but so i wont reblog from any of you


hello my name is jordan or pent and im doing emergency commissions for my leopard gecko

he has very bad mouth rot and refuses to eat, i would add pictures but my phone refuses to take pictures and i wouldnt even know how to add them but the rot is big and you can tell it hurts him a lot

i asked my mom if she could help me, but she refused and wont take him to get proper meds to help him

so ive decided that i will make up the money to help him myself by opening commissions

i can also do short animation loops like thisss it would be about 7$ and one character onlyy

its a horrible sheet, buts its midnight and im extremely tired from having a brakedown about this im sorry about any mistakes

things i will do-

  • gore
  • some furries
  • ocs
  • some fandoms
  • some ships

things i wont do-

  • porn
  • oc x canon

my gmail is coffeespookk@gmail.com and my paypal is thedoodlist204@gmail.com

i draw my art on a fucking 3ds and i barely know anything about art and shit so please be aware of that 

please please reblog this if you can i know this post is all over the place but im desperate and really dont want my leopard gecko dying

H E L L O!

Surprise surprise, im alive and i dissapeared which is literally common on this blog but this time, was for good reasons. Now, i don’t like to bore you with long speeches so i will get to the point with the highlighted letters and want to be honest in order to move on. Here i go:

I have problems dealing with emotions and anxiety and it got worse and led me to become ill various times and feel weaker and on the mood of doing absolutely nothing. In resume: my mental and physical health went to the floor and did break dance, it was awful. So i needed a big break to calm down and focus on selfcare.

I don’t want to worry you, now im better, stable and progressing on things i wasn’t able to do before and having good help :3. Means: i will be able to work on the blog again, i wont be so fast but there is going to be activity and comics back. Askbox and requests will be closed for the moment while i respond to pendant dusty asks and requests and work on new small amounts of new content.

Sorry if i dissapoint you and your hopes on new content and if you sent me any message im sorry for not responding as soon as you expected, and many thanks from my kokoro for waiting all this time and for supporting me with kind words, new followers and the blog by reblogs, thats so nice i freaking want to cry. Too nice for my body fghjkl.

In other news (no need to read if you don’t want to):

I want to confess that during this whole time i’ve been gone the only thing i have been drawing is Hamilton trash (and got into Heathers) and just like 3 or 4 doodles of Undertale… so prepare for Hamiltrash because that’s what the menú has.

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I will be able to open donations soon yay! Commisons will be open whenever school stops being like a crying betch  i have enough time and open some slots to begin with, im actually excited at this point ;v;

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My internet conection got better which means Streams!! i don’t want to keep you waiting for new stuff so i will do streams so you can see progress on comics and random doodles. When? mostly on weekends in the morning and if im not sleepy, Friday nights. Some of them will be with mic on so you can listen at my stupid jokes, stories and me singing Hamilton.

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Get ready to see animations!, thats something i’ve been practicing and it doesnt look so bad even when its scrappy. Yes, i  really want to do Hamilton animatics, Heathers as well and would love to do animated memes.

And welp that’s what i remember on what i had to say. Thanks again to everyone who waited for a life sign of me and for writing and dedicating your time on something to show me

so i’m in the process of learning how to make moodboards and i want more practice so i thought i would do like aesthetic boards for people. if you want one please reblog this post and put your selfie tag, your favorite color, and/or your favorite song in the tags. it’ll be eight pictures based on the aesthetic ~vibe~ i get from you and then a pic of you (you can specify which one you want me to use in the tags). i assume i’ll get like two of these but if you wanna blacklist them use “izzysmoodboards”

anonymous asked:

hey man I noticed you reblog from sheriffbuddy a lot and they ship and draw maxvid. I think there art styles really cute as well but please try to not reblog any of their art, artists who ship stuff like that don't really deserve to be supported. sorry for bothering you

aahhh okay i’m sorry! i wont reblog it anymore, i really do like their art but it’s probably not worth risking making my followers uncomfortable ( shrug emoji ) also thank u for being so kind about it! 😭 😭

@the anon who has been sending @d–oki all these messages about me ‘reblogging my own caps’, let me make one thing clear. Never in my life have I reblogged anything of mine. I would’ve ended this here but you apparently sent two messages to her (this and this) and it pisses me off so fucking much to see this. it’s embarrassing and humiliating, and it’s hurting my pride and I’m unfortunately a very prideful person. I don’t care if I sound like an asshole rn, cuz I am and Im going to stick up for myself before anyone actually misinterprets this. plus im glad Lyric is so understanding and she handled it so well so screw you for trying to tarnish my name because I’ve got wonderful people around me, and everything she said was so genuine and true and there is no reason for me to write this post except for the fact that I am a disgustingly prideful being and I do not like the idea of being mistaken.

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Guess Buni’s Birthday Art Raffle(Thing????) ANYONE CAN PARTICIPATE!!

So this your mission!
If someone can guess my Birthday correctly(Month and Day<<<<) then Ill draw you something for free.


❗️You dont have to follow me to participate in this❗️

Raffle Ends: 3 days, Sunday 18th at 8pm Eastern Time.



If you skip any of these steps you wont be counted in the raffle

~Reblog this post with your guessed Month and Day

~Reblog this post directly from me/the original post, not off of someone else’s blog. I wont be able to track down your blog properly if you don’t reblog from me/original post.

~In the Tag, put down #GuessBuni’sBirthdayArtRaffle

What if there is more than one person who guess’ correct?:

This is where the raffle part comes in because I know this will happen.
~If more then one person guess’ my birthday by the end I will put those names into a program that will randomly draw your name. If you are picked then you are the winner.

I will draw TWO MORE winners from the same list of people. Those drawn will receive 2nd or 3rd place!! 


What I Wont Draw:
~Extreme Gore
~Animals(Not good at drawing them, sorry:/)

First Place will Receive:

~A full body, flat color and simple background drawing of your character of choice.
~A flat color, simple or no background bust picture of your character of choice.
~Flat color Chibi with no background drawing of your character of choice.

Second Place will Receive:

~A full body, flat color and simple background drawing of your character of choice.
~A flat color, simple or no background bust picture of your character of choice.

Third Place will Receive:

~Flat color Chibi with no background drawing of your character of choice.

❗️All Winners❗️
When I tell you are the lucky winner please proceed to immediately send me reference of your character(s) being drawn. BE VERY SPECIFIC OF WHAT YOU WANT! Dont leave a single detail out of your description! 



Sorry for such a long post guys but I wanted to make sure I got everything! Now that I have written everything down I wanted to add one more thing, I need to make sure that those participating have read the whole post and understand the rules!


Good luck guys! Cant wait to see how this turns out!

Im only going to say this once

tomorow is tompocalypse and honestly, i didnt expect much attention for it except for the usual friends from petty day ,you know who you are, and now im seeing that this is starting to get ALOT of attention. 

so im going to say this

There will be memes or text posts where we poke fun and laugh at Tom. There will be the common hairline joke, how old he looks in certain photos and how hes such a white guy.

Usually people who have followed us forever KNOW that. and they like that, thats why they follow and like/reblog from us.

Now this is starting to hit the side of the fandom that despises us, practically hate us for even looking at tom in a negative way

and you know i would usually say something petty but i wont. so i will say this, if i see ANY of u speak negatively about us, what we post, or that we “ruined” the day for you. 

I will make sure you NEVER participate in ANY day us “toxics” that you hate ever do AGAIN. I will make sure ANY day we do is kept in secret and only a select few will know about

Because we are just trying to make eachother laugh and have a good time. and i dont want to see ANY hate or ANY bullying from eachother just because u dont like what someone said

I stated that everyone is allowed to participate and im sticking by that. Im not going to kick someone out because they have different opinions from me, may be a shock since thats what some of them did, but if you start to get your Loki panties in a twist tompocalypse will be cancelled and everything will be a secret from now on because apparently we have to cater to everyone even those who would throw shit back in our face.



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i guess disclaimer time here since this has come up before when ive reblogged pics of dirk and dave standing next to each other. but you can rest easy knowing i will never intentionally reblog any actual incest content. if it goes beyond a freudian slip joke like this one you wont even see it on my blog because i dont even like any other dave ships (the only *very minor* exception being dead coinflip dave x dead tavros) much less incest ones. i generally reblog from the source 99% of the time, so if theres a pic of dave standing with rose/roxy/dirk and the artist intended it as ship content by tagging it with the ship name i will not touch it with a 10 foot pole. i will however tag the artist in cases when theyve drawn that kind of content before but the piece itself has no indication of that. anyway good night

irlyoonbum  asked:

Im sorry but im really confused on why you think cis lesbians can use he/him or and still be a cis women. I mean you can say pronouns arent gendered or whatever but they.. kindof are? Its so disrespectful to trans men to say its okay for cis lesbians can use he/him because as a trans man myself i have to hear "You might just be a lesbian!" a lot, especially from my mom, and if people think cis lesbians can use he/him and still be women then people wont see a problem with saying that to trans men

i’m neither a cis lesbian nor a trans man so idk how much i can say here, but also that post i reblogged didn’t say anything about cis lesbians specifically, it just said that i support lesbians who use they/them or he/him pronouns

anyone else have any input ? i never considered this angle

Alright, here’s a little note from ‘ya girl.

From tomorrow til, like, the seventeenth I’ll be camping with my Sister, Step-Mother and Dad. I wont have internet at the campground and wont be bringing my laptop, for obvious reasons. I will have access to mobile tumblr and might post funny things that pop into my head from there I also have filled my queue with art of Takumi, Oboro and Hinata so that you’ll at least see something from this blog. 

I won’t be doing any replies, might reblog some memes for when I get back. idk. Until the my lovelies, take care! 



If you see either of these post around DO NOT click.

It’s supposed to be a link to a quiz that uses your blog to find out your personality. As soon as you click it the site will begin to act like it’s going through your blog, only to then bring you to a new page to download your results. As long as you don’t download the results you wont get any virus’s on your computer but it will still automatically reblog the link onto your blog. So like I said DO NOT CLICK THE LINK!!

If you did click the link than go to settings < apps < and then x out of it to delete it from allowing permission to post to your blog!

So look out for your fellow users! If you see that anyone reblogged this know it wasn’t intentional and send them a message so they know to delete it!


LUSH Giveaway!!!

Like i promised, heres my next Lush giveaway! Im so excited for this one because I’ve been saving for it for a while and it’s going to be bigger than the rest with more (3!) winners and tons more goodies!! Good luck everyone and PLEASE READ ALL INFO BEFORE ENTERING! Thank you!

To Enter: 

  • Must be following Me!
  • Reblog this post! (likes can be used for bookmarking!)
  • For another (1) entry you can follow my Instagram: lahudgins 
  • If you follow my Insta make sure to message me your username, here on tumblr, so i can add your entry! (please no fanmail! i cant reply if you send fanmail)
  • Please do not tag as #giveaway because it could get deleted!!!!!
  • No giveaway blogs, thats not fair, and DO NOT spam your followers bc thats not cool!

Prizes for each winner!: 

Winner #1:

❤️ Lush Fight Animal Testing Bag!!

❤️ Angels on Bare Skin cleanser

❤️ Intergalactic bath bomb

❤️ Luxery Pod bath bomb

❤️ Big Bang bubble bar (np)

❤️ Ceridwen’s Cauldron bath melt

❤️ Wash That Man Right Out of You Hair shower gel

❤️ Yummy Mummy shower gel

❤️ Dream Cream lotion

❤️ Dirty Massage bar

❤️ 1 Tooth tab of choice

Winner #2:

💜 Avobath bath bomb

💜 Shoot for the Stars bath bomb

💜 Granny Takes a Dip bubble bar (np)

💜 Floating Island bath melt

💜 Yuzu and Cocoa shower gel

💜 Charity Pot hand and body lotion

💜 Shimmy Shimmy massage bar

💜 Latte lip int

💜 1 Tooth tab of choice

Winner #3:

💛 Big Blue bath bomb

💛 Yuzu and Cocoa bubble bar (np)

💛 Mmmelting marshmallow Moment bath melt

💛 Beautiful shower gel

💛 9 to 5 cleansing lotion

💛 2 Tea Tree steamers

💛 1 tooth tab of choice

Extra info!: 

  • This giveaway is international, I’ll ship anywhere!
  • All of the prizes are vegan so anyone can enjoy them!! (if you win and you do have a problem with any of the prizes just tell me and we can work something out!)
  • If you remove or add any text to this post you will be disqualified! (the text wont show up on your blog anyway)
  • Each time you reblog this post is another (1) entry! (pls pls dont spam)
  • The winner will be chosen on Sunday, September 25th around 8:00 pm
  • I will be using a random generator to choose the winner. The winner will have 24 hours to message me back or I will choose another.
  • Banner gotten from Lush Instagram, but edited by me (with help from @queenopeace ❤️❤️) 
  • If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to message me anytime!!
  • Best of luck to everyone ily!!!

im bad at introducing myself ill properly do it later just uhhhh….

reblog this if youre hskin and don’t mind a skittish paranoid jack noirkin who just turned 20 following you. i’m not sure if anyone’s from any timeline i can recall but i just want to see and know that im not alone. also i wont be a dick to you.

this is a separate blog so you’re gonna be followed by my main probably if i do decide to follow you.


Hey there everyone,There are more products available on my ★my RedBubble shop★ 

so,my situation right now i steadily making me more anxious and is hurting my mental health. Its getting harder to live under the same roof as my family. My mom is constantly reminding me that she doesnt like my body and has brought me to tears too many times. we dont have a healthy relationship a child and parent should have. shes constantly pressuring me to dress out of my comfort zone, is controlling,and gaslights me all the time.

Im not allowed to cry here.which doesnt help an angry crier like me. She PURPOUSLY makes sounds or says things that she KNOWS give me headaches/irritate me and that certain sounds make me uneasy and make me on edge,and shel do them on purpose to get a reaction out of me and pick fights with me. Both parents are extremely homophobic,transphobic, telling me that i bwtter not be anytjing “wrong” with me.which makes it hard to even try to live and appear how i want to be.When i do get to go out, theyv said they know where i am and can see if im doing anything
  “un approving” to them, which for me is being with my datemate or anything that isnt what they like. which of course makes me completly on edge wherever i go.I also have adhd and cant afford medicine,and I need money to save up to help me move out of here and help me get closer to driving. I have so many things i need help with. i need a place for my own. Which i know wont be easy and will probably take a long time,but il take any head start i can.
i need your help and would appreciate any you guys could buy from my shop. ____________________________________________ TL;DR i need money for food,clothes,school supplies, and to save up money to move out of this stressful,toxic,unhealthy environment,and would be incredibly greatful for anyone who buys from my shopand if buying isnt an option for you,than,please REBLOG this,id appreciate it a lot. Thanks for reading this mess of a post guys,stay rad☆

Hello, lovers. It’s me, Adam. I really need your help! I am in a competition! Whoever has the least amount of notes gets booted from the game that I’m playing. So any likes or reblogswould help me out so much! Liking this post wont hurt you! If you do end up reblogging, I would appreciate it soooo much! Thank you for helping me out!

hello lovelies!!! so i’ve done 3 faves pages already on luneiau but none on fhlorest, and after reaching 5k after a month is amazing, so i’m going to celebrate with my first ever faves page for fhlorest!!! if you wanna be part of this page of super cool bloggers then keep reading


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higher chances:

there aren’t really any higher chances you just need to have a cute blog! but if you want me to notice you more which might help, just talk to me (i love to chat), reblog this post more than once or reblog from me a lot in general


  • banner made by yours truly
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  • thank you to everyone who made it possible for me to reach 5k in such a short time! i really appreciate it!



What I’m about to do is probably the last thing I ever imagined doing but I have reached rock bottom and i have no idea what else to do.

My name is Khrystin and I, probably just like yourself, am a college student. This morning I received an email from my school informing me that I owe the school $750 by August 15th. I will not be allowed to register for any fall classes until I pay this debt off.

I currently have $120 in my bank account and although I recently got a part-time job, based on the little amount of hours I receive and my pay rate, it doesn’t seem like I’ll be able to reach my goal in time. I cannot bring myself to ask my mom for help as she is already struggling as a single mother of 3 and most definitely does not have the funds to give me $750 right off the back. 

So, this is my plan and how I hope you will be able to help: I recently opened my etsy shop and listed the sticker packs I posted above for sale. What I’m really hoping is if I can get people to buy some stickers I’ll be able to receive at least some sort of extra income to help pay this debt off as soon as possible. None of the stickers are listed for more than $5 and Im going to be listing more things in hopes that you will like them. I will also include a personalized “I luv you thank you so much” letter for every order.

The reason I didn’t start a funding campaign is because 1) I honestly have no idea how to do that or how that works and 2) I really didn’t want to ask for help from strangers and not offer anything in return. I figured if I have something to offer to express my gratitude for your help, than I wont feel as desperate as I feel even asking you this right now. 

If you’ve read this far, thank you so so so much. I’ve been on Tumblr for over 6 years and have seen how helpful and supportive this community can be. I know this is such a long shot, but I’m really crossing my fingers this will help my situation. Please reblog and feel free to message me with any advice/questions/anything at all. Luv you. xoxo




So i’ve been seeing all of these people think of extremely funny things to get your attention & I had to do a little brainstorming of what I could to do to make you laugh. This is really the only thing I could think of that I could attempt to pull off! If your actually reading this taylorswift I really hope this made you laugh & hopefully we can hangout when you come to Toronto! 

If you were curious here are the lyrics that I came up with but it was so nerve wracking that I forgot the lyrics. Also in no ways am I a singer or try to be this was more for amusement than anything! 

I don’t want a lot from Taylor
This wont win any grammies
This would be quite the turn of events
On my computer screen

I just want you to follow
More than you could ever know
Make the reblogs true
All I want from Taylor is a follow

I sit here tumbling on my screen
There’s just one follow missing
I don’t care about the likes and reblogs
In my activities screen

I don’t need no gif to show me
How awesome could it be
If santa claus could made me happy
Its as simple as a follow me

I just want you when you scroll
To see my gifs upon your phone
Make my dream come true
Taylor all I want is a follow from you

I waited in line for Taylor
I didn’t even go home
I made a vid congratulating you
About how your record owned

I won’t even get pissed
if you choose to ignore it
But if you reblogged it’d be sick
Just to know you saw it

Cause I sit her blogging tonight
Clicking reblog or like
What more can I do?
All I ask for is a follow too.