with a confused facial expression.

“Ugh, the pictures AJ. You have more pictures with her than you do with me. What am I not pretty enough to post? Or is it just cause I’m not Charlotte Flair?”

A grin appeared on his face, then it was me who had the confused expression this time.

“Stop grinning.” I demanded throwing a decorative pillow at him. “I wanna know what’s going on with you and her.”

He shook his head. “Babe you know there’s nothing going on with us, and I don’t post as much of you cause I’m not always with you.”

Point taken.

I guess it would be easier to get a picture with someone you’re with than someone you’re not.

“But I can send you some.” I replied. “So she and everyone else knows that you are my man.”

AJ chuckled. “You know, I think I like you’re jealous and possessive side.” He said leaning closer to me for a kiss, but I held him at arms length.

“You can get a kiss, after you post a pic of us.”

My boyfriend playfully groaned, getting out his phone, then getting in position for the picture.

“Oh…” I said stopping him before he took it. “…and put a cute caption, and I want you to post it on Twitter and Face–”

“Y/N Just shut up and let me take it.” He said shutting me up.


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My personal experience with the signs

Aries: such a babe, so caring and lovely, we understand each other so well, so passionate about the things and people they love, always up for an adventure, if you hurt them you’re really gonna have to fight to get their respect back

Taurus: cuddly smol thing, loves food and taking pictures of food, can strike up a conversation with anyone, prefers staying in over partying, v stubborn, likes driving around listening to old music

Gemini: soulmate, best friend in the world, so weird and crazy, party animal, often fuckboys/fuckgirls, never runs out of things to talk about, loves attention from the sex they’re attracted to, sometimes it seems like we’re telepathic

Cancer: the cutest, ridiculously funny, very shy but comes off as a bit arrogant at first, once you get to know them they’re the best! them mood swings™ tho, wants to spend time with their s/o 24/7

Leo: so friendly and approachable, often has many talents and interests, always busy with their hobbies, can be savage and heartless when needed, often very dedicated to their s/o

Virgo: comes off as cute and innocent at first but is secretly a freak, so helpful and kind, random humour, often likes talking to many different people instead of having a committed relationship

Libra: LOVES books, very smart humour, so indecisive, always wants your opinion on things, even if you drift apart they will always have your back, falls in love easily, can be very passive-aggressive 

Scorpio: often loves bands, is secretly very sexual and often attracts people easily, so happy and positive on the outside but often secretly sad on the inside, wants to include everyone

Sagittarius: (my sign!) loves parties, dancing and meeting new and old friends, gets crushes easily but doesn’t fall in love easily, optimistic and adventurous, sometimes too spontaneous and impulsive, can be a real bitch sometimes and cares too much about what other people think, dirty mind

Capricorn: great with money, would do anything for their family and friends, very funny even if they don’t always show it, can come across as quite cold and distant but are often quite silly once you get to know them

Aquarius: falls in love easily and doesn’t hide it well, often great at sports and music, weird in a funny and lovable way, often takes care of the overly drunk people at parties/helps the host cleaning up

Pisces: connects with people easily and loves talking to everyone but is secretly very shy, often amazing in school with good grades, teacher’s pet, falls in love VERY easily, so emotional and moody

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Hi!!! Ok, so first of all I LOVE your blog. All of your recommendations?? A gift from heaven. I was wondering if you have any good and cute domestic AU's? Kinda like the posts that prettyboyviktor makes (I'm so sorry, I don't know how to add links TT A TT"" ). I think that the domestic AU's are just ADORABLE and I'm currently reading Masquerade (thanks to your rec) and I LOVE it (omg) so I wanted to know what you think are good domestic AU's. Thank you thank you thank you so much!!!

Thank you for these requests! (and compliments, wow!!) I LOVE DOMESTIC AUs SO FREAKING MUCH OMGOMG

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Domestic Fluff

Safety Hazards in St. Petersburg by lucycamui, Explicit, 3.7k
In which Yuuri moves in with Victor in St. Petersburg and Victor discovers just how distracting living with him can be. I LOVE THIS FIC SO MUCH OMG

Love Like You by LFMH021, Teen, 3.6k
Little insight to retired and domestic Victuuri! Many small scenes from deciding who is going to do the dishes to grocery shopping. SO CUTE AND FLUFFY I LOVE THIS FIC SO MUCH! It’s the domestic fic you’re looking for!

stammi vicino by sunshinehide, Gen, 1k
its moments like these where yuuri realizes how lucky in love he is with victor. CUTEEE

Domesticity by DawnMalfoy, Not Rated, 4.4k
When Yuuri moves to St Petersburg to train with Victor a lot of things change for the better. Victor is really in love with Yuuri, and is still surprised that he gets to come home to him every day! Awwwww!

The Different Types of Warmth by BeautyButterBae, Explicit, 8.1k
When Victor drags Yuuri out of their apartment on one of the coldest days St. Petersburg has seen in a while, Yuuri is far from pleased. Victor promises to replenish the body heat they’ve both lost. Yuuri is far more pleased with that. Fun!

in need of melted marshmallow cuddles by Hitsugi_Zirkus, Gen, 1.7k
“Viktor. You’re Russian. How is it that you’re always so easily cold and– Wait,” Yuuri’s eyes fell onto Viktor’s bundled up form under the comforter, “are you wearing my jackets? How many layers have you got on?” SNUGGLES AND CUDDLES DO YOU HEAR ME SCREAMING I LOVE THIS FIC

Dream Awake by Ashida, Teen, 7.7k
Yuuri really loves to sleep in, in his bed, in his apartment, in their home, but they have morning practice, and Victor thinks of a new way to wake him up. It’s so fluffy I’m gonna dieeee

Get A Room, Just Not This One by chellethewriter, Mature, 8.1k
Five times that Yuri Plisetsky walks in on Yuuri and Viktor being grossly affectionate… and one time that he doesn’t. Takes place in St. Petersburg, post episode 12. Yurio is basically their son and I love it!

we laugh, we fumble, we take it day by day by waitingforreason, Gen, 3k
When it comes to taking their son on the ice for the first time, Yuuri is worried, Victor is patient, and everyone else is helplessly intrusive. LOVE!

kissed me like a sunrise by middlecyclone, Teen, 1k
Maybe, Victor figures, there are some things, some people, that you just can’t get over. And Yuuri is his. So cute!

Born To Make History by BeautyButterBae, Explicit, 9.2k
Some mornings were like today, where Yuuri sat up in their shared bed, only watching as Victor Nikiforov – the man he had married only a few months earlier – slept peacefully, still disbelieving that all of this had happened, that it was real, that he got so lucky. They’re married and I can’t breATHE THIS IS SO GOOD

kairosclerosis by celestialfics, Gen, 1k
Life at Viktor’s apartment in Russia is different than when Yuuri and Viktor had stayed together at Yuuri’s family home in Japan, but it’s a good kind of different. Thumbs up!

In jokes and Pettiness by preciousbunnynoiz, Teen, 3.6k
Domestic Victuuri get into petty arguments None of the fights are serious! THIS IS SO AMAZING?? I’M DYING??? Love!

Distance by surveycorpsjean, Explicit, 5.1k
They just can’t stand to be apart. They’re still obsessed with each other!

sight of the sun by cityboys, Teen, 6.4k
Wherein their honeymoon brings Victor face-to-face with a lot of firsts in his life. HONEYMOON FIC I REPEAT THIS IS A HONEYMOON FIC

Together Dancing, Cheek to Cheek by ambientwhispers, Gen, 2.1k
Katsuki Yuuri sometimes still doesn’t believe he could possibly be married to his old idol, Victor Nikiforov. One day, Victor decides to show Yuuri exactly where that road began, with the pictures from the 2015 GPF banquet. OMG!!

better than sliced bread by ebenroot, Teen, 8.1k
In which we all assumed yuuri is the one to own a dakimakura but maybe that isn’t entirely the case. THIS IS GREAT AHHAHA

ummm … why was this video so cute??? why was phil offering up nostalgic stories from his childhood every 3 minutes? why were they so fond of the family bonding time? of picking childrens clothing for dab???? ive not felt true emotions during a sims vid in so long??????? ? anyway here r some thoughts:

  • why did they try to make bowling strike noises for 30 actual whole seconds
  • phil dragging dan for not being able to read the word ‘mirage.’ good
  • the fact that phil kinda sorta equated the connotations of ’mate’ and ‘friend’ with ‘partner’ gave me heart palpitations ahhhhh partner is legit my fav word for what dnp are to each other and to hear it used in the same context as phil’s cheeky use of friend/mate was v affirming
  • apparently a typical dad move, according to phil, is stealing your child’s electronics. when phil got his first iPhone his dad took it and put angry birds on it? for some reason this is vital information to me
  • letting your child have cake on the bed is terrible parenting. both of them agree
  • when phil was a kid he had a toy where you rubbed its back and sparks came out. uhhh cute and also concerning
  • phil singing ‘fireman dan’ made me giggle and simultaneously forced me to reminisce on the fireman pic from their ‘dan and phil go to work’ calendar
  • the wholeeeeee bit where they’re looking through dab’s clothing choices made my heart melt. they are so supportive of eccentric fashion choices and they’re def going to be the dads that let their kids pick out their own clothes and support their choices and their individuality no matter what
  • omg 4:51 and phil saying, ‘you can make references that are old dan’ holy shit this bit. once again i love phil not taking dan’s shit and i love how fucking synchronized that god damn joke noise they make is, like they somehow made them at nearly the exact same microsecond??? and i have so many thoughts about this bc they both tend to make that noise when the other messes up or says something wrong or has a word flub of some sort, and it has always struck me as being something they use to dilute the awkwardness of that kind of misspeak??? like to take the attention away from the misspeak itself and draw each other out of the awkwardness of that moment by making each other laugh w this weird goose noise instead?? which is just??? fucking cute? i feel like in this instance the applicability was that dan didn’t have a retort to phil when phil stood up for himself so instead of just staying awkwardly silent he makes this goose noise (v slightly before phil does) as a way of being like lol this is awk i have nothing to say pls help me here and phil v instinctively/automatically follows as a way of joining in and being like it’s all good, you’re good, this is chill, pls don’t feel awk for not coming up w a witty response, and look now we’re laughing!!! and that’s the purpose that noise generally always serves them?? at least it seems that way to me, but idk like obvi i have no real basis for understanding exactly what the origin and meaning of this reflex is for them, this is sort of just how it seems from the many instances we’ve seen of them doing this. either way overall it’s just such a cute and  warm lil thing they do bc its so obvi instinctive at this point and a shared gesture that makes them laugh and i love it
  • phil wasn’t allowed ripped/distressed jeans when he was younger. those traditionalist lesters staying true to their colors
  • dan thinks phil could be a stylist wow that is like the height of praise coming from the dark prince of fashion himself
  • dan thinks its cute when dab is in the parental bed while phil yells ‘get out’ hahahaha
  • phil used to talk to the monster under his bed bc of course he did
  • ok omg the whole bit starting at 9:30. holy shit y’all. i’m baffled. they’re having what seems like a v benign convo about sleepovers during their youth and talking about the frustrations of having to sleep on the floor and dan says “the older you get, the more you’re like what the hell i’m so uncomfortable i wish i was just asleep right now.” and then wATCH HIM from 9:38 to 9:42 like what is he doing why did he follow up that contextually very chill statement with that intense stare into the camera and pointed sip of his water I’m SO confused. this immediately made me think about double meanings to that statement and the main thing that occurred to me was that it was an allusion to their separate beds,, that the older you get the more you value comfort when you’re sleeping over the fun of having a “sleepover with your friend” and one possible fix for that is sleeping in a separate bed to your “””friend”””???? idk??? am v open to other interpretations tho i have no idea, and like of course maybe dan is just being inadvertently cheeky but idk that jst seemed like SUCH an intentional stare and i am going to be kept up at night wondering what it all MEANS
  • dank brekkerini dan’s right i want to fight him for that
  • phil’s grandma used to cut up apples and sprinkled sugar on them depending on the activities they were doing wow why is his whole family quite literally the sweetest
  • phil correcting dan by pointing out that you could always cook a gourmet meal and dan’s only available response being “well … shut up” wow fucking shots fired
  • dan is incensed at the wasted breakfast bar. why is dan literally obsessed w breakfast bars
  • 12:56 another synchronized moment when they both say brayden in an obnoxious attempt at an american accent
  • i love that they are both immediately in agreement that the only reason to go to a bowling alley would be to play on the ddr machine fuckin nerds
  • martyn worked as a mascot at a bowling alley for his work experience prime lester family trivs. also cute ass mental image
  • their shared reflection about bowling with the bumpers up and the dumb toxic masculinity of teenage boys fuCK YES
  • editing mistake numero uno: they overlaid a backing track for tabitha’s bowling turn starting at 14:27 but then kept the music in for like a full THREE AND A HALF minutes omg (it plays on repeat until 17:57 lmao i was ready to click out of the video it was so annoying)
  • editing mistake numero dos: they do the exACT SAME THING with yet another backing track starting at 19:57 and continuing for like one min this time ugh omg (tbh its kind of fun to see such a blatant reminder that they’re just human beings who were either v jet lagged or v distracted by their fam vacay while editing this)

this video was good. i’m gonna go shower and continue to be haunted by that fucking sleepover comment and dan’s stare. good night 

(sims #40)

Personal Experience With The Signs

Aries: such a babe, so caring and lovely, we understand each other so well, so passionate about the things and people they love, always up for an adventure, if you hurt them you’re really gonna have to fight to get their respect back

Taurus: cuddly smol thing, loves food and taking pictures of food, can strike up a conversation with anyone, prefers staying in over partying, v stubborn, likes driving around listening to old music

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You can speak Spanish? // Jeff Atkins

Warning: fluff, like soooo much fluff

A/N: I do not speak Spanish. So if there are any mistakes it´s Google´s fault

The sun was shining right into your sleeping face, waking you up slightly. Today was Sunday and you were sleeping over at your boyfriend´s house. Jeff´s arm was lying loosely over your waist, holding you close to his chest. You turned around, snuggling into him and inhaled his scent. Your arm sneaked around his torso, while he pulled you closer. Jeff began to draw small patters on your hip and you began to slip into another peaceful sleep. His parents were away for the weekend, visiting friends and he asked you to stay with him to use the rare possibility. It´s not like his parents didn’t trust you, but they would make sure nothing to intimate would happen between the two of you.
You began to wake up again, when you felt feather kisses being plastered on your shoulder and neck. Your eyes flattered open and you were greeted by the smiling face of your boyfriend. He looked at you so lovingly that you shoot him a small smile before burying your face in his neck. “Good morning, precioso mío.” He whispered into your hair and you could hear the smile in his voice. You placed a small kiss on his skin, so he knew you were awake. “Morning, papi chulo.” He groaned at the nickname you had given him. “You know I hate it when you call me that.” He whispered, running his fingertips over your side, knowing you´re ticklish. “No please don’t tickle me.” You squirmed under his touch, chuckling. He move to get up but you tighten your grasp around him. “Come on baby, we should get up.” He chuckled, while you plastered kisses on his neck going to his collarbone. “You really have a problem with getting up.” He whispered before placing a kiss on your lips. “I don’t have a problem with getting up; I just prefer staying in bed.” You retorted against his lips and felt his chest vibrate with laughter. “Babe you are cute when you´re sleepy, but we really should get up.” He said, after a while of comfortable silence. “Pero eres demasiado mimoso. (But you´re too cuddly.)” You whispered, before placing a small kiss on his lips. “Usted es mimoso también. (You´re cuddly too.)” He answered, hovering over you. Your hands were resting on his triceps. His face was only inches away from yours and you could feel his breath against your lips. He leaned in to close the gap between you two but stopped right before your lips. “Wait, did you just speak Spanish?” He asked confused and a grin made his way onto your lips. “And what if I did?” You teased, running your fingernails lightly down his arm. “You can speak Spanish?” He asked with a small smile on his lips, while you just nodded as an answer. “So you understood every word I ever said to you in Spanish?” You nodded again, his eyes widening and he rolled of off you. You sat up looking at Jeff, you chuckled at his expression. “This is so embarrassing.” He mumbled and you laugh out loud. “I thought it was cute when you thought I couldn´t understand a word. You looked so proud. “You moved yourself so you were sitting on his lap, leaning down to place a small kiss on his lips. “But I told you so many cheesy things and I only told them because I thought you didn’t understand them.” He whispered against you lips. “Vamos bebé, me encanta cuando hablas español. (Come on baby, I love it when you speak Spanish.)” You mumbled, kissing him again. “But when did you learn Spanish?” He asked, after breaking away from you. You sat up again, still on his lap. “That one summer, two years ago, was really boring.” You answered smiling when his hands ran up and down your bare thighs. “You were bored so you learned Spanish?” He smiled up at you and you gazed your finger over his bare chest, biting your bottom lip. “You are something else, Y/N.” he sat up leaning his upper body against the headboard. “¿Puedo besarte? (Can I kiss you?)” He asked and you leaned in placing a sweet kiss on his lips. It fast turned into a heated kiss, his left hand grapping your ass pulling you even closer and his other hand going your neck. Your hands were roaming over his chest, making their way to his neck. “We should really get up now, before my parents come home.” He whispered against your lips, but he flipped you over kissing your collarbone. “Entonces bájate de mí. (Then get off me.)” You teased and he chuckled against your skin. He sat up at the edge of his bed, rubbing his hands over his face. You sat behind him, wrapping your arms around his torso, kissing his shoulder blade. “Podría acostumbrarme a esto. (I could get used to this.)” He whispered running his fingertips over your arms that were wrapped around him. “What do you mean?” you whispered against his skin, leaving small kiss between his shoulder blades. “Waking up next to you, you wearing my shirts to bed, cuddling in the morning, kissing you to wake you up. That´s what I want for us for the future.” He explained, turning around to kiss your forehead. “Eres mi futuro, bebé. (You´re my future, baby.)” You said making him smile brightly. “I mean it, bebé.” He said, getting up and pulled his sweatpants on. “Yeah me too.” You got up searching for your shorts. You pull your shorts on turning back around to face Jeff. “Do you think we are gonna get married someday?” You asked pulling him into a hug. “¿Quieres casarte conmigo algún día?  (Will you marry me one day?)” He retorted pulling a bit way to grin down at you. “Aren´t you suppose to kneel down and put a ring on my finger?” You teased and he rolled his eyes. “Te amo, mi amor. (I love you, my love.)” He mumbled kissing your lips softly. “Yo también Te amo, bebé. (I love you too, baby.)” You whispered back, burying your head into his neck. “When we´re married and have children we are gonna raise them with two languages, like my parents did. English and Spanish.” He pulled you closer into him, if that was even possible. “You want to have children with me?” you asked smiling into his neck. He hummed approvingly and run his hands up and down your back. “Of course Y/N, eres el único para mi. (You are the only one for me.)” he whispered, kissing your neck. “God Jeff, you are so cheesy.” You chuckled and suppressed a moan when he nibbled at your sweet spot. “Tú eres el único para mí también. (You are the only one for me too.)” He smirked against your neck, biting your skin gently. “Now you are the cheesy one. Pero te quiero por ello. (But I love you for it.)” He said smiling down at you. “I love you too, but now I´m hungry.” You said grapping his hand and pulled him out of his room, down the stairs. “I will follow you.” He said and you smiled at his words.

You laughed and he looked at you playfully offended. “You don´t believe me that I can flip pancakes?” he teased and you laugh, shaking your head no. “Ok then watch me, precioso mío.” Jeff moved wiggled his eyebrows and grabbed the pan. He tried to flip the pancake but it landed next to the stove. You laughed harder when he frowned at the pancake lying next to him. He turned around to look at you disappointed and you laughed even harder. “I swear I can flip pancakes. You can ask my mum.” He pouted at you and you smiled at him. “Oh baby, I believe you.” You said and kissed him. “Step aside, anciano, and let me try it.” You added, pushing him away from the stove. He looked at you and snorted at you. “Who do you call old man? When I´m an old man then you´re my old lady.” He countered and you smiled at the pancake in the pan. “Ok here goes nothing.” You whispered to yourself, before flipping the pancake and it landed in the pan. “You speak Spanish and you can flip pancakes, now I need to marry you.” He said, wrapping his arms around your waist from behind, placing kisses on the back of your neck. “Don’t make promises you can´t keep.” You mumbled, flipping another pancake. “Believe me, we will be married and we will have a house and at least two children and a dog.” He mumbled against your neck and you felt your smile grow. “At least two children, huh?” You turned off the stove and turned around in your boyfriends arms, with a big smile on your lips. “At least two, please.” He grinned at you, his one hand going from your waist to your ass, squeezing it slightly. “And until then we can practice.” He added, your arms were around his neck, while he squeezed your ass again before pulling you into another kiss. “But please not in my kitchen.” Jeff and you pulled away instantly and saw his parents standing in the doorway, suitcases in their hands. “Hey mum, dad. I thought you wouldn´t be back until this afternoon?” asked Jeff with an uncomfortable smile, his one arm still wrapped around your waist. “Hello Mrs. and Mr. Atkins.” You mumbled shooting them a small, but embarrassed smile. “Hello Y/N.” Mr. Atkins greeted you with a smile, while Mrs. Atkins looked at Jeff. “Well it got boring so we left a few hours earlier.” She answered Jeff´s question, who just nodded. “So Y/N, did you sleep here?” asked Mrs. Atkins with a small smile. “Oh, yeah we, uhm we were watching some movies and I fell asleep.” You lied; the activities from last night didn’t included watching movies. “Sure, wouldn´t be the first time.” Mrs. Atkins chuckled and you nodded smiling. “We just wanted to eat some breakfast.” Said Jeff with a smile towards his parents. He turned around, got two plates out of the cupboard and filled them with the pancakes you two just made.

After breakfast you and Jeff washed the dishes joking around, while his parents sat at the kitchen table talking about their weekend. “Deténgase, por favor. (Stop please)” You said pretending to mad, but laughed when he smeared soap on your nose. “Nunca, te ves lindo cuando finges estar enojado. (Never, you look cute when you pretend to be angry)” he said before kissing your cheek. You wiped the soap off of your nose, turning your attention back to the pan in your hand. You handed Jeff the pan and he put his into its place. “Y/N, podrías traerme una botella de agua, por favor? (Y/N, could you bring me a bottle of water, please?)” asked Mrs. Atkins and you went to the fridge, bringing her a bottle. “Gracias.” She sends you a smile and you returned it, before walking back to Jeff who stood amazed in the kitchen. “Mum, you did know that she speaks Spanish?” Jeff asked his mother, who just nodded smiling. “You too, dad?” he added and his father nodded as well. “But how?” This time he looked at you. “I told your mum a while ago.” You answered with a shrug. “You told them before me?” He asked offended and you laughed, caressing his cheek in a loving manner. “Sorry honey, it just came up and you were just too sweet thinking I couldn’t understand a word.” Answered smiling, placing a small kiss on his cheek. “Unbelievable.” He muttered with a frown on his forehead and a pout on his lips. You wrapped your arms around his waist and rubbed his back, resting your forehead against his chest. “Lo siento y Te amo. (I´m sorry and I love you.)” You whispered and you smiled when he placed a kiss to your head and wrapped his arms around you. “It´s okay, it´s sexy when you speak Spanish. You should definitely do it more often.” You breathe out a laugh and looked at him, adoring his features. “Only when I´m with you.” You mumbled, placing a small kiss on his jawline. “I hoped you would say that.” He mumbled before bringing his lips to yours. He broke away just moments later, taking your hand in his. He told his parents that you two would go to his room. Halfway toward the stairs he began to speak again. “Wait, that family dinner when my grandmother told me to marry you and I said I will definitely do it, you understood that too?” you mumbled a yes with a big smile on your lips. “That was a private conservation.” He said, his tone serious but you knew he was smiling. “It´s not private when I stand right next to you, dummy.” You laughed and began to climb up the stair. “Smartass.” He mumbled under his breath but you still heard it and snorted as a response. “And great ass.” He added and gave your ass a slight slap, which caused you to yelp and run up the stairs, him following close behind you. Let´s just say: He really loved it when you speak Spanish.

Succulent Magic

In my experience, succulents are some of the easiest and friendliest plants to work with! They’re very easy to care for, and I would definitely reccomend them to beginner witches!

Echeveria : a very common plant to find in stores and nurseries, they come in a wide variety of colors and textures! Very easy to care for.

-good for spells involving emotional healing, color magic, and sympathetic magic.

Sempervivum : looks similar to echeveria, thought also called the live forever plants for their longevity, houseleeks because they were grown on roofs and eaten, and hens and chicks (though I’m not sure why.) It is also said that planting these on/in your house will protect them from lightning.

-good for spells involving longevity, the home, weather magic, and emotional bonds.

Bear Paw (Cotyledon) : A small, fuzzy succulent shaped like little paws! They’re so, so cute but a little more difficult to find than others.

-good for spells involving emotional comfort, emotional protection, and glamours involving cuteness/softness or seeming non threatening.

Barrel Cactus : a round, barrel shaped friend. They come in many colors but most common is dark green, they’re also covered in spines. Be very careful, keep out of way of children or pets that may come to investigate it!

-good for spells involving protection, banishing, retaining energy/spoons, and keeping things out/away.

Rock Plants (Lithops) : little plants with two large, fleshy leaves that part to make way for flowers and new leaves. The name comes from the Greek for “rock” and “face.”

-good for spells involving the earth, warding, emotional + physical strength, and holding things steadfast.

Stonecrop (Sedum) : they’re little drooping friends and they come in so many shapes and sizes. So easy to care for, they thrive even in inhospitable areas.

-good for spells involving staying strong, emotional + mental hardiness, and thriving where it’s inhospitable.

String of Pearls (Senecio) : long strings of round leaves, these plants get rooted and start growing forever. They definitely earn the name.

-good for glamours, exponential growth, and wealth spells.

Aeonium : sweet friends! Very colorful, each plant containing vivid and wide coloration, they just exude happiness. Just look at them!

-good for happiness, energy boosts, and spoonie magic.

This isn’t a complete or comprehensive list (I’ll make one of those some other time) and there are many more succulent species! Good luck and grow well

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any good actor au's?!

I AM SO GLAD YOU BOTH ASKED FOR THIS! I have read many amazing fics from this AU! IT’S SO GOOD! The only thing I don’t like about it is that there aren’t enough fics! Enjoy!

Originally posted by shiromahou

Actor AU

all the world’s a stage by braveten, Explicit, 112k
AU where Victor is the the most famous actor in Hollywood and Yuuri is a silver medalist at this year’s GPF… and also has a huge crush on Victor. Yuuri auditions to become his skating coach for a movie with the help of Pitchit and cuteness ensues. Fun, great writing, lots of fluff, some angst, and a little bit of smut! This fic made all my AU dreams come true….

Oops, baby I love you by Inkspill, Teen, 48k (WIP)
Viktor Nikiforov won another Oscars this 2016 and Yuri’s a budding fashion designer. As much as they do love each other, their work and the almost non-existent time they have for each other led for them to break up. Everything was okay, or so they thought . Awesome actor AU!

Ptichye Moloko by lilithduvare, Melody_thysoulandthylove, Teen, 14k (WIP)
Viktor is a two time Academy Award winner actor who, while shooting a movie in Japan accidentally found a small cake shop Agape & Eros and instantly fell in love with the stunning desserts on display. He, however, did not expect to fall in love with the gorgeous but shy man who ran the shop. Love!

Cherry Blossoms by HEClementine8, Teen, 3.4k
Viktor knew he could be exceedingly dramatic at even the best of times, Yuri would testify a thousand times to that, but for once Viktor felt his thoughts had fallen pathetically short of truth. I love this fic! Bonus dancer!Yuuri <3

Cup Ramen and Orange Soda by misato, Explicit, 9.3k (WIP)
When he reaches his apartment, he unpacks the groceries and finds something written on the back of the receipt in neat, perfect handwriting. It’s a phone number and a note underneath, reading: ‘Text me! - Viktor Nikiforov’ THIS SO GOOD OMG

Putting On A Show by starshine_smile, Teen, 7.8k (WIP)
Viktor Nikiforov is a famous Russian actor, and it seems that he has all a man could want. Which is why no-one expects him to pack up and move to Detroit. Thumbs up!

here’s to the fools by MissSpock, Teen, 3.9k
The Victor Nikiforov slid his sunglasses down his nose, and Yuuri was suddenly confronted with sparkling eyes so blue he could die. Maybe he did. Maybe he’s dead and his soul had ascended to heaven. He really couldn’t tell anymore. I’m obsessed with this and I love how it’s inspired by La La Land!

Yuuri in Love by Katraa, Mature, 1.7k (WIP)
As fate would have it, today was also the day he ran into a lost dog. And as fate would have it, Yuuri returned that dog to the address on the tag, which just so happened to be the lead actor of the Play House, Viktor Nikiforov. Can’t wait for more to come!

starstruck by shizuoh, Teen, 49k (WIP)
In which yuuri is a simple barista, viktor is a famous movie star, and yuri is an 8 year old kid stuck in the middle of it. Love!

BTS reaction to their GF loves/appreciates their flaws

sarcasm-olala said :

requests are open! Yes! Uh so I’d love to read a BTW reaction in which their s/o appreciates their flaws. Like kissing or praising parts of their body they don’t like (doesn’t have to be their body, can be things like namjoons clumsiness too). Since there are so many vice versas of them doing this, I feel like the boys deserve to get treated like they’re precious too :’)

Hola 😎 thanks for requesting ! .. here’s your requested reaction and I hope you like it  😇 .

Jin :

You decorated Jin’s face with your kisses, leaving behind your pink lip gloss as soon as he begun venting about his dislike of his glasses .

“You look adorable” he looked at you with a slight pout .

“I don’t like them” you threw your arms around his neck .

“Well I love them” .

Suga :

“I want to go change” you glanced at Yoongi, he was wearing shorts and a polo shirt .

“Why?” he frowned .

“My legs look horrible” you rolled your eyes .

“Your legs look fine and you could use a tan” you teased him making him huff .

You pressed your lips onto his cheek and cupped the other with your hand .

“You look great” .

J-hope :

“Do you think I’m handsome?” you stared at him, surprised by his question .

“What are you talking about?” before he could answer you covered his mouth .

“If you ever question your attractiveness again I will personally throw you off of a cliff” he facial reaction showed pure horror .

“Jung Hoseok ,BTS visual, sounds nice doesn’t it?” you removed your hand to see his bright smile .

“You’re crazy but I love you” and your lips met his .

Rap Monster :

You glanced over at a frustrated Namjoon. He broke something…again. He let out a sigh causing you to stroll over to him. You wrapped your arms around his waist .

“Are you hurt?” he shook his head .

“Good. As long as your ok, I’ll help you clean up” you let go of him and took his hand .

“No matter how many things you break I’ll still love you Kim Namjoon” a small smile came onto his lips .

Jimin :


You took Jimin’s hand and begun to play with his fingers .

“Your hands are so cute” he pulled his hand away .

“No they’re not” you chuckled .

“Come on Jimin you have the cutest hands I’ve ever seen. I wish my hands were that cute” you could tell from Jimin’s face that he didn’t really like your words. So you took his head into to your hands and squished his cheek .

“But they’re not as cute as your face” you cooed, making him smile .

V  :

You stared at Taehyung’s face, analyzing his different facial expressions .

“What’s wrong?” he pointed at his phone ,pointed at himself, it was a video of the boys dancing .

“I think I messed up. It doesn’t look as good” .

“I couldn’t even do half of that without passing out from exhaustion” he laughed .You grabbed him playfully, ruffled his hair and kissed his cheeks making him laugh .

 "I love you jagiya" .

Jungkook :

You sat down on a near by table watching Jungkook dance. His movements were fluid, every step he took added to the story he was conveying, his dancing was more than mesmerizing .He stopped suddenly with a sigh, he looked over to you, his breathing rigid.  

“Was it good?” you applauded as loud as you could .

“Bravo!” he laughed a bit uncomfortable .

“I don’t think it was good enough” you stopped clapping and glared at him unamused .

“That was the best dancing I’ve ever seen, J-Hope better look out cause you’re gonna steal his spot” he shook his head. You walked over to him and rested your head on his shoulder after giving him a peck on the cheek .

“You’re something else” .

GIFs are not mine .

Requests : Opened !

Ships : Closed ! 

-Admin A .


Seriously, it’s been SO many days since my last drawing, so here have a doodle from my Married AU (Still need to come up with a freaking name for this).

Yes, I am now officially keeping this headcanon about Plagg’s aversion to …married human couple things. Why? Because I have updated It’s An Effort with a new chapter and I just used the same running gag a second time..or a third? (I can’t remember)


Dating Hayes Grier would include…

- him acting all charming on some days 

- “Heyyy sunshine

- him trying to impress you all the time, and his friends making fun of the way he acts when you’re around

- coming to his dirt bike races to support him and him being super proud when you’re there 

- making sure to kiss him every time before he starts driving, and telling him to be safe 

- going on little adventures together, for example going on hikes or late night walks/runs

- long, tight hugs, he’d be so good at giving hugs 

- him always touching you in some way when you’re in public or with his friends, to make sure everyone knows you belong to him 

- Skate occasionally making a comment about you being loud in bed

- Nash checking on you to make sure his little brother is treating you right 

- making food together, turning into make out sessions on the kitchen counter 

- lip biting when making out 

- him hugging you from behind and kissing your neck

- Nash posting sneaky pictures of you two being cute on Snapchat

- babysitting Skylynn together

- being sporty together, and pretty competitive

- often showering together, being all sweaty from working out

- him being a typical horny teenager; there would be so many random things about you that’d turn him on, and at the most random times. 

- dealing with his cocky moments 

- trying to not get caught or being heard having sex while staying at his family house 

- trying out a lot of things in bed cause you’d pretty much be his first when it comes to those experiences 

- casually making eye contact with each other at breakfast with the guys, sneakily smiling to yourself remembering what you did last night

- him spoiling the shit out of you on some days, for example he’d make you food, prepare a bubble bath for you, give you back massages and just overall do anything to make you happy (Let’s say when you’re on your period you’d be especially lucky to have him)

- being the kind of couple to take baths together 

- him being very dedicated to teach you how to drive a bike 

- hanging out with Nate and Swazz a lot 

- him opening up to you and telling you a lot of things he’d never tell any of the guys 

- being in competition with his bike about who’s his #1, but usually laughing it off

- him calling you princess 

- hanging out with Tez, sometimes it would be hard to tell who’s third wheeling, you or Tez 

- him getting super protective of you if someone says anything mean about you and you’d usually have to calm him down cause it would often bother him more than you

- getting to know his quiet, more vulnerable side that he usually likes to hide 

- him bragging about you to his friends 

- him pulling you closer in his sleep, always having an arm around you 

- eye contact; you’d often share looks or he’d stare at you when you’re both with other people. 

- having some kind of jewelry that he gave you, maybe a small necklace or a bracelet, and always wearing it 

- “Y/N can I wear that? Does that look alright?” he’d always ask for your opinion on things

- him sometimes having love bites, and fans being quick to notice and talk about it

This was the only thing I could do lately - I didn’t get to use my computer much, so I wrote this on my phone. I hope it bridges the time until I get to make an AU Meme again :)


Friends To Lovers | BTS

Pairing: BTS x Reader

Genre: Too much fluff

Summary:  A friend is a gift, a best friend is an even greater gift, but finding a soulmate in one another is a blessing.

—Tee with help from Salty who wrote Namjoon’s and Taehyung’s ☺️

Kim Seokjin 

“How much oil?” 

Jin looked at you, putting down the knife that was in his hand. He made his way over to you, not saying a word as he stood behind you and took your hands in his and as if you were a puppet he guided you in pouring the right amount of oil into the pot. It was oddly comfortable having him pressed against you in such an intimate way, though you weren’t lovers at all. He was so close to you that you could his breath on your skin and you could have sworn he was shaking.

“You’re doing good.” His voice had become lower, but the gentle grip he had on you remained the same. You must have wandered off into another place because you soon realized that his head was laid on yours as he slowly swayed you both. The oil was long forgotten, and now the two of you were in the kitchen, safely away from the stove, dangerously close to one another as you were wrapped in his arms. “This is kind of weird.”

Jin hummed in response, and as he kept his eyes closed he whispered, “I like you.” You squeezed his hands, a smile on your face and your heart beating so fast that it felt like it was going to explode. It never happened. Instead, you gathered the courage to face him, your own hands now resting on his hips.

“Me too,” you smiled at the way his face was flushed with red, and how he tried to hide but couldn’t. He sighed in relief and pulled you closer to him. “What now?”

“Kiss me.”

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There are so many things wrong with this BLCD!

1) okay first…“Fuck you” 😂
2) THE PAIRING. It’s Eguchi Takuya X Murase Ayumu. I mean just how many time I heard that Eguchi was turned on when he heard Ayu’s cute voice. Is this going to be alright?! Lol ( Let’s pray for Ayu-chan’s safety )
3) Apparently the uke is a student who just come back from America. That’s why he speaks english. Which is perfect role for Ayu. Cause you know, he’s from America too and totally can speak English. So who want to hear more of Ayu’s English? *rise hand*


Im Jaebum X Reader

Fluff ~ Fluff


Super fab Anon That Gives Me All The Love Asked: Omg… i have so many ideas… but the first i want to ask is: can you do a fanfic with Jaebum where he is catch by the members while he is doing adorable things to “jagi” and he gets embarrased Sorry if my english sucks but im from latin america and im learning… LOVE YOUR ACC BIG FAN HERE… All the love💜

A/N: YOU’RE MY FAVORITE ANON EVER! YOU’RE SO CUTE AND INNOCENT (post scriptum, your other requests are coming. don’t worry)

(☞゚ヮ゚)☞ Requests open for got7 ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)
All gif credits go to the rightful owner(s)

Originally posted by defwang

 Lazy days with Jaebum were probably your favorite. These were the days when it was just you and him; being yourselves without any judgement. This was today.

 You and Jaebum were chilling out at the dorms while the other boys were doing their own things, leaving the leader and his beautiful girlfriend alone for the day. Jae was looking through the TV channels, trying to find something interesting to watch; he soon became frustrated with the boring options.

 “Why don’t we just play a game or something since there isn’t anything good on.” You suggested when you noticed his puff of annoyance towards the television. 

 He looked over to you and breathed out as a smile grew on his face. He turned off the TV and pulled you closer to him. “What kind of something are you implying?” He smirked, earning him a loud laugh from you and a playful hit to the chest. 

 “Shut up.” You giggled.

 “What?” He put his hands up in surrender. “I didn’t do anything.”

 After you rolled your eyes, you stood up so you could go and grab a drink but he grabbed your wrist almost immediately and spun you into his torso. He leaned into you and gave you a light peck on your nose. You smiled at him and blushed a bit.

 “Jae, I was going to get a drink.” You whined.

 “Well, I was going to get you, and now I have you and I don’t think I wanna let you go.” He smiled sweetly. 

 “Oh really.” You giggled. 

 “Mmh, what are you going to do about it, Jagi?” He questioned, with loving eyes. He was about to give you another kiss, this time on the lips, but he heard what sounded like muffled laughs.

 He let go over you and walked towards the noise, only to find the two evil maknaes hunched down in the hall. 

“What are you two doing?” He growled.

“Nothing!” Exclaimed Yugyeom. “We were going to get food but didn’t want to interrupt the cute moment you were having.”

They tried to suppress their laughter but failed miserably after Yugy’s statement. Jaebum glared at the youngers, not sure how to react.

“Yah! Jaebum-ah, who knew you were such a romantic.” Bambam giggled.

“Shut up!” Your boyfriend yelled as he walked back over to you.

 “But hyung~ it was too cute.”

 “Bambam’s right! You’re such a softie.” The maknaes continued to laugh, despite the death glares that Jaebum was shooting towards them. 

 He gently grabbed your arm and dragged you to his bedroom, trying to ignore the obnoxious laughs that echoed through the dorm. After he shut his door, he dove onto his bed and hid his face in a pillow.

 “Awe, is someone embarrassed?” You cooed as you crawled onto the bed beside him.

 Jaebum rolled over onto his back and looked at you pleadingly. “No. Don’t start. I get enough of it from the guys, I don’t need my own girlfriend teasing me as well.” He sighed.

 “But it’s so cute to see you all flustered.” You smiled innocently as you pinched his cheeks.

 “Babe~ Please stop.” He whined, swatting your hands away.

 “You’re not fun.” You sighed. “But, I guess I could, if I get a kiss.” You leaned down to his face.

 “Oh, I’ll do much more than just kiss you.” He stated, cupping your face and placing his lips upon yours. He gently moved you both over so he was on top of you. His kisses got more and more passionate and rough as he tried to forget about the embarrassing incident that just occurred. When he disconnected his lips from yours to start sucking your neck, you muttered a sincere “I love you so much.” While a smile began to form on your face.

 He went back to your lips from a moment before speaking. “I love you too and I’ll show you just how much, Jagi.” He smirked.

Worth it (Minghao)


Thank you! Don’t worry I remember it. It was something like “sex with Minghao that comes back after being away 6 month on tour and he and y/n missed each other a lot”. Like a fluff and smut thing. Thanks for letting me send it again!

Fluffy smut.

» You have sex after a long time apart.

That morning, you had woken up abnormally early, the amount of sleep behind you on the border of just enough and way too little, but you didn’t mind: after all, it was a very special day.

Minghao was finally coming back home after a 6-month tour, during which you hadn’t been able to see each other other than through your phone screens, which had been, to say the least, tough.

But at last, it was coming to an end, and you couldn’t wait to see his smile in person, wrap your arms around him and whisper him how much you loved him while doing so many other things, too.

While you were putting your dishes away after having lunch, your phone vibrated, and you opened a message from Minghao.

’I’m in the car at the airport now, I’ll drop my stuff at the dorm and come there. Can’t wait to see you ^^’

You felt your heart grow warm at both the message and the picture he sent to you with it, a cute, pouty selfie of him with “I miss you” written on it. Wasting no time, you replied him. ’Great! I can’t wait, wish you were here already. 💕’

Luckily, soon enough he would be.

Wanting to welcome Minghao well, you made sure your apartment was neat and that you looked good, and by the time your doorbell rang, you had already managed to have a moment just for yourself on the couch.

Upon hearing the ringing, your lips spread into an automatic grin, and you hurried to put your phone away before rushing to the door, which you opened excitedly.

And there he was, smiling widely, his face mask dragged down to his chin and his arms open.

“Long time no see,” he said warmly and laughed when you leapt to hug him tightly, hiding your face in the crook of his neck with a permanent smile on your face that you couldn’t erase. Minghao wrapped his arms around you and held you close, leaning his head against yours and inhaling your scent - it relaxed him immediately, and it amazed him how much one could miss something so small while apart for so long.

After a solid minute you finally began pulling away so that you could look into his eyes, which were glinting with excitement yet visibly tired. You cupped his cheeks and smiled softly. “You look tired, but now it’s over, right? The tour.”

“Yeah,” Minghao said with a nod and smiled widely while leaning down to kiss you again, and during the kiss you returned to your apartment after deciding that not everything had to be seen by your nosy neighbors.

You ended up on your couch, seated side by side and exchanging one kiss after another, as if you were trying to kiss enough for the past 6 months. Minghao pulled back while laughing and got his arm around you, keeping you close. “I think we should do some talking, too.”

“Maybe,” you giggled and leaned your head against Minghao’s shoulder before taking his other hand into yours and interlacing your fingers. “Tell me about the tour. How was it?”

“It was amazing, we went to so many places! Hoshi hyung got sick at one point, but luckily he healed fast. There’s so many Carats around the world, it just… blows my mind,” Minghao told you incredibly excitedly, and you smiled widely at that, eagerly listening as he told you more about the tour. Some time later, before you were able to say anything, Minghao made a face and you quirked your eyebrow. “I kinda forgot your souvenirs at the dorm.”

“Oh, don’t worry about that,” you laughed and shook your head at how cute he was, and looked into his eyes like the fool in love that you were. “As long as you’re here, I’m happy.”

“Someone’s gotten cheesy while I was gone,” Minghao teased you and squeezed your arm lightly while pulling you a bit better against himself. “Did you listen to one too many of our radio broadcasts?”

You rolled your eyes playfully, and laughed. “Maybe.”

He leaned down to kiss you again, and this time you could feel something different from the previous kisses: his lips were passionate and almost demanding against yours, and after the initial surprise by the change in mood, you could feel the passion inside of you awakening.

You hurried to pull back and looked into Minghao’s eyes, now dark and hooded. Breathing heavily, you tried to sound as serious as you could muster.  “I’ve missed your touch really badly, so this better lead to sex.”

Smirking, Minghao brushed his lips against yours and placed his hand on your thigh once he had let go of your hand. “That’s kind of what I was going for. The tour was lonely, the sessions we had on the phone just…”

“Weren’t enough,” you continued, fully agreeing with him, and got a nod from Minghao, who then closed the distance between your lips and got closer to you, and you lay down on your couch with him getting on top of you.

Your hands were in his hair within a few seconds, your legs wrapping around his waist almost automatically, and you let yourself be immersed in it all; in his touch that you had been missing and needing for so long. Minghao breathed heavily as he deepened your kisses and let one of his hands roam up and down on your body, as if he couldn’t get enough of it.

It was surprisingly soon that all the pent up neediness rose to the surface in both of you, the fire of it ignited by the passionate, hungry kisses you were exchanging, and not much later Minghao was grinding into you with all clothes on, one of his hands under your shirt while both of yours were under his, pressed against his back and feeling up all the muscles.

“You’ve gotten more muscular,” you panted when he broke away from the kiss to catch his breath, and both of you felt a slight daze due to the growing arousal inside of yourselves.

Minghao chuckled, his lips in a flirtatious grin. “The tour required a lot of practice. Do you like it?”

Nodding eagerly, you moved your hands higher up on his back until you could hold the backs of his shoulders. “I love it.”

He smirked and leaned down for a couple more kisses, during which his hips continued grinding into you, and by the time he pulled back again, your panties were already damp and his hard-on was rather easy to feel through his sweatpants.

“Do you want to continue here or move to the bedroom?” Minghao asked, his lips brushing against yours with a smile on them, one of his hands casually cupping your breast inside of your bra.

With your hands now out of his shirt and in his hair, you played with the brown locks. “Bedroom? We have a lot to make up for, and there’s a lot of space, so…”

“I like the way you think,” Minghao grinned and got up from the couch, pulling you up with himself, after which he led you to your bedroom. There he placed his hands on your waist and leaned down to kiss you, his lips stretched into a smile. “What would you like?”

You hummed in thought and played with his hair before grinning up at him. “I don’t know. All I know is…” Taking a break, you leaned into Minghao’s ear, now holding his shoulders. “…I want to be on top.”

He nodded approvingly and pulled you better against himself while looking into your eyes. “That sounds perfect.”

And so you closed the distance between your lips again, kissing him passionately while also guiding him to your bed. Minghao lay down on it and you quickly got on top of him, allowing him to get your shirt over your head before leaning back down to lock your lips. As your tongues danced together, you found your hands roaming on each other’s bodies.

Not much later, your hips were rocking against Minghao’s, and as soon as you realized that, you hurried to get off him.

“Your pants need to come off,” you said, your voice giving away how horny you were, and Minghao chuckled. He looked at you playfully while starting to slide his sweatpants and boxers off, which left his lower body bare.

“I love it when you’re impatient,” he smirked and laughed when you rolled your eyes a little, and watched curiously as you took your jeans and panties off, taking his shirt off as well. Grinning, he slowly moved his gaze from your lower body to your eyes.  “You’re really not wasting any time.”

“Nope,” you said shortly and got back to him, taking your position on his lap once again, sighing contently when his hard length came into contact with your soaked pussy.

Minghao grunted, and you asked him playfully what it was. He shook his head and got a hold of your ass, after which he pressed you a bit better against himself. “It’s just been such a long time…”

You let out a content sigh at the contact, and nodded eagerly while grinding against Minghao. “Too long, really.”

He agreed, and for a while you merely let your hips sway on top of his while leaning down to kiss him, giggling when Minghao unhooked your bra and got them off you, visibly glad that you had worn a strapless one.

“Did you expect this to happen?” he asked with a laugh, but hissed contently when you moved your hips on top of the tip of his length.

You smirked and sat up on him, your hands on Minghao’s chest, and looked down at him playfully. “I was counting on it, yeah.”

“You weren’t wrong, it seems,” he chuckled and looked up at you appreciatively, taking in the way your body curved and how your breasts looked, nipples erect and inviting. Swallowing, he tapped his fingers on your hips. “Think we could move on? I kind of… need you.”

Raising your eyebrows meaningfully, you nodded and shamelessly rolled your hips on top of his cock, which made your boyfriend moan. “Oh, I know you do.”

However, he wasn’t alone in that, and so you soon got up on your knees and aligned him with your dripping entrance and began sinking down on it slowly.

“Fuck,” Minghao grunted and shut his eyes for a moment so that he could focus on how amazing it felt to be inside of you. You allowed your eyes to fall shut, too, with a similar goal in your mind, your lips parting into a moan.

All you could think about was how badly you had missed the feeling of him being inside of you - your fingers or an occasional toy just weren’t the same, which was probably a given.

“God, how I’ve missed this,” Minghao sighed, sated, and slowly opened his eyes again, his breath nearly hitching when he saw how satisfied you looked. Swallowing hard, he slid his hands up from your hips until he could tease your nipples a little with his thumbs. “You look really good, baby.”

All you could do was nod while licking your lips, and chuckled despite how much it turned you on to have him touch you like that. “I’m not the only one.”

His lips spread to a grin, and with that you began moving back and forth on his lap, quiet sounds of pleasure slipping through your lips as you did. It felt oh so good to finally be filled with him, and the intimacy with him was something you had also been missing a whole lot. You had missed being close to him, touching him and feeling him touch you, both more platonically and sexually, and it made you feel content in many levels to finally experience it again.

Minghao adored you as you moved on him, his hands again on your hips, and gave you a few encouraging nods every now and then. “That’s just perfect, baby.”

Eventually you bent down to kiss him and grinned against his lips, halting your movements momentarily. “I’ve got another idea, too.”

And so, with your lips moving against Minghao’s, you began raising and lowering your hips on his cock, letting it slide almost all the way out of your pussy before taking it all in again. He let out a moan, at which you grinned widely, and grasped your hips a bit better.

“You’re driving me crazy,” he breathed heavily and kissed you passionately while you continued riding him fairly slowly: just slow enough that you knew he’d get enough eventually. You could already feel him starting to slowly buck up into you, desperate for more, but it only encouraged you further.

“Too bad,” you whispered and began purposefully contracting your muscles around him a little, moaning contently at how good it felt to have him move inside of you then, and took your time moving your hips. You were soaked, and while you loved how it all felt, you knew it alone wouldn’t get you to come.

But if your plan worked…

“That’s it,” Minghao grunted and grabbed your ass with one hand before swiftly turning the two of you over so that you were underneath him and he was hovering above you.

…you’d get there soon.

You smirked at your boyfriend and placed your hands on his biceps as he looked at you with hooded eyes. “It was about time.”

“You planned this?” Minghao asked in surprise and took a good position above you, already rolling his hips a little, which made it difficult for you to remain quiet.

Trying to look innocent but ultimately failing to do so, you then got your arms around his neck and legs around his waist, pulling him closer and down for a kiss. “More like I was hoping.”

Without another reply, Minghao locked your lips in a long, hungry kiss and began thrusting into you, hard and fast, finally putting all the longing of both of you into it. You moaned into the kisses and held onto him tight, thanking all heavens for the fact that you were dating a dancer, and let yourself succumb into the pleasure that was washing over you.

From that angle, position and closeness, your clit was getting some much needed friction, too, and perhaps it was just that that had you over the edge shockingly soon - you could only cry out Minghao’s name when you released around him, quivering like a leaf underneath him.

He chuckled softly, finding it cute that you came so suddenly, and continued thrusting into you for a while more in chase of his own orgasm, which he soon reached and released inside of you.

Both of you breathed heavily while embracing each other and coming down from your highs little by little, and Minghao pressed a gentle kiss to your lips.

“That was definitely worth half a year of waiting,” he chuckled and looked at you softly as he propped himself on his elbows.

Giggling, you nodded. “I’d love another round, but you’re right. I’ve really missed all of this.”

Minghao agreed and pulled out of you before laying down next to you and pulling you against himself. “Me, too. Luckily I have a few weeks off now…”

You hummed and felt your heart beat in peace at the thought of all the time you could spend with him during those few weeks - when you thought about all the sex you’d be having, you felt your pussy clench around nothing, so you tried not to think about it too much.

A few days later, Minghao finally brought you all the souvenirs, and you stared at them for a good few minutes: he had gotten you something from every single stop in their tour.

“Is it too much?”

Shaking your head, you kissed him and laughed heartily. “I mean, yes, but it’s cute.”

He was fine with that.

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What I concluded after the Atlanta concert

Yongguk: had little energy but managed to make every single person in the venue scream. god like voice. didn’t really talk much which is worrying. 

Himchan: so unDER APPRECIATED. live vocal skills are through the roof. couldn’t stop smiling. went to the left side of the venue and almost got dragged in the crowd cause he got too close LMAO

Daehyun: acted like the leader cause yongguk was in his own world. hit every high notes plus some more. never stopped screaming. he interacted with the fans A LOT. his mic was turned up or something cause he was loud

Youngjae: also hit many high notes. he is an angel sent from heaven. during the dress code thing, he picked a fan boy and omg it was so cute. great dancer like wtf 

Jongup: during the BABY LOUNGE he waited so patiently for his solo stage which was right after. his live vocals are literally so intense it’s amazing. one of the best dancers I have ever witnessed jdhdksgls

Zelo: his singing skills like where did they come from. is now better than Beyoncé. his english is fcking amazing too he sounded like he was from America. really liked Atlanta.

Cute Dates With NCT Dream

AN: I hope I did this justice. I already feel so nervous about completing requests, but thank you so much for sending me this! I did specific date ideas for each individual member, so I hope that’s what you wanted! Also, these are sort of like first/second dates/early on in the relationship dates. Hope you enjoy!

And thank you SO SO much, it really means a lot to me!


Ice Cream Date. Mark is a nervous little fluff. He would have completely over-thought this. He wouldn’t want to be too formal with a dinner date-type setting and make everything seem too serious. He also wouldn’t want to do something too cliche like going to the movies because he does want to be able to actually sit and talk with you. So, he’d settle on the happy medium of an ice cream date. And he would sit there with this huge smile on his face, looking at you so happy because you’re smiling just as brightly. You start to feel a bit guilty though because Mark apparently has no idea that he’s had ice cream on the side of his mouth for a while now and you’re really trying to hold back a giggle. He just looks so cute and sweet and you can’t think of the best way to let him know without making him feel embarrassed. Eventually, you just take it upon yourself to wipe it off with your thumb without saying anything about it. He’s so overwhelmed by you touching his face that he doesn’t even process why you would have done it in the first place. You just continue smiling happily at his blushing cheeks.


Amusement Park. Renjun is so sweet, but also seems like just a really fun and spontaneous person. He would just love running around an amusement park with you all day. You would go on all the rides together and it first he would make it seem like you could hold onto him during the rides in case you got scared, but it actually turns out that he’s the one holding onto you the entire time, which you don’t mind. ( “Please just don’t tell Chenle about this, Y/N. He’ll never let me live it down.” ) During the middle of the day when you both got a bit tired, you’d go to one of the little cafe/restaurant type places and snack for a bit and it would feel like just a normal date. But pretty soon, it’s back to exploring the rest of the park. You take really cute couple pictures together and play all of the arcade/carnival type games. Renjun wins a stuffed bear holding a heart for you at one of the booths and he tells you it’s to make up for holding onto you during every ride. But everything is just really cute and sweet. And then when it starts to get dark, you go on some of the rides again because they’re even more terrifying in the dark (and you really don’t mind Renjun holding onto your arm). And then you two watch the parade that they hold at night sharing some cotton candy and leaning on each other from exhaustion.


Bowling. Listen, bowling dates are so cute and so is Jeno, so this just had to happen; I don’t make the rules. It could be just the two of you or maybe you decide to go with a group. If you weren’t dating yet, it’d definitely be a group thing, but otherwise, I think he’d want it to just be the two of you. The two of you would just wear cute bowling shoes and share a plate of fries and a milkshake like a cliché American teen movie. What could be better? One of their songs would likely start playing and you’d just look at him with a big smile on your face. He’d try so hard to keep a stone cold expression, but when you’re standing beside him jumping up and down and singing the song purposely off-key, he just can’t maintain composure.  There would probably be a bet between the two of you where whoever loses has to buy ice cream afterward or something.  And you know how some bowling alleys have arcades in them too? You’d probably spend more of your time there. Get ready for 50+ games of skeeball and an air hockey tournament. Even though you lost the bowling, you one in every arcade game, so you both agree to split the cost of the ice cream. And you’d sit side by side with your ice cream trying to stay warm all bundled in your jackets until you both give in and run into a coffee shop to get some hot chocolate to warm up.


Rollerblading. We’ve already seen Jaemin on a hoverboard, just take it a step forward (or back?) and imagine him on roller blades. In all actuality, this would turn into him becoming an expert in the first five minutes and you holding tightly onto him to stay standing up, which is just adorable. (Unless you yourself are an expert rollerblader, which is totally possible.) But either way, you’d hold hands and skate together for a while. He might get a bit excited and try to do some tricks to impress you. But you know, he’s not invincible, so he probably ends up falling in the middle of a turn. Being Jaemin, he laughs it off, but there’s no disguising how red his cheeks are. He feels okay about it though because once you’d checked to make sure he was alright, you started laughing so hard that you had to sit down next to him. Not wanting to get run over, you helped him up and went to find some tables to sit at. You decide it’s time for both of you to sit out for a bit and while Jaemin’s still pouting, you go grab some food and drinks. And it turns out that you might both enjoy just sitting and talking together more than you did being out on the rink anyway. You actually get to know each other (or just sit and laugh at his bad jokes). 


People Watching. Okay, so this would start as any normal coffee date, but it would slowly evolve into a people-watching session because of Haechan’s sense of humor and it would be sO FUNNY OK. Haechan can be equally sweet as he is sassy so the date would start off with the two of you just getting to know each other over coffee, or any other drink you prefer. Coffee shops just have some of the best energy and with both of you having more energetic personalities, you’d really feed off of that. But of course, since this is early on in your time knowing each other, there eventually is an awkward pause. You’re both slurping at whatever is left of your drink and then Haechan slaps his hand over his mouth in an attempt to not burst out laughing. You’d turn to look at whatever has caught his attention and muffle a laugh as well as you watch the frantic aftermath of a child bringing a small display of coffee down to try to keep from slipping. From that point on, the two of you are merciless. You use the funniest voices you can think of to act out the conversation between couples who will obviously not be having a second date. You judge the fashion choices of customers who act awful to the employees and you try to determine who the mom friend is in each group of people that walk in. In the end, you’d probably be asked to leave because you haven’t ordered anything else since your drinks you got two hours ago and you’re “making customers uncomfortable,” though you swear you were just trying to have some wholesome fun. 


Serenading. Chenle has such a beautiful voice and a very outward personality, so I feel like this would be the perfect date for him. The way I imagine this is that it doesn’t actually start out as a date. You’ve been working on a lot lately and you find yourself stressed out and purposely isolating yourself from everyone. And Chenle just won’t have it. He knows something’s wrong between the look on your face and his unanswered texts. He spends an hour or so trying to cheer you up and bring back the smile that he knows and loves. Despite all of his efforts, you still can’t find the energy to laugh at a joke or even give a complete response to anything he’s saying to you. Eventually, he just sits beside you and lets you lay your head on his shoulder, figuring that his support alone may be more effective than anything else right now. He softly starts singing and you can feel your worries start to wash away. Once he stops, you ask him if he can sing another song and he looks down to see you smiling, so of course he sings whatever you want and sometimes you join in and sing too, but in the end, it’s just you swaying along to his voice. With your spirits officially lifted, you both decide to go grab something to eat but not before asking him to sing just one more song. And then another. And okay, maybe just four more. 


Stargazing. Or anywhere where he wouldn’t have to face the ruthless teasing of his hyungs. ooooOOOOOOOHH I love this tiny sweetie, listen,,, Jisung would be so persistent on making sure you didn’t know where he was taking you. It wasn’t even that huge of a deal, but he still wanted it to be a surprise if only to make you feel special. You would have to go far from the city to actually see any stars so it would start with a car ride accompanied by purposely off-tune singing along to the radio and fast food that could be eaten in the car. About ten minutes before you arrive, he has you close your eyes. You don’t see the point since it’s already dark outside, but…..you have to keep the bean happy. “Okay! Stay here and don’t open your eyes.” Now you’re just confused because where is he going? It’s not long before he comes back and gets you, but he still makes you keep your eyes shut as he walks you over to somewhere you can sit. When he has you open your eyes, you really are amazed. Having lived in a city for most of your life, you’d never seen so many stars so clearly. “If you look really closely, you can actually see Jupiter. I’m not sure where, but apparently you can.” You giggle because the whole thing is just so cute. You lay on the blanket for a long time pointing out the constellations and enjoying quiet moments away from all the noise and bustle of the city.

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requests are open...? could I request Jumin's, 707's and Saeran's reactions to MC wearing thigh high socks (lacy or not is up to u ^^)

heya anon!!! thanks for the request :) i love thigh highs and I loved this request! they’d all be so blushy LOL hope you enjoy!

♠ He would come home one day from a long day of work in one of your many cute outfits. You always looked so adorable, but today was different.
♠ Are those …. lacy thigh highs?
♠ He’s blushing so hard, he can barely speak. He’s thinking of questionable things but he doesn’t dare say them. Not now at least.
♠ He compliments you really confidently, even thOUGH THE SIGHT OF YOU IN SUCH CUTE ATTIRE IS DESTROYING HIS HEART.
♠ “They’re an interesting piece of clothing, but they’re quite adorable on you. I should buy you more of them.”

★ When he sees you walk into his room with thighhighs on with Honey Buddha Chips in your hand, he falls in love all over again.
★ HE IS SO HAPPY AND BLUSHY. He covers his mouth and hides his huge smile.
★ He compliments you about them constantly and urges you to wear them. He thinks you’re so frickin cute when you wear them, he wants to put you on his arm to let everyone know how cute his girlfriend is.
★ he wears your thighhighs one day while cross dressing because he says they look “comfortable and cute”. he doesnt take them off for the rest of the day.
★ “MC, how much cuter can you get?? I would give up all my Honey Buddha Chips to see you in your thighhighs every single day!!!”

♣ He doesn’t quite understand them. What’s the point of socks that go up your entire leg to your thighs?? why don’t u just wear pants and regular socks???
♣ They grow on him though, he thinks theY’RE CUTE.
♣ He never tells you he thinks they’re cute though, what a meanie smh
♣ He smiles really slightly when he sees you wear them, they make you seem so youthful and cute. he starts to love them
♣ “Your socks compliment your outfit nicely, MC. I would even say you look … cute.”

very cute request! i hope this fluff can make you as happy as it made me while writing it!

(also i’m sorry if some characters have longer paragraphs than others! i don’t have anything against any characters it’s just easier to write for some than for others :,-00)


-he used to do the same when he was a freshman in college but stopped after a while (his mom was not happy)

-he thinks it’s cute and he never questioned it, he liked hearing you talk to your parents because your voice was always soft and nice and it made his heart swell

-sometimes one of your parents will want to talk to yoosung and he happily obliges every single time because he!!! loves!!! them!!

-most of the time that he talks to both of them or just one of them it ends up with sharing cute but embarrassing stories of you

-“MC once cried when she blew out her birthday candles because ‘they actually went out’ ”

-“she did the same thing once when she was drunk!”


-overall he thinks it’s cute and sweet that you take the time to call and talk to your parents each and every night

-every night when you’re about to call them and he’s home he’s just like: “yay!! it’s time to call MC’s mommy and daddy!!”

and you’re just like: “i love you yoosung but don’t call them that.”

-though sometimes when you’re about to get down to business (to defeat the huns) you have to stop to call your parents or else you’ll end up forgetting and getting sad in the morning

-that’s the only time it makes him feel any negative emotions towards it lmao

-but overall supports you and these nightly calls because it’s nice to hear you talk to them and it’s nice for him to talk them as well


-he thought it was really adorable the first time he caught you in the middle of a conversation with your mom about the rising prices on kimichi

-he likes to listen in to your conversations with your parents because it helps him cope with what he didn’t have with his parents (aw zen,,)

-and it’s also really therapeutic somehow to talk to them about small everyday things

-sometimes your parents will call at night and ask to talk to just zen instead of you and at first you were upset but to see zen laughing and talking about little things he did throughout his day with your parents made your heart go like: !!!!!

-from time to time he’ll tease you about being embarrassed to say i love you to your parents in front of him but overall he supports these nightly calls

-sometimes you catch him talking to your parents when you come out of the shower and it’s cute but at the same time you’re just like: “babe,, please wait for me before you talk to my parents about how i fell this morning you piece of sh-”

-he loves talking to your family and thinks that calling your parents every single night is completely acceptable, he supports this and you 100%

-(except on nights he’s feeling needy and frisky and you have to stop him to make a call to your parents and he’s left all riled up for 30 minutes to an hour)

-but despite that the nightly calls between you, him, and your parents makes him feel like he has a family in your family, and it also makes him feel closer to you


-when you both started up the cafe she didn’t really notice since y'all were both pretty busy with the whole process of starting up a new business

-but as things calm down she starts to notice you say goodbye and 'i love you’ to someone on the phone every time she steps out of the shower/comes into your shared bedroom

-she’s s u s p i c i o u s but doesn’t question it since she respects your privacy

-one night though she’s about to enter the bedroom when she hears you talking, presumably on the phone, so being as curious as she is she waits outside the door and listens to your conversation

-she feels super bad for eavesdropping but she just wants to know who you’re talking to!!

-she can only make out bits and pieces of it but most of it is just you talking to someone about your aunts and cousins and just family in general so she feels a little bit relieved for some reason (poor baby could never admit it to herself but she was worried about your 'i love you’s’ being romantic and directed at someone other than her)

-she never brings it up to you but she assumes it’s just your family, she thinks it’s cute and always gives you the privacy you need to talk to them because she doesn’t want to intrude

-over time though you talk to your parents while she’s in the bedroom and sometimes, but very rarely, she’ll join in on the conversation

-overall she just thinks it’s sweet and it’s one of the many things to love about you


-this poor guy comes home from the office really late at night so he’s never around to see/hear you making phone calls to anyone

-it isn’t until he comes home early one night that he hears you talking about how happy and lucky you are to be with him to someone on the phone and he’s like: !!!????<333

-he just barges into your shared bedroom while you’re still on the phone and points to the phone while giving you a confused look

-you explain that you call your parents every night to talk to them about random things and to say goodnight and at first he’s like: “are you homesick? do you wish to go see them soon my love? because we can have that arranged-”

-but you quickly have to turn him down and explain that you’re just really close to them and like to keep in touch and he kind of understands but still thinks it’d be more fulfilling to go see them in person

-when he comes home early and you’re talking on the phone he likes to lay his head in your lap to listen to your responses, no matter how random and out of context they are

-he never really talks to your parents one on one and instead just bids them a quick and polite 'hello’ and let’s you do most of the talking since they’re your parents after all

-overall he doesn’t feel anything towards it, he thinks it’s cute you do it consistently each and every night and respects your time alone with them


-he’s the one who keeps track of you and saeran’s phone plans as well as records so he immediately noticed your constant calls out to an unknown number every night

-he didn’t want to bring it up to you face to face for some reason and just did his own private research on it

-he quickly found it was your home number and he pieced the pieces together by himself

-you call your parents each and every night!! could you get anymore precious??

-he never really brings it up with you since he works late into the night and isn’t really around to hear/see you talking to them but every now and again when he takes breaks he can hear you talking quietly to them and it makes him feel all warm and fuzzy inside because sometimes the conversations are about him

-when the convos are about him and he can hear them he just busts open your shared bedroom door and says something ridiculous or embarrassing loud enough for your parents to hear and tease you about it

-“i really do love him. he’s sweet and kind and has the cutest face ever,”

-saeyoung, barging into the room, “i lOVE YOU TOO MC”

-your parents on the phone, “there he is.”

-when he isn’t working late into the night he likes to listen to you talk to them about little everyday things

-he still feels like he doesn’t deserve you or your love but to hear you talk about how happy you are or about how much you love him and your life at the moment makes him feel better every now and again

-he sometimes talks to your parents just to tease you but he also talks to them because they treat him like he’s part of a family, something he never really got to experience in his own childhood so it’s nice to hear an 'i love you’ or 'take care of yourself’ from people who truly do care for him

-he won’t ever admit it to you but one time you fell asleep while he was talking to your parents and all they did was thank him over and over again for making you as happy as he did and all he could do was respond with a choked up cry

-he loves you and your parents so you calling them each and every night is no problem, he loves them and they love him so it’s a win-win situation 24/7


-you weren’t too embarrassed about calling your parents in front of V because he wasn’t the type of person who would tease you terribly so from the first night you slept in with him you told him right off the bat

-he doesn’t really have any other response other than an “that’s alright darling.”

-he doesn’t really say anything when you’re talking to them and he’s nearby since he wants to give you privacy/respect your phone call but he likes listening into your conversation no matter how mundane and 'boring’ they might be

-you sometimes talk about his photographs and his recovery on his eyes and he feels embarrassed by this but never says anything to you about it because he knows you’re just trying to give your parents a check-in ok how he’s doing since he never really talks to them

-every once in awhile you’ll say something that interests him and he’ll join in on the conversation and almost every time he does he compliments you somehow and your parents tease you about having such a lovely and supportive boyfriend which almost embarrasses you as much as V does by continuing on to compliment you and looking at you lovingly

-(fUCK this just turned into me talking about how sweet V is i need to stop)

-sometimes you’ll force V to say something to your parents if you have to get up to go get water or something and all he does during the phone call is talk about how amazing you are as both a person and as his partner

-”MC is absolutely gorgeous, all the photographs of them i have prove it. i’ll be sure to send them to you if i ever get the chance-”


-every time you end the phone call and let out a soft little 'goodnight, i love you’ he feels his heart curl and thump heavily against his chest because oh god you’re just the cutest and sweetest partner to ever exist how’d he get so lucky to call you his?

-sometimes when you say goodnight he’ll say it too and loudly enough for them to hear it just so they know he’s there

-overall he doesn’t feel anything towards you calling them every night but he thinks it’s sweet and it’s just another thing to love about you


-y'all didn’t even sleep in the same room a few months into your relationship because he didn’t want to scare you off with his recurring nightmares that were “hellish to deal with” according to him so he never knew about your nightly phone calls to your parents

-but after a while you two started sharing a room and that’s when he noticed it, though it took a while

-he goes to bed pretty early and you tend to call your parents after he’s gone to sleep because you don’t wanna bother him but one night he wasn’t fully asleep so he listened in

-the conversation wasn’t really anything interesting but at one point you said something along the lines of you having to be quiet because your 'sweet boyfriend’ was sleeping and you didn’t want to disturb him and that made him feel all warm and fuzzy because wow?? you were talking about someone like him to your parents?? He felt so loved but also embarrassed

-he never brings it up to you face to face but always pretends to be asleep so he can hear your conversations with them every night

-he feels a little weird and feels like he’s eavesdropping (saeran, sweetheart, that’s exactly what you’re doing) and being a creep because of it but he just wants to know what’s happening with your parents/family in general!! he cares a lot but it’s embarrassing to say it to you

-he’s never talked to your parents but he’s heard them talk about him like he was family and he always feels his chest tighten up before feeling all soft and happy every time they do

-up to this point in your relationship you still don’t know that he knows that you talk to your parents each night but he hopes you’ll bring it up to him one day so he doesn’t have to

-he thinks it’s precious that you talk to them each night and he likes hearing you whispering to them about random things and then trying to hide your laugh

-overall he doesn’t mind it, it’s nice to hear you talk anytime of the day

For some reason I need someone to draw me Andrew in Disney World. With Micky ears on. In front of the castle. Because this happens ok.

Because imagine Nicky deciding that they were going on a family holiday to Walt Disney World

And at first Andrew refuses but then Neil ‘asks’ and he decides that he’ll go

So Nicky is super excited and it’s going to be him and the twins and Neil because otherwise there was no way Andrew would have come

And when they arrive Nicky decides that the first thing he must do is buy everyone a set of Micky ears

And he buys himself Buzz Lightyear themed ones (I’m not sure why I just feel like he would be cute in them)

And for Andrew and Aaron he buys Chip and Dales themed ones for obvious reasons

And Neil gets a Pluto cap instead of Mickey ears (though once he sees everyone else’s ears he decides to spend the rest of the trip buying SO MANY PAIRS)

And Nicky’s one request (apart from the holiday itself Andrew points out) is that they all have a picture together in front of the castle in their respective hats/ears

So Neil 'asks’ again (though it takes a lot more than asking this time, including but not limited to the cleaning of the litter box for the next three months- which, lets face it, was Neil’s job anyway, Andrew just loves- hates- the cats for the cuddles)

They all end up in front of the castle with Nicky and Neil in the middle

And Nicky has this huge, adorable grin on his face

And so does Neil though he’s trying to hide it a bit but the Magic Kingdom has brought out the child in him

And Andrew is just stone faced and looking slightly murderous

And Aaron just looks resigned but is still smiling a little for the camera

It’s the only photo Nicky gets of them all that holiday (and the only one of Andrew that he knows about) and when he gets home he prints and frames it and puts it up in his house

And every time Andrew visits from then on, if he is going to be there without Neil Nicky hides it, and if he is with Neil he merely makes hateful glances to it the entire time he’s there until Neil slowly drags him away from his murderous feelings towards the photograph (and his cousin) with promises of sugar