but smaug was great

Random hypothetical Middle Earth nerd:

“Haha! Did you know that Smaug is actually like the SMALLEST dragon??? All the other dragons in Middle Earth are bigger than him! HA! Bet you didn’t see THAT coming!!!”

Me, also a Middle Earth nerd:

????????????? this is literally never mentioned in any of Tolkien’s works whatsoever in fact he is said to be the greatest dragon of the Third Age which is why he came to be known by the people of that time as “the chiefest and greatest of calamities” and like I mean Third Age dragons aren’t as big as First Age dragons but he’s still REALLY DARN BIG and even in Peter Jackson’s films it’s canon that the scars on his body are from battles with other dragons in which “he would have NEVER lost” so like I’m really confused about where this myth came from I mean come on guys like–


“–I’m legitimately curious about where this myth started because it’s spread like wildfire ever since botfa came out and I have no idea why and i’m getting thirsty for an answer here because it’s just??? so???? darn??? WEIRD???????


All the realms of the Elves in the third age are guarded Realms, in the sense that they are protected. But the Woodland Realm is a little different than the other Elven realms in that the guarding is obvious: it’s a closed city, definitely more fortified.The idea that emerged was that it would be like being in a forest except you’re underground. A sort of underground palace that would somehow feel Elven.

This is really rude. Furbies have been my special interest for over a decade, I really unironically love them and today one of my longtime friends sent me one as a gift which made me smile during a really damned tough time in my life so if you could stop pointlessly talking shit about something literally harmless that makes me happy, @smaug-official , that’d be great. :/

Young Leonardo Dicaprio posed next to an even younger Elijah Wood


Happy Tolkien Week and an early happy Hobbit Day, friends!*

Did you know that the Dwarves of Middle-earth drew maps with East at the top?  Thrór’s Map is a great example, with lots of Old English runes to boot!  I spent some time examining the great red dragon Smaug, but I was fascinated most of all by the moon-letters.  Do you think these moon-letters could help me find a stash of neverending dandies?

* Hobbit Day, aka the birthday of Bilbo and Frodo Baggins and the day that determines when Tolkien Week is, is actually tomorrow, Sept. 22.  We are celebrating a day early because we have some other special photos lined up for tomorrow!

Burning it Down Smaug x Reader: All parts thus far

The moment that you felt the mountain tremble beneath your feet you knew for certain that Bilbo had awoken the beast. Running purely on adrenaline and concern, you rushed through the narrow passageways until you reached a great hall. The sight that met your eyes took your breath away. The hall itself was much larger than you had ever imagined. It was constructed of beautifully carved stone columns and was filled with enough gold to surely buy the entire world. You would have loved nothing more than to admire and explore this architectural work of art for hours on end, but you had to find Bilbo. You hadn’t even begun to formulate any sort of rescue plan, you just knew that you couldnt leave him to face Smaug’s wrath alone.

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Things that are super great about The Hobbit Trilogy:
-Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins
-Richard Armitage as Thorin
-Lee Pace as Thranduil
-Luke Evans as Bard
-The costumes!!
-The ending coming full circle to Fellowship

Things are NOT great about The Hobbit Trilogy:
-The fact it’s a trilogy????
-Forced love stories
-Legolas being 1000% too Legolas-y
-Lack of character depth
-Bilbo becoming a side character in his own movie
-No funeral scene???
-Fili & Kili not dying with Thorin
-Very obvious and unnatural looking CGI
-812870 year long battles
-just……. So many……..


“I am fire, I am death.”

Hand wont cooperate right now, CTS is acting up; so I forced my hand to draw something and be productive. Settled for lineart than painting.

Better than zero productivity right?

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make me choose
anon asked: an unexpected journey or the fellowship of the ring


there is to be a great feast tonight. songs will be sung, tales will be told and

                                                                                         thorin oakenshield will pass into legend.