but so happy that he was alive

Please Stay Alive

I may not know you all, but I’m glad you are all here. I remember when I felt like my life didn’t amount to much but every time I thought of dying I saw everyone I knew crying over my casket and how much that image hurt me. I remember a kid in my class suddenly died. It wasn’t suicide, but I remember seeing his face in the announcement and recognizing him and it registering that he wasn’t alive anymore. Everyone was so affected by it and it made me want to believe that when you die, everyone that saw you and interacted with you will be affected. I don’t believe dying solves any problems. It takes away the opportunity for you to love more in life. It takes away future stories to tell. It takes away your chances of seeing people grow up and change. It takes away the people you could influence and the happiness that would have been there. It doesn’t solve anything.

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   alternatively: it’s a way bigger deal than Glorfindel makes it out to be, and he mostly wants to explore and hang out once he delivers his message and everyone is like ??? ????? ?? ??? but he’s like yooooo there’s mountains here where there used to be no mountains, that’s AWESOME    

YES. AND. LIKE. What if he’s, so over the moon about being alive and about the mind-bending perspective of going through death and separation from the body that he’s just SO HAPPY AND IN HARMONY AND IN LOVE WITH THE BEAUTIFUL MUSIC OF WHOLE WORLD EVEN SAURON or something and has to be re-taught mundane incarnate concerns

some expert who read the relevant HoME stuffs pls weigh in on this (not that it will dissuade me lol)

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Yamagi's feelings for Shino has been so obviously romantic ever since s1, that someone has to be neck-deep in denial to even dare to call it 'bromace'. And judging from Shino's behavior and the looks he was giving Yamagi this episode, he probably knew, or at least suspected something, and I'm sure that had he stayed alive, they'd end up together eventually (I swear it's Lockon/Tieria all over again). Anyway, even with Shino dead, they're still as canon as a Gundam couple can dream to be.

Here, here! I totally agree. My brother also told me that Shino’s VA also believed that he would accept Yamagi’s feelings and if he had lived, would have ended up together so that makes me happy at least. I’m just upset that Yamagi will never know… but honestly, with the way the anime is going, they’ll probably all meet again very soon. 

Also, I just watched the episode with my dad today who didn’t believe me when I said Yamagi liked Shino back in season 1 but as soon as Yamagi said to himself that Shino didn’t know how he felt, he blurted out, “HE’S GAY” and admitted I was right all along so that was satisfying. If my dad can see it, then pretty much anyone can unless they’re in denial like you said. 

Good thoughts: domestic Shiro/Ulaz

-neither of them are dozy/sleep-in people but they’re not Morning People either
-so they both wake up and start their routines but don’t really talk to each other
-this usually involves a quick morning workout of some sort to wake themselves up
-then they shower together and finally say good morning -Ulaz is far more physically affectionate than Shiro, and will spend most of the morning casually touching him -Shiro likes to drape Ulaz’s arm over his shoulders but he doesn’t like to admit it -Ulaz always has leftovers to give to Shiro. Shiro, who often has ptsd-related trouble finishing his own plate of food, finds it easier to eat Ulaz’s -they’re both alive and happy and like sleeping in a cool room so that they can snuggle


I can’t believe I’m alive to witness showrunners and media outlets actually call bi characters bi. I can’t believe they used the word “bisexual” to describe Dizzee instead of “not liking labels” or “he likes people, not gender” or any of the usual bullshit people pull to not have to call their characters bisexual. I truly can’t believe we’re so blessed!!


Jongin for Esquire Korea 2017 Feb issue


I have no idea.

Dating Newt Scamander Would Include...

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  • Essentially meeting because of your interests in magical creatures.
    • Imagine him sitting you down and almost flying off the handle as he explains to you about his creatures. He pulls out his incomplete book, and points to things and facts excitedly, telling you with happy eyes how excited he was that he found someone who enjoyed them equally.
    • You smile widely at him as he comes to a stop, rubbing the back of his neck, now suddenly nervous and aware that you had been watching him acting so crazed.
    • While secretly, you admired his expressions and his attitude 
  • Newt showing you the inside of his case, and smiling to himself as he watches you excitedly run around, pointing at creatures you knew, and asking questions about creatures you weren’t quite sure about.
    • Your curiosity and liveliness makes him feel alive himself.
    • You and he sitting in front of the Bowtruckle, watching as he tries to convince Pickett that everything is okay, and that they’re not bullying him. Your focus is on Newt completely though. 
      • Seeing him so selfless and so caring for creatures that people think are dangerous makes your heart flutter.
      • He smiles at Pickett, and you smile at him. Newt turns his head and looks at you, now vicariously aware of how close you are. He clears his throat, sets Pickett on his shoulder and looks forward, shuffling his arms awkwardly.
  • You starting to refer to the newborn creatures as Newt and yours. “Our Children” “our babies” because you are spending so much time with them, that’s what it felt like they were.
    • Probably makes him blush.
      • It does.
  • Newt never being able to stand still around you.
    • Either he’s playing with his hands, jumping from one foot to another, or is making obscure gestures, he still finds it slightly difficult to stand still around you because he’s not completely sure what it is he’s feeling for you.
      • Also, avoiding eye contact as usual.
      • Though lately, you have noticed that he’s making more of an effort of maintaining eye contact for longer than his usual second.
  • Newt feeling the instant connection to you, though he’s worried that you don’t feel it as well.
    • If anything, Newt is just really nervous that he’s going to annoy you, or make you hate him.
    • Of course, you do feel something warm for him but you’re too shy to actually bring it up with him.
  • Newt probably wondering why exactly you want to be his friend.
    • He honestly, at times, thinks you just pity him.
    • He constantly asks, “do I not annoy you?”
    • “Is this too weird for you?”
    • “I have been known to annoy people quite frequently.”
    • “People do find me to be a bit… Eccentric if you will.”
  • Probably lets it slip that he wants to take you on a date in a way that he wasn’t expecting.
    • If you don’t think it involved one of the many mating dance he knows then?
    • “You make me feel so…” 
      • He danced. Hoping you’d understand, to which, you didn’t and it ended with him laying on the ground, murmuring, “I just want to take you out on a date, at least once. I thought my mating dance would work—”
  • Having the pleasure of watching him adapt to getting comfortable and affectionate around you.
    • The man is a fan of forehead kisses, knuckle kisses and holding hands.
      • Especially holding hands. He probably still asks to hold yours even when you told him that he doesn’t need to ask.
      • Has this habit of always stretching an arm out to touch you. Whether or not he’s making actual contact, or if he’s just ghosting his fingertips around your aura, he feels the need to be close to you know that he knows it’s okay.
      • Convincing him to let you tie his bowtie rather than using magic. “It’s a no-maj thing, but I like helping you.”
      • The two of you enjoying each others company. 
      • Cuddles, while he reads from his unfinished book about the research he had done that day.
  • Your first kiss not being perfect.
    • It was actually a rather fumbling, awkward situation. You butted heads with one another, you almost fell over.
    • But the moment Newt finally cupped your cheeks in his hands, and pressed his lips against yours, you felt the entire world fall away.
    • Soft, gentle and lingering kisses are his favorite, though he can honestly admit the occasional rough, more dominated sort are a surprise every once and a while.
    • Imagine him whispering things against your lips as he holds you close, his hands resting on the small of your back.
    • Newt kissing your nose, following every kiss on the lips.
    • You kissing the freckles on his face.
  • He totally gives you his jacket when you complain about the cold.
    • It drowns you, but you love the color, and it’s always so warm compared to you. 
      • When Newt insists you give it back, because it’s no longer cold, you refuse and lay on it.
  • Running your fingers through his soft, thick hair.
    • Occasionally, when he lets you, the two of you sit together and you tangle flowers into his hair. 
      • He finds it really relaxing. It’s even more so when he lays his head into your lap and shuts his eyes to focus on your hands running through his hair.
  • If you don’t think Niffler somehow got a hold of your engagement ring that Newt bought a few nights ago then?
    • Poor Newt probably had a heart attack when he couldn’t find it.
      • The stare-down he had with Niffler was intense until he finally gave in.
        • With a certain look, the creature admitted to taking it.

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“It’s a bittersweet time. I’m trying to be happy because it’s said that the baby will absorb sad moments. But my father died five months ago, today. We don’t know exactly what happened. He was alone. We think someone tried to rob him because he was found shot to death in his car. I think it was hardest for me because we were so close. He used to visit me at the hospital every day while I was working. I learned that I was pregnant shortly after he died. I think my pregnancy is what’s keeping our family alive. Especially my mother. She’s always with me now. She gets me everything I need. The baby keeps both of us looking forward. It’s going to be a girl.”

(Buenos Aires, Argentina)

au where cas is colorblind and experiences pure color for the first time (‘with these cool glasses, cas, i saw them online’ 'im not sure about that dean’), and is fascinated by the blue sky, the red cars and berries, the golden sunlight but most of all he’s fascinated by green

his heart tightens as he sees all the colors the leaves can be, and he doesn’t understand how people can just step on grass so green and alive… he’s already tearing up until he turns around and sees a happy, beaming face and twinkling eyes with the most gorgeous array of green and gold he’ll ever see.

weak-kneed, cas takes a few steps forward, cupping dean’s face in his hands. dean looks surprised, blushes, and sam observes with a shocked smile once cas whispers a choked, shaking, “dean… your eyes.”

I want to talk about this

“You know what? I’m just glad you’re okay.”

That was his first reaction when he finally met up with Pauling. He didn’t flirt, he wasn’t being rude or annoying, he said “I’m just glad you’re okay” and he hugs her. 

Because he loves her and just the mere fact that she is alive is enough for him to be happy. That is literally the cutest thing ever. Scout is being extremly nice and in the end? He just wants her to be well. Thats all he wants.

Thank you for showing us that he isn’t a complete asshole, Valve. 
This honestly means so much for me.


‘My mom always said he was a firecracker, which just meant he was always getting speeding tickets and jumping on tables at family reunions and stuff. He always had so many ideas. He was so hyper.’ Adam and Gansey looked at each other. They had always had the sense that the Noah they knew was not the true Noah. It was just disconcerting to hear how much Noahness death had stripped. It was impossible to not wonder what Noah would have done with himself if he had lived.


What ever happened to this Chi-Chi? Did she just die of grief or was she still alive when Zeno deleted that TL? Everyone was talking about wishing Future Bulma could see Vegeta again but I wish Goku could’ve met Future Chi-Chi. Tell her about Gohan growing up, becoming a scholar and having a family. Tell her about Goten and that he farms for her now. That would’ve hit the feels but just imagine. Future Chi lost everything too, just seeing Goku alive and well telling her about how they are a happy/healthy family in the main TL. Oh boy that would’ve made me so happy! Haha random as hell but I just had the thought about it.

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Happy Birthday dear Mr. Shim Gyuhyuk, the voice actor of Yoosung’s!

February 9th is his birthday, according to the Christmas free talk XDDD


I’d like to use this opportunity to thank him.

Thank you very much, Mr. Shim, for making Yoosung alive, for the dream-like moments you gave to us. I want to tell you how much Yoosung’s voice means to me. It warms my heart (so much that it’s gonna melt…..), it comforts me, makes me feel so happy. I love his voice so much that sometimes I felt pain listening to it, since he can’t be real (lol).

Thank you very much for voicing him so nicely…. I’ll love this voice for the rest of my life!

P.S. The [New Yoosung] does really…….. @!#$_^%($U)Y@_#@$%$^%^_+!!+#@

…….kill me

Thank you soooooooooooo much!!! *nosebleed*


6: “Marry me” (part 2 from the 5/6 request, also andreil!)

It takes 4 months and 2 weeks to organize Matt’s proposal to Dan. 

Neil knows because he’s been pretending to understand most of what Matt says to him for 4 months and 2 weeks.

It’s not that he’s not happy for them, it’s just that being told to celebrate love feels like being told to celebrate the way the world turns, or the gravity that continues to pin us like the bar on a rollercoaster seat. Neil celebrates love by staying alive to see it. He celebrates it by keeping it.

He looks at prospective rings and says they’re fine over and over again. He dutifully tells Dan nothing even when she asks outright. He answers the phone when Matt calls him in a panic at midnight and says “what if she says no” so many times that Neil hands the phone to Nicky.

It does make him think though, about Andrew. Without meaning to.

He doesn’t think of it as marriage in his head (to Neil, marriage has always been something that swallows you like quick sand). Tying himself to Andrew though — having something legally binding like Neil Josten on his documents, like their names on the lease, like his contract with his team — that means something to Neil.

Being with Andrew is the thrill of being in the game, but having it on paper would be like points blinking onto a scoreboard. He knows he’s scoring now, but he wants the crowd to know too. He wants this win to stick.

He doesn’t mention it because it doesn’t matter, ultimately. Neil doesn’t need other people to tell him that they love each other.

Andrew scoops Sir off Neil’s lap and smuggles him to his side of the couch. He pours one bowl of sugar crisp and one bowl of granola in the morning. He catches Neil’s sleeve before he goes for a run and uses every ounce of 5 AM energy he has to hold Neil’s eyes. Neil knows how he feels.

But he really does support Matt and Dan, separate from the way he’s scared of hospital rooms he won’t be allowed into or the box on a form that labels them ‘roommates’ like that’s anywhere close to enough.

The engagement lines up with a weekend that all the original foxes are scheduled to meet up on, scraped together by Matt’s meticulous hands and Nicky’s constant phone calls.

Andrew isn’t interested in going, but Neil asks, so. They’re the first ones there.

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