but sneaky

had a sneaky peek at the inauguration, the almost manically up-beat band music reminds me of that scene in the goblet of fire when harry makes it back to the maze entrance with cedric’s corpse, screaming HE’S BACK, VOLDEMORT’S BACK


I am actually so glad somebody asked for these, because I was already drawing them :D

Robbie is a sneaky rat, Stephanie is a fuzzy bundle of joy who likes wearing them fancy hamster wigs, and Sportaham loves running on his hamster wheel when he’s not helping the others!

Ok you know that epic music that plays at the end of Gideon Rises, the end of SotBE, and the beginning of NWHS? And how they all sound really similar and play when Stan’s working on the portal? Yeah I like to think of that as Stan’s serious “theme”

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chessy help me stop fantasizing about me & this boy's fictional relationship...i barely know him

kill him and remove any sneaky ember of hope

S4E11 thoughts

How I watched:  Recorded. Fast forwarded to Red scenes plus three or four of Liz with The Harem. I’m guessing I watched about 20 minutes in total.

Total amount of James Spader air time: 12:19. Yes, I actually used a stop watch as I was curious.

Biggest surprise: A woman wrote this episode and she clearly “gets” Liz. Kudos to newcomer Marisa Tam! Liz was smart and strong, a female lead, not a tool for Tom or any other male for that matter. This Liz I could learn to like again despite the still unexplained animosity toward Red (which is of no fault to this writer since Liz’s anger began in 3b with no warning or justification).

What didn’t make sense: Why would a mother, Liz, to an infant put herself in this level of danger by choice, risk leaving her child motherless? Why would she spend days without seeing her baby? Once again, tptb prove they don’t know how to handle a story involving a child.

What I didn’t like: (1) Red’s plant explaining how Red made her feel like the center of his world. I get it, Red has immeasurable appeal; however, he treats Liz differently, his feelings for her are deep and real, she’s not a passing fancy. Red may use Liz at times but he also destroys himself in attempt to do right by her. (2) Liz needing to be rescued from the boss of The Harem during the sexual advance. This Liz was perfectly capable of handling this woman by herself. (3) Liz’s confrontation regarding Kaplan. What Red did was horrible, no doubt; however, Liz still needs to accept responsibility for her actions that lead to the event. She is not innocent.

What I liked:  Red and Dembe seem to be back on good terms. Red is protecting Kate’s sister and obviously feels guilt over shooting Kaplan. I assume Dembe now understands how Red feels and knows Red is having a difficult time.

What needs to happen:  Dembe felt the need to tell Liz about Kaplan. Fine. But, he also needs to share how Red was overcome with grief upon Liz’s death. She also needs to know how Red crumbled outside his car, that he wasn’t capable of walking, that he spent days in an opium den, that he suspended his business and disappeared. And, she needs to know that he dropped everything to rescue her and Agnes after the Kaplan/Liz/Tom faked death plan miserably failed. Also, Dembe told Liz in E10, she needed to try and reach Red… let’s see that attempt, an attempt based on caring and not anger. A conversation that lasts more than a single scene and doesn’t end with Liz leaving in a huff.

Beautiful moment:  How handsome Red was standing under that maple tree. Gorgeous!

Side note: Looks like Megan had pink eye or an eye injury during the filming of this episode.

The promo for 12:  Surprise (not), Red’s business is under attack yet again, for the 37th time. And, guess what, tptb are using Red *again* to promote their golden boy. Funny, one would think such a tremendous character would be able to stand on his own, that Tommy wouldn’t need James Spader to make him interesting.

KEEPER NOTE:  Can you find the bobcat?

~Keeper Afton

All of our cats are given places to hide for those times when they want to be secretive or sneaky which wild cats love to do.

 how  everyone  found  out  abt  fr/emione:  fred  and  hermione  sneak  in  late  one  night  all  sneaky  &    THEN  suddenly  all  the  lights  turn  on  &  the  whole  weasley  family  are  at  the  dinner  table  in  their  pyjamas  like  half  asleep

fred:  *drops  hermiones  hand*  it’s  not  what  it  looks  like
hermione:  *grabs  hand*  oh  piss  it  ITS  EXACTLY  WHAT  IT  LOOKS  LIKE

Oh hey!  Would you look at that, Stricklander!  It’s that info you asked me to get, which I totally got for you, and was in no way attempting to keep for myself!  It must’ve just…been in my other pocket!  Hahaha…ahaha…aha…

They try to be sneaky and selfish but it doesn’t work all that often.  Never when they try, anyway, usually by accident.  (They wear a weird skort kind of thing, btw.  No pockets to speak of.)