but smash is better as an overall show

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consider: Bokuto with glasses.

I have considered this and thanks to the existence of the perfect Yoshimoto Kouki, it is something we can see with our own two eyes in real life. I mean look at him! He’s perfect in anything, just like my son. So handsome, so perfect. I’m so blessed. 😭

May I also direct you to this fantastic art that @bokuakakuroken blessed us with? (Bless you Claudia 💜)

On a more serious note, I feel like Bokuto would be the person who forgets his glasses everywhere. And he has to have insurance on them because they get smashed and broken a lot. Contacts sort of work better for him in that he doesn’t loose them as much, but he’s forgotten to take them out before bed and that is, of course, really bad. 

So overall I think Bokuto would look really handsome and adorable in glasses, but I don’t think they’d be a good fit practically. you know? But I also feel like if he ever showed up in them it would be for an even more ridiculous reason than Oikawa, lol. 

Bless you for coming and talking to me about my favourite owl and boy in the whole world. You made my night, :D I hope you had or will have an absolutely lovely day, anon! Have a hootiful week and come talk to me again some time soon! I’m so happy I got to hear from you. ^^ Take care! 💜💜💜💜


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