but so hard to color their scenes shit


Favorite Hannibal Scenes
S02E06: Futamono

“The moment I convinced the Chief of Staff to put you in a cell next to me, you were stamped with an expiration date.”


OK DISCOURSE IS OFFICIALLY DEAD I’M DISSOCIATING TOO HARD so srry if u send anything in im gonna have to delete it ,,,,,,m,,,,,,m./……….


for those who don’t know who these two are, they’re the other two protagonists/antagonists from case three

avery is

  • bri’s long-distance girlfriend
  • soft
  • not as scene as bri but still kinda there
  • did i mention she’s soft

simon is

  • a hacker o shit!!!
  • an asshole
  • he’s a hacker and an asshole
  • very bigoted

i’ll get colored pics up,,,,,,,,,, on e day………………..????????????????

anonymous asked:

how do you choose your color palette?

hi! umm i am very bad at explaining my color choices i’m sorry (usually i just pick colors i….like……) but i’ll do my best ;;

my biggest tip is use reference! save photos/art with colors you like and use those colors in a piece. that’s the easy way. you can also think about different color schemes when you’re picking your colors, but i’m more of an intuitive person and thinking about color in a structured way doesn’t work well for me. i tend to default to monochrome or analogous anyway. the mood of a piece is also really important, it might help to write down some adjectives for what you’re going for and think about what colors will help convey that mood. some are pretty easy, yellows and oranges tend to be warm and comforting, purples tend to be “magical”, red tends to be energetic and can convey anything from passion to danger, or many other things depending on culture and your audience. you can think further, though. what could green convey? what about pink? how would you use blue to make a scene feel warm? stuff like that.

focal point is another thing to consider when picking colors. if you have an all green image with one spot of yellow, everyone will look at the yellow. this is a good tool for drawing the viewer’s eye!

lastly i do a shit ton of touch-ups. i use image > adjustments > selective color a LOT, and color balance too. i also download a lot of vintage photo actions from deviantart and use those too haha, it can be hard to get nice looking colors with your eye alone, so never underestimate the power of tinting >:Dc

i hope this was a little helpful!! if not……..always feel free to ask more questions ♥