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170726 Leeteuk’s Instalive with Eunhae~

♤ Donghae on teuk’s instalive “heechul hyung is also doing instalive so i hope to snatch all the fans here’ xD

♤ Teuk and eunhae are shopping at a convenience store and hyuk is trying to find strawberry milk. 

♤ Hyuk picking out strawberry milk. he was saying that he doesn’t want it if it’s yogurt LOL he only wants milk. 

♤ Hyuk was so particular about his strawberry milk, he was like "pls make sure its strawberry milk, if its youghurt or smth i wont have it” and he wasnt gonna leave the store until he got the Castella he wanted and teuk and donghae were so done with him LMAO

♤ Teuk and Hyuk arguing about which ramyeon is tastier.  

♤ Only D&E were buying things, Leeteuk said it’ll be in their names & donghae just said “hey, teuk hyung said he’s buying for us” & hi fived Hyuk. THEY’RE LIKE ANNOYING SONS AND GRAMPS CANT EVEN DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT~

♤ Teuk told hyuk to buy mags and picked a mag with a girl in bikini on the cover. He was like THIS IS YOUR FAVOURITE!!

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Well, I talked about it, and now I’m gonna do it. Here’s a masterlist of UNDERUSED FANTASY CREATURES. These are humanoid fantasy/mythological creatures that could easily be used for RP, that I don’t see that often. (So basically, anything besides vampires, werewolves, demons, angels, ghosts, and fairies.) This list will include the creature’s name, a link to their wiki page, basic info about what they do and their origins, and a list of suggested FCs for them.

There are TWENTY-FIVE creatures on this list.

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Boyfriend Johnny
  • It’s time for me to wreck myself
  • Do you believe in communication through memes you better
  • Meme texts can happen at any time of the day
  • Also sends you texts to make sure you’re doing okay when he can’t see you
  • Would also send you weird selfies captioned with shitty pickup lines
  • Giant dork but he’s serious when he needs to be
  • Your safety is one of his top priorities 
  • Would probably fight anyone that hurts you
  • Slightly biased fashion evaluations because he thinks you always look great
  • “You look great today, I mean you always look great but wOW”
  • You would do special things sometimes but most of your dates would just be hanging out together
  • Whether it be at home cuddling, playing with dogs at the park, casual stuff
  • When you guys are alone he’d always be touching you in some way even if its just holding hands, or having his arm over your shoulder
  • Lots of back hugs
  • And temple/face kisses
  • You can call him daddy
  • Gets things off high shelves for you bless him
  • You have to give him a kiss in return though
  • So many couple selfies
  • Cute selfies, silly selfies, just out of bed selfies
  • He just loves having pics of you guys together
  • Car karaoke
  • Even if you’re just going to the supermarket he’ll blast Beyonce or something and you’ll both scream sing along 
  • Might get deep late at night
  • “Babe when a poison goes past its expiration date does it get more or less toxic?” “idk Johnny but I’m trying to sleep”
  • Notices little things
  • Like if you looked at something longingly while shopping he’d remember and try to buy it as a present for you later
  • Tries to do things for you like cooking you breakfast
  • Even if he fails sometimes it’s the thought that counts okay
  • If you try to kiss him his tall ass might not bend down 
  • He thinks it’s cute watching you try to reach his lips
  • He’d bend down and kiss you just when you’re about to give up 
  • In a messy conclusion: Johnny is a meme but he’s your lovely meme pls look after him

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Super junior reactions when you get jealous when some girl flirt with them

For anon



Leeteuk would have taken you as his plus one to an event, meeting new people and gaining a bit more attention then he should. When Leeteuk realizes that you are jealous after a girl flirts with him in front of you, he addresses the situation.

‘Why are you jealous?’

‘Because there are other woman flirting with you.’

‘And so?’

‘Other woman that are so much better for you, Teuk…’

That being said, he would pull you into his arms and place a deep kiss on your lips. Remaining there for a few seconds longer before pulling away softly and smiling his dimpled smile at you.

‘There is no woman better for me then you, Y/N. Never forget that.’


You and Heechul would be together at an event that he was invited to. There would be people there that knew you and that didn’t. While you spoke to someone, a young lady approaches Heechul and talks with him, laughing and touching him flirtatiously. Your grip around your glass tightens and he notices.

‘You did that on purpose, Heechul.’


‘Letting the girl flirt with you.’

‘I did no such thing, but I can say that I see your jealously a mile away.’

‘Do you blame me!’

‘No, because you are my beautiful girlfriend who shouldn’t be worry about other woman fawning over me. I am only hopelessly in love with one woman…and that is you.’


Finding out that you are jealous over some girl flirting with him, Yesung would be worried and would come and find you straight away.

‘Why’d you run off?’

‘You seemed busy, Yesung.’

‘She is just a friend.’

‘Who was flirting with you!’

He would then grab you by the hand and pull you close to his body, his forehead pressed against yours and a smile on his face.

‘Then how about you come out there and make that girl jealous with your flirty actions, my love.’


Kangin would be oblivious to your jealousy at first, he would just think you were moody until he saw the sadness in your eyes. Excusing himself, he would pull you to the side gently.

‘What’s wrong?’

‘How do you not see it?!!’

‘Excuse me?’

‘She is flirting with you Jagiya!’

He would then turn around and see the young lady waving softly at him, a smile on her face. At that moment he would realize what had you so upset. A soft smile on his face, he would place a kiss on your lips.

‘Well I didn’t even notice due to your beautiful presence around.’

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83line Facts and Quotes pt.3

-Leeteuk said that Heechul is the member he really likes because he listens to him well.

-Heechul said he will only listen to Teukie, in no matter what condition or situation, because he trust him so much.

-Heechul said if he switch place with Teuk , he will make Teuk go outside, drinking and making friends with everyone since Leeteuk is introvert.

-Leeteuk once gives Heechul a bag, red bag, really red, and Heechul always wore that bag everytime they go overseas.

-Heechul promises him, he will buy Nike shoes for Teukie but he didn’t because it’s too expensive.

-Heechul acts as Princess Hwang Jinni while Teuk is the prince in Goong T parody.

-Heechul once protests when he and Gunhee have the same hairstyle and same clothes, but never protest when he and Teukie do it.

-Leeteuk said when he was trainee, Heechul always ask him to go to amusement park with him… to find pretty nunna :v

-Leeteuk and Hechul both like SMAP (Japan group).

-Yesung about Heeteuk: “They both are scary hyung”

-Leeteuk once ask Heechul to eat in ramen restaurant in front of Teuk apartment, Hee’s response are, “There’s a ramen restaurant near your apartment? Why you never told me?” (IG)

- Heechul always told teuk about everything he does, because he doesn’t want teuk to become worried.

-When Heechul & Mithra will hang out with eachother, Hee will lie to Teuk and tell him He’s going to his parent’s House instead.

- Heechul: “You (Leeteuk) treat me like a kid, it very weird, I became weak in front of Leeteuk” (Sucamp Macau)

-Leeteuk: “Heechul’s eomma can’t come today, her son never invite her…” (Sushow)

-Heechul: “Donghae-ya,Leeteuk is a scary guy” (KTR)

-Leeteuk: “Kim Heechul? I really can’t read whats on his mind” (Starking)

-Leeteuk: “Heechul fashion style is really different than me, so that friend helps me to involve and seeing the difference in many style, thank you Heechul-ah”

-Heechul: “It’s Leeteuk… The one who is kind and generous” (KnowingBros)

-Leeteuk: “In this Super Show Heechul will cross-dressing as Elsa” | Heechul: “Huh? I what?”

-Heechul: “Why you let me talk alone?” | Leeteuk: “Because the question is for you and me”

-Leeteuk: “…HBD…” | Heechul: “…eung…”

-Leeteuk: “You’ve worked hard!”|Heechul: “Why are you suddenly send me a cheesy word like this?”

-Heechul: “You’ve worked hard! “| Leeteuk: “This kid is making me cry….thank you friend”


161003 Ground Forces Festival - It’s really nice to see Leeteuk, Ryeowook, Shindong, Sungmin & Hyuk together ~

* Leeteuk came for the military band event as an MC today! 

* Teuk says he contacted the members and said he wants to help for the event so he is not receiving any fees for this. When teuk said he is not receiving any fees for this, seunggi was like you ate a lunchbox just now and teuk was like “yes a hamburger” HAHA

* Lee seunggi said hyukjae came up with the name armist , means ‘army + st(you know how people put ‘st’ for the best?)’ so its like the best in the army ^^,and was very satisfied HAHA and he said “hyukjaeist” XD

* Teuk and seunggi talked about how Shindong and Hyukjae did the cheorography for the dance team and how Sungmin did the production for the musical team.

Teuk: They ( shindong, hyukjae and sungmin )  keep making stuff kk

Seunggi: Yeah, they are like engineers!

* Shindong said when ryeowook comes into the army, he will get to sing the little prince 200 times~

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OMG! Hyuk & Teuk Hangang view apt!

*so baby was in Hyuk’s house when he posted that view with the key chain with their initials 😭😭💖💖