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Part one of my series of pop culture dragons reimagined as bastard worms as they would be like in A King of Worms.

Saphira is one of the last dragons spawned from an extensive program in the United States to raise and breed dragons that are not only social, but bonded to humans. The people of the so called “dragon villages” weeped for the loss of a nearly century old practice and veiwed the ceasing of the practice as an affront of dragon/human relations. Everyone else however, did not see these relationships as equal in any way, and questioned the ethics of trying to “domesticate” a race of sapient chaos serpents.

Saphira is heavily bonded with her human Eric Gong, a teenager in the boonies who loves reading and general nerd shit. She could not imagine any other way of life, to the point that she is completely unaware that “wild” dragons are even a thing, believing that she is a dying species

Smaug was said to be the last great dragon of New Zealand. A lazy fuck, Smaug’s lair has been situated in the former New Zealand treasuries for decades, and does nothing but eat mutton and sleep, covering the nation’s former wealth and gold all over his his moist sweaty stomach. People no longer dare to enter his lair, for they are will be faced by Smaugs constant bragging and obnoxious personality. 

Having no competition on the island and no frame of reference of other dragons, he is unaware of the fact that he is incredibly unimpressive and small by dragon standards, so easily could he have his ass kicked i he lived anywhere else. To Smaug’s knowledge he is the best damn thing on the planet.

Elliot was a lonely dragon from a bad cave, running away from his once home and eventually stumbling upon a magical human boy named Pete who helps him. The other worms do not believe Elliot’s tall tale, magical human boys are a fairy tale that dont exist, but Elliot insists Pete is real but turns invisible when others are around. 


All the realms of the Elves in the third age are guarded Realms, in the sense that they are protected. But the Woodland Realm is a little different than the other Elven realms in that the guarding is obvious: it’s a closed city, definitely more fortified.The idea that emerged was that it would be like being in a forest except you’re underground. A sort of underground palace that would somehow feel Elven.

Random hypothetical Middle Earth nerd:

“Haha! Did you know that Smaug is actually like the SMALLEST dragon??? All the other dragons in Middle Earth are bigger than him! HA! Bet you didn’t see THAT coming!!!”

Me, also a Middle Earth nerd:

????????????? this is literally never mentioned in any of Tolkien’s works whatsoever in fact he is said to be the greatest dragon of the Third Age which is why he came to be known by the people of that time as “the chiefest and greatest of calamities” and like I mean Third Age dragons aren’t as big as First Age dragons but he’s still REALLY DARN BIG and even in Peter Jackson’s films it’s canon that the scars on his body are from battles with other dragons in which “he would have NEVER lost” so like I’m really confused about where this myth came from I mean come on guys like–


“–I’m legitimately curious about where this myth started because it’s spread like wildfire ever since botfa came out and I have no idea why and i’m getting thirsty for an answer here because it’s just??? so???? darn??? WEIRD???????


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Imagine sacrificing yourself to the dragon Smaug for the safety of your people and end up forming a close friendship with him.

Word Count: 2,380

Warnings: angst, major character death

“Someone has to go! Smaug will kill us if we don’t do something!”

Panicked chattering fills the town square. Families huddle together. Fear is heavy in the air. It won’t take long before the hysteria drives people to do outrageous things. You can’t stand seeing this any longer. Everyone is getting nowhere and Smaug’s deadline is fast approaching as the sun sets. You take one last look at everyone and decide to volunteer. With no close family left you have the least to lose.

“I’ll do it.” Your declaration breaks through the chaos and everything seems to pause for a moment.

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Young Leonardo Dicaprio posed next to an even younger Elijah Wood

Smaug was a fire drake from the North and the last great worm known in Middle Earth. His origins are obscure, it is speculated that he is descended from the many dragons of the War of Wrath, though significantly smaller. He conquered Erebor from the dwarves and laid waste to the neighboring trade city of Dale, inhabited by Men. He was drawn to Erebor from the wastes of the North for the great treasures it held. He reigned as King Under the Mountain for nearly two centuries, sleeping on the gems and gold he conquered which formed a protective armor on his soft underbelly. Thorin Oakenshield led a company to reclaim Erebor, as he was it’s rightful heir, with them came Bilbo Baggins the company burglar. As Bilbo attempted to steal back the treasures of Erebor he was discovered by Smaug, interrogated following a game of riddles, and narrowly escaped with his life, but with valuable information about a weak point in Smaug’s nearly impenetrable scale and gem armor. In a rage of suspicion Smaug believed that the men of Laketown, refugees of Dale, were behind Thorin’s attempt at usurping him, and flew out to destroy them. Though information of his weakness passed through a thrush bird, who sent this information to Bard the Bowman, descendant of Lord Girion of Dale. Bard led a company of archers in defense of Laketown and slew Smaug; armed with this vital knowledge and a Black Arrow, an heirloom of his family. Smaug’s destruction allowed for the reconstruction of Dale and left the riches of Erebor up for grabs, which caused plenty more headache.

“Never laugh at live dragons, Bilbo you fool!“ he said to himself, and it became a favorite saying of his later, and passed into a proverb.” - Bilbo Baggins, The Hobbit, Inside Information


“I am fire, I am death.”

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Works of Fire

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Hobbits liken chemistry to cooking. (In which Bilbo is a master alchemist and poisons his enemies to victory)

sincerelysinceresmile said to esamastation:

Hobbit Prompt? I love fics where Hobbits are more then they seem, whether that be magic, or warrioring or something else completely. So, Hobbits, specifically Bilbo, being a total bamf and taking the dwarrows and Gandalf by surprise.

“Wait, wait, wait,” Bilbo gasped as they stopped in the Forge, out of breath. “You have ingredients for black powder here?”

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