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Tsukiuta [Artbook] Bonus Drama CD Translation

(?) = unsure if the translation is right or not.

[00:02] *Pouring tea*

Haru: Here, the tea is done.

Kai: Thank you, Haru. Come on, wake up, Shun.

Shun: Mm… *yawn* So the tea is done. thank you, Haru.

Haru: Hajime and Shun, during this time making tea so were you able to sleep for sure. Come on, Hajime. Shun has woken up so Hajime, you too wake up. This is the last time.

Hajime: Mmm…. I fell asleep… Good morning.

Haru: Now when the leaders was somehow able to wake up, let’s start then, Kai.

Kai: Yeah. Then, Tsukiuta artbook special privilege: Aftertalk with the nencho-gumi!


Shun: Waaai!

Haru: That’s how it is. We’re now in Tsukino production dorms in Gravi’s share room. In this artbook so is the mostly of it pictures of us who will reach you.

Kai: One for one person, twelve for the bastard alone. Taking, taking and continue to take and choose one that will be in the artbook. To make sure that everyone are having fun, before we go into further details so is this rather than an after talk so is this a little meeting, that’s it.

Shun: It was really fun today, lately so has the solo work and combination work gotten more and it’s been a while since all the twelve of us works together.

Hajime: That’s true. It’s happen a few times that we met Procella in the studio but it’s never been so tht we get to be together from the morning. Watching Procella doing their work was kind of interesting.

Shun: Ehehe! Me too. Watching Hajime work and Gravi’s work, it made me really happy. (You were just drooling all over Hajime for sure >u>)

Kai: You sure made it easy to understand that you were competing with yourself.

Haru: Ahaha…

Shun: I’m sure that the schedule was tough. We need to be thankful for Kanade and Dai who worked hard.

Hajime: Yeah. But… *yawn* I’m sure tired.

Haru: You seem to be sleepy. If you rhink about it from around 8 in the morning so were you working hard in the studio. No wonder that you’re tired.

Kai: Rather than that so is Hajime the busiest one here. Not only following the schedule but also making sure that everyone is working, of course he would get tired.

Haru: Here, to make sure you don’t fall asleep, drink some tea. That’s why I said let me help you out and not only care about my photoshoots, leader.

Hajime: Yes, yes, I got it. I’m selfish too, since only one could take care of the work so did I want to do it.

Kai: It’s not like I don’t get your feelings.

Shun: Even if you say so, don’t overwork yourself, doing your work as a leader and taking care of the solos so it’s an obvious thing that you get tired. I heard that as a reward for our hard work so are we off tomorrow and the day after it. It’s the result for Kanade’s hard work, so take your time and rest. Destroying your own health isn’t good either.

Hajime: Shun…

Shun: Ehehe! As your rival and the sibling unit, Procellarum’s leader so is this a request for Six Gravity’s leader. The rival leader collaps from overwork it would be really sad.

Hajime: That’s right. I’ll do so. (Shun, Hajime, get a room you two.)

Kai: Oooooh! Shun said something rarely good!

Shun: Oh, Kai, the one after the busy Hajime so am I busy too so I’ll be resting together tomorrow~ I’m resting together with Hajime~

Kai: I refuse. Acting like a good leader is a second killing. Work for now. For you to work double as usual is no problem for you.

Shun: Eeeeh~!

Haru: Ahaha! Shun really loves Hajime~!

Shun: Ehehe! Of course! The reason I got scouted was for Hajime sake. Right now existing as Procella’s Shimotsuki Shun so is the existence Mutsuki Hajime needed, just thinking abou-……….. See~ Don’t you feel the fate, Hajime~

Hajime: No, nothing.  

Shun: COOOOOOL! (He said this in english) SO COOOOOOOL!!!!*

Kai: For you so is anything okay. Aah but that good for now at least. This meeting is actually parted in two parts, the first one is “tell the reason you got scouted”.

Shun: Aaah! Yes, yes! The reason I got scouted was-

Kai: Okay! We’ve already heard enough of Shun’s part so let’s go to the next one,  let’s go to the next one! Let’s go with the second leader, Hajime, here you go.

Hajime: Hm? Ah, I… The reason I got scouted…

Kai: According to the notes so is it ojkay to answer thing like “I just felt like it” there are sure things you wanted to run from in the start.

Hajime: I see… Hmm… In my case so do I think I wanted to make a big change, that’s my biggest reason, I think. What I wanted to change is something I don’t really know. Anyway, I just wanted to see what was outside from what I’m used to see. Take in new things, put on more power, above that so did I want to see how far I can go. That’s what kind of feelings I have.

Haru: Right when we debuted so did you tell me something like that.

Hajime: Ah, I found the wounded Kuroda and went to take him to his owner which was the producer and he put his eyes on me. After I called for help so did I get dragged and I ended up being in this situation I tought I had a job to explain this.

Haru: I don’t think you got dragged in it though. Ehehe!

Kai: Oh! Then going with this flow Haru, here you go.

Haru: Then, first, the thing that happened before I got scout so is it just like Hajime said. Kuroda got wounded and we saved him.

Shun: And the producer talked to you.

Haru: Yes. Together with Hajime. The first thing i tought of when I got scouted was just a normal surprise like “I, debut as an idol?” Then, that shock calmed down and I somehow got interested. Until now so didn’t I have any interests for this world. Anyway so did it seem like I could gain experience and see all kind of things and I thought it was somehow interesting. I will say it because it’s now but it was a light feeling.

Shun: Haru is sure curious and the result of that curiousity is actually a reason.

Kai: Ahaha!

Haru: I get called in that way too. I’m honored. Actually so was the dorm live pretty fun and my family gave me a puush in the back.

Kai: Your little sister and your mother was interested in the entertainment industry.

Haru: That’s right. By the way, it was around the exam period so did I have things like future in my head.

Kai: That’s obvious. The school you and Hajime were in was a top class high school after all. In the end so did you accept it.

Haru: Please listen to me~ That Hajime has accepted it all of sudden and started to study about how an entertainment industry works and he told me about it later. We got offered to do it together so wouldn’t it be bad to talk to me before going and accept it. How cold. So that “I don’t want to lose to him” part was there too.

Hajime: Really?

Haru: Really, really. I know that there’s alot I can’t do against the king but I won’t forget the feelings that I’m competing to you. Saying “competing” is a bit hardcore… The feeling not wanting to lose.

Hajime: Oh… I see. That’s nice, Haru. Thank you.

Haru: You’re welcome. Then, the last one is Kai.

Kai: I? My thought is pretty close to Haru’s, wanting to see all kind of things and do all kind of things, that was the basic of my thoughts and I was okay with doing anything.

Hajime: Doing anything. Can you specify what kind of things.

Kai: I was really doing anything orginazing things or hanging up announce, just normal Part-time job-like things. Searching for lost pets or helping lost children, I also did some detective-like things. Hm! All kind of things.

Hajime: Heeeh~

Kai: By the way, did you guys do anything like part-time jobs?

Shun: Never.

Haru: Straightforward answer~ I used to help out a bit during the long breaks. Since our school didn’t allow any part-time jobs so wasn’t there many people who did it.

Shun: It’s the same thing at my place. Everyone was into studying.

Kai: What about Hajime?

Hajime: I worked as a tutor and… I also did some small things like keeping a shop for someone.

Haru: Eh? What is that? First time I hear about it!

Hajime: It’s because it’s my first time saying it.

Shun: Of course so is he keeping it as a secret from the school.

Hajime: Of course, I would be expelled if they found out. Well a lot happened.

Haru: The list of this Hajime didn’t tell me is getting longer.

Kai: What is that? Let’s continue, I’m the same as Haru, rather than being interested in entertainment industry so did I do it to gain some more experience. That’s why I accepted the offer. There were things like first love’s promise and romantic reasons but talking about that is a bit embarrassing so I’ll be keeping it for myself.

Shun: I know it in a veeeeeeeery deep way though.

Kai: Don’t say it. Then, let’s go to the next part, eeeh, the impression you have right now for every memeber. This time so will I start.

Shun: Here you go.

Kai: Rui - He’s the one who grew up the most so watching him is funny. Iku - someone who’ll be really manly in the future. This impression will never change which is kind of awesome. You - Good at taking care of other people, a tsundere type (Omg I’m laughing so hard right now) He’s really funny sometimes. Yoru - Good at taking care of people, a serious, good at cooking, his cooking is really good. (The ultimate wife) Shun - well, I count on you from now on too?

Shun: Yeees! I count on you too. Just like Kai’s name so are you a kind  and caring just like the ocean. Rui is cat, he’s starting to show himself lately. Iku is a serious and cute puppy. He’ll grow up and become a proper person. You - is the one who takes care of the awesome tsukkomi. Yoru - Serious and honest a hard working child. I thiiiink~

Hajime: You answered surprisingly serious.

Shun: Well that’s because it’s about our precious members. Same as Hajime. Ehehe!

Hajime: I see

Shun: Yes, yes.

Haru: The leaders are getting along. Then it’s Gravi’s turn. Starting form me, Kakeru - Mogu Mogu Kakeru there’s a lot of times where he happens to be unlucky but he has the strenght that he doesn’t want to lose. Koi - Talking about unfortunate but he doesn’t run away and he works hard and has a good focusing skills. If he continues like that so will he graduate from bring unfortunate. Arata - A my paced guy. He’s impossible to read and it makes him interesting. Aoi-kun - A honest, has a balance sense and a kind child. Hajime is, juslt like I said before, someone I don’t want to lose to, let’s do our best to pull the other childs with us.

Hajime: I… Hm… Kakeru - grow up. Koi - Working hard. Arata - Make sure to look and walk forward. Aoi - take it easy and have fun. Haru - Roger! From now on I count on you. Something like that…

Kai: Hajime sure made it easy.

Hajime: Why not?

Kai: OKay, okay, I didn’t say it was bad.

Haru: That was the end for the meeting for now.

Shun: I was sleepy at first but after we started to talk so did I end up wanting to talk instead. With the four of us chilling lose and having a good time. It’s my lovely time.

Kai: Ahaha!

Haru: It’s my lovely time too. A good tea and nice friends, it’s nice, right?

Hajime: It happens a lot that we get combined even with people from other units.

Kai: “The leaders and the under boys (?)” is what we’re being called for, it seems like.

Haru: What is that? I get the leaders so I and Kai are the under boys. It’s sounds somehow evil. I don’t hate it though.

Kai: Right. Okay! Then let’s try to make a plot of it next time.

Haru: Making a plot is a part of being an idol.

Shun: I and Hajime are the leaders, I’m honored standing in the same place. Hey, Hajime, looking at you shine makes me happy, as your number 1 fan and as a leader so do I want you to shine more, more and show it to the world and to me.

Hajime: Shun…

Shun: Hm?

Hajime: You’re the same too? Show me more of your height. I too, will take the guys under us.

Shun: Ehehe! That’s right, Hajime, if you wish so, so will I do anything to grant that wish.

Haru: The leaders are somehow getting along.

Kai: Right, our leader is sometimes our reliable Shun-sama when he puts on the face of a leader. Well, that’s why he is our leader.

Shun: Ahahah! That’s how it is.

Kai: After all so did we have a nice time shall we end it soon.

Haru: That’s right. Aftertalk that’s the end of it, Hajime, Kai, Shun, everyone thank you for your hard work.


Kai: Thank you for your hard work.

Shun: To all the listeners, thank you for hanging out with us until the end, see you later.

Hajime: From now on with Six Gravity and Procellarum I look forward to work with you. See you later.

*He acually said かっこいい(Kakkoii) which means cool. but writing cool twice would make it seem weird so I go with “So cool”

I had a fun time tranlsating this. Actually after looking at how everyone gave their impressions of the members of their units made me want to do it too. So the next post will be my first impression of all the Guys in both Procella and Gravi. Thank you for reading my translations :D